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Clint Capela said the Rockets are better than the Warriors.

KD's response:

Austin Connolly There's no easier job than joining a 73 win team and helping them win a championship when they were 1 win away the previous season.
Henry Rivera When the best player in the world talks you shut up and listen! #KingDURANT👑 Sorry #Bronsexuals Lebron is not even a top 5 player in the NBA today! Anyways #Bronsexualss Drop them 3-5 tears below ⬇️⬇️💧💧💧
Paul Kleinhenz You can't talk about people having a easy job to win you took the easiest route in sports history....
Craig Meeks Says the guy who left to join a 75 win team...
Richard Skinner Y'all over looking the LeBron James were he left Cleveland to build a super team in Miami then left to Cleveland again to build a super team again but you seam to be blinded to that miami had LeBron,wade,bosh,allen, Chalmers ect then Cleveland LeBron,kyrie,love,jr,ect come on warriors drafted most there starters with and picked up a good name and now you all say they suck get stuff strait look at the other super built teams
Darren Michael Durant talks a lot of s**t for a guy that joined a team where he never have to worry about double teams or if he wants sit and take a break his team would win without him. Kept his mouth shut when when he was “the man” in okc and couldn’t win it.
Justin Pierce Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black....
Dominic E VanDaveer KD triggered! He means hard like before he hopped on a 73 win magic carpet ride! 🤔 Rockets are winning the west!
Glen Spitzack This is like Harden saying the Warriors "ain't that good" in 2015. Warriors beat them in the playoffs. Same thing will happen this year if Houston doesn't choke early in the playoffs again.
Travon Tra Stanton Coming from a guy who took the easy way out from being up 3 - 1 with the Thunder to joining the already dominant 73 - 9 Warriors team. FOH KD !
Austin Wagner Says the cupcake that had to going a 73-9 team to win a title! 😂😂
Joe Davidson KD lecturing anyone about an easy job is quite funny. This joker couldn’t beat them (because it was too hard) so he joined them lol what a joker.
Eric Beck KD bruh just shut up. you one upped LeBron by joining the warriors. you out of all people have no room whatsoever to talk about what an easy job is. plus he's kinda right.
Jon Weber It’s a team game Kevin should know that. He left the team he couldn’t win with for a team that he could win with. A good team each player has his own role
Andrew Schroeder KD is such a sellout scrub, talk about an easy job...dood left his team to join the team that won the most games in NBA history...
James L. McCray 😴😴😴 “says the guy who joined a 73 win team” 👈it’s getting old. They didn’t win 73 games last year...they won the ship last year...and don’t say they had a “super team” because nobody ever says “the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers were a superteam” they went 15-1 as’s getting old. They won and they’re going to keep winning. 🤷‍♂️ 73-9 died when they lost the finals in 2016...let it go because it shows how lame y’all are...come up with something else...
Patrick Wayne Keith Durant has two of the best shooters not just in the league, but two of the best ever on his team. Yea He can say Capela doesn't have a hard job, but don't act like Durant is out there having to give everything he has night in and night out. The floor is wide open for him to do what he wants out there.
Alex Barrios Sr. KD talkin bout doing something the hard way?!? Well if that ain’t the icing on the cupcake I don’t know what is lol🤷🏻‍♂️
Alonzo Cardoso Joins a 73 win team and is now saying that his job was hard lmao kd ruined his own legacy by making the weakest move in NBA history period
Mark Fernando This punk who choked up 3-1 with the Thunder and then joined the team that beat him. Warriors are winning the next 2-3 titles. #Boring
Ryan Reahard Congratulations you beat the Warriors in a regular-season game. You'll be lucky to win one or two if you do make it to the Western Conference Finals. Get out of here with that s*** and that's coming from a Pacer fan
Domenic Morello Says the guy who joined a 73 win team who he choked against in the playoffs? His job is easier than it should be. And now he (KD) all of a sudden thinks that he’s all tough now? Shut up, you will never be as great as Lebron.
Saad Shatila Champions don't respond with comments they respond with their game! But I guess that doesn't apply to elementary minded ones that get their feelings hurt so easy
Chad Hughes Wait saying a basketball player catches a pass and then makes a basket is an insult? You got him KD, sick burn.
Adrian Robles Durant should be the last person talking. Especially after losing twice to the Rockets this season. Such a sore loser.
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Alexis Sanchez used to wash cars for pennies – now he's at Manchester United.

