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Will the Boston Celtics steal one in Cleveland?

Good thing we have home-court advantage but I'd feel better if we steal one in Cleveland. Its definitely possible... I still think we win the series though.
Boston Celtics center Bill Russell holds the record for the most NBA championships won with 11 titles during his 13-year playing career. He won his first championship with the Boston Celtics in his rookie year. 🎤
What sort of players play better at home than away? Role players. The celtics look like a bunch of stars but we all know what happens when they are traded to another team....Bradley, Crowder, IT etc. They dont produce on the same level. The celtics away struggles will not be the same with Kyrie.
If the Cavs get bumped off I have a feeling that espn will report on what labron does on his off time instead of the finals
Isn't this what everyone wanted? For there to finally be some competition for once? Cause if they Cavs swept them the only thing you would hear is, "the east is so weak." So now that it's a close series, people actually talk about Boston like they are legit contenders
Wait they are not 9-0 at home. They hold the most championships out of any team. Their home record is much bigger then that!
Cavs fans calling Boston fans bandwagon is funny 😂😂😂😂
Morris and Baynes gotta get inside LeBron's brain like Bill Russell would do with Wilt.
If the refs don't call every dam foul against them like they did in a game 3, the Celtics can pull awaywith a win but they have to contain that flopper who flops and complains too much when things don't go his way.. Morris have to be efficient on both ends of the floor as well as the rest of the Celtics players
Nope! #CLE #WhateverItTakes #DefendTheLand Susan Cwynar
If jaylen brown plays well, the Celts will win.
Yeah they can steal one in Cleveland
Pretty sure someone will win by 30 tonite.
Sign of a young team.. hopefully we can grab this W in Cleveland!
I think they need to get one in Cleveland if they wanna win the series.
They need to win at least 1 game in Cleveland
Slam/tackle each other like back when. Lebum will cry all the way to the hospital
Yes they are. It’s gonna happen tonight.
Let’s hope the Cavs can steal one in Boston and win the series.
No doubt 💯
What are they doing over there ? Those away game numbers sound so bad.
Nah, LeBron with his back against the wall at home? Good luck
If they believe they can
Hopefully so they can go back home and end it in 5 or 6
Will they be handed a 4th game this postseason? Tune in to find out who the next Tim Donaghy is!
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LeBron James comes to play with his back against the wall.

Now show those rebounds and assists. Lebron = 🐐
Never knew mj trailed in a series thought he was 6-0 lmao 😂😂😂
LOL they're coming up with something new for LeBron everyday now. I've never complained about too much LeBron coverage because I like him, but come on...
MJ never trailed in a series. He never lost a single game in his career. He is undefeated other than his loss on the playground to Lavar Ball
Lebron is a great basketball player. Most non media NBA analysts even put him in the top 15. If Lebron can develop the killer instincts that Bryant, Duncan and Bird had, he even has a shot at cracking the top 5. Time is ticking though 🤔
And here we go again more LeBron posts by espn.. Back against the wall? You mean the refs backs are against the wall to make sure they screw the celtics like how they did game 3 with all those horrible horrible calls and miss calls
Trailing? Lol what’s Michaels average based off of 2 games? Lol MJ=GOAT for all athletes of any sport! Period! Greatest pro athlete Ever!
But I thought Jordan never trailed, lost, missed a shot, etc.?
...yeah, but how many PPG does lebron james average when he’s down in a series? In odd years? After a lunar eclipse? When a republican is not president?
Whoa whoa whoa. ESPN get your facts straight. MJ never trailed a second in any game of his career. The graphic is inaccurate
Boston Celtics center Bill Russell holds the record for the most NBA championships won with 11 titles during his 13-year playing career. He won his first championship with the Boston Celtics in his rookie year.
LBJ not a shooter like this two. He is a facilitator an All Around player and he put a 30.1ppg🔥 #LeGoatJames
LeBron James could stub his toe and it will be the top story on ESPN. The Celtics won the other night and the camera was on LeBron walking to the locker room. Your network is a joke.
How can you say LeBron is the Goat. This league is garbage now . There is hardly any defense at all it's all offense . It's easy to score a lot when no one defends you.
May not be the best but sure is the most famous NBA player of all time. Talk about Lebron so much it's pitiful! What will y'all do when he retire?
A.I. is closer to being the G.O.A.T. than Lebron...
This must be incorrect!! I thought MJ never trailed in any series!!! 🤔🤔 MJ & LBJ fan by the way! Quit comparing em! Both are all time greats!!
Wait what????? Jordan never trailed in a series .......he swept every single one he played in according to old people!! 😂😂😂😂 Chad Durst David Durst Shawn Pierce Brad Davis
Lebron fans love bringing up how Jordan lost in the first rounds but seem to forget that Lebron didn’t even make it his first seasons lol
When all these goofy stats keep appearing trying to make Lebron better than Jordan when the smoke clears he still won't be
Ohhh but I thought the one and only Michael Jordan never trailed anyone? People act like he never lost a game.
this is great! average Ppg by whole team is 15-20 less in the 90's and Jordan still beats Lebron! ahhaha
Iverson was a ballhog...Not that they had a bunch of talent tho either...Matt Geigers of the world and Ty Hills
How many times has Jordan trailed in a series?
