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“I became very happy, very content. All I do is I play, I write, I record, I take care of my dogs. I have a really private, peaceful life now, and I haven't had that in a long time."

Paul McLauchlin Who's the lady on the left?
Kevin Brooks He doesnt take great care of his dogs, as is my understanding . . .
Deney Monic II Wow. Joan Jett got old...
Isra Cano Is this Vinnie vincent? 😱
John Salisbury Is it Vinnie or Veronica?
Joop Heijnen
Peter Weckerle And here I thought that was Chrissie Hinds
Tom Cletzer Kiss sucks, always has....
Gary Barry Matt Scot
Simon Child Sr. as a women...
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LTNT sounds like waifish radio rock being terrorised by Pantera.

Paul McLauchlin What the fuck is "alt Metal? Is it like the alt right?
Daniel Walker Those damn hipster tranvestites.....
Dokka Chapman So it looks like the women from the 'Windowlicker' music video had children.....
Kev Leitch Yeah fine, dresses. But polka dot? With that beard?
John Campbell Lol 😂
Kuba Duda That is what I call sexy
Joanne Cornell Amazing band 🤘🏻
Paul McLauchlin They look hilarious! Have a laugh folks. ☺
Alex Enezeta Product
Mitch Voelz Kevin Voelz Jason Schwanke James Basgall
Kuba Duda Wojciech Chajec
MH Franco III Hipsters
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“It would have to be done right. There's no way we could skimp on something like that."

Erik Bremer Vinnie Paul needs to realize there is an entire generation of fans that would give their left foot to see Pantera Music live. I wish he'd just bury the hatchet. The dumb shit that was said and done was almost 2 decades ago. Remember Obi Wan's wise words. Time heals all things.
Thomas Søfting Completely disagree. As much as I hate it, Dime is dead, so let him rest in peace. And I say that as someone who never got to see Pantera live. I missed my chance, but that's life.
James Hopkins Click bait for all the Anselmo haters to lap up. Although if any of you actually read the article you'd know that Phil far from endorsed the idea.
Nathan Cave Anyone heard Phil scream lately? I’d be pushing for multiple holograms...
Kyle Watts No way! That reeks! Rather have a tribute style tour with other guitarist playing a long.
Luis Angel Ruiz I don't think Vinnie Paul will be up for it
Leland Holiday Just prop Dimebags corpse up against a 2x4 thru the whole show and shut tha fuck up 😂😂
Josh Hewitt Wylde is the only option, and even then it’s risky.
Chris Bertin If you do a holograph tour I hope no one shows up and you all lose big money...
Matt Horsley For years as a fan I've been well up for Pantera with Zakk Wylde . Zakk and Dime was best friends and it'd be a great way for people to celebrate Dimes music together. I'm sure Dimebag would approve
Robert Poole Just leave it alone. Phil is not the same vocalist anymore. And I would much rather a really good Pantera cover band at this point to be honest
Ben Collins Listen to the bloody interview. Phil wasn't even aware that there is a DIO hologram. He was asked a stupid question. He responded sincerely to a stupid question.
Avery Owen Kachelmeyer It wouldn't happen anyways. He and Vinnie will never make peace and I don't blame Vinnie at all. Just leave Pantera be, remember it for what it was at it's greatest
Cosimo Salvatore Dilettis And the "Gene Simmons award" goes to....Phil Anselmo!
Lewis Storer Would be better getting zakk filling in. Lets put ourselves in vinnies shoes. Would be way too painful to do. Therefore wont happen imo
Keith Selles Meaning he'd have to actually be able to sing again
Cole McLean Dishonorable in my opinion, that's just me though
Giovanni Edwards Somebody PLEASE slap some sense into this man. LOL
Kevain Vermeulen How about you leave the dead to our memory?
