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“That’s like me telling you to change your name. … ’Change Lonzo’s name to Alfonzo on the fact that he’s been damaged goods for the last two years.’”

—LaVar Ball to Lonzo Ball as they disagree on what's best for Big Baller...

I respect he kinda stood up to dad, but at this point, he has his own life to deal with, may be time to cut dad out. The brand was demolished from the get go with the prices. Then Dad and his big mouth have not helped, then the second Ball brother got arrested for theft.....Lonzo needs to go his own way.
For all the sheeple that were singing Lavar’s praises, all I have to say is, “Apology accepted. Thank you very much.”
He looks at those boys as a payday not as his children.
I remember the days when people used to call people like myself clowns when one would say, maybe they should have signed the Nike deal first then took up such a venture. Most popular response, then they would have to work for the man. Glad the kid is separating himself from such shenanigans. He will be a better person and player as a whole.
honestly that’s one of the best lines of heard this century
I remember the days when Lavar said how kid was better than Curry. And all the Pom Pom boys agreed. Well Steph just bought a 31 million dollar home in Northern California’s wealthiest town. Let that sink in.
Wait Big Baller Brand still exists??? 🤨
Great we really needed some Lavar Ball in our lives now. What happened ESPN, LeBron doesn’t wanna copyright Taco Monday or something?
So great that Lonzo is finally standing up for himself after watching his father ride his coat tails and take advantage of him and leach fame and profit off of him, while ruining the lives of his younger brothers and putting a target on Lonzo, depriving him of any chance to fly under the radar and grow into his role in the NBA.
He just clowned his OWN son. Theres all the proof you need. It wasnt about being a good involved dad. It was about him. Always was.
What's best is son telling daddy to take a long walk off a short pier without a life vest nearby...
And he passed up millions in shoe deals to stay with 3B
I really needed to know this, thanks for letting me know.
As the big baller brand goes bankrupt.
Lavar Ball has 1 in the NBA, 1 trying to go pro. And a for sure future NBA kid in high school. Tried to make a brand, didn’t work. All he does is talk positive. Meanwhile, your kid sucks at all sports. Don’t hate this man
You’re a grown man Lonzo. You’re dad hyped you up and put this pressure on you. Do your own thing. Go your own route. F*** your Dad
Can you stop talking about lavar ball yet? Dude is trash and is actively ruining his family. Lonzo has a worse jump shot than Ben Simmons (die hard Sixers fan here) and the other two kids will never sniff the NBA. Please and thank you.
Either way his last name remains Ball. That’ll never go away.
Easy to see coming before he was even drafted. Ticking time bomb.
SMH Hopefully soon, Lonzo will take full control of his career and life and tell Pops to kick back. He has 2 other kids to manage. Lonzo will be fine on his own.
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hurricane Humberto can't come to the US without his papers
At least Lonzo sounds like he's aware of the failure of Big Baller Brand.
And now he's calling his kid trash, after he made up this story his kid was better than Steph Curry. LaVar is messed up.
So mad about that comments he made, controlling jerk. Lonzo is doing the right thing, there is so much someone can take.
People forget Lonzo has more songs on Spotify than free throws made last year
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Odell Beckham Jr. outgained the entire Jets wide receiver group 💪

All this talking down. Wth was obj supposed to do? He went out there and killed the defensive backs that were in frnt of him.... It's not on him what the other said team receivers did or didn't Do... He showed up his team got the win..moving on...Good Lord... Y'all love to hate anything...
The Jets passing game wasn't going to be great even with Darnold in there. They haven't had a true #1 receiver for years.
3rd string QB ..2 lineman out no CJ Mosley for the Jets.
... a wide receiver group playing with a 3rd string qb makes perfect sense
There's a sad Eli Manning as wolverine with a picture of OBJ somewhere
Man who planned this Monday night game?
They should trade him to the Giants. I think Jabrill Peppers and a 1st is a fair trade
So amazing! Hey who was throwing the ball for the Jets again?
To be fair the Jets were playing at best high school level quarterbacks.
I bet the Jets wide receiver group have better watches than he does 💪
Yes he did and my highschool QB could have thrown the ball better for the jets
I outgained the Jets wide receivers - really NBD
I mean our QB did mess up his ankle pretty bad on that late hit.. you guys just spew hot garbage sometimes.. it’s all fair if that didn’t happen, but this is just low
It was vs the 3rd string jets. Brown next 5 game vs undefeated teams, hello 1-6 Browns
Trevor Siemian couldn't pass gas, much less a football. Guy is atrocious...
That’s the most action he’s had in a long time
Get back at us when it’s against a team who doesn’t have half the starters out with injuries.
Impressive game from OBJ, but that jets D was pretty awful. Still respect for an amazing stat line.
The jets literally played 2 backs the whole game, quit trying to rile people up with comparisons like this. He outplayed Robby Anderson and Jameson crowder with a 3rd string QB, by 20yrds
Not happening with the rams! Whose house?!
That 10 billion dollar watch gave him new wide receiver powers. No wonder he didn't wanna take it off.
Yeah when the Jets had a 3rd string QB in. Hes still a cancer and will show his true colors shortly
I mean, when he was the only one Baker throws to..
Did he have a guy who's only QB action consists of week 4 preseason games?
I mean, it was the 3rd string wr
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Baker Mayfield ➡ Odell Beckham Jr for the 89-YARD TD 😤