Bill Russell 11 time champion in 13 years. I’ll leave this here. 🎤
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Stephen A. Smith was NOT a fan of Scottie Pippen's MJ/LeBron comparison.

Jordan led the NBA in scoring 10 times. Lebron has only done this once. Jordan had 38 40pt games in 179 games in the playoffs. Lebron has only 22 40pt games in 46 more games, and counting. Jordan scored less than 20pts in a playoff game only 6 times. Lebron has scored less than 20pts EIGHT TIMES in the NBA Finals alone. MJ never scored less than 20pts in any NBA Final game. Jordan won the Defensive Player of the Year one year and was on the All-Defensive team 9 times. Lebron has never won Defensive Player of the Year and has only been on the All-Defensive Team 6 times. Jordan never lost an NBA Finals series and is 6-0 in NBA Finals. MJ has never even been to a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. Lebron has lost 5 NBA Finals (and counting), he has been swept, and he has lost 2 NBA Finals Series after having a 2-1 lead. Stop comparing the true GOAT to Lebron James! MJ played 3yrs of college ball where Lebron went straight from HS to the NBA. Jordan also missed 2 NBA seasons in 94 and 95 where he retired (or was suspended) in his PRIME! That's 5 seasons one can't compare Michael to Lebron! And MJ would have won EIGHT STRAIGHT had he not been absent from the NBA in 94 and 95! Michael Jordan is the "Babe Ruth" of basketball. The one the greatest players try to emulate to this day, wear his number, wear his shoes, and the one the greats will be compared to for the next 100 years. Lebron James is clearly one of the greatest basketball players to ever live. That can't be argued. However, comparing him to the real #23, his Airness, the one who could fly, the one and only GOAT, the one I named my first born after, Jordan Nicole, is a total waste of time. Did Lebron James ever have a song/commercial that every kid loved, sung, and still knows every word of to this day? No, he didn't and doesn't! "Sometimes I dream, that he is me, you've got to see that's how I dream to be. I dream I move. I dream I grove. Like Mike. If I could be like Mike. I wanna be wanna be like Mike, like Mike, if I could be like Mike."
Pippen is correct. 2 complete different eras, Jordan’s resume looks a lot better, but he faced WAY less competition than Lebron. He would NOT have had the same results in today’s era. But you truly can’t compare the 2. Jordan was the GOAT of his era, Lebron is the GOAT of his. Thanks have a great day!
Without Pippin Jordan wouldn't have a ring lol Jordan never guarded the best player on the team Scottie Pippin did lol
Basketball isn’t only about scoring ... lebron does everything on the court. The best SF would b better than the best SG bcuz lebron is bigger n smarter it’s that simple
He's right. Lebron is asked to lead his team in scoring, playmaking, rebounding, and rim protection every single night. And earlier in his career guard the opposing team's best scorer. Jordan was asked to score and play Steph Curry style defense (play the passing lanes pretty much). Again, another argument that Jordan fans will never give Lebron even though it's obvious. Stephen A is ridiculous, by the way.
He was telling the truth....Yes MJ had to go through Boston, LA, and Detroit....But he lossed...They were all old when MJ finnally won......Those 50 and 60 + win teams Jordan beat was bland...There were only about 4 teams relevant...Pretty much every team in the NBA now have an all star..However, back then, It wasn't the case....
Pippen never said it was harder for Lebron all he said is it’s two different eras and to different players with two different roles on the team so it was unfair to compare not meaning one was better than the other. Sit down Steven a
This man played along side Jordan... What does he gain by saying Wilt Chamberlain the greatest and stating the fact that LBJ has it tough?
I don’t have all the numbers,but,I do have my eyes.Jordan played in a much tougher NBA than James.The league is more diluted talent wise and the officiating is totally different.In today’s league a foul is called if you breathe on someone or if they get demonstrative after missing a layup!Jordan played both ends and was there every game while James is hit or miss!
Greg Clayton listen to this dude ramble about what Scottie said... I think ima listen to Scottie (the man who played with Jordan and won all 6 rings with him) than some dude that “never touched a basketball”. Lol.
Steven A if you are not an NBA player and you did not play in either era and you are not a Hall of Fame player 6 time NBA Champion, considered a top 100 player in the history of the game, then your opinion no matter how animated you make it out to be does not carry more weight than Pippen, STHU!
Steven a smith cant hit a layup, Scottie Pippen played with Jordan and was in the league when Lebron debut, wouldn’t he be able to Provide the best possible analysis? Who does Stephen A think he is lol
After all these years, Pippen still resents Jordan lol. Even before LeBron came alone, anytime Scotty was asked about Jordan's greatness, he always seemed to give off the impression of "he was ok, he wasn't as great as everyone makes him out to be" 😂😂😂
I might ask u the same thing Stephen A what are u smoking Jordan couldn’t handle the bad boys he couldn’t even make it past the second round lebron even against the best teams in the east handles them with ease without a Pippen or a Rodman
Stephen A is sooo over the top is absurd. he is literally cringeworthy here. he actually makes scotty's point with his diatribe by demonstrating how different the era's actually are. all scotty is saying is because of this difference, its difficult to compare the two. im ok with totally nixing this wholes stupid comparison for that reason alone and recognizing the greatness of both players.
