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It's the perfect present for any rock fan: give a gift subscription or treat yourself this Xmas…

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"As my music trickles out over the next two years, it's going to be quite the roller coaster ride." Phil Anselmo.

Eric Crapton Not into his singing
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Dope frontman Edsel Dope picks his ten favourite tracks from the band he gave his name to

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There's no stopping Dirty Thrills at the moment!

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Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix remembers Last Resort – a song that impacted our world in more ways than one

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The Offspring Guitarists Dexter Holland and Noodles take us on a trip through the albums that made them one of the biggest and best bands in punk history

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Tickets on sale from Friday!

Brad Beamer Meggo Robinson embrace the teenage emo
Ross Glover hopefully they will bring Glassjaw over too!!!!
Kate Lambert Martha Jo Lambert can we
Jenna Louise Luke Jones
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Heavy Scotland will expand to 3 days in 2018 - Carcass, Gama Bomb, Nervosa and Perpetua first names confirmed

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Mongol Horde are back!

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Imagine Dragons are the biggest rock band in the world right now. But who are they, where have they come from and what are the things you need to know? We go on a mission to find out

John Milthorpe They sound like Goyte with a bit of distortion. And they were shit. Biggest rock band in the world, yet I’ve only just heard about them, reading this article. If I song hasn’t grabbed me within 30secs it gets turned off. Just like this did. Bilge!!
Garrett Wear They sound like fucking shit, literally fucking shit. We don’t need to know anything about this garbage that won’t even be remembered or relevant by this time next year
Kelly Navarro-Montes I've always been a huge supporter of Team Rock and Metal hammer but saying fuck 100 times in an article will not make the band seem any cooler. They make ok, non offensive music but I gotta disagree on this one 😣 not that you should care 😁
Ash Munk Depends how you define rock? Iron maiden are surely the biggest rock band in the world now Ac/Dc are done. Heavy metal is as much rock as pop rock is
Matthew Caldwell I've never even heard of them! Then again, I'm one of the few people who have heard of Cains Offering. Check those guys out btw
Talon Mullin I think the term "Rock band" gets used very, very loosely these days.
Paul Williams I think you’ll find the Foo Fighters or Muse are bigger than these sock puppets
Stanisław Frontczak Rock? The only time they come anywhere near rock is when they go to the seaside.
Damon Marzano Rock. Lol. Pop group with a touch of guitar is more like it.
Sammi Lloyd Best band in the world 😁
Mario Porcu What kind of shit gets called Rock these days?
Jamie Richards Oh for crying out loud....
Jez Sullivan It’s pasturised guff written on a laptop. Given that no one buys records and the biggest touring acts at the moment are Metallica & Foo Fighters. It’s a silly headline. Their biggest hit sounds like Nik Kershaw taking a dump. So I ll pass. If you need to feature younger bands, the likes of Karnivool & Dead Letter Circus write better songs. Good PR doesn’t always mean good music sadly. Oh and your magazine is called Classic Rock, not hipster dress down Friday weekly.
Alex Capener They ain't that big they've got one hit from years ago.....
Steve Bebbington Rock Band? Are you having a fucking laugh? It ain't even Christmas yet let alone April 1st. Have a word
Alan Gudgin New to me too. I imagine they do poppy "Rock" minus guitar solos.
Seth William Butler Bring in Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons, Kruel Knives etc. That's what real rock and roll is nowadays...
Seth William Butler This is what top 40 calls rock now?
Dylan McAndrew First album was amazing, not Rock, though, and I'm fussy with music but what an album!
Tony Prawira biggest - rock band - in the world 😄
Adam Gregson Bigger than Metallica? Bigger than GNR? Really?!!
Ross Slaughter Rock band?
Craig Henderson Absolute shite. That's what they are.
Saša Rogić Never heard of them.
Kelly Navarro-Montes