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Cody Bellinger launched his 32nd and 33rd home runs of the season to take over the MLB HR lead 🔥

Not a big fan of Cody, but man does he have a sweet homerun swing.
So happy we could help out - Phillies Pitching Staff.
This guy has the most impressive swing I’ve seen in a while let’s be honest here
Yelich and Belli both have great swings, love the competition between both, Yelich already has an MVP , Belli needs to work extra hard this year.. #GoBlue
My brothers face says it all... GO DODGERS 🔥💪🏽😂
Love the hater comments. This dude turned 24 years old yesterday and is only going to hit his Prime in 2023-2028. He’s a max dollar talent with less than 3 years experience in the majors, playing under extreme pressure in tinsel town.
Cody Bellinger is the greatest home run hitter of all 2019
This is why the Dodgers refused to let him go when basically every team demanded that he be a part of a trade package. He’s the best player in the majors along with Christian Yelich
Bruce Harper who? Best move of Free Agency the Dodgers didn't do
Crazy how this guy got benched In the World Series. You don't need to be a beast to hit bombs just have a functional swing and you can watch it fly. He would make a better Padre then a Dodger.
This is what saving $300million gets you, haha Phillies & Padres
Dude straight GOLFS baseballs out of the park
Just trying to keep my top fan badge. Nothing to see here
Not as Impressive as my Braves gonna win the WS and My Cowboys winning the SB.
Bryce Harper is the Dodgers real MVP for rejecting that moronic 4yr 180mil contract offer 🤣😄😂
As a Braves fan first and a top fan second, I would like to thank the Dodgers for beating the Phillies.
yelich deserve be back to back MVPs fu*k dodgers and bellinger #GOBREWCREW and #GOYANKS
Congratulations 🎊🎉 Cody Berlinger on your 32/33 home runs of the season ⚾️👍. Many more to come.
If he choked up on the bat,it'll look like Barry Bonds... sweet swing
Dear Dodgers fans, What's is like to be a fan of a regularly successful team? Sincerely, Mariners fans
Yeli/Belli are gonna have a McGuire/Sosa year minus the roids. Should be a fun watch
Thank god LA didn’t waste the money on that bum Harper! PHI gonna regret when then start selling off players.
Hit the ball out the park like ken Griffey!
The best part about this is basically the 2 skinniest guys in the league are leading the MLB in homers
And the Phillies fans thought they were gonna be a good team with Harper 😂
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The Memphis Grizzlies are the 2019 NBA Summer League Champions! 🏆

That’s a nice banner for the practice gym
Great accomplishment. Now they won’t even make it to the playoffs.
This is as meaningful as Durant's two championships.
Good job, Memphis! Great future ahead. Get rid of that Grayson Allen though!
Wow well look back in 10 years and think about this amazing accomplishment
Oh yeah, my cousin is third in-line to be manager at Albertsons
I wonder if Triple H will send them a title belt for this monumental accomplishment!!
Wow. So impressed. But do they have a top fan badge? 🤔
Breaking: Memphis Grizzlies already eliminated from playoffs in 2020.
I wish that they would have put the Grizzlies in Nashville instead of Memphis.
Who cares? The Milwaukee Bucks will be your 2020 NBA Champions!
I'm sure everyone received participation trophies that played. Congrats Vancouver Grizz
Let's be honest...for Wolves fans, this was our NBA finals...and we were disappointed once again...
Some of you act like you never heard of summer league... it’s rookies and 2nd year talent in the NBA preparing for the association basically. If you don’t know basketball don’t comment 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Clarke is a beast, wish he would have stayed 1 more at GU but he is gonna surprise
Congratulations Tennessee Grizzlies for winning the 2020 NBA Finals, finally someone beat the warriors
😂 that’s the best I could come up with to express how I feel about this mighty accomplishment
Good accomplishment for the rooks n sophomores. Maybe that will give them confidence to overachieve like Denver or the clips
And for the First Pick , In the 2020 draft , The Memphis Grizzles Select ........
WNBA > NBA summer league. I cant believe that, but its true.
Donald Trump is your 2020 President of the United States!
Will the WNBA summer league champions be paid the same as the NBA summer league champions?
And Utah Jazz are NBA Champions 2020 Until Durant returns then it’s the Nets🤷🏻‍♂️😎
The only recognition the Grizzlies will get
Remember when the Lions went undefeated in the preseason? I do Owen #16.
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This is wild 😲

