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Magic Johnson went on ESPN First Take Monday morning and said he felt betrayed by Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

I can't blame Magic Johnson for what he did because he is right and probably this the best way to deal with it and just talk about it I mean really he kind of did get shafted there at the Lakers and you shouldn't have been treated the way he was probably if we really knew what was really said and the real picture of what's going on behind the scene And hopefully LeBron sees it coming before it hits him as well
In other words, Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world. Space Jam 2 going to be better than the original.
I back Magic. Pelinka is trash. BUT, let’s keep it real. Magic wasn’t putting in the time. His accomplishments were mediocre at best. Remember, he drafted Ball, traded Russell. So let’s not act like he was walking on water.
What is backstabbing to Magic Johnson? If he's not doing his job what is Rob Pelinka supposed to do? Ignore it just to be a nice guy, sorry it doesn't work that way. Also for Magic to resign abruptly without telling his boss is unacceptable for any reason.😏🧐
Magic kept it 💯 like he should since the lakers don’t seem to care or are willing to get it under control. Rob Pelinka will cost them it’s a reason Demps aired out the trade packages because robs a lie and teams don’t trust him. Jenni has been shielded for so long she needs to get all the blame
He looks like rob lowe in waynes world lol
Magic was a great player, as a an executive in charge of Basketball Development -not so much. The way he quit was less than stellar. He needed to put his big boy pants on and talk with his boss before leaving. I think the blowback he got from that was a surprise to his ego. Hence the current “ campaign”. Maybe it was Pelinka’s fault but Magic needs to own his less than stellar behavior as well
He might be right but it's hard to jump on his side when he was out here pulling a Phil Jackson barely showing up to games and making moves without actually putting in the scouting work.
The Buss' are the bust of NBA ownership and management. Lebron won't be there long...
"I don't have the power I thought I had to make decisions." This is the real reason Magic left.... He figured out that he was just a figurehead in the organization there to do interviews with the media using his "Magic" charisma & help do business with other teams cause nobody in the league (besides Jeannie) trusts Pelinka
Pelinka’s main basketball contribution was helping the GPA of the Michigan basketball team
Magic wanted to fire Luke Walton. In his own words, he had the opportunity to in day 2 of his "straw that broke the camels back", scenario. So, why didn't he? If you snooze, you lose Magic!
I keep seeing people post that Magic should have kept it on house.......keep it in house for what? Why should he? Protect your Brand like the Lakers are trying to do themselves......... Tell it all Magic.
Honestly, I think they are all backstabbing one another. Magic is no saint and kind of a cry baby.
Hiring Magic was a huge part of the Lakers dysfunction...he was basically a part time celebrity president..same as Phil Jackson with the Knicks.
If the Lakers keep this up they’ll be the NEW KNICKS( New York Knicks) & Laker fans will demand that Jeanie buss sell the team like they (KNICKS FANS) did to James Dolan
Magic wasn’t doing his job!
Never trust a man who slicks his hair back and wears flashy clothing, never
How about talking about teams that are good and still playing.
It doesn't matter how bad things get, Magic Johnson always stays positive..
Lakers really need to hit rock bottom before they are allowed back to the playoffs
Magic was the president. Couldn’t he have just fired Pelinka if he was the reason he wasnt enjoying work anymore? Presidents of sports teams do that all the time.
Magic wanted the title but not the responsibility
If rumors that most GM’s hate Pelinka, and don’t want to answer his calls, reason enough to can him. His outfits are another strong reason if you need two?
Man, this is all music to my ears! The Lakers deserve this dysfunction!
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Magic Johnson explains on ESPN First Take what happened when trying to trade for Anthony Davis.