Because Stephen A Smith is more aquatinted with Jordan than Scottie is!?Lol. I can see Stephen’s point but you also have to respect Scottie’s. I respect what Scottie has to say about Jordan & Lebron more than I do Stephen.
I've said for awhile that Pippen was the ultimate Robin to MJ's Batman. But it seems like Pippen is constantly changing his mind to who is the greatest. First he said it was LeBron, then backtracked to say it was his former teammate, and now he says it's Wilt. All 3 are great and subject to an opinion, but c'mon Scottie, just stick to one player and be done with it.
It’s because of Jordan the league is the way it is. He couldn’t beat the pistons because they were beating him up, so they came up with the Jordan hand check rule
Scottie Pippen must have Alzheimer's or something because he had changed this tune too many times before..
I feel sorry for Carl Malone that he could not get his champions ring just because of Michael Jordan. So worthy but yet did not achieve that dream !! Tell me who did not get a ring today because of Labron James ? He’s great player but he will never be Michael Jordan. Set and done !! Nr 1 in my mind and bet in many others !!
Totality of who impacted the game more I would have to switch to Michael Jordan. This goes to say Michael Jordan out all the player mentioned stands out because of his impact and audience surpassed any player pass or present. He is the only player who status changed from player to majority owner of a NBA team.
I can tell LeBron is becoming a threat to Jordan’s GOAT Legacy, because all of Jordan fans are starting to dig deeper and deeper into their theories of why LeBron isn’t better.....
Scottie Pippen was amazing. Automatic 20 points and 10 rebounds and one of the best defenders on the perimeter. They dismantled the championship roster and then said "Ok you take over for Jordan". Don't hate.
Different eras, so it's hard to transpose and compare. LeBron does more in terms of different things for his team but he is playing in an era where, as a 270-pound man, there is definitely a lot less wear and tear because foul calls are softer than in Jordan's era. Lol we need the team with the crazy Ron Artest back against a prime Charles Oakley team, I would pay good money to see that fist fight!...I mean Basketball game.
I don't always agree with Steven A Smith but he is right. What is Scottie Pippen smoking? Sounds likely Pippen is getting his feelings hurt by being left out of the conversation. Without Jordan, Pippen would never had one six rings but don't think the same could be said other way around. Jordan carried that team on his back. Lebron has had multiple All-Stars if not Hall of Fame players in Miami and Cleveland and he had to leave to make it happen.
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Are we on the cusp of LeBron James’ “The Decision” part II?

First Take Your Take
This week, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate which team LeBron James should play for next season. Upload YOUR take for a chance to face off against Stephen A. or Max in Friday's debate.
So, LeBron should have pressure. But, KD should cake walk through the next few finals with GSW aka Team USA?! What are you saying?! Y'all don't realize how bias you are. To say, this is what's expected of LBJ, knowing that this isn't nearly enough, for an already chemistry formed, insanely talented GSW team. You're tripping! LMAO
When everyone is debating Jordan or Lebron...consider this. Jordan won all his titles with one team. You know...being loyal. Lebron keeps switching teams to get his titles. You loyalty at all.
Once Houston gets eliminated by Golden State the push will be on to get LeBron. LeBron will be playing in a Rockets uniform next season!
Tyronn Lue meeting with the Cavs front office the morning after LeBron leaves. "So you called the plays?" "We-well no LeBron James called the plays, but I gave the thumbs up when he did."
Remember 3 months ago, there was trade rumors around LeBron but he refused to waive his no trade clause. When asked why he responded by saying " I'm in this for the long haul. My teammates need me." If he leaves again, would that make it worse. At least Cleveland could've got a lot back in return. This guy only cares about himself.
Won't be in Cleveland even if he somehow gets to the finals he will get swept he will be lucky to win 1 he had Kyrie last season and only won 1 finals game and hadn't Kyrie hit the final shot the year before he wouldn't have won that finals!
Please god please.......!!!! Not the lakers..... He will mess up luke waltons system and the Youngblood's chemistry... Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will buy in two coaches systems.. LaBum wont play under coaches decision making...
LMAO at everybody talking about him chasing and manufacturing rings. He has all the money he needs so aren't winning rings what it's all about? How many of you have been on the same job since high school? Basketball is a business. He has to make decisions for himself and his family not the Cavaliers
If the Cavs don't win it all this year Ty Lue will be gone. As LeBron already coaches why not make it official? Who was the last player/coach to win it all?
He's got roughly 3 years left to get 3 rings, because these young kids are going to be ready soon. He should stop listening to anyone that is not on that page. His legacy is what is most important. Do it Lebron! Pull the Trigger and go to a place where everything is in place and recruit the best center in the game and go and get KD and GSW! Make them pay and sit on the throne like Thanos!
First......he'll opt out and get the raise. Second......he's leaving Cleveland because he has to manufacture another championship. I'm calling Lakers or Rockets. It has to be a big market because lebron needs 2 other stars to win.
Stay in Cleveland. Get rid of TT and his contract, try to get Boogie, draft shooters, get rid of their role players that don’t do anything, and pick up some younger guys that can run the floor.