Brian Hanfield I’d rather he hire a few musicians that can play Pantera note perfect & hit the road playing all the hits..could even call themselves ‘Panphila’
Nick Hale As interesting as a hologram would be of Dimebag, it’s real in the sense that we get to see him again, but it’s also ARTIFICIAL. I don’t feel Pantera fans want to see him as a hologram; they want to see the real Dimebag, alive and well.
Rex S. Castro If phil will prefer to get a new drummerfor the show instead of vinnie,and a dimebag hologram,then its not a pantera reunion show,its just Phil And Rex Show
Manan Dedhia Please don't do it. For the love of music, don't do it.
Andrew Manley Dime has been gone for over 10 years. He would be spinning in his grave if he knew they were even considering this!
Nika Shikhlinskaya oh please no. leave that poor soul alone. i'd give everything to see Pantera live , but not with the hologram.
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No Slayer, no Children Of Bodom.

Umer Hamid No Slayer no 90% of metal bands.
Tor Brian Surdal Erlend detta må du au syns om slayar nå! ellars e du ikje tru alexi fan 😉😂
Dave Cooper Love children of bodom Can’t stand slayer
Dave Elson I wouldnt blame slayer entirely
Ryan Labrador This is the same mag that had mcr on the cover.their opinion is invalid
Clif Hensley Two of my top 5 bands!
Brian Jump Oh, darn
Jaime Molina Me hiciste acordar, cuándo estudié en ese colegio.
Luana Scherer Filipe.
Dan Yeoman Aimee Coppola
Brian Champion Manuel Contreras
Félix Clément Julien De Carufel
Brett Both Jordan Eggers 🤦🏻‍♂️
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What is the best Slayer song?

Valerii Vadimov Enter Sandman
Abdulrahman Al-Qurashi am i the only one who loves seasons in the abyss the best
Aaron Thomas Angel Of Death. Really no further discussion needed. If you were going to explain Slayer to the unindoctrinated, this would be the song. Perfect encapsulation of all elements.
Narek Avedyan The entire Reign In Blood album.
Erich Biermann The hair on my neck stand up with the live version of Dead Skin Mask (On Decade of Aggression). This is insane. And it's Jeffs Masterpiece. ❤️👏
Matt Robinson Hangar 18 from the album "fear of the dark". Scott Ian's drums on that track are brutal, especially at the 9 minute mark!!!
Austin Mroczka Disciple!!!! The anger and intensity is off the charts. Or seasons in the abyss that's what go me started on slayer.
Rob Gervais Raining Blood Angel of Death Disciple South of Heaven Repentless (I liked it 🤷🏻‍♂️)
Joseph Clark Dead Skin mask, South of Heaven, and Raining Blood
Daniel Badajos There's a lot that I love. South of Heaven gives me chills everytime I listen to it. So does Spill the Blood. Angel of Death and Criminally Insane are other favorites. Disciple is the epitome of Slayer but I have to say God Send Death is my all time favorite. Oh and bitter Peace's intro is also killer but not my favorite.
Coy Lewis The opening to Raining Blood is absolutely awesome. But then it turns to complete thrash and I don’t like the rest nor anything else they’ve done.
Taran Schmidt Can't really pick a favorite but Jihad was always a cool song to me. Too many great full albums, let alone great songs. They'll be missed
Daniel Martin Wilby Too many to choose, but if I were to choose a song that wasn't one of their 'hits', it would be Hallowed Point.
Zach Caywood I love so many.but the first song I ever heard..first slayer riff..south of heaven. A timeless riff for me
Sergio Llerena Caballero Hard to say... maybe Postmortem, or Angel of Death, or Born of Fire or Dittohead or Black Magic or South of Heaven or.... well....
Corey Robinson I like slayers music it jams hard as fuck bit their lyrics don't fit me at all. I'd like to have the reign in blood album without vocals. Lol just my opinion. No reason to fill my replys with hate
Drew Otteson The Antichrist has always been a favorite of mine. I also love Show No Mercy, Mandatory Suicide, Altar of Sacrifice, At Dawn They am I supposed to pick just one?