Magic Johnson was an amazing player. He doesn’t have a great tract record of being a GM.
he thought that by signing the Queen he had the whole NBA in his hands, totally wrong ,instead of thinking of firing L walton , Lebron was the issue , they could make big changes in the team without the Queen
LOL Schoolgirl James tried to trade the whole team and let Tragic Johnson take the fall. #TheTriggeredLife destroys everything it touches 😁
Magic- I'm upset people were complaining about me barely working. Magic- I was barely working I have other things going on.
They tried to use Magic Johnson as one of their puppets. He wasnt going. 😂😂😂😂😂
Middleton 3-16 Bledsoe 3-16 Gianis 5-16 Mirotic 3-11, while almost all main guys of Raptors shot +- 50% 😀 😀 and it still took 2 OT's to win at home. Bucks in 5 easily
"Everything is always someone else's fault!" - Magic
Should ESPN quit these BS talking heads and show some highlights again??!!!
No one will want to be in LA after seeing this interview
They are better without Lebron!! That should be the trade the Lakers should do in July
Its now obvious he had no idea or accountability in what he was doing with that team.
I didn't get my way, so i took my ball and went home !
Yeah it was called EPIC fail
Ad's goin to NYC for the #3 pick. Comeon
What happened is the buffoon got played and everyone except him knew it the whole time.
Magic merely confirming what beat writers have written about already.
Shut up Magic! The Lakers don’t have anyone worthy to give up for AD..
Magic is trash for this.
Molly stay talking over people. It's soo annoying Just sit and look pretty for the camera and be a moderator
Make the trade now. No one can beat the Laker package
He was working for the Clippers this whole time
Magic still promoting these kids to complete that trade lol Let's go Magic
Gotta admit it I was so happy to see Brandon Ingram go off like that 🔥🔥 He was on a mission.
Pelicans knew what they were doing too bad Ad gone and once Zion gets a chance he’ll be gone as well
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Magic Johnson explains in full why he stepped down as president of the Los Angeles Lakers and says he felt betrayed by GM Rob Pelinka.

(via ESPN First Take)

Sounds like Magic wasnt working hard enough and he is trying to spin it so its everyone else's fault. Dude just say you were not willing to put the hours in due to other obligations and walk... way to throw it on others
Magic is the only guy that can dry snitch and still come off as charming
Well said, Mr. Magic Johnson..Your honesty and your trust is the best policy for all. I hope all of you learn a lesson from Mr. Magic Johnson..
I guess we are going to see how good Rob Pelinka is. I’m glad Magic spoke up bc there are always 2 sides to every story.
Magic Johnson and lebron James are tools
Magic has too many things outside of the end of the day it was a mistake to hire him..
Hulk Hogan cared more about Miss Elizabeth being taken back to the locker room on the stretcher than the Macho Man, who was left for dead in the ring.
That's what happens when you put a Michigan State guy and a Michigan guy in the same work space
I bet it was Kobe who told Magic the 411.
He stepped down because he was about to be fired. Great player , executive team President, not so much.
When did Rob Lowe become the Lakers GM? “...and I’m Creepy Rob Lowe and this is how you ruin a basketball team”
😂😂😂 Magic... you mean you didn’t want to work hard because you’re already a multi-millionaire, and you missed tweeting about other players/teams. C’mon man!
did he call Nick Young "shaggy P" instead of "swaggy P"... at least know who played for ya lol
Mistake on the Lakers for hiring Magic, knowing that he couldn't be fully dedicated to the job
Who cares basketball sucks these days
I'll still debate him on #2 pick on Lonzo
Or maybe cause lakers suck
Rob Pelinka. According to the Fab 5 ESPN documentary, Jalen Rose described Pelinka as only being on the team to boost the overall team’s GPA.
Lebron is still a cry baby an overrated..
The buss family NEEDS to go! Rob has got to go. Kobe should buy the Lakers
Magic was a GREAT basketball player...terrible talk show host, terrible coach and terrible part time VP/GM. Trading Russell will prove to be a mistake, drafting Lonzo and the Ball Family Drama was a mistake, not keeping Randle mistake, LeBron & cast of supporting castoffs to LAL also a mistake. Firing Luke will probably prove to be a mistake. also Deng & Mozgov signing was a Jim Buss /Kupchak mistake. It’s been 3-5 years of bad moves during this rebuild.
Wow. Magic made a lot of money during his playing days and obviously invested very wisely to become a very rich man. On the other hand, there is nobody in the world who sounds more clueless when he speaks.
Magic just sucked at his job 🤷🏻‍♂️
At the end of the day you gotta do what's best for yourself point blank. Atleast he can tell himself he tried but it just didn't work out the way he had thought it would no big deal. You still gotta Respect this man. It's Magic come on
He left the Lakers because he can’t turn them into the Showtime Lakers like he had when he played. Those days of the NBA has passed. How many times has he come back to the Lakers as a player, coach, or front office guy and thought he was gonna bring that style back and failed. It was a mistake by the Lakers and by Magic to think this was gonna work. It got them some publicity but that’s it. They got Lebron but then got a mess when they tried to get AD and failed at that. So now Magic wants to do the blame game. Just say you failed and apologize to the laker fans and let that be it.
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Giannis Antetokounmpo keeping it 💯