It was the longest reception of OBJ's entire career! (via NFL)

#CLEvsNYJ: Odell Beckham Jr. 89-yard TD
What kind of coverage was that Jets? Thoughts and prayers?
ESPN your Monday night commentators are horrible. Had to turn the sound off and watch the game.
18s the fastest on the field. Looked like he was easily catching up to obj
Look at that ref! Movinnnnngggg!
All it took was a game against a horrific team. He won’t do it again this season.
That commentator is a little over excited isn’t he? I mean the D was asleep, it was a easy pass & no one has speed to catch him on that team. But I muted after his other catch Bc they seriously get on my nerves with the over acting
As a fantasy football owner of these 2 fine gentlemen I tip my hat off to them. I was down 18 points before that play and ended up winning my match by 15. Thank you.
Giants fans are mad. They will say they aren’t and Odell is a cancer. But trust me they are mad. Especially that they picked a 40 year old declining QB over a top 5 receiver.
The safety was running to the sideline then hes like....nah need that game check
The browns could easily comited a holding one play before, so Beckham Jr could score a 99 yardas td that's how bad the Jets defense was tonight. And it's gonna get uglier this sesión for the Jets.
#117 in the stripes got wheels, tho
Booger and the other guy are your MNF team? Even worse than it sounds.
“The Browns are elite this year!”
Who the hell is #20 for the jets? that was some sorry piss poor play from that safety...he was in front and had a great angle to make a tackle ...but he never got within 15ft of him ...hell even the CB's that were behind Odell outran the safety
Baker has to step up for these next 5!
Reminds me of Kosar to Slaughter in the 80's
Somehow Antonio Brown is going to complain about this.
How’s that locker room culture thing working out for ole Gettleman
I'm sure cowherd will whine about something wrong with this...
Was he able to tell what time it was?
Whoever 34 is for the Jets was motoring...he should've had him.
But what kind of watch was he wearing?
Why was No. 20 not trying to stop him ? Asking for a friend 😬
Did #20 forget he wasn’t on offense for a sec?
Odell still playing like a $2 bill? #realitycheck
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Last week, Minkah Fitzpatrick's agent requested that the Miami Dolphins trade him.

Now, Fitzpatrick will be joining the Pittsburgh Steelers. (via Adam Schefter)

