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A quick guide to thrash!

One began in LA and ended up in Frisco. The other began and ended in NY, and their punk influences were easier to hear. The Straight Edge bands that survive from the 80's (Agnostic Front, for example) have evolved into less composition less leads more punk movements collectively known as Core. Power Core, Hard Core, and Metal Core all were born in New York. As with most rules, there are exceptions. This one is Anthrax, and in LA, it would be more than one band. Sick of It All is the second generation from Anthrax New York Thrash band, commonly labeled Hard Core.
Ones good, and the other isn’t🀘
What Krevin Dormand said! I love it all by the way!!
3,000 miles. I'll show myself out
That didn’t make any sense. You can’t hear the influence of any those bands he mentioned an overkill.
One’s more hardcore influenced?
I prefer the Thrash scene in L.A.
Rich Biggs
Wyatt Mendoza
Gerardo Panzer Nieves???
Adam Schaefer
Stupid ass titles
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We asked a load of metal bands about the future!

This was the issue that got me into Metal Hammer! Love this
Very important πŸ˜€
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β€œThis song is a very powerful opener and gives a nice picture of what the whole album is all about."

Sick lyrics. Cannot find a story behind that or even a sense.
Sorry Amorphis... tales of a thousand lakes is your best album
Great first song! Looking forward to the rest!
Victoria Coburn
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Which mask is your favourite?

Mick thomson
Corey's Vol 3 mask and Joey's AHIG
Alan Turner - I found this interesting reading πŸ™‚
Joey's All Hope Is Gone mask is my favorite.
None but that's just me would rather listen to slayer, neurosis,Log, or pantera.
Posers needs masks to cover up for their music.
Wait, something's wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is very educational. Thanks
Has to be Paul's pig mask from the debut
Vol.3 / Iowa Corey
Always have been drawn to Craig Jones' full pin head masks and Joey's kabuki masks but real do like Paul's last 2 masks.
I like Mick Thomsons the best and Paul Gray's Vol. 3 and All Hope is Gone.
Corey's Iowa Jim Root's All Hope Is Gone Clowns Gray Chapter.
I love all of them except for the .5 gray chapter one. AHIG and IOWA are the best vol 3 is awesome too.
This one. Was easily their best overall aesthetic.
Clown-Iowa Corey-Self Titled Jim-AHIG
Corey Taylor's leather face
870621345 all the way!!!
Fierce Deity Mask
It depends on the member
Joeys vol. 3 mask πŸ™‚
Dominic.. you might like this one mate
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Video: Troy and Tuomas from Nightwish discuss their new adventures in Auri with Finnish singer Johanna Kurkela. Their debut album is out now!

Metal Hammer
Metal Hammer Buy Auri:
Wow...Heavy Pop...Finland's Eurovision song 2018
Wanted a new female singer for Nightwish but couldn't fire their singer this time I guess...
It's very different....
Darren Schafer
David Denholm
Caleb Roberts
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"It’s nice to work with people that you respect and like.”

Steve Harris should join you guys. Man that would be an insane combo.
Make this happen and take my money, please...
Nick Dave Thomas well this would epic
I'd prefer having Iommi touring with Priest
YES! YES! YES! A thousand time YES!!!
Dear God, please, let this happen ASAP.
Shut up and take my money!
That'd be a great partnership
I'd prefer having Iommi touring with Priest
Make it happen!!
That would be a crowning achievement..
The two ultimate Metal Gods. \m/
Oh my.
Metal gods
Make this happen!
Metal Gods
I hope so
Yes, please !
Yes please!!!!!
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This is going to be amazing!

