ESPN8 hours ago

How many could you do? 🤔

0.5 I would go forward and never come back up.
How many times am I allowed to s#it my pants trying?
Me first rep, "Nailed it."
Got a hernia just watching
I could probably hold his legs down for as long as he wants to do them.
Half of one,. I could go down but I dont do ups. Ups defy the laws of gravity and i obey the law.. But I'm good at downs. Sit down, lay down,Cheeseburger I woof it down, music I boogy down, black jack i double down.
Isaiah Ramos tried to show you these quite a while ago.. apparently it's a "thing" now... grow them calves young man!!!!
wasn't there a PSA going around for regular joes not to try this because you could literally tear a muscle?
It's not that hard tho... it only looks hard. You guys should try and you'll see it's really really really really really really difficult.
What's less than 0? I could attempt one and end up with broken facial features and a strong sense of regret...
I could do a bloody nose as my face bounces off the floor
Looks like a way to ruin a good nap.
The herniated disc in my back is flexing just watching this
I lay down at night and get up in the morning... does that count? Kind of the same thing
Is this just a new workout they invented? Why so many videos of this
Just asking to tear your hammies.
I have lower back issues, so not even one
That hurts me just watching this lol
It’s really not that hard as long as u have weight on your feet
Stormy Daniels is really good at this
If you mean hold his feet and watch....i can do a lot.
Ending of Game of Thrones leaked
I’d fall flat on my face and break my nose!😂😂
Hate to be doing those and pop a hamstring!
Tyler this is what I tried and failed
ESPN10 hours ago

That's a SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE pound squat from Oregon Football's Dallas Warmack 😮

Here comes the kid saying he did this as a freshman in hs
How about they record him actually sitting in a class taking a test 😂😂😂
I did this as a freshman in my high school.
Is 650lbs that impressive? Ive done little over 300 the first and only time I did squats and could have done more weight.
This is the first time Oregon players have ever been in the weight room. No wonder they got so impressed by a single bama player lifting
Lavar Ball can do it hoping on one leg!
Pshhhhhh I can do 15 minutes of the steps at Planet Fitness without stopping
Somewhere, there's a couch potato who's never had a gym membership typing "But he..."
This really isnt that impressive. In 1966 Al Bundy scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High.
Is it a 675lb squat or a 225lb curl by the spotter? Haha just bullshittin I never made it that high. My best squat was 460 after high school.
Just because he's lifting weights, probably for a sports team ON A SCHOLARSHIP, doesn't mean he isn't doing well in classes. You crab in the bucket MFs always have something negative to say
Here comes the middle age men criticizing him like they can lift that much or complaining that ESPN needs to show something different.
Love watching these kids cheer on their teammates.. doesn't matter their race, religion, political belief, etc... they're just loving each other and rooting on one another.
My high school running back did this for reps, get outta here and stick to being fast Oregon, you’re not strong
Dave Phanh Cory Lo non lifters who "don't squat bc of their knee problems" about to flood this comment section 😂😂😂.
So we're supposed to be impressed by a guy who's lifted his sister's, his cousins and his mom aunt his whole life to get that strong? I thought this was a random occurrence from Alabama players...
Everyone is saying “how is this impressive, I’m sure it’s been done before” 650 at a 90 degree angle? That’s INSANE. Let the guy get his hype one. Haters everywhere.
I know I couldn't do it but a buddy in high school about 21 years ago maxed out at 705. True he wasn't that tall so he didn't have as far to go. But 650 is still impressive.
The kid is a graduate transfer from Alabama stop trying to throw shade. Just because you couldn’t amount to anything doesn’t mean everyone have to end up just like you! 🤣
I'm 39 and when I played sports, with a replaced ankle and knee, I was squatting 625... 625 ounces that is
So players are allowed to risk injury in the weight room trying to break records but everyone has to make sure their pants cover the knees.
Look at all of the couch potatoes making fun of this kid. Only thing most of you can do is perform the 12 oz curl with a beer can.
Once you get on the Nick Saban's modern medicine for champions program, you never forget, as long as there is funding.
Why is this so exciting? A 650lbs squat has been done before, right?? I don’t get the high level of excitement..
I fractured three vertebrae just watching this... 😧
ESPN13 hours ago

Matt Carpenter was hitting .199 through May 24.