Jason Lee Turner Angel of death - the whole of reign in blood was amazing but that song was and still is utterly amazing
Dean Philip Kirkman Its controversial perhaps but Divine Intervention. Sounds like a steel whirlwind of flensed carcasses and screaming souls. Though it fights for my attention with Silent Scream, Killing Fields, Warzone and a host of others.
Darren Balmer Seasons in the Abyss.That song has everything cool about Slayer.🤘🤘
Brian Wiggins You can't fucking answer this question! All their shit is amazeballs with perhaps the exception of Diabolus. And even that album wasn't completely horrible. Die by the sword is one fav though...
Noelí Lopardo Show no mercy (THAT INTRO), criminally insane, raining blood, reborn, hell awaits, black magic... ALL OLD SCHOOL SLAYER SONGS. 🔥
Andrew Matthews Angel of Death, Reign in Blood, Necrophiliac, New Faith, Mandatory Suicide, Spill the Blood, Seasons in the Abyss.....the list could go on, and we could all argue about it, lets just enjoy what time is left with them!
Michael J. DeModna That's tough. Seasons in the Abyss is my personal favorite album of theirs though. I thought some of their later works were underrated in areas. World Painted Blood I felt was great. Psychopathy Red is a perfect slayer song. But that's tough. Even at their worst, worse slayer is better than most shit out there so yea.
Robert Hegner Hell Awaits. First Slayer album I ever bought, got it from a badass dude at Tower Records here in San Diego. He sold it to me even though I was only 12. Went home, put the record on the player, put on my headphones and had my mind blown.
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We’ll miss you, but this suicide is mandatory.

Rob Barnard I completely agree. Being a Slayer fan for thirty plus years, I knew this time would come and I welcome it, with sadness. Go out on top, in fine form, leaving memories of a triumphant last trek for your fans. This music takes its toll on the human body and these guys need time enjoys the fruits of 35 years of domination. So thank you Slayer for the decades of destruction and we will always have the memories and music!!!
Andrew Lytle You either die a hero, or live long enough to become Phil Anselmo
Malicia Dabrowicz I dont agree with the article. You can be old and still rock and theres a place on the stage for everyone. Because otherwise we retreat to the stereotype of music is for the young. This is ageism by all means. No suicide or break up is mandatory. I dont like Slayer but telling any band that their time us due is a shit attitude.
Saket Chaturvedi Black Sabbath, Motorhead and now Slayer, I fear it's only a matter of time when this comes from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.
Daniel Compo Without Jeff and Dave it just wasn't the same
Ricky Ontario Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax need to join them.
Ryan Hughes Without Tom, Slayer wud be run of the mill. Best metal voice of all time. Evrybody knows. I'd listen to him if he narrated cartoons. Tom's the man. Metal will suffer, but eventually prevail once again
Dominick Scioli None of the big 4 have the umph that MAIDEN has and always had . Aside from the fact that I.M. has and probably will continue to outlive them all ! I understand that more brutal music has unfortunate effects on the body. But have you all seen Maiden? Great show every night !
Matthew Pinedo FINALLY! It’s been time, especially after the passing of Jeff Hanneman. No Jeff, No Dave, it’s really only half of the original band anyway. I think they should have called it quits after “God Hates Us All”. The appropriately titled album for the day of its release... 9/11/01 Never forget. 🤘🏻
Justin Miller Should Lemmy have hung it up? He lived it to the end. Should Ozzy never tour again? If anyone needs to hang it up, it’s KISS. Slayer is literally half the band it used to be but if they tour, fans will show.
