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The nu metal mavericks’ greatest hits and deep cuts

Not Nu metal. They were Avant-garde metal/Alternative metal. Lots of experimentation. Also nobody sounds like them. Closest there has ever been is probably Psychostick but they are a Comedy Metal band.
This is a band that doesn't deserve to be put in a genre. No one has or ever will sound like them. If anything give them their own genre soad metal
Roulette and Marmalade are also the best songs
Are there even 10 decent songs?
Totally mistaken ranking Sad Statue Tethawaves ATWA Cigaro And many more missing better than these ones
'Mind' should be in there somewhere.
One hit oneders
Deer dance and bounce those are by far my favs lol, especially bounce. That's like my song.
Forest Hypnotize Prison song
I disagree with a lot of this list.
Nobody cares about these guys anymore
Suggestions and Highway Song should be here too
'Know' was the first song of theirs i heard. Still in my top 3.
Completely disagree with the list. Mine would be... BYOB Chop suey Prison song Needles Deer dance Suite pee Sugar War? Psycho Know
My favorite is Prison Song or Sugar
Decent list, though I’d replace BYOB with Question.
This is basically just a list of the singles with 3 curve balls thrown in. Hard to pick 10 to be honest though. May as well have just done a lucky dip and wrote about them. Not a bad track anywhere in my opinion.
Nah. All of there songs are great. The only song i dont care for is arto amd science
Where’s Vicinity of Obscenity?🤪
Toxicity, innversion and suggestions
You know, I question this list. If you don’t mind, I have a few suggestions. you’d have to be psycho to forget ATWA. You must be dreaming if you think needles is off the list. You best bounce out of here, now shimmy.
I agree with some but it's totally subjective. And only my opinion but nothing on steal this album would make a top 10 list.
Cigaro.lost in Hollywood. Just to name a few.
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The start of the legend

I highly recommend this book about FNM. It's awesome!
The older I get the more appreciation I have for Chuck’s style and how much of an influential person he was. Chuck and Mike are both amazing artist🤘🏼❤️
So underrated....RIP Chuck
R.I.P. Chuck <3
You made a thing that was so needed cultural boundaries crossed 😊 never forget the first time I was hit by that opening thud thud and the presence of Chuck and those dredds RIP 👌
Chuck was awesome
We wanted out but you can't have it!!
Chinese Arithmetic....
Luff fayf noh mohre
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Looking back on the first great goth-metal album of the 21st century

I'll await the follow-up article: "How nobody in America would have ever heard of this band if it wasn't for Bam Margera."
Clair Louise Broadley remember when they supported Metallica and covered Chris Isaac’s wicked Game and the entire standing audience turned their back on them and they left the stage early 😂😂😆 good times
Metalhammer How about new content sometime? This guy hasn't been relevant for HOW long now? And how many times have we been told he's retiring blah, blah, blah. He really wasn't that influential to begin with. Honestly.
Still one of my favourite albums
Awesome album
Carlos Ku King te acuerdas de este disco?
Greatest album ever
Peter Steele has some questions.
Feel like shit, just want them back 😪
Baby Join Me In Death! 🇩🇴🤘🏻
Great album!
he’s doing fine now
when will your faves
Fantastic Album
Absolutely amazing album and one of the best vocalists.
Absolute truth 🤣
Love Metal sucks!!!
Basically pop but great songwriting nonetheless, same as Ghost.
Still my #1 favorite band♡♡
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Happy birthday to Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell – 53 today!

Happy birthday
Happy rocking birthday
I memorial to my uncle. This is the first song i can remember knowing all the lyrics to and he taught it to me. He's why i like heavy music.
Happy birthday rockstar
The Riff Lord
Happy Birthday JC😎👍 AIC does No wrong, both old n new eras 🎸🤟😎🤟🎸
One of my favorite musicians ever!
I grew up in a town about 80 miles north of his hometown of Atoka Oklahoma i know someone who got to attend his wedding and his dad ( the rooster) to the best of my knowledge still lives and owns a ranch there
Happy birthday hope your day Rocks
Such an epic tune, quite a few veterans of the Vietnam war said that this was the only song which really captured what they felt out there.
Happy birthday Jerry
Happy rocking birthday Jerry that’s a powerful song one my favourites too so much better live ✌🏻💜🤘🏻😎💪🏻
Walking tall machine gun man
He's a bad ass. Performs live as good or better than on the albums. True to form.
Yeah here comes the rooster , you know he aint gunna die
Weird how we were just talking about this Drew
Happy extra bacon birthday
Is about Cantrell's dad ...fin
Happy Birthday
Brilliant! He and layne are two of the most soulful guys
Ii's a shame that with his talent he would never lead the band
Absolute legend
Happy Birthday Jerry!! 😊😊
They Spit on me in my homeland
Happy birthday can't wait see you guys Gla May with David Grant same birthday 😊🤞❤
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All eight Trivium albums rearranged in order of greatness