(via Alec Barlow's Trick Shots)

Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago
He shanks it right but looks down the fairway. A Top Fan notices that kind of stuff.
Chad's had alot of practice since hes never had a job. Thanks mom, and Dad.
This looks like something Mr. Perfect would've done. SIMPLY PERFECT.
I'm here just to ⊂_ヽ   \\ show my beautiful    \(°ʖ°)     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\    /  / \\ 💎badge    レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / /   / /|  ( (ヽ  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / ノ )  Lノ (_/
I do that as well but my ball goes farther. Keep practicing.
I can't even balance the ball on the tee.
I'm just here to count Happy Gilmore posts🏌
You can put a ball on a tee and I'll hit it that far into the trees without all the gimmicks
Maybe if you used a tee, the ball wouldn’t have gone sideways, hot shot...
While I’d be in the woods with a regular shot
what we don’t see is the 7,364,881 missed attempts before this one.
Great. A golfer that’s better than the Baltimore Orioles
Super cool golf ball trick but he definitely took a drop on the next shot 😂
When you have too much money & time on you're hands
He tried to play off that ball didn’t go straight right 😂
I can’t even hit it stationary on the ground.
Still not as good of a swing as Mantis 5/10
Just commenting to keep my fan badge Nothing to read here move along
I wish I had that much free time
I don't care how many tries it took him. Now that's a trick shot.
Ball went well right.. not sure why dude is looking forward...
How many times it took till he got it right lol
Cool trick.....liked how he looked towards the green like it was any where close lmao
Looks like he shanked it to me, nice try buddy😂
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Shaquille O' Neal's ready to kiss Steve Kerr's feet 😂🧀

Well, he did say on "Fear Factor" but that show is long gone so there's your excuse big fella!
Would Miami's coach be first though. He went 4 in a row...
Steve Kerr landed on a team already set by Mark Jackson
Shaq is the funniest dude to play in the NBA.
At least Steve Kerr dont have to kiss Shaqs feet. Mess around and get Hepatitis C or some sh*t. LoL
Shaq was a powerhouse, nba needs someone like him these days
At that time I dont think shaq foreseen lebrons shortcuts allstars and Olympians playing together or Durant going to an NBA championship full squad.
That was oddly descriptive. Part of me feels like he was rooting for Shaq & Cheese to happen.
Everyone knows Shaq got rich playing in college.
Please make it a televised
Bill Belichick is going absolutely NUTS right now!
I don’t care what happens the rest of the year, they can have World War III, remake Game of Thrones with muppets, or cancel Netflix, but when this moment happens - nothing else will matter and this will be a good year. How great to have Shaq and man/dudes like Coach Kerr in our lives!!
Shaq best get some nacho cheese ready! Also only ok if Joe Rogan hosts.
Congratulations Tennessee Grizzlies for winning the 2020 NBA Finals, finally someone beat the warriors
Actually Eric Spoelstra already did it before Kerr. It's his cheese covered feet he should be kissing as the first coach to do it after Shaq said this.
Does anybody else read Steve’s last name in Ricky’s voice from trailer park boys saying kerrrrr?
Should he pour the cheese after a 3 mile run? Or you want to pour?
That is one humble man. Blown away by the amount of humility..
Top fan still? Guess no one else gets a chance. Yawn.
Kerr better get another chair ready for Spoelstra to sit next to him. He did it 4 years in a row! Not just 4 out of 5
I was a top fan for like 3 days... #givemebackmypower
lol.... and fear will not be a factor for Shaq! #JoeRogan let's make it happen!
Coach Spo went 4 straight years 🤷🏾‍♂️
Geaux Tigers 🐅
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Giannis Antetokounmpo tries out baseball ... 🙃 (via New York Yankees)