He’s not saying he doesn’t care about his team or performance . Just putting things in perspective that although he lost game 3, he’s blessed everyday to make a great living and to be able to provide for his family
For real this is the least role model like thing to say, your basically saying it’s okay to be mediocre so long as you make a lot of money and take care of your family. Millennials have their priorities mixed up, goal #1 should be win, not play well enough to make a lot of money but fall short of winning.
Love this guy. Much better role model than LeBron
Every superstar is held to a higher standard, oh no wait just lbj is, if kd, curry, kawhi, giannis have a sub par game everyone is okay with it, that is why lebron is considered the best.... if lebron has 12 points in a play off game he would be getting roasted left and right lol
Can't argue with that logic....
Already a greater player than Lebron Better attitude better mindset better leader. Plays harder. Lebron is overrated. Step aside and look at the new face of the league 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Weak answer. Instead of acknowledging his poor performance he basically said "I'm rich and I help a lot of people". It's just him deflecting.
Lebron would get crucified for saying this.
When Bron said something similar ppl attacked him 😂😂 just like they probably will attack me for saying this 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣
I like Giannis but honestly this sounds like deflection and humble brag.
Love it. This is a great perspective. The greatest players in every sport have had “bad games”. This wasnt a bad game by Giannis, just not his usual offensive output. He made up for it by being a beast on the boards and setting up his teammates. That’s what greats do. Im sure he wants to score more points, but he realizes that losing a close game in double OT where he wasnt at his best offensively isnt something to be disappointed in...just something to build on. It’s the media that turns games like this into “disappointments” Lets put it this way...if Giannis is even slightly better offensively in game 4, the Bucks will win again.
I get what he was saying, but there is a difference between being asked about performance on a single day and evaluating how you feel about yourself as a person. We can have an off day at work and still overall be a good person.
G is victim to the Nigerian prince scam too?!??!
Third party reply... sounds a little narcissist to me???
this kid is the next great sports hero...
Well, I mean... it's his career, so it's not really just "a game." All those great things he's done in his personal life don't change the fact that he's a paid employee whose job it is to perform well and help his team win. I don't think he deserves to be crucified over this performance or anything like that, but it's also not something he should just be shrugging off and acting like it's akin to a child playing Fortnite for fun. It's what he does for a living, so yeah, he should probably feel some disappointment.
Isn’t this the same guy that brags about how nobody can stop him when he’s playing good?
Yea he didnt score much but he also had 23 rebounds and 7 assist. There are other ways to have an impact on the game.
Did anybody else have to re-read this quote?
Sounds defensive to me because he only scored 12pts
I feel like he just bragged about being a good person but did it in a way that seems unselfish.."look how great I am. Im so great I'm even great at losing" gtfo.
The Raptors should be disappointed they needed 2 overtime’s with Giannis getting 12 points 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mad respect for the Nigerian Freak
Now rip him a new A-hole like y’all would do Lebron if he said this after an L in the ECF. ☺️
An amazing young man. He has become my favorite NBA player. I love his attitude, I love his work ethic.
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Tim Tebow's teammates had an interesting way to celebrate his first career HR in Triple-A 😅

(via Syracuse Mets)

