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Merkel said the result gave her a "mandate" to govern but that the AfD's success would require "thorough analysis"

JeVerna L Haynes Merkel beats right wing populist. Looks to me like Germans learned from their history, saw what Trump is doing to the US, and knew they didn't want that lunacy again.
Ana Alba - In a world of spoiled male toddlers with tiny.... hands, we need Angela Merkel - a super smart, super educated, and a Wonder Woman!
Kyle Albanese Merkel is a globalist who is getting her people killed. Open borders have devastating consequences. The more Muslim refugees she and other European leaders accept Europe will soon be run by Sharia Law.
Jasmine Serna CNN No stories on Puerto Rico and their conditions? Do they need help? They are part of our territory. I bet they feel pretty left out when everyone is too busy fighting over football players.
Brennan Paul Gum No analysis needed. You let 1 million refugees from a different culture and society into your country and many of your native Germans aren't very fond of that for a variety of reasons both legitimate and exaggerated... growing pains
Akum Constantine Term of office is 4 years per term and renewable.She has been there for 3 terms which makes it 12years?if she wins again it makes it 16.if it is African leaders you will say they hang on to power for long.All humanity is just the same
Ferozur Rahman A LATTER FOR SHUCHI Are you well? Maybe good Can not live again. Because as far as I know your nature is somewhat like my mother. You look like a little bit like my mother. So you want to talk something. Since mother's words seem to be remembered at this moment. Wherever he is, Allah will keep him well. Well, let's introduce myself a little. My name is Zahir, age 12 Father's name Bashir Uddin Mother Taera I have three more brothers and sisters. But I do not know where they are today. We call you Rohingya - Muslim Rohingya, Hindu Rohingya. We did not know what was bad in our Rakhain state, but it was better than today. I'm just alive today, if it's live. I have gained many experiences at this age. Today, I want to tell you that. I want to tell more about a dream. I now have only one dream. And that's what you see. If you meet, we will ask some questions. And of course, I have to return to him with his answer. My father was in jail. We could eat more everyday than we could eat every day with very little fish. We had a school in our grass. There I used to read every day there. The world of book-books seemed strange to me, strangely but colored and dreamed. I used to imagine that I would say the name of the country one day, draw the flag and sing the national anthem. In the capital, I will go beyond the boundaries of the university. Although the country, nature, story, poetry, history were written on the book's page, there was no match for our lives. I did not know what the country is, what the flag is, what the army is. But this day and today life has taught me a lot. The first trouble began when my father returned from the river with his bloody and bandaged head. Because your army said that the fishing in the river or the Rohingyas are forbidden. They have driven all the fishermen out of the river. In the world of God, there was no crime in fishing in the river Gaya, would you tell me a little? Then the father does not have to work to provide a little food to our face, which has not been done. How to do more work from cloves, sewing shoes It's hard to get any job here. My dad was an industrious man. I never sat. Last time I and Dad took work in one's land. The work of barga farmers. I started dreaming again, the day will come again. We are very ordinary workers Rohingya. Do not understand politics Just want to live after eating. We did not have much demand at all. So what was the crime to work hard to bring back the day? But suddenly, he used to quell the dream. That evening is just the evening. Several soldiers came in a few cars. Some people came in a simple dress. They screamed and hated us with a hated sight. There is no message to shoot. I saw my father in front of me to go after the bullets. When I tried to catch him, he took me to the back and left me behind the house. There were my brothers and sisters there. The cry went all the way around. Understandably, who or who has set our small room on fire? I saw the evening evening in Dao Daw Awa. And our house is going to burn, all our dreams are going on. We started running with our breath. But I did not get long. A man wearing a heavy uniform wearing a terrible appearance, caught my mother, who could not run with my younger sister. She threw the little sister into the ground. She started dragging her mother. I shouted at him. He could not shoot me in the scuffle and blew it with a rifle butt. I lost knowledge. When the knowledge came back, there was no one else. I could not find the remaining three siblings. A little while away from the bush, I found the naked body of the bullet shot. I've never seen such scenes before. More terrible than dream. I started crying like crazy. Why did this horrible scene come in front of me? Why did God show me the naked body of my mother's milk, why did I show it to me today? How can I protect this nude body from the wild and wild jungle, from the fox? Allah is your help. Hundreds of people were walking on the road. With their help, I used to fill my mother's body on the ground to read the blessings. Do not live from my hand, save my mother from the hand of a fox and a dog. Yes, I was saying today I am very strong. Only tears when the mother remembers. Reflecting on your mother's back to the shelter shop near the refugee camp, My mother smiled much with your smile, although she forgot about when she dressed like you and laughed after flowering. But laughing. I had one uncle. She fell to the big class of the school. I have heard from him, the people of Myanmar and you do not want Rohingya. Rohingyas or not Myanmar Buddhists, who are after the cloak and religion, like our priests, why are they so angry with us that there is also an impassable mystery? Now I'm afraid to see someone like this here. There is a desire to hate. but why? I did not want it. My eyes, this mind is going to be like those who hate us, who killed my mother naked and left? She killed my father? For whom my little sister's little sister lost? Dear Suu Kyi, can you protect me from this hatred someday? Went three nights for three days. Junglee, by the river lending. Row row with people Neutral, empty hand. And find the brothers and sisters Somewhere if they get them I'm hungry when someone does not have any food, where do they get? We have saved lives by drinking trees and water. Only the people of your imagination and my imagination have left Myanmar in this country. Here I see people wearing uniforms. Their rifle on the shoulder But the eyes are just different. Not the face language, the eyes do not understand that they will not harm us like your soldiers. I first came to them and wept in fear of uncertainty. But now it has come to understand that Maya's heart does not rise from Allah's world. From birth, all the children found admiration for their parents. Dear Suu Kyi, do not you crave all your children? Uncles say that country means mother Myanmar does not see all his children in the same eye? We were his children. Know that Rakhine is our state, my country of Myanmar. Dear Suu Kyi, what does the country mean to you? Yours Wretched one Rohingya wants a country that you have
Ren Yang Ho If migrants do not cause so much problems in Germany, AFD will not see an increase in influence. But migrants are still very happy and more can continue their plan of coming to Europe. Germans need to take up martial arts to protect themselves against robberies and rapes.
Muul Otto Yeah, well, thats what happens in a very progressive European country: Muslims are finally able to elect their leadership. 👌 good for you guys!
James Jones hey lady PERV ALERT. you have a guy checking out your Butt
Luigi Scognamiglio Thank God they can take more Muslims
Marti White we have a DOTARD in the WhiteHouse.. FAKE-president--Putin's puppet..
Karen Bowser WTG, Merkel!! You are the leader of the free world now that herr drumpf is ruining 'murika'... 🙁
John Michaels Get your migrant crisis under control. You're bringing about the downfall of Europe. Multiculturalism has failed, and you know it. You've admitted as much.
Sarah Jane Troxel First the laught about our pres. Now they shot into there own knie... 👍
Dale St Marie Merkel is a globalist puppet and Germans will deserve everything heading their way if they allow this pos to be 're-elected'
Gregg Michaels she sucks a terrorist cock, but at least the alt left socialist lost
Greg Sindewald .. US : woman gets 3+ million more votes and loses WH to clown Germany : democracy
Marie-Paule Elter Well done Merkel, it's only you causing all this mess!
William Pross Germany showing growing support for far-right...? That's scary
James Mafunde Fourth term?She will be the "MUGABE"of Germany
Dan Lungo Watch it Merkel Nationalism is on the rise
Awesam Kevin Nothing is as sweet as clinging to power... Fact
Awesam Kevin Some president is being condemned for overstaying and now this? Amazing
Ahmed Hussain Hunna James I told you she will win
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JUST IN: One person was killed and six others were wounded Sunday in a shooting at a church in Antioch, Tennessee, according to the Metropolitan Nashville Police

