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Ne Obliviscaris are heading back out on the road!

Freddy Reeves Oh good. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, this should help.
Odin Wongraven Eww.
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"Back by popular demand, KillThrax is coming at ya again my friends.” Scott Ian.

Robert Lascar Ugh... saw them once and Joey Belladonna was awful. Killswitch saved the show. Anthrax needs John Bush back.
Mike Meslar Anthrax should headline Seattle this time, so many great albums/songs. They need more time to play it all
Dave Henchen Great how all the overly expensive vip tickets have only to do with KSE. Thanks.
Adam Russell Anthrax should headline this entire tour.
Brett Chilcoat Tom Murray we might have another shot to see Anthrax. I mean Rochester or Boston wouldn't be too bad
Anthony Chait Where's the dates and cities?
Josh Watts And Vancouver, BC continues to get the shaft on decent tours...
Robert Price See y'all in RVA on 1/28/17! Can't freaking wait!
Erik Schiavo Let's not be fooled here kids, HAVOK is out to crush!! Get there early!!!
Gerardo Daniel Martinez Cruz So is Anthrax headlining or is it Killswitch Engage?
Steven Hart Bought tix for me and my son to see them in Indy.
Andrew Dolan UK tour with this lineup, anyone?
Mark Mars I seen them in April in Detroit good show like to see them again
Steffan Aled Evans Again Metal Hammer is behind. This was announced yesterday.
Nikki DiNardo When the hell do tickets go on sale? I thought presale was today but it's just VIP?
Ryan Young No Ohio date so sad see us next trip
Flyan Rach no Vancouver or Seattle or Portland AGAIN!!
Luke Jeffery Sam Green would be sick
Jeff Axman No HOJO no G..YO 😂
Matt Deba Killswitch engage sucks
Eloy Brito Who the fuck would demand that
Dacin Rodney no Ohio dates boooo!
Kari Dawn Kelly Liane
William Yuenger Brad Rotz Joe Rotz
Jessica Pruitt Allyn R Bricco
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On this day in 2000, Zack quit Rage Against The Machine.

Jack Toresen Because he wouldn't do what they told him
Steven Schwartz Jr. On the bright side we got to witness Audioslave 🤘
Randy Nation Capitalism sucks, until you sell a million records. Then capitalism is great and you want a bigger cut because you’re the frontman. What a piece of socialist shit. Socialist hate money until they make a bunch of it.
Naklov Madak I personaly prefer Prophets of Rage line up instead, Zack era was too much Mexico vibed and some lyrics or stories I couldnt releate much, now its more globaly touched... but both lineups are legendary and also we had Audioslave experience between...
Richard Hutchinson What a bogus headline! The article gives no answer to the question.
John-Joe Syrett He’s on the moon with the rest of the illuminati mate, I’m telling ya
Matt Heath Cause Zach is a poseur, and will fight for any cause as long as the money is right
Ethan Nash They'll get back together soon, with Trump in office.
Rich Harvey I read the whole story and still have no idea.
Glenn Cunningham Why do pages repeat old articles? This one is a year old.
Luuk Van Hilst On this day in 2000 someone made a good decision. Fuck that band.
Rob Richards Just when we needed them most, they split.
Michael VanAllen How the fuck anyone can classify them as beyond me.
Davejay Stewart ...mind when they got on tour tho? T in the Park 2008 WHAT a fucking gig! Yes... before the RATM #1 for Xmas shite.
Brad Sinsel Colin Kapernick of Metal????
Lou Kan Good RATM made dumb music anyway!
Jeff Brown A band of socialists
Nick Carrelli It's a mother fuckin bomb track !!
Darren Hoare
Joshua Mallory form up inside out again.
Mickey Callens A great day
Mary Ann Topacio
Marshall Brown Thank God. 😖
Hilario Ollarce Nunca debería haberlo hecho
Kevin Morrison
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Cannibal Corpse aren't messing about!

