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The former Kings star has offered to pay for the funeral of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by police in Sacramento.

Hope he also pays for the damages Clark made to innocent peoples cars and property
Good for Demarcus Cousins, the family will appreciate this. And for those of you saying Clark was a criminal, even if was, he didn’t deserve to die.
As long as he accepts the facts, which is that the guy was engaged in criminal activity, ran from police, failed to obey commands, then paid the price... sure, knock yourself out Cousins
A society that praises criminals. That's what we have become
RIP, hope those cops get charged for murdering another innocent person.
How about paying for parenting classes in the ghetto?
ESPN. Enough with the politics. Your ratings suck.
If it happened to a white guy, no story
There are going to be so many lawsuits out o this that CA will be in the red for decades .
Nice political gesture espn🙄
Don't be a thug if you can't take a slug
Fake News. Do your research on the guy shot and killed.
Somehow somewhere there’s gonna be someone who gets triggered by this lol
We aren’t gonna blame the gun here??? Weird
That's very respectful
Why does everyone wanna side with a criminal? The man egged em on and run from them.
I see the closet klansman are out in full force tonight. Think I'll log off 🖕🏾✌🏾
Dear Black People: please fight the polices in court, do not disobey their orders in dark streets.
Nothing but respect for boogie
The poor thief and home invader was shot after pointing his cell phone at police officers. Poor victim!!
a wonderful American.. I may start watching basketball just for him..
Bring him back to Sacramento
Why can't they just say an unarmed man?
A gracious act of kindness . Thank you.
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Live it up, Lubbock!

For the first time in history, Red Raider Basketball is headed to the Elite 8.

Should say first time in “Men’s Red Raider basketball” history- women already “been there and done that” with Coach Sharp. Congrats, TTU Men! Welcome to the party!
They played well tonight. Big XII showin out in this tournament. KU fan but I knew Tech would go far. Good game tonight
Congrats Villanova on making the Final Four
Lucky Haas wasn’t able to play...
Hoping they beat nova
See West Virginia this is how you win congrats tech
2018 National Champions
I was hoping Michigan would have a chance at running through yet another Texas team...
Sheryl Swoopes and them headed to the Great 8?
Way to go, Big XII!! 3 teams in the Elite 8! Keep going! I want to see a Kansas-TTU rematch! We have a score to settle! 😅
Bobby Knight would be proud.
Big 12 is killing it this year in the tournament. Great job TT!!
Love how ESPN will throw support up to a three beating a two, but when Kansas State beats Kentucky a load of smut gets thrown out by Stugotz and Le Batard say this tournament isn’t actually for a championship. Load of bull. Guns Up!
Congrats, Texas Tech. Nice way to represent the Big 12. Too bad West Virginia couldn't also pull out a win.
Odd ball favorite ?? Go Texas tech and Loyola Chicago!!
Watching that dude haarms play made me uncomfortable
WRECK ‘EM!!!!!!!!!!!! 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻🔴⚫️ bring on Nova!
Texas Tech will beat the Villains from Villa nova in the Elite Eight.
I got them going all the way. Hopefully it works out lmao
Villanova vs Texas Tech. Matchup I sort of called.
They did their thing. They got a lead and their D squeezed the life out of them. Nova is a different beast though
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Duke-Kansas it is!