Sam McManus "Shooter is a 26 year old African American individual... but we have no other details" Police wanted to give that info out as soon as possible. If white, we wouldn't have know for days. Welcome to Amerikka.
Chris Andresen I'm sure a travel ban from 7 middle eastern countries would've prevented this...oh wait.
Kay E. Kensington Waiting for the day Americans come to their senses about how easy it is for crazy people to get guns
Jonathan Reiland Just waiting for the identity of the perpetrator to come out so we can make our obligatory sweeping generalizations about others with similar background.
موحى فارس If he is : Muslim : terrorist and witnesses heard yelled allah akbar Black : he is a murderer by nature and criminal White : mentally unstable and require medical attention
Rigo Estrada Shooter? Something tells me he wasn't Latino or Muslim. Or the word terrorist would be tossed freely
Joan Block This is just a sick Hateful person. Let's not make this a race thing. The shooter was Black and so were victims.
John Henry I feel bad for the victims and they are in my prayers, but i am thoroughly disgusted by the amount of people making jokes about this, or politicizing this, This was a tragedy not something to spam politics about.
Terver Justines Wever Lunatics, drug addicts,mentally derailed people parading themselves freely with dangerous weapons. What do you expect?
McClinton A. Stanford If the Ushers in that church had gun, it would ve been a gun battle and the shooter would ve been killed. As from now on, anyone going to church should go with a short gun if possible with an AK47. Just trying to help
Bimmy Lee If we didn't reform gun laws after the shooting deaths of children, teenagers, etc than we're not going to reform gun laws for a bunch of Christians.
Wendell Krueger The right wing Christians will say at least the shooter was decent enough to go to church on Sunday!
Jason Ewing Can we get an update on Russian collusion and how they got CNN to give the debate questions to Hillary
Shelley Fautt I live in Nashville and moved out of Antioch year ago..Still a disgrace when you go to worship and have to look behind your back. The gunman was African American and the usher was pistol whipped by the gunman ..then the usher went to his vehicle and got his gun. They got in a struggle and the gunman accidentally shot himself in the chest
Cynthia Shepherd Why didn't some god protect them?
Takesha Johnson Lord Jesus prayers for the families and all of the injured
Ana Silva i would like to see the word of "terrorism" used in this case because is obvious this is turning a fashion :O !!!
Dawn Michelle Hutcherson So has anyone tried Zoe's Kitchen??? The best fresh food you can get!!!
Kevin Durrell I bet if he is white and it's a black church Trump won't call it an terrorist attack.
Shane Cameron Shouldn't god have been there, it being Sunday, and all?
Tim McMahon This is why we need God put back in churches,,...err,..never mind
Gayle Alleluia Herron Ushers in all Churches need to be trained in Security and should carry.
Everette Little NRA will no doubt recommend church members start arming themselves !
John Pettis At least gun sales are doing well.
Bam Oneal These days strip clubs are safer than church because in church you get robbed by the pastor and shoot by the the congregation and Jesus never heals the victims.
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Players from several teams are protesting Donald J. Trump attacks on the NFL, including:
• Cleveland Browns
• Denver Broncos
• Miami Dolphins
• Baltimore Ravens
• Jacksonville Jaguars
• Buffalo Bills

Ayoba Houston Can you just imagine, just imagine Obama calling people exercising their right SONS OF B*TCHES? On national Television? Me neither. He was way too classy. This is what we have normalized in a Trump administration. I can't even have my kids in the living room when he's on cause no telling the type of language he will use. This is honestly even no longer about politics anymore: it's about plain ole common decency. Can we just at least have that at this point?
Valerie Massie The Law: 18 U.S. Code § 227 says that it is a federal crime for any executive branch employees (including the president) to influence or threaten to influence a private employment decision. It's punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both.
Fawad Haider So is everyone in agreement that donald is a dick? Good, get rid of him now.
Mark Buckley I do not condone any professional athlete using their national spotlight for political reasons. If any average American were to protest for political reasons at their place of work, they would receive a visit from HR followed by a pink slip. On this issue, I'm only considering the cause and effect. Mr Trump made personal comments against individual athletes expressing their 1st amendment rights. Right or wrong by those athletes, he had no business expressing his personal views which are in direct conflict with the US Constituition he swore to protect. Mr Trump crossed a line by using his stage to bring politics into sports. His words as President have created the outrage we are witnessing today, and will probably continue to see for weeks/months to come.
Myke Weible Guess what everyone? Players used to stay in the locker rooms during the anthem up until about 10 years ago... edit: 2009 to be precise. Then the military started paying them to show patriotism towards their country to influence youths to maybe one day be recruited because they were inspired by their favorite players... Also, how many people do you see stand in sports bars during the anthem?
Annie C. Galloza #NFL players who disrespect our American flag but loooove the American dollar and everything it buys them are a bunch of pathetic, entitled, self-serving, hypocrites! #StandUpfortheFlag 🇺🇸 #BoycottNFL
Leslie-Anne Glenwright They found Tebow praying offensive, they didn't allow players to wear a decal honoring the slain Dallas officers. They didn't allow players to wear 9/11 cleats in honor of the victims but they allow this. Let that sink in.
Sean Bradrick Trump likes to think that he can use force, threats, name-calling and bullying to get players to stand. If he'd ever taken an American History course, he might realize that our democracy was built on protest and political dissent.
Suzanne Williams It's not about a bird, a flag or a song. It's about people. It's not about disrespect, I don't think some of you even know what that is, it's about exercising the rights we have as American citizens. Any time. Any place. To be able to peacefully protest is American!
Venus Niebres Taylor I'm sorry but if its time to stand for the national anthem, you hush and stand up. Im not just talking about the American Flag, but all flags. Whatever Nationality you are, if you are a citizen or visiting another country ... You pay some respect and stand for that flag because thats a sign of respect. Whether you're an american citizen living in China, or a Chinese Citizen living in the United States... respect the flag of the country you are in. Now why would you not stand up for the flag that you were born and raised in?
Rian Pelger If I am not mistaken...Mr Trump took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. Freedom of speech is part of our Constitution. Denying any American his or her right to that freedom is not protecting and defending.
Bonita Bedard And also wondering why the marchers who carry the confederate flag aren't considered by the president to be disrespecting our flag?
Will Chaney Kaepernick's taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem was never about the flag, it about Injustice of police officer brutality and shootings of defenseless unarmed black men, without holding them accountable for their actions 🤔🤔🤔
Dennis Mahr Instead of listing all those teams why not just lump them together and call them what they really are? The treasonous dumbasses
Wayne Thompson Chaos Lying trump started another problem. He never gets anything passed just causes problems one after another! Any other president would be putting effort into passing healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure but not Lying trump his effort goes into attacking football players, or smack down CNN videos. SAD
Venita Carlstrom Gatheright “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." ~Nelson Mandela~
Kenny Bennett Donald was correct. If you disrespect the flag you disrespect "We The People." The NFL has officially been boycotted. Now, if you have a racial problem, football ain't the place to show it. And look at the lost income for you owner you idiots. Hahah. Progressivism is a MENTAL ILLNESS.
James Walker The NFL commissioner has said that the president has no respect for the NFL. Some players don't show respect for our country but the commissioner expects respect for the NFL. Our flag and national anthem deserve respect not the NFL.
Brad Jenkins Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Carl Watkins I think that every sports figure who kneels for the National Anthem, should be forced to go to Dover AFB...or Andrews AFB...and take that very same flag they kneel down to off the the coffin of a fallen service member and give it to the wife, son or daughter, mom or dad. Look them square in the eyes and talk about inequality!
Sandy K. Potter I support their right to express their discontent in nonviolent ways because my family and friends in the military fought and continue to serve to uphold OUR right to Freedom of Speech under the US Constitution! Those who think folks shouldn't have to right to do this should leave the US, because the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is the foundation of our Nation.
Brad Davis I am one against those that kneel, but I have to say, I like the compromise position of taking a knee with one hand over your heart. It shows both protest and respect. Not sure who that player was, but appreciate the thoughtfulness of his act.
Justin Jacobs Any Player that doesn't stand for or participate in the National Anthem shouldn't be allowed to play. Simple. And if they miss 2 games due to this crap they automatically forfeit 50% of their yearly salary to a Veteran Charity. NFL You need to fix this! You are the National Football league who allows players to kneel or not participate in the National Anthem.. Keep ignoring this problem and you won't have to worry about the athletes actions, you will have to worry about what the country does to your profit margins.. Take a stand for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country, the same country that your logo shares the colors of. Otherwise remove the Red White and Blue from your National Logo as you are no longer recognized or deserving of that title.
Dwana Cal Amen...Team owners and players..Unity..Care deeply about communities💛💛💛 raise awareness💛💛💛 common goals💛💛💛 We can make our country and it's future greater together💛💛💛 Sending love to everyone💛💛💛
Vicci Scott This is not about Colin Kaepernick, this is about civil rights being violated. I don't care what race you are, if you think it is ok to pledge allegiance to a flag that represents a country that does nothing to stop civil rights violations you are a sick and demented human being.
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Players kneel and lock arms during the national anthem at the first NFL game since Donald J. Trump slammed players for protesting