Show darts. Air reruns of billiards. More strongman contests. ANYTHING but this endless, wild speculation about sports. This amounts to two grown men arguing about their favorite color. There's never an end to it. It's why I don't watch this network for anything anymore but actual sports. It's mind numbing and I feel bad for the woman who has to sit between these two and act like what they're saying matters at all. She's probably smarter than both of them.
Please don’t let it be Boston. He’s uncoachable and the second they lose 6 out of 10 games he’ll demand half the roster to be traded 😂😂😂
People wonder why no one like LeBron and this is the reason right here. The Cleveland Cavaliers are his childhood team! I don't fault the guy for leaving for more money and/or a better situation, but does he really need to publicly stick it to his hometown team again? When my son started playing baseball, I told him that if he got drafted by the Red Sox, but went to the Yankees in free agency, I would go buy Yankees stuff and still be his biggest fan. I told him that if that he announced it as a 1 hour special on ESPN, I would disown him.
See. Quit praising this man. He built his Cavs team, if he doesn't like it he needs to look in the mirror. Hell lose and leave. That's his MO, and GOATs don't have that MO
Tonight after game 3 loss the Celtics came back to reality that your gonna have off games but again focus and as long as you make more plays and less errors than the cavs then winning is more of a chance. I'm calling Celtics win 105 to 101 and that's if the refs don't let lebron to make blocks while clear as day got all arm and no ball and making him look like he made an amazing play just like it happened game 3 win for the cavs. If the refs are reason for final score then Celtics gotta come out scoring making it that refs can't be the reason that lebron ties the series and again take away from what the Celtics have accomplished and again not ever having chance on winning the series. The Celtics are deff better team who will in my opinion give warriors a real run and winning the finals and will be the team that's already done before injuries owning eastern conference and come next year gonna be even better and be the team that the warriors are gonna be worried about. Celtics are here to stay and they are gonna prove it this year that BOSTON is where great teams made history and are gonna be team to put end to a current teams titals bringing back to the city that started truth of domination.
I am a longtime Cavs fan, but I believe deep down that he will end up in Houston. They are the only team that can compete with GS right now. The Cavs are good, but not Championship good. However I can see the Cavs dropping Clarkson, possibly Love and Green. But keeping key players like Smith, Thompson and Korver
Will say this. There needs to be some re structuring. Utilize this pick for talent. Cut the loose change on the roster..if the cavs can't produce a roster of support i don't think he will stay
Only if you make it into a 2 hr special like ya did last time. Who cares where thus cancer ends up. And how can anyone call this guy the GOAT.... Or say he better than Jordan was. He misses a easy layup he always complains he was fouled. ... If things dont go his way he walks back up the court or stands there and complains with the refs while his team plays 4 on 5 at the other end of the court. Never once did you see MJ walk or hang out backcourt and let the other team have a 4 on 5 advantage
Lakers. unless he wants to ride a coat tail. stay at cavs is what he should do. but if he leaves then he should assemble a team for lakers. everywhere else he would have to disassemble a team 1st
There should NEVER been pressure to play in Cleveland or anywhere else. How many hometown elite players play in their back yard? He played did great things and left. His decision is the right decision. If he stays I respect him and if he leaves I have respect for him. Cleveland fans who are upset with his decisions have issues. Thank the man for what he’s done and grow up.
Sure he leaves the Cavs. After he’s completely ruined the organization and put them in the hole for the next 5 years or more! He’s responsible for them giving out these massive contracts to bums and leaving no cap space!
He should go to the warriors just so we can hear all the excuses why this would be different then durant. With that said he's going to Philly would be my guess
James will never go to Golden State as he would not be able to have the gaudy stat line he demands among a team of quality players. He wants no part of the West. James has ALWAYS only been in this for himself, despite the line of crap he has told Cleveland twice. He'll disappoint them again and go somewhere else where he can be "King" of Runner-up-ville.
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James Harden's face says it all.

Hi my name is James, you're probably wondering how I got here....well it all started when I got my ass crossed over by a guy with no knees.
"Hello darkness, my old friend"
I thought it was a great game last night! Could’ve gone either way...
That was the best defense I've seen him play all season
That look when you Thought you was cooking, but you forgot to turn on the stove
Overrated move blown outta proportion but 🤷🏾‍♂️ y’all need something to talk about
This should be on the trophy when he wins MVP this year... LeBron DESERVES it but wont happen... #AlreadyChosen
Like really?! Livingston couldn’t hit a 3pt to save his life so why pressure him so much out there for.. 😂
This is funny.. but where’s the Lebron meme’s when he gets blown out by 30 by a bunch of rookies? ESPN wouldn’t dare post something negative about their love child.
Love how SportsCenter is all on the Warriors dick, but didn’t give the Rockets much love when we put it on their ass. #suckemdry
Wow sport center making fun of one of their basketball star when he does good they talk great about him, like I said this sport center page is not a professional page this page is run by a teenager....embarrassing
I can't think of anything to comment so I'm just going to post a Blueberry pancake recipe. 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 1/4 teaspoons white sugar 1 egg 1 cup milk 1/2 tablespoon butter, melted 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, thawed 1. In a large bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. In a small bowl, beat together egg and milk. Stir milk and egg into flour mixture. Mix in the butter and fold in the blueberries. Set aside for 1 hour.A 2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.
