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"I don't think we can work alongside of them until we address that issue."

Aaron Gall Then maybe you don’t need to work?
Jennifer Castleman Maybe they should make a real stand and go on strike! (Or a real kneel)!! College Ball is better anyway!!
Adam Davis He opted out of a contract for crying out loud
Jack Munley I don't think we can believe a thing Michael Bennett says until he apologized for lying about the Las Vegas incident
David Caravantes In the NFL and all professional sports, you are measured by what have you done lately. Period! No one cares what you did in your first couple years. He was one of there worst QB's in the NFL in his last two season. Not to mention, what team owner wants a player who stunk it up so bad in back-to-back years and with so much negative baggage? Not only would he bring a negative impact to the team via the media and team fans, but also in the locker room. Looker room lawyers like Kapernick are only cancer to teams and the GM's & owners understand this... Keep in mind he would only be signed as a backup QB - with all this negative baggage and his on-field struggles. It won't happen and should not happen.
Kyle Gardner Can Michael address the fact that he lied and race baited in his Vegas incident? No arresting officers were white he pretty much lied about the whole thing. An apology for the officers maybe?
Todd Abed Rg3 is a better option and nobody signed him either, and he didn’t opt out of his contract. He was willing to play for the Browns means he would play anywhere... nobody talking about him ..
Manny Barela Eric Reid also kneeled and he has a job.. Maybe kneeing isn't the reason he is jobless. Maybe it's because he regressed every year since his rookie year
Oruam Angelo Dear Micheal Bennett. You lost all credibility when you blatantly lied to try to start something against cops. ESPN please stop posting what this joker says.
Clay Hartley There are lots of college players they would love to play with a little less Talent and would take a lot less money so by go home we will not miss you
Michael Flowers You want them to pay for him quitting his job. That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Scratch that, all my life.
Isaac Olivares The NFL is doing fine without him. Just like the NFL is fine without Romo. Owners don't need to answer to anyone about who they DON'T hire.
Andrew Hoing He's a trash QB that's why! He had one maybe two good years and then he became irrelevant! Get over it!
Mike Miller Maybe we should talk about you making claims against cops that didn’t treat you at all disrespectfully
Doug Shumway Im seriously about done with the nfl. Do these idiots not underatand that we have the power. We dont watch sponsers start dropping and back to the ghetto for these self entitled morons.
Rich Finster Ever think he's not in the league is bc he's a horrible QB?
Joey Garcia I think first we should address Michael Bennett lying about the police
Erik De La Garza How about RG3, Johnny football or Tebow
Jill McMasters All the players should go on strike!!
Darren Fink Here's how it will be addressed--"he'll bring a circus with him and more importantly, he sucks"
Joshua Crider And I want nfl owners to address my unemployment. You don’t see me crying
Matthew Strader They're not going to employ someone suing them.
Greg Burch Shut up and play football Bennett
Joshua Keff What if a team signs him and he sucks? Then what?
Jim Glennon i want the fact that i’m not a chippendale be addressed also please
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Tanaka takes his place among some New York Yankees greats.