Sh Saber I'd like to see ALL players kneel at their next game. Show 45 that nobody cares what a racist dotard thinks or says.
Emily Riley I think it's hysterical - the very man (Kaepernick) they want to silence has now led a huge movement in our nation's history and will go down as a hero. Can anyone say, "backfired"?
Grae McDonald As employees of the team and the league, they are publicly representing, thus demeaning, their employer. Protest and make political statements all you want, outside of your work. Not on your employers time or their dime. They should be fired!
Mike Kline Really disgusting of these players to do that. I probably will never watch another NFL game neither would I ever support anyone who advertises on those games. Also there are millions of people with me on this
Rian Pelger If I am not mistaken...Mr Trump took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. Freedom of speech is part of our Constitution. Denying any American his or her right to that freedom is not protecting and defending.
Gina Gayle Turpin Ok NFL what's wrong with you and all those players who have the audacity to exercise your right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech! How dare you have a different opinion then mine! You're suppose to be a football player and not have an opinion like me! Keep your mouth shut and get back to playing a game so I can get back to yelling at the tv and eating my nachos and drinking my beer. Stop spoiling Sunday's!
Laurie Polk The Law: 18 U.S. Code § 227 says that it is a federal crime for any executive branch employees (including the president) to influence or threaten to influence a private employment decision. It's punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both
RC Mercy As an army veteran I support these non violent silent kneeing protests, I took an oath to defend the constitution not the flag. Trump is disrespecting Constitution!
Eddice Adams Apparently it is not in the NFL contract to stand for the anthem. As a retired Vet, I find it mighty hypocritical for Trump to be calling them SOB and unpatriotic. Now he is trying to dlss the players...he will lose this twitter war; throwing zingers back is playtime for them. I guess trump thought he had the owners in his back pocket because they gave him millions.
Richard Ling NFL players have a constitutional right to protest or kneel during the US national anthem. Just as you have a right to boycott watching the NFL. Freedom of speech is protected under the US Constitution through the First Amendment. President Dotard Trump has been caught disrespecting the US national anthem by not placing his hand next to his chest.
Dontae Mendez Black player takes a knee to protest: Fire the SOBs. They don’t deserve their freedom of speech. Guys participate in white supremacist march while chanting nazi slogans: They are only exercising their freedom of speech. And according to trump they’re “very fine people”. Got it. Trump obviously has some bias agenda going on
Daniel Muñoz Trump is embarrassing himself and the US in front of the entire world. How can he be perceived to be tough on KN if football players won’t even respect him?
Rebecca Lynn Because trump wants people to listen to him and if you don't watch out god forbid we have a voice he's such a dictator is sickening
Sharon Floyd Trump can complain all he wants but it was his wife that reminded him to put His hand over his heart on several occasions. Hypocrite.
Kristopher Leger All this starting from a false cause.... what a shame, that spoiled brats can’t support the country that allows them to earn so much money.......
Julio Cesar Is this about politics? No, it's about humans rights, about systematic oppression, about dignity, about courage to stand for one's believes, it's correct and it's legal. POTUS made it apolitical, trying to influence against the proper actions of individuals, and intending to maintain what he loves, oppression
Tommy Brightman The NFL is letting their employees dig their own grave with an unpatriotic and anti-police agenda. President Donald Trump threw the NFL a lifeline but they were too arrogant to take excellent advice. Canceling our NFL package on Direct TV tomorrow. Well....bye
Judy Brockett Piccolo I kneel with these players and their right to peaceful protest.......this is what makes our country great not a blowhard illegitimate pres that promotes hate, racism, bigotry, misogyny -
Pete Martin NFL fans are cool with a double homicide stabbing, multiple sexual assaults, dogfighting, child abuse, domestic violence, drugs, hookers, etc... Black guys kneel and THAT'S the line?
Bufont Hicks 1.The flag represents freedom 2.You have no right to tell others how to express that freedom, 3.That would be a dictatorship. (Which you claim to hate) 4. If you want to dictate how others express their freedom, YOU are free to leave, North Korea is a good option for you.
Tessa Davis Go boys GO!!♥️♥️♥️ Soldiers didn't die for us to stand... They died for us to sit or stand. Trump can't do his own job right, but he's worried about the NFL? *comical* tRUMP didn't do this much talking about Charlottesville and his nazi friends!
Lupe Ryan Fortunately we live in a free country, where we can say, do, worship, and believe what we want. It is up to us to choose those freedoms. I May not agree with someone views or beliefs, but it is their right as American Citizens to exercise that right. Trump is wrong, and a hypocrite, many times during the National anthem he did not put his hand on his heart, that was also his right. Than God,We live in a free country!
Patti Wright Belanger They took a knee before the comments by the President, he only said what most people were thinking. Go ahead and kneel, watch the NFL go down then what will all of you players do???
Kristina Henning "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, right or wrong - is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public" Theodore Roosevelt. 26th president of US (1858 - 1919)
Gail Gallea Kanz Trump loves to see how much power he has over people. He loves controversy. He has important issues to take care of and this is what he chooses to tweet about. Don't let his abnormal behavior become normal. He is quite insane.
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Donald J. Trump ignited a war of words with the nation's African-American athletes this weekend, again putting himself squarely in the middle of a racially charged debate.

