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Michelle Obama is so popular she needs more space

It looks like someone told the artist "Imagine what Michelle would look like if she was a woman, and paint that."
The Obamas are sorely missed.
Awesome! Will Melania's nude portrait be erected soon?
Michelle rocks!
They come from all around to see how terrible it is...
Not American but she is very popular here in my country.
Only because the hysterical laughter is distracting to all others visiting 😂😂😂😂😂
I'd like to have a look..Could use a good laugh....
Did someone pay money for that? If so, get a refund. Looks nothing like her.
Hey! CNN !! This is Classy stuff !! Stay here. America needs more Class and less Trump.
Her and Her husband are loved by the world... and i love the fact you Chumpsters hate it lol
I am sure just as many people have seen photos of Melania naked. 😂
People wouldn't know good art if it slapped them in their faces. Because it doesn't look like a paint-by-numbers, some of these toothless hicks think the painting "doesn't even look like her". Oh my gosh. Their comments are delicious.
New breaking.. Mexico agrees to pay for impeachment 💯👍..
Come on, this portrait doesn't even look any good. There are much better portraits of Michelle out there that look much more beautiful than this.
The light blue background kinda detracts from the actual portrait.
Looks nothing like him! And if you say it does, you might want to get your eyes checked!
Lovely, but I think it looks more like her daughter. ?
Trump loves reading this.
Why is CNN running this lame story AGAIN?
Her hands look like they are a foot long.
Kind of like a train wreck I guess. People can't look away.
Yesssss give her space baby give her space to work her black girl magic!!!!
Hahahaha. In a closet probably. That is one ugly portrait.
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Around 150 million tons of plastic are already floating in our oceans -- with an additional eight million tons entering the water each year

Time for a plastic ban and new material.
About 150 million tons of Fake News are floating all around our international airports, thanks to CNN
Slowly, but surely, our planet and its oceans are being destroyed. Does anyone care?????
Birds know how to keep their nest clean,but humans constantly destroy his own home.who's better tenants,humans or birds?
I tossed my bottle in the ocean a minute ago
This is a world issue not just an american one. Our oceans are well protected not but history didnt always have that way. All the garbage and toxic waste and oil spills over the years and climate change causing shifts in water temps. It only takes a few degrees to throw the ocean off.
Can we have some common sense plastic waste laws!?
Remember about twn years ago, during a garbage strike, they sent huge barges of garbage out to sea to dispose of it? What were we thinking!
Turn it into a trend to eat inedible products. Problem solved. Oh wait....Tide Pods are what the succeeding generations trying to establish a communist state are chowing down on these days.
And what is CNN doing to clean this up not a goddam thing !!!!! Shithole
#fake news..there's no plastic in the ocean, toxic waste is good for you, smoking cigarettes adds years to your life and your wife is not cheating on you with a well endowed African American......Trump 2020
Why can’t they makes plastics that disintegrate in time while in salty ocean water ?they’re sending people to Uranus but can’t figure out how to do this
It's Asia. Asia is the biggest polluter in the world.
Very very sad. So, in the future we and our future children will NOT be able to go to any beach of any ocean or sea.
Stop the cruise ships. They are the ones sailing all over the place with thousands of people on them.
Who is dumping it? All the liberal costal states?
Look at from where are the plastic comes. It's not the US, or Europe or the general west.
But let's reduce evil regulations on where companies can dump trash, right? Smh
That’s my exwifes cloths basket... she is a huge hypocritical liberal..
Indian Modi government welcome you... please come and invest into lawlessness country....👇👇👇
Let's start dumping prisoners there .
Let's tell Mexico it's America so they start swimming there..
A daily household has a average of 8lbs. of trash. So in a year that is 2920lbs. of trash! For one house hold a year!
I'm sure not of the tons of plastic was a result of any of the hurricane we have had.
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Sudan — a northern white rhino and the last male of his subspecies — died Monday at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya

I blame poaching. It’s time we take back Africa from these settlers and colonizers. For too long have our African brothers lived in squaller and our children died of hunger while we watched western nations get fat off our resources. It’s time to start over and this time Africa is going to be on top ✊🏿
Allowing trophy hunting and exports coming here sure won't help. We're a disgrace for allowing this to happen. I fear we'll see more extinctions like this in years to come. I'm sad that my 2 year old will learn about how we waited to long to do anything with these beautiful creatures.
Just asking... k... Just asking... nobody jacked him off? Maybe save some rhino cum?
They cuold have possibly removed its testicles to get sperm to freeze, but technology today only needs stem cells. A regular rhino embryo can also have it's gene's edited to become a black Rhino. There is much we need to start discussing in bringing these species back with technology.
I guess all that Stormy Daniels coverage took precedent since this happened 5 days ago. Good job on the breaking news CNN.
I'm sure Trump's kids would love to have that rhino's horn!
Ahhh life in captivity, not much of a life to an animal.
If they can clone dogs in south Korea why can't they clone these guys?
This will happen to us but there will be no one to cry over the last human. ; ;
We know. Stop posting about it already. This is, at least, the 3rd time.
This breaks my heart for future species of Rhinos. Education of these great animals is so important. 🦏😇Liz Stevenson
Is sad nd don't blame anyone just blame who did it or kill.
CNN don't care bout nothing but ratings oh wait they really don't have any ratings 😎
Good morning my best CNN all people you happy
Are you going to report this every day?
Humans are single handedly causing the next mass extinction. The first time in the earth's history a single species is responsible for wiping out entire species.
I blame Wilford Brimley.
Watching an extinction is so sad
At least he had a very long life and didn't die alone.
a great monument must dedicate to remember that how great sudan and his species lived
Rodney Dudley this a great read. They mentioned they saved his genetic material & will try invetro.
why don't they try cloning this rhino
Sue....this is so very sad 😢 Last 😢 Susan Elliott
Meanwhile, back in the US in the trumpian Dark Ages, Der Nazi Fuhrer authorized the hunting again of wild animals for trophies. Because: Donnie, Jr. wanted done.
I hope they froze his sperm?
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When a gunman killed 26 at her school, Lauren Milgram, then just 6, hid in a bathroom. Now, the 12-year-old is marching with Parkland students to say "Enough."

