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The Offspring reflect on their back catalogue.

Jonathan Husie What's the deal with this page? Haven't been able to read a story hear for over a month, just freezes up.
Perfecto Jayjay ignition, smash and ixnay will always be their best albums.
RT Koch I love these guys: pretty fly for some white guys
John Ferguson I don't know about a full album. Just different songs off albums
Wynn Chase I love Weird Al! Who said he only does parodies?
Nathan Stevens There's no such thing as a best offspring album
Howard Askeland There’s more than ONE?!!! Do tell! LOL
Steve Eagleston The offspring is not metal!!! WTF!!!!
James Taylor Patrick Mayne
Alex Webster Evan R Elliott Kevin Elmore Scott Elmore
Bryan James Sparks Benjamin Keene
Jacob Chris Tegan Nikita
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"As my music trickles out over the next two years, it's going to be quite the roller coaster ride." Phil Anselmo.

Trevor Scandrett-Lewis Down IV, Part III please. We were promised four volumes originally. I neeeeed. 🎸
Alex Magnusson Eh? What's "roller coaster wine"?
Thomas Joseph I'll pass
Nelson Bencosme Gonzalez 👍🏻
Rihárd Purcel
John Ferguson Can't wait to hear this
Priscilla Carrillo Silvia Blackwidow
Kyle Kostreba Matt Nichols
AL Campos Austin Fry
Jesse Armstrong-Kooy Phil Anselmo and the Racist Slurs, more like
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Arriving just in time for Christmas!

Chris Stephens Such a scummy thing to do...They refuse to play Bush era songs live but are quite happy to make a quick few quid out of us by re-issuing. Buy Armored Saint's new album instead, give Jon Bush a few quid!
Liam Mitchell I wish they would do what Dio and Sabbath did and reunite under a different name and play stuff from that era. Maybe go under the name Black Lodge or Stomp 442 or something like that.
Harley Anderson Anthrax became relevant again with Bush and when they'd finally proved themselves to be fresh and financially viable with him at the helm, they fucked him over for money... Lame.
Mike Taylor John Bush is such a killer vocalist, he deserved better than the treatment he got from these guys.
Robert W. Senecal Why do they need to reissue these? The sound quality was good the first time. Reissue and Remaster all the albums they did in the eighties.
Nick Girvin Ethan now I don’t have to wait for rare ones to appear at Stans! Edit: nevermind, it’s only “we’ve come for you all” and the compilation one.
Román Sándor I don't really like the Bush-era albums...and I don't really like the last two they made with Belladonna...all I can say that Persistence of Time is their best without doubt.
Ashley Felde Sound of White Noise is better than anything else they’ve done. They should have kept Bush. Also belladonna is annoying
Toni Lewis The best thing they could do is "reissue" a New album with J.Bush
Nicholas Thieme I was really hoping they'd say Sound of White Noise and Volume 8 were being remastered.
Pablo López Sound of white noise is one of my all time favourites
Mike Aldred They should do Volume 8 as well great record in my opinion oh and Stomp 442
Rich Stange Bush was their best singer. These are my two favorite releases by them.
Fer Condemarín Cáceda i´ll wait for the SOWN reissue... and they should upload all john bush era albums on spotify too
Alex Wronski Letting Bush go was the biggest mistake they ever made .
Alex Wronski “Bring back Bush ! Bring back Bush !” The most accurate chant ever chanted at an Anthrax show
Mark Levy Live shows with the armoured saint madman would be better but I’ll take it
Gee Solis "you gotta check out that anthrax album bro" - friend What it felt like hearing it:
Tim Stever Anthrax is doing better without bush selling more albums and making more money.
Carl Fidler John Bush > Joey Belladonna
Trevor Scandrett-Lewis Carl Schalck Time to give Thelma your prezzie list. 😂
Ryan Alan Sound of White Noise was epic!
Julie Boisvert Love John Bush!!!!!
Billy Towne Sound of White Noise is a f****** Classic
Nicole Marie Gogan Yay
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Tickets on sale from Friday!

Dylan Michael It's been over ten years since I seen em. Live at warped tour lol still like their music tho would like to see again
Sarah Davis Grace Alexandra yeah we gotta go. Even if half the set list in new shit I don't know
Leon Quote-motron Wechter Sarah Becky Paul any other Used fans among us...?
Bret Rhymer This again? It's 4 o'clock in the fucking morning! 😜
Brandon Bugera who cares lool
Jonathan Young Who?
Beth Waite Chantelle Mercedes Waite my inner emo is screaming so hard
Mikael Söderqvist Max Hökdal ska Vi?
Allan Carter Steven
Jazmine Krokbäck Sammi DaltonBecky Newman
Charlotte Beard Meg O'Riordan!
Bryan James Sparks Benjamin Keene
Alarna Williams Darren Mainwaring
Richard Torres Felipe Valença
Michelle Frances Anita Maria
Meg Ann Come to Canada 💔😩
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The song that sent Papa Roach into the stratosphere.

