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The new issue of Classic Rock is out today. It contains Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Rammstein, The Ultimate Heavy Metal Playlist, Thunder, Volbeat, Robin Trower, Kris Barras, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iggy Pop, Whiskey Myers, Black Star Riders, New Model Army, Opeth and more... and...

Spiral Guru We are really thrilled and glad for being included on the CD! 😱😱 We hope readers enjoy our song! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oh really nice!
Be purchasing later. Looking like a Rockin good Read and listen . It's Classic Rock Magazine day. Best day of the Month.
Brad Neal Matthew Koch Would make for good cd
Steen Watton Edward Scarborough
Rammstein NO!!
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Ozzy Osbourne reports it's taken just four weeks to record his new solo album with Post Malone producer Andrew Watt.

No matter what...God bless Ozzy ❤
Needless to say, don’t have very high hopes for the quality of production lol.
This guy is an exceptional song writer and singer. Long live Ozzy!
When I first saw this I though he past away. Instead he is stronger than ever just purely amazing
Rumour has it 3 weeks and 6 days were spent editing his vocals
At least it didn't take him 13 years then when it's released you can't fucking buy the CD anywhere fucking TOOL😡
Is the release being sponsored by Auto-Tune?
Andrew Watt
With Zakk Wylde?
Stopped being relevant years ago.
Is there a Sunflower cover?
And made him a star according to certain parts of the media!😁😁😁
From now on Ozzey's career will be divided into Post Malone and Pre Malone 🙂
So ozzy learned how to throw garbage together in just days like rappers do? Awesome can’t wait to not buy it.
Who? Must of missed her
Fuck sake
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The family of The Cars’ Ric Ocasek say the vocalist and guitarist died peacefully while recovering at home following surgery.

Prayers for his family 🙏🙏 may he rest in Peace
Rip ric
A great talent gone 🙁 .
R.I.P. 🌹 ToBothOfThem
They broke the mold after Ric. Such an interesting, unique and talented man 😎🎼
The Cars were part of the soundtrack of my youth.
He was loved by generations. This hurts.
This really sucks My favorite new wave / rock band of al time
Heart goes out to his family but just don't understand why he's mentioned in Classic Rock
Legend 😎❤
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No mention of Judas Priest on that cover. Wow. Your bitterness with Priest touring America constantly... clearly shows! Lol. Better for us over here. REAL Metal fans know what Priest means to the beginnings...and the continuation of Heavy Metal music as a whole. Firepower is better than anything Sabbath or Maiden has done in the last 10 years.
Classic Rock, as is, was always heavy metal when I was growing up. They’re one and the same.
No need to divide "Metal" from Rock...it's only a label, not exactly defined and not nessecary at all. But, if you use the quality label , don't use it for that doubtful band from Germany
Led zeppelin started it all and no other band after has ever topped them
How come Sabbath are metal and Purple are not?!
Skip Rammstein, it's misspelled anyway!
Heavy Metal top of the class. Stick the media up your arse 😀
Classic Rock Magazine change to Classic Metal Magazine????
Heavy Metal for Life!!!!
Rammstien? Rammstien???
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Elvis Costello & The Impostors will play 13 dates across the UK early next year on the Just Trust tour.

Why. I'm 60 and can't name one song he has done.
You are joking
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Machine Head will return to Europe and Russia next year for the second leg of their Burn My Eyes anniversary tour.

Saw em at rockcity when first toured it awesome
Jordan Oakley Australia next?
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Sometimes it takes a live show to prove what a band is worth.