Michael J. DeModna Good article but the one thing I disagree with is the shock that slayer would be the first of the big 4 to go. Speaking in nerdy stalking terms, slayer would absolutely be the first to go. Let's do a run through: Metallica just finished a stadium tour, their latest album has sold millions and health pending there's no end in sight. Anthrax seems to be as hungry as ever with worship music and for all kings doing really well(some fans venture out to say it's their best work yet) and health pending, no end in sight. Megadeth just won a Grammy For dystopia and mustaine recently via twitter said megadeth has two more albums left in them. Based off of touring cycles and how long it takes to make an album and of course health pending we can expect at least another 5-6 years of Megadeth. Lastly slayer. Jeff died. Lombardo left due to business conflict. Tom had neck surgery and could no longer headbang(one of slayers biggest stage visuals is tom banging his mop). But more importantly, tom has been opened for year in interviews about being on the fence about how much longer he wants to continue. That in itself has had me waiting for this sooner than later. So as a slayer fan, I'm sad that they're gonna call it a day soon. Besides losing an awesome band it's also proof we're all getting old lol hopefully we get one more album but I in conclusion for quite a few years now if I was a betting man I would've said slayer would've been the first to go
Phillip Rooney Love Slayer but after seeing too many other bands who didn't know when to quit and suffered for it i think the blaze of glory exit is sadly perfect for these guys.. thanx for all those years and see u on the tour! 😈
Gareth Smale It's there choice. Dosent stop them doing other projects in the future. Dosent stop them getting back together every now and then. Slayer is brutal . Always will be. But they are still only human. Got to respect there choice.
Tony Burke They're doing the right thing.Tom looks like he'd rather spend time with his family these days,and who can blame him? Gary Holt can also return full time to Exodus.
Bill Schneider The only other option is to get Joan Rivers type facelifts and put out one horrible album after another singing about how you're never gonna stop and you're gonna rock till you drop or how you're going to rock until the lighting strikes again or how you're born to rock and roll and you're here to stay or..... God somebody please stop Ozzy
Aaron Thomas It is time. Jeff is gone, (but I fully love Gary Fuckin' Holt), no Dave, Tom has been ready for a number of years now (allegedly). 35 years of ZERO compromise. If y'all don't have either of the DX Ferris Slayer books, you should get both of them. Today. And go buy a couple copies of Reign In Blood as well.
Jonathan Berthold Agreed. Slayer hasn’t released anything noteworthy since Seasons. They’ve also lost their personality without Jeff and Dave.
Sykes Lyndon Time march's on,the next lot of up n comers will take their place n the cycle repeats,....thanks for the years of uncompromising blisteringly heavy music..... .FUCKIN SLAYEEERRRRR...... 🤘🤘🤘🍻
Alexander Wronski Couldn’t agree with that writer more . They were on fire at Download last year , it was like the real Slayer turned up after a disappointing show at Bloodstock . I wanna remember the Slayer that I lost my hat, keys and phone to in the pit and crowd surfing , not middle aged men slowing down, looking tired and not knowing when to hang it up .
Brian Wray Gary Holt is a metal thrashing madman however he isn't Hanneman i love Slayer but i think its time Jeff dying really hurt them im sure it just wasn't the same
Dom Obertein why are they saying one last world tour like they are breaking up? the way im seeing it is one last WORLD TOUR, not "were breaking up, we wont even do U.S. tours or albums" its like Ozzy, he said no more world tours, but not smaller tours and might still record
Christian Rowley Patrick I know you’ve seen them before but I haven’t. We must see them on this last tour before they retire.
Dražen Ivanda Never thought that Slayer and emotions would co-exist in the same sentence but damn..I do feel kinda sad, in my case last 20yrs, guess it was the most beautiful hell one could imagine..
Andy Bass Good luck to them. The last Brixton and Bloodstock shows were great. One of the all time great bands, I hope they go out on high and can they can look back on a magnificent career. The have nothing to prove to anyone anymore
Kendall Deleon If theyve had enough or want to continue causing chaos in another form, either way im with em slayer has been the best experience musically ive ever had and nothing beats your first. Best wishes guys where ever your journey goes next. \M/
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Sad news from Slayer.

Safwan Hossain Slayer died when Jeff died and Dave left.
Michael Cruz The tour line up should be Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Kreator etc. One big ass 80's-90's line-up and the bands should play only old school songs from when they first started.