More reasons to root against the Steelers! 😂 I wish Fitzpatrick the best, but I hope his new team finishes at the bottom of the AFC North.
As a dolphins fan, I love this. A Big Ben-less Steelers team might win 4 games this year. All for an overrated safety. Thanks!
Getting him is great for the Steelers, but this falls under the category of too little too late.
We had the 12th pick in the 2017 draft and Lamar Jackson was available, and we took Fitzpatrick. POS.
Steelers were always a traditionally good if not great defensive team. Watt, Bush, now Minkah is at least a good young foundation.
This is an awesome trade for Miami. Probably will end up being a top 10 pick. Thanks, Steelers.
What r they going to have? 22 rookies starting next year?🤪🤪....there should be a balance as a team tries to improve and become a great team and it all starts at the very top...dolphins are a complete embarrassment and coach during press conference sounds like Adams Gates all over again,,🤮🤮
My condolence to the person who's the 2020 first round pick to the Dolphins
They better hope Rudolph is good enough to replace ben Cause that could be justin herbert with that pick they just gave up
For a second I thought it was Ryan Fitzpatrick after the way he's been roughed up these past couple weeks. Hed be better off being traded to the Steelers especially now with the absence of Big ben!
Watching the browns/Jets game I see that darnold is out with mono, siemian is out with an injury, I'm pretty sure dolphins will be willing to trade you Josh Rosen for a high draft pick
I hope the league does something about this tanking. It’s ridiculous! If the NFL wants to do something about it they can take away their 1st pick & get rid of tanking once and for all. If my team was doing it I would want that to happen.
Dolphins gearing up with them draft picks. I'm surprised Steelers made the trade though.
Steelers should be blowing it up for a top pick but instead they traded their 1st round pick !! Good job Pittsburgh !
So the dolphins are getting the 1st and 2nd overall picks
As a Dolphins fan. I’d like to ask some members of the dawg pound in Cleveland what it’s like counting down the days until the draft.
Not too big on giving up a first rounder for Minkah but he has promise. Bush, Watt and now Minkah could be a scary Steelers defense in a few years. As for Mason Rudolph guy has a lot of talent and truly might be Ben’s replacement.
Steelers are going to regret giving a 1st round pick in 2020 now that Big Ben is out for the year.
This is golden for the Steelers and Minkah. Miami is such a mess that this cat was playing 5 different positions for them. Miami sports are an absolute dumpster fire!
With EVERY pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select.... 😂
Breaking: Miami trades mascot to the Jets for a 2020 7th round draft pick.
Minkah was the best slot coverage db In the league last year according to PFF. Y’all calling him overrated but he was the best player they had.
Dang. Hoped the ravens got him. He should have stayed with the dolphins. The steelers will win the same amount of games 😂😂😂😂😈😈😈
Remember the days when players played out their contracts, win or loose, pepridge farms knows!!
Top 11 guy with a cheap contract. Brown contract comes off after this season. Doesn’t this leave Pittsburgh with around 30m in cap?
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New team, same tricks for Odell Beckham Jr 🔥

(via NFL)

Regular season highlight reel... get him in the playoffs and we’ve seen that story
1st one was unbelievable. The PI, one handed (3 fingers) grab, AND the TD? 2nd one was great but nowhere near as incredible
These halftime shows are awful!! I've never heard of these "musicians" and I never want to again.
Dude makes it look easy. One of a kind . Takes skills and practice yes we are talking about practice.
Bro i have this guy's jersey, i wont be impressed til he does this without gloves on...
I really hope he matures and keep focused on the field because he is an all time talent. So much fun to watch but not going to reach potential if keeps getting distracted with stupid stuff.
Did her new team lose too?
New team, same injury prone frame, same drama
I wanted to say this avocado is nice but I realized I never believed in ghosts because marriage is not easy especially if Zlatan leaves the Cowboys my flight was canceled so i got home late and my boss went to the zoo because tomorrow is whats on my mind I love football
He’s got the best hands, and Run after catch ability in the game right now
Matt Holliday still hasn’t touched home plate
Except maybe he wins this game?
I dont see how it's a catch. You cant tell me he secured it before he brought it to his body. Plus without those gloves, guarantee he dont catch the ball.
Wait you mean the one handed catch, or coming out “injured”?
This was nowhere near as flashy or spectacular. Quit reaching (pun intended)
WTF is the Genesis “Halftime “ show crap?!?! What a load of sheisse!.
That’s a strong right knee there. Looks like the shocks are working.
Nothing beats that catch with NY! 😎
The Cleveland Tangerines are winning! Funny how they these lil tangerines think they own the world after beating the lowly Jets, but here is a reminder: TEN Titans 43 - CLE Tangerines 13 just last week. NEXT WEEK L.A. Rams!
Those are not even remotely the same. The one tonight is a routine catch made in almost every football game played nowdays
It's amazing how he has made two catches like that when it doesn't effect the outcome of the game. But when you need him to make a catch. He drops them when the pass hits him in the numbers.
Why is there a wanna be concert on a “sports “channel? Show highlights from the weekend
Gloves today are like glue give him the gloves jerry used to wear and we will see if he still catches it like that
Not the same...the Giants catch was way more he actually scored on ours.
One a touchdown the other 3 points ahh the browns. Hot garbage.
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Odell Beckham Jr is back in New York 😱

(via NFL)