The mud fight in Woodstock 94 truly made green day a house hold name
Love how in the Slipknot video you hear someones kid say “hi daddy” as their walking onstage
If bands popularity decreased purely due to their performances then Marilyn Manson wouldn't have many fans left 😂
I am surprised that KISS - Alive (@ Cobo Hall, Detroit) was not mentioned. That totally pushed them into superstardom.
Randy Ringer
Pres. Duterte Cebu - National News Kung ang duha naa nimo, labing maau!
Have you listened to Psychosocial live at Madison Square Garden? It sucks donkeys on a surfboard. You want good live shit? Gojira.
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"Pilucci later bonded with her grandparents over hearing loss, extensive record collections, a distaste for all things mainstream..." (via The Hard Times)

Green Mohawks, boots and chains forever!!!
Too soon!!!
this hits far too close to home lmfao.
Punk is mainstream~ It's not hardcore like emo
If punk is based on a scene in england~ a term given to ID those bands the sex pistols and the clash and billy idol as their fan base turned runaway mega smash hit and run artist capitizing like michael jackson with guitar players who played with michael jackson churning out better songs than even the punks ever would manage on a record label owned by a corporation that owns every aspect of our human style of industrial life by which we all consume products and pay our tax to support our way to live by law in confinement apart from free will in our nature... how can even the bands themselves be who they are knowing they are the judas of their own scene which ultimately cannot be "punk" at all being that it is a product of identification dubbed by mainstream personalities personalizing the wave of late 70's trend to be a cool new style of rock and roll the likes that iggy pop and mick jagger and john lennon would completely cringe for knowing they were not the idol of the leaders of the new club of misfits who obviously had a cue from the god of fudge iq don my style plea tomb on yesu cold on you too~ and now you tell me this girl is punk? When even green day was utterly dismissed by his own icon as a turd of a welcome even more rotton than gaga realizing madonna has zero respect for her ability to be cloned by the industry for the cold hard cash in wave of business molding the me tal wave of iq in their prime selection of material doll people that everybody can lust and yearn with for a political cause so important that they can bow themseleves to a political party and a corporate owned party line to look cool within~ like an elaborate zoo of personality that we all hear chimes of introspection granted by our owning mothers The industrial owners will quilt you a braid of rain bow down to mein brand of rebelous schemed misfits of mein label to consume you in the fan base of our broad spetrum outreach of rebels who rebel with those marketed to pay it all out in gold class style managers you can relate with and cherish. Just thinking about you priding over your anti establishment brand presented to you by colorful funk of youth~ established making money with dollar signs on their brand tuned into your radio~ telling you who is so important not to vote for because their label is owned by the same people who own the news they watch and chew their nails biting for inspiration.. fine crafted egoless cool people too fear based and experienced to demonstrate ego without a cartoon edge of satire
Jesse Morresey you bammer nugger
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Ozzy Osbourne finished with new solo album:

I’m so happy Post Malone made it possible for this man to make his first album. I have high hopes for it. Thank you Posty. 🙏
I hope Zakk was part of this. They make a great team.
This I can look forward to. I was disappointed by the new Tool album so this makes me way more happier 😁😁
I hope Post Malone can make this Ozzy famous! Really like his voice
Can't wait! Looking forward to it.
He's been through so much recently. I read that making this album gave him the courage to fight hard and get better. Love me some Ozzy! 🤘
I don't think he's put out a spectacular album since no rest for the wicked
A 70 years old man still on the road, still loving his music. I’m 17 but you’ve always been my favorite metal artist and will always be. Please stay healthy Ozzman ❤
You mean, "Everyone Ozzy hired to write his music for him is done writing it and ready to accept to the fact the'yre going to get little to no credit or pay for it."
Oh cool....so this is his debut!!? Glad Post Malone could help to kick off his career!😃
9 song album is very old school, and for that reason I think it’s going to be a great album. Too many bands knock out 13,14,15 songs with 3 or four obviously just being fillers. Quality over quantity any day
I cant wait for the release I'll have it on permanent play til I'm sick of it
I was excited until I read he used Post Malone's producer now I'm really scared.
While I think it’s great he’s still managing to go on tour and stay alive, I think he should just to stick to his older songs
I hope Post Malone sticks to whatever it is he does and don’t ruin any more songs. Way to go Ozzy!! Looking forward to it!!
So what now a tour for his new album after the no more tours 2.5
New album: The Ultimate Zimmer frame
He hasn’t had a good album since No More Tears....
Post Malone is the man 🔥🔥 Post has alot of love for rock and metal. Good luck to Ozzy on the new album. (yes i know Ozzy is the godfather of metal im not dumb.) But I'm glad his collaboration with Ozzy helped Ozzy kickstart the next album.
Yeah, he lost me at Post Malone. He should've written and recorded a proper solo album with Gus G. If this is possibly his last album, he should've reconciled with Jake E. Lee, by giving him his rightful credit and publishing for Bark at the Moon. That would be a killer album to go out on also. At least write and record with Zak.
Hope it picks up from where he last worked with Zakk
I thought he was done and focusing on zack sabbath???
At this point? Im pretty sure any album he puts out is just "album"... No need to call it a "solo" album anymore
Damn, Post making this Ozzy guy a superstar, and fast! Post knows talent when he sees it!
Finished with new a solo album?
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CONGRATS: Tool had the third highest first-week sales of 2019 so far

