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Amon Amarth love a bit of pillaging.

Espen Karlsen "Johan Hegg, a man so passionate about his Norwegian culture". Did you mean Norse culture? Johan Hegg is Swedish.
Kevin Valdez Yet they don't want to be called Viking metal
Jason Markham
Rihárd Purcel
Joyce Smith Great art work
Sophie Louise Cowap Jack Banks 🤘
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How Donington redefined live music.

Ian Jones 1988 when DLR screwed up the lyrics to Jump 😱
Kirk Macrae Download is commercial as hell !! Monsterz ruled !!
James Lockhart And the reason why it should be and always be the monsters of rock!
Craig Yiddo Coleman Always loved that festival,I was there when the stage fell apart too,all the best played there in the 80s
Ashley Smith Definitely better than download
Nick Stowe Bring it back ffs \m/
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An emoji is worth a thousand words. Or not, in this instance.

Davor Edelinski Umbrella and syringe, from the lacerated skies!
Hugo Pietra Raining Blood - Slayer
Ronnie Anderson 🎵It's raining drugs. hallelujah It's raining drugs, amen🎵
Léonard Monchau Transparent & red drops by Wet-allica
Justin Mendell Hahaha fucking hostile was a toughy
Eddie Araya Come on man....that one was too
Jason Britnell Can you guess this band? 💩🙅🏻☠️💩🙅🏻☠️💩🙅🏻☠️? (It rhymes with DabyDetal)
Paul Stephen Regan Umbrella needle? 🙂
Miranda Ujakovich Timothy Mcgillis...more to add to you emoji conversations..😜
Jo-ann Robinson Needle and the damage done
Adam Richardson You have to be really dumb to not get these
Alexandre Bozier Purple umbrella in the rain next to the blood dripping syringe. From Killer.
Simon Hauke Bela Baumann Puh, das ist tougher als man denkt. Wie viele hättest du geschafft? 😀
Leon Mumford Bring me the horizon emo dog's shit.
Usman Iqbal I can't believe I didn't get raining blood even though I was listening to it last night
Fran Cotton The umbrella has a metal handle so I'm going with Metal Injection 🤪
Matt Balousek tears are falling kiss..too tired to figure out the other right now lol
Kirk Macrae
Dmitry Pakaev Raining blood of course!
Dimitar Todorov 8/10 I didn't guess 5th and 9th song.
Gabriel Herrera Umbrella - Rihanna
Jason Branham Raining blood
Simon St-Pierre James le premier
David Piñero Aranda 🚲⚡️my favorite song
Joe Clark i got 3 4 6 7 and 10.
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Today on TeamRock Radio - available online, on TuneInRadio and on the iOS app:


10am - 11am - TRR Playlist

11am - Midday - As he announces his third and final night at the Royal Albert hall and celebrates his highest charting album yet, here’s Steven Wilson from the archive talking about some of his favourite solo and band work.

Midday - 1pm - MH Archive, from the vaults Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti talking about his solo band, the self-titled Tremonti on the eve...

Anthony Newcome Wheres this android app,
David Ramos Rodriguez Anaïs 😂😂😂 tu rentre ds une valise no Soucy 😜
Jhones Gabriel Bárbara Dias Victor Gabriel Dias Gonçalves Sarah Catarina
Michael Hagan Rachael Hagan
Joey Lodes Steve Booke
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Machine Head on Unto The Locust.

Shane Blockley I may be in the minority but I liked it.
Jameson Cee Wotst album but still love em...
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The Myrkur album is one of the best of the year. Find out why on TeamRock+.

Arnold Metallo I tried to like it but I find it very uninspired and boring. I really dont understand the hype. But that's just my opinion
Mark Vandervelden For two weeks now I've been trying to find this album! Every shop I go to has sold out! It seems to be doing very well.
Travis Cooper It's nice seeing you cover more alt metal stuff. It's barely heavy but so good.
Kuba Kozłowski the best female vocalist im metal
Jyotir Aditya Guleria Hipster black metal
Ricardo Pérez Cortez Fuck yeah!
Eli Melton Damn
Arnold van Delden True
Dimitar Todorov
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Remember this?

Jason Essig Apparently the Prince of Darkness decided people playing air guitar and all evidence of it will be the first to go during the rapture.
Amitai the video literally doesn't exist anymore
Steve Torrens Non metal fans doing air guitar make my teeth itch.
Ederson Chimaira Michael Bassfender
Rohan Ocean No
Karina Dueñas Yeah! 😍
James Fraser Please dont..
Maria Laura Panzeri Caterina Grasselli COS
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What a game.

