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The league's players have spoken.

Chris Feltes Tom Brady is the greatest QB to play in the NFL, and the others who say otherwise are just salty that their QB will never be as successful as he has been.
Jonathan Lozano The players know he's the greatest while couch potatoes say he's a "system" qb. Hahahaha πŸ˜‚
Devin Mychal Coto "Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat, no more than an hour ago."
Edzs Al Hamzoo I would to thank KD for leaving and for giving me the opportunity to lead the OkC Thunders and my teammates for letting me grabbed them rebounds and letting me be the stats chaser that i am... I should be the 1st quadruple double winner but ill settle for triple double.... thank you Russell Westbrook 2017 NBA MVP
Wendi Wu So everything is normal even though his ex teammate murdered someone but when they joked about me and the Mexicans didn't like it they have to play the blaming way. What is this
Jon Carney "He cheated, the vote was rigged! #votegate2017" - Every Tom Brady hater...
Randy Thompson Shows that the players think he is legit and not a cheater ;).
Jon Cencich
Angel Daniel Aguilar
Dustin Wright There is a common gene that most people point to for elite of the elite. That's the clutch factor. Tom Brady is #1.
Brandon Dotson Lol. Okay. That's why cassel and some kid named after a decadent meat get all the wins they want with this squad.
Tim Owen His opponents are saying he's the best, no leg to stand on now haters. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
Jason Nappier Shawn surprised to not see a post from you on this glorious day.
Jorge Ulate
Curtis Cass Who cares its baseball season ESPN stop with pointless football news
Charlie McNeil Five time. Five time. Five time. Five time. Five time.
Adolfo Castanon Mari Eduardo Gil RodrΓ­guez MartΓ­nez people are still salty thanks to Mr. Brady πŸ˜†.
David Ferreira Brady ain't 1.
Buddy Szczesniak Wow he really took the air out of the room..πŸ€—
Angel Falcon More like cheaters.
Jesus Gonzalez Sanchez
Cody Cox
Gary Gelder Rodgers is a bit low, but it's a meaningless poll
Joshua Burke Brady-haters feel deflated. That is good.
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Every award, here:

Sean Brenon So the NBA went for stats over actual value. You want to know why OKC won so many games? Westbrook. You want to know why they didn't win more and almost got swept in the playoffs? Westbrook. Unfortunate that voters were led astray by stats.
Elliott Strowbridge Wanna know how to trigger Warriors fans now? Just call KD a snake and they'll come crawling out of the grass. πŸ˜‚
Chris McGhee I'm pretty content with everyone that won. I can't believe LeBron wasn't nominated for anything though.. that's very questionable.
Travis Salyers You all can argue over MVP all you want, I just want to point out that in this article ESPN still has D. Wade as playing for the Heat.
Adam Christopher Russell Westbrook deserved MVP. I don't care what anyone says. He dominated the regular season.
Alex Roddy I think all the choices were correct, except for MIP I'd pick Gobert. And of course the for the fan ones some were off, but those aren't that important. Good show for their first year, it will become an amazing, more refined awards show in the years to come.
Geo Greves everybody ignoring the n b a stance on bathroom privacy ; everybody loses ; not withstanding the GOOD people in the n b a , and the same for n c a a ... North Carolina was right ...
Edzs Al Hamzoo I would to thank KD for leaving and for giving me the opportunity to lead the OkC Thunders and my teammates for letting me grabbed them rebounds and letting me be the stats chaser that i am... I should be the 1st quadruple double winner but ill settle for triple double.... thank you Russell Westbrook 2017 NBA MVP
Jesus Acevedo
Lemuel Perez It's a shame lebron wasn't even nominated when everyone knows he was the MVP this season.
Homero Valenzuela Performance of the year should have gone to Devin Booker scoring 70 freaking points!!!!
Devon Armstrong Dont let this distract you from the fact that the coach of the year was responsible for coaching James Harden into the defensive stud he is today...
Jonathan Turnbull The award given to Bill Russell was truly an amazing moment!
Jennifer Huneycutt Awesome to see Dirk getting the credit he deserves for putting his team first for 19 years.
Dennis Samples Thy need oprah up there! "you get an award! you get an award! YOU!!!"
Tarus Morgan Westbrook also got snubbed on assist of the year and dunk of the year!!
Troy Bodie Adam Silver looks like the serpent in the Garden of Eden who tricked Adam and Eve.
Tonsen Sportsman Dwayne wade was on the Bulls EPSN
Charlie McNeil If Westbrook didn't win mvp, the nba would have been viewed as a joke.
Erik Anthony Cambra Celts got snub 3x... defense bradley not even up there .. Mvp , Thomas should got a vote and coach of there year come on now ?? they won there division
Ian Xander Harden not winning an award for disappearing in game 6 vs Spurs bench and lost by 40 points
Sherwyn Roy Refugio Martinez Khawi leonard the real MVP. He score and defend for his team.