Nick Peter Craig Tony Joe. Don't he seriously look like he's reconsidering his life decisions tho?? 🤣🤣🤣
The shooting guard version of Patrick ewing, his game is trash! He's the ultimate traveling machine and people wonder how he scores it's redicouls. He's the only basketball player in history beyond the 3 point line that can stop his dribble and 2 seconds after take a step back and shoot. Unreal.
When your mom pulls in from work and you.forgot to take the chicken out the freezer because you were smoking pot & playing 2k all day
I remember Rockets fans this year continuously saying he's a much more improved defensive player this year than his recent shaqin a fool years. I'm definitely not seeing it, especially in this series.
Its funny there has been so much about them attacking currys D the first 2 games but the dubs can just do the same thing to harden. This false narrative that hardens D has improved is getting old. The rest of the team is better defensively this year so its easier for him to hide. He still looks exactly the same on D as he always has. Terrible.
It’s so funny how when the rockets beat the warriors no one makes a big deal about it. But when the rockets lose everybody on ESPN goes crazy. The NBA must be rigged.
This team is doomed. No defense. Eric Gordon is an Apple turnover every time he touches the ball. They need more scoring. And watching Harden dribble the ball for 20 seconds of the shot clock isn’t going to get it done. I don’t care if Joe Johnson is 106 years old on the bench. Give him a chance. Dude is a scorer.
Is harden getting crossed a new thing to y’all? I’m a die hard Houston fan in every sport and the dude has never played D, I think at this moment he started to realize why again 😂😂
I knew Harden played bad D , however this is ridiculous. He is just like Russell, one dimensional offense player, without any logical team concept mentality and of course defensive liability
When a guy with knees of Livingston crosses you up and goes by you like that for a dunk it is a bad look. That really just shows how much of a defensive liability Harden is.
Harden is on everyone's highlight reel 😅...why y'all acting like that man plays bonafide defense? He couldn't stop my 13 year old daughter in a game of 21!
As a Rockets fan, I find this hilarious and motivating. Hopefully this will fire him up to live up to his talents EVERY game vs. some. As a captain, you get the praise and the blame. We will see how he answers.
It was a pretty nice move my man... considering harden has dealt out a fair few, got to give credit where it’s due here.
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He ramped off a crashed motorcycle, landed on gravel ... and stuck it perfectly.

Look at that bike just flop out there like LeBron
Wait, something genuinely impressive being shown by sportscenter?
Don’t let this make you forget that you can save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to Geico
Boy I’d love to know who the racer is instead of “he”
He shifted his weight perfectly to the opposite side of the side closest to the ground.....other than that, that had to be GOD guiding that bike lol!
What does this have to do with Lebron James?
OMG! Did u see how he fell tho??? The previous lap, my guy hit a cosmic cube n left a banana on the track
Man, idk about y’all boys, but the first thing I though of was what them gta races be looking like at the start 😂😂 Mark Tomlinson II A.J. Brooks
MotoGP and MotoAmerica are amazing sports that ESPN should really cover more!! 😮
Never let off. Amazing. I bet that sphincter tightened up!
Think they exchanged insurance information?
I’d love to see the pics those photographers got lol
You just can’t coach that level of skill
Lebron rode a bike 2 times more than Jordan. GOAT!
When your crush says come over I'm drunk.☝🏍 #movebitchgetouttheway
I think I saw Lebron changing a tire in the background.
Fred, dodging responsibilities like
MARC MARQUEZ: I'm the King of Saves! No one can do spectacular saves like I do! JAKUB KORNFEIL: Hold my beer.
That might be one of the coolest things i've ever seen.
Dor this you dawg?
Get that man some thug life glasses and a cigarette!😯😯🐼
Chris Sarang when your crush says she’s home alone😂😂👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳
Ware did that come from?
Ean my god idk how he landed that
Como cuando pegas fuga dedpues de conectar un toleco Armani
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Jalen had to take a walk after hearing Jay's LeBron James-MJ take on Get Up.

He's right. Lebron is taller, faster, stronger, and more athletic. He's the better shooter and finisher around the basket, and he's one of the best one on one defenders of all time. The fact that this is a debate is borderline ridiculous. Lebron could post him up, take him off the dribble and shoot over Jordan. The Jordan fanboys are too much. Don't want to give Lebron anything because the hate is too real. Lebron is also the goat of this game, analytics proves it.
😂😂😂 Jay Williams I don't know what you smoking, let's not even get to MJ. Lebron ain't even beating Kobe 1-on-1. Those two are assassins.
LeBron James is the Greatest Basketball Player to ever step on the court whether you all like it or not
Scalabrine would wax them both.
I like how Kobe just gets over shadowed by all of this..Kobe made Lebron look like a fool everytime they went one on one on the court..and Kobe pretty much was MJs shadow..
MJ would laugh the whole time bust about 6 fade away right in LeBrons face then end it with a dunk on LeBron lol
Jordan was faster, could jump higher and was more athletic and too much of a competitor to take any plays off. Defensive player of the year same time as MVP. Mj would def have fun embarrassing Lbj.
It wouldn't even be fair. Jordan wouldn't get within 7 feet of the goal and if he did, BLOCK PARTY! If Lebron ever missed, he'd get the rebound everytime.