Am I the only one who doesn't care about hearing covers? Led Zeppelin could put out a covers album and I still wouldn't care. One on an album, fine, but a whole album by any group? Nope.
Only because they can't or won't come out with anything new or relevant.
Punk songs and a Ministry song for the cover slbum, i would have loved a thrash metal cover album full of classics from the '80s instead.., but OK
All of these are originals to me. I love everything they do. Bunch of crybaby shit heads on this post.
They should cover Lamb of God doing new material lol
i suppose doing a covers album under burn the priest doesnt soil the name of lamb of good. but what do i know it could be a good album of covers!
got ogon srm wrist ban bds, will the seatrs n atte?wheere ijs jir
Vito Van Rensburg 18 May is looking like a great day for new music. Bad Wolves, 5FDP, now this πŸ™‚
WEAK sauce
Not looking forward to this, I was never a punk fan. Also, "Jesus Built My Hotrod" is overrated to hell.
Covers are boring.
Pretty damn excited, awesome cover concept.
I'll download it, give it a listen
Jordan Chris Ball This is so cool!
They are doing nonesense shit
Corderos de dios lml
dang it
To this day I dont know who thought Burn the priest was good enough for a record deal, I would have told them they didn't have a chance in hell lol
Gavin Smith Evan Bishop
Rickey Noakes
Jack Nockels
Craig πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Jake Ratz Matt Ratz
Thomas Stensgaard
Barri Jones 🀘
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Who's excited about Infinity War? Sumo Cyco are! Here, they tell us all about their superhero alter egos...

Check 'em out on tour at the dates below:

​23.03 - Bridgwater, Cobblestones
24.03 - Birmingham, Asylum 2
25.03 - Bournemouth, Anvil
26.03 - London, Boston Music Room
27.03 - Southampton, Talking Heads

Metal Hammer
Call Patrick Bateman... someone needs a lecture about Phil Collins
What is this shit???
Metal Sound behind Pop Music is not METAL!
Haha she talks like she always ends in a question... Reminds me of family guy
Adam Watson Dayve Foot xD
This is awesome. Such a great band live. I'm still sore from their gig in Manchester 2 nights ago.
They were great at Hammerfest
Ken Thor Corke you were so articulate ! Cockblocker for the win
Don't listen to her, your IQ will be at risk from so much stupid condensed into such a small space.
Love it, Ken being a minister πŸ˜‚
Angel Hernandez-Ayala. Briana Pessetti
Ashley Mckown
Stephan Stephan
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Start your weekend with something new from Marilyn Manson!

He's turning into his own Bo Selecta parody
Not Metal!
People over the age of 16 still listen to him?
Still not metal.
I thought this was Mortiis for a good moment..
And Judas Priest releases Firepower and heads out on tour, making all others more irrelevant than they ever were...
Why do I keep seeing this dude in my feed, his music sucks...
I'd rather not ruin my weekend by listening to this irrelevant garbage !!
It's time for him to retire ! He's just embarrassing himself !!
Ummmm..... Not that interesting anymore..
Dude is garbage and has been for a long time
What a waste of a perfectly good click.
Not metal. Wait! Not even worth to mention him.
He should just retire.
Not metal !!!!
Total tw*t πŸ’©
Metal requires like guitars, right?
courney love? No thanks Id rather hear lil pump
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β€œI'm excited about the new stuff we put together for this next record – it's got some cool songs and it's got a great live feel."

Id rather hear new GNR album. Does this mean GNR is done or DJ Ashba, Bumble foot, etc will be back lol
Absolutely love their stuff.
Amazing news! World On Fire was such a kickass record!
Mike Hopkins This is a show we should see
Oooo I feel another tour coming on Jeanette Louise Anthony! πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ€˜
Better than anything GNR put out
I swear, Myles never slows down. I love it hahaha
cant wait for this new album yahoo
Angela hopefully there'll be a tour later in the year too or early next.
Andy Frost i thought it would be over
I'm very excited! πŸŽΈπŸ€˜πŸŽ™
David Shields Connor Whiting yess ladss. Means a tour is coming too !! 🀘🏼
Can’t wait to hear it! ❀️
Dom Bull Alex Wr actually so excited
Can’t wait for this 😍😍😍😍
I love this!!!!!!!!
About time !!!!.
Andrew Pickard holy heck yes please
Sounds good πŸŽΆπŸ‘
Jake!! Yay!
Amy Mottram I need the shirt Slash is wearing in this photo
Finally!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
First day
Maximilian Dawe ogmgmggmjfnf this means tour and dreams coming true!!!!