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David Vaughan Saw them at Download this year and they were fucking amazing. I hope they come to the UK again when the new album comes out and could you imagine how awesome it would be if they toured with Body Count?
Jeramy Stanton Essary So far they are awesome. Looking forward to more from them.
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Layne Staley would've turned 50 today - we look back on his life and legacy

Mark Smith Saw them when supporting Megadeth and was blown away by them. Went straight out and bought Facelift. Brilliant band.
Alun De'Beers Hill So sad!
Paul Harding Awesome band.
Steve Doran Stephanie Doran
Craig Taylor-Broad Bryony Katie Teague-Vickers
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Jamie Cameron of The Last Dinosaur decided that picking a top 10 of 4AD albums was too difficult a task, so decided to do the top 10 songs from their back catalogue instead, because why not?

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Time to get excited - Quicksand have announced their first new full-length album in 22 years!

Idlewar Badass.
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New Marmozets music arrives!

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Pearl Jam concert movie celebrates World Series victory…

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Kerry won't commit to Slayer album date…

Paulo Ferreira I'll probably read this article... Maybe
Paulo Ferreira I'll probably buy it... Maybe
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Today's TeamRock Radio programming, including candid tour specials from Kiss and Opeth

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Mike Patton supergroup show cancelled after injury…

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Breakfast is served… by Eddie?

Darren Taylor Lindy Taylor if this happens we are staying here!!!!
Danny George Taylor Dan Wyatt I'd be licking the toilet seats 🚽
Adam Martin Stuart William Pike
Pewag Morris Can I bring my daughter to the porter?
Renee Lokman Erik van der Warf nieuwe vakantiebestemming?
Tara Bird Will I get room serviced
Renee Lokman Trees Schreuder iets voor jullie?
Lesley Duffin Emily Watt can we go??
Jess Coppock Steve Jekabson!!
Katie Sweed Giulia Spadaro
Jamie Coates Ben Van Der Scales
Mike Robertson Christy Robertson
Sonia Speirs Mike Thurland
Kevin Brown Debbie Brown tell your martin
David Neville One for you David Baker
Sheara Arran Jamie Williams xxx
Yvonne Connolly Alan Connolly
Kristina Mackenzie Jamie Plomer
Steven Osborne Simon James Scrivens 🤘
Dave Hunter Wendy Stoten
Kayleigh Theresa Samuel Sean Kelly
Simon James Scrivens Jakk ScarlettCara WeidnerChloe Steele😛🤘🏻
Gary Mcpeake Patrick Farrell
Kris Evans Steve Harris