Lmao y’all kill me. Lebron ain’t never played no defense like Mike. It’d be 7-0 Jordan. He’d have a couple of steals, probably a block and he’d be eating Lebrons breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
If LeBron is so much stronger why does he flop,, cry and go to the locker room every time he gets bumped or touched? Jordan was getting fouled with what are now flagrant twos in today's league. Let me say this...there are players with more points, more assist, more rebounds, more steals, more blocks, more championship doesn't even matter. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. It's not even close. He changed the game, the marketing, the endorsements, fashion etc. There is a reason why LeBron is wearing 23 in Cleveland and a reason he couldn't in Miami. The reason he couldn't in Miami is because they retired the #23 and the man never even played for the team!!! He is the G.O.A.T. Conversation over...
Lebron is bigger faster stronger and he’s not jus backing down Bron and MJ didn’t light it up from 3 that’s not his era Bron would make Jordan pay rent
Man that motorcycle accident must have been worse than I thought.... Sorry that was mean. I respect the take. I don’t think either guy is winning 7-3 though. That’s like a 7-6 battle. If you’re playing keeps it really depends who gets the ball first.
Does it really matter who would win 1v1 between MJ and LBJ? Lavar Ball would dominate them both so really we are just arguing about who is second best at this point.
First off. Jordan's a scorer. So he can score at will. LeBron is more of a passer. In a one on one a natural scorer vs a natural passer? Scorer should win majority of time. Size? Size don't matter in this match up. 3 in height difference isn't going to mess with Jordan. Weight? Weight definitely won't have a factor against Jordan either. Jordan is used to having two or three bodies smothering him when he would drive to the basket. Probably the only way LeBron beats Jordan is if he hit more three's than Jordan. That's about the only way LeBron could win.
Michael was all world defensively. Steals leader three times. Offensive moves for days. Quicker than Lebron. Only two inches shorter. Mike would eat Lebron one on one.
Jason Williams is out of his mind. So what if Lebron is taller. He’s not quicker. He’s never been known as a defensive player. I’ll take Jordan and his win or die attitude any day. He played with more determination and guts.
It’s laughable, the only people that think Lebron James is better than Jordan are the 20 something’s that never saw MJ play!!! Michael Jordan is and forever will be the G.O.A.T...... no discussion, no debate
Wish all this Lebron Jordan talk would cease. No one would know who would beat who and we never will know who will beat who. Everything is assumptions and bias opinions.
Why dont they talk to people that played both of them. Like Kobe and AI and shaq and others? I'm sure their input would be valid.
He’s WRONG. YOU DO NOT KNOW BASKETBALL AT ALL IF YOU THINK THIS IS TRUE. Lebron would miss one of his FIRST jump shots and Jordan would get the balk and it would be over. Anyone who knows anything knows this and I shouldn’t have to explain why..
I'm more surprised at the amount of comments basing the 1on1 favor for LeBron based on height 🤨🤨🤨 what in the hell kinda basketball do you select few watch where height determines the outcome? So height can make you a center and a mediocre guard in team play at the right moment and position. But in a 1on1? Height bout to make you break your ankles in every which direction.
LeBron handles the ball like a point guard at 6'9, post you like a center at 6'9 shots like a 2 guard at 6'9, and defends like a 3 at 6'9. He's Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Glenn Rice, and Bruce Bowen all in one. Oh and he's got hops like Shawn Kemp. Oh and he can pass the ball like Jason Kidd...... the list goes on. Not even close. Mike was a great defender and had cat like reflexes so i would give a final score of 5 to 7. LeBron
He 6'8 250 lbs. He has to flop or he won't get any calls. Why you think Shaq didn't get as many calls as others? If he's gotta flop to get fouls called then so be it. Meanwhile y'all want Harden to win MVP with no defense and 20 points a night from the FT.
I’m a 47 year old man.. watched and loved Mike. And I don’t think highly of Lebron’s kardasian approach to things sometimes... however 1on1?? Lebron all day long🙌 🎤dropped. His game is sick.
This is why LeBron gets hated so much. Folks make outlandish statements. I'm a LeBron fan and he would NOT dominate MJ 1-1. He guarded Kobe for years when they faced each other and it was basically a 1-1 during parts of the games. Kobe, in my opinion, is a poor man's MJ and LeBron didn't "dominate" him. If he used his size and backed them down in the paint it'd be tough but LeBron is too proud for that. He'd try and drive/shoot jumpers, just like they would 1-1.
ESPN8 hours ago

Stephen Curry's mom was not a fan of his language in Game 3.

As a Christian, seeing this really disappointed me. Now, Steph is definitely not my favorite point guard but he is top 3 for sure, and to see him give his testimony multiple times and seeing him profess Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior I don’t understand how he thinks he can just say this kind of stuff. Not only is it disrespectful to God but doesn’t he realize he has tons of kids that look up to him and want to be like him? That’s not a good role model AT ALL. His mom should be disappointed because I don’t believe that’s how he was raised.
Bet Jordan said stuff like this all the time, and you never had a problem with it. Curry does it, and he needs to be accountable. Thought you wanted 90’s Basketball back...
Don't let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation.