Kris Darke Here come all the "Slayer died when..." comments
Anthony Di Natale This is sad news, but I hope they go out in style with Anthrax, LOG, Testament and Behemoth like has been rumoured. Slayer will go down in history as one the most influential metal bands of all time.
Krystal Carroll All good things come to an end. 🙁 It was an amazing run though! I'm sure side projects will emerge, but let these guys enjoy their families and lives now!
Robert Big-z Zuidervaart Don't believe the all the hipe. How many farewell tours l seen and they have 5-6 more. How many did The Who, The Stones, Aerosmith, Judas Priest last year, have. It just a way to sale more tickets! They will be back again forsure
Morten Rahm slayer was finished when hanneman passed away and lombardo got booted without them the crazyness of the band was gone
Joshua Jones Bummer, I never saw them play anything off Divine Intervention live. I loved playing that album for a workout on the drums.
Joe Wasikowski Loved even kerry king told an interviewer that kirk hammett was a bad guitar player back in 1995 but really what kirk response should have been is, I've learned everything from you. Meaning he learned from kerry king. Cuz you know wacking off on a tremolo bar isn't soloing.
Stavros Kesedakis Thank you Slayer...for the music ,the spirit.Thank you for being there through your amazing music when I was down , for the extra adrenaline rush when I needed some push but most of all thank you for never letting me down ...with your live concerts and your albums.....ill be there to see you leaving in style ,in greatness. Once a slayer fan always a Slayer fan......
Miguel Juarez Muy malas noticias saber que Slayer ya tiran la toalla. Para mi fueron los mas fieles al trash del big 4, pero si ya no tienen mas que ofrecer a sus fans que se puede hacer. Ellos ya labraron su nombre con letras de fuego, desde que murió Jeff pues si, como que de ahí vino la debacle para la banda. Yo siento que todavía pueden seguir dando cátedra a la gente, pero si ya sienten que no pueden más ni modo. También hay que entender que no son eternos y algún día iba a pasar esto, así como algún día lo harán metallica, megadeth y anthrax, los otros jinetes del apocalipsis de los 80s.
Bill Addison Fair enough. They should have called it a day years ago. I love Slayer, but after Jeff died, it was pretty obvious nobody's heart was in it anymore. Besides, they're Slayer. They have absolutely nothing left to prove to anyone at this point. Let them enjoy their retirements with their families, and God bless.
Patrick Shaw I'm so glad I got to see them twice with both Dave and Jeff still in the band. Slayer may be calling it quits, but their music will live on forever. My unborn children will listen to Slayer 🤘
Victor Nero What a lineup! Sad to see them go, but it’s very hard to do thrash for almost 4 decades, both musically and physically. Incredible career, cultivating the most rabid fanbase outside of Pantera and dropping at least 4 classic albums. One of the greatest live bands of all time also.
John Cummins Martin Hargreaves Simon Lawrence one to watch out for! Lamb of God and Anthrax supporting on the American side of things...would be awesome if they brought them over.
Daniel Oates First show I ever went to was Clash of the Titans with Slayer headlining in 1990. I was 12. Now 40 but I’ll be there losing my shit to say a fond farewell. If they could bring Lamb of God and Testament on the UK run that’d be awesome. 😜🤟🏼
David Mills Thank you for the music pissing off my parents and my neighbours in my early teens all good things come to an end nothing lasts forever but it was good while it lasted
David Warren Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament... Oh evil gods of metal *please* bring that lineup to the UK!! 🤘 I would be there, like a shot!!
Mark Phillips It's about time. Slayer isn't the same without Jeff Hanneman. He wrote 90% of their greatest songs. Tom wanted out when he died and Kerry wanted to keep milking it.
Emanuel Synodinos bands evolve, shit happens, move on ... dave is not coming back but i will be there for one more round in the mosh pit for Die by the Sword
Gordon Wood Never really got into Slayer,thought they were very overrated.. But definitely a good run & well deserve retirement, well done 🙂
Michael Atwell Thank you for never bending to the whims of the industry. You are the best metal band in the world, you are what it means to unwaver. Thanks for all the Music!