When duke loses, America wins.. everyone is a Jayhawk on sunday
I'm a Duke fan.... Kansas should win by 8... The Blue Devils are too inconsistent this year... *incoming weak comments* The fact I'm having to break this down is baffling...
Every game tonight was boring. Nobody cares about this side of the bracket. If any team from tonight’s games win it all it will just be another year of boring basketball for the ncaa.
Duke has been a mainstay ever since I was a young lad. Sadly they rarely produce NBA Superstars. Kentucky and North Carolina on the other hand. Perennial all stars. I love coach K but Duke is just as lame as when laetner went to school there
Idk why they put him up there.... He sucked this game he was like 3-15 and almost choked the game up missing that free throw. Put Bagley or Carter up there they were the difference makers. Geesh
Why put a dirty player on the headline... such great players o. This team...not duke like!!!
Show of many wish they could reach into their tv and punch Ted Cruz's illegitimate son
Duke is trippin if they think they can beat Kansas ...straight trippin man!!
Michigan will beat duke for The championship
Gonna be a good one. Duke had many open threes against Syracuse And misses about 70% of them. They’ll shoot better against Kansas and win
Duke played good be Syracuse cost them a chance overtime. Why do you foul down 3 and Duke had to take a shot. 8 second difference between shot clock and game clock.
Two storied programs face each other in the Elite 8. This will be a great game. Duke has to play well and play great defense. Kansas is a great team and Duke has to play 40 minutes throughout the game
Although Duke has the talent advantage, I think Kansas plays better than late in the second half tonight and edges Duke on Sunday. Kansas has better overall guard play though Duke has Allen. Talent does not always win in March.
The winner gets to vacate a Final Four appearance. Nice!
Duval had a game that will keep him up at night. Bagley was a beast, Allen struggled from 3, can't do that against Kansas, they will run you out of the gym
Kansas will beat duke in the Elite eight.
Go Jayhawks! Please beat the living piss out of PUKE!
The tourney got what they wanted Watching both these teams this yr and being a ku fan, there is no way they should have been in the same region except to produce this game for ratings
Seems like ESPN got the teams whose jocks they've been carrying for most of their highlights, to finally meet up.
I'm hoping Loyola pulls of the stunner.
I like upsets but I really don't like Duke!
Just waiting for Kansas to destroy them now.
National Championship game happening in an Elite 8 match up.
Kansas is a great team. Duke has to play well in all phases. Avoid turnovers and play great defense against the JayHawks. Glad Duke got the victory but I’m ready for Kansas and Kansas is much different than Syracuse
Kansas will destroy them.
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Sister Jean has really made it now!

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame is immortalizing the 98-year-old and hundreds have already been preordered by fans.

I hope they lose for no other reason than I am tired of hearing about this...
Who cares about this old hag. She’ll drop dead the minute the team gets eliminated. Book it
They should be called the Loyola Cougars. Hot diggity dog
What a huge story Loyola of Chicago has been in the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately nobody knows the name of the coach or the actual players. All we hear about is this lady
Sister Jean probably slapped around more kids then Stone Cold Steve Austin back in her day. I've never been hit harder in my life than in parochial school by the honked off nuns. Go Sister Jean!
So she is a fan and an older lady, what am I missing? Oh yea media needs a story
What will happen if they make the final four?
Priest bobble heads are standard, but glad to see sisters are joining the party.
Isn't she the lady Michael Bennett pushed down....
But she didn't even pick her team to win it all this year bandwagon fan at its finest.
what did she do? is she just a fan or something more ? i'm confused
I hope K-State ends this nonsense. I'm tired of having sister jean shoved down our throats. She has nothing to do with the tournament, smh
"The Loyola Ramblers have too often been forgotten for their role in basketball's cultural history. They remain a significant, uplifting story." - Frank Deford Ramblers became the first and only team in Illinois to win the NCAA title but more importantly, they were a part of a revolution in sports and a step forward in race relations.
Can they compete with duke, Kansas, and Villanova though?
They are making a bobble foot for Grayson
Keep this sweet old lady away from Michael Bennett
She did put down on her bracket that Loyola would lose the last game but they won so a true fan would of put Loyola winning it all...just saying.
Dang she has and to suffer 98 years of existence and all she gets is a bobble head
Sister Jean is the hero all of America needs rn
I admire this old lady...she's a real die hard least she's no bandwagon fan like them Golden State Warriors..New England Patriots or Cleveland Cavaliers fake fans.
Who tf is sister Jean and why is she a thing? Don’t they have numerous old sisters just like her? I don’t get it.
Definitely the most underrated school in this march madness tournament this year looking like a sleeper in this tournament that might pull off a upset over duke or Kansas
Loyola gonna make a run just wait and see they may not when but there gonna make it interesting thats forsure
U rock.. you shall Go to Haven After Thy Win it all.. U shall RIP.. it dose sound Rude I know
Jesus Ayala I know how bad you want I preordered 2 for ya. Home n office ya know
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Philly just stays winning.