It’s amazing how some of these professional athletes can be so amazing at their sport yet look so awkward trying any other sport.
Take a baseball player and put them in any sport and they will be competitive. Take any other athlete and throw a 95 mph baseball at them (or put it on a tee) and they will struggle. Baseball requires more skill than most realize
Baseball may not require the greatest athlete but it definitely requires the most unique skill set of any sport.
Showed this post to my neighbors, it made them so happy that we agreed to be each other's godparents. Thanks for sharing!
He’s already in the starting lineup for the Orioles.
Finally got footage of MJ baseball highlights, he truly was amazing!
Thanks so much for this piece of post, I showed it to my landlord and he was so happy and said I won't pay rent this year. Thanks for sharing 🤺
Put a baseball player in any sport they will compete, put any other sport athlete in a baseball game....not a chance... Baseball is the hardest sport.
Almost as good as Jordan....
Just more proof....put a baseball player into any sport and they will compete. Put any athlete into baseball and..... watch the video
But baseball is so easy. At least that’s what everyone tries to say.
Lol non athlete as us pitchers would say Another reason why baseball is under appreciated/ undervalued The “mvp” can’t even hit a baseball yet baseball mvp can be competitive at every sport
What’s funny is most major leaguers can play any sport at a an above average talent but ya can’t put other athletes in baseball cuz most can’t hit a baseball. This is why it’s the greatest game on the planet just saying.
This is proof that baseball is the hardest sport to play, an athletic baseball player can play any sport but not vice versa
It always amazes me how a phenomenal athlete can dominate one sport and not have a single ounce of ability or talent in others. Poor guy looked like he never held a bat in his life!
Definitely getting MVP of baseball next season.
Low key wants to see Giannis tries hockey Giannis tries QBing Giannis tries Thai food Giannis tries kayaking Giannis tries scrapbooking
Nice effort! I think you’ve already got a sport that your pretty good at, so please be careful.
Baseball is stupid, take a ton more athleticism to play basketball.
Such a humble guy. Baseball is sooooo boring though!
He's definitely a batting 10th and playing RF kind of guy...
People out here saying baseball is easy and isn't a sport, yet you got a professional athlete out here struggling to hit a ball sitting still off a tee and people think they can just hit hit a ball coming at them 90+ with movement on it.
My name is Giannis Antetokounmpo and I hit dingers! 😂
Put a baseball player in another sport and he will compete. Put a player from another sport in baseball and he looks like this.
Hardest thing to do in all of sports is hit a baseball
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Kevin Love felt attacked by Lebron's post 😂 (via Kevin Love, LeBron James)

Toronto raptors don't care about Leonard and Green leaving As long as we have pascal, Gasol, Lowry, Vanvleet and mark caguioa we're the championship contender. 💪👊🔥
Just In: Kevin Love injured while posing for IG photo. Uncertain for start of season.
Kevin Love needs to go back to this Kevin Love. When he was having 20-20 games almost every night.
Love needs to join the Lakers.. missing piece to finalize a championship
I love how they still keep the brotherhood..
For just 25 cents a day you can help feed and clothe Kevin love 😢
This is awesome. Thanks for sharing, so I can now share my badge with the people.
Hey Lebum, just try making the playoffs this year. The only reason you have rings, is because of Kyrie and Ray Allen and D wade.
What a great post! Both men are physically fit! So inspiring!
Kevin Love probably text Lebron everyday 😂
I'm trying not to read to much I to this bit this has K. Love to the Lakers written all over it. 😂
Kevin Love has twice as much heart as Lebron James. That's the difference.
As a potential top fan, Kevin Love must work out.
ESPN will look for any Lebron related thing and post it. “BREAKING: Lebron chooses Coco puffs over lucky charms!”
Has anyone let lebron know he plays a team sport? And that he's not the best player on his team anymore?
Lebron is the Megan Rapinoe of basketball!!!! 💦
I’m no Lebron fan , having said that I think he’s gonna have a monster season. He’s tired of hearing Kawhi is the best player in the NBA. Look out
I’m impressed K-Love doesn’t have any tats, seems to be a right of passage in the nba.
After Kevin Love’s pose he strained his oblique and will need surgery and be out 2-3 months
Nobody: Kevin Love:"I feel like this is a direct shot at me" TF 🤷
I completely forgot Kevin Love is still playing basketball
If Kevin love can stay healthy he can have a MVP caliber season. Quote "caliber" doesn't mean win it
Kevin love trying reunite you ain’t slick😂😂😂
I’ve been a Lebron hater since day one and I ain’t gonna change now. #gonets
I am so thankful as a top fan of ESPN that my week just started off even better now that there is an article mentioning LeBron on a Monday ! 😏😏😏😏
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Anthony Davis tells Rachel Nichols how he tried to help recruit Kawhi to the Los Angeles Lakers 😅