Alexander Jacob I think it says something that two of the Rookie of the Year finalists were on the same team.
Robert Duckett MVP for a team sport, but sends the message repeatedly, "There is no 'I' in 'team'"
Austin Okeke
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"His father's not going to be able to talk his way out of anything if his son does not perform at an elite level."

Cj Hebert You may not like Smith, but he has a good point here, and I've been saying this ever since LaVar started talking... He really is putting a big target on Lonzo, not only from the players, but from basketball fans/viewers...
Elliott Strowbridge Only reason Lonzo has a target on his back because everyone got butt hurt by the things Lavar Ball said. I mean seriously y'all got offended over him saying he can beat MJ one on one?
Derek Anderson Man this dude was just on WWE Raw with his whole family acting a fool and building his brand. Stephen A can't tell him nathan! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sippi Slik All parents think their kids are great and its their job to boost their kids confidence. Lonzo never said he was better than n e body so him being a "target" is bs. Wut about Magic tho? He had a lot to say about Lonzo too. Criticize him as well if its all about not giving dues til dues are paid. But the constant criticism of a good father and a stand-up kid who barely even talks is getting ridiculous. And Stephen A. should be ashamed for parlaying on this story for so long. Let that man raise his boys and stop trying to make a mockery out of him. He is doing a lot right if u ask me and i salute him and fathers like him.
Nick Tuomala The man said he could beat Jordan 1 on 1, who cares what proclamations he makes about his son, he's full of hot air. Lonzo knows this, his brothers know this, most people know this. It's becoming apparent Stephen A. would strive to prove a 3 year old wrong.
Alexander Lee Reyes Fernandez Everybody's dad feels their son will be the best, but he did make him a target by rubbing in it to everyone's face on all media outlets. Those already NBA players who want the same will make him a target on the down low, or openly. Embid already made his wishes public, and it didn't involve any hugs, and kisses. Now we'll see if he could live up to the hype. If he doesn't he will be the Ryan Leaf of basketball.
Karin Lopez He got 3 kids into college,made a brand to help support them, goes to almost all of their games, and you guys are hating cause he said he could beat someone at basketball? You guys are haters
Steve Cochran Relax Stephen A, I'm sure a player of Lonzo's magnitude knows how to set his own goals. I'm sure his dads guidance helped push him. You think there wasn't pressure on Lebron "The Chosen One" by sports media even before he entered the league? That being said, I think Lavar does need to shut his mouth going forward.
James Lynn Avery No player has joined the NBA without being thoroughly challenged about his game. Magic, Michael, Larry, LeBron and even Steph experienced the gauntlet of challenging their game, over and over, again. Mr. Smith is being the MOUTH required of himself. There is no free walk through the park for any new Baller in the NBA.
Lionel S. Martinez He's a blowhard at best but I agree with Stephen A on this one. LaVar is a hindrance. If Lonzo doesn't put up ridiculous numbers as he's expected to, he'll be seen as a flop. I get LaVar is pushing his son but he's going to have to shut up and tone down the antics.
Allen Aguilar An unfair target especially since Lonzo plays in LA with that media, they'll eat him alive if he doesnt live up to the hype.
Billy Ray Rutledge Jr. Shut up Stephen A, Lavar talked his son into his own brand before stepping foot on an NBA court.... 1st of all it's competition, your gonna have a target on your head by being on the opposite team. Secondly, you also got a target on your head by being drafted #2 overall, not because your dad's in the media.
Sadiel Hernandez Much more than that as well ...especially with that brand logo people are going to start buying bugattis instead of tbem shoesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Alex Sanchez He made haters louder thats all he did. Lonzo is his own man and totally diff from his pops. He'll be just fine.
Derell Johnson That really doesn't matter, if people are already thinking about how bad they want to stop him, advantage Lonzo. From watching him play all last y at he def seems like the cool under pressure type, so he'll playing his game while the oppositions in their feelings trying all hard to stop him. I imagine they'll be even worse frustrated if he styles on them and gets highlights like crazy. It isn't 90's NBA anymore, not like they can rough him up.
Jason Melendez I heard the kidd comparisons and it's ridiculous. I don't think he's that athletic and his defense will be a problem at the next level.
D.O. Wilmoth LaVar may have appended the target on his Son with off court commentary but Ervin put the bullseye on Lonzo's arrival. Imagine LAL first contests going through the Pacific West Conference teams. Come in ready shape Big Baller.
