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What's on your shopping list?

Dominic Kresten Vermeulen-Smith If I start to be considered trendy as fuck purely by wearing the same clothes I've worn since I was 12 I'm going to be upset.
Sophie Colvin Victoria errrmmm we better get shopping! xmas pressnt idea for the bous! Timothy Falco
Sam Wybrew I thought they just sold fridges.
Chris Tibbs Sell out
Adrian Saunders ffs
Nancy Dalley
Conor Clark Michelle HappyHarris
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Matt and Paolo from Trivium reveal the starting points for their new album The Sin And The Sentence

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He’d go rusty in the November Rain...

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Cannibal Corpse aren't messing about!

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Kerry King on Disciple – the song that gave Slayer their fire back

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“Everything in the deluxe edition is a sum of all the amazingly talented people who came into our world as a result of the initial release.”

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Genre-hopping two-piece Cassels present their guide to the underground British bands to whom you should be paying serious attention

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"The album needed one more song that would be a relentless and fast-paced counterpoint to some of the more epic compositions we already had."

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“To be honest, I think they should actually change the name, because it's such a huge, huge difference from the beginning."

Jeetinder Toor If In Flames want to do what they did on battles, then they will do that, I didn't really like it, but i loved siren charms, in flames is a awesome band name, they will not change their name
Jimmy Atkins Last Great album of theirs was Come Clarity, nothing after that touches it
Adam Tiley I loved 'A Sense Of Purpose' - It's actually one of my favourite albums
Lee Soady The last great album by these guys was Reroute To Remain.
Lee Schofield They're a fucking abortion.
Grant Gardiner Joel Raymen
Jamie Weir Andy Watson
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