His journey:

John Junior Raesen Y'all act like he just turned pro. He's 29 and played for Barcelona and Arsenal lol
Jason Armer So him playing for both Barcelona and Arsenal and the Chilean International team isn't as impressive as playing for Man U? Smh ESPN
Adrian Shemmans not humble at all tho...wanting 400k/ week. pathetic really.
Chris Hollingworth Good player but way overpaid. Kane is better.
Logan Richardson He’s already played for Barcelona, not like it’s his first time playing for a top club. If you even consider United a top club anymore.
The Law of Attraction - Happy mind happy life The most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people who have mind so lovely and special, you can help but fall in love with them.
Ray Granadino We need more people like this dude in this world 🙏
Abdirahman Hollywood Wow I am glad the poor guy finally made it! ESPN writers must be a joke. The guy played for two of the biggest clubs in the world.
Kyle Inlow This post is terrible. How are you just now recognizing him? I bet you still think Rooney plays for United. Did you know there are other, better clubs in England? Smh
Arbër Kuçi Now what?! He asked much more than he can spend so that turns his child story to a nonsense!
Farid Andrés Farias Proud Chilean here! Alexis has always made Chile proud.. glad to see him succeed even further in his already outstanding successful career! 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 Danny Farias Andrea R Pietrini Alex Farias
Cody Hall I use to eat Ramen noodles. Now, I eat Totino's pizzas.
Mateusz Klak Espn only knows Manchester United Lebron James and the Patriots.
Doug Buchanan Coulda sworn I saw him washing windshield in Time Square
Alvaro Condori the guy is very humble and that is hard to find especially in these times of trump luck alexis you deserve it
Luigi Santilli Not to rain on his parade, he seems awesome, but this is basically the story with every kid who plays soccer that becomes professional outside of Europe and the US.
Jake Southards Dorian Duff the American dream
Mike Snyder For some reason at first glance i thought this was about mark sanchez
Jose Martinez But for a Hispanic my respect ✊🏾 to Alexis Sanchez 💯🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
Matthew Blanker This is what you should be covering.
David Hollingworth Chris Hollingworth. Manchester NH is about 30 mins away from Hampton the same distance as the town of Hollingworth to Manchester England!
Sebastian Garcia And helped bring us 2 copa America’s
Cristina Trejo Constanza Peña Nakouzi así son todos ustedes, los chilenos de lindos? 💕
Jose Martinez The whackest team in England Manchester city 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gerardo Barboza Evan Seals call him selfish and a snake again... I'll wait
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Multiple sources describe Leonard and his camp as "distant" and "disconnected" from the organization.

Omar Nava Come to Rockets. Medical Center is top notch.
Fernando Hurtado Come to LA just gotta come after LBJ, PG, Curry and the rest of the all stars us delusional laker fans think will sign with us in the near future 😏
Tom Cooper When ESPN posts a story literally nobody believes, or takes seriously 😂
David D Hart He seems distant from everyone anyway lol
Scott Lunsford First it was the Patriots now it's ESPN going after the Spurs.
James Salazar Just cause he never replied to the spurs group text. Now he's distant and disconnected. Lol
Abdirahman Hollywood Come home to the Lakeshow!
Logan Richardson MSESPN trying to stir up the pot per usual
Marcus Ramirez He ain’t leaving the spurs.
Brandon Davalos
LaQhan Hill Blazers need you 😆
Jon Carney Just send him to GS.
Zach Pettit Can always come to MN..we like star players
Manuel Lopez
Steve Jhin Orlando is the spot bro
Tyler Armstrong Sources lie / misconstrue for click bait.
Hugo Fraire
Hugo Fraire
Hugo Fraire
Hugo Fraire
Clarryssa Johnson He’s a mad private guy. You can tell.
Louben Repke TrelThefourth join LeBron? Lol
Frank Martinez Esparza FranFran trade? Hehe
Jaime Ramirez #fakenews keep it going feed. 😂
Priel Santillan Fake News
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Jake Olson, USC's long-snapper who is blind, probably throws a better spiral than you do. (via @jakeolson61/Twitter)