Kirk Daniels This guy really needs to learn when his comments are unneccesary lavar did not put a target on lonzos back as lonzo is just going to play his game becauase oh guess what lavar aint coaching the lakers luke walton is so oh guess what there will be no listening to lavar he has a coach for a reason so this guy needs to learn when to stay quiet and let the rookies be the rookies
CharitΓ© D Cham I love reading people's comments I just can't help myself. It's like an addiction. So in honor of those comments that I have read, I have decided to write my own comment. And it's all for you. I hope you enjoy reading my comment as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It's not an interesting comment, but I'm pretty certain you have read the comment up to this point, so you may as well just keep reading right down to the end. And also thank me for wasting your time cause this is very useless
Kenneth Rolack ESPN why do you have all of your employees on each show repeat the same thing, we've heard this 100 times let the kid prove it on the court period and he will
Darrin Baker LaVar Ball may very well be the World's Craziest Man. He may also very well be Richard Williams 2.0. Only time will tell.
Avery Wolfinger I hate to agree with Smith but he's 100% right. LaVar is putting a huge target on his sons back
Zac McGeary Everyone's gonna wanna smash on lonzo on the court. lavar and Joe Medina shoulda kept quite..
Shane Egan They were on WWE Monday night Raw tonight as guests on the Miz tv....this is just crazy lol
Jason Lee Who is Lavar ball? He doesn't have a Wikipedia or google results...
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"Since I've been in the league he texts me every game at halftime. ... He don't got to do that, man. He does that because he has a kind heart and he looks out for me."

Connor Bretl Russell Westbrook epitomizes class. A TRUE competitor on the court. Always willing to embrace a challenge. His speech tonight shows that he deserves 100x the amount of respect KD should ever get.
Chris VanderWielen While out of control at times, I absolutely love this guys competitive spirit. One of, if not the most athletic PG I've ever seen. And seems like a genuine dude who just loves basketball. Congrats Westbrook.
Rommel Garcia Now that Russell Westbrook has won league MVP, if he really wants to stick it to his old pal KD, he should try and join forces with Lebron in Cleveland(or wherever Lebron James happens to land in the future). Durant and Westbrook would likely cancel one other out, and Lebron will be able to operate on a more balanced playing field. That would make for an interesting NBA Finals storyline..
Jamin Kaapo I would to thanks KD for leaving and give me the opportunity to lead the Thunders and my teammates for letting me grabbed them rebounds and letting me be the stats chaser that i am... I should be the 1st quadruple double winner but ill settle for triple double.... thank you
Curtis Sweat Congrats!!!!! Dude plays with that MJ, Kobe, type of ferocity. Some players fake like assassins, but dude is a legit killa on the court. Russ will get a ring the old fashioned way. He'll lead HIS squad to the chip. I really believe in this dudes loyalty and intensity. #oldschoolmentality
Sam Schneider Dude loves the game, his team, coaches, family, fans and his city. I don't know him personally but he seems like a good person to be associated with and he deserves his recognition. Tough pick this year but a worthy guy took the award so can't really hate it, congrats Westbrook on a historical season that had me speechless countless times
Karl Joseph Viandante What kind of text tho? He brother may be a punter maybe he wants to know if he should cash out or just get on when they are down... Sportsman shouldn't have phones on them at all during games as this is the reason match fixing is such a problem in sports today. Respect to his brother but come on
Randolph Andrada the guy averaged a triple double for a season! only Oscar Robertson can attest to that feat! (correct me if I'm wrong by the way! ) and this is coming from a bucks fan!
Max Emig So great to hear he has a brother who is" kind and as a caring heart." And he is appreciative of his brother. Too bad some people would say "stop checking up on me". Erks....them
Dany Cruz KD broke it down one time too, than he joined the team who beat him when having a 3-1 lead, & won a championship. Following his foot steps. Good job Westbrook.
Adam Christopher Absolutely deserved it. He dominated the regular season.
Mims Chavez Never forget
Mario Vazquez Im reading people say he is a ball hog this and that like PEOPLE HE AVG A TRIPLE DOUBLE... Ball hog smh no matter what some ppl will always hate on you
Tim Nguyen I wonder if Josh texted Drake at the halftime of his wedding
Robert Bryan He should thank Durant for leaving because if he didn't he wouldn't have won the MVP in the first place...
Hector Rodriguez Congratulations to Russell Westbrook NBA MVP award he deserves it from Warriors fan
Steven Quintana 3rd in the league in assist this year. That should pretty much silence this whole ball hog argument, don't you think?
Chris McGhee Half Hardens points come from jumping into fouls and flopping. Yet people are crying he didn't win. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ
David Allmett Everyone on here praising him because he stayed in OKC. Now watch him force a trade to Boston or LA when he doesn't sign his 5 year super max deal
Josh Nader Congrats but I feel you were not the real MVP. NBA turning into a joke like the NFL Nikleodeon style awards shows ar e lame.
Scott Lemon When you know you have no shot at a championship, might as well pad your stats and grab those individual awards!!
Amerson Carampatana He needs to thanks for KD for leaving And now KD are dancing with the ring
George Villarreal As much as I love these speeches. You think these player just got inducted to the Hall of Fame.