Great post I'm so happy that I'll be able to sleep tonight knowing all of this wonderful information. Hornets in 3.
If I have to try a convince you to come here than you’re not the one! ~Kobe
Don't mind me, just a Top Fan "brow"sing through the comments
Meanwhile MJ had all the power but can't recruit nobody to play with him in Wizards, or play for him in his Hornets. Basketball intelligence and leadership are the solidifying factors to become GOAT. Lebron is 🐐🐐🐐
Rachel Nichols always brings the good stuff.
Nobody want to play with bron. Davis came because he knows in 2 years he will be the man going forward and bring in others after Father Time catches Lebron. Look at how Rachel looks at players like she is starving and they are prime rib. She’s thirsty
Thank god kawhi chose the clippers over Lakers
The real reason he didn’t join the lakers
Leonard don’t need an All Star roster to win a chip!!!LeCrap can’t even reach the playoffs an All Star saving him...
Clippers vs Lakers gonna be a blood feud this coming season. You know Kawhi goin for blood against Labron
AD: “I want out of NOLA because Management isn’t bringing in guys I want. Also AD: “Lakers management calls me too much to see which guys I want.” 🤦🏽‍♂️
Rachel Nichols is beautiful! But yeah I can imagine how hard it is to figure out if you are texting Kawhi too much or not. You never know what that guy is up to.
BothAD and LBJ tried way to hard to recruit. Especially because of that fiasco of trying to trade for AD in the first place
Kawhi told him he was trash and hung up.
Looks like a kid again excited to play basketball
Kawhi know the Lakers gone suck soon after LeBron retire that's why he didn't come
Kawhi turned Anthony Davis down because he didn’t have enough brows
I think Gillette should sponsor him and trim that uni brow lol.
Anthony Davis’ eyebrows are closer than he is with his momma
So when he said the lakers could beat anybody in a 7 game series he thought kawhi said LAL instead of LAC
So pumped to have the best big man of this generation in the purple and gold. The legacy continues
Is it me, or is Rachel Nichols a butterface??????
This just confirms the NBA is controlled by players. The GMs just get whoever the stars want. They don’t actually build a team they build the stars team
James with his big head and Davis with his giant brow, probably felt like he had nothing to bring to the team.
Why join he y'all and be a 3rd option when he can build his squad and LEAD them to whoop you Best player in the world 🙌🏿🙌🏿
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Russell Wilson and his stepson putting that work in 🏈 (via Russell Wilson/Twitter)

"In the Future other n***** playing football with ya son" - Jay-Z
That kids supposed to be sippin lean and writin raps with his real pops😡😂
Why do you guys have to put “stepson” on it? It’s SON if he’s taking care of and raising the kid!
I bet he would’ve handed the ball off to Lynch.
Future better call this man and thank him like a real man
Throw me the ball son. UR NOT MY REAL DAD
And the dad of the year award does not go to Future 😂😂
Homie gonna have to sell drugs like his Pops cuz he doesn't have it
Future’s son about to be a star without Russel’s genetics but all his work ethic. Top Fan approved ✅
Hes definitely a FUTURE football player lol
Hope the biological father is watching and appreciative of Russel Wilson!
His daddy Future would make him be in the studio and listen to him mumble rap.
This is crazy, his Dad Future, his Mom Ciara and his Stepdad is Russell Wilson he can be whatever he wants!!!
He definitely would of handed it off to lynch on the 1
It's only a matter of time before he calling him Daddy if he not already. Real dudes do real things
Something tells me Russell Wilson is an amazing stepfather
Russell Wilson is all I aspire to be as a step father one day.
ESPN why you gotta add stepson? He’s basically the young mans dad common now.
Great man but most importantly being the best father to that child 🙏🏾 a father isn’t the one that helps making the baby but the one that takes the roll of a father seriously
Is that lil future Russell Wilson!? Ah ah... see what I did? 😃 No ok...
Who knows, this kid could be a”Future” QB one day 😂
You know future big mad watching this 😂😂😂
His step kid moving like he just got done smoking a blunt with his real dad 😭😭😭😭🤣
Ciara: Throw the ball to your dad Russell: 🤲🏽 Future son: 🏈 Future: ✊🏽🏈
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Seems legit 😂 (via Tom Brady)

