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Gerry Rafferty’s former manager Jon Brewer recalls what it was like managing the Baker Street star in the wheeling-dealing 70s – the age of chart-fixing, payola and big money

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More news from the Crue film The Dirt...

Rob Creedy Fucking wrong!!! Throw $$ at kutcher,hes a fucking dead ringer!!
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Steve Hackett will play six Genesis Revisited shows across the UK in October with a 41-piece orchestra

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MCR video overload!

Kate Lambert Martha Jo Lambert
Pete Tyrer Nate Bland
Cam Gormley Amanda Phillips - Gormley
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Listen to Giver's debut album Where The Cycle Breaks ahead of its official release

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Robb Flynn talks us through the 15 tracks on Catharsis – the ninth album from Machine Head

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The Raise Vibration tour expands...

Olly Peters We’d/thurs/Friday 3 towns... tour?
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“I’m going to wipe the floor with this guy."

Craig Henderson So. Very. Silly.
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New band alert! Glasgow-based indie-rockers The Spook School guide us through their joy-filled world

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Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson confirms the Canadian trio have no plans to tour or record together in the future

Andrew Galloway That's a shame... would've loved to see them, and I think they could've bowed out better...
Aslan Thelion I was hoping for a final album - Clockwork Angels was great (as was the gig I went to on that tour).😥
Niall Young I wouldn’t bet on not hearing them again...they’re artists..artist need to create...
Chidi Slater At least they were able to call it a day in their own time. The very best of luck to them all and their music will live on in our hearts and iPods for eternity.
Andrew Marks They had a great career, and went out at the top. Good luck to them in what they do in the future !! 🤘
Andrew Hollingshead Till money gets tight eh?
David Cowan Think 2 of the guys health aren't too good 😔
Carl Hallows So glad I saw them on the clockwork angels tour now! Paul J Davies Philip John Taylor 🙁
Alasdair Shearer At least they did a lot of albums I have them all except the radio broadcast cds
Phil Lord Sad day indeed ✌✌
Andrew Stevens All good things. ...
Scott Opine We know. Good show.
Andrzej Polak Szkoda. Nie będzie więc koncertu w Polsce :-(.
Andy McKenzie Andrew Beckett
Gary Gazzer Edwards Richie Norris ☹