Cristian Herrera Oakland now has both reigning defensive players of the year in draymond green and Khalil Mack
Hamse Galib So happy he won and man feel so sorry for harden
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"Look at our team. We are one piece away."

Elliott Strowbridge This is the team that Kevin Durant should had joined last offseason. The Wizards would had been a contender and KD would be the hero lifting his hometown team to a championship.
Robert Vinson They could easily compete with the cavs if they had George.
Christopher Hough Yeah from going to the Eastern Conference Finals. You still don't beat Lebron. He's one piece away from a Ring with the Cavs.
Kevan Pierson The Wizards have been very quiet when it comes to trades. Paul George would be a great fit for the Wiz if Gortat stays. PG,Wall, Beal, Morris and Gortat would be a 50 win team.
Keith Tracy This guy is a tool. Wall has become very overrated and still has plenty of improvement he should worry about making to his own game; most notably his teamwork and leadership; as displayed here again by throwing teammates under the bus and singling out weak links to the media. What in the hell is going through these kid's heads these days? I miss the early 2000's NBA, when guys looked across the court at who they needed to beat and thought about how to get better than them, not how to join them.
Michael Reid Why? He's only going to do a long term deal with Lakers, why waste money on a guy with Cleveland in your conference and golden state out west? PG does not make them contenders
Steve Devens Paul George made it as clear as any man can make his statement he does not care where he goes next year he will be wearing purple and gold as I quote Paul George I'll play ball anywhere next season I'll be a laker regardless if we win a title this year I have one goal in my mind and that is to be a laker and I have always got my personal goals so to anyone who is trying to trade for me please be aware that in going to be a laker next year regardless if we are a NBA title team or we make a playoff run I'm going to L.A and no it will not be as a clippers I'll be wearing that purple and gold that is what my mind is set on at the end of the day and nothing or no one can change that so ill play ball wherever I'm sent but realize next year I'm gone to live my dream and play for the lakers
Michael Anderson
Nate Mowery Also one piece away from being completely mediocre. I thought for the last couple years that this team would threaten lebron, but they're just clippers east
Chase Gibson Unlike Kevin Durant and his ring, Russell Westbrook’s MVP actually has some meaning behind it…
Marc Ferrara Michael Corso smfh every player begs for more help. What happened to I'm soo good I don't care who I play against
Brad Lee 1 piece away from losing in the conference finals and 2 pieces away from getting swept in the finals
Steven Herrmann One piece away from being swept in the Conference Finals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jamee Ross Stenkamp One piece away from what? Getting swept in the conference finals by the Cavs?
Aradom Belai You got knocked out by Boston led by a 5'9 player and they're not even one piece away yet. Take a seat.
Diaz LaFlarè Kd is thaat piece harden would be the X factor for them too dominate sad they broke thaat team up
Sam Fowler Lol you better win a title next year then or he's 100% gone. That's why Cleveland makes more sense because they'll be back in the finals
Sanford Gruenfeld Bill Russell circa 1960
Mitchell Byrd Michael Ayers most teams are "only a piece away" i dont see this happening!
Lawrence Wang One piece away from......getting out of the 2nd round? The Wiz are the Eastern conference Clippers.
Brandon Dotson Lol. One piece away from a 3 way trade sending you to Cleveland and Lebron to Washington?
Richard Southworth He's gone next season anyway. He wants to be with magic. So you wanna borrow hi for 10 months?
Orville F Rotoni Yes! Pg, go to wiz! They can definitley challenge cavs on the east!
Meghna Gorrela Athreya Gundamraj I can almost picture you jumping with excitement if this happens
Brian Liu Honestly most teams are one piece away if you think about it
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What was that, Bill? πŸ˜‚

BJ Freeman "Those ****ing balloons are staying up there." -Bill Russell to Jerry West, prior to game 7 of the 1969 Finals in Los Angeles (referencing balloons in the rafters the Lakers planned to release if they won)
Ken Martinez A prime Shaq would posterize a prime Bill Russell (similar to this); Like if you agree LOL.
Ryan Fasnacht Bill played in a league that had 8 NBA teams, can't be too hard to look good on a celtics team that dominated because they had the money... Bill is and always will be one of the greats, but he didn't have much competition
Anthony Smith People fell to realize he Was joking. Old man 89 Years old Don't know what's really going on Losing track of everything. What was he suppose to say at that point of humor
Michael Jay Moore So Bill Wins all those rings by most logic and no one believes he's better than any of those Centers with less Rings but people don't think Kobe Lebron or KD or Curry ain't seeing Jordan cause they got less Rings? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adam Christopher Nothing but respect for Bill Russell. But come on, he came from a completely different era where there was actually bye weeks, and not nearly as many teams in the league at that time.
