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Former Tom Petty guitarist Mike Campbell reflects on the late singer-songwriter's landmark release.

Such a great band , Saw them live in the 80s and it was a great experience
Great guitarist! Seldom mentioned.
Great album
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In search of some quality reading material? Look no further than our guide to some of the best ever rock’n’roll books.

One of my favorite books
I was very lucky to find a 1st printing if Ian Hunter’s book for $2. Great condition.
got LIFE the Kieth Richards book but reading Clapton autobiography at the moment.
Loving the inclusion of Espedair Street- fans of Classic Rock would likely really enjoy it. And then they should read all of Iain Banks' other books.
I am an avid reader and have most of these - two books i highly recommend are Full Moon by Dougal Butler and The Big Midweek by Steve Hanley, 19 years bass player in The Fall 🎸🔥
Mick Wall's book 'Paranoid' is a must-read. It details his early years in music journalism, being PR for the likes of Sabbath and Lizzy and his descent and recovery from hard drugs.
I notice straight off shes reading Hammer of the God's, Zeppelin book 🤘👍 and her copy is a different front cover to the one listed on this article
You missed the best: Sick on You, The Greatest Band You've Never Heard Of. By Andrew Matheson
Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugarman.
Ozzy Osbournes self-biography.
The Dark Stuff, by Nick Kent should get a notable mention
Where’s “Van Halen Rising “? Phil Collins’ Not Dead Yet is also a cracking and self deprecating book, as is Steve Lukather’s Gospel According To Luke.
I got Life 👍🤘🏿
20,000 Roads.
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Born today in1948: Happy Birthday, Robert Plant.

Happy Birthday and God Bless !!!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Man keep on rockin have a great day n great evening Man long live To Rock'n'roll ooohhh yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!🎶🎙🎼✌
Happy birthday 🎂
Happy Birthday!
No, we didn't have the age of our years...Happy birthay and see you soon at Ottawa!!!
29 Palms, Rainbow should have been there. Happy Birthday Legend !!!
The best of the best
Happy birthday Robert
Happy Birthday Mr. Plant!
Happy Birthday mate Robert
Happy birthday Gold God!
Happy Birthday and wishing you so many more 😘
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday Brotha
Happy Birthday Tall Cool 😎 One ❤️
British Tae Kwon Do Association Happy birthday LEGEND and thank you for your brilliant music
‘29 palms’ is missing ... came up on my Spotify ‘Discover’ playlist and I loved it only to find out it’s the great RP! 🙂👍
Many happy returns!
happy birthday 🥳
Happy birthday Robert 💜
simply the best , happy birthday
Happy birthday ❤️
Happy bday legend!
Happy birtday Robert
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Today's Big Question comes from Mikye Sjoqvist, who asks, "What is the best song about war? There's many but I'll put in a vote for Metallica's One." Thanks Mikye!

"One" has always been a great tribute, but anytime I hear "Fortunate Son" by Creedence I immediately think of Vietnam (I wasn't in Nam, mainly due to Hollywood).
Maiden has a number of great songs about war - The Longest Day, Paschendale, These colours don't run, The Trooper, to name a few.
So many great ones Lemmy's spoken word on 1916 is so powerful but "favourite"? Got to be The Trooper.
The Trooper Aces High Passchendaele Die With Your Boots On The Longest Day Just to name a few of Maiden's songs about war
"War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" Edwin Starr - War
Paschendale or The Trooper or War Pigs - too many fantastic tracks to choose one!
I quoted ‘One’ by Metallica in my A-Level English Literature exam about war poetry despite my English teacher at the time telling me it was rubbish because it was metal and got a B! That showed her! 😂
War pigs is prett amazing! Good Night Saigon is a powerful song by Billy Joel
So many..... War Pigs, Black Sabbath The Trooper, Iron Maiden And the song that got me interested in Metallica, Disposable Heroes!
For Whom the Bell Tolls, Disposable Heroes, One.
Holy War from Thin Lizzy, the double guitar line from the beggining is awesome
Run through the Jungle , C.C.R. , my dad is a Vietnam Vet and it makes me think of what he was going through as an 18 year old Marine in combat
Maiden's Paschendale was great in my opinion, and of course Trooper is a classic. I can't go without mentioning 1916 by Motörhead, that'll get you.
Guns N Roses - Civil War. What's so civil about war anyway?
Sabbath - "War Pigs" Esp when accompanied by that amazing "totalitarian" video you can find on YouTube
Paschendale - Iron Maiden A song easily up there with the very best Maiden songs.
1916 Motorhead and One by Metallica then you have Maiden with The Trooper and Aces High, but on the whole Peace Sells - Megadeth
The Bravery of Being out of Range and Masters of War are both awesome. Waters and Dylan respectively. 😎😎👍🏻👍🏻 Caveat: Although they’re amazing I’m not agreeing necessarily with the sentiment contained therein in either song.
There are many greats, but I’ve gotta go Slayer first with War Ensemble, then Megadeth~Peace Sells, Holy Wars, Take No Prisoners
Alice in Chains The Rooster
Thin Lizzy ‘holy war’ Saxon ‘broken heroes’ Iron Maiden ‘the trooper’
War Pigs - Sabbath. Can’t wait for the day Satan laughs and spreads his wings. Oh Lord yeah!
War Ensemble by Slayer and Holy Wars by Megadeth.
Most of the songs on U2's War album War Pigs - Black Sabbath Megadeth - Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying? Iron Maiden - they have more than a few in their playlist - all great - but Paschendale is their standout track
I'd say "Holy War" by Thin Lizzy but that's not technically about war. So I guess I'll go with "Out in the Fields" by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott.
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Your chance to buy more Eddies. It's what he wants.

