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LeBron has responded.

Omar David Rios Class act lol still, this is going to be somewhat interesting... like I.T. and D. Rose guarding Steph and Klay... hmmmm... πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Jim Smith Who cares what he does !!!!
Stephen Stenglein Nothing but love for Kyrie. Hit the biggest shot in Cavs history! We'll miss you buddy. Now maybe the king won't jump ship!
Garrett Schaff Did he say what team he's leaving Cleveland for this time?
Mitchell Kirby I mean, he knows his team got the better deal for the time being. And we all know DWade is headed there. Lebron isn't looking past this season right now, he's just looking for a stacked team for one last run with the Cavs.
Drake Lafleur "That's the only way to be to the kid! Special talent/guy! Nothing but respect and what a ride it was our 3 years together Young Gode #Filayy" Saved you a click
Alex Rajotte Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Zizic, and a 1st round pick next year for a guy who thinks the earth is flat.
Paul Kang No one cares if he took the high road on Twitter!! It's Twitter!! Let's see if he takes the high when they play Boston!!
Craig T. Davidson He was smoking a bong while tweeting? Is that legal in Ohio?
Matt Stepro Isaiah is about to get a ring-Not a Cavs fan
Jared Conatser Cleveland won that trade, kyrie isn't a champion without James.
Reggie Montgomery Save a click lol
BJ Freeman People will find a way to hate on this.
Bowen McCollum You mean the GOAT has responded?
Chris Goodspeed This is the play to go for melo.....
Corey Piper Post drogon
Carl Billadeau
Matt Reishus Bye Felicia
Jonathan Montana Michael jordan the king of basketball
Anthony Ray Hill Jr. Lonzo Ball MVP #lakeshow
Shawn Plunkett He ain't got no hairline who cares
Al Gochez
Mizark Williams Whos kyrie?
Tyler Phillips
Dlanor Reigan Those faces tho.. πŸ˜‚lmao
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New guy in town.

Mike Kim guys have lost your minds. Robert Lee? Seriously?
Tony Hadley Celtics was dishonest to Isaiah Thomas and they will see they made a huge mistake. It was a disservice to IT and the NBA smh!!!
Drew Ashton Chellsen You can put Ricky Rubio on the point with Lebron. They're going to the finals
Marc Butterman Cavs won this deal grabbing crowder and potentially a 1st overall pick next year
Tim Busekrus Ahhh poor Isaiah, has to play with this ball hog πŸ™ so sad to see him go, he is the reason Boston is where they are at now. Love you Isaiah thanks for all you've done for my celtics❀
John Bailey Glad he is not named Lee, or Asian....or, you guys would replace him?
Sandy Miller Seriously, you pull an announcer from a Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee?? Are you people honestly that totally nuts? If there was ever proof that liberalism is a mental disease this is that proof. This country has become a nation of total moon-bats. This is shameful and embarrassing. This is the insanity that pushes people to racism.
Corey Yates Yea, and his name isn't Robert Lee. Instead, its Robert Li. #justiceforrobertleetheasian
Josh Stewart Isaiah is my favorite player in the league right now next to Rondo. Die hard Celts guy. I hate that we had to lose him along with Crowders toughness and tenacity. Not to mention, possibly the #1 pick next year. That being said, Celts definitely came out on top of that deal. Although I do think it was great for both squads, if that makes any sense. Danny Ainge drafted I.T. 60th in the same draft that Kyrie went 1st. Celts just picked up a pg that is 3 years younger, bigger, better and is under contract for at least 2 years with the Celts. I.T. might be gone after next year. A bitter sweet day. It'd feel good if either one of them knock off G.S next year.
Cameron Laspada It will be sweet justice when Kyrie beats LeBron in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Robert Lee Man this is messed up. Guessing ESPN might block me from posting comments to their page pretty soon now as well.
Anthony Scrima Anyone who thinks that IT is better than Kyrie...stop. Just stop. I can say with the absolute certainty that you all are only saying this because you hate Boston teams cause they win all the time. Cause literally NO ONE thought IT was better a few months ago. Literally no one. And he's not. Kyrie is better at literally everything and Brad Stevens, the best coach in the east, can help Kyrie with his defense. Relax. The celtics weren't gonna be able to resign IT and they didn't need crowder. It was a good trade for both teams.
Jordan Shawn Kelsey LeBron will be the old guy in town that leaves in free agency. Or stays. We'll see - The Decision 3.0 Taking his talents to...
Maryann Allen You fired someone because his name is Robert Lee? What's wrong with you people over there? Are you all stupid or just a bunch of morons? no wonder nobody watches your channel.
Tom Nicholas ESPN just insulted all people of color by stereotyping them as too stupid to know there is no relation to Robert E Lee or incapable of controlling their emotions. They've found a way to offend every citizen of the country in one fell swoop.
Adin Ducker While ESPN left wing politics is protesting injustice. The real injustice is against my man robert lee
Omar Essaati Now to get Carmelo Anthony so the Cavs can have a Super team to compete against the Warriors super team.
Marcus Napolian Smith What difference does it make?πŸ€”LeBron is just gonna hog the ball and hold back Thomas like he did Irving.The Cavs are probably gonna get swept in the finals if the refs don't throw them a freebie and then the Queen will catch the first flight out of Cleveland once they get eliminated by the Warriors.
Rick Shaw Hey ESPN...reassigning an announcer from a football because his name is Robert Lee...really?? That's more insulting to the intelligence of the viewers who know it probably isn't the REAL Robert E Lee calling the games.
Tim Ziolkowski Boycott watching their prejudicial racist treatment of Asian Americans with the last name LEE. What a bunch of absolute f-tards. I refuse to watch or listen to any ESPN as long as they keep these nonsense snowflake, leftist, libtard shenanigans going
Pj Chavez ESPN, you have lost a fan today. Taking a mans job and career away solely because of the name he was born with is ridiculous and unacceptable. I am canceling your services and products.