Carlos J. Duncan He speaks the truth though. Bill is the GOAT, there's no comparison. Sorry Jordan and Jordan lovers, Kareem, LeBron...nobody did what Bill Russell did..EVER
Randy Osborne Do any of you understand what humor is? Wow! He was making a joke! Haha!
Corwin S Curlin Jr. The true Goat.. You play to win championships, you don't play to win stats.
Tyrone Merriweather Add up al of the rings of all those guys and you get 12. Russell had 11 by himself...think about that...digest it...
Rob Wilkinson Seems to be a class act. πŸ‘
Quinten Clausen Jr Shouldn't he be busy charging money for autographs?
Eldy Herrera Shaq would destroy Bill Russell in his prime. He was unstoppable. Kareem would of put up good numbers against him too.
Mar Madison Its the time and era which makes him better! Same thing in Jackie Robinsons case.
Chad Andrew Laine If you actually think Russell is the GOAT then you need to sit down and rethink your whole life.
Sam Terrell Everyone always trying to downplay his achievements........oh only 8 teams oh they had bye weeks oh blah blah blah blah blah, i dont see yall with 11 rings foh πŸ˜‚
Mark SrivEr Bill is a defensive monster. same era as wilt.
Carter Pembridge Y'all ain't even got titanium knees
Chandler Pennington LaVar is now a WWE Superstar! #Champ
JB Frank Only one of the GOATS can talk to FIVE HOFers like that.
Justin Adams
John DELGADO When you have 11 rings, you can say whatever you want.
Michael Scott Messer He doesn't get enough respect.
Wrek Emall Hahaha love it
DeMondre Williams Shaq would kill Bill lol bill just played in a way weaker league
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Russell Westbrook's season was nothing less than remarkable.

LeBron Stokes Im not even a Russ fan....but i told myself that i will lose alot of respect for the NBA if Westbrook didn't win mvp... His stats says it all.... Most Valuable his team... Take him off, and that team's whole value drops....
Dave Tee This is like celebrating the Warriors 73-9 season. We have a hard time validating meaningless stats when they don't translate to the primary objective: winning and winning a championship.
Mike Ellis What's remarkable here is that no one is giving credit to his teammates for playing defense and vacating the lane while he grabbed half of those defensive rebounds to pad his stats. Westbrook contested about as many perimeter shots as most centers. Real team player.
Brad Young The snake leaves, Westbrook becomes MVP.
Josh Cotterell I wonder if now that he proved himself to be an MVP, maybe he'll be more open to others getting involved and adding more skilled players.
Justin Philip Schmick See for the people whom justify this selfish bum as their MVP because he has the " stats". Hey I'm on board with using stats as the end all. I get sick of these writers making up ways to discredit people, however since we are basing this off of stats 2nd in the league in turnovers, missed 1117 shots on his way to a 42% fg percentage and contested 3s was literally the worst in the league....... so his stats aren't all that great if you look inside them, and truly without debate Lebron is by far league MVP.
Brian Farrington A point guard was out of position, his teammates were out of position, and now you are celebrating the fact that a PG got rebounds... considering how many times he shot and MISSED, there were plenty of rebounds for him to get. I wonder how much he enjoyed watching the playoffs from home..
Luann Watkins Congratulations Russell, your hard work and persistece finally paid off. YOU made history, MVP, and a new father all in the same year.
Marcus Napolian Smith Russell Westbrook is the true best player in the world and the King of the NBA.I know LeBron and these haters are pretty salty right now!
Bryan Strode Okc would be in golden states place right now had they kept there big three it's sad to see it never happened and even more not in Seattle as the sonics
Adnan Ali Well deserved Russ! And a great acceptance speech to top it off. πŸ‘
Giancarlo Grimaldi Greatest year ever. When he scored 85 on the patriots I was in tears at how awesome it was. Can't wait til the World Series next year.
Wesley Todd Padded stats or not, he averaged a triple double for the entire season that is worthy of being the mvp!
Tarus Morgan Westbrook also got snubbed on assist of the year and dunk of the year!!
Eve Hu Thank God the debate is finally over!! Even I'm a huge Kawhi Leonard fan. You got to give this MVP award to Russel Westbrook.
Eric Hundley Finally a real MVP. Something we haven't had the last two seasons.
JosΓ© SΓ‘nchez Adam yay, Aimee is showing up to work tomorrow!
Mitchell Bobinger And the man is loyal to his team! Well deserved Mr Westbrook! RESPECT!
Hector Rodriguez As a Warriors fan Russell Westbrook deserves to win the NBA MVP award he deserves it and congratulations
Dylan Edwards Had he not won, I would've second guessed my non belief in Santa... πŸ˜‚
David Aulds Harden was MVP in 15-16 and 16-17, got screwed both seasons, NBA IS OFFICIALLY A JOKE!!!
