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"We want to have the freedom to live with some of these ideas for a while and then maybe record them in a different way.”

Gimmi sum more of dat even flow
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NOMVDIC are using death metal – and memes – to promote the power of positivity.

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Why'd you leave the keys upon the table?

Are we suppose to know who Tina Fey is?
The uploader has not made the video available in my country 😭😭😭
well that was so cringey my eyes have and ears have concaved inward towards my skull. I'll keep you posted as i go to the hospital to fix this.
That was absolutely fucking awful. I feel I may be being a bit harsh on "awful".
This is the sort of shit we don't need this portrayal of heavier music winds me up
So many cringy things.. the acting is awful and Thats not what all/any metal fans arelike..
No self respecting metal head would succumb to this horrid clickbait though.
Such an awesome hammer of metal you wield. No!
I was expecting better and funnier.... Oh well.
That was much less fun than I had hoped it would be.
Wake up! Grababrushandputalittfhhjgflmakeup!
SNL is so awful!
Jackson Meldrum Hayley Meldrum
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Hard to believe it's been just over a year...

Who's Chris Cornell?
Wish they had proshot footage of it.
Fucking amazing!
No up to date pics available?
Karen Cassidy
Elijah Girgis
Joanne Gogerty
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On this day in 1979, Saxon (Official) released their debut album!

First l.p. of NWOBHM.... Classic stuff....Saxon deserve far more recognition for their contribution to rock and metal. . Eh Up Lads😈😉
Side one No. Title Length 1. "Rainbow Theme" 3:07 2. "Frozen Rainbow" 2:29 3. "Big Teaser" 3:55 4. "Judgement Day" 5:31 Side two No. Title Length 5. "Stallions of the Highway" 2:52 6. "Backs to the Wall" 3:09 7. "Still Fit to Boogie" 2:53 8. "Militia Guard" 4:50 |🙏🤘
Looks like the cover of a Sega genesis game
I still have this vinyl and still play it.
Back To The Wall crushes!
Saw them with Priest two months ago. Kickin'.
Early nwobhm album, not my favourite but they really came through with wheels of steel
Super underrated album
Have it and Love it !!!
Discazo !!
Awesome album
Excelente álbum!!
Sabrina Cherry
Bill LaBay
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“Even to this day, for all the money that metal moves, it’s amazing how disrespected it is.”