Chase Kozak Wonder how his blind side awareness is? Okay I’ll see you all in hell
Frankie Perez He isnt totally blind, that is obvious. And, his first throw was hideous and I can absolutely throw a better spiral.
Thomas Frymier With the 1st pick of the NFL draft the Browns pick Jake Olsen
Joey Montemayor Why does it always have to be a better than u thing? I mean, some ppl can see better than him. So, what?...
Chris Moore I know he is legally blind but he is eyeballing that receiver. He must have some vision? And no I throw a tighter spiral than that.
Jeremy Hughes He is legally blind, not completely blind. Legally blind meaning he can't drive, but has enough sight to make out shapes/figures. He can see the outline of your body but no details or features, if that helps.
Lou Casa It was a cute story when he was 12. This footage is both sad and staged. Hey, blind kid! Run around for 3 seconds throw a soft lob to the sound of my screams and I'll catch it to make you look good. #stopenablingthiskid #storydied5yearsago
Colin Cormier Did anyone else notice at the end of the video where he becomes a QB running out of the pocket with the Golden Receiver on his tail? Reminded of the kid in p.e. that noone picks up during 2 hand touch football. I'll see myself out ......
Jake Salese Well it's obvious he has some vision lol , I'd like to see him go pro for snapping.. if you can go pro for snapping?
Richard Fisher Thats not a spiral and no he doesn't!
David Gomez I might be blind cause that first pass wasn't a spiral
Jim McAleer Where is the video where he throws a spiral?
Pierre-Luc Michaud That's cool because the Browns actually need a blind quarterback ! So he'll never know who he is playing for and might enjoy it
Ben Hester Just gonna be the first guy who says the Browns should the him 1st overall............
Eric Arturo Alvarado "We don't really know how blind this guy really is"
Daniel Sasser Bro. All y'all going to hell.. that being said that means there's hope for that blind football kid from texas, amirightttttttttt
Lee Thomasson HELLO...Long Snapper!!!! It's basically passing between your legs. I would think someone at ESPN might know this.
Jon Ousky That puppy didn't look good dropping into coverage, but its pass rush was decent. Has potential.
Richard Marques Jake Olson is on a different level. A truly inspirational story of overcoming adversity and blazing your own trail no matter what people tell you that you "can't" do. I'm not a USC fan, but I'll root for guys like Jake any day.
Randy Osborne Every defense would just have to play man to man and cheat up a bit. He wouldnt be able to change the throw based on defensive play. That said, he is still better than me though! 😂
Michael D'Italia First, yes he does throw better than me, second his dog way cooler than mine too! OK, I don't have a dog, but this one would be cooler if I did have one.
Bart Kal Anybody throws a better spiral than me.
Josh Budyn Uh yes I can. I actually throw a very tight spiral. Most people that are pretty athletic can.just because we didn't play college or pro ball as athletes doesn't mean we can't, we chose not to.. I was told by many coaches and people I could have played at the professional level for multiple sports. I didn't want to though
Tim Lecklider I don't have a problem with the guy, but what does being able to see have to do with throwing a spiral?
Aaron Levy Not Big Baller Brand material ESPN! What are you doing?! Mad respect for this young man though
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15-year-old Emma Ann Miller is the youngest person to speak during sentencing for Larry Nassar.

Here's her testimony:

Adrian Briones Larry is a trainer Larry does his job in taking care of the athletes you think he can heal muscles and stretch muscles using telekinesis? Cmon every trainer is trained and educated to do certain things. This sounds like every girl just wants a check. Athletes who train aggressive need baths cold baths, hot baths whatever the trainer prefers. Holy moly!
Braydon Gervais It's been about 30 seconds and already the comments are blaming a 15 year old girl for being sexually assaulted by a grown man. What the hell is the matter with you people?
Lamar Jackson “I’m not scared of you” soooooo where were you for the last few years? I’m all for calling ppl out, but this is starting to get ridiculous and seem more like women out for money.
Ashley Lawrence Hall Losing faith in humanity, one male comment at a time...
Jared Gallardo It’s a shame some of the 100+ women didn’t come forward sooner.... mind blowing actually.
Benjamin Spencer Well glad they don't pursue the death penalty nor should he or anyone get it do to ethical reasons that being said the man no doubt deserves life in prision
Kevin Tucker And the dude is gonna spend his whole life in jail being clothed and fed on tax dollars paid by us.....Soon as trail is over put a slug in the back of his head and be done with it
Andrew Grewe This whole ordeal is horrible and yes he should be thrown in jail with the key thrown away but how did it get to the point that it happened to 100 plus girls??
Pat Ridenour Notice they keep bringing up the ADULTS that ignored their complaints, turned a blind eye and enabled this monster? Why aren't they all being arrested too?
James Chafin If your blaming the women in this case or even that little girl YOU'RE the problem 🤦‍♂️I feel like the world is about to just explode and start over without a human race in it.
Jordan Perkins Love all of these men in here posting gifs to downplay the importance of this situation. Idiots. If it was your daughter I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune, I'm sure you'd care.
Philip Dicapri Lahm i believed in true......dosent matter wat that 15yrs old grl told.that but what i believe is within my self men had sacrifices alot looking at the north-east path of india the kingdom.of women the beautiful meghalaya....alll of us are really satisfied for what a women did for her family
Robert OBrien This little girl is so brave....and shame on Michigan State for covering it up....why isn't Michigan State on the news anywhere like Penn State was!!? What Nasser did and MSU covering it up is disgusting
Mark Evenson Someone will take care of him in jail, just like he did those poor innocent kids. He’ll be lucky if he lives 2 years behind bars. Sad Sad Sad 😞
Wayne Griffin I feel sorry for these kids but you can't tell me not one parent or child said anything the whole time that's what I can't get poor kids probably didn't want to let there parents down didn't dare to say anything this guy should be shot period but alot of those kids try to hard to please parents
Alec Rolison I believe he did all of this and his is a sick person. One of the ones I did not understand though the Olympian said she was molested in front of her mom and her mom said she was right there with her the entire time and did not know it was happening.
Fernando Bravo This dude isn’t going to last his first month in jail. . . After the same testimonies he is probably getting numb to it and every day he is in court, is a day he is seeing other people, talking to family, lawyers, etc. there is plenty to put this dude away. Let’s get it done already.
Courtney Parker Love some of the men here who are making money comments. If you took the time to read you would know that he admitted to everything. She’s a child. Has no say in any, if any money. This is her opportunity to speak and then hopefully move on.
David Paffie ESPN, you don't do much I like anymore these days. But at least some of your posts show us the comments by people that need to be genetically removed from the human race.
Sam Bachman I am completely and utterly ashamed to be a part of the human population with the people that say this girl and all of the victims are doing this for money, or attention. I cannot comprehend your level of stupidity, and your words just drive a hammer deeper and deeper into a nail, that is a male dominance culture. Shame on you, and may your guts rot in hell.
Christopher J. Lawlor I’m behind all of these victims. Larry Nassar should get a harsh sentence. But I feel like I’ve been hearing these speeches on a loop. When did this take place?
Mike Westenbarger Good job by the judge to let all these brave young ladies to confront this sick predator. Me I stand behind these victims they will forever have to live and deal with what happened to them but I hope by confronting him in court it gives them some closure to begin healing.God bless these strong brave young ladies. Rot in hell Nasser!
Amanda Howard This is a sad world we live in. No person, no human being should ever go through what this young lady and countless others went through. Completely ridiculous that anyone gets on here to make a joke and ridicule anyone. Take a moment to stop trolling and have some compassion. I hope this guy get what he deserves as well as all the others who covered up for him. If you work with minors you are a mandated reporter and you should be punished for your part as well. Just because this isnt PSU football doesn't mean it should get swept under the rug.
Kathryn Josephs Lundgren It seems that men will not stop abusing young people, what the heck! Times up for them and everyone should tell their story.
Samantha J Olson You go girl! The courage it took her to say this. In front of people, And in front of the person who molested her. Takes some serious courage. And take note, no one said things about the joe Sandusky accusers like they do about the girls in this case. Pretty dang sad
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Bet on the Philadelphia Eagles winning it all back in the preseason?

Then you've got a LOT riding on the Super Bowl.