James Overton Man loved this fucking game wish they kept it more hack nd slash wasnt a fan of the change up to rts the first missons were you were fucking up shit was awesome fantastic last post to judist preist painkiller
Swift Starkiller Richard This game was fuckin awesome.i am still playing this game.i can just play this game over and over again and never get tired of it.please make the sequel doublefine.
Sam Parker I don’t understand why people didn’t like the stage battles, I’m a pc guy so RTSs are in my blood, but even then the PlayStation controls where perfect for a console port!
Malo Su'a This Game was underrated as Hell. I replay through it at least once a year. Awesome story & the most amazing Game World of all time. And Jack Black. And Metal. And Epic Battles. It was just awesome
Daniel Almeida Gasalho Absolutely love this game, still own my PS3 copy after all these years. I played this game to death and I have it to thank for introducing me to more Extreme Metal subgenres =D Drowning Doom still is my fav faction ;]
Karl Christopher James Walcott Sometimes I just go driving around with the radio up looking at the scenery of this amazing world, and wish to Ormagöden they would make a sequel.
Gustavo Aroche I loved the game some parts gave me gamer rage but overall it was fun and that soundtrack i really liked how it fit into the levels..really wish they would if made a sequel curious to know what songs would of been used.
Taran Brodie I'm playing this game right now for my Youtube channel (Jester Gaming, check it out, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK) and I am absolutely loving it. I know absolutely nothing about the story besides what I've experienced so far, so I am having no spoilers. Also, Doviculus' voice is fucking awesome.
Kevin John McDonald I absolutely loved this game and how it wasn't limited to one kind of game. I'd love to see a sequel or at the very least a remaster.
Colby Johnson I still play this game frequently. I got to meet Ophelia's voice actor and she was so stoked to sign my copy.
Eli Melton Brutal legend was sick. I wish they made a second game. Still own my copy
Jared Winegardner Most definitely the most metal game ever, not just a game with a metal soundtrack, it actually made super heroes out of icons
Reggie Doan isn't it the only game about Metal? Correct me if I'm wrong. Love the fucking game, still waiting for a Brutal Legend 2...
Lakota Stafford Possibly the best video game ever. I loved that game. Such a neat experience. Wish there was a sequel.
Francis Hewlett I still have it this is one of my favorite games of all times they need to make it backwards compatible on the Xbox One Tim Schafer is a genius I don't know how many times I've played through this game looking at this article I think I got the pop it in and go down memory lane
Brian Basler I loved the first couple hours of the game, then the tower defense stuff came into play and I lost interest.
Jason O'Driscoll Nah, DOOM was the most metal game imo
Remus Stingaciu Still woulda been better as a hack 'n slash instead of a strategic game.
Alex Wallace I don't know Doom 2016 is probably the most metal game I've ever played
Daniel Ives The most metal game is obviously Nintendogs
Jonny Denny Splatterhouse has got to be one of the most metal games ever made along with twisted metal.
Dvir Chacham That was an amazing game. It also introduced me to many bands.
Michael Clark Aye if you like an RTS that pretends to be a hack n slash
Tony LeBlanc Great game but Doom, Duke & Quake are the most metal games ever
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It's finally happening!

Suffer No Fools Ah we can listen to Priest if we want to, we can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't listen to Priest and if they don't listen to Priest, well they're no friends of mine 🤘
Sarah Mannouch better than some of the screaming rubbish. Nice to see old school metal back!
David Ohansen These guys have stood the test of time! Fantastic band!
Ray Appicelli shit,....can you imagine? true rock godz who have lived thru it all headlining this gig? just goes to show that sometimes us here in America are cutting edge and deep and mentally acute. The Europeans with all the genius level musicianship didn't fall upon deaf ears here. we're not all bout simple minded Korn music
Miguel Juarez Algún día tenía que pasar, nada es para siempre y lamentablemente los Judas ya decidieron colgar la toalla en determinada fecha. Al igual que Black Sabbath ya ganaron su sitio en el limbo de los inmortales del rock. Ya no tienen que demostrar nada a nadie a éstas alturas de su carrera.
Gustave Maschke Their okay, I thought a lot of their songs would have been heavier since Pain Killer is a fast song but I guess not, never really did like them
Mike Burnett Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Ron Osborne I hope they tour soon! United States tour would be great!
Gillty McFerguson Lorna did I mention Bloodstock to you? You like the priest aye?!
Owen Rigg Tim Waterson we should do bloodstock now🤘👹
Walter Araya They should headline Chicago open air 2018!
Christian Rossetti Love em or hate them they definitely are a great band
Nate Martin Any us tour comin soon would be MOST appreciated
Derek Morton Does this mean we could see some US shows to \m/ 😀 \m/
Jane Tennant I've seen them 5 or 6 times. Brilliant live band!!
Marc Normand But do they wear their sunglasses at night?
Justin Matthew I'm listening to them!!
Paul Knapp James Lloyd Gojira & Priest as headliners. Shall I buy the tickets now?
Francis Hewlett I would love to go to that I haven't seen priest in decades
Alex Wronski The Metal Gods playing the best Metal Fest = flawless victory !
Florida Roy If true, then this is fukin awesome
Karen Woodcock Jeffrey Woodcock we need to do this and take the kids! X
Jos Deruyter Nils Cuypers ze headline op bloodstock ook zudus ze zijn in de buurt😁
Ben Turner Nathan Cobbold Ermm so yeah this is happening
Shanice Bailey Liam Johnston last headline announced 🙂 bring on next year
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Exclusive! The final Bloodstock Festival headliner is...