Yeah, us metal heads don't need the the elitism and snobbery of the mainstream at all. Because we're pretty damn perfect at creating our own!
I can't imagine not listening to all kinds of rock and metal. That's just the way I've always been. I started out young listening to the Bay City Rollers. Worked my way up through 70s rock, punk. Kiss and glam rock.New wave, NWOBHM.Thrash. Crossover. Hair metal. Grunge. Alternative. Nu metal. Death metal. Black metal and whatever it's called today. Metalcore or whatever. And even some rap. Granted, some bands I don't like and some genres I like better than others, but I'll not give something a try because of it's genre. All genres have put out some good stuff. It's all rock and metal. I like having a vast choice of stuff to listen to. And I discover new stuff everyday. Metal is my preference but I don't feel the need to have a closed mind about it. My 16 year old is the same way. He listens to everything from Hendrix to Thrash, to Dubstep. If it sounds good to him, he'll listen. He doesnt care about labels.
Another point about metal being under-appreciated is that most people don't realise the effort it takes to write, learn, and play a song. It takes about 6 months- 1 year just to learn a guitar, whereas you can just sample sounds on a laptop and put it in a midi controller with buttons and such, which can take about 2 weeks to make a song with. I understamd that rappers struggle sometimes with their fast verses etc., but with rock and metal, the members have to learn all their parts (Guitar, Drums, Bass, etc.) and make about 8-12 songs in the span of roughly a year. It may sound equal, but think about it. Qute a lot of pop artists these days only release EP's (which is about 4-6 songs) whereas rock and metal bands can release up to 20 songs per album sometimes. So just take that into perspective. TL;DR: Play a well thought out song, that took ages to learn, and these days, no-one really cares. Press a few buttons which make noise, everyone loses it.
Did anyone else think it was Speed at first since the article was about metal.
And yet billy corgan preferred to play alternative rock over metal, don’t get me wrong, smashing pumpkins had a couple of good songs back then
I think what puzzles me the most, is when you an juxtapose the issue of metal not getting musical credit and respect against rap and hip-hop getting the respect that they do. With the garbage lyrical themes they propagate, how they became mainstream is beyond me. How this genre that promotes ideals of misogyny can thrive in a time when women are still struggling against inequality and violence is quite disturbing.
Yeah and that's why most of us like it cos we're outsiders
Depends on how you look at it Kenneth. Respect also comes from fear. The authorative mainstream rejects us because they know our power. That knowledge is all the respect I need. Metal is a formidable adversary of the system. As for the mainstream sheeple, well I just pity them. This is why I always say, Metal is so much more than music. We all know this. So does the system. They don't spend so much time and resources keeping us underground for nothing! We are the acid that can erode the seemingly indestructible steel structures of their society. That's respect! 🤘
No we will not be your friend Billy Corgan. Go away.
Most people don’t get Metal I consider us an elite group
It sucks when you're a kid but once you realise they're the idiots losing out, why would you care? Being underground is pride.
Its well respected in central and northern europe and metal frequently makes the top 40
Dispite all my rage I am still just a rat in cage.
Has anyone let Billy know he's not metal?
Fucking hell, I agree with Billy Corgan....2018 is becoming a strange as shit year for me....
That’s part of Metal’s allure. If you don’t like it go F yourself!
It wouldn't be metal any other way. Is there anything less metal than a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
This isn't exactly a problem, y'all know.
despite of his rage, he is still just a rat in a cage!
I'm perfectly ok with metal not getting respected.
Not respected but who cares. Your fans respect you more than any mainstream artist will ever be respected. They are here today gone tomorrow hence rest in peace v festival and tea in the park. Let the masses eat their spoon fed tripe.
Love metal being underground I hate the main stream. If artist that have made it want to progress rock and metal music help those lesser bands that want to tour and spread metal to the masses instead of thinking you are royalty
Kids these days would rather go to tomorrowland than to wacken open air
Nobody give any respect these days
Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
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As revealed on the Radio 1 Rock Show last night, Metal Hammer is proud to present Hail To The Kings: A Tribute To Avenged Sevenfold!

This world exclusive album features brand new Avenged covers by Fozzy, Upon A Burning Body, SHVPES, Betraying The Martyrs, Brutai and many more. You won’t find these songs anywhere else!

It comes with the new issue of Metal Hammer – on sale this Thursday. Come back tomorrow to see what else we've got lined up!

Metal Hammer Full tracklist: 1. Fozzy – Shepherd Of Fire 2. Shvpes – Scream 3. Betraying The Martyrs – Bat Country 4. Upon A Burning Body – Remenissions 5. Brutai – Almost Easy 6. Charcoal Tongue – Brompton Cocktail 7. Harbinger – Burn It Down 8. As Everything Unfolds – God Hates Us 9. Skywalker – Afterlife 10. Sworn Amongst – Second Heartbeat 11. I Fight Bears – Unholy Confessions 12. Greyhaven – Hail To The King
Brutai Had such a great time recording this one! Can't wait for everyone to hear these amazing tributes to Avenged Sevenfold. Thank you Metal Hammer for organising this <3
I’m getting old. Now bands covering A7X... geez. Moving on from the old time greats and paving the way for the next generation. Awesome. A7X!
Shame I only know Fozzy and Upon a Burning Body on this list cud of gotta sum other famous names on there like u did with other cover albums???
Dan Goodchild harbinger doing burn it down!!! 😍 brutai doing almost easy AND SWORN AMONGST doing second fucking heartbeat! Are you actually making shit the bed??? Jesus Christ in a bendy bus I’m at full mast right now
Was a fun one, cheers MH!
I feel so honored to be a part of this!
Avenged Sevenfold getting a Tribute album ? Oh well.... The Time we live in.....
Upon a Burning Body fucking rock,seen them 1 time great show!!
Had a blast recording for this! Cheers MH!
I like that you've named it after the covers album that Avenged did.
Xanthe Ginty I fight bears have recorded unholy confessions 😱😱
Hey Baptiste and Aaron, the song you covered is seriously my favorite A7X song!!!
Jim Watkins might be shit but might be worth a listen ;P
Maggy Purdy Florent Garcin un album en honneur d'a7x, 12 reprises de 12 groupes différents👌
Mell Nicholls you will like this xxxxxxxxxxx
The king of what exactly?
No Beast and the Harlot?!
Martin Bower I think we might need to get this issue! Xxxxx
This sounds pretty fucking interesting!
Trevor Walding 😂 Covers of Avengmetallicguns’n’jovichainsfold.
Nick Bolonja this is actually so cool
Have they been around that long? I must be getting old.
Harbinger Hope you guys like riffs...
Craig Moore have you seen this!
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Fans win the ultimate Metallica prize!