Juan Alberto Vasquez No surprise here...great band & great run & great albums...all good things come to an end eventually,just like life itself.
Scott Wwfc Chappell About time,they should of shut up shop when Jeff Pease away,very Holt is ok but he isn't Jeff,they lost the edge without Jeff so this is long over due plus the way they treated dave was despicable,not pay income of there band members even though he smashed those drums every I say about time
Ned Apostolov Look that makes sense. You just can’t play 140-160bmp tempo songs for ever. Got to see them on their album tour two years ago. Great show, yet u could hear Kerry falling behind just a bit every now and again. Always been a Slayer fan, always will be!!!
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“I’m going to wipe the floor with this guy."

Raj Savi I heard Slayer just quit. Why can’t that happen to this band?
Mark Bauman Gee I wonder if the new frontman is Tobias Forge ? Such a dumb , worn out gimmick .
Kevin Rochelle this band is like pro wrestling, ugh
Daniel Furtado Who likes this terrible Band?
Andrew Manley This can only mean one thing: new Ghost album in the works!
Devon Sterling it's papa iv not papa zero. papa zero isn't the new papa he's just an introductory character
Jimmy Edwards End of the day, its still the same guy
Andy Daley I got a feeling this won't be papa zero in the video. Papa zero sounded much different when he spoke at his live show in Sweden. I think ghost have a few tricks up their sleeve. Now papas true identity isn't as much of a mystery compare to a few years ago. This is just a new way to keep the speculation growing
Preston Fox Take away Tobias’s ego, and you have a heavier blue oyster cult. I enjoy all of it.
Stacie Kenny Papa IV, not Papa your research before publishing an article.
Rasmus Forsström Papa Zero is not the New Papa
Beau Von Arx #NotMyPapa
Margaret Buckingham Love the music,yet now that the mystery has gone,don't feel the same about the band
Melanie Hay It wasn't a tease of Papa Zero, it was a tease for Papa IV. Papa Zero was just there to usher in the reign of Papa IV.
Richard Stevens
Santiago Lopez II
Wayne O'hanlon If that was the same Papa Zero that came on stage, what miracle anti aging stuff is he using, he sounds around 20 years younger, and he doesn't seem so frail 😉
Huw Jenkins Papa is dead, long live Papa!
Joe Lees You mean papa 4?
Kyle Watts It’s papa 4.
Shaun Bumgardner
Robert Arenz Not a fan
Travis William Randle SMH
Magnus Drange I think it is IV
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Machine Head's frontman goes deep into Catharsis!

Patrick Kelly Robb Flynn's solo album and St. Anger. I'm sick to death of listening to Rob Flynn talk like he's some sort of shaman or deep philosopher when actually he's just so full of himself.
Dave James Wright I’m looking forward to giving the album a chance. I’ve seen a lot of people moaning and complaining about their latest work. As awesome as the blackening was and other material why do people expect a repeat of previous work, different sounds and new ideas keeps things fresh and progressive. Open up to it or keep scrolling. Trolling the posts isn’t going to prevent it from being release so stop crying about it. “Yawn”
Peter Brück „Deep“ like in 2 sentences per song deep? 🙄
Chris Culligan I'm open to giving this album a chance. If it does turn out to be the worst thing they've ever made then all it means is they tried something new and failed. Not the end of the world and definitely not he end of the band. They're still amazing live and have a brilliant back catalogue.
Lee Crabtree Can sum it up in one word...shite!!!!
Osman Özkara Can't wait to hear the rest of the album
Ben Collins
Goossens Wesley
Neal Crabtree Imagine that..... More Machine Head topics 😴
Daniel Compo
Ben Collins
Robert Walsh Kife
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The biggest stories of last week!

Clint Pannell Vicki Polaine Them dido drums, did you see them?