Morten Egeby-Lindgaard Jatlas Topp Thomas Petersen Tjek lige deres nye nummer drengene! George Fisher er tilbage i topform! 😃😃😃
Andrew Manley
Julian Penev
Mary Ann Topacio
Nicholas Pierson Max Power old bags still rage
Kronic Sammy Kronic Urge
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How many members does a band have to lose before you stop taking them seriously as that band? If no original members are left, should they change their name, or if you've served long enough along the way do you have a right to keep the legacy going?

Let us know your thoughts and you could feature in a future issue.

James Marlow It depends on how much original material the members release, if you're still touring on albums made more than 10 years ago then congratulations, you are your own tribute band.
Tom Reed Lets not make the assumption that the original lineup of a band is always the best. Many bands go through a few lineup changes before they really hit their stride. Look at Iron Maiden, their only "original" member is Steve Harris.
Chris Purkey I think it follows the line of how many original founding members are left, or if one member is essential to the band's sound or image. If Angus Young left AC/DC I'm pretty sure we'd all stop caring about new music from them, although I'm of the opinion that after Brian left the band died. For instance, no one cares how many original members are present in Nine Inch Nails as long as Trent Reznor is present.
Stuart Dawson It's always harder if a front man leaves a group. Take Sepultura.. I could never get into them after Max left. But Machine Head I still love even Though robs the only original member left.
Edmund Pollard As soon as a 3 piece loses a member I’m out, usually because each member is as prominent as the other. But take a band like Slipknot, each member gets a different amount of limelight to the other. If Craig was too leave I wouldn’t even think about stopping listening, Corey would be a different story. It’s also worth considering how much the line up changes, if it’s a frequent thing then it’s clearly the name that’s carrying the music. Where as a solid big line up like Rammstein losing a member would be a different story since they’ve been together for like 20 years. There’s also the writers situation, Oasis couldn’t continue without Noel because he wrote every single song!
Stephanie Pera Many bands have a distinctive sound, be it the singer, the guitarist(s), or the rhythm section. Once one of those elements are gone, and not replaced someone equal or better, then maybe a band should retire. Could you imagine StoneSour or Slipknot without Corey Taylor, Disturbed without David Draiman, or Halestorm without Lzzy?
Samuel Wykes as far as I'm concerned its dependent on the quality of music being made by that iteration of a band. Dio era Black Sabbath is still awesome Black Sabbath whereas some other bands get new members and create awful albums which don't do justice to the original iterations of the band
Shelley Bowers I get really frustrated when bands tour after a crucial member has left or died. Skid Row touring without Sebastian Bach, Warrant without Jani Lane, Pentagram without Bobby Liebling? Just retire already!
Bob Staffa A band name is the identity of the corporation, it’s their brand and the music they put out is their product. That being said, sometimes it works and sometimes not, it’s up to you as the consumer to decide and support it with your money or not.
Mark Taylor If the members have been there for a significant period of time and the output is still good quality it doesn’t matter if someone is an original member . Stratovarius haven’t had an original member since mid 90s Napalm death are another who haven’t had an original member since mid 80s .
Scott Downey I think it’s difficult once an established lead has gone, but not impossible. Ie: AC/DC, Iron Maiden. However it does depend on the dynamics and creativity of the remaining members.
Michael Booth Suppose an original lineup loses it's drummer. New drummer comes in with founding members. Is he a part of the band now? They go on to make more music and through the course of time, you lose the vocalist, the guitar player and the bass player. What is the drummer supposed to do now? He was there with the original members and became part of the band and stayed. Now that everybody else decided to leave, should he have to quit because all the other founding members left? He helped write, record and tour for that band under that name. He helped to grow that product. The easy answer for everybody that's not in this situation is yes, retire the name. But it has been his livelihood for a long time and he contributed to it. Is he just screwed?
Quimey De Angelis Depends on the member and the band. Lemmy was the only original member left from Motorhead. But on the other hand without Lemmy there was no band possible. Metallica lost a great member and they kept going. Depends on many factors
Lisanne Bond Where KISS is concerned, half. You can definitely tell the difference between the original 4 and the half & half they have now. On the flipside, WASP is the same. When I worked for the Metal Review and spoke to an ex-member, they're referred to as "Blackie Lawless & the Muppets".