Here come the conservacunts attacking children...
Common sense gun laws. 1) Ban all gun free zones. They are nothing more that target rich environments. 2) Allow any and all school staff that are trained and licensed to carry if they so choose. 3) Make it publicly known that if a punk wishes to shoot up a school they will face an armed resistance. 4) Bring back Eddie Eagle into the schools to teach gun safety. 5) Get rid of the “Zero Tolerance” anti-bullying policy”. Kids are afraid to defend themselves for fear of being punished. Defending oneself is never wrong. They will just take the bullying until they can’t handle it anymore and either commit suicide or shoot up the school. 6) Quit demonizing a firearm (rifle) that is used in less than 1% of all violent gun crimes. 7) Have a security expert run a risk analysis on every school. 8) A minimum of 1 SRO per school with an additional 1 for every 1000 students. Example for a school with only 700 kids there would be 1 officer and a school with 1000 kids there would be 2. 9) Hire armed retired police/military for each school. They would know students, know the school layout, give them a dedicated phone to help direct arriving law enforcement and most important, they would be there when the first shot was fired.
Thank you Lauren for your courage! Together, we can and WILL make a difference. Keep on fighting! We will be the generation to end mass shootings.
And let the gun nuts begin their attack on a 12 year old in 3..2..1
Ignoring a classroom of dead kindergartners was a stab in the back to every child inn America. Politicians paid off by the NRA shrugged in indifference and kept talking the money.
Nice won't help. The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed it ?? That's for her protection too. We have no need for socialism in America !!
These children have lived through more than anyone should ever. 😞 I’m a gun owner. I love my guns and I’m responsible with them. I have no issues with stricter gun laws, there’s zero for me to lose and I honestly don’t understand why any responsible gun owner would have a problem. No one is talking about taking guns away or stepping on rights here. It may not make much difference, but it’s a step in the right direction.
As said by Trevor Noah: if they are old enough to get shot, they are old enough to have an opinion about being shot
Where was the last school shooting on CNN?? The one where the good guy killed the bad guy with a GUN in a school!! Nope won't see much of that huh don't fit you agenda for hatred and fear of guns!!!
cut public school! apply home school program! no worry about shooting! that's what the kids ask for............home school program instead public school system! so stop blaming someone else!
So we get it. There are people who don't want guns. But have we tried hearing the counter argument? Are we give equal time here? I'd say most likely not. Most of the posts here are from people who don't even understand the difference between automatic, semi-automatic, and single fire. They get them confused all the time. Can we try educating for once? And no I'm not talking about chainsaw attachments.
They are not wanting to ban guns they just want to feel safe going to school.So get off your high horse and help them or get out of there way because they will not stop.
If you don't openly protect the innocent and children you have no business calling yourself an adult. Oddly the kids have responded more civilly than the NRA who are acting like spoiled brats. Thus the leadership of the NRA has shown they are not as mature as these kids.
Well stop teasing the unfortunate kids in your schools, an they will not come back to harm you. Period.
So six years later, this girl is still acting, right? (That was sarcasm aimed at conspiracy theorists btw)
I am still confused how gun control translates into keeping mass shootings from happening, what kind of gun control are we talking about exactly? To me the kind of controls we need are federal laws that make all gun sales go through a background check. ( yes I know there is no way to enforce it but I believe the law abiding gun owners will follow this law preventing many sales from going to bad people with bad intentions). Making sure the NICS system is updated with the correct information and accessible by all agencies at any time. A federal ID card, Vote card, passport/travel card, Social Security card, and if people pass all requirements a CCW card, it is the one way to figure out who is who in this country and give a uniformed procedure for those that carry. Getting rid of all gun free zones. Letting people protect themselves however they see fit. Going back to the constitution and the words written in it. Increase the penalties for people who are prohibited from possessing firearms but do. Put enhancements on any crimes committed with a firearm. Institute new police policy with rules of engagement, you do not fire until fire upon. This would be a great start.
How sad that this child has to march about gun legislation and our Congress and our President are on vacation. Doesn't that tell all of us something about our government? Our family has guns for hunting, but as a grandmother of beautiful and brilliant grandchildren, who could be in harm's way, I would like to say, "Enough is enough!!!"
Gun fetishist are my new favorite group to hate. What a bunch of sick monsters they are. They quite literally love guns more than anything else. Did their daddy and mommy not give them enough love?
These kids need to grow up the government is always tried to take our guns what are you going to fight with when the gumber comes in and says you can't do that because we have took your rights away you set back in the corner and do what we say really the millennium's really need to grow up 18 is too young for them to make a decision for the world.
Gun free schools obviously not working. Time to arm staff, have armed security, build stronger safe rooms, close the campus to outsiders, have only one way in and out. Students and staff must have and show id at all times.
Hard to believe how much time has elapsed since Sandy Hook, look at how much the kids have missed. I strongly believe these kids are going to make a difference in our world; they know what they want to make a better world and they will fight for it. Their lives mean more than being a statistic...may they be strong!
These children have grown up in the shadow of mass shootings. But they have a sense of activism, an unprecedented ability to spread awareness and, most importantly, time and youth on their side. The least that we can do -- those of us who have lost hope that change can ever happen, especially after Sandy Hook -- is give them full support and be patient while we wait for those old gun geezers time to die out or be voted out by these kids.
I am so tired of all the hate!!! Until anyone of us has walked in the shoes of the hundreds of children that have been through one of those life changing nightmares, WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE THEM!!! Stop the hate!!!
Good for you,we should always stand up for what we beleive in. Together you can make a difference. Maybe not tomorrow but someday.
6 years later and the trauma is still visibly there. I still feel sorry for her and all of her fellow classmates who got killed that day. Hope you're doing well.
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You should be aware of these fraudulent schemes during tax season

New breaking.. Mexico agrees to pay for impeachment 💯👍.
Trump 2020 article not about bashing President Trump, amazing!
Al Capone went to Alcatraz for tax evasion. Remember that LOL
Another title of the article could be "12 tax scams Trump's lawyers have used"!
The only fraudulent schemes are the CNN stories regarding reality.
Speaking of Tax Returns .....when is the #DraftDodger gonna show us his? Maybe Robert Mueller is looking at them right now and putting two plus two together. #MoneyLaundering #TaxEvasion #Collusion
Voting for someone for president who spends your tax money on golf weekends and favors businesses over people in his new tax rates while not paying taxes himself is a major tax scam.
The number one tax scam is income taxes. The single largest bill the middle class pays every month.
The best scam is to get an IRS refund as an illegal with a false social security number
Indian Modi government welcome you... please come and invest into lawlessness country....👇👇👇
Love my tax cuts 🇺🇸
8. you're not serious, surely people don't fall for that.
Feelings of life "If you go out looking for friends, you will find they are very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you will find them everywhere."- ZigZiglar.
Yeah the governments!!!
Scientology is not a charity
The entire Trump administration is a scam.
little jay jay is not gonna flip that tax return ladies... i'm just sayin Brienna Pierce lol
Lots of great deals out there if you're a Democrap. Go for it.
Tax itself is a scam....
Stevie Mac ...
Taxation itself is a scam
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Russia in the headlines, and a tense meeting between world leaders about nuclear disarmament. Are the events of 1961 more relevant than ever? #TheKennedys Sunday at 9p on CNN.