Matt Nieschwitz Aye yo bron, why Kyrie a foot shorter
Barry Palifka espn Thank you for pulling that racist announcer named Lee because all he will spew is rantings about the blue jeans named after him . Great you caught this before another jean manufacturer sent nasty letters .Owwwww
Eric Williams As someone in the comments on another post put it, "The Warriors still won. You're just shuffling chairs around on the Titanic." You have to have assets to aquire assets, but oh my goodness, this trade has been hyped up for so long I can't even remember if there was a time when I cared about it. Every year we do this dance where Cleveland and one or two other teams in the East will compete for their ticket to the Finals, and Cleveland will advance - where they will either play a superior Warriors team or an overconfident and slightly flat Warriors team. The NBA literally looks like a season of 2k where two buddies are controlling two different teams - except the difficulty is turned down to second from the bottom and the money is real. Everyone is gonna spend the next fall, winter, and spring pretending like it's not gonna come down to the two human-controlled teams. In all seriousness, Boston just went all in on Irving, a guy who wants the spotlight more than he wants a ring, and in turn, it cost them any shred of hope they had. They're starting to look like an OKC in the East with dude #1 and a "meh" supporting cast. Can Irving really shoulder a team as the superstar, both in theory and practice - much less carry it through shadow and death by himself? The evidence I have for my answer is in the history of the Cavs while LeBron took his sabbatical in Miami. Cleveland's regular season during LeBron's last year before the move? 1st place. Cleveland's highest place in standings while he was in Miami? 10th, with two years at 13 and one in dead last to round it out. Cleveland's rank when LeBron returned? 1st. And where was Kyrie Irving during all of this? Playing 30ish minutes a game, averaging 20ish points a game, playing in 50-70 games a season. These numbers have not fluctuated much throughout his career, and his defensive capabilities haven't really improved. I just don't believe this Celtics team is better tonight than it was. One for one, certainly Irving tops Thomas on paper. But when you add the fries, the drink, and the dessert to that burger.... Cleveland got a free meal. Idk. Basketball is a great sport. It has lots to like about it, loads of talented players, 82 games over a long season. So why is it that everything seems so... recycled? It's like when we were kids and our favorite movies showed little flickers of visual and audio distortion at parts because the tape had been played so many times. And much like movies, part of us sees the characters develop and wonders if something unexpected and off the script will happen, only to be greeted with a familiar ending. I'm ready for the sequel to the NBA.
Rich Campbell I'm not a Boston fan, but isiah was heart and soul of Celtics. red Sox would have never traded big papi for arod. ever. trade makes no sense for either team. only entity that won was the western conference. and before the night is over somehow ESPN will make this trade political.
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Get excited for the 2018 NBA draft, Cavs fans.

Shawn G. Downs You guys going to kick another Asian man off of his name is Robert Lee?
Corey Yates I'll only get excited if you give Robert Lee his job back from Robert Li. #justiceforrobertleetheasian.
Frank Johnson Does ESPN President John Skipper know that there were TWENTY THREE Confederate soldiers/officers that have his name, and not a single John Skipper fought for the Union? Fair is Fair President Skipper...step down or get Mr. Lee his job back.
Amber M Olsen Espn won't be turned on in this house again... Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.... Why any executive would have even considered this a issue is beyond me... ESPN practices racism and bigotry...
Chris Hagler You guys have officially lost your minds. Kick a guy off your broadcast to keep from "offending" left wing cupcakes over his name???? Idiots. Morons. Stick to SPORTS!!!
Pike Robertson ESPN discriminates against Asians now. they fired (or "reassigned" which is just as stupid) a man today because his name was Robert Lee. #espnareracist
Carlos Peligro I think this warrants a boycott. This doesn't even have to do with politics. It has to do with basic logic and intelligence and clearly, we are dealing with single celled organisms here.
John V. Renzi Haven't watched ESuckPN going on 5 years now but today's announcement about an ASIAN man not calling a game because his name is Robert Lee has guaranteed that I will never ever watch ESuckPN for the remainder my life time
Barb Denofa Oh Come on, your bigots and horrible people, firing a man because of his name.. SHAME ON YOU!!
Mitch Melancon Y'all really have lost your minds. Most asinine, idiotic thing I've heard in a while. And there's been a LOT of asinine, idiotic things happening lately!
Alex AndLissette Aguila The Robert Lee story going crazy viral. ESPN is going to be relentlessly mocked for this one by all sides. The executive that made that decision needs to be fired.
D Ryan Arnold Boycott ESPN and their sponsors. Time for the right to unite and fight the liberals in the streets (peaceful protest). They're taking this way too far.
Riley Whittenberger Discrimination against an Asian man because of his name, Robert Lee.. WOW! This politically correct bull is out of control and whoever made that decision for Mr. Lee to not do Virginia football games should first put him back on the schedule to do the game and second he should be fired.
Mitch Melancon One good thing will come from this. Any one sitting on the political fence of what to think about all this PC, progressive crap, will hopefully have an epiphany and finally realize how jacked up this whole progressive, PC, antifa, BLM, "everyone's feelings matter", no dodge-ball playing fools, crap has really gotten.
Mitch Melancon I just hope at the round table meeting with the brain children throwing this idea around of removing an ASIAN man from announcing a football game, there was one, lone, sane person yelling to the group..."have you guys lost your freaking minds? This is insane!"
Karen Dillawn Fenter ESPN you've gone completely mad. If someone is offended by a person whose name is Robert Lee who is Asian American, Caucasian or Black we've gone to the dark side. And you've gone way over political correctness.
