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What a comeback.

Down as many as 16 to No. 6 Wichita State, No. 13 Notre Dame wins the Maui Invitational!

Steve Rupert Although WSU nearly lost to unranked teams the past two games, they managed to keep up with Norte Dame tonight, and nearly beat their first ranked team in two years. It’s progress.
Joseph White WHAT A GAME!! ND showed this tournament that they can blow a good team out and come back from 17 vs a great team! This is now two straight wins over wichita state the last few years. Just an absolute epic comeback and last few minutes! Clutch defense, Clutch free throws. Team win! ND is a powerhouse in basketball the committee better start respecting ND! Since joining the ACC ND is 103-45 with 4 NCAA march madness appearances, 3 round of 32 appearances, 2 Elite 8's, 2 ACC final appearances, 1 ACC championship. Also since joining the ACC Notre Dame is 4-3 vs Duke, 3-5 vs UNC, 3-1 vs Louisville, Notable wins over MSU, Butler, Wisconsin, Wichita State, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan. #GoND☘️ Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Mike Capps ND was getting screwed all night by those horrible refs!!! They deserve to win that game....
John Santiago Let’s go Irish! That steal was awesome.
Conor Smiddy What a game! Definition of "Luck of the Irish" on the game tying free-throw. 🍀🏀🍀🏀 #NotreDame
Brian Brewer Awesome game to watch 2nd half
Josh Travis Anyone really surprised that ACC is wiping the floor with all these overrated schools?
Joe Kosobucki Wichita played over their heads against MARQUETTE- we should have beaten them by double digits!
Timothy L. Dearborn They should be showing Matt Farrell’s steak under the basket to get them within 1
Ross Ashcraft Proof that even the better team can still screw up the win
James Paul Don M Reinmiller ! Congrats to Shannon on her job and ND killin it
Larry Unruh WSU Chocked it awayt
Ian Mathias Self Let's go IRISH!!!
Brandon Adelman Go Irish! ☘️
Chatao Lauj ACC had a good night.
Myke Felice
Evan Simpson Mike brey is a good coach
Adison Asinas
Shannon Deegan
Alonzo D Turner When the Shockers get shocked 👀🙄🤔😂😂😂
Frank Waters Hell yeah ND #GoFightingIrish
Evan Todd What a comeback for the 🍀!!!! Go ND!!!!!
Matthew Griswold that was a great game
Derrek Perry
Rob Southall Lakers must have lost.
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Each child was given $70 and a grocery list.

Michael Krupa More of this and less of the Ball family
Elliott Strowbridge Wish high schools would teach students how to handle finances. It would help out students who have no one at home to teach them.
Chau Nguyen frozen vegies, eggs, milk, bag salad, a tray of steak and some bonless chicken thigh, seasoning, ranch, 12pk of beer, 2 packs of cigarettes and the rest on lottery tickets
ND Gabrielson yeah stay in school get a degree so when your sport career doesn't go as plan, at least you have a backup plan. Or just become bankrupt and unheard of like so many rookies.
Nate Fain Great seeing role models doing this - since our public school system doesn’t and neither do parents, apparently...
Danny Martinez This is too pure for the world we live in.
Kirk Centore Jarrett Allen needs to be mentioned more often!
Joe Johnson You mean there are other rookies in the NBA besides Lonzo?
Xander Washington ESPN needs to showcase more stories like this and less TMZ type stuff.
Austin Full Him and Spencer looks like players from the 70s
Bob Kaveshan I’m so thankful ESPN has a story not involving lebron
Andrew Sanchez Santana Buy vegetables and fruits and boom! Your money is gone
Gus Madsen Lonzo gave them all Big Baller brand merchandise
Matthew Darmody Most people don’t know how to do this including my friends 😂💅🏼💅🏼😏😏😏😏
Ronen Huang he shouldve taught billy king how to budget
Dylan Udowitz Hats of to him
Jesse Velasco Hookem
Clark C Ellison Jr. Perfecto. We need more of this. Thank you
Will Gomez Thank you! That's how it's done. Nobody offended.
Ryan Combs What are you doing ESPN? That’s not Lonzo! You’re slacking
Khalil Lyons Trd
Brian Furbee Never heard of him
Justin Suydam Go do it, J
Ryan Wicks Mike Dion our idea is famous!
Ryan Laffen 🤘🏼Hook ‘Em🤘🏼
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All gas. No brakes.

