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“I’ve been playing in bands and touring the world for 40 years – I have no immediate tour plans unless something or somebody really inspirational comes along.”

Bill Addison Dude, you're a member of Motley Crue, not Radiohead..... you'd come out of 'retirement' at the first sniff of cash, and you KNOW it.
Dan Lowe But on the plus side.....he won't be touring anymore
John Scott If Motley Crue toured again who would sue them?? Themselves 😂 sorry Nikki I don't believe a word out your mouth
Jay Stevenson He's at retirement age anyway and room needs made for the new acts coming in
Chris Pawloski
Samuel Jacques So sixx am is done ? Not done but no tours that sucks a bit
Thomas Ingaliso What happened to Sixx AM? Seemed like they were getting somewhere after the 2 part album and it just stopped. A short tour and that was it.
Ryu Jin Well, I've seen Motley Crue once and Nikki was quite the chatterbox.
Alex Graham BUT GUYS WHAT DOES COREY TAY- *gets shot*
Ernie Mendoza I bet his band mates in Sixx AM don't know this.
Adam Jørstad Just wait till he needs money 🙂
Zack Moore
Mark Mellberg Like a Motley reunion?? I'll be there Sixx.
Simon Killip Mel, there goes your plans for Sixx:AM.
Dan Lynn But I want to see Sixx:AM 😑
Adam Howell Good, now find a hole and stay in it.
Matthew Kaprutus In other words...Motley is reforming
Dave Elson Gooood....nobhead
John Sobeski Finally.
Simon McInnes He is really starting to sound like Gene Simmons!
Aaron Likovic Is he still around. Who cares
Daniel Wolf No problem, he is noob
Sean Elliott Who cares
Steven Xero Morrow Who
Lisa Burley Matt Gillham so much for his UK SixxAM tour.
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Meet the frontman who could crush bricks and blow up hot water bottles!

Mark Mellberg Just saw his doc,then bought a cd/DVD of Thor. Thor and his band rule!!
Stefy Di Pinto
Stefy Di Pinto I remember him!
Shane Hammersmith
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Norwegian prog-metallers The Soundbyte stream their new album Solitary IV in full ahead of its official release.

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Looking at some of the best contributions to metal from The Golden State of California.

Drake Colvin Deftones but no korn? Interesting. I'm not an elitist and I'm not a korn fanboi, but when You look at the fan base, following of and influence of korn vs deftones.... yeah
Izzy Davila Really? No testament? No Exodus? Motley Crue, but no Guns n fuckin roses?
TJ Murphy Who the fuck cares about the deftones why do people like them...?
Michael Gillett Love motley but more a rock band. Add in testament. Drop deftones and avenged add in suicidal tendencies and death angel
Jerry Meister 99.99998% of all American music seems to come from California so there's no surprises here
Bill Addison I had Jeff's shirt. Not that actual shirt, but one just like it. My ex was not amused.
Roman Guerrero West coast is the BEST coast!
Ricky Moe How the fuck do you put Machine Head, Deftones, and avenged but no Suicidal Tendencies?????
Ally Waldron
Michael MacLeod "What would metal be without Slayer?" Pretty good. Fuck Slayer.
Ben Bielski A7X is garbage, seriously
Scott Clevenger You lost me at Avenged Sevenfold.
Andrew Burck Vio-lence, Testament, Exodus???
Bill Bechtold No Testament or Exodus?
Lori Law Testament 🤘🏼
Austin Light Why is Slayer number 9?
Rhiannon Hayes You can't just name only 10 from CA
Giwrgos Daskalakhs Devildriver should be on the list..
Jason Paride Where's Machine Head! Fuck Avenged Sevenfold
Bryan Aguilar In a top 10, Slayer would be 20th
Brian Corbett Giddy up!!!
Sheldon Sinnamon Why is John Travolta in the picture?
Moises Coria David Coria 🤘🏽🔥🤘🏽🔥🤘🏽
Brett Paterson Melissa Paterson🤘
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Chino Moreno was only 15 years old when Deftones formed, but somehow he got through the 90s without getting arrested…

James Benford Probably one of the only bands I've listened to my whole life
Melissa Grisancich Tanya Smith WHAT’S YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE? “These days, I would say coffee. I like it because it makes me feel awake. I usually have a cup in my hands within 10 minutes of getting out of bed. That’s about as rough as I get these days, and it feels good.” 😂
Brandon Teel I always thought Deftones was underrated.
Paulina Montville How about things that he wanted his fan to give him?! He wanted my homemade backpack?! True story!😂😂😂
Axel Verstraeten Thats not very METAL
Pablito Ibáñez Schadenfreude Chino moreno sos un genio 👍👍
Eric Mears He tried to choke out Stephen? 😂😂😂
Rachele Juliano Jessica there is even a Dad joke at the end 😂
Becca Sullivan Chino is mah boyfriend ♡
Alejandro Hodes I respect this guy
Joseph De La Garza Jr. DEFTONES FOR LIFE.
Jamie Brooks Chino is a schmuck.
Laura Estrada Luv this guy
La Nire 🖤
Anthony Kotsopoulos Stefan Nardella beautiful man, beautiful head
Rafael Trujillo Solis
Lábadi Krisztián Its a big achievement, kinda...
Marko Markovic Worst band ever!
Ryan Andrew Dickson Ha...It rhymes
Anibal Lopez
McSweepy Hawes Tana Zachary Daniel Matthew
Moises Coria David Coria 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽😎😎😎
Joanne Zip Jay
Justin Shemenski Matthew James Charles
Mireya Bello Reynoso Lalis BL
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This rules!