Justin Siedel Trump: America is not great! Supporters: Yea! MAGA!! Celebs and Athletes : American is not great! Trump supporters: Omgfgxjdjdjd how dare they disrespect our country and soldiers!! Brain dead hypocrites...the lot of them If only you were all this outraged about Trump's lack of condemning white nationalist Nazi's. 🤔 Really says alot.
Susan Majercak Blair Please...spend time today to LISTEN A protest of the flag or the national anthem is not a protest of the armed services. It is not saying, "I hate the United States." It IS saying, "I want what is true for some, to be true for ALL." These players are protesting wide-spread police brutality and institutional racism. When, as a country, we fail to provide the freedoms, rights and responsibilities that we claim to hold so dear, to EVERY every human being, we people have the freedom, right and responsibility to protest. We should hold ourselves, our government, and elected representatives accountable for upholding these freedoms, rights and responsibilities for ALL people.
Shannan Tyler ~ what's with the adding "African American" … CNN~ trying to start another race war… Go ahead… We don't care what color these players are black, yellow, purple, green, zebra, they need to keep it off the field and stop disrespecting America!
James McDaniel He didn't insult African American athletes, he insulted those who kneel during the anthem. I know, I know, a race war makes you money but at least try to be honest. (And no, I didn't vote for Trump).
Jon Magyar Trump didn't say anything about or specifically call out African American players... So nice race baiting CNN #fakenews
Mark Smith It's NOT a racial debate..TRUE AMERICANS will not tolerate these b.s. protests..anyone that protests ON THE JOB should be fired..regardless of what color you are
Jimmy Saffelle I feel like if a group of multimillionaires are so offended, they could actually do something to create change. But its probably cheaper to just kneel while collecting your paycheck. #resist 😂✊🏿👍🏼
Joe Solari The outcome of football games has ZERO impact on my life. Who fights for and defends my nation has EVERY impact on my life. I stand with the Heroes, not entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, overpaid, anti-American degenerates. I think the Athletes who are being paid to play a game need to be reminded that Free speech means the government can't send you to jail when you exercise that right. Free speech is not protected in the workplace. There are many appropriate venues to voice one's political grievances. The workplace is not the appropriate venue. I don't watch football to hear player's political opinions.
Linda Evans I don't think it's accidental. His supporters get to veil their racism with blind patriotism and feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves. More dog whistle.
Randall Plumlee There goes CNN again. Donald trump didn't speak to ANY ONE RACE. He never said AFRICAN AMERICAN. Stop with your hate CNN. You should be sued!
Edwin Owah I'm a Nigeria and black and I do follow closely American politics. President Donald Trump never mentioned African American, he was only critical to athletics kneeling during national anthem. CNN is a purveyor of falsehood..
JR Young Now the pathetic media is attempting to make it about race. It is what a liberal does when they realize they are losing the debate. Throw the race card
Linda A Ray Saw this: If only a knee in Freddie Gray's back upset some people as much as a knee on the ground, this would be over already.
Emerson Williams Lol, always trying to push the race card. Yes the NFL is 70% black however Trumps criticism has NOTHING to do with that and they know it.
Reggie Narozniak No not just African American players but all players but not even all players but all of us that believe in free speech and wanting better for this country
John Hogue He didn't say anything about African Americans. He talked about athletes. There you go again CNN, trying to spread fake news. So sick of the media.
Ron Dahlke Just read that black professional athletes make up over 70% of the wealthy African American population. Instead of protesting against the government, why aren’t they working and putting their money to curb the black on black crime in many of their communities?🤔
Wayne Kesso I don’t think he was being racist. Idiot, yes...racist, no. He didn’t specify a race in his comment. He just said “players”.
Burney S Lovelace He didn't say it against African Americans dipshits talking to all scum who kneel soldiers have died protecting your rights and your way of life and to kneel is disrespectful to all who have died for your rights NFLs ratings and attendance is down wonder why cause if people like these
Norbert Romero Chavez I don't like Donald Trump however he never said anything about African American players. He said NFL players kneeling during the national anthem should be fired.
Ofelia Roberts I think they look even more respectful than disrespectful. Imagine, they are kneeling to the flag. When you kneel you are showing respect, not disrespect. Putting your hand over your heart is meaningless, since most people are thinking about how long is the anthem going to take so they can go get a beer. Kneeling takes more effort and focus. Considering the fact that Melania had to remind Trump to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem show how much of a hypocrite he really is.
Brian Powers I think CNN is being racist by implying that only African-Americans kneel during our anthem. I don't recall Trump making any reference to race whatsoever.
Monica Moncada Tefel #1 Trump should have shut his mouth again. This is kitchen talk and kitchen talk does not belong in a presidential podium. #2 I am against police brutality period. 10000%. However The national anthem and our flag 🇺🇸 has nothing to do with police brutality. It is comparing apples to oranges. There are changes that need to be made, YES, but these athletes are disrespecting our brothers and sisters of all different races and nationalities that have given their lives, that respect and honor our flag 🇺🇸 and what it represents for this country so these players can do what exactly throw a ball for millions of dollars for a few hours? The marine that gave their life for all athletes is the one that deserves this paycheck! Excuse me while I cough Bull💩. #3 Don't let the NFL fool you. The owners of these franchises are all WHITE. They support money not athletes. They don't see white, black brown, they see green 💸💸💸💸. The moment you are not useful to them, you are out. Specifically the #NFL. They knew for years the damage concussions was causing all these athletes and what did they do ? Absolutely nothing! They didn't alter their equipment to protect them! So save me the story of we support our athletes. NFL You support a business. Lastly The athlete that started this so called movement is a Fidel Castro Che Guevara loving communist. What are the odds 🤦🏼‍♀️. A man who supports killers who have oppressed people but uses our 🇺🇸 to 💩 on it. The 🇺🇸 that gave him the biggest opportunity in the world. Where is that player now? Hope he's helping his community since the NFL that supports him so much said bye Felecia. Can't expect much from jocks. They were never the brightest cats. I support our soldiers! I support our 🇺🇸 and I support our national anthem and what it stands for. I guess the concussions are affecting the players still since they can't tell the difference between patriotism and racism.
Alan Mercurio That's funny I thought Trump said any player?? Oh that's right this is more media spin! Who's dividing people?
Kathleen Barnett That's what white supremists do!!! He has to also take the attention away from Russia and the war he is starting. All he knows how to do is start wars, be it racial or Korean. He's useless waste of skin!
CNN3 hours ago

NFL players "have the right for free speech off the field,” says Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, defending President Donald J. Trump.