Kyle P. Sims I Love Russell Westbrook. He proved all the haters wrong. He can win without KD, looking forward to the rest of his career
Danny Martinez Russ is a dying breed in sports. That killer mentality is rare and I appreciate the hell outta his game.
Sly Cal Really good to see Russ and Okc playing good ball. Now let's work on getting above 500 and go on a run in the playoffs. Dubs in 4.
Scott Cross I respect Westbrook for saying that. However, thats why they didnt win together. He was competing against him when they were on the same team.
Jason Holliday You guys act like if it was you playing in the NBA and you already have a dominating win in the bag and you were one assist or one rebound away from a triple double you wouldn't be out there trying to get it. Go ahead keep telling yourself you wouldn't while you go for the onside kick with 5 seconds left in madden when your up 98-0
Anthony Black Dude came back in up 20+ in the 4th with all the Warriors starters on the bench... lmao he really wanted that triple double.. and people have the nerve to say he’s not a stat stuffer.
Devon Applegate Some people agree with what KD did and some people disagree but at the end of the day we can all agree on one thing and that is Cleveland Browns are a dynasty
Marty Martin careful what you say Russell, that girl might interpret that the wrong way and you find yourself catching a sexual harassment case.
Andrew Easley Like the commentators said that pedal all the way down all the time. Not alot of people in pro sports with that anymore, much respect. The best player atm.
Ariel Manzano You know I didnt use to like Westbrook but now ima get his jersey. He ain't a quitter. Sad Durant is from DC like me.
Mark Teague Didn't used to be you had to tell anybody anything... you just went out and did it.. now its blah blah...
Justin Adams Westbrook comes at your neck till the playoffs. Then its one and done. #REDNATION
Tj Gillian Like if Golden State sucks.
Cortez L Myers Acting like they won the 7 game playoff series
Phil Davis Dude really look like he'll run your pockets and sneakers at a atm. Lmao. Jk jk but am I wrong
Zach Moore That sounds like something a snake would do! - KD
Bryon Ganson I mean, aside from the Blazers owning him, I guess he has some good games...
Carlos Viezcas
Bryan Velez Acevedo Durant looks like the snake in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets🐍
Christopher Guce Lol... calm down, we’re just moving pawns rt now.
Rod Pete Kd has curry and thompson...without them..he wouldn t have a championship..
Jordan Bradley Respect him for this right here 💯
Robbie Day Dubs will beat them in playoffs tho
John Yngwie Briñas Durant snake into your bed every night. Sneak***
Steve N Linda Ray great athlete just too much mouth!
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And the Oscar goes to ...

Jake Parish Flops like that should be an automatic ejection
Lyle McCollum Man, have some self respect and stop making yourself look foolish. How do people still not understand the cameras see everything? Pathetic
Emmanuel Marquis Williams I hear he's a A+ student at LeBron's School of Hard Flops
함윤성 What is he a soccer player?
Tiernan Chavez-lavelle People saying this is like soccer?! When you see a 6'5+ soccer player dive?? If you big in soccer, refs don't even call you being pulled to the ground a foul. Basketball has some how FAR surpassed soccer in dives, and bad ones at that!
Kevy O'Grady Every other coach in the world would have protected the player and his own bench, and Calipari just tries to get a call.
Rodney Steffan Jr In other sports you are penalized and or suspended for flopping or embellishments. Basketball should follow suit
Jason Butler Disgusting! But am I the only human being who absolutely hates when a coach is on the playing surface?
Nick Mohler If they only knew how bad it looks when they do it. Coach Cal was on the floor but wow that is pretty bad...
Gregory Wilder Was that Grayson Allen in a Fort Wayne jersey?
Danny A. Perez Their "culture" today 😄
Dennis Spasovski LeBron: Hold my beer.
Jomel Claronino
Junior Bugsy And the academy goes to .......
Kirby Frazier Dook really started the worse thing ever huh ?
Clayton Williams Almost as bad a flop as the one Grayson Allen pulled a week ago.
Marlon Meireles Its garbage like this that has turned me off to basketball.
Stephen H-Engineer Cleaner boy comes in quick with the save!
Aaron Patterson John really got him with that vicious uppercut😂😂🤔
Ram Reives Basketball players been watching soccer apparently.
David Ayers Tedd Wise Check this out!
