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Check out the new video from Brutality Will Prevail!

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Is this the best era for Deftones?

Billy Martin Deftones were smarter than the average nu metal band. That's a fact. They were more poetic and much better musicians than they're given credit for. I'm not saying they area nu metal band, but realistically the height of their popularity ran parallel with the height of nu metal's popularity. Same genre or not, they were still contemporaries to Korn, Coal Chamber, and all those other Korn knockoffs that popped up like zits around '98-2000.
Jeff Dunat Deftones are one band I like mellower better. Chino is a better singer then screamer
Mike Nunez Yes. Earlier the better. With each album they devolve into The Cure. Love em still. Just sayin...if I want to hear The Cure I'll listen to The Cure.
Brian Arnold As somebody who adores Nu Metal, Deftones were never typical of the genre. Anger was never the focus of their music so mellowing out benefitted them big time.
Rodrigo Granado Nope. Adrenaline-Self Titled era is the best. Albums after that are amazing, specially Diamond Eyes, but It's not the same thing. Still love them to death though😍
Frank Nukerly Adrenaline and Around the fur were great. White pony was ok.they lost me after that
Justin Voyce Adrenaline is my fav record of theirs. Probably due to that time in history was when I was in high school and discovering music on my own for the first time
Farrell Spence-Henderson They have done some great and not so great albums over the years but their most complete albums for me are diamond eyes and koi no yo kan
Jay Welsh Self titled and Saturday night wrist are great too
Aaron Love White pony!
Wyler Provost Every era is the best era
John Hogan Sign up to read on. Hahaha. Sure lol.
Hayden Kline Idk if I could agree more
Giancarlo Colón-Vázquez A Ruben Ramirez Jr.
Ryan Harvey Adrenaline fucking RULES.
Brian Arnold No. White Pony was when they got great.
Brandon Miller #RipChi
Brian Reule Definitely one of their Top 7 eras
Jeff Dunat Great band
Chuck Rodriguez Literally all sucks.
Anthony DiLoreto Yes
John-John Cerna Shove it!!!!3x
Bryan James Sparks Benjamin Keene
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Discover the Killswitch Engage bassist's incredible collection over on TeamRock+.

Marcus Dhark that NJPW tshirt tho....🔥
Sierra Montgomery Chalups Rodriguez
Bill Bechtold Wow Mike and I collect some similar stuff. Powell and Peralta, Japanese super robots, etc. 😳
Vini Azevedo That's so fucking cool
Justin Martin God i love KSE
Matt Cornman I'm not the only one Brittany Arms
Anthony Cortese Shogun Warriors!
Paul McLauchlin Wow, I'm loving the music article here. 😉
Jayson Mahaguay Nice robot collections
Amjed Jabari Love the Grindizer he is holding.
Jodan Laver Vanessa Dimple
Bryan James Sparks Benjamin Keene she's so cool
Taz Bee Kay Gene
Michael Eevee Acevedo Edward Rusty Pena
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Subterranea Mag bring the HEAVY.

Ewan Anderson Lindsay Ross Think you'd quite like these guys
James Gamboa Sounds like Gojira. That's a compliment. 🙂
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Layne Staley would have been 50 today.

Erika Annabelle Pratte My pain is self-chosen At least, so the prophet says I could either burn Or cut off my pride and buy some time A head full of lies is the weight, tied to my waist The river of deceit pulls down, oh oh The only direction we flow is down Down, oh down Down, oh down <3
Trecia Darr An honor to share the same birthday with Layne..such an amazing voice ..favorite band that brings back memories of my teenage years..loved the 90's and the music! RIP beautiful man. You are missed❤😔
Eric Dickson Another amazing icon taken from us way too soon. I think he would have continued to make amazing music if he could've dealt with his demons. What an amazing talent and the voice he had. So powerful. I love Alice in chains "jar of flies" and "dirt"! There are 2 of my favorite albums of all time. See you on the other side Layne....
Manuel Hernandez Now I see why I didn't like Alice in Chains at the beginning. Compared to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, their music was too depressing. Now that I'm older and have a better knowledge of Layne Staley's, for lack of a better word, unorthodox life, I can appreciate Alice's music more.
Mike Engesser And yet I find Repeating in my head If I can't be my own I'd feel better dead Gone way too soon
Fermin Chapa I don't think he would of faded away. His voice is legendary and he's a grunge icon.
Tara Macela I had no idea but i musta know intuitively cause i been playing aic the last few days which i havent done for years.. fucking miss that angel 💜
Claudia Faesel into the flood again, same old trip it was baaaack then! so I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way!
Mark Phillips Icon. Will forever be remembered and idolized.
Kay Nyctophilia I listen to Alice In Chains all the time, still love them as much now as I ever did. Layne Staley will always be missed.
Jesse Borselli Alice In Chains is still going, Layne wouldn't have faded away That's like saying Eddie Vedder and or Chris Cornell would have
Siony McKinnon Probably the single biggest influence of my life... I never knew him, but I met people who did - my hero <3
Ashley St Onge My son jaxson Layne was born on the 7th to "would" 🖤💚🖤💚
Paul Young Ah man, now I'm sad, 🙁 happy birthday Layne, we still love ya
Mark Warkenthien Pure power, inside and out! Easily one the most recognizable voices ever.!
Veenilla Wafer Layne's powerful vocals have helped me fight through many tough, down-low times in life. R.I.P.. brother!!! 💯
Jairo Q. Araya I knew there must be a reason to Heard Alice all morning H bday wherever you are Layne!
Jed Jennings Don't Follow. My favorite song by them. Simply beautiful and brutally haunting
Marc Jerram Legend, one of the best singers ever.
Denia Ariana Griggsby I think it's gonna raaaain...When I die 😢❤
Josh Traylor Sure God is all powerful...but does he have lips?
Pau Pau Pau Best voice of the 90's
Ralph Attonito Lisa Healy
Kerry Martin Happy birthday Layne, my favourite voice always. 💙
Ashley St Onge Layne voice can never replaced 😔
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Movie: How Pearl Jam helped Chicago Cubs win the World Series…