Welcome to every teams reaction to a players first HR... Nothing to see here, Tim Tebow or not.
I honestly thought they were gonna all be on one knee when he got back to the dugout.
Lol so they gave him the usual treatment that all players get hitting their first homerun
Tebow is a very like-able guy and I wish him all the best in life, but he should not be on any AA or AAA roster. It’s taking a spot away from a prospect who is trying to make baseball as a living. He makes lots of money on endorsements and as a college football analyst. If it were not for his name and all the publicity that comes with it, he would not be on any minor league roster
This is how everyone celebrates a first homer though.
Great now we will have tebow posts everyday with a sprinkle of what lebron is doing on a daily basis....#noonecares
Dude never stops trying... Admirable
Alot of people rag on Tebow and the MLB for sharing his stuff. But what people forget is that this guy hadnt played in like 10 years then picks up a bat then gets picked up by a team. Now people are going to say its just his popularity away from baseball that has put him here but think about this. There are kids that have played every year since they were 5 years old that never make it to summer league or single A. So I dont judge him at all honestly it pretty impressive.
Not interesting since this is every first HR celebration in baseball.
Is that a AAA park or a low budget junior college?
"Interesting" really? This is a tradition in baseball. Sorry it's not basketball or off-season nfl and you don't understand what baseball is. get educated
got the same treatment from NFL teams
Jason Tyson Josh Tebow goes from playing for the Broncos to playing for a team whose mascot is Rubble from Paw Patrol. Still can't figure out which one is the upgrade though.
He is a great guy I would love to see him make it to the bigs but time is running out.
How is this interesting? MLB does this all the time. Waiiiiit I know. Because by posting that it was an interesting way, people would click on it. Otherwise, people would just scroll thinking, “Ok”
Wow Tebow has scored my runs then the actual Mets organization in the past two days
The guy has millions in the bank and is more than a serviceable ball player. Let the guy live. I can list over 250 players that don't belong in the MLB. AT ALL
34 games and batting a .157 Yeah it’s not a stunt for the name sure.
He's batting .157 with 1 HR through 34 games... I see him called up within the month.
It’s minor league baseball and about putting butts in the seat. Attendance spikes when Tebow comes to town and that means more shirts, beer, concessions, etc being sold. I love it.
ESPN is still trying to ride the Tebow train. What other AAA athlete with no hopes of getting to the majors would get screen time on ESPN?
What are the odds Tebow ditches baseball to try out the xfl?
How is he still on a Triple A roster? Its May 20 thats his first homer? Publicity stunt over, good job Tim but you ain’t pro material homie.
Mets haven’t scored in like 3 games. I’d call him up. They seem like the triple A lineup
Then he begged to be entire team
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Enes Kanter is a devout Muslim observing Ramadan, a center attempting to prevent a three-peat -- and a political activist who sleeps with a panic button next to his bed.

Wow cool post, thanks for sharing
"wOw cOoL pOsT, tHaNkS fOr sHaRiNg!"
Wow cool post espn thanks for sharing
Wow post cool espn thanks sharing for ,
This man hasn’t been able to talk to his family. Even tho Kanter always has a lot to say, I wish only for the best for him
I think he is perfectly safe at Looney's pocket.
He's got better odds beating the Turkish government then the warriors.
He continued criticizing erdogan till now, the turkish president didnt like ennis k.
One of my favorite players. I couldn't imagine growing up somewhere else other than the States and i grew up in flint MI. Kanter came a long way in life, most immigrants endure more than we could imagine and we have a lot of not so nice places here.
If we had a President who cared about American citizens and residents, he would make it clear that Kanter is under his protection and is not to be f***ed with. Alas, that is not the case and the opposite is true. Trump's reaction to the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi can not be comforting to Kanter.
I’m all for drop a few on the Turks 💣💣💣✈️
Don’t know why ppl find this funny I could probably guess the race of people who do tho 🤸🏽‍♂️
I jus came to see what evil things trump heads would say. They never disappoint...anyone except their families
Dude just stop you never going beat the Turkish government
What’s funny about this?
So is the panic button a gun?
And breaks his hand fighting a chair. Not a genius
He's a soldier... I've seen him with Turkish cleric over here in Pa... Had the chance to personally speak with him for a while...
Dude is a warrior! I hope the best for him! 🚫 war!
Hes a good man. But the Blazers fixing to get swept. NUGGETS ALWAYS
The Ramadan Bombathon
Everyone who hates America should try Turkey.
He has a better chance against the Turkish government
What happened to the Armenians. I’ll wait.
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This 10 year-old skateboarder has mesmerizing moves 👀

Look, it’s a mini Rodney Mullen! That was awesome 👏🏼
Rodney Mullen would be proud!!
His parents played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the Playstation for sure.
It’s awesome to see young kids out here still dedicated to street style. I still watch Rodney Mullen videos with absolute amazement.
But Can he Collect all the S-K-A-T-E Letters From Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Game??
Someone has been watching early 90s Rodney Mullen mixtapes
Rodney Mullen would be proud!
Rodney Mullen Jr😳😳🙌🏻🙌🏻
Future Rodney Mullen?? Best trick skateboarder ever!!!
Rodney Mullen is smiling somewhere while watching this.
For all the top fans ╭👇 ° ͜ ° )╭👇 \ . .\ \ \ | \ / ╰🍆╯ / \
A little Rodney Mullen!
Somebodies been watching some old Rodney Mullen videos.
Little man watched a ton of Rodney Mullen
Rodney Mullen ma man
Rodney Mullen should give this kid a signed skateboard...
Honestly I thought freestyle skateboarding was a lost art. This really gets me pumped up for the future of skateboarding
Rodney Mullen is back!
But can he skate on a skate park?
I saw a little Rodney in him. 😢
Went to the Rodney Mullen school of flat landing I see lol
I just broke 3 ankles watching this.
Out there looking like Rodney Mullen Jr
Now he just needs a big black friend
Asian Rodney Mullen💯💪💪💪
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Keep shooting 😂