Doug Maddox No, it didn't look fake at all. He must be from the LeBron James School of Flopping.
Marcus Hill I mean if demarcus cousins got ejected then that coach should have too 😂
Colin Galassi He flops better than Westbrook and lebron COMBINED
Gardi Delgado Just waiting on this Lonzo dunk to get posted.
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Russell Westbrook dropped a season-high 34 on the Golden State Warriors.

Ronen Huang When the Warriors lose America wins
Michael Villaluz After seein the Final Thunder roster, I am ready to return to OKC - Kevin Durant 🙄🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
Michael Xavier Vermette Good for him. He deserves one minor victory to cling to come June when GS is still fighting for another title while he's sitting at home reminiscing over their little forehead touch.
Tory Rosales Great defense. They was locked in. You can tell when OKC figures it out, they gonna be scary. As a Thunder fan, They needa improve the bench.
Brandon Catchings Westbrook had 6 TO'S in this game his lack of basketball I.Q. in big games is the reason OKC has an 8-9 record in the West right now.
Anthony D Lowe Sr Thunder fans simmer it's only one game. Long season ahead. Let's talk in June 2018. Warriors will be hoisting another trophy while you guys are on vacation. LOL
Brandon Morgan If OKC can play like this night in and night out then watch out we’re gonna have a crazy Western Conference Championship. #ThunderUp
Dunta Jones My top 5 most improved players this season....Kelly Oubre jr...brandon ingram...denzel valentine...jaylon brown...jerami grant
Jacob Flores When the warriors lose, basketball fans win!!!
Marcus Napolian Smith Breaking news:Sources say Kevin Durant is working on a deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder!
Rocco Ferraro Great game! Very happy the Thunder won. Right within the first 3 minutes of the game i knew they would win. They brought the intensity and were far more intense than golden state all game, russell REALLY wanted this game more than anyone on the court and poured everything into this game. So GLAD my Heat won too!!! What a basketball night.
Sly Cal Really good to see Russ and Okc playing good ball. Now let's work on getting above 500 and go on a run in the playoffs. Dubs in 4.
John Darling Thunder and the Rockets definitely closed the gap on the Warriors this year. It’s not going to be an easy walkway to the Finals for any of these teams
Freddy Castillo Lonzo Ball has put up a better game this year then that. Russell Westbrook you suck. You'll never be better then your new MVP and MVP finals champion. Lonzo Ball. He's already won the awards. Agree with me right now. If not. Well you'll never be a Big Baller. Big Baller Alert!!! Buy your BBB merchandise today.
Cory Robak That's my favorite player Westbrook. My Thunder showed the Warriors 🆙 tonight. Warriors got there butt beat bad!
Aaron Pilotte Ok, you have a new franchise and you want to start with going forward, who you got, Westbrook or Durant!! Go!!
Jose Herrera This was an intense game idk if you are a thunder or warriors fan. Thunder came out swinging.good game
Tim Wilson Never forget KD had a phantom twitter account to compliment himself.
Rob Garcia Your coach calling time out when the reserves cut it to 16 with 4 minutes to go tells me all I need to know.
Cody Robinson "Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover" 😊
Ben Park Relax thunder fans it's only the regular season. I can’t wait until all you haters cry when KD wins his second ring. #KDBestSF #RussIsTrash #RussIsRingless
Josh Duarte you know what i cant wait to see espn, when you fire that black supremesist on ur team jamel hill instead of the suspended with pay
Jeff DeLeon Thunder blew out golden state!!! Warriors in 6.
Reggie L. Harris This man LEAVES HIS HEART ON THE C🏀URT... HE DESERVES A RING...I know for a fact he is GONNA find a way to get pass the warriors THIS YEAR...
James Baker This was OKC's championship game. Of course, they won't get to play in a real championship game.
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Dado Krstić “You look like a Ninja Turtle!” “You look like a velociraptor!”
Alen Kajtazovic You can almost see KD’s skin shedding
Rem Khan I bet Westbeast shut that snake up real quick. Kd can’t fight, snakes have no hands. Look at him just slither away hissing
Gerard Albert Buencamino Melo is loving the drama. Look at his face. It's like the face you make when a drama starts during Thanksgiving dinner. Lol
Scott Fernelius Durantula sold out and betrayed his old teammate. As Clubber Lang once said of Rocky, Durantula is a paper champion.