Chapito Guzman Never cause he doesn't average half of what westbrook does lol
Robert Jacobsen Leonard spose to win. Beard spose to win . Everyone knew it would be Westbrook congrats Russell mvp Westbrook
Renaldo Matadeen Not a fan, but dude should be called Atlas. he carried the OKC world
Henry M Postigo
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Your 2017 NBA MVP: Russell Westbrook

Carson White Dude deserves it. He's is an amazing guy to go along with it. He's breaking down crying right now on stage talking about the support from his family. He's basically all you need in a role model. Keep doing your thing Russell! Bless up!
Daniel Ramirez
Chino Cunningham Averaged a triple double + took a lottery team to the playoffs IN THE WEST??? Can't tell me anyone deserves it more than he does
Dave Tee Another year, another LBJ robbed of MVP award. If you asked yourself one question, "How can I get to the NBA finals through one player?" the answer is LBJ.
Dan Hatfield Lol... Y'all remember when Russell Westbrook broke the unbreakable record, and did the undoable by averaging a Triple Double for a whole season and fake NBA fans have the nerve to act like it wasn't a historical achievement, and mad that he won MVP when he obviously was the MVP...
Machelle Garcia From a SPURS fan Westbrook deserved it. He carried the team the whole season. He should have thanked Durant for leaving and allowing him to shine
Kirk Robey Under 40% fg against teams above 500, second most turnovers in history, and drove the best player on the Thunder away making them a far worse team than last year.......I really don't understand what the "V" in MVP stands for apparently.
Wesley Todd Average a triple double for the entire season you've earned the mvp award!
Jessica Herrera Trevino Just glad James Harden didn't win. His sportsmanship/leadership when the Spurs beat them in the playoffs was terrible! I'm a Spurs fan but congrats to Westbrook!
Hamp Hill All 3 were deserving of the award - but I'm glad Westbrook won it. AVERAGE a TRIPLE-DOUBLE for the SEASON?! Messed around got the MVP
Zack Poe I guess turnovers, shooting pct, plus minus etc etc doesn't count Lebron easily and i don't even care for Lebron. Take Lebron and put him on ANY team in the east and they'll be in the finals. Change the acronym of the award because this doesn't make any sense and only further damages the image of the NBA. I guarantee if you polled the fans as well as other players in the league, this would be laughed at.
Paul L Dulin No surprise with those stats! BUT...It depends on what is considered "most valuable" in the voters minds. I think Westbrook was more of a Player of the Year (if there was such an award). But was he more valuable to OKC than Kawhi was to SA or Harden was to Houston? Just saying!
Marc Alan You may have won the MVP, but you will never win a ring. You'll end with as many rings as your jersey number! Btw, cup cakes are for winners!
Brandon J Teasdale In order to be an MVP, defense should come into the conversation. I agree Russel's season was 1 of a kind. But he could get better yet. #gospurs
Daniel McCoy Ayyye!! No love for OKC, but no way should this cat have not won! Harden put up digits, but this man Westbrook is a freak! Love everything about this dude, especially the fact that he plays a punk to nobody. Heart of a lion. Props!
Miguel Guzman After losing a guy like KD your team should struggle because of the opposing team game planing around you , double teams , match ups etc etc but he put his team on his back with no talent and got them to the playoffs all while having a record breaking season ? Yeah he's the MVP ! And for all those saying he's a stat padder , doesn't getting rebounds , assists , points , steals etc etc all help/lead to your team winning?
Brett C. Wheaton Congrats to Westbrook for winning the MVP. Had an incredible year, wildly inefficient but still impressive. But. Still no ring. And titles are all that matter in the NBA. But congrats to him!
Daniel Boyko This reminds me of Peyton Manning, he should of won the mvp every single year he was in the league playing with the colts. Just like LeBron should be winning the mvp every year he's playing with the cavs. These 2 guys made there teams contenders every year, we've seen what happens without them. But these league's have to give it to someone else for who knows what.
Jacob Arwood Should've been KD. I don't respect him for his decision to go to GS but...Without him, they lose to Cleveland again. He was the final piece to the puzzle.
Robert Johnson Will put up great numbers but no ring for him in future. I guess if that's what you want regular season highlights then great job. Not trying to be hater.
John M Ross You break it when the team is told to box out themselves so WB is the only one getting the ball. Layoff easy scores and pass to pad assists and getting points because he shots over 48% of the time. Once the second half starts his stats drop off. Except for his points cuz he takes all the shots . Stats don't make an MVP.. if that was the LBJ deserves it.
John Jacobs I was waiting to see the hook come out & drag him off the stage, all jokes a side it couldn't have even been close for second place
Bryce Spencer Regardless of where you stand on who was the MVP, this season was fun to watch and both were deserving of being finalists. Congrats to everyone and to Russell Westbrook for winning the MVP
Ehzmie'raldo Depio Limbaga he deserves it..he's working hard on it not passing the ball, play himself and shoot more often...his selfishness pays him back ahahahha...