Bryan Brennick So put $100 on both and worst case you still make $50
Tyler Raffety Gambling protip: Drop $100 on both teams; win at least $50 I don’t get how people lose money gambling
Stetson Lewis Now I have to listen to Eagles fans talk about how they are gonna win the Superbowl for another 2 weeks. Sigh. Thanks Minnesota. Why couldn't you just lose to the Saints. 😭
Chris Duffey Based of the Eagles game last night the Patriots could be in trouble. Go Eagles!!
Josh Essig so if you put $100 on each, you'll walk away with a $50 return or a $3800 return. I never knew Vegas was so easy!
Zach Spaar I Wonder what the Vegas odds are of the browns messing up First round draft picks this year.
Chuckie Barrett So as long as you equal bet on both teams you'll win money.
Phil Rybak My neighbor put down $500 when he was in Vegas during the preseason on the Eagles with 30:1 odds. Safe to say he's invested in the SB this year big time
Levi Brown I am taking the Eagals and the points just like I took the Jags and the Points. Vegas gives the Pats to much credit. The Pats may win but they will not cover just like they didn't against the Jags. Pats have a hard time against top rated defenses. Now on the other hand Pats opponents have a hard time going against the refs. I just hope this time if the Pats win the refs don't have to intervene to give them the edge when it comes down to the wire. I think the NFL is shooting it's self in the foot when this happens because the fan base is already slowly disappearing because of the whole kneeling debacle. More and more people are coming out and calling it what it is, even NFL teams and players are not even caring about taking the fine and calling out the refs anymore. It will soon hit rock bottom if they/he (The NFL Commissioner) doesn't fix this issue. Maybe the NFL needs a couple of sideline refs that are not directly on the field that only pay attention to certain areas of the game i.e...The Line. Because the are too many one sided calls in crunch time but the excuse I didn't see it. But the penalty or non-penalty happened right in front of them. All I am asking for and I am sure most of the fans are asking for is fair play and let there be no more excuses!!
John Persad Can you bet on both teams? That way you get your money back no matter what?
Blackie Crabtree We all know that the Pats will win and not cover. I'm sure the NFL has it all scripted. Another exciting come from behind to win at the last second. Ho hum
Chuck Cox How much would you make if you put 100 bucks on the refs back in the preseason?
James Brown Alright that’s preseason if you put 100$ on pats straight up you will lose a lot if they lose, if they win you’ll win maybe 85$. Now if you bet 100 straight up eagles you’ll win 250 if they win. So here’s the smartest bet to try to win a good percentage back take eagles straight up for 100, and pats minus the points for 100, worst you do is lose 10, but could win 240.
Vito Romagno If you made that bet preseason. Hedge it!!!
James Rankin im not a gambling man, but id put down $100 of someone elses money on the lords of the rings. if pats lose, some rube is out $100. if they win, i make $250 🙂 now to find a dummy to give me $100 lol
Kevin Bush I bet them to win the SB, at 6-1, in late October! When Wentz went down I figured I had a loser, but now I feel like I have a punchers chance...
Jason Wylie But if youbet $100 on Philly and they lose,you still lose $100. It doesn't matter what they're paying if they don't win?
Shaun Winner Well you’ve to bet in the preseason so how does that sound easy. I say it’s all luck unless you bet on Brady. No one knew who would get in lol. Besides Brady because no one can really beat them
CJ Clark If the refs stay out of it, you never know. They were supposed to beat the Giants twice too, and look what happened there. Any given Sunday, folks (except when the refs get greased.)
Adam Heeren Funny how some people can't read. These are the payouts if you bet them before the season.
Andrew Kelsall I meant to post my ticket in another thread. I’ll go post it now but yeah I’ve got them for 200
Pablo Nueve Sesin Correction, if you bet Philly you get 0, if u bet pats you get 250
Tim Gonulsen I'm voting for the 49ers to win it all in the preseason for next year.
Adam Heeren Every moron thinking that is the current odds will be very sad when they try and get someone to take that bet and see it's more like +180 and -220. Wait that's confusing to them too. Let me kid glove it. Bet 100 on eagles to win, take home 280. Bet 100 on Pat's to win, take home 145... The 145 is going to make someone's head explode.
Elver Galarga I always bet on the team I don't want to win so if they win, I win money and I'm happy. But if they lose, I lose money but very happy my team won. A lot of people don't know this..😏😏
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Here's what it looked like on SportsCenter when Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points 12 years ago.