Jordan Smith Durant is a complete and total sell-out but wants to talk trash about his former teammate. Then cries about how there is no "loyalty" in the league. Such a prema donna...
Jason Gillian KD bro look at the scoreboard
Waylon Lamm KD trying to bully up Westbrook cause he knows Westbrook brings his game when they play each other and he can't handle it lol.
Jake Tyrell Can we talk about how my heat just snapped the Celtics win streak!!!!! Give credit to Miami defense!!
Jun Gonzales Westbrook's triple double MVP season V.S. Durant's nba champ ring after selling out your team ......which season would you pick? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Prince Qhay Lol Westbrick will always be known padding stats and not thinking about winning.Hes selfish overpaid and a loser.The most overrated nba player in history
Jeremy McFarland Maybe if KD had that fight in him in OKC they could have won a game after being up 3-1. He joined a 70+ win team. To win a championship. That is all that needs to be said about him.
Terrance Bostick C’mon Westbrook at least look the man in the eye if you gonna trash talk. My God, this new age NBA is soft as toilet paper
Darius Thompson Russell got that 90’s basketball mentality I love it. I think that’s what the game missing ain’t no friend on the court except for my teammates.
Alejandro Cantu I swear I can’t take KD seriously, Brodie should just cave his chest in. Boi actually thinks he’s hard 😂
Todd Duncan Anybody see Paul George do the little “steph curry” shoulder shake after he made the 3 right after this? Haha 😂
Domenic Morello Who the hell does KD think that he is? Should keep his mouth shut for a guy who ran away to a 73 win team who BEAT HIM in the playoffs.
Noah Murphy Funny how KD is the one to cry about loyalty and be all mad at the Thunder organization for letting a rookie have his number. Bro, you left to join the team you were one game away from beating and being in the NBA finals. You're soft and can't lead a team, so you took the easy way out.
David Aulds GS is very beatable, everyone who has talent and the right role players can beat them, OKC and HOU are the one I see in the West Finals this season, not GS.
Ryker Percival KD, I normally side with you on this battle...but you’re being beat by 20. Hold your trash talk for when you’re winning lol
Mike Hanson Wayne LeVan here is the deal. Durant has no ground. Yea you are a NBA champion but you had to go on a team who didn’t need you to win. You needed them!
Ethan Schmitt Kevin Durant thinks he’s gods gift now since GS, easily one of the most stacked teams in the long history of basketball, won the championship last year. Russel is twice the player.
Johnson CJ KD, biggest fake tough guy in the NBA. You just need to keep letting Draymond fight your battles for you son. We all know you can't do anything without a lot of help.
Amory MorMor Gunter Does everybody wake up everyday hating Durant for leaving the Thunder 🤔🤔. Does it really really really bother you that much. Out all things in this world, somehow hating Durant is at the top everybody list.
Matthew Vaughan Durant out there trying so hard to look tough but when he realizes Russ ain’t scared he starts clapping to signal his teammates to come to his aide. How though? I didnt know snakes had hands.
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Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant exchanging pleasantries:

Gerard Albert Buencamino You can almost see KDs skin shedding.
Mike Nichols What does this have to do with Lavar Ball?
Brandon Vice Why does Durant act tough now that he's with GS. Everyone knows he's a poodle.
Jae Sutton Durant looking like the snake from Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
Marcus Napolian Smith Westbrook is the best player in the world regardless of the outcome of this of this game and he has all the right in the world to hate that 7'0 snake with the 35 jersey on!!
Terrance Julian Williams All this clapping is so passive Aggresive lol
Wayne Cai Westbrick said " I already told all my teammates to give me all the rebounds so I can get a triple double"
Alex Kara Durant is pathetic he leaves his team to win a championship it's like Jordan leaving the Bulls to play for the Pistons when he couldn't beat them that's why the NBA sucks
Devon Garrett GS not going to make the finals this year btw warriors fans.
El Tramm Kevin Durant is so whack. One of the whackest human beings. I don't even mean on the hoop court. Smdh.
Araya Tadesse KD was getting low to the ground so he could bite the ankle of Westbrook, just the slightest bit of venom would take him down.
Johnny Garnett Its funny how so call basketball fans are pulling for Westbrook.My question is will Westbrook ever win a ring.I can answer that.NO so you guys act like these players don't want a ring.Durant did what any superstar that plays with a ball hog did leave.