Darren Bungle Simpson best band out there, .
Scott Clevenger
Mike Nagy Eee en furrrrrr. Giss aroo like burnafurrrr
Ben Bielski They didn't...
Cahlianur Keren....
Lex Wattz Get the fuck outta here!
Dave Elson Yawn
Sian Delaney Harry Ashton Cyra Ashton
Matt Kennedy Chris Munro
Jeff Lovell Suzanne Fritschie
Alan Galloway Chad Peterson
Mitch Voelz Tim Schroeder Lauren Enochs
Poole Angela Carlie Poole
Adam Bardan Aaron Kannegiesser
Emily Mulvey Maria Mulvey
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Stop everything! Quicksand are back!

Becky Skrepcinski Thank you !!!!
Philip Millhouse Lyon Matt Clements
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Marmozets are back!

Simon Kocinski Sara 'Chanterelle Mushroom' Kocinski Did you check them out? You should definitely go to the Bristol gig if there are tickets!
Vasyl Ianyshpolskyi Sounds like Avril Lavigne now. Shame...
Mochamad Taufik Iqbal Sedep
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Hey Kerry, when's the next Slayer album out?

Owen Tasker Am I the only one who thinks Kerry is the worst guitarist Slayer has had? Let's look at it Gary is 10x better than Kerry and Jeff was a God compared to Kerry... Then again Jeff always is a God and Tom even though he's a bass player sounds way better. Basically fire Kerry and get Elmo to play instead... Yeah Elmo is metal as!
Joshua Godsey Repentless was amazing. Cant wait until the next one!
Kevin Cambray F*** the haters,Slayer have a cast iron place at Metals top table. People seem to forget that without them a lot of bands wouldn't exist,you don't like what they've become then don't listen to any of the new stuff and by turns don't comment on a band that many of us have followed from the start with or without Jeff/Dave and who will listen to them for as long as we are allowed🤘🏻 All Hail Slayer😈
Simon Gordon Best news I've heard all year. They've been killing for 30+ years and another record is great news 🤘🏼
Derik Sherman Slayer is falling victim to the AC/DC syndrome. Their sound is stagnant, WPB was at least a bit different, buts it's becoming the same riffs over and over again, and the same licks over and over again. Tom is of South American heritage, bring some of that culture into the next Slayer record. Otherwise, how's the next record going to be any different?
Carlos Lopes Guerra O know you guys are limited musicians but i would love to see some evolution in your music,i got tired of your sound after seasons in the abyss.Always the same sound only the album covers change,surprise us 🤘
Thomas Kingernuts Dying band, you know its true. Gary go back to Exodus. Their glory days are looooooong gone.
Warren Litberg Relentless was amazing
Robert Walker I want to hear a record similar to hell awaits/haunting the chapel
Rafael Trujillo Solis That isn't SLAYER, for simple common sense They sould be split up !!!
Marcos Nan I doubt it...I mean they're going to make us wait until 2020
Tim Walker Even back in the day Slayer were out metalled by SoiledKrust and Hipthrusta, so yawn really. 🤘
Alex Limanis Let's hope it's better than Repentless. The title track was pretty good & Atrocity Vendor witch was a left over track on world painted blood
James Arendt
Jay Stevenson You mean why is the next Slayer album coming out
Ankur D Not expecting anything spectacular though... Hope at least one track kicks some ass
Andrew Salas
Robert MacLeod Gary please go back to EXODUS
David Hernandez Its Not Slayer
Alan Cheek No Dave no Jeff not slayer
Michael Hagan
Shawn Schaeffer Next album title is 000000-000-000-00-1
Tim Cahill Let Gary write some songs, dude.
Rod James Gary please get back to your Real band!
Andrew Esquivel It's gonna be 0000000000 all over again.
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To celebrate our 300th issue we gathered the biggest and best names in metal for the ultimate debate about the genre YOU love!

Shawn Schaeffer You mean the same people you've been writing about for the past 10 years? 😉
Kay Chaloner Just picked mine up, can't wait to dive in lol
Kirk Righetti Not to be negative but when did stone sour become metal, slipknot is more, especially when stone sour can be heard on pop radio...
Spencer Nelson Eddie Hermida looks like he's seriously contemplating his life decisions (and he should)
Callum Mawson I just wish that photo was the poster, make it for next month!
Metal Mike Tyson THLAYER
Johnny Mickem Dave Mustaine makes me laugh lol XD
Jesus Azrael Cristos Lamb Of God of course.
Tim Tyrrell Is this available is Australia anywhere?
Ryan Hughes
Kyle Stacey Does Corey Taylor have a giant head on the cover?
Mohdsharin Hj Yahya
Terri Reed Jonathan Andrew Robbins it's about to get rEAL
Bryan James Sparks Go no Benjamin Keene
Edward Sevan Kata Sz