Jeff Walsh It depends on the band. The current Quiet Riot with no originals left and only the drummer from when they were big is a joke. Imo, you have to retain a major member the public knows or the major songwriters that did the work to stay legit. This is why a band like Lillian Axe is totally legit just by retaining Steve Blaze... but why I feel a band like Warrant is not legit without Jani Lane (who was both the frontman and wrote everything that mattered that made them big). KISS as long as it retains Paul or Gene (and especially both) remains legit. Accept has the bassist and guitarist/primary songwriter... totally legit.
Ethan Kelly As long as the main songwriters remain I don't think it's a massive issue, it's when members leave and the sound changes that is the major problem. So for example Ozzy left Black Sabbath and yet the core Iommi/Butler partnership remained which was only augmented by the likes of Dio and Tony Martin. Whereas with G'n'R all you had was Axl and so Chinese Democracy sounded nothing like G'n'R should
Pat Souza It really depends on the bands dynamics. There are some bands that change singers and are never the same. And some that can pull it off well. A lineup can change and still be a great band. I will use Y&T as my example. Without Dave Meniketti leading it, it would never be Y&T for me. Although, band members have changed throughout the years. Right now, they still put on a great show live and have some very solid and strong musicians. And in Daves defense. He is the only one left alive of the original lineup. 🙁
Nick Girvin It depends on when the band got big. Take Quiet Riot for example, everyone says that Frankie Banali is the “only original member”, but actually, he’s the only original member since Metal Health (when they got big). There was a different drummer on the previous 2 Records (Quiet Riot, and Quiet Riot II), which means there’s technically no original members left. The other question is though, even though there’s an original member, do most people still really take them seriously? Nah. So what it depends on is how much of an impact the albums with the newer guys had on the band. Even though there’s still one (not really) original guy, they haven’t put anything that worthwhile out since QRIII, in my opinion.
David Heaton There are no original members of Napalm Death in the band and hasn't been for many years. The only original member of Deep Purple is drummer Ian Paice. Only Angus remains from the classic line ups of AC/DC. As long as there is a linear connection to the original line up and as long as they keep making music and being "relevant" ( a horrible word when talking about music, but for lack of a better term, I'll stick with it) then I don't see a problem.
Vikas Kumar Mobarsa There are bands like Linkin Park who haven't had any lineup change at all. Then there are bands like Breaking Benjamin and Black Veil Brides who had to completely dissolve and start afresh. And in both the cases people take them seriously, at least I do. Hence, according to me, lineup changes shouldn't matter as long as the band sticks to its roots or if the inclusion of new members takes the band into a direction that is good for them as well as the fans.
Kevin Emery Hard to say. Chimaira had pretty much no original members when they broke up and they were fucking brutal as shit on Crown of Phantoms. Same goes with The Faceless. Or The Michael Keene Experience Band, if you will. Some bands do lose that one key member or two and it's fuckin over. Looking at you, Profits Off Rage...
Kato Lopez I always from the beginning say once the vocalist that are the front man and the main door of the song is gone then I can not really think it can continue as what they were, as for musicians they can be replaced sometimes not as great as the original bit can carry the load, this is just my opinion. The name should be kept only if someone in the band continue the bands music not if there is not 1 original member.
Bronson Clark It honestly just depends on if the soul of the music remains when those members depart. I have to feel like the band is still having fun and continuing with the project because they want to make the best music they possibly can. Oftentimes, most people focus on the vocalist of a group as the primary lifeblood of the whole thing, and that is just wrong to me. A band is literally a group of people who work together for a common cause. So, when people complain that they can't listen to a group simply because the vocalist left, I get upset, because there are multiple parts to a band.
Chris Parker It's a weird situation. Opeth and napalm death are much loved bands. Is it possible to think of bands as their own living entity? The spirit of band maybe rather than the people who make up the band
Kevin Rochelle What matters is the writing. Anyone can generally play anybody else's part in the industry (exceptions obviously for technical geniuses, but in general its true). What cannot be replaced so easily is writing ability - Metallica being the glaring huge example of this when they lost Cliff. Sometimes it's not the loss of the guy's songs, but with a new member the chemistry changes and the songwriting takes a new (and not-so-good) direction. Think Van Halen, Dream Theater, etc. Singers tend to be the hardest to replace successfully because vocal tone is unique, unlike the other instruments.
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“To be honest, I think they should actually change the name, because it's such a huge, huge difference from the beginning."