Now I know why all the kids eat tide pods.... Mother's got um hooked by washing their mouths out with soap
He let a curse words slip...big whoop. He was ramped up and got out of a slump. I understand how others may see him as a role model and professes his Christian faith. But you know how many Christians have let a curse word slip here and there? A lot. The dude goes out and plays with intensity. Not also did he get out of a slump, he's playing for his 4 straight Finals appearance. He doesn't have an inflated ego and doesn't have any bad habits that would cost him a lot with his fanbase. When you're playing at the highest level in basketball and getting closer to the Finals, yeah, the intensity is going to come out every now and then.
Why can't he just make the shot and walk to the free throw line. I used to like him but now I do not like to watch him play due to crap like this. Just play the game, don't be like the other 99 percent of the league.
All the haters out there. Now everybody is jumping off the Curry Bandwagon! Love it! Please, keep jumping. This dude is still the best shooter in the history of the NBA. Don’t give me your Reggie Miller BS. Steph is gonna pass Reggie in 3pt shots made by end of next year and he will have done it in half the time. 44% from 3 point line is better than anyone in history! Suck it, haters! Go Dubs!!! #unanimousmvp
Curry could turn that into an endorsement opportunity. "When Steph Curry's mom washes his mouth out with soap, she uses 99.44% pure Ivory soap..."
Shoots like 4 for 18 then comes back has a good game and starts talking smack after a layup ..if Lebron did that he would be lit up on the internet actually he would be lit up if he had several great games and talked smack on the court
Dont remember Del Curry taunting people and using profanity. I know he didnt raise stephen that way. Very disappointing.
Im sorry curry but you cursed, there is no way possible you can be a respectable player now! Y'all way too sensitive for this sport🙄 go watch ice figure skating or something and let us live
The most OVERRATED guard in the league. Good thing he plays in a league where they can't touch you, he wouldn't have made it in the 80's or 90's. Can't stand the Warriors team as a whole, biggest bunch of crybaby's I've ever seen. Can't wait to see how bad they are when 1 or 2 of them leave, they won't be able to pay all of them max deals
Funny majority of people here saying they don’t like him anymore, for a moment of excitement during a game in the most competitive basketball league in the world, are the same one ☝🏾still making excuses for Trump 😂😂😂 I love my fellow humans so funny and predictable 😂😂😂
Let him live, this how players act when they get out of a slump, obviously she don't understand this part of the game
Section 3 paragraph 2 clearly states you can only say "this is my $#&*&@ house" after dunking on someone, not a finger roll....
How much you wanna bet that half the people on here criticizing Steph for his potty mouth also voted for you know who?
Omgoodness, this is so ridiculous how so many are reacting like he did a heinous crime...So what if he let out a passionate f-bomb...
Grow up, people. Nearly all, if not all, professional athletes curse. If you don't want your kids to curse, then tell them that yourself.
after he made a lay up.....a lay up. Not a dunk....a lay up. Were not talking about a dunk that people love....but a lay up. #IversonPractiseSpeech
That’s cute Cuz CP was rolling him like dice in a crap shoot Tell me more how this is a humble role model 🤣 Daniel Glenn
Lot of shade being thrown but truth is, no one on this thread can hang with D. Wade, let alone Steph..
His mom is right. He's been acting like an lately & there's no reason for that. Let Dresmond have that role.
Alright kids, let's not get all self-righteous here and act as if we have not said or done anything that could call into question our faith. Let's not start judging Curry now. How about the music we listen to? I dare someone to say that they sit and listen to bird sounds, and waterfalls and jazz music all day.
yep no need for that and he ain,t tough anyway choose ya words carefully aint NOBODY scared of you ok
What happened to old humble curry? This dude here is not the same guy at all, he gets some success and it just blows his head off his body
ESPN11 hours ago

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are neck and neck.

So the Brewers went 7-3 on a ten game road trip, have their top 3 starters out, 2 regular position players out, and yet somehow are still behind the Cardinals and Cubs? Go home ESPN you’re drunk.
Ahhh yes. My weekly therapy. Watching all the people get butt hurt over power rankings that are 100% meaningless. Let the fun begin........
Can’t believe ESPN put my Braves in 4th...we normally don’t get much love from them. They are playing a lot better than anyone (including myself) thought they would be this year, that’s for sure!
The Mariners have a better record than 5 of the teams on this list yet they aren’t on it. It’s political!!
So the first place brewers with 28 wins are behind the 3rd and 4th place cardinals and cubs with 25 wins each? ESPNs power rankings struck out harder than anyone facing Hader right now, I’m sure they don’t know who he is tho
The only reason the Yanks and Sox are “neck and neck” is bc Boston loving ESPN wrote this list, it’s pretty clear looking at each team’s performance up to this point that the Yankees are the better team thus far.
...And here come the Braves.
Again.... how do you not put the brewers higher than 2 teams in their division that they are ahead of. Aaannndd just went 7-3 on a west coast road trip. This is what happens when you fire everyone at ESPN and hire nobodies....
So, the Brewers are in first place in the NL Central, Pitching like crazy and have the 2nd most homers in the bigs. But Chicago and St. Louis are ranked higher 🤔
Lmao y’all have no respect for the defending champs. Keep on doubting us, makes it feel way better when we win again. #AstrosNation
Espn is creaming their pants right now with the Yankees ranked number 1 😂😂 and about time y’all show the Braves some respect!