Nickolas Strother I love that anytime he'd stop everyone would start cheering, and when he finished many people gave him hugs and high fives. The metal community kicks ass. 🤘🏻 🤘🏻
Brad Thornhill Saw this guy when we left... he was awesome... he was playing GnR and it was awesome
Jack S. Nebel Jr.
Dave Whiteman I saw him on the corner. I thought he was just playing Jazz.
Redzz Phoenix Even the solo!! Sic! Beauty of Metal.. we support each other.
Jack Manson For when you haven't finished rocking out this is awesome. Street party.
Ally Waldron He did the solos and everything 😍
Luca Collalti Now that's a clever fella.
Bryan Bugaj
Kevin W. Watson Hahaha!. Dig the "neighing horse" bit.
Nelson Bencosme Gonzalez Excelente! 🤘🏻
Frank Rangel Was this in Houston??
Eduardo Ordona BADASS!
Daniel Fernandez Awesome!!!!
Mark Rivera Lela!!!!!!!
Alvin J Murphy
Sudeep Jung Pande 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jake Haverstick Badass bro
Tom Siebenmorgen Dillon Robinson THE TROOPAAAAAAAHHHH
Rick Achter Pete!!!
Fernando Somoza Jr Mike Woods check it!
Joshua Mazany Zak MeterQuin Aylward do this
Rhiannon Murray Paul Thomas Muir this guy is so cool
Moe Dewji Raoul Barbon Mark Bursa Steven Hodosi Stuart J Renshaw Anthony Lucisano
Nick Elberg Jessica Sanchez this is pretty cool
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ACCEPT's Wolf Hoffmann is put to the test by the Metal Hammer audience!

Tim Bolitho-Jones Given that your name is Wolf Hoffmann how the hell have you not released your own beer?
Scott Pearson I'd like to see metal hammer put to the test. He's the guitarist, not the frontman XD
Vilgot Jannson Metal hammer needs to be put to the test at releasing better articles.
Doc Thebotz
Cameron Taulbee Wolf is the best
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"I think that if they’re going to drummers, then to me that warms my heart."

Michael West I hope he's not broke. I understand why he wouldn't sign the contracts. It was about his dignity and integrety but in all honesty he was the most replaceable guy in Black Sabbath. Tony and Geezer wrote the songs and Ozzy is one of a kind and a massively successful and famous solo star. When I listen to the album they made '13' I don't notice he's gone. I'm a massive KISS fan and it was better when they got rid of Peter Criss and replaces him with Eric Singer for the 2001 concert in Australia I went to. A drummer who isn't a song writer isn't hard to replace unfortunately. If he is broke maybe he should have signed the contracts as even though he was getting less then the other 3 guys I'm sure it was still a lot of money. More then any of us make
Mateusz Rozzy Rozmus So Mr. Ward? It's really that bad, so you must sell your equipment? You can retire with honour doing The End with Sabbs, but you were crying because of money. And now what?
Joab Romero Well you had the great oportunity to retire as a legend with the last Sabbath's tour, and Ozzy tolds you, you were like a small child worring about money and more money, don't cry now
David Richards Bill Ward is my hero, wishful thinking that I can afford one of his kits, just one of em. Possibly the one that made me want to play like him. Rawk on Bill \,,/
Dan Weller Should have taken Sharon's offer Bill. Now you're broke, huh? Sorry mate.
David Jones It'll probably go for a huge amount of money, at least 10,000 dollars or more.
Noah Hawkins Nathaniel Shaw you always talk about adding more to your kit
Chris Miller He says he hopes they go to drummers, good luck with that. Those who have the money will get the equipment end of story.
Justin Davey Damn, poor guy looks pretty depressed. It's too bad the guys in Sabbath couldn't settle things
Sonny Wright I'll take it
Tucker James Ian McAlpine looking for a new kit?
Rob Zampino Fuckin Sharon.
Michael Mario Jochum Awesome!
Nicholas G. Mourufas It's should be in a museum.
Mark Levy Omfg I would love to own a kit Bill hammered on
Juan Adame This breaks my heart...
Ni Ko Gerry Damager überweise dir 100.000 kauf dir was schönes von
Don Ferguson Yes I heard this where to buy is what I want to know?
Christopher Robert Odoardi The goat
Michael Montejano I want to snare you played " Snowblind" on...
Alex Miller Paul Miller x
Rich Cainey Andy Page
Patrick Tessier Marc Tessier
Danny Nichols David Huelsing
Nate Stouffer Raymond Smart