Steven Nicholas It feels real. It feels rare. It is real. It is rare. The world series is one win away. COMES ON YANKS!!!! Send these clowns to that big Texas ranch in the sky!!!
Levi Palmer Yankees v. Dodgers would destroy some World Series ratings, MLB has to be praying for it to happen.
Lee Fullmer Former baseball star here, it sure is delightful to watch these young Yankees play so well. I enjoy watching players that remind me a lot of myself when I was great. Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner remind me of just that. It is a treat to see. Best of luck Yankees. I'm rooting for them.
Antoine Swinton They say it ain't over til the fat lady sings, and well, Kelly Clarkson just hit the high note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let's go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle Howard Don’t let this distract you from the Fact that Kentucky has had 62 Governors and was established in 1792 but America has only 45 Presidents and was established in 1776
Roberto Spanghero I remember when Masahiro was heckled on Twitter by Yanks fans for being subpar at the start of the season. Loving it, big fan of him.
Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact the New York Yankees will BEAT the Astros in Game 6 and SWEEP the Dodgers in the World Series. Ive said it all along and you guys laughed..The Yankees are a team of destiny! Only REAL baseball fans know this
Glenn Romer He's been awesome!!! Still not worthy of giving an A-Rod type contract! A-Rod, wasn't even worthy!!! 👎👎👎
Eric Kelley And just think, the first half of the season his ERA was like 5.86 with a whole 3 QS by the All Star break
Frank Yolango The Yankees knocked out Keuchel and shut out the Astros...DILLY DILLY
Craig Scorpio This team reminds me of '96. It's like de ja vu, all over again. And they said this was a "rebuilding year". Pfft.
Dave Tee Tanaka is proving more useful in the postseason than the regular season. The Livan Hernandez of the Yankees!
Brie Vanessa So many salty people writing on this post 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex Huertas I wonder what’s going through the mind of this fan. LMAO.
Nick Tran If it really a 7 game serious good for business. Win Yankees.
Bill Kotelsky And yet the Yankees didn’t walk away with it all in 1960. This statistic is meaningless...
Jimmy James
Adam Doing Dude isn't even consistently good or bad!! I don't get Tanaka sometimes even his inconsistency is inconsistent
Todd Isbell Gotta win it Yanks to make this proper!
Will Dickson I beg to differ. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago..
Henny Lopez Tanaka was dealing tonight.
Dan Molden Remember 1996 World Series . We went down 2-0. Lost game one 14-3 or something like that. Against a well groomed ATL. Took 4 straight to win it. Rest is history. This team is just like them boys
Michele Manganello Pellegrini Please don't put him with Clemons the druggy. Go Tanaka!!!!
Neko Puns Tanaka has always great arm when his on the mound and showed today he’s one of them
Jim Coppola Get Clemens outta there, cheater
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This (hypothetical) trade seems a little lopsided.

Charles Bunn Bag of chips probably would defend better
Cameron Lynn Woods Melo will go off this year and will help the Oklahoma City Thunder win the 2018 NBA championship. You heard it here first
Matthew Steele As a nuggets fan Carmelo is a distraction and a liability I literally once saw him lay on the floor for 30 seconds because he couldn't get a timeout called.
Junior May Phil Jackson would have traded you to the Browns. Browns didn't want you taking all the credit for them losing. You got off lucky.
Richard Eddings sounds about right. Bag of chips is filled with anticipation until it's opened and you realize there seemed so much more than you got. And afterwards, you wonder why you kept going to that same bag for so long.
John Scott Yep, Melo is right. As great as Jackson’s accomplishments were on the court, his tenure as President of Basketball Operations was equally bad. Phil and his ego can now deal with being labeled a bust.
Bobby Joyce Who cares? You could have been traded litterally anywhere. You refused. Said you wanted to "Win for NY". Said you were doing what was best for your family. Now you jump at the first superteam that wants your services half way across the country. We know Phil sucked at his job. He was gone. You didn't waive it in time to get traded for Kyrie. Fast forward to next summer and pretend you're still a Knick. Paul George wouldn't have even sat in the room with you just like Durant and Wade. All these years, no free agents came because of you. Rose got two players and he wasn't even there a week. One sucked, one is tradeable. Still better than none.
Art Crouse If it was a bag of Old Bay chips, SOLD!!! Melo is completely overrated. What has he accomplished as an NBA leader? Nothing. His teams have done nothing in the Eastern Conference. Imagine if he played in the West?
Ryan Moore Phil Jackson was good as a coach .. But come on, with the greatest player ever and a stellar defense .. Those Bulls teams were destined to win .. And same with Lakers!!
Dustin Goza I hope it was some Zapps! Not that frito lay or Pringles bs. Ole philly cheese losing it in his old age. And u ain't Jordan or Kobe. Don't worry I had a feeling he was just pretty good without all time greats all over.
Doug Jacobs And he should have (trade for bag of chips). You brought absolutely NOTHING to the Knicks. #selfcentered #noclass #overrated
Lance Fulfer We talking family size bag or the little impulse sized bag at the register???? And national brand or store brand?
Ian Friedl Yeah, cause ur ego is a bag of chips... u coulda been 1 of the best, if u woulda just ran back and played D. Not once... not once.... it hurts tovwatch you play, knowing ur just mad lazy
David Reese A bag of chips are exciting versus someone who is over-rated and can't win a title without riding the coat tails of a REAL ALL STAR...and to take credit for it. Jordan endorsed the wrong player a long time ago.
John Johnson Make that a bag of Cheddar & Sour creams, and sign me up. Carmelo does however beat out the plain chip... unless it has ripples.
Chris Moran What size and kind of chips we talking about here? If we're talking a party or family sized bag of some cheddar or honey bbq chips then absolutely, probably overpaying for Melo.
Tim Coffman Was it going to be the big party size bag of chips, the family size, or the smaller size you get at a gas station?
Ruben Camacho Phil Jackson is a winner, you've never won, maybe you should have listened to what he had to say, you might've been a contender, instead of a bum, of what you are.
Mike Miller What type of chips though are we talking a big bag? Is it salt and vinegar? I love salt and vinegar. Are they fresh chips or going bad soon?
Rich DeFelice A bag of chips wouldn’t take 50 shots per game, wouldn’t be grossly overrated, would learn to distribute the ball more and would learn the meaning of “team player” 😂
Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact the New York Yankees will BEAT the Astros in Game 6 and SWEEP the Dodgers in the World Series. Ive said it all along and you guys laughed..The Yankees are a team of destiny! Only REAL baseball fans know this
Steve Flores Now will he prove Phil wrong, that he's worth more than a bag of chips or that he's right. That's the million dollar question?
Roman Rodriguez The chips seems like a steep price. Perhaps a ding-dong, and potential for a Twinkie in 2018 and 2019, based on performance.
Eric Lavoie i would maybe give a store brand bag of chips ... but not like taco flavored Doritos or anything for him😂
Hyatt Wilson Wow haters everywhere .. gets on dude for playing with bums for 14 years and not stared up like the love of Yal lives the queen
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Gordon Hayward sends a message to Boston Celtics fans.