Blake Hudgins Too bad that SportsCenter sucks now. It used to be great listening to anchors like Stuart Scott put their spin on SPORTS. Now your anchors are not creative or funny and they want to tell me what to think politically. No thanks. NFL and MLB network for me.
Anthony Anderson Could you guys keep posting these old SC videos on a regular basis? I’d much rather watch them than the present day SC.
Jason Kinzer Espn was decent back then now it’s unwatchable,it’s like TMZ now smh!
Ryan Nichols I mean this is when sports and sports journalism were both amazing. Not sure what I miss more, kobe going silly on opposing teams or Stuart Scott talking about it.
Will D Pendergrass Lets see the video of the greatest ever allegedly lebron dropping 81 nope bow down to #2 behind the fake MJ real MJ is magic johnson period
Ernie Samora Makes me miss Stuart Scott all over again...
Robert D'Amato And LeBron with the most flops in a game also 81
Sean P. Brown Can you guys over at ESPN watch this too? This is when you didn't suck.
Jared Douthett You mean back when it actually covered sports
Kenny Bollwerk Remember when Trae Young attempted over 35 (forced terrible) shots the other day and scored 48 points? Kobe put up 46 shots with 81 points. Anthony Tyler Aly
Martin Tiu MJ on Mamba’s 81... Still, Jordan insisted things would have been a bit different if he'd been guarding Bryant. "If I was on the other side, there's no way I would have been in at the end of that game without six fouls," Jordan said Tuesday. "I don't know if I could have given up 81 points and not fouled out of the game." Bryant's total in a come-from-behind victory over Toronto last month was the second-highest in NBA history. ryant has often said the he fashions his game after the 10-time NBA scoring leader. Jordan said he can see some similarities. "You see him playing with any of the elite guys in the league ... he's going to guard them defensively and he will beg for them to guard him on the other end. That's my approach. I would do the same thing." He stopped himself before declaring the Los Angeles Lakers star the top player in the league, but came close. "If I had to pick the best player in the game, he certainly is up there right now," Jordan said. "It seems as though he's got the edge over anybody in that position, if not in the league right now."
John Oliveto Miss you Stuart Scott. Always enjoyed hearing your breakdown on a game and your perspective and knowledge. You are very missed.
Domiano McDermott In today’s nba, Kobe’s 2004 effort would’ve won him the MVP
Christopher Rossell I miss the old sports center
Juan Gomez And on top of that, Stuart Scott narrating it like the boss he is doing what he does best! We Miss You Stuart.
Joshua Brown Back when sportscenter was LITTTTT
Chad Harrod Please bring back 2006 sportscenter and espn from that tmz just sports...and stu was the man.
Isaac Howard I miss the old sports center as well, but what people are forgetting is that it's easy to just watch highlights online now. Therefore people aren't as inclined to watch SC, so now they have to come up with new and different content. Unfortunately that content is TMZ and ET type trash.
Zach Walker Does anyone remember the name of that old show on ESPN where young prospective SportsCenter anchors/broadcast journalists were in a competition against each other for a chance at a SC contract?
Brett Witas Good times, when SportsCenter was watchable. And when it was about sports, not politics.
Allen Schermerhorn I miss those days on SC.
Brad Howard That’s the SportsCenter I like watching
Jeffrey Colegg This. You should go back to doing sportscenter like this again.
Gary Rybicki Stuart!!! Truly missed in this age of sports entertainment... It’s cooler on the other side of the pillow, rest in piece!
Michael O'Donnell RIP Stuart. These were SportsCenter good days.
ESPN6 hours ago

Shawn Michaels says he expects "huge, major announcements" from WWE on Monday night.

Steven Mark Moeller Here to see the butt hurt people who are mad that ESPN reports WWE because it "isn't a sport". PS: it's called SPORTS entertainment. entertainment is half of it.
Robert Babbitt Id rather hear this stuff instead of anything related to the Ball family or the Patriots or most of the NFL anymore.
Dennis Noakes Shawn Michael’s will perform the Sweet Chin Music on Vince, and DX will be coming back led by Triple H. Then stone cold will come back out with mankind and mr.sockie and take out DX! If only, right?
Jacob Hadley Just for the record, they’re still athletes. It is still a sport. Just the fact that it’s scripted isn’t any different than others commenting say football games are rigged. 🤷🏻‍♂️✌🏼
Mark Brown Womens tag team titles and they will announce who will start #1 in the rumble.
Rich Coz For all the people crying about espn covering wrestling..... Wrestling is considered sports entertainment Now what does the first 2 letters stand for in ESPN........ ESPN even use to air wrestling back in the day with AWA and GWF. Like it or not wrestling ( WWE) has a larger fan base than most of the sports in the world. So why wouldnt they cover it? Its not rocket science, outside of the big 4 it easily has a higher fan base than any other sport, hell one can argue it has a higher fan base than hockey. And for those saying its fake.... its scripted not fake. Try being slammed once or running the ropes once. It hurts, alot hence why many wrestlers got addicted to pain killers. The outcome might be known but the athletic ability is 100 pct them and the pain is 100 pct
Nick Salazar Unless they’re getting off the PG era and all of a sudden get wrestlers with charisma then it won’t be monumental.
Sako Adajian The fact that ESPN posts and talks about WWE should tell you something about where the company is headed.
Brian Graff Bret Michaels literally said nothing that meant anything in this spot.. I can deal with reporting on "fake" sports, but at least report on SOMETHING.. this was pure speculating with no facts AT ALL. ESPN you really suck lately.
Tommy Fitterer Only the Vikings can have 2 former players going 1-on-1 in the main event championship match of Wrestlemania and have neither of them walk out as champion
Jeff DePalma “I find this stupid! So it isn’t a sport! Why is espn reporting on this “ -Most of the people commenting on WWE posts If you don’t enjoy it, go on with your day, no need to put in your 2 cents
Gary Gelder They need to do something . They ate fallijng off the radar, that's why Vince wants to start his failed football league again..He sees the writing on the walll
Brantley Rimmer Stone Cold vs Goldberg finally?! 15 years too late
Ozzie Rodriguez THE ATTITUDE ERA is Back!
Devon Bunch Wwe would be smart to have a great show where they mix the old school with their new wrestlers. A lot of old fans are probably gonna watch and they may hook a few into watching again
Gary Judge If ESPN is talking about it... Must have something to do with the Ball family, that's about all they know what to report about.
David Shults Announcement: NFL hires WWE officials to help with predetermined SB outcome and ring ceremony for Brady.
Ray Fett Undertaker vs John Cena at Wrestlemania. Undertaker defeats John Cena but that isnt the end for them. Next year at Wrestlemania Undertaker vs John Cena it will be billed as the rematch of the century. This time John Cena defeats Undertaker next two Wrestlemania's booked for Undertaker.
Brandon Fields Sad when the WWE is more realistic then the NfL
Matthew Moncrief People shut up with wrestling being fake!. Its scripted! Just like the NFL and the refs scripting the patriots to win the super bowl 😉 difference lol Wrestlers are love to see any one you take a bump and get slammed to the ground over and over and risk your body.
Micah Buxton At least the WWE is honest. It knows it's matches are faked, and doesn't do much to hide it. Still waiting for the NFL to do the same...but ...... Back to this delicious tea I'm sippin
Michael Gonzalez Jr. THIS JUST IN: The NFL partners with WWE writers for a less predictable playoff and Superbowl year in and year out 😂 Darren Callihan
Rye Ler I would like for everyone to say this isn't a real sport get in the ring with Kurt Angle for 2 minutes
David Garcia a hall of famers match: Hogan vs Stone Cold? and a retirement match: Cena vs Undertaker? right?
Alexander Jacob I don't think I've watched an episode for about 6 years, but with rumors getting thrown out left and right, it might be a bit entertaining
ESPN6 hours ago