#CLEvsNYJ: OBJ One-Hander
If any of us were as good at our job as he is at his, we would too be a bit arrogant.
I need everyone to wish me luck,I have a meeting at the bank later and if all goes well,I will be out of debt. I'm so excited I can barely put on my ski mask
He has more talent than any other receiver but his heart makes the grinch’s heart look big!!!
This is the worst Monday night football game in history
Except he’s actually in NJ...
He’s back in New Jersey ... Not NY
What about the false start by the other receiver?
Except he was out of bounds
Despite how annoying he is he has great hands
Bro got the potential to be the goat
Isn't this in Jersey? Don't be rude
Let’s see those catches without the gloves!
I just came here for the streaming recommendations from people in India. I hope I’m not disappointed
OBJ is back in New Jersey since there's only one New York team according to Josh Allen
technically he's not in new york
*Back in New Jersey
From the same spot on the field...or close to it lol
Back in *New Jersey
Guy is massively talented. Guess that’s why he acts the way he does
6 minutes in the game hes already crybabying. "how come he can wear a special visor and i cant"? hahah.
Phenomenal athlete. I just hope he doesn’t let his ego get to his head (anymore than it already has)
But did anyone notice he wasn’t wearing the watch 😂😂😂
was he wearing his watch?
The visor deal was so dumb. Let the man play with it, Christ. I’m not even an OBJ supporter and it looks like they are just toying with the guy at this point.
You could have made the touchdown for me. Dislike.
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Odell Beckham Jr returns to NY in style 📸

From the look of the cheerleader, he getting lucky tonight.
What a catch! Love him or hate him, the dude makes phenomenal catches.
The photography is amazing! Next level shot!
Yes now we get to watch highlights of this catch for the next 3 years until he makes another
They made him take off his face shield for tint but I done seen 3 other shields on that field just as dark as wonder OBJ feels the way he feel.
Yea everyone is like he makes amazing catches. Get a pair of those gloves and anyone can do the exact same
Poor guy is being picked on by the NFL again, and had to change his visor.
Check the snowbunny in the back.......they love us
I Got a notification that said 2013 Odell Beckham makes the same catch first of all he got drafted in 2014 && he did not played at all in 2013😂 do ur research homies😂💀
The Brown's brought the referees with them from Cleveland after Tennessee payed them to throw a flag every other down last week.
It's not really that impressive them gloves work wonders nowadays this guy isn't a consistent receiver at all
Odell has never played one football game in the state of NY in his life
Should have challenged. He only had one foot in after gaining possession
*Returns to NJ
This has nothing to do with tonight’s game Just wanted to point out that Jacksonville fans seem to be united in the belief that Ramsey is a selfish child who has no concept of team play or accountability. We wish him good luck in his future somewhere else Also, we all agree Doug Marrone should’ve put the ball in Minshew’s hands on the 2 point conversion.
Where’s his watch?!?
Take off the gloves if hes so good...
Style doesn’t get you rings
Does he make that catch without the flypaper gloves?
You’d catch alot more passes with two hands. Just saying drops woops i mean one hand odell
He sure did! Missed a trip to the Red Zone because he needs the attention by wearing the "super neat-o" eye shield. O.D.A.
Omg yes he makes one handed catches. What else has he done in his career?
2.02 million worth of style...his watch is worth 3 of the Jet's players....
Trevor Siemian is hot garb! The jets are garb!
Yall love to hate this man. Amazing catch. 161 yards. But still finding a reason to hate. Oh it's his gloves now? But Baker gets sacked 3 times and throws a pick but nothing for him
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Eddy Pineiro nails this at the buzzer to give Chicago the win! (via NFL)