Yankees are tough... Murderers Row... Bullpen is great... The starting pitching tho... That might be what gets them... We shall see... Gonna be interesting to see... Im an Orioles fan by the way... We can hit the long ball with the best of them... But that means nothing without pitching...
My eyes are deceiving me because I see the Philadelphia Phillies in the Atlanta Braves. Turn around teams of the year
The brewers are ahead of the cards and cubs in the standings but behind them on here? Milwaukee is a better team than both of the, not getting any respect 🤔
It amazes me how the Cubs are higher then the Brewers even though the Brewers are in first, and have won 7 out 10 there last ten games
Typical ESPN ..what a joke, Brewers #10, ESPN has no clue, maybe not better than Cubs maybe but definitely top 5!!! Not many teams at all have a better bullpen non the less all around team offense and pitching staff, and 28 wins, HOW MANY TEAMS HAVE THAT???? NOT MANY!!! ESPN is ran by IDIOTS!!!
Seattle Mariners sitting at 27-19 and the cardinals are up there with 2 less wins?😂 Ms just lost All star Cano and still finding ways to win!!!
Cubs and cards above the Brewers still?? They just won 7/10 on the road and have a 3 more Ws than both of those other squads. Also, the three best pitchers from last year haven’t been starting due to injury/illness, and both Braun and Thames are on the DL
Don't know much but I know two of the red Sox have 15 each,judge average us dripping and DD can't even get back in the line up after going 1 for 45.
Yankees don’t have that good of pitching and that’ll catch up with them. And Astros have played one more game than the Red Sox and and 5 more than the Yankees
A little jab at the Phillies being under Washington who just got swept by the dodgers and I’m a braves fan saying that
I was on an ESPN post like 2 games into the season making jokes with some ppl and then they all bashed me and told me to stop talking cuz I'm a Braves fan and my team sucks. I was making undefeated jokes we were 1-0. And they all said wait for 30 more games they will be at the bottom of the barrel being laughed at again..... I hope some of them are on here. I know they will feel a lil dumb. Still early. But feel dumb
So even though Red Sox have a better record AND the two home run leaders in our lineup, we're #2 to the Yankees??? Yeah....ok
Dom Melchiore your Sox are in second place behind the Yanks... Phillies looking good..over .500 for the year looks like an easy win.
I’m a Boston guy but no one seems to be talking about the Braves. Also Houston just doing its thing. Red Sox need bullpen help BADLY.
ESPN11 hours ago

Whose house?

Lets ALL take a Moment to SALUTE our commander-in-chief, the man who gave up his BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE to make the country He Loves GREAT Once again, Mr. DONALD J. TRUMP! Thank you mr President for making this country GREAT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!
Curry play great when his team up by 15 but when they down playing catch up he play terrible i wonder why...
Sooooo Houston in 6 right? I mean Celtics got blown out in game 3 and the Cavs are down 2-1 all I hear is Cavs in 6. Ok so Houston gets BLOWN OUT in game 3 now down 2-1 ok ESPN lets stay consistent here or is it just cuz you love Lebron?
So no one is going to talk about how boring the playoffs have been? Once again the warriors are too good for everyone, and every win is a blow out. not even one close game in these conference finals?
I must be a terrible spectator. Everyone else complains of the blowouts. I LOVE for "my" team to blowout the opponent, regardless of the sport.
Guy's don't forget his exact number from the 3 point line at this point in the game was 3 of 9 and he does a finger roll and act's like this?!! Boooooo Boooooo
Harden is a bum on defense..he gives up..
It's all fun and games when your team is winning, but as soon as something goes wrong he throws his binkie at the refs
Good teamwork > single talented player.
Miami Heat championship teams would beat these Warrior teams! FACTS! *Lebron *D Wade *Bosh *Ray Allen *Shane Battier *Mike Miller *Udonis Haslem *Mario Chalmers *BIRDMAN
Wow, finally a 30+ point game. The whole nba is celebrating his mediocrity
Houston looked like they were already tired, they can’t keep up with the warriors
How many times has Steve Kerr's Warriors broken a record set by MJ's Bulls?
Stephs a bad bad boy. A good Christian should not act like that, especially in front of his family
I love Curry ,, Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry etc.
Everytime steven A and that other guy come on at 10am...i change the channel
I think you mean who's house.
Cockiest player in the league. I used to like this guy..
I WON'T COME BACK TO READ HATE COMMENTS SO ENJOY REPLYING TO YOURSELVES Rockets is overrated & Mike D' Antoni is not a good coach. Mike D'Antoni said recently- "Harden is the best offensive player I've ever seen." Clearly Mike D'Antoni hasn't seen much. & now he says their soft. Rockets will NEVER win another title. They only have 2 cause Jordan retired. I laugh at Post-millennials & ignoramuses who think Harden is better than Jordan, Kobe, Wade, & Drexler. Warriors 2018 Champions
Seems like just yesterday his career was over.... weird
LEBRON will kill his offense, if they ever meet.. #lebronisthegreatest
When is the NBA going to be a competitive league again lol
The not what curry said lol read the lips
Yay! Can’t have Houston winning a chip. No thank you. 😁
After a layup he goes in the mode like he did something incredible 😂😂😂