Donna Millan I am an American of Asian descent and your removal of Mr. Lee OFFENDS ME. You are doing nothing to help end racism--your ridiculous cowardly action just made it worse. You stoke division & ignorance. YOU are the racist.
Paul Paduano I don't watch ESPN anymore for anything remotely having to do with sports. You people have gone off the deep end with this latest stunt. Bunch of single minded idiots.
Patrick Eck Removing Robert Lee from the UVA broadcast is by far the stupidest thing I have seen in the entire 62 years of my life. I'll only watch ESPN if there's a game I absolutely have to see but rest assured it will be taped and I'll fast forward through the sponsor's commercials. Hopefully the list of Sponsors will be posted so we can boycott them. Let the liberals finance ESPN's attack on America.
Justin Thomas I stopped watching your channels, PCESPN is a joke now. And moving someone to another game over the possibility of offending someone? How many people have you offended doing it?
Ben Coman Keep digging our own grave ESPN. At least the show is nice I must admit. Let's see how many other people they'll remove from broadcasts over similar names. Like Lee isn't one of the most common Asian names out there.
Rob Cawley Did you twats really ban an Asian commentator because his name is Robert Lee? Bahahahaha progressives are such cunts!
KJ Jordan You fcking retards take a hard-working, aspiring asian reporter who has been chosen to work a college game - a person just trying to work to feed his family like everyone else, and you nix him because you think his name will be somehow misconstrued as racist?!? What kind of sick retarded liberal freaks are you?!
Dianne Farley Crandall I shouldn't laugh....I...really...shouldn't but I can't help it. Talk about some truly, truly stupid people. I hope you can sue them, if for no other reason than to publicise the truly massive ignorance of the left. How embarrassing. The name 'Lee' (Li) is the second most common Chinese surname according to wiki. "ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general's name"
Michael Eric Give us our sports update and stay out of politics! UNLIKE and change channel. Bye Felicia. I guarantee you if I'm tired of it so are others and it will not be long before others turn away from the circus show going on around them as well.
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Who came out on top in this blockbuster?

Justin Darnell GonzΓ‘lez Boston traded almost half their starting lineup who had the number 1 seed in the east last year... who y'all think won ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Samuel Raymond Colletto Jr. The Warriors. You're just shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
Cristian Curtean The Celtics here's why. They already signed Hayward to a long term deal, they have young assets in Tatum and brown. They get Kyrie who is only 25 with two years on his deal and is an elite scorer. The Cavs get IT who is a defensive liability at 5'9 and only has a year left on his deal just like lebron. If the Cavs don't win, which I don't see them doing anyways, IT and lebron will walk. Then the Cavs are left with decent players and a young draft pick. At that point, it's either they trade and rebuild or try and sign FAs. But if LJ and IT don't resign I doubt they be able to get top FAs to come to Cleveland. The Celtics have an immediate and long term future. The Cavs are playing with fire for one season to try and win, if it doesn't work out their most likely in trouble of keeping their big names and will have to start from scratch potentially
Jon Fonk Boston won cavs will be left with nothing but crowder and 1 draft pick after this year lol
John Menyhard You pull someone off the air.just because of is Robert lee.this why you are going.down Hill and the be it.i hope he will lewyer up and Sue your as.for everything you guys have. #boycottespn
Lebron Jordan Easy the Cavs...they got IT, a solid player, and the Nets 1st round pick for a great scorer...but that's all he does...if he's not scoring he's a liability
Carlito Mandingo Easy.. Cavs got a steal.. IT is not even his prime yet and plays wayyy better defense. Plus a pretty high Nets first rounder probably. Celtics got robbed.
Kevin O'Neill The Celtics bent over the Cavaliers on this trade. IT has a bad hip and Kyrie Irving is a way better player and a top 10 talent in the league. Celtics win the Eastern Conference title Bank on it.
Cody Landry Cleveland by far!!! The nets 1st rd pick will probably be a lottery pick and Crowder is a pretty good player.
Michael Myers-West Kyries a better passer (as shown by their Assist numbers, even though LeBron was the primary ball handler and IT was his team's ball handler) bigger faster, takes less shots and a better FG% but only 3 less points pg even though he had LeBron on his team. Better defender. Better ball handler. Better finisher. He's basically better at everything. The Celtics won easily. Only reason it's kinda semi close is because Cleveland got multiple players.
Josh Liman Boston got one hell of a superstar he plays a little bit better defense than Thomas he's the one that won the championship for Cleveland not LeBron
Dallas Reeves Boston because Kyrie has 2yrs left on contract, but after this season Thomas and LeBron a free agent in they might leave if they dont win a ring .
Todd Moyer Celtics got raped! Everyone was focused on Lebron and Kyrie avg 25 a game,the whole world was focused on IT and he led the league in scoring at 29 a game,plus Crowder and you give up what will likely be the 1st pick in the draft next season. To ask this question is just stupid,the #2 seed is up for grabs,and lets not forget they dont have there best defender and 2nd leading scorer Avery Bradley! Just crazy!!!
Alejandro Jacquez Kyrie is better than IT. Crowder is trash. Unless that pick becomes all star level, Boston won this easily
Ryan Fish Cavs won trade. Anyone. Who says otherwise doesn't know basketball or they hate LeBron do much they look for any reason to talk crap
Denny Nguyen Cavs of course. Crowder, Thomas and an unprotected pick from the Nets for Irving? How would that not be a steal for the Cavs.
Brody Arnold Kyrie. He got out of Cleveland, that's what he wanted. As far as the two teams, this changes nothing. Cavs will still glide through the Eastern conference.
