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And oldie but a goodie

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Prime Day rages on, and here are the best deals for music lovers

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As a reunified Germany came to terms with its new identity, six musicians from the East Side were discovering their own. Twenty-five years on, we go back inside the birth of a legend in our new and exclusive interview with Flake Lorenz

Dawood Qureshi😎
F'n Awesome
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We cast a fearful eye over the career of death metal's most revered sickos

The Bleeding, Vile, Gallery of Suicide is the top 3 for me, so I was disappointed to see Gallery as last in the list. They don't have really bad albums though
Tomb of the mutilated is my favourite. How did β€˜Vile’ make it to third best album?
Tomb of the mutilated is always my #1
Eaten back to life the best one
I only own the first album. The band has history, but damn do they have the worst transitions from riff to riff hahhahaha.
I wish more bands were like cannibal corpse. Just pure morbid and death obsessed
This list blows...who came up with this? πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
They all sound the same anyway.
That's a hard choice because they sound all the same
There is no bad CC album.
*from worse to worsest
Is Pat still in the band after his meltdown?
Nah Hannibal Lecter.πŸ€˜πŸ˜‚
That band SUCKS ASS
A waste of time.
You spelled all are ranked 10th wrong
Gotta get serpentine dominion to play some shows
Cannibal Corpse for life!!!!!!!!!! 🀘πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ🀘
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The best savings on Echo, Kindles and more

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We're still not over seeing Rammstein live in Milton Keynes...

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There's still time to upgrade your wireless speaker situation and nab a delicious bargain in the process

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Here are some pretty awesome deals on iPads

What's this hot yo do with metal?
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Throw back to when we put Randy Blythe and Corey Taylor in a room together to discuss the state of metal!

You guys don't post enough Corey Taylor articles. I'm out.
I remember that issue!
You have throwbacks everyday..
One of the best metal vocalists, and Randy Blythe. Lol Ha! Just fuckin with y'all. They're both awesome 🀘
A vegan and a gas bag walk into a room...
We need more Corey Taylor opinions about shit. This is nowhere near enough.
Randy is a better growler/screamer.
There is no state of metal at all πŸ€”πŸ˜’
Right, Corey again...
How about some news and not something we’ve seen
Isn’t that the guy from korn?
Two of the biggest ego's around.
Why did you have to let them out afterwards?
Hells yes
Hmmm...seen it...😏
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Because the only thing better than a wee dram is a cheap wee dram