When Giselle texts “I bought a new strap on”
Must have gotten a text from Kraft requesting a handy.
Idk who the genius was that said Tom Brady needed to get on social media, but, as a Steelers fan, I'm getting closer and closer to wanting to follow him because of how good his content is and whoever gave him the idea needs an award.
Wow, Tom has hurt a lot of your feelings over the last couple decades.
As a top fan, I can confirm that this is how fast Tom Brady runs to kiss his son on the mouth.
Imagine hating this guy since the early 2000’s and he’s still around winning super bowls 😂 that must suck
Brady knows how to tamper with evidence
He’s come such a long way since the Combine
As a top fan, I can confirm the video is legit
Tom Brady petitioning for the new Tecmo bowl BO Jackson speed
Watch all the Tom Brady haters come out and say this is a fake
Tom Brady been trolling for years hes hilarious not a Pat's fan but I'd drink a beer w Tom
Dont got be a Patriots fans to love Tom Brady da 🐐
You sure that wasn’t Kraft leaving the spa?
When Robert Kraft says come give me a kiss
Gisselle said ,”hey you didn’t lock your phone. What is this pic of you and Edelman ?”
ESPN, when you need the latest news and info and useless Tom Brady’s and LeBron nonsense Sincerely, Top Fan
Is this one of them naruto runs everyone is talking about with the Area 51 bulls***?
I want to hate Tom Brady so much then goes and does something like this and totally redeems himself.
Have fun getting suspended for PEDs
It’s amazing to think that tom is the greatest football player of all time and he isn’t athletic at all
As a Jets fan I used to hate this guy. But aside from respecting him, I've grown to like him
That’s how fast he ran off the field when the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl
He is the 🐐 of QB social media accounts! 😂
Here come people talking smack about the best of all time
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"I don't know if it's going to help me play better or not. But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to try and get my best back."

Congrats for losing a bunch of water weight.
So brave, thank you for sharing this
Happy Gilmore accomplished that fast no more than an hour ago
He's got all the money in the world to hire the best trainers, a nutritionist, personal chef, have his own gym built, literally ANYTHING...and he comes up with "I'm gonna fast for 6 days to lose this ponch." I'm starting to get an idea as to why he's having troubles 😅
Good dedication, sure, doesn't mean that it's healthy, or that that is how one gets to his best physical shape.
What an amazing post! Hornets in 3
Hope he wins one of my favorite golfers to watch.
I admire and a fan of his,but the last couple of years,since the feds were investigating,the stock market scheme,and the latest on college admission scam,is probably playing on his conscious,but hey it's a start,like prayer,when u fast.
I'm here just to ⊂_ヽ   \\ show my beautiful    \(°ʖ°)     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\    /  / \\ 💎badge    レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / /   / /|  ( (ヽ  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / ノ )  Lノ (_/
I am guessing he may be doing it also for his rheumatoid arthritis, as studies are now showing fasting may alleviate flare ups.
Very unhealthy and not recommended at all. One needs to eat regularly while regulating their food intake to lose weight in a way that will stick.
Hold he had a month between majors but waited till 10 days prior to lose the weight? Dude needs to hire a legit trainer.
Phil's been through a lot in his life. Hope he pulls through and wins The Open
It actually resets ur while body n helps the healing process happen faster. I did it for a hamstring injury n it worked better than the therapy itself
One thing ill never fast from is milk chocolate candy. It's too PERFECT to have a need to let it go even for a day son.
Impossible! Mostly water Scientifically impossible to burn 15 (52000 calories in the negative) pounds of LEGIT fat just fasting in 6 days That’s a lot of training and recovery too
As a top fan. 15lbs in 6 days?! That’s like 5lbs a day
You ain’t going to get back all you’ve lost, with much respect it may be time to hang em up ole chap!
A bunch of skinny winners! Did you say skinny wieners?!
He handled the weight loss handicap quite well now will it improve his gold score??? Stay tuned.
Great job just reported exactly everything Phil said on his Twitter post....amazing reporting..
Doesn't matter how much weight you lose if you still can't get out of the rough 🤷🏻‍♂️
Confused by this.. if he’s doing it for a specific event it will just weaken him. If he’s not doing it for a specific event then what’s the rush?
Hard for me to consider golfers athletes
Bad decisions!!! Fasting, what a horrible choice.