Shogun is not only Triviums best album ever. It's one of the best albums ever made
I feel like I'm the only one who genuinely loves The Crusade lol.
Why’s the old drummer holding a guitar
Ascendancy is awesome but shogun is on another level. Shogun is not only triviums best album but deserves a spot as one of the best metal albums ever made. From starting with kirisute gomen to finishing with shogun itself, the album is a masterpiece.
Trivium is one of the very few bands today who haven’t put out one bad album. The only album that has come close to mediocrity is Vengeance Falls. Even then, that album can get away with a 7/10. Not as memorable as albums like Shogun and Ascendancy.
Correct answer: they are all equally awful...
Hard to rank them for me. Will try: 8. Vengeance Falls (I love it for the most part though) 7/10 7. Ember To Inferno (7/10) 6. The Crusade (7/10) 5. Silence In The Snow (Fantastic album, perhaps needed some more variety) 8/10 4. The Sin And The Sentence 9/10 3. In Waves 9/10 2. Shogun 10/10 1. Ascendancy 10/10
Lel i disagree with every ranking where Shogun is not nr 1
Shogun 1, Sin and the sentence 2, Ascendency 3.
Lets rank these lists from worst to worst!
Having Shogun above In Waves and The Sin and The Sentence is just farcical. Silence in the snow is better as well. Dirty 7 string madness
Lol People think Shogun is better than Ascendancy. 😆
Ascendancy is the best Trivium album I've heard so far.
I understand the hate Silence gets because there was no screaming but musically speaking that album is Shogun 2. And I love all their albums but here is My list: 8. Ember to Inferno 7. The Crusade 6. Vengeance falls 5. Ascendancy 4. Silence in the Snow 3. In Waves 2. The sin and the sentence 1. Shogun
Ember to Inferno is their classic not realy worst. Fail
Shogun #1, Silence in the snow is Shit!!!!
8. The sin and the sentence 7. Silence in the snow 6. Ember to inferno 5. In waves 4. Vengeance falls 3. The crusade 2. Ascendancy 1. Shogun
I would swap The Crusade with Vengeance Falls. 🤷‍♂️ Ans also, The Sin and The Sentence is stronger than both In Waves and Ascendancy. Ascendancy is an AMAZING album but they still had some growing to do and TSATS is much more diverse and much better written. Shogun, however, is still their best IMO
Glad In Waves and Sin and Sentence are as high as they are, though I personally would have put them higher.
Paolo looking like Susan about to call for a manager 😂
They were good before they were Metallica. 😂
Seriously who proof read this article? They need a slap.
Disagree with the order. This is my personal order. 8. Crusade 7. Silence In The Snow 6. Ember to Inferno 5. Vengeance Falls 4. In Waves 3. The Sin and the Sentence 2. Ascendency 1. Shogun
Crusade wasn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I liked it personally. 8. Silence in the Snow 7. Ember to Inferno 6. Vengeance Falls 5. In Waves 4. Crusade 3. The Sin and the Sentence 2. Ascendancy 1. Shogun
People only hate Vengeance Falls bc the producer was Disturbed’s singer. It was still a great album
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The pioneering social media site has admitted that songs uploaded between 2003 and 2015 cannot be recovered