Kris Bolhuis This pissing match between them two is SOOOO over played. And how are OKC fans still this salty!? Get over it!
Dalton Ross KD a hoe and all y’all giving him a pass but bashing Lebron for joining an overrated heat team are bums.
Shahrukh Jalil He asked if he can come back to OKC.
David Coffee OKC fans are like a guy who can't get over a girl they loved. It's been over a year. You have someone new to love. Get over yourselves already and stop being a jealous ex.
Phil Reilly A little known fact that when both of these players were in grade school they played each other and exchanged displeasures and pleasantries via yahoo chat and had quite a rivalry then came to the nba and played together and once they played tonight the rivalry ensued and you just wasted your time happy thanksgiving
Anthony Luna I never seen kd the way i saw him play and interact with his former teammate its a very dark side of kevin durant and its very confusing i think thats the right word idk i just never seen kd like that
Frankie Orozco You just know Durant ain't sleeping tonight. He's gonna make another 20 fake Twitter accounts to dig Westbrook and day he's awesome.
Shain Pope After reading these comments you guys are too funny, I don't watch a whole lot of NBA but when I do after seeing this KD got schooled by the fact that Westbrook played with him too long he knew exactly what he was gonna do schooled him on D and KD got mad cause his old former teammate learned how he plays and played a good defensive play. Cry babies these days , let me give u a cookie even thou you lost good boy lmao....
Ethan Dials It's hard to take a sports fued seriously that the TV ads use a pop break up song for and your like ahh man it fits lol
Ricky Herbin I'm not getting why he clapping lol he not getting into Westbrook head at all that's Westbrook he talk junk,he emotional you ain't doing nun but getting him hype!
Bradley Galli What's funny is I think they have a lot of respect for one another and they kind of have a friendship. Sometging tells me that in 20 years those two will be really close.
Ryan Brown Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Lavar Ball told the president of the United States to stay in his lane on national tv 😂
Phil Pegram I love it bro good competition is good for the league...outside of the power forward spot these teams are even.
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NC State Basketball 90, No. 2 Arizona 84

Zona was a top-2 team. We should've known.

Steve Williams The cowboys lost to the eagles on Sunday. I know this has nothing to do with basketball, but it’s still a great feeling.
Scott Estes Not surprised. This is what State is all about. Getting up for the big games then looking past the cupcakes and losing. Not just basketball, football is the same mentality
Corey Nelson Weird their rankings don’t match scores or records. I thought college football and basketball had it all figured out... at least basketball has a 64 team tournament I guess.
Cordell Juwon Lewis That's what ACC is about winning against a Top 2 team for Tobacco Road NCSU, DUKE, UNC & WAKE FOREST! That is what Tobacco Road is about in the ACC!
Milo Foxtrot Watching lonzo for the first time in the NBA tonight. Man, I don't get what the hype was about, he kinda sucks right?
Carter Breeze Go Wolfpack and then this Saturday beat #UNCheat
Anthony Kiger Look UNC beats NCSU in this stat too. #goheels
Denise Brooks Gonna be Kansas or Kentucky at the end!
Marcus Napolian Smith Westbrook is the best basketball player in the world!
Buddy Baker What does this have to do with Lonzo Ball?
Jordan Miller Hahah big10 school ahead of Kansa Derek Harberts. Bunch of fools Kansas is.
David Setzer But look who is on top of this list...
Drake Moraczewski College Basketball doesn’t matter for another 3 months.... tighten up ESPN.
Kevin Richmond Most wins overall Kentucky/Kansas
Jesse Keyser-Corbett Blind squirrel finds a nut huh Josh Spragins?
Caleb Brooks It helps when you play top 2 teams multiple times a year
Heath Jimmison Hahahahahaha they cheat, and pay players and still choke
Tom Knapp Ben Payton always one step ahead
Lesley Fisher Go Pack!!! 👍🏻
Tyler Suitt The score was 90-84. Good job espn
Voula Kourlas Arizona known to choke LMAO
Mark Warren Go Wolfpack!!
Mike Wiethorn Go Northern Iowa! Beat SMU!
Michael Lane Rob Cagle believe in Keatts
Adam Scarborough Glad State made the list! 😂
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🔜 Lonzo Ball vs. @De'Aaron Fox

Mike Strang Breaking News: Lonzo Ball is out with a broken jumpshot.