Congrats Chicago the refs handed you that W , that was a horrible roughing the passer call
We got cheated on roughing the passer and the added a sec back to the clock after it said 0 for a field goal. We got screwed refs should be fined!!! At least review the play. I know this would probably slow if the game but I think in close games the last min of the game if there’s penalty flags thrown should be reviewed like touchdowns are. Stupid calls cost a team in close games
Just happy as a Bears fan we have a kicker who made it. Although from 53 if he would of missed I wouldn't of complained.
The refs gave the bears that game
Except there is no way trubisky got that timeout in with under 1 second unless he was calling for it before the receiver went down. Which you all know is not allowed...
Bull. No time should have been put on the clock. Fastest timeout ever.
Nfl handed the bears the win. It should’ve been over with that last catch. There was absolutely no time left on that clock
Now all the Bears need is a solid QB. I'm a Bears fan by the way...I know what I've gotten myself into.
I’m a Raiders fan and I’ll be real here, I believe the Broncos got screwed by some really bad officiating, that roughing the passer call... I don’t know what more Chubb is suppose to do
Anytime Denver loses is a good day to me
Little late on this aren’t we?
The game is so much different than it was 20 years ago. Who even cares anymore. Give Brady the next 5 rings. This league is pathetic.
Robbie Gould breathes sigh of relief; takes his phone off airplane mode for first time in years.
When did the NFL get a buzzer?
How Jim McElwain got him to come to Florida over Alabama will forever be one of life’s great mysteries.
Yet another game where the refs F'd up a big call.
Wait....there’s Buzzers in the NFL now?
The refs on those 2 roughing the passer calls should be fired. They are ruining the nfl.
Fangio looking like "where the hell was that last year?"
Celebrating like they won the superbowl. Its week 2. Act like you've been there before
This was a good game Bears kicker with the clutch kick. That penalty hurt the Broncos gave the Bears better field position.
When you barely beat Denver it may be a long season.
A bit late?
Wish everyone would remember this when he doesn't make that kick so well and he gets blamed for losing the game for the WHOLE team.
How bad is it that as a bears fan you have to rely on a kicker to help you win a game instead of a QB who you drafted up to get who was still going to be available in the second round and have put all faith in but can't drive an offense lmao
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Steve Young says the NFL is heading towards being like the NBA with big-name players demanding trades.

So teams can get out of large contracts after 2-3 years taking away millions from these dudes that put their bodies on the line but a few players request trades and they're the bad ones??? 😂😂
It’s an insult to the great Joe Thomas that some of these players will actually get traded while he was stuck on those horrible HORRIBLE Browns teams his entire career and didn’t say a word.
God forbid the talent we’re paying to see have more power of their own careers
As a huge Steve Young fan I find this completely ironic after what he did to get out of Tampa 🤣
These players only get a small window in THERE career, I think the player having freedom to move is great.
Yeah cuz heaven forbid the player (who can be cut at any minute for any reason) look out for his own best interest.
😂😂😂 everybody needs to decide now when it’s ok for a player to demand a trade. If teams want to fully guarantee their contracts they can complain about it. Until a contract is fully guaranteed though a player should be able to flex a little and go where he wants. It works both ways.
Steve Young was the reason Joe Montana requested to be traded to the Chiefs because he refused to sit behind Young... Also, Steve Young, himself, threw a fit when he was supposed to go to the then 4 win St. Louis Cardinals from the 3 win Tampa Bay Bucs and got the trade dropped in exchange for a trade to San Francisco, which actually was against NFL rules.💁🏻‍♂️ Which luckily Young was friends with Hugh Culverhouse, who was chairman of the NFL Finance Committee and wanted to give Young a better opportunity and later the interaction was deemed as “tampering”. Lol, but go on Steve...
Why shouldn’t they be allowed to switch employers? Us “regular” people can do it as much as we want.
Steve young as great as a player you were. This is a new era of NFL. If Ramsey wants to be traded that’s his right as a player. Nothing you can do About it so instead why don’t you support his decision
Oh but you can get cut and no one bats an eye 🙄 lol they’ll praise a team for cutting a vet, they saved 10 million 🤦‍♂️ I’m glad the players are taking control
It needs to be because the league needs to do a 50/50 split with the players. It’s only fair. I hope they hold out an entire year or more for this “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY”🤷🏾‍♂️💯✊🏾
I’m allowed to quit my job and find a better one if I’m not happy. Not sure why athletes shouldn’t be allowed to either. People talk all the time about how players should care more about winning than money. Then when a player cares so much about winning that he doesn’t want to be part of a tank season, people act like it’s this huge injustice...
NFL players should’ve been the first one to do this, TBH. It’s one thing to play for a sorry team in the NBA. It’s another to do so in the NFL where you are perpetually one play away from disaster. Career is too short to waste your limited career on a team that has zero direction, leadership and bad management/ownership. A bad basketball team can get lucky in the draft or find one diamond in the rough and things can change overnight. In football it takes a concerted effort by ownership, coaching and the players. There’s a reason some teams are always at the bottom of the barrel.
I been saying that for the last several months. Totally agree with Steve Young!!!!
That's the entire point of a player's union, Steve. The NBA knows what it's doing, you should actually follow suit.
Players having more control of their careers? I don’t see an issue here
Wait this a new thing? Remind me again, how did John Elway end up in Denver?
Hey Steve - Never played the game, but always watch it. If NFL players are pushing their body to insane limits for public entertainment . . . I'm going to go with they can ask for whatever they want. Let the market tell them if they are crazy.
Eli Manning did that when he was first drafted!
So the NFL doesn’t want to guarantee contracts and don’t want the players to demand trades ...that’s ridiculous. More power to the players this is a business first wins come second 🤷🏾‍♂️
Steve signed a personal services contract with the USFL for 40 million bucks out of BYU...Bill Daniels guaranteed and paid all of it...Then Steve went to the NFL...He is a hypocrite...He made more those few years than he made in the NFL....
Its because who the players are nowadays. What about what John Elway and Eli Manning did. Refusing to play for the teams that drafted them.
The NBA went on 2 strikes and they are part owners in the league. They stood and fought for a seat at the table. The NBAPA Union is only second to MLB. The players in the NFL are scared to lose money and afraid to fight the shield 🛡. And that’s the real reason Kap is Blacklisted. He is a reminder of what could happen if the whole kneeled for better representation, pay and playing conditions overall.
Love Steve Young but he’s talking nonsense. Charles Barkley has the same passive jealousy of this generation of players with more say over their careers.
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A league source said he believes Jalen Ramsey could be traded as early as this week because of the sideline incident between Ramsey and Doug Marrone during the Jacksonville Jaguars' loss to Houston.