He's hit .355 since then ... and just did this:

Cubs fans are literally the worst in all of baseball😂😂😂😂
Braves will still win World Series. Cards won’t be in playoffs. Doesn’t matter what he does.
His 2nd 5-5, multi-HR game of the year. 5 runs scored last time, 7 RBI and all XBH this time. The slowest leadoff hitter in the league but it doesn't matter when he leads off with a HR...
Philadelphia Eagles are super bowl champions
Glad we didn’t trade him when the naysayers said he was done. Batting .274 and on the rise. A historic day. #13.
This just proves that the Cardinals are washed up d bags that only try a couple weeks out of the whole season. Almost the whole team is overrated, almost every year. Matheny wasn’t the problem, you d bags just need to try and get a decent quality player every now and then.
Wait so your saying if a player has a bad period that they can come out of it? Hmm wish other fans knew that
This guy is in a zone ,I would walk him to take him out of his zone mess with his head a little chin music would work too not hit him just high and tight
Baseball isn't a sport, it's an activity
Cubs fan here. Any other cubs fan concerned with Lester getting absolutely shelled lol. I hate the cardinals but this was impressive to watch lmao
Scooter went 5-5 with 4 HRs last season. This is weak.
2 of those were off lastella and caritini...not pitchers 🤷‍♂️
I love all the cardinals haters only the most relevant team in baseball the last 10 years
Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.
And only adds up to 1 win i believe
Those 7 RBI almost equal they’re number of games back
With no batting gloves
detroit tigers stanly cup champs in supper bowl 2099
Guess it was the manager....
So what they still wont make the playoffs
I couldve hit a HR in that game...
Look at all of the jealous cubs fans😂
Sure, loyalty through 108 years of losing. They must be awful. Congrats on a good game.
Al Ragozzino should have been more patient with my fantasy team
It was the methany firing celebration
ESPN16 hours ago

The AL pennant race is going to be nuts.