Angie Aitkenhead Rich Aitkenhead
Matt Pascoe in case you have seen this 🤘
Guy Summerson check these out!
Nice! Paul Luckin
The Somewhere back model is poor love the other though
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Ginger’s 10-track album will be released later this year - with those buying now getting an instant digital download.

Classic Rock devotes way too much space to this Ginger fella. I don’t get it. The features that I constantly find myself skipping are the ones about this guy, Chris Robinson and Thunder. 🤷🏻‍♂️
and also this " The Wildhearts announce new mini album released October 4th featuring 5 brand new songs & unveil new video https://youtu.be/9nW8VqQobd0
He revealed it on Friday. Good work!
It's bloody good.
David Gibbinson ... one for you, mate?
You buying it Alan Oakesy Oakes
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BREAKING: Spider-Man might be LEAVING the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Awe. I really like this last spider man the best
I think it has ran it's course. I haven't watched or wanted to watch since the originals with tobey mcguire. 🤷‍♀️
Because they're looking for a way to bring Deadpool to mcu
Rip 😂 guess the film gods said no you can't have a sinister 6 film, not now, not ever!!!😂
Wait aint this loud wire?
Thank god. 5 spidermans and 10 movies later
Sweet. Now we can have more epic movies like the last fantastic 4 😒
Sony did the funding for both solo films including marketing and distribution. Marvel Studios may have been making them but Sony cut the checks for everyone involved which technically makes it a financial risk for Sony but not a risk for Disney as they just made money off of Sony.
Good. We need another reboot in 5 years
Reading the article it sounds to me that Sony now just want to ride on the success that Marvel has managed to make the MCU (and in turn Spider-Man). Taking the brand out of the slump it had. Sure, the new movies aren't the best movies ever. But sure as hell beats the last few Spider-Man outings in a good while (Spiderverse not included).
Well, gosh. How many times has it been done now since 2000.....
This is the only superhero I want to see on the silver screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-BvOoss1z0
What are Corey Taylor's thoughts on this?
I think this new Spider-Man sucks. Just mho.
Why are you posting about this I guess I just assumed this was a music page
HELL YES! No more shitty MCU movies for the web-slinger! Suck it, Disney!
Too bad they were awesome and Tom Holland was excellent for the part.... wah wah wah...
What stupid decision by Sony, do they have any brains that if they made sequels they’re pockets will ripped out of cash yet they don’t agree with marvel (aka disney aka the most billionaire company ever made)
What could have been.
Thats a stupid move from Sony. We all remember the 1st 3 spiderman movies and how much better these new ones are.
So because Sony wants more money Spidey is leaving the MCU. Good to know.
Good. We have 74 Spider-Man films as it is
Bring back toby
Next to theaters another Spider-Man 3!
And in other music news...
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“'She’s been with a lot of boys who were skaters, and men who were not skaters,' said close friend Amber Pierce, alluding to Lavigne’s failed marriages to Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger." (via The Hard Times)