Metal Hammer In honour of the MySpace news, we look back at the time we tracked down some of the MySpace bands that didn't quite make it:
thank fuck for that I uploaded some utter shite back then.
They need to bring MySpace back
so they didnt migrate any data then lol
Yeah. I was hoping to retrieve the single demo my band recorded, preserve the memory at least, but sure enough, while the page and the link to the demo was there, the actual audio was nowhere to be found. What's even the point of keeping those old pages? Idiots.
Wait, Myspace still exists?
I always wondered how Tom was getting on these days... my 1st MySpace friend.
Tom Waechter hope you kept hard copies of MC scoonze Callan Mann
I really find annoying people criticizing Myspace. It was the beginning of underground bands been noticed, you actually had for few minutes a bit of fame. And many famous bands started there.
Thoughts and prayers for the 5 people affected by this 😩🙄
...they must have let Hillary Clinton do the transfer work.. that is why the songs are gone... ohhh wait .. to soon?
I recently did an article on a band from the 90's and some of their rarer tracks out there. Up until recently they haven't really had much of a social media presence, so when I put on the list a track that had only featured on the main members' MySpace page it got a lot of interest from fans. Luckily I had approached the guy back then about perhaps being sent a copy of the track and he was more than happy to fling it my way. As luck would have it I managed to keep hold of it for over a decade and last year (with the musicians blessing) put it up on YouTube. There were so many rare pieces that are now sadly lost due to this news. It is proof that digital files and formats also have something of a half-life, not by degradation, but through limited timespans of servers and domain use.
so basically all songs
Will this cause people to stop using MySpace?
Myspace still exist? Holy shit thats shocking by itself lol .i think they deleted my.old profile long time ago like in my teenage years and hasnt been long cause im only 25 lol
Wait wait wiat, who tf was using MySpace in 2015...??
Who the fuck uploaded anything to MySpace after 2013
All my old collection of music tracks identify as J.S. Bach by the current software. Backing up data and hard drive quality are serious issues. Get a nice external hard disk because your computer wont last. Luckily the big banks take data storage seriously.
I miss myspace 😥 I liked it better than facebook went to shit lol
That will be the final nail in the coffin.Should have been closed up years ago
MySpace is still alive??? WTF lol
Now my Almost famous band will be forever lost in the wind 😂
Would have been nice for a heads up. But no. 😒👎
MySpace is still a thing?
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Manson confirmed over the weekend that new material is imminent

he is a legend!
i'm intrigued about Marilyn Manson new album especially working with Shooter Jennings 👍 i got say i enjoyed Manson's last 2 albums 'The Pale Emperor' and 'Heaven Upside Down' i thought they were awesome 🤘
Not expecting much. I grew up listening to this man, but to be honest, since Golden age of grotesque he hasnt released anything good
I’m sure that it’s going to be good. The Pale Emperor truly revamped his music style and absolutely set a positive outlook of his career with that blue + metal mixture. My only issue is his live performances. I hope this turn, he watches over himself and isn’t slurring words like a mess. As long as he can bring the same element of the previous two albums, he’ll be fine.
am I the only one who hasn't really liked much he's made since Golden Age of Grotesque? :/ really hoping he produces something that sounds like his older stuff. Mechanical Animals is still my favourite album ever <3
"I can't wait" said no one
Not expecting much after the last 5 he’s released
Well he hasn't released anything good after The Golden Of The Grotesque so my hopes ain't high..
Naw he dont have to finish it
Hell keen can't wait loved heaven upside down
Waiting for this! Really enjoyed style of The Pale Emperor and HUD was cool too.
Hopefully not shite as the last one
and i still waiting for Killswitch Engage
Is it gunna be any good tho..... He needs to surround himself with tallentated people again make a good record.
Not wasting anymore time or money on this fulla....needs to sort himself out!
Nicholas cage is at it again !!
Tour please! I so want to see him play!!
Anything by him is good. 🙋‍♀️
i hope it will not sound like the "C sides" of Pale Imperor ... or like the "b sides" of heaven upside down ...
Ooooh! I can't wait! Actually I could wait forever!
The only question is... why???
Gives me a reason to get up each day. 👍
Probably going to be pop.
It’ll be fueled by absynthe and cocaines 😂
I can’t wait !!!!
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The Great British Bake Off star is a secret Motorhead fan