Tribe will shock you all! ESPN is freaking Clueless!
Astros will repeat. Start of a dynasty. And I’m a Yankee fan
My boys keep playing the way they have over the last 30 games, those three teams will be watching the World Series from the couch.
So with 2 mvp candidates, 7 all stars and a pitching staff that includes Kluber, Bauer, Carassco and Clevenger and you tell me those 3 teams are the only contenders in the AL?
No love for Cleveland? You ESPN idiots need to get a clue. Oh wait, the tribe isn't a big market cash cow like these others. Stupid. Go Tribe!
Don't forget about the tribe
I don’t understand why the CLEVELAND INDIANS aren’t the featured player especially after the latest trade. Biggest weakness solved, 2 guys with 28+ homeruns at the break and only need to address one more bat in the outfield. Also 7 all-stars following that trade. Craziness, why does the media despise Cleveland
Seattle freakin Mariners. You telling me you could have predicted the Rockies, Rays, Angel's, etc to make it? Screw run differential were making it losers!!
Wow, a lot of delusional Indian fans... 99% chance it'll be Boston, NY, or Houston; 1% chance Seattle; 0% chance Cleveland.
Hey, the tribe has a team as well, and they've just gotten better adding a helping "Hand." #RollTribe
Indians fans need to pump their brakes. Cleveland hasn’t beaten any of these teams in a series all season. Let’s not start on their post-season record, especially when playing the Yankees.
First, minimize mookie betts pic, maximize judge, and well, altuve is small anyways, you can leave him as is lol... it’s a life size pic lol
It all depends what happens before the trade deadline Stros need an extra hand in the bull pen and to keep thier young guys happy healthy Red sox could use an extra starting pitcher or extra long inning handyman in the pen Yankies need a starting pitcher and to keep thier young talent healthy. Indians could use an extra starting pitcher too. Good move by getting hand bad moving trading the number one catcher prospect in AA
Astros easily overall rotation in baseball when healthy and one of the most solid line ups 1-9. Including their first four with Correa in is just filthy.
Pretty sad ESPN only considers the big market teams the ones with a chance to win the AL? I guess Cleveland isn’t that big of a market to be up there you know cuz the are leading their division with a good lead sad how Espn continues to diss Cleveland #ClevelandvstheWorld
Red Sox fan since childhood, here. This season is still, unbelievable. I can't believe how well they've played this year. But the title goes through Houston or NY. They MUST win the East. But this time...we've got JD. As long as Boston shores up their middle bullpen.....😎
Indians!!! Have you seen their starting rotation n now added two awesome relief pitchers!!!! Indians
All this hype about regular-season record’s in the American League is going to be hilarious if a national league team wins the World Series. Or if the Indians or Mariners/A’s make the World Series lmao
From a baseball fan its going to come down to the Astros vs Yankees again in the ALCS. Yankees have insane power at the plate but the rotation is questionable after severino. Astros have a very good rotation but still unsure who the closer is. Plus there bats can be very streaky at times.
I don’t like the Yankees and the Red Sox chances winning the AL pennant. But if Houston does make a trade to get a better closer in late games, then it’s going to be Dodgers vs Astros II World Series.
I hope the Yankees. Not a fan but it's time to get back to normalcy. Need the Steelers to win the SB for basically the same reason.
I don't see anyone beating Houston in a series. Can it happen? Yes, but I think they're the safe bet. They have the pieces from last year's team, they've got the experience, and that starting staff is lethal. Anything they need leading into August, I'm sure they'll acquire. Ultimately, it's gonna come down to them and the Yanks, but I'm going with the Astros.
Who knows who it'll be, but it's going to be fun to see. I know this because I'm a Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, Rays, Indians, White Sox, Royals, Tigers, Twins, Mariners, Angels, As, Rangers, and Astros fan.
I mean, they could at least include the Indians in the photo or question since they will be in the playoffs. Easiest division or not, you still have to show up and play each out
Houston or Boston. If either makes a significant move or 2 to help their bullpen, they could make the difference. The Yankees need at least 1 more quality starting pitcher and they would make it interesting.
ESPN17 hours ago

So that's what it looks like to be in the X Games 😳 (via Kyle Baldock)

oh yeah, would you mind explaining how the camera is positioned or its functions as it doesn't make any sense if the camera is adjusted to the bike or cycler?
would love to see the camera that filmed this
What kind of wizardry is this?
for everyone asking how the camera is stayin in place. the mount is strapped to his chest and then the camera holder uses gyro motion. so while everything else moves the camera stays in one position.
I don't see how this camera is even attached to anything. At the beginning I don't see anything attached to his arms, chest, head, or legs, and the bike has nothing on it either. I have absolutely no idea how it was done.
Those tricks arent that hard to where hed have to fake it..front flip backflip tail whip 720 to a flare...pretty standard
what kind of a camera did he use for this cause for some reason after he left the jumps and did whatever he did in the air, it almost didnt look real....
Looks fake
Would be better from a helmet cam or something.
They should make a video game with the graphics as is
Is this actual footage of the "1st moon landing"..?? #AskingForAFriend 🤔
That better be practice...or the sale of hot dogs will be quite low!
Jen Fausett Tate by end of summer, guaranteed. (Show B. )😎
Its as if the camera is just floating in between the bike and his chest.
KD opts out so this guy can jump over him. He made it look so easy.
It would be so cool if you could see it through VR
That’s not first person pov, so no, we don’t see what it’s like
I believe they used a Go Pro Fusion. Check out some of the others videos they can make.
Better than watching Texas Hold Em, Cornhole or Karate on ESPN lately!
I am very confused about the camera placement. 😳
Easy enough I’ll go out and try it today
That gimbal system is nice.
Jake Brummer hope you and Jack have a blast at this.
Garrett Reynolds is the Jordan of bmx.
Wwwwwwwhat is that camera angle 😮
ESPN17 hours ago

She wanted a divorce ... and then wanted him dead.

