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But Opeth vocalist and guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt says he still loves Yngwie's guitar playing

There’s nothing wrong with Yngwie’s music, as long as you don’t mind hearing the same guitar solo in damn near every song 😆
It's music for other guitarists. Most prog is.
One of, if not the best guitarist in Rock/Metal. Yet, his music is mostly subpar at best.
Well, everything after ghost reveries has been a total flop... so.. yea. I guess it takes ‘pretty shit albums’ to know pretty shit albums.
Must have an album coming out soon.
But Opeth's last 3 album's have also been Shit..... Sooooooooo.........
Same can be said about Opeth 😏
But he has nothing on his playing though... plus he's not exactly the best to start talking shit about guitar playing or even song in general
He’s one to talk.
Matt Oakley Byron Cashion haha
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Ten cars owned by the Metallica frontman will go on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles in 2020

Stopped riding bikes for his health. Stopped drinking. Stopped swearing. Started the "Metallica Family". Stopped writing good songs. Started being old and boring. Stopped being interesting.
I have a Museum?
He probably had no place to put them in Vail, Colorado. Lol. I was just there by Aspen, talk about tiny little mountain town! It’s like a retirement community for red necks!
If it wasn’t for Napster, he could have donated 20 cars 😔
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We caught up with Grand Magus at this year's Bloodstock Open Air to try some of Descended From Odin's brand new mead... turns out these Vikings aren't even a fan of the honey wine!

Grand Magus are the greatest contemporary metal band. Skol! #GrandMagusWolves
Rob Service worth checking out
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Killswitch Engage release video for their track The Signal Fire featuring their former frontman Howard Jones

Love this album... here's why:
I cried a manly tears xd
Great record! Happy to add it to the collection. Some of the tracks on this one are KsE’s THRASHIEST
Totally badass!! Another amazing album!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Best Album I think they have ever done!
Great track.
Amazing record one my favourite of this year so far 🤘🏻🔥😎
Awesome album!
Love this 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
Amazing 🤘❤
Love this! 🥰
Best track on the record
Ryan Pickert
Jake Wallis🤘
Bloody fantastic 🤘
Really strong album. People who hate on this band just don't know how to have fun
Playback 1.25x, you're welcome.🤘
Karl Hammond
Sick album but think they were better with Howard
Song rules. Video rules. Album rules.
KSE at their best 👌🤘
Just wish they’d get Howard back. Keep them both.
Lillie Oliver
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Roadburn has two curators for next year's festival and it promises to be a deliciously dark mix of dynamic music and art

Juliana Rocha
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Mongolian sensations The Hu also release a 'Hello America' video ahead of US dates

i will be seeing them this october when they open for Babymetal in portland oregon!
RIP Nature 🤘
Ashleigh La Roche 🙌🙌🙌
Stephen Cilliers
Ehren Essler
Lewis Tilson
Nicki Gardepe
Amy van Dijk Sjors van der Linden
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Maiden mascot Eddie in his Fear Of The Dark and Somewhere In Time guises to launch later this year

Ben Nancarrow
David Neumann 🤗🍾
Ricky Colebrook
Jess Houghton
Julie Fielding
Ken Kauno
Real question is when are the Eddie Funko Pops being released?
lol I comment on this page like 3 times a year and I just received a super fan badge! 😂 That’s BS!! lol
Only iron maiden and slayer can do this and not be called sell outs hahahah
Nebu Aguirre sobres we, de colección
Hell yeah !!! 🤘🤘
Steve Lloyd have a look 👀 xx
Hell yeah!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
José Macias Fidel Macias remember this guy, prímos?
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Its weird wishing happy birthday to dead people, it's not happy for them, they are dead. Commemorations are acceptable.
Saying Happy Birthday to dead people is like posting Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook when your mum doesn’t use it.
One of my "rock/metal stars you'd love to have had a beer with"! RIP Dimebag
Hope DIME and VINNIE are rocking out today at the great Metal Fest In The Sky. Both left us far too soon.
Did anyone else fist numb their screen? Lol. RIP Dime, the heavy metal world isn't the same without you.
Originally a metal hammer pic. 🤘🏼 🖤
I still can’t believe it’s been 15 years.
The greatest metal guitarist of all time! Happy birthday DD! 🤘🤘🤘
Thinking of you on your birthday. Probably still getting up to mischief somewhere in the ether 😝
Hbd deedlebag doodle
Happy B Day Dime... Always Alive.
We share the same birthday! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Its my Birthday too..daaaamn i didn't know that i was born in the same day that Darrell 😱...but i'm a Drummer xD
Y justo ayer hablábamos de el Carlos
Your a little late don't you think
My alltime favorite
Chingón Dimebag 👏🏽👏🏽
RIP idol.. I name one of my son Darrell.. Again tnx to the music
Not gone, just on a Psycho Holiday.
Hbd dime (RIP)
The Legend Dimebag!!
Yo sólo vine a presumir mi insignia
The dates are fucking with me so bad lol
I thought he was dead 🤔
Rock and roll forever!!!!
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"It was the most laboured song on the record because of its origins, but we found a good chorus and it became the song it is now."

Love that song so much, my fave! <3 🤘
Great song but its no Anastasia
I love you forever
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Here are Rammstein's 10 greatest videos which you probably shouldn't watch at work. Unless you work somewhere really weird...

no thanks 😀
U forgot the best 1 of all amerika
I woulda said Keine Lust #2 right after Mein Teil and Keine Lust didn't even make the list
Marco van der Horst
Amerika and Keine Lust? Atleast as honourable mentions?
Pump it up in the office Ben North
Wtf? Deutschland über allen!!
Anouk Bémol dat kann s de der gäere ginn 😉
we watched these 5-15 years ago