Levi Everaerts Why are people so obsessed with bands having to change their name after a sound change? Why can’t we just accept that people don’t want to be stuck doing the same thing for very long? Why can’t we just live with the fact that musical progression is a thing?
Connor Lowe I disagree. A band’s name doesn’t represent their sound. I think people should learn to accept the fact that the music is what matters weather they like it or not.
Lester Rojas I have huge respect for Jesper and his music and as a former and also founder of in flames he is in title of his opinion but even when the music is extremely different you can most definitely hear in flames under the layers of battle I wasn't to sure when I heard the sirens charm but battles opened a door for me to understand that flames is been a part of my life and I know lots of haters don't like their new stuff but hey if that's the case let's change the name of every band out there.. entombed,six feet under,morbid death metal puritans get over it and if you don't like the new in flames find something else to listen..I'm sorry I have too much time today in my hands...disagree sorry man
Justin Voyce Well, they built a brand with that name and it's a recognizable name. It's not so easy to just change the name. And if Jesper isn't in the band, what vested interest does he have in the name?
Dain Swenson Listen to the albums Killers and Somewhere in Time. Same band, same decade, radically different sound. Bands evolve, and their old fans either enjoy it or they don't.
Jimmy Windle Sour grapes that the band he left and shit talked is doing better than anything he's worked on since he left. I respect Peter Iwers and he's the only reason I'll listen to that new project with he and Jesper.
Robert U Covello Eyeroll. Nearly every bands sound changes the longer they go. Honestly as much as i love say Slayer they still sound exactly the same as 30 years ago. Id rather a band evolve and try new things.
Kapitán Vonťo Stop talking and start working Jesper. Did you hear your new band? In Flames are first class. Cyhra is only fake with unbearable vocal. In flames are even harder, more melodic and better composers. Once you praise them, and than you upset again. They are still them! I've been a fan of them for many years and I still hear them in new music. There are things that change but do not get lost.Like your moods.
Tom Govier Sure, maybe Metallica should've released ST Anger under a different name, then gone back to it after? Maybe Machine Head should change theirs, 7 minute operas compared to their debut, and look at Supercharger! They should have 3 names! And Atreyu! Christ, they need a name an album!! In case you haven't noticed, this is sarcasm, because this idea is fucking stupid.
Nicholas Thieme Personally, I don't care for their latest shift in sound. I disagree that they should change their name however. He especially loses objectivity in this when he's trying to defend A Sense of Purpose, while claiming they should change names for their current sound. That album was such a boring album. It didn't sound bad, but it was an entire album of filler material. The whole thing sounded phoned in. That's the note he left the band on. Kind of makes you lose credibility when you're discussing what they should or shouldn't be doing now. At least current albums sound like they actually want to be playing them. Not like they're just there because it's their job.
Sani Može It would be easier and better that butthurt fans just accepted sound and style changes in a band... I like to see and hear how bands evolve through the years and try different sounds. In Flames are a perfect example. I like every single album.
Matthew Van Bullock I have very little input to offer in terms of musical genres. I became a fan of in flames at a later stage to most. Reroute to remain was my introduction to them. I've grown to love every album in one way or another. Sure, they aren't the same sound as they once had. But I personally don't think a change in direction warrants a change in name. And not long ago got an in flames tattoo which I'd kinda feel sour about if they continued under a different name 😢.
Adam Woods They're still killing It, albeit in a slightly different style. These sorts of comments are just ridiculous.
John Short Think he needs to get over himself. Most bands sounds change over time. The music evolves. If bands had to change their name every time their sound changed you would never be able to keep up.
Mike Morphett That's just silly. And besides, it's not like they suddenly sound like Jamiroquai - have a listen to that first guitar melody, and even the tone, in the opneing of "Save Me" off "Battles". Could easily be one of the melody lines from "Wayfaerer" on "The Jester Race". Still the same band. Still great.
Roderick Anders Hi everyone, I respect your opinions. I don't really like InFlames anymore....I was fan of them but, since Clayman they became American which I respect and I like but they sound really basic....They lost their touch......sorry for them......(I admire Paradise Lost.....).....Positive vibe for all you from Tijuana, Mexico.....You have a friend here....
Peter Warner With him on ASOP, it's a good album, the bashing it got was ridiculous. Not sure about the name change thing though, quite a few bands have changed their sound quite dramatically over the years, IF are hardly unique in that respect & they're still playing older stuff at their shows. I'm liking Cyhra, their first couple of singles are probably the catchiest metal songs I've ever heard, finding them pretty different to anything else around right now. Well looking forward to the album landing this Friday.
Joe Fanslau Nobody is forcing you to listen to their new stuff. They're free to make any style of music they choose.
Redouane Arfi Jesper formed with ex amaranthe's clean vocalist jake E, a new band. This band released their first official first clip lately. The song is better than the 3 or 4 last albums of in flames, dont remember, stopped with reroute to remains i guess haha. From one of the pioneer of melodic death metal, to a fucking pseudo korn shit. Now they sound aweful.
Erika Diaz I'm fan of In Flames old stuff cause I love melodic death metal, anyway if they feel comfortable with their new style is ok, I will keep listening the old stuff and I always will be open to listen their new stuff and if it likes me, I will take it
Marco Sanchez In Flames is In Flames no matter what changes they have been through whether their sound has changed, a band member is deceased it shouldn't matter. Keep the name simple as that accept change.
Bryan Sullivan I wonder if fans of the Beatles' pop albums were demanding that the band should change their name when they got to stuff like Sgt Pepper's and The White Album
Crystal Smeltz Are bands not allowed to evolve? I have more respect for musicians that aren't married to one single thing and always try to improve or try different things
Daniel Oates Wasn't saying that when he was in the band was he. He made a few albums that were a clear part of that shift in sound so don't understand his logic. 🤔
Andrew Fluker Why not? It works for SAVATAGE. When they are doing straight Heavy Metal they're SAVATAGE. Whent hey are doing classical orchestral music they're Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
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Let the former Pantera drummer improve your kit skills!