Rick Greene Really who cares these awards mean nothing, he won nothing his team did nothing. Look who won tonight most accomplished nothing. The NBA is a joke.
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Alex Seburn Well deserved, it's not just about averaging a triple double, we have to look at the fact that the team would be the worst without their star player.
Paul Teran Everyone uses the triple double narrative against harden. Does anyone realize that he was 2 rebounds short of a triple double? He also averaged more assists. Give me guaranteed points over an opportunity to score. Oh but harden had a better team, even though everybody called Gordon and Anderson garbage when houston signed them. Harden lost to Steph 2 years ago when Steph had one of the best teams in NBA history and because of him having a better record then harden. LeBron won with wade and bosh in miami.. westbrook is mvp because the media shoved the words "triple double" down everyone's throats
Shaun Alan Woodard Beyond undeserving. He was just padding stats all season. James Harden did way more with less talent. The NBA is turning into a joke
Marcus Johnson No knock against James or Kawhi but Russell has been the most consistent player this season. He deserves the MVP, show him some respect.
Chris Riggins If you think this was underserved, you should lay down the crack pipe because it's apparently rotting your brain. It's the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award. Meaning most value to their team. Kawhi and Harden, both deserving and great players, had a supporting cast that would be pretty good without them. The Thunder would be nothing without Russ. And those saying he was padding his stats....its because no one else could produce! Steven Adams is a center in the NBA and was outrebounded by 3 per game by Westbrook. That's not padding stats, that's doing someone else's job because they can't.
Mark Sherrill The Brodie deserve this no one shouldered the load like he did, no one in the league played with the heart and the competitive edge like he did, they wouldnt even made it to the playoffs without him Rockets and Spurs both would have been in the playoffs without the OTHER MVP candidates.
Matt King Funny how everyone's so amazed about a triple double average. Did anyone happen to see his turnover average?! Averaging almost 6 turnovers a game and was right behind James harden in the most turnovers in a NBA season?! But sure didn't hear about lebrons average of a triple double in the finals?πŸ€”πŸ€” ...this MVP race was a joke this year.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Travis Smith Kawhi gets no respect because he's on the Spurs. To not get defensive player of the year or MVP is a crock of crap. He deserved both honors, being penalized for being on a good team is stupid. Look at the difference when he wasn't on the court. He got robbed.
Dillon Thomas Like him or not, GOAT or not, the next MJ or not, LeBron could take a local highschool to the NBA finals. He's the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER this year and every year in recent memory. And will be for the foreseeable future. Until someone else comes along that brings whoever they're with to the finals every year, LBJ is the MVP.
Sharina Stirgus-Ross Westbrook took 400 more shots than Harden. What is the criteria NBA? At one point it was most wins. Now it's stats. Westbrook patted stats in a lot of those games with team mates clearing out so he could get rebounds.
Marcus Napolian Smith Russell Westbrook should have won the MVP award last year and the year before that.In the past two seasons he has racked up 60triple doubles while grabbing consecutive scoring titles.Players on superteams like the Cavs and Warriors should never even qualify.Congratulations to the best basketball player in the world!
Evan Connell This isn't even a debate, I honestly thought it had already been announced. For starters let me admit Westbrook is selfish and has pretty low basketball IQ for an MVP (for reference see the 4th quarter of the playoffs, historically bad). That being said, he averaged a triple double. Did he pad stats? Yeah, but teams were going against the thunder trying to prevent triple doubles, and he still pulled it off. Come on guys, Harden doesn't play defense.
Jay Downs To the people who are saying this man doesn't deserve the MVP do you realize he is one of only two men to average a triple-double throughout a season in the history of the game only two people have ever done it that's not special?
Roy Jacokes Jr thats why he pushed away harden and durrant so he could get his numbers for one team, selfishness. Typical NBA superstar. Do it on their own, then find a championship with another team.
Riley McGrath Totally deserved πŸ‘ because without Russ the Thunder would be doing about as well as the Lakers this past season (2016-2017)
Ryan Quentz Harden was my pick but Westbrook was just unbelievable, either one could've got it
Roodly Philogene The NBA should do away with the season MVP. Just have one MVP for the whole season including the playoffs. This allows players to pad stats without competing to win chips.
CurtisYvette Spencer After loosing such a monumental player in Kevin Durant, it's amazing that Westbrook was able to get this team to the playoffs in the western conference with that roster. Big Ups to Westbrook!!!
Omar Faraj Most Valuable player of an average team should not even be considered for this award. Ugly side of the the NBA shines it's ugly face yet again
Ric Ricardo Well deserved hands down. He simply was the best electrifying, intertaining pg in the NBA this season no way OKC would come close to be in the playoffs with out him.
Ray Smash The dude managed to make me watch basketball again for tge first time in 20 years with his amazing play this year... the dude deserves the hell out of this.