This game just showed the pussification of college basketball. West Virginia didn't deserve nearly half the fouls called on them for just playing physical basketball. Let alone a double tech that only hurt them and not Villanova for TALKING. Not playing, but TALKING. Definitely the last game I will be watching in this tournament when it's obvious the NCAA just wants Stephen Curry's out there jacking up threes the whole game, and not actual physical basketball.
Villanova is gonna win the national championship again
This image that took place before the second half says it all.
Like this comment if soccer is a third world sport.
Refs weren’t good, but 27 fouls on wvu. 23 on nova. Difference was the press didn’t bother nova in the 2nd half.
As a WVU diehard there were some iffy calls for sure, but they were hitting the shots at the end and we weren't. No shame in a sweet 16 season finishing in a dogfight with the best squad in college ball right now.
West Virginia chokes like usual in other news water is wet
Aww WVU got eliminated. I guess that's for all the trash you spoke about Trae Young. WVU always gets eliminated around this time. Win a championship then talk trash. #Mikal4pres
Refs kept the game close when WV took the lead. Sad.
The game is over but W. Virginia got called for another foul...
Probably the worst officiating ive ever seen. Okay so WV has a reputation of being physical like the old days!!! And as soon as villanova starts playing rough they dont get any calls but you call every foul on west virginia? Wow. My dad who doesnt watch basketball no more not since the days before 08 like tmac bryant days etc. He said one of the best games he saw in awhile. Stop watching it after halfway in the 2nd cause villanova had 12 something fouls not called. Let them play.
I just want Duke knock out of the tournament.
Go Villanova don't bust my bracket I got you as nantional champions
Huggins is the Andy Reid of Basketball Coaches. Feel bad that West Virginia is stuck with him and Holgorsen.
Nova hit shots plain and simple. Only thing that may have changed this was calling a couple more of Brunson's discards with the off arm and him having to sit for foul trouble. WVU fouled yes, but so did Nova and it was not consistent on the whistles in the second half.
I don't really care about either team but those refs decided that game.
Can't blame the refs.90 pts in a college game is 90 pts.
Why is F1 coverage not being shown? Why am I watching The Friday Four people who aren't talking about anything important stopping me from watching the prescribed program?
Nova's looking good for a title this year. They're just too balanced.
Pathetic officiating... hard to beat a good team and the refs.
The ridiculous fouls in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half took wvu out of their defense and changed the game
Only Final Four team I have left. Jay Wright is balling on life.
Like for Robot Refs to be used going forward
Philly the city of winners!
Same excuses WVU fans use every year when they get eliminated.
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Clayton Kershaw is in midseason form.