Nick Donato Honestly, The Paramour Sessions got me through a really tough time in my life. Would never have come out the same without that album.
Gerry Franchi Cut my life in to pizzas This is my plastic fork
Peter Bair That's song was always lame even when it first came out
Eddie Morrison This, Rollin', Crawling & chop Suey were basically the playlist for my 13 year old self
Elick Verdulla Well they got some of it right - yes that is a IM riff, but the rythem section is Green Day brain stew. But again - green day stole that riff from Chicago - song 25 or 6 to 4. Anyways, moral of story --- Everything's been done - shut up and enjoy the music.
Patrick Cervantez It starts with Genghis Khan by Iron Maiden.
Nic Rood and once everyone got tired of it on its 350 play thru. they went back into obscurity!
Alejandro Hodes Too bad they didn't burn up on re-entry 😉😂
Kevin Rochelle they put lyrics over Genghis Khan...
Ronin Toups Metal Hammer went to shit and turned into Tiger Beat... Unfollowed and Unliked.
Robbie Fitzgerald Not even their best song.
RoMulus Dionysus Its Still on my everyday Playlist...
Tye Sussmann Great track
Romain Kaprowski Boring !
Steven Diaz Then they fucked it up by going emo.
Le Rob Last desert
Brian Wysko Last hemmroid
Andris Green And quickly back down again.
Michael Sabell Scars is better.
Matt Laslett So emo
Wyler Provost Gross
Michael Dierick Death cell and broken home. Better songs...
Martin Bower Elizabeth Rae xxxxx
Kiong Jun Sheng Dreamorrow Alvin haha our song
Cuan Renira Wallace Bourhill Kerry Wright McCreadie ☺💚
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Feel good gig of the summer.

Andrew Pepper Grrat band first 3-4 albums then very average self indulgent bloated extended jams. Nee album not bad, when it comes to live used to be great now overblown extended self indulgent jams.
Rob Avery QOTSA? More like Josh Homme and his Hollywood Cocksuckers.
Roberto J Bustos What happened to the pure rock songs they used to write? Now it's just genetic and boring...
Percy Mackay Calum McQuattie qotsa iggy pop and run the jewels?
Aaron Cheeseman James Sanford next year son, next year.
Douglas Burrows Never heard of them. But iggy pop is supporting. Should be headlining. But it’s a mad world.
Ash Hollyhead Josh Ash interested ?
Vincent Albert I like metal.
David Schnare-Hart #TonkedByDanzig.
Kirsty Martin Craig Reed....
Stephen Dale Rupert Portal won't be far from you?
Rob Greaves Glynn Beavers summer road trip!?
Jason O'Regan Joe Oldroyd James Eddisford Danny Garrod I live 10 mins away. Lets make a weekend of this..
Shuchi Lamba O'Sullivan DavId O'sullivan!!
Rob Buckland Aaron French?
Phil Marsham Neil Marsham Jay Freeman £52
Ryan Bird Nathan Bailey James Burling
Zo Zo Amy
Nathan McCarron Austin Tweddle
Percy Mackay Lory Page
Bubsy Eadie Keagan Rowe
Nick Lobb Dominic
Olli Picken Matthew Bower-Kail
Harps O'Malhi Scott Corr, Marc Terblanche Bhupinder Malhi - wanna?
Paulina Leyton Patricia Duchamp
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Time for a trip up north!

David Jones Andy Lovatt Carcass are one of the headliners
Perpetua It's gonna be an utter riff fest.
Guido Klein Wolterink Pepijn Gros backpacken en metal
Matt Benton where's the "party" react
Robert Allabauer Daniel Aakash Brunner
Sean Wylie Mhairi-Lee Byrne
Clayton Stewart Matt Seix
Michelle MacGrotty John Brandon
Susan Glennie Levi Manson Glennie Fay Wallace Fraser Wallace
Dan Holton Jade Stevens
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+ DOPE +'s frontman picks his band's best songs.