I’m upset that the Great British Bake Off was mentioned instead of The Mighty Boosh...
Jen: 'Cradle Of Filth'? I presume that's a band. Richmond: Hmm. Jen: It's not literally a cradle of filth. Richmond: Ooh, no! That would be horrible
I don't think Noel ever hid the fact that he was a Heavy Metal fan let alone a Motörhead fan.
He didn't grace our screens with The Mighty Boosh to become known as the "great British bake off star"!!!
Bouncy Bouncy Oh such a good time Bouncy Bouncy Shoes all in a line Bouncy Bouncy Everybody Summersault Summersault Summertime Everybody sing along Bouncy Bouncy Oh such a good time Bouncy Bouncy White socks slipping down Bouncy Bouncy Stillettos are a no no Bouncy Bouncy oh Bouncy Bouncy oh Every time I bounce I feel I could touch the skyee"....What a crimp lol 👍👍👍👍
Pretty sure EVERYONE in England is at least a closet Motorhead fan.
I thought this was news about Avatar for a half second.
I don't have a fucking clue what the great british baking show is... Noel will always be half of The Mighty Boosh.
I hoped for cradle of filth
Soup, soup A tasty soup, soup A spicy carrot and coriander Chilli chowder Crouton, crouton Crunchy friends in a liquid broth I am gazpacho Oh I am a summer soup Mmm Miso, miso Fighting in the dojo Miso, miso Oriental prince in the land of soup
A “secret” motorhead fan????? I would of thought he would more likely to be a fan than not be a fan.... odd.
I’m upset that the Great British Bake Off was mentioned instead of The Mighty Boosh...
Gosh What a secret Mind blowing
Is that really a shocker?
Wait. Noel Fielding isn't the guy from Avatar?
Paul Loveridge No Kings of Leon?! It's a blinding album, better than their first, and they came up with it really quickly.
The Mighty Boosh songs changed my life.
He just handed them a Cradle of Filth CD and told them to listen to track 4, "Coffin Fodder". It sounds horrible, but it's actually quite beautiful.
I thought for sure he'd mention Gary Numan, lol ...
He's said multiple times that he grew up on Iron Maiden so it's not really a surprise
Tim Russ read this.. lol you'll get a kick out of what he has to say about Coldplay and the Milli Vanilly/ Megadeth thing haha
Didnt realise he was the avatar lead singer lol
Can believe he didn’t mention anything about robots in disguise or iamx considering he’s played live with both bands!
I love the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, it’s nice to see that there are still people that are aware of em, think I’ve met 3 in my whole life
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Slipknot announce that percussionist Chris Fehn has left the band via a statement on their website

*Man who hits garbage can is no longer allowed to hit garbage can*
This would be a good time to ACTUALLY ask what Corey Taylor thinks about
Knew it wouldn't be long before I have to use this again
The best part of these comments are the people ripping the band usually are a part of some failed attempt of a band when you click on their profiles 🤣 Losers
You can say what you want about Chris, but it just won't be the same at the live shows without him.
Lars Ulrich will take the position. He's the best banging trash cans and kegs. 😂
If you're $555 USD then I'm $666 USD \,,/
Slipknot has not been Slipknot for a long ass time
Ooh i'm sure that will make a massive difference to their sound
I'll take the job. I very good at banging pots together.
Hahahahaha "left" .....more like "booted out the door so fast his feet didn't even touch the floor"
I'd rather see a disbanding statement. 😴
Slipknot sucks anyways 🤷‍♂️
I’m sure he’ll bounce back. Lots of bands out there are always looking for people to bang on trash cans, so he should find work no problem
I heard Oscar the Grouch wanted that job of banging garbage cans.
Damn, I used to love the way he'd hit a single drum on four songs per album.
Clearly slipknot is more of a business and all about the $$$$ now.
Corey Taylor is fucking garbage if it wasn’t for Joey & clown their wouldn’t be any slipknot! It’s fucking halarious to see that Corey thinks he is slipknot 😂🤣😂🤣
They going down hill after booting Joey.
And the crumble continues 🙁
Put old mate on the kegs and Joey back on the kit.
iVE nEVeR kNoWN tRuST liKE tHe 9
Now if they part with another 4 members you may actually notice a difference live
I'm seeing slipknot this summer....... I'm going for gojira
Bummer... That drummer was so SKILLED! DAMN...
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We talk to the photographers who shot the Hardwired… To Self Destruct cover

Ripped off Crowbar's 'Odd Fellows Rest' album cover.
hat headline is probably not the best
Shit cover. Shit album
Metallica hasn’t had a good album cover since AJFA
Not a great cover but it is a good album!
Can’t believe they are proud of this album cover..lame
Metallica used Crowbar’s idea!!!
Its no pushead
They should've shoot Lars. In the face.
Great album and cover.
8 hours to shoot Ozzy!!?Madness. They are basically fashion portrait photographer(s).Technicalities over creativity and efficiency.
So he is to blame
It's even worse than that stinker of a record. No mean feat.
They don't sound very professional: "we’re definitely into metal. That’s what we tend to play at photoshoots.... The models might not like it that much, but we like it!" "we were doing a bunch of crazy setups with Ozzy. We set up this rain set getting him wet and he was complaining he was cold, but it was fantastic, we were on cloud nine.”
To bad they stole the idea off of Crowbars cover!JS!