Steve Dixon Ummm...Those rights don't vanish when they step onto a football field. That is not how the 1st amendment works.
Jonathan Taylor The Law: 18 U.S. Code § 227 says that it is a federal crime for any executive branch employees (including the president) to influence or threaten to influence a private employment decision. It's punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both. The law...something Trump never reads.
Amy Ostrower Players have the right to free speech everywhere. They are standing against white intolerance with dignity and constraint. They should be lauded, not criticized.
Rodolfo Avalos I find it ironic that a man who claimed multiple deferments during Viet Nam, insults gold star parents, has compared his personal dalliances in the 80s as his Viet Nam, attacked former POW war heroes and sitting Senators has the gall to claim the mantle of patriotism and honor. He is a disgrace to the Office he holds and our nation.
Alan Alexander Arisméndez As usual, an entitled rich white man trying to tell minorities how they can and cannot exercise their rights. Kindly go away, sir.
David Tomich No NFL player stood for the national anthem until 2009—before then, the players stayed in the locker room as the anthem played. NFL teams got patriotic in recent years because it was good for business. A 2015 congressional report revealed that the Department of Defense had paid $5.4 million to NFL teams between 2011 and 2014 to stage on-field patriotic ceremonies; the National Guard shelled out $6.7 million for similar displays between 2013 and 2015. “Paid patriotism” is what this is being called.
คริส มูซ Always amazes me how upset the right gets when someone shows disrespect for the flag, when WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE at the disrespect shown to PEOPLE who are mistreated, discriminated against, abused, etc. PEOPLE are more important than a flag. STOP abusing PEOPLE and start UNITING ITS #2017
Stu Taylor Players have the right to free speech anywhere that it is dictated by the constitution. No more and no less. I'm not even American and I know that.
Amy Smeraglio Does that mean that Mnuchin gives up his 1st Ammendment rights when he charters government planes for personal use? It should.
Steve Prendergast Nfl is a private corporation and have no issue with players respectfully and peacefully protesting. However it is against federal law for somebody from the executive branch to force private company to fire somebody....
James Krebs In other words, the Secretary of the Treasury has publicly admitted that he doesn't know how the Constitution works. Nice
Heidi Uno A lot of brave men fought and died for the American flag including relatives of mine. If some of these millionaire NFL scum bags want to disrespect it, I dont have to watch thier games. WORD!!!
Robshaun Johnson You people have no shame stop using service members who fights for our freedom not a piece of cloth or a song as a political pawn to hide your racism!!!!
Rebecca Reed "Entitled rich elitist tells people they aren't allowed to practice their constitution rights." Should be the headline.
Ivo Iontchev What is the difference between on and off the field? The law doesn't state on or off the field. Either you have freedom of speech or you don't. Trump and his camp want to rewrite the laws to suit them. Doesn't work that way! No dictatorship!!!
Kelly Johnson Petruso I'm a veteran and no one died for the flag or a song. They died for freedom represented by the constitution. The price of freedom is heavy. Veterans take an oath to protect the constitution which includes the bill of rights. First amendment gives the players a right to kneel for the anthem. The greatest freedom an individual can have is the right to criticize their own country. The first amendment doesn't cease to exist because you don't like how someone exercises their rights. As a veteran I'm not insulted by NFL players protesting racial inequality, but I'm totally insulted by people not knowing their first amendment rights or understanding the constitution. That's what people died for not a flag not a song. Know your rights or lose them.
Kristina Henning "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, right or wrong - is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public" Theodore Roosevelt. 26th president of US (1858 - 1919)
Steve Biddlecombe Just one correction, 'NFL players have the right to free speech.' That's all, he can't define limitations as to where and when that freedom can be expressed.
Kenny Biddle Didn’t he and his wife use a government jet to travel to see the eclipse? The same man who wanted to use a private government plane for his honeymoon? U and 45 can go Phyck URSELFS!!
Kirstin Ratter Garabedian Mnuchin is irrelevant. You don’t lose your First Amendment rights when you step on the football field.
Kenny Smith So we’re just going to ignore police brutality being the reason for all of this, right? Sorry guy, not today. If anyone associated with Donald Trump is mad, then they’re protesting, correctly. 😘
David Allen Why is the Treasury Secretary even speaking to this matter? Seems he has enough work on his plate without chiming in on social events. Less shopping trips with your wife on taxpayers dollar would help the bottom line as well.
Lindsay Freels Serrano Know what's more disrespectful? Taking your constituents money to pay for your trophy wife's travels and shopping sprees.
Debbie Gabriele If you’re more comfortable calling out kneeling football players than marching nazis with torches, you may want to ask why that is.
Leigh Spann Your rights don't turn on and off because ppl are offended how and when you exercise them. A government official should know that clear as day. But hey, this is the same guy that want the tax payers to help pay for his honeymoon trip. Smh
CNN3 hours ago

German elections: The AfD will be the first far-right party to enter the country's parliament in almost 60 years, as Angela Merkel is set to win her fourth term as Chancellor

William Bunchuck Mixed reactions. Yay for Merkel. I truly believe she’s the leader of the free world at the moment. But I don’t get how the far-right movement is spreading so rapidly all over Europe and the US. It’s sickening.
Kiernan Majerus-Collins It's horrifying to see the rise of far-right parties anywhere, but especially in Germany. AfD represents a vision for Germany that millions fought and died to prevent.
Scott Smith You know your citizens are brainwashed when they vote for a person that literally throws their country's flag on the floor. Europe is where zuckerberg style censorship rules the day
Larry Engel Jr. Within 10 year Europeans will have lost control of their Nations and they will be the next wave of refugees. They have no foresight.
Jason George Can’t understand why any German person would vote for Merkel after what she’s done to that country.
Nader Adel You keep denying the problem and not once you mentioned the reason for the rise of far right parties. Not once you asked why ? What's going on ? Or why people are voting for them. But instead all you do is calling them names.
Victor Chike Keri Angela's victory will be great, GOOD NEWS. She is a model of politician, not the bully racist on the west side of the Atlantic
Clay Moorer bad choice Germany, Merkel is a pro Islamic leader and will destroy your Country just as the libs are trying to destroy ours..hope you can live with your decision
Judy Steelhammer Hall Terrible watching Merkel turn a once beautiful country, where my family is from, into a 3rd world shithole.
Elizabeth Rhys I guess Germans like having their once great country turned into a third world cesspool. Many of my ancestors came from Germany many years ago, and I have wanted to travel to some of the areas where they came from. But, there won't be a German culture or historic sites left when the current Germans get done letting others come in and destroy it all. If they ever wake up, it will be too late.
Marge Destler No far right party should be allowed to enter politics anywhere. They promote hate and disharmony. How is that good for any country? Should murderers have freedom of expression?
Rik van Herpen Merkel is a serious threat for Europe. 97-98% of todays 'refugees' who enter Europe are illegal. Merkel doesn't want to close the borders for them. She is a mass murderer who is responsible for many people who drowned in the Mediterranean sea.
Silke Gardner I am tired of people commenting on here who have never been to Germany on how Germany is going to lose its culture and history, because we welcomed refugees to our country?? Its sad enough that the AFD made it that far, but we would never want a dumb idiot like Trump be in charge! Dont come to Germany just stay where you are, we will survive without you!!
Natalia Covalenco When Germany will be pronounced an Islamic Germanistan? Seems like in 5-10 years. But today there is no child or woman can walk German streets alone anymore! The civil war Afganistan- style would be such a fun in their Islamic hell!
Chris Robles Doesn't that frighten anybody overthere? Someone who has accumulated that much power and time in politics. Power corrupts, period. No matter who you are or what your intentions are. Just remember, George Washington voluntarily stepped down after 2 terms when it was clear that he would keep winning elections.
Juan Soleil Typically when you speak about "right wing" in European political parties it still equals what Americans would consider left ideology. The AFD though is definitely right by American standards. Although while it is far right by European standards, it is pretty moderate by American.
Greg Gee How did this pig win again? There is no way the native Germans voted for this scum. I wonder how much influence big daddy Soros had in this one. There is no way the ethnic Germans are this suicidal, not a chance in hell. #AfD #SmashCulturalMarxism
Jennifer Xaria Lambert I have faith that Chancellor Merkel with handle those idiots. Congrats to the German people...on Merkel's win. .
Brian McCoy I guess importing destruction into her country has worked out greatly for her. I really enjoyed my time living in Germany but in the current condition I would never go back.
Denise Seibel Germany does not need to complain to the world anymore. They know what Merkel has brought to their country and yet they vote her in again. I do not feel they should ask for aid from other nation's anymore.
Chris Tocke The Right in the US is about limited Government, the Right in the UK still has Government in control... Not the same thing people... Germany had a bad choice either way.
James Hughes With Merkel you can expect more muslim fanatical murders in germany as she is weak on protecting german citizens and does not seem to think of Germany as a sovereign nation but a global open borders...Only been 72 years since Germany tried to conquer the world. To say she is the leader of the FREE world is a joke.. After Hitler, now you have Merkel and her crazy ideas of diluting germany even more.
Niko Bellanti SHAME on Germany! They should be stripped of their right to choose any far right leaning party to enter into their parliament. They are responsible for the two most horrendous moments in the 20th century. We are still paying the price for WWI and WWII. The AfD must be rejected by the German people.
James Weaver Funny. The European right is the American left. And visa versa. Sad moment for Germany as the status quo will still remain and get worse.
Travis Johnson I guess her coalition will be Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. She can carry ISIS into the rest of her country and the world. SMH
CNN3 hours ago