Shan Brown Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Josh Bundy Speechless about this trade at first because Isaiah was involved but the more I think about it the more it kind of makes since and you got to give some credit to Danny Ainge Kyrie is 3 years younger than Isaiah, he's under contract for at least 2 more years with maybe a 3rd year as an option, he's only had one significant knee injury back in 2014 during the Finals so you don't have to worry about a constant hip injury and Ainge only give up the Brooklyn pick in this deal Thank you Isaiah for what you did for Boston but I have no problem with the Celtics trading away Crowder
Eric Irv You guys sayin cavs r high asf if u think the cavs won that deal lol
Josh Stockdale All these comments and what a bunch of morons? Do you realize the celtics traded IT for a legit solid size guard? They have Gordon Hayward (not a legit number 1 player but. Perfect robin to Batman roll player) Have drafted 2 legit future studs of the future with Brown and Tatum?! What is the point of the Brooklyn pick? It may NOT be number 1 and we traded it for a legit number 1 pick, a player who is a free agent next year and a forward who is solid D but what else??? Lucky πŸ€ is going to crap in all your cereal after reading these idiotic comments
Christopher Durham Neither, it's a wash. Both teams get swept by the dubs
Clark Everett Dalton Cavs, till they lose bron to Houston with Wade and Melo following to join forces with CP3 and Harden. Giving chef harden the last ingredient (the banana boat boys) needed to cook the GSW.... probably...
Keelyn Senegal This trade changes nothing for Cleveland. They're going to get the same amount of scoring as they did from kyrie but now with less defense. And that's what killed them last year was they were unable to play any defense . More so against Golden State. So they add a smaller PG and a role player , that's not gonna even phase Golden State. It just makes Curry's job easier guarding IT. They didn't add a difference maker this off season. Just patch work.
Scott Bowler I.T had heart. He loved Boston and Boston loves Him. To play in Boston you need to love the history and he did. Can't replace that. I don't like this trade. Who was there the day after his sister passed. And how did he play. Going to miss you I.T.
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Tuesday's failed drug test adds to a history of incidents with Jon Jones.

John Wesley Magera But....he's it's racist right? Trump was obviously behind this. Oh and the monuments! Oh oh oh and the Nazis! BAHAHAHA FOOLS.
Cory Williams The sick part is is that DC was winning until that lucky head kick. DC is the real champ. Jones is tainted forever.
Dan McCoy ESPN the liberal loser sports station! Just reading now you guys pulled an announcer off a college game because his name is Robert Lee even though he is Asian...... no wonder u guys like fake news CNN are completely failing and in complete disarray ..... ESPN scumbag leftist losers
Corey Yates Tuesday, was also the day you guys decided to pull Robert Lee from announcing the UVA vs William and Mary game because his name may offend some fans. THE DUDE IS ASIAN. #justiceforrobertleetheasian
Chadrick Neal This is just absolutely horrible. Jon Jones has shown repeatedly that he simply cannot break bad habits after multiple chances to clean himself up. He should be banned from the sport. End of discussion. If he cannot compete without PEDs or is unable to stay away from other substances that violate the UFC's policy, he should be banned from ever competing in the UFC again. This is shameful. For both fans and combatants. Ban him. Period.
Edwin Cantor The UFC had to of known he tested positive before the fight, but they wanted to collect that pay per view money. So they waited to announce it after the fight, and be acting like they didn't know. UFC could not afford another cancelled fight.
Seymour Finklestien Thank god he isn't Asian at a football game and his last name isn't lee
Brian Vander Veen How does it take a month to report a positive drug test. It only takes 5 to 7 days for results. UFC knew it before the fight. Everyone who paid for the should get a refund.
Timothy Potter Smh y'all looking at this all wrong... this is setting up a super steroid fight between him and Brock lesnar... imagine 2 top athletes juiced to the neck battling it out for the steroid championship. I can't wait!! Lol πŸ˜‚
Cristian Curtean Jon you have the size, reach and skill on almost every single one of your opponents. What more of an advantage could you possibly need. But yet, you still fail to learn from your mistakes. I'm actually really disappointed a guy with so much potential to be one of the all time greats ruin his career yet again
David Cantu End the drug prohibition. We are adults we don't need other adults controlling our lives. No one gets out here alive. Stop with the b.s. propaganda and taboos. We are mortals we have to die. Straight edge individuals die also. So stop preaching this anti-drug movement, we know it's all about keeping the prison-industrial complex profiting every fiscal quarter.
Alex Jacob Everyone who paid 70$ for that fight should be refunded!
Steven Rydelski Jr Says they tested him after the weigh stupid..why don't they tested way before that so they have results before they even fight.
Milo San Guy likes to have a good time, who are we to judge?
John V. Renzi Haven't watched ESuckPN going on 5 years now but today's announcement about an ASIAN man not calling a game because his name is Robert Lee has guaranteed that I will never ever watch ESuckPN for the remainder my life time
Kendrick Flanagan Chris Berman's middle name is James, and his nickname is "Boomer". That's clearly a reference to Confederate General James Longstreet, who often shot guns that went "boom". I demand you no longer allow Chris Berman to announce any sporting events. It's bigotry if you choose otherwise. Clearly I'm being sarcastic; a claim such as this is ridiculous. Although so is claiming an Asian man named Robert Lee is somehow affiliated or connected with a man who has been dead for 150 years. Yet you still legitimized that claim.
Will Randle What a total loser.
Ryan Nichols So let me get this straight... ESPN employs a white guy named "BOB LEE" and for the twenty or whatever years he's been there no one said anything. Now "Robert Lee", who is Asian, gets pulled from a game because he might be offensive?
Chance Cooke It's time to ban him from the UFC. Maybe the greatest fighter ever but completely untrustworthy at this point. You can't bank on him as an organization, and you can't count on him as a person.