Congrat's!!! You guys deserve it Love the new album 🤘❤🤘
Great Album!🤘
PNEUMA is a totally awesome excellent song!!!!!
Glad everyone is buying their new record........
Awesome album!
Very enjoyable album. Good for them!
Only because that album was highly anticipated. But we were all let down.
The new Tool album is the most important piece of history since the Declaration of Independence.
Also first to prove that albums (not singles) are still worth your time and ears! 👍
Best Tool album in the last 10 years!
It's a masterpiece!!! TOOL 🎧🤘
Korn's album was the best metal album so far , along with KSE
Any word on when the tangible, “non-Deluxe” album will hit the shelves?
Have I missed the second pre order?
Music is a reflection of society. Obviously society and the new album is garbage.
They don't appear in any UK charts for the last 2 weeks. The charts are rigged. Last thing they want on radio is music. Has the new album even been played on any radio show in the UK? Disgrace. Fortunately for Tool, they're big enough to not give a fvck but what about a rock band just starting out? Fvcked 🙁 Needs addressing.
Not their biggest fan but seeing any rock band do well we should be happy for. Like we need more cardi b and beiber albums in our lives lol
As long as Taylor Swift isn't #1!
Now imagine if they actually released a good album.. Might have made it no 1
Thats cool ......the new album is very good....
My goal is to stay in a band where they make music, not hit song. - Adam Jones TOOL.
We have not heard what cory Taylor has to think in a while
Y’all got so hype about beating Taylor Swift yet she sold 800K +
And the biggest let down for the fan base
This album is nonsense...
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Korn's Jonathan Davis says he has ghosts in his house: 'Sh-t flies off the walls'

Some people said that ghost love rock music, maybe they loved Jonathan because he's a nu-metalese, no wonder😅
Wow so cool he should call ghost Adventures to get their ghost gadgets and do a live on TV and see how many ghost are in his house! 🤘😱😁👻
I get it. I recently moved out of a house that for lack of better words, had its own personality.
Love Korn. My first real rock/metal concert going experience was watching them in McAllen, Tx back in '08. Listened to their new album in its entirety last night. It's trash.
He needs to get with that guy from Haunted Collector.He's actually a nephew of The Warrens from The Amityville,Annabelle,The Conjuring and many others.Be better if there was a Halloween special of it.
its just chad gray #chadnesss looking in his windows hoping to see how a rock star lives!
It's that spirit waiting for you to die so it can claim your soul from when you signed that contract
Yeah , when you collect items from a shop that sells morbid items to put in your house yes you are inviting the dead. I did it with a old gas heater . my neice brother and mother seen the 2 ghosts and my mother told me to get rid of it and i did the next day the ghosts went away.sucks i didn t know i had that kinda item they didn t tell me until months after what they seen. All i could do is laugh and say darn i scraped a posessed item .thanks mom
Every time I see an article like this I think “Damn, they coulda interviewed an up and coming band instead of this shit” no hate to JD tho lol
He means all the past members of Ghost that Tobias screwed had to move in with him because they couldn't afford there own place.
Imagine Jonathan...in his living room when all of a sudden the ghost's start rocking on Korn - Twist
I think he has ghosts in his head. He should keep singing in his whiney high pitched voice and scare them away!
It's from working way too much at the morgue in his early years.
I thought the singers name was johnathon, not Kyle?
He probably talked about a tour or a new album in this same interview but nope this is the headline gotta love news sights
It's probably his pissed off estranged wife's ghost.
Will he engage his “Korn powers” to fight them?
Probably just Fred Durst living in his walls and attic.
Title of their next album "Sh-t flies off the wall" 🤣
First time he’s seen anything of his fly off shelves in a long time
Well I happen to be a paranormal investigator. When and Where?
It's from all that devil worship music.
When something occurs that you can’t explain then that means that it is unexplainable. Implying that it’s “Ghosts” is saying that you know what it is. First, there’s no scientific evidence of disembodied spirits roaming around. In quantum theory there is the possibility that other dimensions exist in addition to the ones that we can perceive. We can only visualize 1% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum so whatever people deem as supernatural may be completely natural. It’s just something that we don’t understand yet. Superstition if for losers. Jonathan Davis is a moron.
Frankly, I'd be disappointed if his house wasn't haunted.
Considering his collecting habits... I wouldn't doubt it
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Tool '7empest' riff 'probably' from before bassist joined in 1995