JUST IN: Angela Merkel on course for fourth term as German Chancellor as exit polls predict her party will be largest in parliament

Tre Millz Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world. In the absence of ethics and true leadership in Washington, she has risen to the occasion!
Adam Ford I love the White American Nationalist coming out against her on this thread. Like any of you even left your own state. She won because people like you frighten the world with your ignorance.
Montie Pyle Thank god. At least the Germans have people with the ability to vote for the best of their country, unlike us American yahoos.
Karram Shafo Four more years with the women who destroyed EUROPE by 1. Opening the borders (massimmigration without propper control) 2. Ditching the Greeks and not help them during their crisis (although the EU:s idea is to help other EU countries in need) 3. Making the Central Bank of Europe a German tool to boost German economy and weaken other economis in the EU.
Ryan Owens Congrats to Germany for being a real democracy. In Russia, Putin has been the leader for 18 years and their next Presidential election is less than 6 months away. Because all the others have been imprisoned or killed, the only candidates on the ballot are Putin, Putin, or Putin. I wonder who's going to win, the suspense is killing me!
Becca Cara Martinez SHAME on Germany. They had a chance to better their country, but these complacent fools stuck with the same sh*t.
Michael Küppers Well, as a German it's always funny how many people exactly know what is best for Germany, even if they have never been out of their own town. I agree with a lot of people that Merkel made mistakes, but she is still a stabilizing factor for Germany and the world. Schulz wouldn't be the best choice, because he wouldn't be as calm as Merkel. I am pretty sure Merkel isn't a huge fan of Trump, but she stays calm. Same with Putin. She tries to find a solution, even if it's not a popular one. Schulz would just be another ego and talking to much. May be some people shouldn't just think from their sofa to the toilet. Start to think in the long run.
Ma Ndala So German chancellor Angela Merkel is running for a fourth term and no one has a problem with that but if it was an African leader y'all would be saying that he should give chance for others to govern the country. How sad!
Ziggy Matos In other news....San Andreas fault divides Mexico and California and those tectonic plates are moving why do they let people build homes or communities there if they know that land is not safe? I
Deedee Isie I hope Germans are smart not to go down this rabbit hole like US. That deception and phony "deal maker", we are tired of winning already. Vote your guts and conscience and don't be deceived by a con man here in the Oval Office.
Tasco Sacs Angela markel trump nightmare, she is the legitimate president of the United world. ..congrats madame president for pissing trump once again.
Tom Hochmeister Fourth term?! Not possible even in Russia. She's longer there than Hitler, and this is what you call democracy.
Damien Igor From a German view. Merkel represent the center right of our political spectrum. So if you want her to lose because she's a "leftist", the winner will be a German bernie Sanders.
Ryan Hough Krauts have always been insane. No reason we should ever follow their political ideas, many tend to die horrible deaths. Many burn in ovens when Germans are left unchecked and powerful.
Frankie Bee I sure hope so. We need some higher standards in the world than what we have in the US. She is now the true world leader. America, welcome to 3rd place.
Aik Lorenzen Welp, thirteen percent of parliament wasted on a party that will be of zero use precisely. THAT's gonna help solve problems.
Jay Blanchard I miss the good old days when I could tell myself America was the leader of the free world and know that I wasn't lying. Congrats to the people of Germany for electing a leader with grace and dignity, and not a demented, narcissistic c-list celebrity bigot like we did.
James Alexander Great, more uncontrolled immigration, rapes, terrorist attacks, recession and austerity for Europe!!!
Nimma Pavan Ballari Illigal Immigrants waiting to cross into EU are celebrating. Get Ready EU Citizens To Become Refugees In Two or Three Decades.
Robert Qambar Please Germans don't vote for the Ayatollahs as Americans did, as the most citizens of the world have done so. The seeds of the Ayatollahs terror had to be destroyed and uprooted and not to be planted again and again.
Alex Beaulieu So people hate this lady but yet they keep voting for her or those that hate her like talk but they have no interest in cementing that beliefs by voting
Thomas Blohm ...indeed, you couldn't deny... alot of my colleagues had been very frustrated about her handling the policies concerning refugees and nearly all of them complained, that there is a lot of money for rrefugees and countries like Greece (btw: by EU-Law Greece shouldn't have entered the €-Zone in 2005!) but none for the own people.
Parveen Chawla Significant decline in German government parties in this election is, because they have been unfaithful and dishonest to their people. Their leaders live in dream land - far away from reality.
Fitzgerald Cark Howard While she is a woman of wonder..... she has proven that woman can be the greatest leader the world has ever seen......... respect
Irene Miscione We can only hope. German has replaced our country as the voice of reason. She has proven to be competent and capable...exactly what our country is lacking.
CNN3 hours ago

Former NFL Wide Receiver Donte Stallworth: NFL players feel that President Donald J. Trump "has tried to bully them into silence"