(via Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen)

Come to Frisco! Ramsey and Sherman oh boy!
I hope that clown goes to miami. We have a solid team in jville.
Eagles, Seattle, Oakland and Dallas are good fits off the top of my head.
I think Denver would be a good choice. Him and CHJ would definitely be trouble
Jacksonville needs a QB so on behalf of Vikings fans, we will give them Cousins for Ramsey!
Denver would be a good landing spot, pair him up with Strap Harris and Bryce Callahan and have Jackson at the other safety opposite of Simmons
I weep for the future of all sports and our overall culture if I’m being honest because this mindset is gaining traction across all walks of life not just sports. There’s such a sense of entitlement and inability to deal with not getting their way now. This is the issue with allowing young men and women to exit school early to get paid. They receive money but not the social skills needed to get through life. It’s sad really.
Come to Seattle, we love having DBs that run their mouth! 😂
Ok Jalen we will honor your wishes , you've been traded to Miami for Fitzpatrick
I would run out of Jacksonville too!
Cowboys can’t afford him cause they’ve drafted too well but I’d love to see a star on his helmet!
Bring his crazy self to Houston. We always need help.
Step up and snag him Bears!! We know you won’t have to spend a bunch of money to keep Trubisky after his rookie contract. Lol so, go for it. Amukamara is good and all but it would be crazy to have Fuller and Ramsey across from one another.
“Uhhh Houston.. We have an opportunity”
Bring him on back home to the Titans! Nashville needs you!
Houston so him and Hopkins can play tummy sticks in the shower
Doug Marrone is from the Boogie Down. He's 6'5/270. See how he rolled over there and Ramsey just sat there. As soon as the "Hold Me Back" crowd showed up, Ramsey got froggy. He's lucky coach didn't run block him into the stands lol
Green Bay please ... We need the depth at CB and the NFC North has some elite receivers that need to be handled
I came here to see what New England is offering for him. I think they'll offer a 5th and 6th round 2034 pick, $25 and a chipotle bowl.
Come to Houston baby, lord knows we need a competent CB
According to ESPN's Adam Schefter the Jacksonville Jaguars have traded Jalen Ramsey to the Atlanta Falcons for a chicken and waffles dinner plate and a ticket to the Georgia Aquarium.
As a dolphins fan I would say trade him to the dolphins as punishment lmao
Come to NOLA! We're gonna need all the defense we can get for 6 games! Lol
Why don’t owners start realizing that players are more important than coaches, when you have a guy like Jalen Ramsey, I’m firing the coach and keeping Ramsey if this is my team
Breaking News 🚨, Jalen Ramsey will be joining the Patriots for a 3rd & 7th Round 2052 pick & half a McDonald’s Hamburger