Raymond Horton III I wish they would change the name of the award to something that highlights what they did as an individual during the season. People always try to bring the team into it when it's first and foremost an individual award. LeBron would win mvp every year, even if someone had a better season. It doesn't make any sense. I don't really care if Russ was padding his stats; if you average a triple double then you should, in most cases, win mvp.
Sean Sullivan The NBA has resorted to giving stat padders MVP awards. Out of the 3 Harden had the real MVP season but to not have LeBron as a candidate is insane. Somebody said on The Herd that they should have 5 candidates which I don't disagree with. Westbrook only got it because his team helped him pad his stats.
Samuel Casey Russell took absolute crap for talent and took it to the playoffs. Couldn't think anyone else who deserves the reward more. Congratulations and well done
Ryan Shull *KD storms the stage and attempts to RKO Westbrook. Westbrook reverses the move and hits KD with an F5. Westbrook promptly walks off as the crowd applauds. Adam Silver, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry rush the stage to check on the status of KD, who appears to be pretty banged up from the F5 received from Westbrook. LeBron, Kyrie, and Ty Lue now storm the stage with steel chairs and a fight ensues. Steve Kerr, shockingly, drops out of the ceiling with a sledgehammer as the beatdown continues. The end...
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Complete with The Miz taking out his aggression on a Big Baller Brand mannequin.

Columbia Cathey Say what u want about Lavar, but he's definitely doing a good job of marketing.
Johnny Hribar I hate to admit it. But, I'm starting to like LaVar. Haha! 😁
Brad Young LaVar smoking crack, I hope stone cold shows up and hits him with a stunner and then pours beer all over him.
Rick Meek ESPN was once a great asset to this country and now is the biggest joke around.
Luis Velazquez He is a marketing genius, he says those things on purpose. The joke is on the people who get upset simply over a guy making fun of himself to help his kids make their dreams come true. #Realtalk.
Nick Corman Can't believe I'm Saying this, but....I'm actually starting to like Lavar, lol. He might say some outlandish things, but Lavar has been a great father to his three boys. Oh, and his marketing skills are off the chain, lol.
Mike Plath The segment was so cringe worthy, they sent another wrestler out there to talk over Lonzo or whatever his name is, and then immediately threw it to commercial so they could get the hook and pull him backstage. When they came back from commercial, it wasn't spoken of again. This guy is too embarrassing to pass as entertaining on a professional wrestling show. That's bad to say the least. I hope his son is the biggest flop, and they become professional t-shirt salesmen.
Bobby Sitanggang His making money and marketing hater will only see em being a fool but behind the scenes he stackin hahhaha scheming up
Marlon Lyons Lavar a genius he just showed on tv with his brand in the background with million viewers looking at it. What people saying now.
Zach Richardson I love all the wanna be business majors who think making most of the people who would be your customers hate you and not want to ever to buy your product is a good marketing strategy. Bad publicity is not good publicity these days. Too many other products to choose from.
Isaiah Graves Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you have a structured settlement and you need cash now, call JG Wentworth at 877 Cash's your money, use it when you need it
Robert Babbitt Here's breaking it down.... Waste of time and money. Worst segment on Raw in ..... Probably ever and there have been some bad ones but this one takes it.
Darrell Poe Jr. Dumbest crap ever! WWE sucks! And so does Lavar Ball. I'd be embarrassed to be his son. I use to be the biggest wrestling fan but anymore it blows! Smh
Ronda Evans Phillips The old school ESPN would never have covered WWE or LaVar Ball. Zero journalistic integrity.
Scott SF Atkinson sure did a horrible job editing what his youngest son was saying on tv.
Brandon Musick This is what happens when you let go of the quality journalists
Vick Mcfadden Lavar Ball is an obnoxious heel for his son in real life so why have him like a good guy in ring and for being in Staples center fans didn't seem to excited for newest franchise player just drafted few days ago
Andrew Knudsen I'm blocking ESPN because I'm tired of useless crap about lavar ball and Tim Tebow.
Austin Wagner
Charlie Burrleyant This an article about lavar ball and grown men wearing makeup acting out a scripted fight dance in their underwear. Really strong work ESPN, maybe your finest hour
Michael Hale He was having a whole spaz moment in the ring! Hahaha. Lavar gotta stick to being the Ball family Hype man. But real talk someone tag Lavar Ball in this and tell him to send me a Pair o ZO2s in a 12 😁😁 #BALLisLIFE
Doug Forrest That dude is a DISGRACE to the Intercontinental Title!!!!! The other guy is just a disgrace to life!
Wesley Brooks Let's see how long WWE pretends that Marshmellow didn't scream the N word twice....
Bruce Dingler And ESPN is there to report on his every move... what's next? Bathroom trips together?
Rebecca Mackmurphy Does anyone remember the fake news channel. ESPN8 the Ocho? That's what channel this needs to be on.