Gisela Damaris Getting upset at someone peacefully expressing their protest on their platform, and NOT getting upset at the rogue police who spit on the reputation of all great police everywhere is a bigger problem than the protest itself. Furthermore 45 uses HIS platform, the (used to be) most respected office in the nation to incite division. There are people suffering across the country and continent... and all he cares about is his reality show tweets. He and his supporters are a bigger disgrace to the country and all the USA stands for, than an athlete expressing their opinion. And to confirm yes Trump and Trumpies are getting worked up because someone has an OPINION. But they call others “crybabies”?! Fckin Twilight Zone.
Katie Campbell The Law: 18 U.S. Code § 227 says that it is a federal crime for any executive branch employees (including the president) to influence or threaten to influence a private employment decision. It's punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both.
Sheldon Hill Funny how y'all care so much about our troops now just because a "Black man" is out here taking a knee during the anthem But most of y'all don't wanna help a old homeless vet out when you see them on the streets. Y'all need to stop y'all mess. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Trump needs to fire himself. He is only dividing us all.
Lace Tier Donte Stallworth killed someone while driving drunk, paid off the family, and walked. He should be in jail, not TV. But, CNN is a good fit for him.
Dave Merci I think we should all kneel on one knee in support against racism when given the chance to express our given right. The "kneeling" is not out of disrespect for our flag or country, it is a statement being made that racism has no place in this country ever. We have fought to long and hard to abolish such hatred.... Excuse me for being so bold but I can not stand ideally by while Trump opens his less then qualified mouth on the subject. Mr. Trump, you as president of this country took an oath to lead this country. A leader unites not divides. You are not uniting, I will be watching the NFL games today. I am a veteran of this country and I guarantee you that millions of other veterans and service men and women alike will be to, we took an oath to support equal rights.
Eli Logan No president can do everything right. The job is just too big for any one person. Trump's anger, vindictiveness, jealousy and sheer sense of malice only makes his predecessors look better. Trump is simply too small, too petty for the office. I'm not talking hand size, I'm talking about spirit. Heart. He has none. That's the tragedy here. America has survived 2 World Wars, slavery, domestic terrorism, riots, Jim Crow, McCarthyism, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, 9/11, assassinations, a civil war, Vietnam and Watergate but America could be brought down by Trump. "Nobody knew health care was so complicated." "I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me." "When you're a star, they let you do it. Grab em by the p***y, you can do anything." "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any votes." “I know words. I have the best words.” Donald Trump offends me. Trump is what happens when arrogance, bluster, ignorance incompetence, a lifelong lack of accountability, and coupled with an endless series of enablers gains power and we will all pay for it. Someone like Donald Trump should never have made it this far. There is far more to being president than the title. A leader takes responsibility for their mistakes. A leader leads by example, not by meaningless, hollow words. A leader is someone who doesn't deceive, deflect and distract from the truth. A leader works to reduce people's suffering instead of intentionally inflicting it. A leader lifts people up instead of putting them down. A leader tries to unite people for the common good, rather than divide them with petty, hateful rhetoric. A leader doesn’t use his platform to muffle dissent. A leader has empathy and does not ridicule, disparage or humiliate others just to feed their own ego. “Lyin” Ted Cruz “Crooked” Hillary Clinton “Low energy” Jeb Bush “All talk and no action” John Lewis. Donald Trump seems to get a thrill out of inflaming people’s worst instincts in the name of combating what he feels is political correctness. Donald Trump is not strong, noble, honest, honorable, humble, compassionate, generous, or caring. As a human being, he has none of these qualities and he never will. He isn’t capable of it. Donald Trump is an aberration. He may have the title but he should never be considered a leader. He’s making the office smaller. I disagreed with Obama on several issues but I genuinely believed he was trying to do good. He was a man. He was smart, compassionate, decent and utterly confident in himself and his abilities and it showed. I don't believe he did everything right. I do think that he at least tried to leave the country better than he found it. You may disagree with that, that is entirely your right. Trump is the exact opposite and it is utterly demoralizing. I’m tired of being so tired. “I think there is blame on both sides.” “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” “She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. In my opinion, she was off base." No politician can solve all the various problems that confront a sprawling, diverse nation. Government is incapable of fixing everything but people in power have a responsibility to those who entrusted them with that power to do everything possible to give the citizenry a chance to make something of themselves. There will always be those who abuse the system but painting people with a broad brush only sharpens the divisions that prevents progress from being made. It inflames people’s emotions to the point where civil, respectful conversation is impossible. I have to believe that people basically want the same things out of life: to raise their children in peace, a safe and healthy environment to live in, good health and to live with dignity. In these trying times, something we can do is to try to treat each other with the dignity and respect all of us deserve, and live our lives as best we can. These are difficult times that are hard to deal with, times that we know will only get harder. Be grateful for every moment, even when you’re feeling demoralized by events. Live your highest ideals. Maintain that spirit of charity and mercy that can make everyone’s life just a little bit better and have faith that a better day is coming. It must.
Sean Jamison I will gladly take any NFL tickets off of trump supporters now that the great leader has declared a boycott so that you don't look even more like the hypocritical losers that you are.
Freddy Vicente Most Americans agree with Trump! And the drug addicted, welfare receiving, cop killer supporting, veteran hating, America hating Democrat base hates what Trump said.
Joshua Johnson No, he has tried to get players to stand and honor their country and flag. If they don't, the President and others feel their should be consequences. The players that have kneeled to this point, are the ones who have caused division.
Garcia V Frankin ‪we should not support millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our Armed Forces and Veterans. I stand with the Heroes, not a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates.‬
Melinda Roughley Kamariotis Trump is creating a more divisive America and has no idea how to lead a country. His rants on Twitter can be compared to a toddler throwing a fit when not getting his way. This is our new reality folks. I hope all who voted for him are proud of yourselves! Such a mess!
Sandor John Szucs People are saying he should be sticking to sports? Its the job of every citizen to be actively involved in what their government is doing. Perhaps Donald Trump should stayed with reality tv shows if that was the case.
Marilyn Toone No one likes a bully. Even less people likes a racist bully. Especially one that dresses up his racism as patriotism to deflect attention away from the revelations made this week regarding Russian hacking of multiple states campaigns.
Kyle Allen "DURR JUST STICK TO SPORTS, STAY OUT OF POLITICS", say the people who voted for a failed-casino-magnate-turned-reality-TV-host for President of the United States.
Enrique Gomez #DissentISPatriotic 🇺🇸️ But you know what's not patriotic? Working with Russians to undermine our democracy or calling Neo-Nazis "very fine people".
Dan Campanelli The NFL will see the price of this when they see how much attendance and revenue will drop because of this political BS. It's a game the athletes won't win, plain and simple. They're paid to play, not make a political statement.
Kathryn Rubenstein Why is Trump taking on pro sports teams?! Has he nothing better to do than micromanage the national anthem?! What an effing moron!
Kai Starr This Veteran fought for your right to do WHATEVER you please within the law..anyone whom disagrees doesn't understand the term DEMOCRACY & should move to another country!!!
Denise Silver Yes, Trump is a bully. Players are exercising their constitutional rights protected BY LAW - it is too bad our "leader" of our country and people who maintain they are patriots do not recognize our soldiers and sailors give their lives in order to protect these very rights. Trummp is showing no respect for our laws or our flag. Sad.
Ralph Watkins If players can be forbidden from showing off after scoring or praying in the end zone, then they should be banned from making political statements at games too. They do work for a corporation that answers to their customers & shareholders. Don't want to follow the rules, fire or suspend them.
Paul Oleson I don't like Donald Trump nor do I condone anything he says or does, with that said I did serve my country in the US Navy and I am very patriotic... If you have the audacity to kneel during the national anthem then get the f*ck out. These spoiled childish NFL stars don't realize everything they have is because of the freedoms and privileges that have been fought for over the years. Anyone who doesn't support the flag, the national anthem, or our constitution needs to get the F*CK out of my country.
Barb Ann Trump is still mad at the NFL cause they knocked him and his NJ Generals (USFL) out of pro football. They couldn't compete with the NFL. He admitted himself that he holds a grudge. This is his way of getting back at the NFL.
Marie Wade Trump... "The low-class" IGNORANT, has NO MORAL COMPASS to give advice or to tell others what to do. He's a nasty creature himself. Who in the right mind, would it take advice from him???
Bernard Howard What is wrong with liberals? If you're trying to make a statement get out there and do something, I don't see any of you volunteering your time or money in the communities in which you live.
David E Crone There's a right and wrong way of doing things. If you disrespect our flag, those who have died for it and those who continue to serve it, we will make you pay. Your multi-million dollar contracts, big-money endorsements and platforms will dry up, that is a guarantee. You may have the "right" to kneel but we have the right to turn off our TV and it starts this Sunday. Share this if you will too.
CNN4 hours ago

JUST IN: With President Donald J. Trump taking aim at the NFL and its players who protest during the national anthem, the league is broadcasting a message of unity.

