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The 6th beer in the Trooper range

Robert Walmsley
Gerry Lamarra
Georgia Butlin
David Livingstone
Trine Rath Lindskov Nielsen
He looks like he’d be asking you for spare change outside a tube station.
Ozzy Menego
Noe til samlinga, Kurt 😎
We got our New Jim Lahey!
Can't wait to try it! Trooper is so so good 🤘
He looks like he has already sampled a few 🤣
come on man..i want powerslave cider
Ed Foye
Carter Smith
Warren Gomez
Ship to America!
Craig McBirnie oaft that's funny, a new one after chatting yesterday haha
He looks homeless
Looks like he's aged about 20 years
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If you love it hard, heavy and a challenge to replicate...

But can they help me upgrade my computer? YOU SAID TECH METAL
"The hardest, the better" or "less is more" Make your choice.
No Rivers of Nihil. This list has no validity
Thats what she said
Yo mean Warbringer
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Reach out and touch faith...

Ah, the pope show
Not a bad choice
Lu Lu
Kim Oberlander
Bex Sables
Stop sharing his news 🤢
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Live and dangerous!
Christopher Witter
They sounded amazing. The bass was delicious af
Matt Scott
Unsainted sounds like a slipknot song I've heard 100 times already. It's okay to sound like yourself. It's not okay to rip off your own songs and sell them to fans as "new."
Boc Dushan vidi Vučevi sendvičari u circle pit-u
I liked their first album.
they brought a fan to play other percussions? 😀
Peter Skeels
Heard unsainted in master quality audio in Tidal still sounded shit ! What does Corey Taylor think ! GO BACK TO IOWA all hope is gone and Subliminal verses
Rhett Kollmorgen
Drummers timing was all over the joint, missed a few beats
checked two days ago!!😃
Horrible! Boys band with masks!
The intro sounds horrid like the mcjager song where they say "You cant always get what you want" in that choir like opening.
I loved it!!
What does Corey Taylor think?
Cringe TV
Fire Weinberg
That drumming is fuckin horrific, made it 20 seconds before switching it off!
Yeah you've told us about this about 10 times now
Grace Denness everyone rinsing the drumming 😂
Lisa Hayward watch!
Brad Bogle, pretty good
Such a shame that a tragedy had to follow 🙁
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It's been 20 years since the goth/punk outfit released their fourth studio album, Black Sails In The Sunset

Hottest motherfckr on the planet
Zach Gesford
Brian Beckett
I'm happily surprised to find that this list wasn't 10 songs from Sing the Sorrow and newer.
Days of the phoenix is a great song
Black Sails and Very Proud of Ya were great records but I haven't really followed these guys since those days... Glad to see they're still doing their thing though
I have them inked on me a couple tumes
That's easy....0
Jon Spencer
one more peep missing out on the great stuff AFI have been putting out recently... pity
No Miseria Cantare!? Boo. It's my favourite cause it was CM Punk's old theme in ROH.
They haven’t put out anything good in a while. Their old school stuff is AFI at their very best.
They're still alive?
Looks like a werewolf. Creepy.
Timothy Clarke
About music I realized that people live from the past...
Daniel Hill what do you reckon?
Who? Its Afi bitch!
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From our current cover stars, Amon Amarth, to melodeath pioneers – here are our top picks

This is missing actual essential and pioneering melodic death metal bands like Desultory, Eucharist, Gorement, Gates Of Ishtar, God Macabre, A Canorous Quintet, Sarcasm, Unanimated, early Amorphis, early In Flames... Nothing wrong with some of the albums listed but I'd hardly call them 'essential'. If the idea of these types of articles is to list essential albums then why list later (and arguably derivative) records?
I've actually thought that Character was Dark Tranquility's weaker albums, I would revisit although the more obvious choice would've been The Gallery or Damage Done.
You missed Tales From The Thousand Lakes. That's a huge mistake.
Death Race King over Crowned in Terror and Damage Done over Character. A good list nonetheless
Chris, another list for you. Some cracking albums in this one.
melodeath sucks.
amon amarth>arch enemy>in flames>children of bodom>soilwork
Glad to see Soilwork made the list. I would swap out Dark Tranquillity’s Character with Damage Done
Pere Hanfry ens en falta algun x escoltar
Sentenced deserves more attention here
Nothing beats Soilwork so I'm glad this list finally got it right to include them! 🤘🏻🎶🖤
Really? No mention of Kalmah or Insomnium?
No Follow The Reaper? I can not take this seriously.
Children of Bodom-Follow the Reaper.
and Corey Taylor? 😀
Children of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
How is this band not in this list?!
Robert Bonner....thank me later
No Mors Principium Est, that's just not right.
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A lot has changed in over three decades...

