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Evanescence and Within Temptation join forces for the 2020 Worlds Collide European tour - tickets on sale this week

Whenever I see co-headline I picture a Scott Pilgrim style battle where they both play the same time.
If they got the sword to open, or Ensiferum I would try to go to that, just to see how these chick bands do it
Think they need to learn the definition of European. 6 dates in Germany with a scattering of a few more 😔
I wonder if Amy there has decided the fans in the uk matter now, since when asked previously, she said she didn’t care about not touring for the uk supporters, as Evanescence didn’t make enough money off them. 😕
Deffo need to add more UK dates. Just London and that's it. Sucks. 🙁
Bloody ell! Double the cheese! 😂
Want to make that tour greater have draconian a part of the line up
Just get Nightwish in there for a holy trinity of millennial goth girl tour.
Basically a German tour with a few European capitals on the days off. ..
Europiean? Better German tour with some nearby cities.
Brian Riddle
Only 1 uk date ???
Jess Dickinson
Joe Andrews
Emily Marie Jackson
Do these bands know the uk does not revolve around London 😡🤬
Rhiannon Taylor
Sarah Lee Pearson
John Kerr this would be awesome x
Cailin Young
Truls Olberg
I’ll pass lol 😂
Maggie Moar
Antony Martin
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“I’ve made a new album and it’s helped get me back on track. I was just lying in my own self-pity for months."

Ozzy is a legend but please stop. I saw Priest at a festival this year (Ozzy was also meant to play before his sickness that cancelled three continents of farewell tours) and Halfords voice holds up- not so for Ozzy. It's just another collaboration of talented session musicians sustaining something that could quite comfortably retire.
Awesome 🙂
Can't wait to hear more music.
Black Sabbath to bum collaborations . Ozzy what have you done
Please Ozzy, just don't
Elizabeth Langham I wonder if you'll see Postie feature on Ozzy album. xx
Well ozzy quit being metal after he went out in his own anyway.
Well these comments are going to be full of well spoken, articulated arguments for and against this... nah this is metal hammer lol bring on the elitists!
Ok i understand a song with post malone... but with travis scott i hated his lines so much so robotic and mumbling i didn't understand a damn word
Auto tune 🤦‍♂️
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With the UK Guitar Show and London Bass Guitar Show fast approaching, here are 7 reasons why you need to be there

No Gibson? 😢
Gregory, you hitting the UK again?
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There's brand new music from the likes of Cattle Decapitation, Cult of Luna, Municipal Waste, Obituary, Alcest and many, many more.. Last chance to vote for your favourite!

No surprise Asagraum won. Their new album is awesome
Top demais
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His style and flair helped make Metallica the biggest band in our world. We talk to Kirk Hammett about his journey into music, the St. Anger issue and whether he’d ever stray from the fold…

I would love to hear a solo album from him that doesn't get stepped all over by Lars and James.
Why not? I don’t know but sound interesting. Kirk with solo album. May be it will be different from Metallica why not I hope to see that 😉
No. Cliff and Dave made Metallica. Their 1st 2 albums were the best! The rest are just ugh to me. Too much wah wah wah for me and mediocre drumming. Thank God for Slayer
The album will be called, “I had my lost phone the whole time.”
I don’t care what anyone says ,this guy is awesome ,the master of the wah 😉
very short interview, because till now, it's all about the money!
So yet another article featuring everything we already knew?
He should’ve done a solo album just after Justice. At his peak then.
I think I’d honestly be more interested in a Kirk solo album than a Metallica one.
This article is almost a year old
Why do people listen to him? Kirk is the sloppiest guitar player of the world. If anyone like Metal then they will hate Metallica. They have become a joke. Especially Kirk, who makes countless mistakes when he is playing live. On top of that they bad mouth about bands who are 10000 times better than them.
A Kirk Hammett solo album? Forgive me if I don’t get all giggly at the thought of that.
He's looking rough.
Metallica had nothing to add to the music industry after the black album.
I object to st anger as well.
Hope it's 80's rap. "Hammett time".
Kirk Hammett joins Metallica? Wow!
ok haters!! live your miserable life and let him play the quitar in front of thousands metalheads as a member of the biggest heavy metal band!!!
The comment section under a Metallica story on metal hammer. Still cancerous as always.
Dude’s got the coolest guitars
Can’t fault him on ride/master/ that early shit!! 👊🏼
The solo of wah pedal lol
Yet Jason wasn't allowed to do a side project?
No new news then....? 🤔
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The epic concept album was more than just Iron Maiden’s most successful album of the 1980s – it was their masterpiece