Harmonizer Singer "But most of the time it's about the singer and the melody... and we're carrying the whole thing along." That right there! Guitar players never understand this, they think it’s all about them.
Tim Hannaford Kyle Barr some controversial thoughts about playing to click tracks in here
Ivan Tubanovic I'd rather ask Fleshgod apocalypse's drummer
Brandon Bolton How many times are you using your bass drum? Cut that in half
Clif Hensley Vinnie is so clean with his drumming! His tunes just flow
Aaron Hollis Tip 1: Ask Chris Adler
Joey Clonts Well said!
Matt Balousek Tip 6. Play Chris Nail patterns
Jeremy Ryll Michael Elliott Archambault Vinnie is illllllllll
Χρήστος Μπιδέρης Vaggelis Palidis μάθε λίγο από μάστερ
Mark Knerem Justin Ricci read this
Rob Pugh Chris Ashton
Brandon W Patrick Cairns
Jack Mcsloy Jacob Mayes
Christian Hoecherl KeeShon Oldham
Santy Escudero José Javier Aranda García
Garrett Correll Darren Correll
Ervin D. de Silva Joeri van Zwam
Gábhán O'Brádáigh Vicki Brady
Mike Hill Ryan Hill
Carmine Nigro Giuseppe Nigro
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As much a part of Slayer's arsenal as Raining Blood, Disciple has become a fan-favourite over the past 16 years and incites vicious circle pits the world over.