Chaz Smith Who cares, baddest dude on the planet. I'm with Joe Rogan, let him do as much blow and hookers as he wants and let Brock be juiced to the gills and let's watch a real super-fight! πŸ‘ƒβ›„οΈπŸ’‰πŸ‘Ή
Quentin Johnson I hope he gets mentally better. I wouldn't scrutinize the guy, there's a deeper meaning to his past. I'm not saying anybody should praise him, or look up to him as a role model but there's something in his closet and I have empathy for that.
Chris Manhattan He used the steroid Turinabol, which people usually take to give them a massive boost and advantage in physical performances and competitions. Also, people take it before they hit the gym or the field to give them added strength and power etc. It works quickly and it is most certainly cheating!
Dean Beano Schneider Failed drug test? Why if I was jones I'd demand it be forgotten cause its being racist, espn will back you. Make sure you have your hands up don't shoot tshirt on.
Michael Eric Give us our sports update and stay out of politics! UNLIKE and change channel. Bye Felicia. I guarantee you if I'm tired of it so are others and it will not be long before others turn away from the circus show going on around them as well.
Pj Chavez ESPN, you have lost a fan today. Taking a mans job and career away solely because of the name he was born with is ridiculous and unacceptable. I am canceling your services and products.
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What offseason?

Corey Yates I'm surprised you guys pulled an announcer named Robert Lee, because his name was deemed offensive. The guy is Asian. Then again, I'm not surprised.
Adam Christopher Whoever thinks that Boston made out better in this trade is absolutely stupid.
Al Kronlage ESPN ,You are totally wacko insane, not allowing an Asian announcer to call a game because his name is Robert Lee? Sick, Demented, political correctness gone over the cliff. That's why I haven't watched your crap in years and never will.
Bill Harvey I'm done with ESPN. I will be watching briefly to write down their sponsors and then boycotting them. I am no longer going to watch the LLWS or Monday Night Football. This political correctness and discrimination of free speech and discrimination against this man is appalling.
Deanna Elliott ESPN is the biggest joke EVER! Seriously, you pulled a guy with the name of Lee for fear of offending people. Lmfao! Y'all are pathetic!
Brian Brett Nolte ESPN now thinks the name Robert Lee is offensive. Even if it's an Asian man. You guys are a joke...
Jay Mello Danny Ainge just traded three starters in one off-season
Brad Ehringer LeBron James, Isiah Thomas, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, Nets first round pick(Probably top 5 pick) and an okay bench? Celtics may have gotten better, but Cavs won the trade and look at that lineup and future pick. Geoff Sheasby
LR Dyke Democrats support Planned Parenthood that kills thousands of black babies a year. Democrat supports leaders of city like Chicago where 60 to 80 black people or shot a weekend. Democrats support Planned Parenthood that kills thousands of black babies a year. Democrat supports leaders of city like Chicago where 60 to 80 black people or shot a weekend. Democrats support black schools that have a drop out rate of 50%. Wake up Democrats are anti-black they're killing you
Kendrick Flanagan Chris Berman's middle name is James, and his nickname is "Boomer". That's clearly a reference to Confederate General James Longstreet, who often shot guns that went "boom". I demand you no longer allow Chris Berman to announce any sporting events. It's bigotry if you choose otherwise. Clearly I'm being sarcastic; a claim such as this is ridiculous. Although so is claiming an Asian man named Robert Lee is somehow affiliated or connected with a man who has been dead for 150 years. Yet you still legitimized that claim.
Nana Kwame Nkrumah Bruh! Celtics have a sick squad no doubt. It'll be interesting to watch this play out. Kyrie, Jaylen, Jason, Horford, Hayward. Injury prone superstar, unproven, unproven, great forward, decent forward.
Andrew Minzey You got to be kidding me ? Pulling a broadcaster because of his name ? Who's the pansy that came up with that Idea ? Bunch of frigging snowflakes at ESPN. Maybe it's time for you to get out of sports entirely. πŸ–•
Jackie Achee You have got to be kidding! Someone's name is triggering? You are the most ridiculous racist network I have ever seen. The announcer is supposed to be ashamed of his name? No, you ESPN are a shameful corporation! The guys name is Robert Lee, an American of Asian ethnicity, and your corporation just slapped him and every one else who has a name that you think is offensive. 🀒 🀒
Jeffrey Mahady Next they will remove any announcer that stands for the anthem
John V. Renzi Haven't watched ESuckPN going on 5 years now but today's announcement about an ASIAN man not calling a game because his name is Robert Lee has guaranteed that I will never ever watch ESuckPN for the remainder my life time.
Beverly Nance Coleman #Robertlee, lost our family we will NOT be watching your channel. Do you really believe that the people of Virginia are that stupid? I would be offended if I lived in that state.
Brandon Borum The same people on here offended that espn pulled Robert Lee are the same people offended by kaepernicks protest. For free speech and rights ? Or closet racists with a hidden agenda?
Michael Eric Give us our sports update and stay out of politics! UNLIKE and change channel. Bye Felicia. I guarantee you if I'm tired of it so are others and it will not be long before others turn away from the circus show going on around them as well.
Chad Stanley Espn hates asians! Why are you so racist espn? Such a liberal,full of hate,racist,garbage network!
Juan Moreno How the hell do the Celtics and Cavs pull off a trade involving 2 stars in less than 24 hours and Rockets still can't finalize a Carmelo trade after weeks of talks, smh....
Chris Kimbrel Don't let this get in the way of the fact that espn is not allowing an ASIAN announcer named Robert Lee announce a college football game because his name is Robert Lee.
Ed Jhat This is racist. But the name of your new announcer is kind of catchy, Johnny Nonutz Buttkisser, Head Announcer of the sports network where everyone wins.
Pamela Sierchio Inelli Has ESPN lost its mind? You people are whacked.