Naxzgul Nympholepsy
It's not good anymore that is one way.
Bands stopped writing songs and got into sports and youtube play throughs. (Ok, not all of them.. )
Effigy and Pierced were my favourite.
I like their older stuff better than their new stuff.
Nope....still shit genre after 30yrs
i sooooo agree and they will NEVER are going to do a powerful album like Effigy of the Forgotten , that really was an unique style with extreme intensity
Not alot of originality now a days
Cool post, thanks for sharing 😍
It's more popular now and diverse than it was 30 plus years ago!!
Yes. It used to be good. Lol.
Death metal and thrash actually might be better nowadays
They rule. Saw em in st louis last year. Best show ever
Sufocation lol....dread locks....and also bald...ridiculous glasses...death metal you said....??? Haha....Hello kitty bag as well....???
Death is still a gold standard idgaf what anyone says
Hisham Samsudin is that you?
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You're welcome.

Sam Williams
Disappointed with this album.
John this is kinda what they do with the Slipknot albums
Do they TRY to look like scary Nazis???
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Our thoughts go out to Crahan and his family

Sending love and thoughts to shawn and the slipknot family and friends. May she rest in peace. My condolences for your loss.
The Slipknot family hold each other tight and keep each other strong. My deepest and most sincere condolences for the loss of your precious daughter, Shawn. Sending love, peace and comfort to you. May she Rest In Peace.
Oh my goodness such awfully sad news 😢😔 thoughts and love with the family 😔 xx
Oh my god, so so sorry, love to the family and friends, r.i.p.xxxx
Condolences to the family. So young
We love you Clown. For all you’ve given us and done for us, may you find comfort in knowing we are here for you now ❤️
My deepest condolences to the family.
Very sad news. Love and thoughts to the family x
My greatest fear is to outlive my children. I cannot begin to understand the feelings the family will be going through. I can only offer my condolences and thoughts.
My thoughts go out to the family at this time x
So devastated for the family, Clown keep on rocking, your daughter Gabrielle will be so proud of her father sincere condolences to your family at this time, she will be there for you in spirit at your concerts supporting you all the way through \m/ God bless you Clown
That sucks. I feel for the Crahans.
Our great Knothead family has seen so much loss already and yet another tragedy has struck...Im so sorry Shawn. We are all here for you my friend <3 my sincerest condolences go out to you and your family.
Sorry for your loss Shawn 🙁 May she rest in peace.
My sincere condolences to the family. I can't imagine losing a child.
Thoughts & Prayers to Shawn & his family at this difficult time,no parent should have to lose & bury their own child, Tragic....
Far too young,RIP. Deepest sympathy to the family
So sorry for your loss clown, thoughts are with you and your family
Terrible for him and his family ☹️
Saw this on twitter first from their page. Couldn’t believe it 😪. So young man
This makes me sad nobody should have to go through that keep your head up Shawn
Ok I jabbed hard lately as the band fails to impress me, but I have a daughter and I can not imagine this man's pain. He has my deepest sympathies.
I sorry your daughter and your friend drew
As a father I know what losing a child is like. Its unkind and unnatural. They are meant to bury us. Not the other way around. Arohanui he whanau o Shaun and Channel
Bless him. Burying your own child is something no one should ever have to do. Hopefully he looks after himself and takes time to grieve
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Something for everyone in this week's playlist, check it out!