The pole is Monday.

Jim Zumbrun What happ to all the Philly fans who were “boycotting” the NFL. Oh so now y’all in the Chip, so it’s ok 2 be a fan again??!! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Tyler Sanders New Orleans Saints have traded Marcus Williams for pole in Philly Subway
Scott Mesler Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Patriots cheat and should have lost yesterday
Camren Riley That’s funny, I hate New England and philly but I’m cheering for New England because of the garbage eagles fans.
Nick Roush Sooooo is this guy dead..? Cause it 200% looked like he fell towards the train.... Not sure how close he was though..
Matthew Allendorf Cheering for Brady and the refs cause how trashy philly fans are
Nick Lane Dont know about everyone else, but seeing how philly people have been since last night, I kinda want Brady & the refs to win...
Jason Drew As a Vikings fan, I wish the Eagles the best of luck as the NFC rep in the Super Bowl. I know there are great and classy fans and there are those who aren’t. Throwing beer at fans before and after, mocking Millie, rioting just isn’t right. Especially after fans of the Vikings gave to the Saints punter’s charity after beating them in heartbreaking fashion. I’m not sayin we don’t have bad eggs either or we are better, but from what I’ve seen online it’s hard to unsee what’s happened. I can deal with friendly smack talk. I can deal with the “Foles” chant in place of “Skol!” Nobody deserves to get hurt supporting the teams we love, home or away. I hope some of those fans come to grip and humble themselves. Not for the sake of rubbing in a victory, but for safety reasons. Nobody needs to get hurt over a game. For those fans who were respectful, thank you! I am happy for your franchise. Congrats to the Eagles and the fans. Enjoy this safely please! I will be rooting for you guys! Go get that ring!
Brandon Fields Such a classless fan base. Rioting because you won a conference championship? But protesting due to violation of human right is a bad thing.
Kyle Esten So this is a metaphor for Philly's Superbowl run ..anybodys superbowl run when they face NE...NE is the pole.
Juan M. Melendez Straight TRASH is what Eagles fans are! Tom Brady will be more than happy to blow you guys up in the Super Bowl! #PatsNation #Drivefor6
Gary OBrien Obviously he was not at gate 9 and 3/
Michelle Rodgers Philadelphia is ghetto garbage. I used to live here but moved to Seattle 3 years ago. I’m at the airport right now- came to visit my family. All trash. I will never move back here!
Jason Kase Joe buck: Here comes blue pole Troy: he's not looking..Both: ooooohhhh big hit....Joe buck: looking at the flag thrown....4th down and long..Troy: man he took a hit...hope his mom isn't watching tonight....
Brandon Fields It’s take a playoff field in the NFC of all new teams that will not be back next year for philly to advance. Next year thing will be back to normal and Philliy will be a bad dream again
Max Townson According to most people Patriots haven't won a single game this year If you just took out the refs 😂
Rebecca Sutton Robert Fishman - he's an eagles fan, so he may have deserved it.. 🙃 (although I actually hope he as a human being is ok)
Regina League Hahahaha! My poor Little Bit! You did have a rough afternoon. BUT your prevailed! I am super proud of you! I can feel the ocean breeze now! Hahaha!
Artie Waite I just watched that Loop like 200 times in the last five minutes and I laugh everytime this s*** is funny
AJ Harnak Those of you hating on Eagles fans - Many many of us are informed, welcoming, considerate, and passionate. The media loves to key in on the awful 0.5%, which every fanbase has. Please don't judge all of us on the handful of morons. We hate them as much as you do.
Pete Griffin Let me guess.. there’s a GoFundMe alert to buy him some glasses and he gets to meet Brian Dawkins at the Super Bowl?
Jackson Woodard I beg to differ. Barstool posted this video no more than 18 hours ago...well moron, good for Barst, oh my GOD!
Zoran Umicevic BREAKING NEWS !! Cleveland Browns have just traded away two first rounds picks to eaggles for the pole!!
Ethan Boyce McKayla Boyce Jared Boyce Heather Ashby Boyce Ammon Rees I feel like this represents what will happen in the SB. The pole is the refs. Eagles are well on their way to winning it and boom...refs get in the way and Pats win. Sound familiar?
Justin L Noury Makes me laugh, these losers in Philly actually think they are going to win, and are talking trash. Enjoy getting there losers, cause you don't stand a chance!!
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Relationship goals.