Jairo Jair Ramirez To be honest Gordon Hayward should have no haters. Nothing but respect to him
Brad Ivanson I love Gordon Hayward and the celtics roster and it was disgusting injury but if there's one city in the world where am never gonna have smyphoney it's (Boston)
John Crouse I’m not a C’s fan but I’m a native Hoosier, Butler, Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward fan. Can’t wait to see him back on the court.
Brian Farrington Boston fans should be happy about this. This is the exact excuse they needed as to why they were going to lose in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Cavaliers anyway.
Bret McCormick I love how ESPN gives him airtime now...the Jazz helped mold him into who he is and he didn’t get all this love while in Salt Lake.
DrJustin Downing I may not like the Celtics but man I don't ever wish that type of injury on anyone. I hope he recovers soon.
Dennis Pritchett Man to MAN I want to say God bless get well soon. But as your rival in basketball I hope you don't get back soon
Marcopolo McDowell obviously this was recorded with a potato.
Erick Francis I can't even think how that feels. To get ready for the season for weeks and weeks only to circum to significant injury like, literally minutes into the first game of the season. And despite that he can still smile
Dave Tee Man it would suck having to bottle up all those competitive juices and sit in bed all day. I guess money would make it better.
Miguel Ramirez Mad at him for not Signing with the Miami Heat and that's because I respect his skills!!!But pulling for you bro...
Jarid Mealer I’m not a Celtics fan at all I have had so much respect 4 him he is a great player and glad 2 c he went 2 go play 4 his old coach
Nick Thomas I support all players from the Hoosier state, but this kid is special. Sad he has to go through such a serious injury.
Evan Todd Hayward is such a nice guy think of all the good things he did for Utah before he left to go to Boston
Anthony Cacciatore It should say don't worry about me I'm fine, I get 30 mil plus a year for next 4 years, even if I never play again
Sandip Kesha Our team Steph Martin. The city of Boston, they embrace and respect their athletes, through the good and the bad.
Patrick Tyler They haven't announced a timetable for his return but anyone know what the usual recovery time is for this type of injury?? There has to be a few medical ppl here that know everything 😂
Nasir Jones I can't stand female announcers I'm not watching One game she does for ESPN and I know I'm not the only one that feel that way
Kyle DeSousa Dan Stoddard you play on the celtics?
James Presutti You have the respect from all around the sports world....Game recognize matter the size or color....
Jonny Gough Bucks an celtics will meet in the 2nd round in the
Chad McGuire This injury on the gruesomeness scale is up there with Kevin Ware, Tyrone Prothro and Joe Theismann
Rich White He gonna smoke sooooo much loud right now
Tyler Harrison Sanspree Much Respect. Praying for a healthy recovery.
Shorish Jaffar With or without hawyword, cavs gonna rape the Celtics.
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Joel Embiid and his new braids are here for opening night.