Marcus Napolian Smith People often say Lonzo Ball can't shoot but must I remind u that your Queen shoots 30percent from the perimeter and 70percent from the free throw stripe!😆
Gregory Oswald As a Lakers fan, Fox is definitely the better scorer. I thought the Sixers would have been smarter to take Fox over Fultz. And right now in their career's, Fox is the better player. However, Lonzo will have the better pro career and would rather have him in LA than Fox. His basketball IQ and defense is better, not to mention his passing. Once he fixes his shot, whether it's a mental block or new shot form, he's going to exceed the hype
Devin Shelley Is ESPN really broadcasting the Kings/Lakers game? They have hit an all time low. What a terrible game that will get terrible ratings.
Kevin Mercer I have a question, Lonzo Averages 8pts 7ast and 7reb a game. If he averages a triple double at 10/10/10 this season. Is he still a bust? Like everyone saying he is. I am not on the bust train at all..
Bobby Young Don't sleep on Lonzo Ball. He's just underrated right now cuz everyone expected him to be really good coming out of college. Some players take time to develop
Michael Stone Fox plays for one of the worst teams in the league and don't start. What about the first college meeting when Ball killed them in Lexington
Chris Braz I don't follow basketball too closely but from what I've seen, is it me or do these Ball kids seem amazingly overrated?
David Burkholder Thanks for this info. It’s been over 24 hours since the last Lonzo Ball post. I was starting to worry.
Orlando Garcia Let's go fox! Lonzo is one odd looking muthaphucca! Not be mean and saying he was beat up with a bag of nickels BUT FAAAAAK!
Jerry Kersey Fox is just too much for Ball to handle. Too quick and plays great D. Ball plays no defense at all. It is terrible mismatch for Ball.
Dalton Hurst This just prove that ball is not as good as people say he is. I know it was college but still that's a big stage and fox showed up and ball didn't. ball is a joke and a hes going to be nothing. Even his dad knows. That's why he is blaming the coaches for not "coaching" him right. That family is a joke
Julio Maldonado Even though Fox can't wait to embarass Lonzo it's highly unlikely Lonzo will guard him tonight...let's at least hope he shows up...
Pack Jehan Finally...time to expose game of his life was that one game..UCLA still had a better record than Kentucky
Elstonic Legendizo Truth be told Ball sees the floor well(pass) he play D n hv a good height he'll be just fine with time..that shot def needs WORK...
Dan Carroll Ball will be sitting out with a cough probably. Otherwise, we will see alot of the same...Fox owning Ball!
Lawrence Lutz Is it one on one? ESPN is really scraping the bottom. First breaking news about this kid's haircut? Now this?
Dana F Roberts Lonzo...cant wait for him to get overshadowed by LaBron when he goes to the Lakers
Geramie Ingram Breaking News: Lonzo Ball is out tonight with hurt feelings.
Matthew Curry Lonzo still can’t score more than 10 points. 😂
Sean Cziryak Well one is really good. And one is Lonzo Ball
Nick Calvelli Lonzo's best shooting percentage he's ever had...
Frank Cordova Just like in the sweet 16, De'Aaron Fox will the better of Lonzo Ball.
Evan Jenkins My dude De'Aaron gonna make him a fool again 😂
Patrick Gustafson Ball is a Overhyped washout.
ESPN8 hours ago

Who’s getting a gold jacket?

Andy Adams Sean Taylor should be in. He played just 4 years, tragically, but his impact on the players of today makes him one of the greatest ever......
Geoff Bruce Don't sleep on Hutchinson. Everywhere he went the running game was incredible. Dude was one of the best ever imo.
Anthony Black Moss no question followed by Hutchinson and Urlacher. Only skipping Lewis because of the murder rap (yeah, yeah he wasn’t convicted).
Jason Brand All of them and TO. I hate TO but you can’t deny the mans talent. There are a lot of dudes of lesser morals and lesser talent than TO in the Hall
Michael Stone Ray "The Murderer" Lewis is on the ballot
Danny Webster Ronde barber should get in 25 plus sacks 47 ints 16 tds only Corner in history to be in the 20/20 club.
Robert Meri Urlacher definitely. It would be almost disrespectful to the legacy of one of the most legendary players of all-time to make him wait a year. He was to the Bears what Peyton Manning was to the Colts, but even better because he did it from the MLB position. Go get that gold jacket 54, if you don't deserve it, there shouldn't even be a class this year.