Metal Hammer
Motley Stu any obscure gems coming of of the woodwork for yous set Ian? I met you in a fine tasseled jacket in the NEC foyer when Rob support Maiden on Brave New World're a legend n a gent!
Lance Robertson Brilliant, I knew it. I think a little V.I.P. bar attendance to this years fest was a cheeky insight 😁😉 Roll on next year with 3 awesome headliners 😊😊 Awesome work Guys x🍺😊🤘
Adela Parzanese Guerrero One of my first ever cassettes I bought was Judas! I can't believe I'm going to see them live! Can't bloody wait yes! My favourite band Gojira and Judas Priest unbelievable
Andrew Carr another question: with your music obviously being as influential as it is have you ever listened to a younger band and heard elements of your own style? if so how does that make you feel?
Iain Wright im currently with my band Kringer and the Battle Katz recording vocals for our album. We'll happily headlone 😁😁
Luke Flynn Yes,yes,fuck yes! Priest are the one band I haven't been able to see live yet! 🤘 Seen Sabbath,Maiden,Metallica! This makes me hard! 🤘🤘🍺🍺
Victoria Ansell 2018 best year ever! cannot wait for nightwish! Loved ghost last year and this coming year is going to be amazing! Cannot wait to see the Bloodstock family! Xx
Steve Gresty Saw you at Deeside Leisure Centre in 1980 when Glenn Tipton backed into one of the side stage light rigs - the roadies had kittens!!!
Jacqui Rose Will priest be staying for the duration of the festival, or is it more smash then dash? I always wonder this with the headliner acts
Rachel Baker Are the tickets on sale now for vip camping or is it not available yet? Please tell me not yet have to wait till next pay day 🤞🤘🤘
Harriet Owen I can finally convince my dad to come to bloodstock now! He's been playing priest to me since I was a baby and is the reason I love metal ❤
Gary Hair I've been waiting for years to see you thank you so much for getting them for bloodstock now change nightwish to Friday and get Priest to close the Sunday
Ben Willmott Do Priest know who they've got as main support? Maybe not at bloodstock but I know some festival headliners like to have a little influence in who the sub headliner is...
Fraser Fionn Wilson Will Bloodstock be a UK exclusive show for Priest, or will you be touring the UK for the album just after it drops?
Steve Saunders Great to see the Priest going as strong as ever. Big hello to all the band. Well done Bloodstock as always.
Adela Parzanese Guerrero Me! Haha cassette = tape I'm from South America we call them cassettes hahaha but yeah I'm older than. You
Dan Millard Can i ask. Ian a question please???. With the Tour will you be doing a uk tour???. Cardiff Bristol Birmingham??. :). Cheers
Shannon Neal If its two Gojira sets I am still rocking up haha
David Hodge Vengaboys or take that or im not going
Felicity Willcock Get Infernal Sea back. About to watch them again and they're ace. #UKBM #WeWantEmperor 😈😈😈❤️✨✨🤘🏻
Dimo Tirkov I started the topic of the monarchy when I was 7 years old my father told me that I am a grandson of generalsimus is always when I said this was a cataclysm in this country
Joe Window Does anyone know how to beat the last boss on Ninja Gaiden 2?
Dan Millard Yes!!!!!!!!! PRIEST. I love you so much thank you. Thank you. Did i say thanks. Omg FRIGGING METAL GODS AT BLOODSTOCK.
Jack Davies It's obviously going to be gojira playing 2 shows