no news about his mid october form?
And in the postseason he does his best atlanta falcons impression
You can't make postseason jokes any more. This past postseason Kershaw was dominate!
A bunch of idiots commenting on this. As a BASEBALL fan I ask each of the Kershaw hating morons this....who has been better than him the past five years? Also, if it is so easy in spring training, why is no other pitcher for any other team putting up a 0.00 E.R.A? He had three bad starts all last year. One just happened to be at a bad time. Go back to living in your mom’s basement and shut up. You are better at playing video games than commenting on relativity in baseball.
It's nearly April--just about time for the hating on the greatest left-handed pitcher since Steve Carlton and maybe even Sandy Koufax to begin. Instead of appreciating greatness, some people have to resort to low critiques.
Here people talking smack on kershaw but there team dont even make postseason!! Choke on that!!!😂😂😂😂
Facing guys that’ll be bagging groceries next week.
Give him the Cy Young one else has the slightest chance 🙄
If only he can do so in the postseason 🤦🏻‍♂️
That's awesome but its only spring. Let's see what happens in the first 21 1/3 innings of the season.
This was Matt Cain in the entire 2010 postseason, when he helped his team WIN a World Series. Gotta pitch lights out when it matters. Nobody cares how many scrub AA and AAA guys you smoked.
The browns went undefeated in the preseason...
Oh man look out! He pitched pretty good when it didn’t matter and when facing AA and AAA guys! Why even post this pointless crap Espn?
He still will end up failing in the postseason. Also doesn’t matter what he does since he has 4 guys behind him who are below average pitchers. He will finish his career without a World Series.
The Lions and Browns both went undefeated in the preseason before going 0-16 in the regular season. THAT is how much preseason matters. Plus Kershaw is gonna choke anyways. 😂
If he is in midseason form already, does that mean he is going to suck by the all star break this year?
Clayton Kershaw is maybe the best pitcher ever. He's that good. But until he does it in the post season, he is Dan Marino, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Alex Ovechkin, Karl Malone, and every other all time great who will always be one tier down from the immortals. It would be different if the Dodgers lost every series in 6 or 7 games, with Kershaw dominating his starts...but that hasn't been the case. I guarantee he would trade his regular season awards for Madison bumgarner's postseason achievements in a heartbeat!
That’s good and all but who’s gonna give him the Heimlich late in the season, ya know, when he’s choking
Does not mean a thing! He needs to do that in the post-season. Remind how rings he has...That’s right, 0! Last WS title in 1988!
But chokes every time he gets to the playoffs priceless for everything else there's trying to show up when matters LMAO
Who cares. Winning counts when you can when in the post season too. Hmm, ? Right now I'm thinking about all the great ones that couldn't win the big one, oh the Bach master lost it last year in the big one
WTG ESPN, you fumbled the Formula1 ball on the first play....where the hell is our Australian GP Qualifying round?
That's it. Give him the Cy Young award. Start making his plaque for the hall of fame. He had a great spring training.
Is he the Peyton Manning of Baseball? Amazing regular season, but seems to come up short at times in the postseason.
I would honestly like to see you sh*t talkers stand in the batter’s box and try to get a hit...any takers?
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Kansas owns the ACC!

That's 8 straight wins against the league as KU holds off Clemson and heads to the Elite 8.

You mean ACC National Championships since the last Big 12 on in 08. UNC 2009 Duke 2010 Louisville 2013 ( not in Acc a the time and was stripped so I guess we won't count. Surely there was not anymore Acc teams win championships since then) Oh wait Duke 2015 UNC 2017 But yeah KU owns them!!
ACC owns a little something called the NCAA championship. No conference has won more in the last 15 years. Kansas? How many final fours do they have in their “dominant” 14 year tenure as Big 12 Champs? 😎
We don't own anything. Clemson played their hearts out. Still another tough team next round no matter the opponent. Clemson, you had a great season. Thanks for the mini panic attack. Sincerely, a Jayhawk fan.
Now Kansas should play Clemson in football... Bet they don’t cover the spread!
Kansas would’ve been smashed by 50 by Kendall Marshall en route to a showdown with Kentucky in a REAL title game and not the beatdown that it was, but sure, count that Stillman White game amongst them.
Kansas has a cakewalk to the championship
Kansas owns the ACC’s bottom feeders.
So proud of clemson for this year, but can someone tell how the heck that wasn’t a jump ball at the end..but congrats to Kansas..if we could have played better in the 1st half this could have ended differently
Duke will most likely win the second game in Omaha.
Kansas owns everyone here lately, we can’t figure out how to beat them the last 3 years! Props to KU
So, ESPN said Kansas was an underdog to Clemson?
Up 20 and then win without covering 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Fixed.. Kansas a -5 point favorite up by 20! Then win by 4??
Kansas vs. Syracuse again would be fantastic.
Don't steal that three hand hold from us. Hahaha. Go Blue!
Clemson was down by 20 and they brought it within 4 points KU won but Clemson didn't give up that's real !
And you just jinxed them for the Elite 8 game with that caption.
Moving onto the next round. Good game Clemson! Rock Chalk!
This is why you play the moneyline and not the spread.
Kansas or Kansas state will reach the final four?
Good solid win, got in foul trouble late, but a close game keeps us humble. #RCJH
I'm very happy jayhawks won ready for elite 8 but man why can't they ever just beat a team as a ku fan they always blow big leads and eek out a win oh well rock chalk
WTG ESPN, you fumbled the Formula1 ball on the first play....where the hell is our Australian GP Qualifying round?
Kansas is my only hope. #bracketbusted
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For National Puppy Day, here are a few good sports dogs. 😍