Timothy Eranes De Guzman paalam na sa inyo team Boston na ako πŸ™ char lng πŸ˜€ Eduard Eranes Velerie C. Eranes Rhey Andres Eranes
Seanlean Chue #BOYCOTTESPN I am PISSED off at ESPN for taking a sports commentator, based on his NAME, off the UVA game due to HIS NAME!!! LEE happens to be a common asian last name ~ additionally, ESPN MADE THIS FRIGGIN' NEWS ALL BY THEMSELVES!! disgusting!
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One team got a much higher grade than the other.

Benji Kozman LeBron to Boston: I beat you with my guys now I'll beat you with yours.
Steve Thompson Kyrie is 4 years younger, IT has health issues and his size will catch up eventually , C's didnt give up jalen brown or tatum celtics win for sure
Travis Hay Y'all must be dumber than Jon Jones to think anyone's paying for espn insider.
Robert Lind I think it was a pretty fair trade for both teams. That draft pick was a bit too much thou for the Cleveland.
Joseph Dormon Short term Celtics win because of the Kyrie pairing with Hayward. Long term Cavs get a possible top pick But Cavs currently very weak to face Warriors
Joseph Diaz Plot Twist: Cavs send unprotected 1st round draft pick, & Jae Crowder to Knicks for Melo πŸ€”
Cyle Maidment
Duy Anh Don't let this distract you from the fact that Jon Jones got caught using steroids, againπŸ˜…
Josh Quay Isn't this where the commissioner vetoes the deal like cp3?
Tom Johnson Lol @ anyone who thinks IT is the better player. Irving will put up much better numbers than IT this year. Also, Irving is much taller and won't be a complete liability on the defensive end
Ryan Koncki Cavs got a much better deal. Dumped a guy that didn't want to play there for another all-star caliber PG, solid role players, and a 1st Round pick for when LeBron leaves. Kyrie won too. Going to a capable Celtics squad and playing in the East.
Dan Frank To the Celtics.
Rebel Feigley ESPN your a pos.firing a man cause of his name.what a classless act.
Felix Blanco Aurellano Cleveland Cavaliers totally upgraded the roster in every position now . Ready to Rock and roll Baby!
Ronnie Mamenko 2017-18. Eastern Conference Finals...tied up 3-3...101-101...10 seconds left...Lebron is bringing the ball up the court...pump fakes and passes to Kyrie for the game winning shot...Kyrie runs down for a lay up. Celtics go to the Finals. πŸ™‚
Chris Miller Good trade for both sides. Celtics get a superstar in his prime. Jae Crowder doesn't mean much because they have Tatum, Hayward, brown and Marcus Morris at forward and Cleveland gets pieces to rebuild in case Lebron leaves next year. That first overall pick next year might go to Cleveland as well next year.
Aj DiFazio ESPN Insider is a joke....I wouldn't give them a dime
Dennis Fitzpatrick Celtics are gonna have a great team for years with Irving, Hayward, Brown, and Tatum.
Coleton Montgomery Personally I believe celtics won the trade. They get Irving to replace IT. Irving is only 25 and has 2 years left on his deal. Hasn't even entered his real prime. Crowder being gone doesn't really matter since they just signed Hayward and have brown and Tatum. I hadn't even heard of the other guy. That draft pick is just one of many they have and people have been getting on Ainge for holding onto them so tightly. IT and lebron could both leave after this year but hey at least they got that draft pick.
Troy N Jerrica Skeens-Justice Idk how I feel about this yet lol. But my gut tells me Thomas will be a great fit playing with Lebron. As far as Irving goes he can almost almost almost play anywhere with anyone..Just not Lebron
Matty Cordasco ESPN FREE Robert LEE!!! Seriously? This is some serious BS!!!!
Neil Sung Mu Young Kyrie is way better
Brandon Epley Kyrie won't be seeing the finals! GG Kyrie.
John Smith Pulling an announcer because his name is Robert Lee? That's pathetic, ESPN!
Haroon Harris Cavs lost this trade, LeBron is leaving
ESPN3 hours ago

Jon Jones has failed a drug test for the 2nd time, according to the UFC president.

Carter Daley You are absolute garbage, ESPN. Pulling an Asian announcer from a football game because his name is Robert Lee?? Pathetic!
Robert Bryan Daniel Cormier is the rightful UFC LHW champion... #Andstill
Chuck Wise First ban Jon jones for life then ban espn period you guys are so far left it's ridiculous pulling an announcer due to his name wtf is wrong with you
Mark Howland Don't let this distract you from Summerslam where Brock left injured and appears to be leaving WWE for UFC to fight Jones, but before the match was over Brock got the intel backstage and found out he aint gonna fight him in UFC, so said fck it, im going back out to the WWE ring and staying here. Thus retains the belt. Easy theory, come on πŸ˜›
James Puma Michael Patrick I say we get Jones and Lesnar all roided up let them duke it out until coma or death
Blown Stallone I feel sorry for UFC. This really is your best fighter πŸ’€
Ron Jones He may have tested positive but this will last forever.
Patrick Stone Its a shame really. If this ends up sticking he'll easily be gone 4 years, and probably won't be back in the UFC when his suspension ends. I'm more curious if fans are still gonna hate DC when they award him his title back.
Patty Blau Not sure I believe this. It's hard to think that after all he went through that he would chuck it away. Whether he actually failed or not, it's a convenient excuse for Dana White. Just saying.
James Galloway Must've been some strong steroids that almost kicked Cormier head in and steroids that gave Cormier 7 strikes against the octagon. Brock never got punished either for fight vs Mark Hunt . Keep the belt and live testing in next fight .