Duy Anh I like when people who told me to respect the Confederate Flag last month scream about respecting the US Flag this month. #TakeTheKnee
Oscar Garza Hijack tools of mind control such as sports. That is why he is so pissed off. I am a USMC veteran and taking a knee does not offend me. The draft dodger needs to stay on his lane. #TakeAKnee and stand for others who dont have a voice.
Lisa Seaman Stand strong America. The bully in the WH needs to learn we live in a democracy. He is a president, not a dictator. For him to curse NFL players on a national platform is hate at it's finest. Stand or kneel is not up to him.
Thomas Skybakmoen Who thought it would be the NFL taking down Trump? Not the Democratic Party, not the Russian investigation, not the indulgence in water sports, or his money laundering, but NFL.
Rian Pelger So kneeling is more outrageous then a neo-nazis running a protestor over with a car..... " Some good people down there".... Trump on the neo-nazis comment
Derek Smart Deeply disappointed with Robert Kraft's response to Trump's totally justifiable comments. Kraft seems to support the on going anti-American far left politically motivated BS being displayed on the fields of the NFL during our national anthem. I'm a life long resident of Massachusetts and an avid Pats fan. In response to Krafts comments I will not be watching this weeks game.
Debbie Fussell Lewing Agree Boycott the NFL!! POTUS is right on this! these rich elite spoiled brat players make more money in one year than most of us will see in an entire lifetime. But instead of rising with beaming pride for the flag that stands for the nation that provides their unmatched wealth just for tossing a ball around, they decide to bow in disrespect because they want to protest a police officer having to kill a drug dealing gang banger who pulled a gun on them.
Jan Latker The Law: 18 U.S. Code § 227 says that it is a federal crime for any executive branch employees (including the president) to influence or threaten to influence a private employment decision. It's punishable by a fine or up to 15 years in prison or both. #LockHimUp
Tom Gatchell It is unfortunate that the NFL has used its immense platform to insult tens of millions of Americans, of all races, who love and have served this country. It is stunning that the team owners defend this unwarranted display of spitting on the service and graves of so many who made it so these player could excel, entertain and become fabulously wealthy.
Christopher Markowski While we deal with the reckless divisiveness of Trump and his fringe followers, the majority of the country knows better, knows how to act, knows the way forward and the way forward is to push forth with respect and understanding.
James Walker The NFL commissioner has said that the president has no respect for the NFL. Some players don't show respect for our country but the commissioner expects respect for the NFL. Our flag and national anthem deserve respect not the NFL. Baltimore Ravens
Marian Denise Hughley Smith P-L-E-A-S-E S-H-A-R-E T-H-I-S!!!!!! FOR THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE trump IS A RACIST!!!! It's in the hand gestures when it looks like he's making the ok sign (👌 White Power).... he follows it up with signalling we're no.1 by holding up one finger right afterwards (☝️)... just watch him in his speeches..... His so called rallies are merely open air Supremacist gatherings and the people who aren't White are allowed to stay as long as they're ignorant of the real business that's going on in their midst!! The entire country is in danger of ending up in another Civil War as well as multiple wars abroad!! Wake the hell up people!!! trump is merely a pawn in a bigger conspiracy!! trump isn't lying when he's at those gatherings threatening and disrespecting people..... he's preaching to his base of support.... White Supremacist!!!! The Republican party opened the door with their Tea Party rhetoric and the Nazis, Skinheads, KKK and White Nationalist took the partys platform and is using it to hide within while putting their plans in effect at the expense of the American people. Don't say no-one told you..... Everyone can copy and paste as we need to spread the knowledge to stamp this plague out across the board!!!!
Oliver Quiambao Kneeling = respect. Don't be naive and think that they are disrespecting anyone. Knights kneel before their kings and queens. People who go to churches kneel for the Lord. Stop giving malice to something so pure. #Istandforequality or should I say #Ikneelforequality
Simmy Taub Dear sports fans attending today's games, You too have the opportunity to make a loud statement in support of humanity and in defense of the First Amendment. Sit, or kneel, during the national anthem. Be quiet, be respectful, but be the reason others join the resistance. Thank you.
Kathy Morin They found Tebow praying offensive, they didn't allow players to wear a decal honoring the slain Dallas officers. They didn't allow players to wear 9/11 cleats in honor of the victims but they allow this. Let that sink in. •As President of America President Trump is defending America!!!!!🇺🇸• ~NFL has no respect for America and all those who died defending her, too....and who live defending her..... And to the everyday person who defends her. And to all American citizens who defend her~ I won't unify with doing wrong! *What NFL has done before the world is unforgivable*
Tim Carter Our President just broke Federal law. 18 U.S. Code 227 Wrongfully influencing a private entity’s employment decisions by a Member of Congress or an officer or employee of the legislative or executive branch He technically could be imprisoned for 15 years
Jonathan Vic I stand in Solidarity with the #NFL players and all those around the world that stand up against injustices, oppression, and racism. United We Stand, Together We Fall. #NFLSunday #TakeAKnee
Lynn Merker Tune in on Monday when the big story breaks. Every time he pulls this he's covering up something like Russia. Somebody needs to school him on our constitution. I choose to display Flags, Constitution protects those that choose not to.
Kristin Villareal Kneeling is one of the greatest signs of respect. Which is why I kneel when I pray, kneel when I enter and exit the lords house, and many kneel when they are receiving communion. I have always been taught that kneeling is a sign of respect, honor, and humility. I think it's funny how so many people can't seem to remember this when people are #takingaknee during the Anthem. #TakeTheKnee
Dan Mccurdy Keep talking Trump! Rejecting your hate is causing good things to happen!
Ria Chakraborty not a fan of the form of protest... but even less of a fan of our president's denouncement of particular players and vocabulary when he denounced it. NFL is right to show unity to its players, regardless of their political beliefs.
Luis Orozco You know what's actually pretty disrespectful to the american flag? The confederate flag which is the flag of losers and traitors and some wave it and call it the flag of true americans. Disgusting.
Robert Ilkiw Anybody ever been to Disney World? And if so, have you visited the Hall Of Presidents? Now, imagine the staff, when it comes time to put up Trump's image, saying to themselves, " Oh, screw it! " and just put Goofy up in his place....... 🤔😳😆🤣😜👍👌👏
Leslie Clauson Brazier Dear NFL: We will not support millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our Armed Forces and Veterans. Who wins a football game has ZERO impact on our lives. Who fights for and defends our nation has EVERY impact on our lives. We stand with the Heroes, not a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates.
Blair Hughes The National Anthem represents this COUNTRY. It doesn't stand for police brutality, perceived injustices, or other wrong doings. When you kneel during the National Anthem, you are disrespecting the flag and our country. Protest at the protest, respect our flag.