Moth Len Kerry King always talks shit about Nü Metal and Limp Bizkit in particular, but I still remember seeing him playing with Pop Punk sensation Sum 41 back in the day. The funny thing is that I liked Sum 41, I was like 15 at the time, but it did bother me to see Kerry playing with that kind of band, just like Metallica playing with Lady Gaga right now.
Harrison Potta First time I heard this song and this album was after reading a book called the god delusion by Richard Dawkins... I played god hates us all in its entirety then went to bed. The next morning I woke to the news of Hannemans passing... Really made a deep impact on me!
Chris Clendennin funny thing is they dont mention it was released on 9/ of the songs has background effects of talking bout a plane hijacking !! google it...
Dave Wilkes First time I saw them live was the tour for that album opening for Pantera. I was like 12, definitely left an impression on me haha
CJ Bixby God hates us all is in my top Slayer albums
Jacob Mariani Wow a lot of people like God Hates us All... I'm suprised I thought that was a universally hated album. Lol
Liam McCormack This is the song that made me a life-long Slayer fan! Definitely one of their greatest tracks
Douglas Burrows Slayer are great. But I hate all this circle pit. I like to watch the stage.
Chris Henry God Hates Us All is probably my favorite Slayer album.
Pat Young They need to play killing fields.
Jay Taylor Disciple or Angel of Death got the biggest pit when I saw them 🤘
Chris Henry Also in case you didn't know GHUA released 9/11/2001
Matthew Jones First time I saw them live the intro played then the curtain dropped and they opened with Disciple and the crowd lost it I don't think I ever seen a bigger pit
Dave Elson The first slayer song i personally heard live oct 2000 birmingham uk....and i got one of jeffs plecs...
Michael Wynne Disciple's cool they should play other Bostaph stuff . ..
Pasquale Mattu one my favourite tracks <3
JP Macalinao Fave slayer song!
Arthur Wierenga Right in your face! Great lyrics.
Tommy Sullivan Disciple is awesome
Darryl Burmeister Those shorts though Kerri
Metal Mike Tyson THLAYER
Yog Kaiser Mars Nowadays Araya is Trump's disciple. Pendejo.
Jason Beamsley Amanda Beamsley
James Hunter William Gray
Dave Cooper Rav Kaler
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"The album needed one more song that would be a relentless and fast-paced counterpoint to some of the more epic compositions we already had."

Quinton R. Roquemore Impressive\\,,,//!
Aaron Sleepy Gary Samaniego Snoresville.
Keri Dorrington Scott
Korin Taboada Gggg😈😇😆
Warren George Clark Chris Smith
Josh Leek Jeremy Powers
Kronic Sammy Kronic Urge
Pau Saez Nebot Jose Luis Peinado Diaz
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What's going on with the new Trivium album? Matt and Paolo talk where it came from and why it's similar to Ascendancy and Shogun.

Pre-order here:

Metal Hammer
Metal Hammer Get the full story behind Trivium's new album in the new issue of Hammer!
Bill Adam Wait till you guys hear beyond oblivion.Shogun fan will surely dig it.
Andrew Kowalchuk I thought shogun was terrible but the songs released so far off the new album are great
Brian Lang Omg “The hate from your heart ” what a awesome song
Gareth Lee Shogun will always be the best sorry guys
Anthony Medhurst Went down hill when Matt took singing lessons.
Kyle Fabina The songs that have been released so far are simply amazing
Stephen Baiton Looking forward to the Calgary Show!!
Sean LeVine Justin so ready for this
Dillon Lynch Evan Birriel they are saying all the right things
Steve Nelson Lollll similar to shogun n ascendancy gimme what these guys are smoking Laura Bassal David Snuard Mike N
Marküs Sykes DEATH!
Roger Salloum Individual Thought Patterns ❤🤘
Zachary Gippe Joseph Gippe Matt is rocking the DEATH shirt \m/
Mirko Rhr Ascendancy ♡
Rodney Martinez Just 2 more days sih
Alan Lapp Great shirt matt
James Blakemore Reuben Lane George Gill James Gibbo Haiselden
Clinton Jurgens Bryan Nicol