That's when a former gang member stepped in to save him.

When will ESPN realize that a lot of people actually want to hear about sports, and not murder mystery dramas? This is why I have basically just switched to watching YouTube highlights for sports now; ESPN is too busy covering the athletes’ personal lives.
Why didn’t he just get a divorce
A must read
Didn't read the story yet, but pleeeeease tell me the planned murder weapon was an ax or hatchet and that this headline has the perfect pun
Just wanted to let you know being Marred is not as easy as ABC or 123
Jack Tripper also faked his own death once.
he looks like a normal size verne troyer
Next time someone steps on my foot I’m running.
Woman are nuts
“When ‘Keepin’ It Real’ goes wrong...”
Be careful who you marry.
I'm not trying to read a book here. Get to the point. Now I'll just google it. Excellent writing just way to long
Good lord I don't have time to spend 5 hours reading an article ..
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Hell of a story, wow.
What does he know about The Clinton's?
Incredible story!
Shayna read this when bored at work tomorrow. Crazy!
Dave Ku I want to watch this one
I saved his life much for metoo
Eva Gonzalez read this
I love these shows Derek Scott 😬
ESPN19 hours ago

Ray Allen, who delivered one of the biggest shots in NBA Finals history, turns 43 on Friday.

Like this if that shot saved LeBrons legacy
If it wasn’t for this shot, LeBron’s record would be 2-7.
Literally sums up boshs career in Miami. get the rebound and the assist in critical moment and get no credit
*Ray allen, who gave leBron his second ring* There, I fixed it.
I Don’t Care How Many Records Steph Breaks Until Curry Can Hit A Clutch Shot Like This In Literally The Biggest Moment There Is, I Don’t Wanna Hear Nothing About Him Being A Better 3Pt Shooter FOH
Ray allen with today's rule would of had record nobody will even get close to, the rule changes is helping curry big time, Ray allen is the best shooter of all time. Stats don't lie too..played in a tougher era.
Ray Allen has the sweetest jumper ever. Pure fundamentals. Perfect form. His jumpshot is comparable to Ken Griffey Jr.'s swing.....
Ray got lucky on this shot. Needed bosh assist and lebron scoring lots to get the opportunity. Ray Allen is otherwise not HOF material.
Amazing shot! What made those four years in Miami so great and fun to watch is that the team was beatable. It's why the Warriors are so despised now. They aren't beatable as they are now. How many total playoff games have they lost since adding Durant? And if you even suggest that the rockets had a chance, then that proves to me you don't actually watch or follow basketball closely enough to comment. The rockets never had a chance, with or without CP.
Thank you so much Ray if it wasn't that shot there is no game 7 and I wouldn't have the 2nd ring the 2nd ring.... yours truly, LeBron James 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 oh I forgot to mention Chris Bosh for that offensive rebound and an outlet pass to Ray and the block to Danny Green😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Let’s not forget if Allen doesn’t hit this 3 and Kyrie doesn’t hit his triple Lebron James would be 1-8 in the finals.
The people saying this shot saved lebron and his legacy even though this post had nothing to do with him. These are the same people who complain about ESPN posting about lebron all the time, yet happen to bring him up every ESPN basketball related post whether or not it has to do with him. Interesting 🤔🤔🤔
Billy Hunter I have the DVD from this championship season. I might have to watch it in honor of Ray Allen's birthday. I still remember being at work and avoiding spoilers. But I remember someone hinting at an insane end of the game or something, I can't remember if it was you or not
If Robert Horry, or Shaq didn’t make/save Kobe’s legacy then save it. Ray avg less than 10 pts this series. Bron had 16 4th quarter pts, and hit a 3 on the previous play. To even make this shot relevant. Then you have game 7. Where Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, and Wade combined for 23. Wade had all 23. And bron had 37. Just to put things into perspective.
Was thinking about this last night to be honest. He is the ball player that retired too soon. Still had 3- 4 years left
The skill involved to not just miss his shot, but hitting the rim in the perfect spot for bosh to get the rebound to kick it out is just beautiful skilled precision. No one besides LeBron could hit that miss. Beautiful play design, even better execution. GOAT.
Sam Mejias “James catches puts up the three won’t go Rebound bosh back out allen His three pointer BANG TIE GAME WITH 5 SECONDS TO GO”
Happy Birthday Jesus! I will always love this guy because of THIS shot! 🤗❤ Greatest moment in my sports fan life!! Thank you!!
It's funny how many folks say this shot was luck or it "saved" James. But remember game 1 of this same series, Parker hit that traveling luck prayer shot at the buzzer? No...well let's just say it was a great series since no one will use the same logic and admit the series should have been over in 6.
Y'all act like kerr never hit big shots for Jordan. Or laker players never save kobe and Shaq, many many times. Everyone has to have help.
Nolan Zack lebron never had help.... bosh with the clutch offensive board and ray bails out brons miss to save the game
Man, Parker should of at least jumped lol.. But in all seriousness if kawhi or a big man were to guard that shot, the outcome could of been different.
If Pop didn’t take out Duncan, I’m pretty sure they don’t get that rebound. And then TP could’ve fouled Bosh before getting the ball off to Ray.
Funny, I've seen plenty of videos of players such as Steve Kerr hitting the last second bucket to win the game, but everyone pretends like jordan was the only one on the court. Yet, lebron can average a triple double, and if another player hits the last second shot, he saved lebrons career. I dont know if this is a case of idiocracy, or just pure hate. Maybe both
Steph Curry deserves all the credit in the world but I have yet to see him knock down a 3 as big as that one with that much pressure.
ESPN20 hours ago