Victor Parks People should stand up and demand a refund from the UFC! They need to be held accountable for their talent. Why should we continue to pay hard earned money for these sham matches. Very disappointed to say the least.
Daniel Saravia Rolando Torres Jon "coke" jones πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ƒβ„οΈ told you
Steve Walthour Seriously, how long does it take to get these results back? You should be able to get a drug test back within a week if not days. UFC had to know about this and hushed it so they could sell tickets and PPV. $$$$$
Kevin Claxton Tannon Claxton. Looking at a several year ban now probably. Loser & cheater.
Steven Gaitens Oliver Queen what happened I thought he already tested?!?!
Matt Thomas It's like I said before the fight happened, I wanted see it to believe it. He beat D.C. But here it goes again. What a waste. Possibly the greatest fighter in the history of the UFC is a roider! That's why Anderson Silvia, to me, will always be the best pound for pounder ever. And yes I know he failed one drug test in his fight with Nick. But other than that, all wins and defenses are legit.
Gavin Pollock Turnibal is a well known steroid. How in the world would you take something like that before the biggest fight in your career after coming back from suspension??? Just doesn't make any since to me
Duane Perry I'm sorry but Dana knew this dude is drug user...but yet still gave him a chance because he produce money for venues...Dana should be banned from promotional venues.
Corey Adkison UFC was better before USADA testing...just saying. Those guys weren't clean either but no one cares as long as the fights are good.
Alan Faygenblat Jason Gershowitz what a pos ! They should ban this junky !
Brian Buck Is anyone surprised? I was destroyed for saying that Jones didn't deserve a title shot as soon as he was eligible to come back. Make him come through the ranks. Earn trust back. He still probably the best pfp there is, but when is enough enough. UFC is not going to let him go either. He is money for them. They aren't going to let him walk freely to Bellator. Besides, no one can sue and win against UFC or jones to get their PPV money back. So UFC wins either way
Anita Sandwiche All that talk, but you can't fight clean?
Matthew Hicks Tainted Champion....Courmier didnt even know he had no chance to begin with...motha#u$$er on roids from the gate...if true he should be banned forever. It makes UFC look bad
Benjamin Harding He got paid he dgaf he's gonna put it all back up his nose and get in another car wreck. The saga continues WuTang WuTang..
Andy Hoskins I think it's fair to say 90% of professional athletes have low common sense IQs. How dumb is this guy? The most talented MMA fighter ever, millions lost, and now his career may be over. Every pro athlete should have a year of life lessons and common sense courses.
ESPN4 hours ago

Wiggins filed papers to sever ties with his representation, shortly after his agent negotiated a five-year, $148 million extension.

Zach Estes Wiggins is worth it hes awesome he is the Timberwolves future
Joe Johnson Dude ain't no 40 mill/yr player FOH
Shorish Jaffar If these black kids were smart, get your family member to get a certificate to become a sports agent. Even if your family member represents only you, he's still going to making $5-$10 million dollars in this situation!!
Linda Goss ESPN is vile to move an announcer named Robert Lee, who is Asian. By the way my father's name was Robert Lee and he was a greater man than any of you idiots making stupid decisions. You are vile, demonic bigots.
Matt Sawyer Over rated .. Wiggins would not be paid this by any other team but he is in Minnesota where they need star power and a scorer .. not dedicated to the game as well training he will just waist away like others before him with big money deals after they sign then they float away ..
Alicia AJ Jodoin The title says that he split with the deal on the table, but the article says that the deal was finished. Maybe so many needs to get their crap together
Denise Cornett Justice Just saw a report on Tucker Carlson Tonight that you pulled an Asian announcer named Robert Lee. Have you lost your mind?
Matthew Jacobs Omg the kid is barley worth 148 mill that fact he wants more blows my mind... I hope Glen trades him for assets and let's build off towns and butler Trust me butler a elite super star is more attractive then a 22 year old no defending brick shooting stat padding cry baby
John Smith Pulling an announcer because his name is Robert Lee? That's pathetic, ESPN!
Frank Kulakoski We can no longer let Robert Lee announce any more games.. it sounds like the Confederate soldiers name who cares if he's AsianπŸ˜‚
Forrest Bacchi Doesn't matter. The Kings are winning the championship this year behind the next MVP in Buddy Hield! Watch out NBA. This young core is going to surprise the NBA. We proved it last year when we beat the warriors, Cavs and Celtics!
Calvin Luoise An Asian guy, with the name Robert Lee - is not allowed to announce a game. When did ESPN align with Antifa? Antifa - the group catagorized by Homeland Security as a domestic terrorist group in New Jersey. What the hell ESPN? Antifa - the new KKK. People - wake up!!
Cynthia Quinlan OMG. You pulled an Asian announcer from the UVA game becoz his name is a Robert Lee. You people are freaking insane. I don't just mean nuts. I mean you are literally insane.
Kim Christiansen Really ESPN? Need to find the advertisers and boycott them. Really? You'll promote drug users, women abusers, dog killers, but God forbid a man have a name you don't like and you pull him? How about reading Robert E. Lee's actual history? The fact that he felt slavery was wrong? You are just idiots. Boycott ESPN advertisers!
Michael Eric Give us our sports update and stay out of politics! UNLIKE and change channel. Bye Felicia. I guarantee you if I'm tired of it so are others and it will not be long before others turn away from the circus show going on around them as well.
Laurie Clark You people are a bunch of idiots - another reason to stop allowing public schools to focus on sports programs and instead focus on developing kids' BRAINS. You're a bunch of bigots.