Alec Boccanfuso It's a new style called the limited minutes
Reed Bakirtjy Lmfao why the hell did the architect not build a higher ceiling? He looks like he's scraping the ceiling with every step 😂
Markus Kage Joel Embiid should stop all Twitter wars with players. Concentrate on you NOT getting injured again and again and again!! Lets see if you can pass 25 games without a hiccup!! Cmon now! Put the phone down! And play!
Brian Brackna Van Gundy's disdain for John Wall is blatant. D.C. tells him, if you can't be neutral, STFU. There's a reason you're not coaching anymore dude. You might want to read a program too before you start spewing inaccuracies. #mouthyhack
Scott Lackie Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation.
Christian Angel If you pay attention. You hear his knees clicking.
Kevin Koobmeej Yang Ben Wallace enters the building lol
Tom Campbell ESPN;s pointless posts reach an all-time high when the NBA is in season. Oh, well. At least it's not soccer.
Shahrukh Jalil He almost got injured by the exit sign.
Michael Pittman Someone please sit for the Anthem tonight so I can watch people who are triggered reactions
Dalton Kesler What up Ben Wallace. Watch, he'll bring the fro back in the playoffs. Yes the sixers will make the playoffs.
Axel Alejandro Lepe If his knees collapse and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Jason Ortiz Joel Embiid is a stud but he should leave that team
Reggie L. Harris Ben Embiid or Joel Wallace ESPN= EVERYONE SHOULD PANIC NOW
Steven Steinmetz Does Vegas have an over under if he plays more than 41 games?
William Mason Can we get a betting pool here going when he gets injured again
Rocky Boy Garcia So ben wallace is back in the NBA
Matthew Harris III Mr.Glass IN THE BUILDING!!!!!
Rishawn Williams The process do work big fella
John Crouse Over/under on games played this season set at 15.
David M Young This pompous big mouth will be hurt again as usual by the end of the season
EJ Marino Hopefully he can get through the first game.
Aaron Fischer He got a bit of a Ben Wallace throwback look going
Alex Murphy Braid got caught on exit sign out 26 months
John Abbott Don't know who this is. But don't care either.
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What a moment.

Sportsmanship at its finest. Romelu Lukaku comforts Benfica goalkeeper Mile Svilar after his mistake led to the winning goal.
Arthur Lee Schwartzentrub Just like the shirt says RESPECT!
Kevin Moore Not a soccer fan but that is sportsmanship at its finest.
Stephen White It's always nice to see good sportsmanship.
Bryan Potter Can anyone explain the circumstances here? I feel like I see this all the time.
Nathan Breathen Well he wasn't going to score
Robert Pietsch Class on the part of my Man U!!!!!!!!
Kris Rickhoff Trace Alkire this gave me goosebumps
Bryan R.L. Buchanan Now That's Sporsmenship!!!
Steven Sanchez class act
Elfrin Jamal Edwards Leadership, Class, Respect
Bruno Zelada Passos Piero Donato É vc mano ?? igualzinho
Kevin L. Johnson Awesome
Marcus Baban That s nice ! Thank you Lukaku
Robby James #stillnotkane
Adrian St.Onge What happened?
Wilson Anchia That's cool
Dess Leeper Class ina glass !
Matthew Knopp Boycott espn
Roberto Sierra 👏
Alex C. Warren Johnny Wakefield sports are good sometimes
Alex Vézina I love this player more and more each game ! Jérémy Salomon Jean-Pierre Gagne JM Vigno
Danny SJ Lee 정태중 😢
Jesse Burke Joelle Petitti
Kevin Tovar Orlando Tovar
Chuto Martinez Ivana Victoria
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Looks like Neymar is fitting in with his new club.