(via SportsNation)

Draymond has always been a good teammate. He is not there to make friends with his opponents. That's what you have to respect about him.
I wanna party with this guy one time haha
What machine did Draymond step into? He's turning into a decent dude.
Im looking at a different Draymond
ESPN trying to be a meme page now?
When Draymond is locked in he's one of the best players in the league
He’s right tho no1 is perfect..
Always bring along the Ultimate wingman 😂😂
We've all been turn down before 🤣😂
Here go 2016 draymond 💯💯💯
Fellas in the club gonna use this like hell now lol
He’s really matured, respect
For the 1st few years of his career, I could not stand Draymond and his antics. But as he matures, and after watching game 3 the other night, I am starting to believe he is actually a pretty good dude.
"Troubleshooting" #PunIntended *Draymond smirk*
Without Draymond Green is no Golden State Warriors real talk...
Green is holding that team together
· If You Wanna Witness Greatness Watch Warriors Vs. Portland Trail Blazers game 3 highlights without KD Or Cousins
Draymond finally woke up
Looks like he was about to shake his lip off😂
So much energy lol
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✅ The poster dunk
✅ The step-over
✅ The smack talk

25 years ago, Scottie Pippen served up some disrespect to Patrick Ewing and Spike Lee 😤

Now THIS is when the NBA was great and relevant
Love how he dunks on him, pushes him, stands over him, then goes and gives Knicks super fan Spike Lee some too. Miss the days when either you went hard into the lane and dunked on someone or you were chucked into the second row and you had to earn it from the free throw line.
Real basketball. Best years of NBA
2 years after as teammates after winning an Olympic gold medal for USA in 1992 at the Barcelona games and next thing you know it's back to playoff rivalries. Back in those days when the NBA was must see TV.
When the NBA was a man's game...
The best team ever
bAcK wHeN bAsKeTbAlL wAs BeTtEr
LeBron James would've have had the whole Bulls team fired if that was today 😂😂
Best dunk I’ve ever seen because not only does he dunk on Ewing and step over him, he got to walk over Spike Lee as well lol
Single greatest dunk in history from start to finish!
6 free throws for James Harden.
Man... how soft has basketball become!! I love watching basketball back then..
When the league didn’t suck.
Scottie Pippen most underrated player of all time. I said what I said
This is when the NBA was worth seeing.
Man I miss the greatness that the NBA and Chicago Bulls basketball used to be....
When the NBA was at its best!
Idk what's more disrespectful.... Pippen's dunk on Ewing or Kemp's dunk on Lister.... Pip dunked on, pushed & stood over Ewing but Kemp dunked on Lister then two-hand pointed at him while Lister was on the ground
"Make basketball Great Again"!
This was when basketball was a man’s sport
He told Spike "sit yo azz down." 🤣
Lmao drake is today’s spike lee
i would watch basketball if it were still like this
He told spike lee to sit down lmao.
Back when Lebron wasn't a thought and men played like men
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Handles on the hoverboard 💯 (via espnW)

This is my upstairs neighbor.
Like if the cowboys still suck s
is that Curry's daughter? lol jk
That is awesome! She’s a natural!
white privilege 2019, TWO basketballs?!!!
Nike loving the free marketing
Wow great post thanks for sharing ❤
I lost my balance just watching this.
Hoverboard? Come on ESPN, that thing has wheels.
Lebron's number one target in free agency
On her way to making 78,000 a year in the WNBA.
This little girl is going to make her parents proud some day,, that’s dedication
Is espn now AFV, TMZ and snap chat all in one now
She's already signed with UCONN.
Is that girl talented? Yes. Is that a hoverboard? NO!!!
That would make Stephen Curry proud!
Girl is talented but that's not a hoverboard.
She’s on the right path! With a ton of hard work and dedication, she too can live her dream of being a professional les-basketball player and make well over 40k a year
Cool post thanks for sharing
That’s nothing my 6 month old niece can do that in her sleep 😤
at 67 i can't dribble that good standing still
I can’t do that even standing up
Great job young lady. Sure hope they don't keep that skateboard thing in the house, they catch on fire.
I just fell watching this
And with the 7th pick the Chicago Bulls select...