How ESPN gunna show dog mascots, but leave out the ORIGINAL dog mascot... ...he was only about a 20 minute drive away from Bristol
Dogs > People.
Carolina Becerra the husky in the beginning of the video
What’s missing is a puppy George Tirebiter.
Lets discuss Michael Vick's greatness....
WTG ESPN, you fumbled the Formula1 ball on the first play....where the hell is our Australian GP Qualifying round?
Bruiser & Zoey
Laura ok this is too good tho
How tf can you leave out Jonathan? Right down the road SMH espn.
Che Rivera- where tha red dogs at 😉
Flora Sayuri can you snag some?
What, LeBron didn't do anything today?
Mary Grace Smith aka a list of schools I’m willing to work for
Carson Biggers enjoy all these cuties
Rekeda Antoinette I’m just here for the pup pics okay
Maranda Vannett which one is your favorite?
Jordan Palchesko too many huskies, not enough pugs 😔
Jessica Krueger Eggers look what day u leaving the boys on
Go dawgs!!
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All Caeleb Dressel does is set records!

This time the Florida Gators phenom became the first to ever swim the 100-yd butterfly in under 43 seconds (42.80).

ina 25 yd pool........ pretty sad that the NCAA champs arent held in a 50 yd......
Fastest meet in the world top to bottom! Yes even faster than the Olympics.
I don’t get it...he was underwater half of every lap....
I saw Happy Gillmore accomplish that feat not an hour ago.
Let's stop all the nonsense about him possibly being better than phelps. This dude has 2 Olympic gold medals at the same age when phelps already had 14!!! Not even a close comparison. How soon people want to compare people to some of the greatest ever, geez.
That can’t be and a Olympic size pool ....
Does this include like Olympics or just college records, I don't know much about swimming, thanks.
Phelps could do that in his day.
He is to swimming what George Costanza is to frogger....
All jokes aside but do they shave for faster swimming ?
I once stayed in a run down motel and it was absolutely filthy. Stains all over the walls and bed sheets.
All the Air Force Falcons did was take down the #1 Ranked St Cloud State Huskies in the NCAA Hockey Tournament 4-1!
Whoever is announcing this should take Reggie miller’s job on tnt/tbs
Dang !!!! That’s pretty much a regular length pool that most people are used to at gyms / leisure centers , seconds just to go 1 length !!
Wow! A whole 19 strokes to go 100 yards. Might as well call this the Butterfly kick under water race 🙄
Doesn’t matter about the 15m line. You’re still doing less butterfly’s. This record is bogus.
Tom Reddie Same bloke as I was telling you about last night, does it count if you do it in 25m pool?
Dave Toffy this is what I imagine it would’ve been like if Michael Phelps had swam in college. Pure unmatched, unparalleled dominance
Thats in short course... come back later when half the race wasnt completed underwater
You should see me destroy this record in a 3 meter pool
Ray this guy is smashing records
I wonder if he smoke weed too🤔
NCAA should swimming on an Olympic pool not this small crap.
Most Olympic athletes were NCAA swimmers. So everyone talking nonsense about this being a yards pool, have a couple of seats
I hate to clue you guys, I don't think that a 50 meter butterfly is a thing. You don't even breathe or come above water, how is it any different from a free?
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Rough start for Tony Romo's golf career.