I thought she died
Are people interested in the corporations that own their favorite rovk artists? Do you investigate the CEO's and parent companies and intrigue yourself with their own investments? It's a spiders web of privilege! Understanding their impact in your life and interests may very well help you distinguish your perception in the matrix. Make yourself an association graphic and connect the dots between anything like Slipknot and CNN and arms dealers. Your patronage to your idols empower the light over your head!
Now that we all have Avril’s demand list for a husband, we can all rest comfortably. 🙄
This is from 2017...
Damn I thought that was her grandfather, but has it even occurred to her that she’s probably the reason for all those failed relationships no girl power here. I’m not taking a woman side if she’s wrong, but the truth is women will blame the man for a failing relationship but they’ll never admit they had a part into why that relationship is failing.
I am her man, just send me a PM Avril 😏
What? Nickelback and April? Didn't know that... glad I live in a cave
This is what we call a "groupie"
I’m I ACTUALLY reading news about Avril Lavigne? Loudwire has really gone down the shitter! 💩
Ok. I’ll say it. I’d bang the hell out of Avril Lavigne
Taylor Andjelkovic
Don t see it in the cards monn
You idiots do know that this is a parody article right?
Dating chad kroeger is a career ender😂
Dan Addison she's into skater Bois yo 🤙🤙
Fake news
Maybe it's her and not them?
No one should know about this.
I thought Nickleback Chad Kroeger was gonna work. Now sk8er m4n. OMG. Avril can't think worth shit!!!
Mark Pelrine 😂😂😂
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2nd visit all the way from Missouri
One of the greatest guitarists of all time! His legacy lives on. Happy Birthday, Dime!
Most crushing tone of all time, rips your fuckin face off, total legend.
I've been listening to Dime Day all day on Liquid Metal. 🤘🏽
IMO Tony Iommi and Dimebag Darrell are the kings of heavy metal guitarists. Rip Dime, You’ll always be one of my biggest influences.
To me Dime is the greatest guitarist on history. I do not see anyone surpassing him ever. He embodies metal. I'll Getcha pull tonight after work.
But can he play Smoke on the water? Btw, Happy birthday Dime, you are missed.
Phil Lynott, Robert Plant and Dime same Birthdays. That's a lot talent born on this day.......
Can't believe it's been almost 15 years
I never knew Dimebag was in Slipknot....
one of the greatest to ever touch a guitar
About time yall post a real musician instead of shitsour
Favorite Dimebag solo is on “Floods”🤘🏻 rest easy brother
So sad that all of the great ones die so young. May God bless his soul.
So was Phil Lynott. It’s a great date for the Rock Gods🔥🤘🔥❤️
Smile that black tooth grin. 🤘🏻
All the coolest are born in August!!!! hell yea
You spelled Phil Lynott wrong
98KUPD with rocking out to Pantera this morning good way to start off tha day 😁
Glad I seen this dude live ! Total show man and no pretensions what so ever . Legend 🤟
Legend for a reason.
Happy birthday Dime !
Happy Birthday Darrell. Still missing you. ♥️🎶
So many of us love and miss you!! 🖤
Love you dimebag
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Slipknot plan to release 11 'All Hope Is Gone' outtakes:

I know I'm in the minority but this is actually my favorite Slipknot album. Probably because I'm more of a casual fan than a die hard but I really love everything about it. Joey was my favorite member and I know he referred AHIG as his favorite album so I'm sure there's bias there as well. Regardless, Gematria, Vendetta, Gehenna and Psychosocial are some of my all time favorite metal songs
My daughter and her classmates love Slipknot. I recently took her and some friends to see them in Virginia beach for her 8th birthday . It was a cute show. I'm hoping she will start getting to heavy music soon. You have to start somewhere.
I listened through a lot of the new slipknot on my girlfriends phone. The first track I played birth of the cruel was pretty fun. In other songs I liked the band and kinda wish there were other vocals involved... Slipknot would be a good band to have many vocals work it out all the way. I decided this is a band that is making music for horror films in their mind and in that context I feel ok to not condescend against it Like any one of you I usually hate music I can't connect with all the way I had bought their first two albums when they were released.. I'm surprised so many quote Iowa as their favorite. I stopped listening to them entirely after that one seemed like a blob of muck I used to like the first album not as much as I enjoyed coal chamber or koRn in my high school times Now I found even the first one immature for me to use now. To be honest the things he writes about aren't intriguing in the slightest.. Even on the new one. There's nothing I want it that for myself
I'm looking forward to hearing them and I wonder if any of them are a mix of artsy and more standard metal.
The 80's had so many songs that should last forever. And the late to the mid 90's had an overwhelming current of climactic rock acts perfecting the final rise of the fateful orgasmic true to life surreal sexual quality of music.
Dang, our boys are busy!
Just when I thought all hope was really gone....
I see why slipknot sucks. The drummer plays beer kegs and I’m sure Cory Taylor plays the skin flute.
I love the beach boys kokomo
Do you guys see it really happening? It would be nice! Very nice. but I don't see it happening.
Jesse Rojas
Watch them be better than the entire ahig album
Joshua Simmons
Hopefully it isn’t met with legal barriers from the previous members.
Gematria is possibly their best song (technically speaking)
All hope is gone gets way too much hate even though it is the weakest offering of their 6 albums. Instrumentally it may be their most ambitious and tightest sounding. It’s just some of the things they tried didn’t flow smoothly at times like on vendetta or Gehenna. But gematria, wherein lies continue, and this cold black are some absolute monsters. I’d still rate it a solid 8.2/10.
Ryan Shaw
Hopefully the 15 unreleased somgs from WANYK too.
David Robertson
And I quote "Under the words of men Something is tempting the father Where is your will, my friend? Insatiates never even bother You and I, wrong or right Traded a lie for the leverage In between the lens in light You're not what you seem" ~There's always hope
Daniel Skipper Daniel Reeve
Punk Parsons Stef Parsons
Thank God a shitty band releaaes more shit!
What do they mean by "Outtake"? Songs that didn't make the album?
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INTERVIEW: Slipknot's Clown explains why new album is so artsy