Jack Moretti Vega PSG have a trio of Neymar, Cavani, and Mbappe, with Draxler and Di María to call up from the bench. Not too shabby huh?
Nick Young Ligue 1 is equivalent to the EFL Championship, he better score 30 goals and have 25 assists at the end of the season
Jonathan Blair Im happy for him, I wanted to see him do well and he is. Coming from a die hard Barca fan
Shaun Collins Best player in the world
Jeremy Davenport CupCake Ligue 1 is the toughest league in the world.
Tom Campbell Why are you bothering us with this CRAP? #soccersucks
Jay Flores Cuatemoc Blanco still the goat bruh
Marcus Baban PSG will be new Marseille 1990 .. Alkhalifie will be jailed .. money not enough to make a sport club ..
Jordan Purvis ESPN sucks off Neymar like he's better than Ronaldo and Messi combined
Eddie Navarro Anthony Perez craig xen the left (alves?)
Garrett Chapman Wouldn't be good enough to start on Colombia's national team
Mark Howland Antoine Emond over hype 😛 lol jk
Scott Tippett The French league is trash, quit taking Qatari money to promote their wacktastic futbol
Preston Dyllan Kulikowski Daniel Leavy isn't he in the wrong jersey? I thought it was Juventus
Jay Cans Mike Piccirillo. Fav player. Lets get thisssss nuff said
Samuel Christian flopmar
Matt Williams
Jimy Prince 'Ballon D’Or' in the making.
Jesus Carrera and 1billion bandwagon players on FIFA 18
Raul Aguilera Looks like a new man.
Kyle Veach still wont win the ucl tho
Shayne Britt Fire jemele hill
Maureen Martin-Huber Love Soccer!!
Diana Bonilla Marmolejo Y cuantos piscinazos?
Brandon Matthew Caca still better lol
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Chris Paul met with Disney CEO Bob Iger, a close friend and mentor, to get his perspective on his free-agency options.

Travis Boyd I think it was really cool to watch. You don't usually see too many deep educated conversations with professional sports players.
Jesse Jordan Let's address the elephant in the room....Texas = No state income tax, California = 50% of his salary in taxes
Matthew McClam ESPN- this was one of the most interesting things you've posted in quite some time
Dustin Concors Geoff Chris Paul was here and we missed him!
Rishawn Williams 🤣🤣🤣 he went to a better version of the clippers that’s it that’s all
Conor Finfrock Tony Vacca what a 🐍 I can't stand CP anymore. I really can't.
Brady Toler So ultimately he chose basketball over his family lol
AC Read He ought to get the CEOs perspective on the pedophilia that’s been going on in Disney for years.
Jack Gewant Addison Lewis Jake Nokes its weird seeing him talk so openly about free agency like thus
Matthew Knopp Boycott the political garbage that comes with espn. Boycott them until they get rid of their liberally biased producers and these horrible player commentator that have no journalistic skill or sophistication
Brandon Eng Shaina Eng ohhhh so this was what he was doing
Brandon Michael Sean Weese Christopher Robert Alex Larson Michael Pucci Brad Erlenbach dam this is dope. As real as it gets!
Caleb Bates Brandon Horn look it's team disney
Paul Kang Who cares!!!!
Shaun Waters Strange af
Danny Campos Why?
Bruce Haywood Nikhil Raj it's starting
Doug McIntosh Tj McIntosh Natassia Robertson McIntosh Disney helps all. lol
Vincent Hannley Elliot Quartz Jack Gewant
Joshua Krakowiak Ricky Martinez Aaron Correa Jack DeVillez Hisham Saklou check this out
Malcolm Brogdon Cesar Glo
Kelly Anderson Julio Gerardo
Matt Cheung Daniel Lee bruh
Austin Stalnaker Michael Kleiman
LJ Pavletic Jake Stap
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Get your popcorn ready. 🍿

Phil Chroniger I see all the jokes, but it won't be a joke when Penn State is playing for a National Championship in January. #WeAre #GoPSU #FuckMichigan
Jacob Roper Notre Dame sucks, they are terrible. And how in the heck does USC continue to be ranked? They are absolutely terrible, and Sam Darnold isn't even that good at all.
Justin Musgrove if notre dame runs the table they should have a shot at the cfb playoffs, their schedule is crazy with something like 8/12 teams ranked? one loss by a point to Georgia.. crazy!
Andrew Mata As a usc fan, sam darnold is probably gonna lose this game for them. Great qb, but this year hes been a turnover machine
Wyatt LeRoux I don't have any pop corn though.
Douglas Foster I don’t get people who go to a stadium and get popcorn 🍿 , just sayin’😜
Jared Chown They will be playing for the statue of an 11-year-old boy Penn state v the Catholic Church.
Adnan Ali Trying to be the first to comment but don't know what to say.
Kelly Watson Ralston Too bad the games are on at the same time.
Joe Beggan Lauren I'm a YUGE Wolverine this weekend
Austin Jablon Ian Stanley SamDarnold is gonna get his head taken off
Raymond Torres SC and Notre Dame game is a toss up and Penn State is going to demolish Michigan.
Jenna Moodie Joshua Moodie!! Heather Feist this has been all I have been hearing about! You guys made his day 😊
Samuel Danskin As Nc State fan Lets go Irish!! Don't want to play y'all after a loss. Need that W!
Peter Tearse Avery Ian Smith i think i know what were gonna do all saturday
Wyatt Geller All I know is the U is back!!! ND overrated. Watch out Bama
Chase Huyck Go Blue!!! Win out and be a playoff contender
Zach Imburgia Michigan is so overrated
Brian Hayes Penn st. Notre dame winners
Jeff Taviano NCAA needs to expand the college football playoffs.
Hyung Harrison It's actually "Getcha Popcorn Ready"
Ronnie March
Kyle Muss
Juan Lytle Burnt my popcorn. Awe shucks! 😩🤢😆🍒🐷😆😄🙇‍♀️😄
Derek Kramer
ESPN7 hours ago