Happy gilmore finished last in his first PGA event, all Tony needs to do is settle down and sink some putts. Remember Tony, it's all in the hips, just tapper on in
I see alot of haters on this post who couldn't golf an 82 on a mini golf course.
He needs to picture the hole as opposing defenses and he'll get the ball to it every time
82 rough start? That'd be the round of my life.
He's there, has millions from his previous career, has a broadcast job and gets to moonlight on the PGA tour..Last or not he's chasing his dream, and he's definitely not failing..
Tiger Woods is winning The Masters this April
It's hilarious all the talk about how good so many celebrities are at golf. To think these guys can actually compete with guys that have dedicated their entire lives to the game is a slap in their face. Oh well they will learn the hard way.
Hate all you want. That’s athleticism at it purist! He’s right up there with Tiger Woods... -Cheers! From a Raiders Fan
🤣 golf career. He barely had a broadcasting career, let alone a QB career. Are you kidding me. I think this is the funniest thing I have seen in months. Thank you ESPN
82 is hard to shoot on regular course conditions.....under PRO conditions, that's an admirable score.
I commented yesterday that he would need to shut 62 today just to make the cut. Not picking on TR. he just is far from a seasoned Tour Player. U know..I'll bet there are several hundred Amateurs around the country TR. couldn't keep up with either ?! 🤔
He lacks the heart to win anything.,.,.you need a killer instinct,.,..,n in golf theres no one to blame but yourself
I saw this guy in the Eastern Illinois University REC center, playing catch on an off day with his WR get a basketball that was stuck in the cross-bar knocked out with a football, from 3 basketball courts over. Dude called his shot too. Said “I GOT IT!” That in and of itself gets him a lifetime pass.
Good effort Tony. Hit the and hone your skills and try again later in the season. Any of you haters that think its easy to go pro in 2 sports, let me know how it's working out for you......😎
Romo has the talent to play on the PGA Tour...he needs more time on the course. He's not playing against weekend hacks...he's competing against skilled players at that level. He has the tools...he'll be okay with time.
Some days I’d be happy with an 82 on a 9 hole course. However, I got to play as much golf as someone who paid for 18, so I have that going for me.
It’s a shame he can’t have the same kind of golf career as NFL. He is leading on Sunday by 5 stokes and then shots 92 while sinking his opponents ball each green.
It’s extraordinary considering this is a guy who’s been battered by the biggest and baddest athletes coming at him him at full speed. The fact he’s even competing is stunning.
This is legit how golfing really’s not hard to get down to the low 80s high 70s. You can do that by just playing consistently. To make the next jump to the low 7Os high 60s, it’s all about putting true and shot making..that’s where it becomes difficult
Relax guys give him a break it’s his first tour event. They play at a higher level the fact that he shot in the 70s his first day is impressive.
The other golfers must have been golfing the game of their life. An 82 and in last place?!? From the NFL to golf, that’s pretty darn good!
A waste of a sponsors exemption to sell tickets..pretty sad debut. At least Curry shot in the mid 70's and didn't embarrass himself.
Why would this be a surprise? He’s obviously a great golfer but he’s not a professional golfer. Pros are pros for a reason. If he wants to play on tour he should go earn his card.
Good he had a bad back but wants to play golf??? The greatest golfer of his time couldn't do it and he thinks he can?
Well, yeah. You were expecting.......? Golf is hard. At the pro level it's not the game we all play on the weekends. It's at a whole different level played by guys that can grind diamonds into dust. Respect.