Ronnie Miles Are you people at ESPN really that stupid? Pulled announcer off UVA game because of his name? Robert Lee, even though Mr Lee is Asian
Cheryl Severns Maybe you clowns at ESPN should go with covering sports and stay the hell out of politics Some of your decisions look as though you need a Groupon coupon for serious mental health evaluations for the suits in your executive offices
Danielle Mills Uh oh looks like steve balmer of the clippers is trying to buy some "news coverage" about other teams and have espn spit it out for him for a price.πŸ˜‚
Diana Rawlings ESPN removed an Asian man named Robert Lee as a sportscaster because of his name. Are you kidding?
Chris Kimbrel Don't let this get in the way of the fact that espn is not allowing an ASIAN announcer named Robert Lee announce a college football game because his name is Robert Lee.
Mike Brewington If i were the wolves I would saved the max extension for townes
Kurt Snedeker As will he should... The nerve of his agent only getting him 30 million dollars a year. The guy has to eat!!!
Dee Barb PULLING AN ANNOUCER BECAUSE HIS NAME IF ROBERT LEE? Time to boycott your whimpy behinds.
John Salazar ESPN is pathetic for pulling that announcer. #_ESPN_is_crap
ESPN4 hours ago

Eastern Conference finals this year could feature LeBron James VERSUS Kyrie Irving.

Ryan Sherman Try toronto vs cavs, celtics just took a few steps back now they need to build a team around kyrie
Josh Bundy I'm speechless because I never thought the Celtics would get rid of Isaiah but I have no problem with them getting rid of Crowder Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose aren't going to help LeBron and the Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors so the Celtics arguably just became the best team in the Eastern Conference
Riccy Ramirez Lebron will destroy the Celtics and Thomas will individually make kyrie his son promise you that
Wade Beyers Cavs will not be in the finals. LeBron is not clutch. Isaiah Thomas physically cannot play defense at the NBA level. Cavs are done.
Jeff Santos Kyrie and Hayward is not going to be able to carry that team...They have no bench...
Phillip Lindsey Jr. cant forget dc
Soren Sorensen Ramon Gutierrez NBA is turning into reality TV bro 🀣😩
Wagler Jonassaint I'm a LBJ fan, but Lebron help orchestrate this trade behind the scene. He's sick of having a red carpet path to the finals, just to take L's. He wants to make sure that the Cavs don't make it to the finals next year, so it can make he's exit to LA easier and make "sense" to he's fan(atic)!
Ronnie Mamenko It's going to be the Irving and Heyward show in the Eastern Conference Finals. And I'm sure the Celtics aren't done yet and add one more piece before half the season is over. Lebron James just might not make the finals this year. πŸ™‚
Tanner Keen I realize business is business. I wish Kyrie the best in Boston and Im excited to have IT and Jae Crowder for the finals run, but you guys hating on Kyrie and saying he isnt a great player, you guys arent true Cavs fans and have absolutely no Idea what youre talking about! Anyways go Cavs!
Amit Panda It wont change anything for the NBA finals..GSW would either meet Boston or Cavs. It would only mean few players playing for opposite teams in Eastern Conf Finals..who would win depends on how Lebron plays.
Damani Morris This nba season is probably gonna have the warriors winning the finals...again
Sam Raby Yes and one of them will lose to the Rockets in the finals. The Warriors glory days are over and same with the Spurs.
Abraham Julien Its so good for CLE we found I. Thomas, J. Crowder, Skilled center A. Zizic and a 1st round pick for only Kyrie woooow
Ri Anu I remember last year that the Cavs fans said Isaiah has no chance against Kyrie. Now they're saying Kyrie has no chance vs Isaiah
Lue Benjamin Pshh. Lebron/IT vs Jabari and Giannis right Kyle DomeyerJoshua Alan Weber Go Bucks!
Devante Wright Isaiah Thomas is too small to guard anybody on the warriors crowder has never been in a situation where he has to play aggressive defense Kevin Durant will make a fool out of him for sure next season not to mention d Rose is not d Rose anymore and will now be playing back up to a 5'9 all star which I believe Rose could out play if healthy the cavs have ensured another lost in the finals if they get that far
Mc Lazy Rob Millwakee or the wizards will make it before Boston they got a couple years before they will be title contenders yeah Boston got all these scorers but that don't mean that they can win together their not the 08 Celtics Boston better get a point guard cuz kirie a two guard all he do is hog the ball that's why lebron had to play point for Cleveland cuz kirie doesn't pass
Danesha Washington The Celtics bent over the Cavaliers on this trade. IT has a bad hip and Kyrie Irving is a way better player and a top 10 talent in the league. Celtics win the Eastern Conference title Bank on it...
Jim Hogan The funny little zig-zag line under the word means you spelled it wrong. Time to fire the third grader in charge of social media at one of the biggest sports journalism outlets in the world.
Brian Edward Jerry I'm surprised Danny Ainge just spread Cleveland's cheeks so easily: a 5'9 Isaiah (in heels), can of New England Clam Crowder and a first rounder? That's grounds for statutory right there.
John Thomas Hill Well I'd prefer Hornets vs Cavs but I know Charlotte isn't good enough to get that far, sad to say. #buzzcity That being said, I think Boston gave up too much for Irving and Toronto will meet the Cavs in the Eastern Finals.
Michael Eric Give us our sports update and stay out of politics! UNLIKE and change channel. Bye Felicia. I guarantee you if I'm tired of it so are others and it will not be long before others turn away from the circus show going on around them as well.
Frionfranz Gamz-ats The opening will be Boston vs crazy the Boston trade there 3 players to 1..Boston have better shape and threat for the cavs.. How easily broke up.. Just for this player... How desperate they are.. Will soon to find out..
Dwayne Howard How or why do ppl say it's a step back for Boston Jae love him to death wasn't that good offensively and defensively I feel as the season goes on Tatum can get on that same level crowder is on now the Bradley thing shocked me but once again offensively sporadic yeah defense wins chips But someone has got to score the ball somewhere