Sure, the Madden franchise has its place, Darren Rovell writes, but it doesn't have the buzz that this game had.

Yillb Watov What if I told you not everyone is a champion? What if dreams don't really come true? A brand new ESPN 30 for 30 film. BOX of Roses: The Rise and Fall of Don Flamenco
Runie Joshua Mensche I miss the days where it would take one 6 to 8 months to beat a game because it was just that hard (or you were just that bad of a player :-P) Now you just need a weekend.
Bryan Clark Every child lucky enough to experience the OG Nintendo and MTPO understand said buzz, but the Madden (franchise) absolutely had as much, or more itself!
Edmond Gentile No internet cheat codes back then, had to get everything by word of mouth like the Contra unlimited lives code. Madden didn't come out till years after Punch out, out best football game was 10 yard fight lol
Valentino Alvarado Samarron They had this in super punchout in the big arcade was rare to find but one of the best arcade games for the time
Corry Blanton loved Mike Tyson's punch out. Madden games are good but their the same game each and every year. all that changes is the name. Madden has become very boring to play
Makaveli Jesus This was the decline for Amercia in my opinon.. When all these games started coming out kids started to lose interest in staying healthy and fit and if you look at Amercia today 80 percent of the population is obese not to mention the seizures and all the other problems video games have caused, these electronics where a big mistake and I'm never letting my kids even touch a phone
Pierre Romero Once I knocked his butt out in the 2nd round I was sooo proud of myself. That was almost 30 years ago he'd kick my butt now cause I'm older and slower...
Steve Lord And the pride of beating it in front of someone that hadn't yet and hearing him tell other friends that you had so they all knew it was true and be a champion. 😂👍
Jay Salgato Can we please get a new Fight Night game? It's been 6 years and I for one cannot fathom how amazing a new Fight Night would look on today's hardware 😍
Matt Nichols This fight took me all weekend as a kid, with a friend and pizzas and an insane amount of jolt cola. Ah memories.
Joshua Carr That game was epic!!! I cant tell you how much time i spent playing that as an 8,9 and 10yr old. Loved it!!!!
David Stanwood Can't remember my anniversary date but still remember the code to fight Tyson. 007-373-5963
Jason Taber It seemed to always take all 3 rds. to TKO or KO him but 1 time I KO'd him in the 2nd rd. not sure what i did different always wondered if it was a glitch
Lance Canton I stayed up many a late night until I FINALLY knocked the champ out. Haha! One of my all-timers in the gaming world.
Super Retro Game Time At 5pm eastern standard time I will be streaming this on my page Super Retro Game Time for the 30th Anniversary of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Robert Kevener Xiong Mike Heavyweight Tyson. Love or hate him he was a Power House machine. No one did it better than him in the 1st round.
Peter Guigli JERRY JONES just sold out about players kneeling for dallas's next game. In return Rodger godell gives him the next draft held in his stadium. Wow jerry money first. Take the 20 million in sales and don't go what you said.
Talley BGolfer Larry Andersen Nicholas Buchanan I love that game! Today 30th anniversary of that game! Date back on Oct 18, 1987.
Richard Sergent Madden blows. Tecmo Bowl and 2K were the best football games.
JeZariah McGillicutty I could KO him in the 1st round.. made me a local legend..HA
Ruben Luzanilla Glass joe Von kaiser Piston Honda Don flamenco King hippo Great tiger Bald bull Don flamenco 2 Piston honda 2 Soda popinski Mr. Sandman Super Macho man Mike tyson
Kevin Patricio Damian That's all good an all but can we get a fckn new FIGHT NIGHT please or bring back Knockout Kings !!
Kevin James In my opinion this is the greatest Nintendo game ever.
Valentino Alvarado Samarron This and Zelda and metroid was the good old days