Jonathan Styles Moss, Lewis, Urlacher and Hutchinson for sure without question!! Now, the other 2?? Maybe one day 🤷🏼‍♂️, or maybe not at all 🤷🏼‍♂️. Barber and Seymour were good, but not great! It’s a toss up, but I don’t think they get in anytime soon
Justin Billings Moss and Urlacher. If Urlacher could have stayed healthy the 2nd half of his career he woulda been one of the best
Jared Wall Why is everyone saying TO? He can't possibly be a first ballot hall of famer, you all already know he was on the ballot last year...
Marty Black Don't understand how Moss can be first ballot and TO wasn't... Moss had a attitude just like TO if not worse. But he should definitely be first ballot along with Ray Lewis.
Michael Pozzi Ronde Barber was a unique player. Only corner in league history with 40+ picks and 25+ sacks. While some will argue that his sacks are irrelevant, because a corners primary job is not to rack up sacks, I would argue that until Ronde came in, no corner had his skill set, and that is why Ronde was such a good blitzer. He blitzed as often as he did, because he was effective at doing so. Add in his 12 regular season return TDs and him not missing a start his final 13 seasons in the NFL, and you have a Hall of Fame member, in my opinion. I would include Moss, Urlacher and Lewis to round out the group.
Thom Reece Lewis and Hutchinson locks Seymour next Moss if there is no justice for quitting on your team or posioning locker rooms Urlacher meh Barber less than meh
Shane Roush Richard Seymour was so under appreciated. His stats weren't eye popping, but defensive tackles stats very rarely are. If you didn't double and even some times triple team him, you were in trouble. He freed up so much space and locked down the running game. 4 time 1st team all pro I believe. Made the all decade team between 2000-2009, and a 3x SB champ. He may not get in, and that's fine with the guys on this list, but he was truly great.
Patrick Grant Top row for sure!!! Not much of a Lewis fan. But he's got the #'s. Moss: not even question. Hand the man his gold blazer. Urlacher: another great defensive player, #'s dont lie. All three should start writing their speeches.
Bryan Zuniga Ronde Barber is by far the most under rated player on this list lynch derrick brooks and sapp were the "heroes" talked about but Ronde was always around the ball he was ed reed at corner
Sean Shukoski Urlacher, and this is coming from a Packers fan, the guy was the heart and soul of the Bears defense when he played with them
Mike Strauss People sleep on Ronde, but he deserves it so much!! I’ve heard Revis should be in the Hall, Revis isn’t half what Barber was, fr!
Perry Bratton Moss and Urlacher, and put Jacoby in its been to long and he should have been there years ago, they put Jerry Jones in last year and it was a mistake and they realize it now, if you're going to put that fool in put Jacoby in, someone who really deserves it.
Tim Jancius Ray Lewis, no doubt. Dominated every year. Moss had a few ok years, not great. But should be first ballot. Hutchinson, one of the best ever. First ballot. TO also needs to be in this year too. Urlacher, Barber and Seymor don't have to be first ballot.
Harold McCall I think only ex player and coaches should be allowed to vote for the HoF. And it should be based solely on their field performance. Tired of seeing great players not make it. If you wanna judge someone on their morality then create a Hall of Good Morals
Ian Zulick The top three are mortal locks. The committee would have to be crazy not to induct all of them in their first year of eligibility.
Corey Cooper Lewis, Moss, and Urlacher are 1st ballot HOFers. Hutchinson is close but will probably have to wait a few years. Barber will get in, but no timetable on him. Seymour is the one who may never get the call.
Tim Navin Moss was an absolute freak. Lewis was a once in a generation player. Urlacher I would put just a step behind. I'm biased as a pats fan, but Seymour anchored a defense that won multiple championships. Everyone on the 70s Steelers that made a decent play in the playoffs is in the hall, the pats have like 7 guys total. It's about time we see guys from that early run in. Start with Seymour and Law. Then Wilfork, Harrison, and of course some day Brady ,Belichick , Prob a my gronk, and I think Welker should get in eventually too. Dude load like 5 straight 100 catch seasons, tore his acl and had 88 or so, then had over 100 the next year.
Ryan McCabe Lewis, moss, urlacher and Hutchinson should be shoe ins. Barber and Seymour eventually. Probably not first ballot.