Gronk went diving in the Bahamas and hit the "Shark Dance."

That dude’s personality stopped evolving at 13. 🤣 Love it.
I wouldn't do it without a bangstick. F-that noise. I would've knifed it for getting too close. Let it know I have teeth too and I'm not to be played with. HUMAN > BEAST
Ok...I went diving in the Gulf last weekend. What’s the big deal. People dive everyday.
To bad the shark didn’t eat him. That would be great on Facebook!
Why didn’t gronk go when we did, feel like we get along super well
Man ESPN does ride a few particular athletes nuts!
the shark then "Gronk spiked" a sea urchin.
That should be mikes new dance move
Get that octo in its keeper! Get your danglies sorted Gronk!
Mason let’s go swimming with the sharks 🦈🦈🦈
Peter Hunziker gotta do the shark dance next time
Paige Gifford this shark dance looks like the blenda dance!!
Can we go diving in the Bahamas Kate Long
Kaleb Perry ya boy was out of his element on this one 🤣😂🤣
“That eagles player has super bowl rings on his fingers, that’s a scary eagles player” 😂😂 Joseph Mulholland
That should be Gronk's new Touch down dance
Doing that same thing this coming spring, I cannot wait.
Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago
Derek Agraz gronk making ya look bad over here lol jk
Can’t wait till he becomes a lion!
This dance is definitely ending up on Fortnite.
Buddy's been clocked in the head a couple too many times
Jan Placella this is exactly how I expected him to be
Rachel Irizarry your man is legit the dumbest person ever! 🤣🤣🤣
Derek this would be you
ESPN21 hours ago

Will the Cleveland Browns and their young talent break through?