Artsy. Shitsy is more like it
My God can you post one article that isn't about slipknot?
Clown.. the realest mf on the team.
I love the metal but I also appreciate the arty side of Slipknot too, which has been there all along on every album in one form or another.
surprisingly a decent album only listened a few times. subliminal and their first are still the best though. Iowa still their most overrated
Let me guess... because they've "Evolved" and "Matured"... right? That's the excuse ALL heavy bands give when they go softer with their sound.
After reading half of these comments it's clear to say that metal fans are among the whiniest fuckers out there. Fans - "It's not like Iowa. GARBAGE" Slipknot - *releases Iowa 2* Fans - "This sounds like Iowa. GARBAGE. WRITE SOMETHING NEW". It's an awesome album. If you don't like it? Great, don't listen to it. Keep it to yourself cause no one cares and being an asshole online is played out as is criticizing something you couldn't even imagine to accomplish. Signed, an ashamed metal fan.
I am so tired of Shawn's 'artsy fartsy' statements.. Just calm down Clown.
I still think Tortilla Man is Chad from Nickelback
This is a fantastic album from start to finish
Just my opinion here, trash talk me all ya want idc lol but these guys are the only band I dig who, to me, have changed in a way that wasn't for the better. Some of my favorite bands have all changed and sound different than what they did before but for the better. THRICE for example (although not metal) has evolved into something much better. Same for Deftones and Sevendust. They just keep sounded better and better. But not Slipknot. And it isnt cos the use of melody cos I love melody esp in heavy music long as it's well balanced.. their new tunes just sound empty to me... no soul... just songs for the sake of putting out a new record before too much time passes by
It's the most artistic Slipknot album to date. Definitely not Iowa sounding like it was claimed but it's not a bad album. Much respect for Slipknot to put in that much into a new album. Wish I could say the same about Disturbeds last album.
He said why its so shit wrong
Someone gotta tell 'em that adding some primitive piano chords and two distorted samples here and there does not automatically make your music "artsy".
Chad kruger is the new singer
Clown The most useless member in a band...
easily the best since Iowa
I don't hear a masterpiece I hear the gray chapter part 2....
Its a great album and deffinatly prob the creepiest in terms of sound
BANG BANG BANG on keg. I arted.
I enjoy the album. It's different and different is good. I feel like if they put out 3 more Iowa's people would be saying "Same boring music! Blah blah"
I mean I liked it. In this order, neo forte, red flag, orphan. The rest is just ok for me
More fartsy than artsy 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
It's perfect man. Love it
Love the whole album, thank you
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Metallica's James Hetfield fuels new museum exhibit with custom car collection:

Just looked at his cars and...
Brandon Leather
There is this one car that has “Yeahhhh! painted on both sides.
Is it me or is he looking more like the Cowardly Lion from the movie Wizard of Oz?
Has not aged well.
Fredrik Hettan Svensson
Jacob Monserrat Nicholle Monserrat
He needs a Chevelle Camaro Nova Challenger and a Charger for his collection
Ha "fuels"... very punny.
James Hetfield? I thought that was Kurt Russell at first...
I wonder what Jay Leno has to say about this
ok but he looks like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz
Heh heh ooooh yeah oh yeahhhh heh heh absolut-leh heh
Maxime Robillard we goin one day
Let's hope the fuel don't meet the fire and destroys all that he desires