A brilliant masterpiece at that. One of my favorite albums for that entire decade.
The prophecy is the best song on that album .it is a great album ,but their masterpiece for me will always be powerslave.
First time I heard this album I fell in love with it. Especially Infinite Dreams and The Prophecy
Album has my favorite song, The Clairvoyant.
Great album but in my opinion all previous albums were better than this one.
An absolute masterpiece. One of my favourite albums of all time. Outstanding from start to finish!
Astounding album. The last of nearly a decade of perfect music from this band.
I really only like the title track. The rest is ok. Love the artwork though. Brave New World is their best ever album in my opinion.
Great album, but Somewhere in time was even better.
best album of all time. they should so a tour of just the entire album.
Brilliant album. Wasted Years was my favourite
Adore Seventh Son. Had no idea it was their most successful album of the 80s.
This album is pure Gold, great Sound, compositions; production. For me is one of the Best albums ever .
Great album. Perhaps not their best IMO, but after softening a bit with Somewhere in Time, with this album they were back to their hard roots with a refreshing vengeance.
From my collection ..... Yup their best album! #uptheirons
To me it was the album I almost stopped listening to maiden. Almost as bad as the Bailey era. 1984 and Live After Death is still best there is 🙂
If there were a Maiden album I wish they could write a sequel album to, it’s this one. Love it.
Infinite Dreams is my favourite from that album.
I love them all up to & including 7th Son. Easily the least listened to of all of them,though for me.
Some amazing solos on the album. Dave and Adrian were on fire.
Great album but there's better imo.
I love 7th Son, but anyone with ears knows Number is the masterpiece.
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is one of my top five favorite albums of 1988.
This album changed my life
My favorite Iron Maiden album...
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Take a look behind the scenes of gothic rockers The 69 Eyes and Dani Filth's collaboration on track Two Horns Up

Album of the year
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Guns N’ Roses are about to head out on the latest leg of their Not In This Lifetime tour - but they’ve brought the start of the party forward by adding an extra show next weekend

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Not up on your Serbian metal? Now's the time to learn, because every band on this list is *badass*

Thanks for including us on this list, but surely there are lot more deserving bands that aren't mentioned. 🤘
great scene they got there, plus great food, great people... totally worth a visit!
So many great names here and so many other great ones missing.
As a music producer that has had the pleasure to work with some of the greatest and most talented Serbian metal musicians, I say this list is hilarious. Who made this list? Some dude from our "most popular" political party? 😂
There's a movie about these bands. It's called A Serbian Film. 👍
Explosive Stage - Exit Festival Thanx mates! 🤘😎👌
Dont bother, most of bands on this list sucks. Since "punk and metal" is pretty wide category, Im surprised that u didnt mentioned: Ritam Nereda, Goblini, Alogia, Direktori, Psychoparadox, Atheist Rap, Forever Storm...
I strongly recommand David Maxim Micic if you love Devin Townsend !
This list is terrible.
To add a personal favorite… whoever is into Black Metal needs to check this out:
Long as it’s not A Serbian Film.........
Mortal Kombat not on? Rly?
SOAD are Serbian? That’s all I have.
Helena Zecevic
Surprised NadimaC isn't here....
Hail from Serbia!
Natasa Dale
Serbian Metal Portal Explosive Stage - Exit Festival
Gord Kellington
Nenad Petrović
Putrid Blood is better then all of those. Shame they're not on the list.
Natalija 🤪
Emina Barackov , Nenad Barackov , Attila Hideg , Kazimir Korolija 🤓
Mina Jimmy Ivanković
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The avant-black metal pioneers reveal new track Nomos Nebuleam taken from their forthcoming new album, Hallucinogen

I'm not familiar with them but love that picture
Good shit