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“We set out to make something unique and meaningful. I know it’s at least one of those things. To me it’s both.”

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“I’ve been playing in bands and touring the world for 40 years – I have no immediate tour plans unless something or somebody really inspirational comes along.”

Danny R Killian So sixx am is no longer a band?? Or just not a touring band?.. wonder what DJ is gonna do now?
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Turns out the number of the beast is actually sax sax sax

Peter McEvoy Glyn there's the new intro for VFT!!
Josh Barnard Dan Potter Sam Robson Jack Mcsloy Jacob Mayes
Josh Hamon Chris Hill
Le Basi Luisa Jent🎷
Kristina Mackenzie Jamie Plomer
Kayleigh Theresa Samuel Sean Kelly
Jamie Coates Ben Van Der Scales Daniel Donaldson
James Mattin Michal Borys
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Severed limbs. Dudes in gimp masks. And some of the best, heaviest bands around. Sign up for a free TeamRock+ trial to find out what happened when Hammer headed to Blackest Of The Black

Juanma Messi Fdez Selu Az Troll
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Music isn’t just about making a racket; it’s an artform with limitless possibilities. As Slipknot’s artistic visionary, Clown has dedicated his career to blowing minds

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Marvel give rock album covers a superhero twist!

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"I think in a way he realised that he wasn’t happy – maybe not just with Stone Sour but in general."

Ben Zagorski Thanks for redirecting me to other sites before reading the first sentence .... Well done 👍👍👍
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Introducing anthemic post-rockers Sibling, TeamRock's new band of the week

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“The song grounds me and reminds me that I have to take into account other people's feelings and mindsets."

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A full list of the good stuff over on TeamRock Radio today