The browns could easily win 7 or 8 this year. They have offensive weapons and a QB that doesn't turn the ball over and they'd defense has been pretty good and it got better. Only big question mark is left tackle. People who think this team won't win 4 games this year are crazy
Baker will prove all y’all wrong. He’s done it his whole life. That being said I’ll take the over. And by over I mean 5 games 😂😂😂
They will win their division this season no matter whose the QB! They have just way too much talent on that team and have Taylor who won't be great but wont lose them games & Mayfield who will be a game changer when he adjusts to this level. Fly Eagles Fly on the road to a repeat!
The Browns are due for some good luck, and I honestly don't think that can be argued. I am optimistic that they can win 6 or 7 games this season. Dorsey brought in a lot of talent. This teams makeup looks completely different going into this season.
As a steeler fan I have to say they made big moves and will come in Second place in the division this year. I’m saying 7-9. Not bad after one win in two years. I think browns will be much better.
I know the Browns have been way down recently but, this post is quite disrespectful coming from ESPN. You know they wouldn't say that about a big market team. #Bengalsfan
Baker Mayfield,has the heart to win. If the team gets behind him no telling where they wind up. Go Sooner ! Baker !
they have a soft schedule this year. I see them winning 6-8 games . Im not a fan of theirs either. Just see the talent they are accumulating. If Gordon falters and gets suspended again, i see maybe 4 wins.
Their defense has A LOT of potential and their offense has some weapons. Not sure how great their oline will play. With tyrod Taylor at the helm, they are looking at 5 wins
6 and 10 sweep the bengals and out of div wins this year, 7 and 9 Steelers upset at home with but Taylor goes down early in 2nd season Mayfield guides to 6 and 10 season. Season three Taylor takes over after 0 and 4 start Browns finish 10 and 6 behind defense and run game and Taylor bit making mistakes. They win playoff game Taylor retires as a Cleveland GOAT. If we are making predictions lets get ultra specific at least.
I think they will surprise a lot of people this year. Not saying Super Bowl, not even saying playoffs but a 8-8 record is possible just depends on how good these young kids play
Tyrod got the Bills to the playoffs last season with far less talent around him. Theres no telling what they’re going to do but it sure as hell is going to be fun to watch.
Tyrod couldn't hit the broad side of the barn in half the games. He does not make bad decisions Ill give you that much but he takes a ton of sacks, height issues and holding on to the ball too long were the main culprits. I see Cleveland with 4 wins maybe up to 6 this year.
they can win four this year, probably not much more than that, but anybody good enough to be in the league should be able to win four games in any given season.
Over.. I say 4-5 wins this year and I'm a Steeler fan.. that's just not the same team that's been there for the last umteen years but unfortunately it's the same coaching staff
well over 4 games. browns will be in playoff contention. <-- please note i said contention. i didnt say they would win the superbowl, or even make the the playoffs, but they will be in the hunt
I say they win four games at least this year alone. Cleveland is due for a season like that, even if it is only 4 or 5 wins. They could be the NFL equivalent of the Atlanta Braves. Building up talent for that long should net them the potential to be considerably better this year. They will give teams fits.
This is stupid. You can't applaud them for bringing in Dorsey, signing and trading for they players they've acquired, and their draft picks and then pretend like it means nothing. Especially in a league where teams are different every year because of the hard cap and free agency and where teams regularly go from last to first in their division every year. If your argument is that the Browns are bad because the completely different team they were last year went 0-16, then you have no real argument.
8-8 this year. Defense is loaded with young talent, receivers are good, and Tyrod will limit turnovers and while not great, he's capable of getting 7 to 8 wins with this group.
If Tyrod replaced Kizer last year they would have won at least two games. This year I think the floor is 4 wins and the ceiling is 8. Of course anything can happen, but with all the information I have that's my take.
The browns will be a 10-6 team and will win the afc north. They will beat the ravens and bengals twice and split with the Steelers.
As a life long Browns fan I’ve learned with this new, expansion team is that I’m always let down by high hopes. High hopes meaning 9-7. I’m disappointed every time. If we win 6 games this year than that’s a win. Sad but true. But hey, Go Browns
You’re missing 2 of their other draft picks. Peppers and Njoku. Anyways, over 4 wins this season in my opinion. Taylor throwing to Josh and Jarvis with that defense being pretty stacked.
7-8 games Browns got a talented roster on both sides of the ball and playmakers at the skill positions....But its the Browns even with all the talent i still wouldn't be surprised if they only won 1 game...GO BROWNS.
I wouldn't be surprised if this team does fairly well with 5 or 6 wins this year. They did big things and are moving in a big way in the right direction. I wouldn't expect a miracle, though. 5 or 6 wins is probably the very top of their ability as such a young team and would be nothing to be ashamed of.
ESPN21 hours ago