Benjy Shipz Agree with the majority of those. Would add Drug Music, I'm Back and a few more. One of the best live bands I have ever seen, and that was coming off the back of 50 plus shows in a row. Edsel Dope Matthew Cooke
Shiloh Renae Hansen Nothing for Me Here, Debonaire, I Don't Give a Fuck, Dirty World
Liam Wall Die mf die or viloence take the cake for me
Thomas Joseph Chase i had no idea they were still a band ... no joke
Steve Airey Dope have been great both times I’ve seen them in the UK, a quality rock act
Matthew Roberts One of the first bands to get me into heavier music, always be a fan <3
Umer Hamid Dope is a great band.
Bryan Richard Probably the only person who knows 10 dope songs
Shane Moran Stop
Steven Liczbinski The top 10 Dope songs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
Zack Lokey This band makes me cringe.
Russell Sortino Blood Money is my favorite too!
Omer Khan Nothing for me here!
Brandee Bishop Chrisb Bishop
Kyle Whiteh Tickner Andy Riordan
Shane Hammersmith Shane Stephens Shamus Gardiner
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What a track record!

Clint O'Brien American Head Charge- The War of Art.
Draco Ignis On Ballbreaker the drum.sound is amazing...but as soon as you hear first riffs on STIFF UPPER LIP you realize George Young knew far better how the guitars should sound on an AC/DC record.
Caleb Mitchell I always find an issue with his production does he not hear things like everyone else? Those drums on death magnetic were way too fuckin loud
Britton Dicks I just got done reading The History Of Metal blade and Brian Slagel said Rick would steal bands out form under him. lol. Brian said he couldn't blame him though.
Kevin Kesler Robert Quattlebaum Scott Ford I had no idea that James Hatfield did backing vocals for Twist of Cain by Danzig
Wade Smith The Cult- Electric, should be listed under “essential”, not just “good,worth exploring”
Phillip James Carr I have 6 out of the 10 listed so he must be one of my favourite producers
Draco Ignis I still believe Black.Sabbath 13 should have been produced by Kevin Shirley or Andy Sneap.
Tony Carlin Trouble S/T is to me one of his best.
Eric Jones Don't forget Beastie Boys...or maybe my phone is messing up
Marc Laurin Insane list of achievements without compromising.
Will Canada Fuck that dude, ruined death magnetic
D.j. Johnson Patchy 'Mother's Milk'? That album is a Stone-cold Classic! All RHCP albums since Blood Sugar, has been patchy.
Diego Oliveira Andy Sneap all te way, in terms of Metal Rick Rubin just sits there!
Rosita Piergiorgi There was already RATM in my possess. Lol Sabbath 's 13 could have been produced by Tom Allom and Mike Exeter.
Draco Ignis Absolutely one of the greatest producers ever!
Mattie Harris Slipknot vol.3 which they forgot to put in there
Dakin Farmer None of them, loudness war is a bitch and Rubin is the Commander-in-Chief.
Roberto Jd Geddo You’ve forgot the latest album of Italy’s Jovanotti...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saif Siddiqui Lol in all honesty Corey Taylor genuinely does have alot to say about this man 😂
Wyler Provost Subliminal Verses
Elias ThunderSteel Tsoutsas Where the fuck is TROUBLE?
Dan Solo No Death Magnetic? 🤔
Chris Yeoman
Brendon De Meyer Where is Vol.3??
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“Malcolm allowed Angus and Bon to do their job. He knew he was the best there was at rhythm guitar.” Dave Mustaine.

Wes Weiss Scharhag They are an Australian band. Grew up in Australia, first 4 albums recorded in Australia, they all met in Australia. Mark Evans and Phil Rudd were born in Australia. Sound of the band developed in Australia.
John Borelli Hands down the best comment on the subject
Benny Falconer May have been born in UK but migrated to Oz and became citizens!! Australian band!! End of story!!!!
Jason Cochran Rythym guitar at its finest.
Jack Everett Yeah Dave, maybe if you would’ve let Marty do his job he might still be in the band🤔
Henning-Pieter Jordan Malcolm, of the fucking best ever..miss you..!!!!
Jboy Coronado Fucking true Dave! He is The master of Blues/rock guitar riffs!
Matt Gross Angus, Malcolm, Bon, Brian, Cliff, were all born in the UK.
Michael Saint Lindholm Agreed!
Jonas Jordan True that 🤘
Roger Kirby Agree
Sian Delaney Harry Ashton
David Tyler Really brothers that grew up in australia became a Scottish band, Scottish heritage sure all white Aussie's come from somewhere else but Fuck you mustain their aussie as Fuck