I've never been a fan on tool, but I listened to the new album thinking it might change my mind about them. I will continue to not be a fan of tool. Even I can say this album is terrible compared to their other work. I could at least appreciate their previous albums, but not this one.
"Acting all surprised when you're caught in a lie"...love the lyrics to this song. And the instrumentation. Best on the album I think.
Its literally the only song on the album where they put in some effort. I love how since the new album, nothing has been said about any other track than sevenempest - despite it being "a genre defining masterpiece that has completely destroyed any and all oppossition and has changed the very fabric of reality" or whatever it is the reviews said. I just watched the Matrix again and the core theme of that movie is very relevant to this Tool stuff - just not in the way you would want to think. Kansas aint going bye bye.
It sounds so much like before Justin chancellor. I love it. Sounds like I have been listening to it forever. Both bassists are amazing
This seemed obvious to me. 7empest is totally a D’Amour-era style track, just with Lateralus production values... Great song... I’m really happy Jones kicked up the leads and solos on the new album. No all out shredding, but great none the less.
Man I want to love this album. Played it through 3-4 times now and just seems really phoned in. The monotone crooning, the repetitive riffs that build up to nothing. 4 mins of beeps and boops before and after each song that doesn’t really go anywhere. Just no magic. Go back and re-listen to the first 4 albums. You guys must have forgotten what this band was capable of. Tragically disappointed.
The riff was not good enough for 10,000 Days but on the last album it's the core of the best song. That sums everything up pretty well.
Wow I am in love with this album 💜🤘finally got to hear!
In my opinion, 7empest and Invincible are best songs of the album...
Probably my favorite on this album. Such a great song.
That song is one of their best.
I actually picked up a lot of Peach vibes throughout the album 👌🏼
My fave song on the record.
Love that Song, -“Here we go Again”
7empest is my favorite track on the album.
I enjoy album and don't compare it to anything. So shut up, listen and enjoy it. Music is not a competition.
7empest has an Undertow vibe to it. In my opinion the most uninspired riff they have recorded in a long time.
I remember seeing Dimebag early shredding playing riffs from great southern trend kill years before it would ever come out.
This album is great. I feel sorry for the haters open your mind up already!!!!
No surprise here.. Most musicians have riffs they keep in their inventory for years before they're used if at all
I call the 7empest “the part of Undertow with Justin instead”
Porcupine Tree are still the prog Kings.
Let milk this release out just as much as the wait for it's release. Didn't you pick the bones clean yet?
To all the people hating on it, what are you creating? What are you putting out there for people to enjoy, or ridicule? It’s easy to hate something, that takes almost no effort. And it certainly isn’t creative in any way. If it’s not for you, move along.
There is a chord progression in the song that sounds very similar to Jerk-Off... lot of riffs in that song that span the sounds from many albums.