Van L Hulcy Jr. Man, I just farted so hard. As of right now, there might be ruined underwear on me. Yeah. They're ruined.
TyQuan Hawthorne Lol everybody saying the Eagles will lose been saying the same thing all season. Keep hating
Brigham Cook Julie ertz reacting to Zach ertz reacting to Julie ertz reacting to the eagles superbowl berth
Kevin Calixto Cute, still it’s not going to last long. After The Patriots put on a pounding on her Husband’s team, she’s going to be so humiliated she’ll ask for a divorce 😂
Andrew Seeley Wow ESPN, you are capable of reporting something else besides Brady, LeBron and Lavar Ball. How bout that?
Jesse VanWagner If her husband was a hard working postal worker that was just given a promotion of the highest kind and a free vacation to her ultimate destination she wouldn’t care less. It’s only cause he’s a millionaire, professional athlete.
Ron Sedita I see a lot of Eagles doubters's OK we will prove once again ..FlyEaglesFly..
Zechariah Luke Maaaaaan y'all sour af can we just enjoy the love and support before we make stupid jokes like dang. Glad to see this power couple thriving 💯💯💯
Alex Barrios Sr. But what was Lavar Ball’s reaction??
Katie Lutsovich Walters #FLYEAGLESFLY (this, from a Raider fan!)
David Gonzales She's crying cause she's pregnant. But not by her husband
Chris Johnson All these comments about how the eagles are gonna get gonna laugh so hard when the eagles win lol
Douglas Maspe and in the super bowl she will cry because of the judges Refs vs Eagles
Nick Rogers Can we see her reacting to him reacting to her reacting to him going to the Super Bowl?
Romik Abolian That’s beautiful, but she’ll be crying after the Super Bowl too. When the legend, the goat Mr. Brady wins his 6th ring. Jesus 6. Wow !
Kevin Mejean Both great athletes. Really good to see her emotionally involved with her husbands team. He gives her a lot of support her way too. Great couple!
Kevin Kolar Two great athletes! Both of them played great games yesterday. Congrats
Collin Herdt Well I hate to say it but after seeing your fans treat Minnesota fans like absolute garbage, I hope your fan base gets what it deserves. Just remember what goes around comes around dude.
Jeff Slater Just saved the link to this post so I can come back in two weeks if the Patriots lose and clown all the trolls who took a dump on this feel-good story. The cynicism and negativity is nauseating. Words can't express how badly I want the Eagles to win.
Raymond Cruz Happy for each other's success. That sounds like a healthy relationship to me.
Trent Collins She’s happy that they just got that bonus check 😉😎
Hilary Poff Openly crying on my plane rn. That’s how mentally unstable I am. Nicole Korn
Matt Slosek That's touching. Solid dude solid team. Imagine what the tears will be like on Feb 4 when the Pats in blue come crashing down on you!!! 🤣😂😭 Pats 27 Eagles 20
Jonathan Nikpour A classy couple and one tight end we love right here in the city of brotherly love. Doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks about us
James Scione I'm a Diehard Patriots fan all Boston sports but two things first congratulations on your going to the SHOW and that right there great stuff good luck Eagles it's time for WAR .....GO PATRIOTS