Bring on the hate in 3...2..1.
Did Lars sue them for touching his drum kit?
Napster widows activated in 3....2....1...
Lucky fellas 🔥
Mike Riding be on your dreams to go there I bet.
Nick Garnham 🤙🏼🤙🏼
Danny Fitzgerald bet it was Jay
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Lamb of God return to their punk roots!

4/5 stars You dont have to click on the article : )
Excellent album
Honeybucket is AMAZING
Really enjoyed listening to it today
Killer album.
Jeffrey Soares Alves
Magnus Frøystein
Oriol Vila
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See if you can spot a few familiar faces...

Is Ghost the only band Metal Hammer posts about? I swear, it's some lame Ghost article twice a day, 5 days a week minimum.
I try and I try, but I can’t get into Ghost. Their image is awesome and I bet their live show is even better, but it’s just not my thing. Are any of their songs heavy?
All the haters are on the List
I hate this band, I hated this song. I just don't get the appeal. This isn't an elitist thing, I listen to stuff way outside the realm of metal, I just don't like their music.
I can’t deal with the repeated Ghost posts. Metal Hammer, change your name to the official Ghost page. Unfollowing your page for now.
So many people commenting that they don't like this band or their music, then why the hell are you here commenting? People confuse me. 😂
Song is terrible which is disappointing after how good rats was
Anselmo sounds like a human for a change and looks like he lost a ton of weight too
Opus Eponymous rules. This new stuff is terrible.
I can't get into ghost but I like the video for Rats. Dancing isn't a metal thing, and this band isn't really metal, but for some reason I like the dancing he does in it.
Don’t like, don’t listen or comment, I think Ghost are great And I followed them ever since first seeing them 7 years ago. Haters Have some maturity and respect for people that actually enjoy their music.
Love the song hate the music clip. But eh what do you expect when they are in the middle of a tour....
Why was everyone required to hold their phones the wrong way to take a video? Seems kinda dumb.
Why would you assume ghost is metal the band is pretty metal but it's not numetal get over it , you probably won't like this band if you can't understand that
But I didn’t see Corey Taylor’s response to the daily Ghost updates on Metal Hammer?!? Sorry, I’ll see myself out..
I love Ghost just saw them live in the new song
Kirk, Phil Anselmo & Charlie Benante approves Henrik, så vi må sgu snart bide i græsset makker.. 🍺🍺😝
Phil ain't feelin it lol..Matt is gonna give life to this dull ass band
I wasn’t a fan of Ghost at first, but they grew on me.
Don't care what dey say about dem.. der an awesome band.... \../
Chris Jericho and NXT star Aleister Black are in the new Ghost video.
Their first album is still the best.
I thought that was Mike Mckenna
James Hogarth-Jones what I was on about the other day!
Chris Jericho, Aleister Black, Chino Moreno, Phil Anselmo