You ready for college football season? 🏈

Our new anthem that you'll hear all season long is
Imagine Dragons' new hit "Natural."

I feel like there was a team missing from that video😁 #ChargeOn
Just what we need...more Imagine Dragons.
I still haven't forgiven ESPN for putting us through a full season of "Centuries" a couple of years ago. UNBEARABLE!
Sorry, only Taylor Swift gets me pumped up for college football now.
I was ready for college football, but then you had to ruin it with Imagine Dragons
Jesus you people are sad that THIS is what upsets you. A song choice that will play in intros and bumpers.
I hate Imagine Dragons but I watched this without sound and it got me super hyped for some football 🏈
Umm.... No. Tried going all the way through, and stopped short of half way... Its that awful... Absolutely not this is trash. The song does not go with College Football. When you think of College Football you think of Big and Rich Coming to Ya City. And I like Imagine Dragons but this is trash.
Let’s not stick to one song all season like last year. I still have that stupid “do you believe that you can win this fight tonight” voice ringing thru my head every time I think of the season.
Don’t you EVER show a clip of Kendrick performing with this trash playing over it. You just unleashed a 20 year curse with this disrespect.
Interesting choice to have Hurts walking out of the tunnel when there is a strong chance he doesn’t play this year
I can't wait for the season. I don't even like football just love listening to bad songs for months on end.
Imagine Dragons. Bad, bad, real bad. Please go back with Big & Rich and stay there. If it ain’t broke ...
Nice to The espn and sec love fest still in tact such a cute couple maybe they should keep playing with themselves and each other 😘
Do y’all not have people that listen to current music to update it every now and then? It’s July and you’re already like “Yup here’s a whole seasons worth of music in this song”
Football is a violent game, so let's put the softest garbage we can find with it. It's like they look for the exact opposite of hard-nosed.
I hope ESPN sees these comments and realizes no one wants to hear imagine dragons all season
I don't care what song it is, but hearing it every time you watch ESPN for 4-5 months straight makes me loathe it. They should do a different song each week, and make it a different genre. Hell get up and coming artists to be the song of the week. Anything is better than hearing the same 15-30 seconds of a song every commercial break for months.
Diego Singleton Imran Shah it’s like ESPN took a poll for music choices for this video and the only options were Imagine Dragons, Imagine Dragons, and (my favorite), Imagine Dragons
Please.... for the love of everything holy... don't burn out Natural like you guys did with Centuries. And how about for the halftime show at the NC we bring someone with real talent.
LeBron, Fortnite, MeToo, Jenner, Imagine Dragons. Oh how I miss the old boys club ESPN. Those were the days.
The song says it itself, nothing comes without a consequence- having to listen to a terrible song all season 🤦‍♂️
The NFL will F#ck it up! They should of been tagged as a monopoly by the SCOTUS a long time ago. More people will tune into College Football. The NFL is heading into a downslide and will lose a tremendous amount of fan base. #Overrated. #ESPNSucks.
Justin Knight: Those Arizona Wildcats are ready for another championship season after beating the powerhouse Perdue Boilermakers.
Kate, we have to go to a couple games this season! Either USC at the Coliseum or visit Ilana and see an ASU game.