The 5 Stages of Trump Supporter Denial 1. It's a total lie, never happened, fake news. 2. It happened, but it's not a big deal. A Nothing Burger. 3. OK, it might be a big deal, but it isn't who cares. 4. Ok, it's illegal but Crooked Hillary and Obummer did "something something", so it's OK. 5. Get over it Libtard, you're just a sore loser!
Speaking of Russia, fake news cnn spent an entire 15 months making Trump-Russia collusion their top story and talking point, with 0 evidence, 0 proof, and 0 facts that support their conspiracy theory of collusion.
Sadly, the current occupier of our White House is no John Kennedy.
You can bet Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Stalin are happily smirking in their graves at the great job that Putin did subverting the US at last.
JFK and Nixon are the last great American presidents.
After having the biggest p@ssy as president “Obama”. What do you expect? He made the US the laughing stock of the world. The biggest disgrace of this nation. Everyone in the world knows that.
No wonder Trump is avoiding Mar a Lago. Now it all makes sense. He may have gotten direct orders from his boss Putin to avoid Florida.
Yes... it has been for years... they keep provoking us and arming terrorists
So...why is it the grandkids of the elite of 1700s, 1800's and early 1900s, screwed up far more than their own predecessors? What broke them more terribly than the generations who were in the same position and feeling as them? What the heck did they see?
No Fake news here Real leadership in the Whitehouse when it counted. Now that’s making America Great ! Not the Disgraceful display I see today SMH
The Russians never honored and a treaty and never will they are the enemy of freedom
The last one of my great democrat leaders. The ones we have today would try to buy them off with money uranium or maybe do their laundry free of charge.
Except Putin has the U.S. president in his left pocket
It looks like Putin is trying to be the grown up
Naah, the most important thing is Hillary breaks her wrist in a tub with Huma, Joey B. still isn't over his boyfriends in jockstraps in high school, and Obama is having a really good time with the Maoris.
Kennedy didn't wear knee pads and show fear.
Don't watch this CNN Fairy Tale. It is NOT the real story AT all.
The USA must stop their obsession of their one world order with them in charge. This will result in the total financial collapse of the USA.
Didn’t JFK cheat on his wife with Marilyn Monroe??
Russia has always been a nefarious state. They've been that way for centuries.
This is when Democrats meant what they said!
A story worth telling.
The elites are pushing a war against Russia. A war the U.S.can't afford to have.
say a large enough asteroid hits a nuclear warhead bunker and blows the planet to pieces? yeah we should.
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"Now, his life is cut short because of the lack of donors," his mother says, "and with the millions of people we have in this country, there's no sense in it."

Perhaps one of the millions of babies put to death every year by Planned Parenthood would have been a potential donor.
Part of the problem is donors don't always have the right to say who their organs should go to and as a result decide not to donate at all. I mean who would want their heart to go to a person like Dick Cheney? The person receive g the organ gets the gift of life. The doctors and nurses all get paid. The organ donors family gets nothing.
Unfortunately I don't qualify for organ donation because I have a cancer that doesn't go away. Funny story I registered to be a bone marrow stem cell donor 8 months before diagnosis ended up having to donate to myself.
No.. I was a donor before my mom passed but they came begging me for eyes and skin and organs not an hour after she died but when we could not afford the machine for her heart no one was trying to find money to help
Not that I have perfect organs but.. this is why I’m an organ donor. Why not? Why not give away your organs you no longer need after you die.. someone else can live a long happy life or just get another chance at life if you’re an organ donor. You don’t need your organs when you’re in the grave, give them away!!!!
And with millions of people no sense in it ??????...God is a great God!! Gratitude is important ...saving one is a miracle and lots to be thankful for the donor ..we cannot have all we desire....I read the article he had cancer so was better to give to a healthier person's hard to lose a child ..painful but look beyond the clouds.and be thankful ...some loose their ONLY child and can't have another
Actually not having a donor wasn't the issue, one twin needed a donor but also had cancer which removed him from the donor list.
Sad but nobody owes him anything . It's very generous for those who do and I myself am a doner but you can't be mad at those who don't.
Some people are being or should I say ethnic group of people are being targeted and murdered because of their organs. I honestly don't believe in organ donating. But to each it's own.
I’m an organ donor, but sounds a little entitled. People are entitled to do with their bodies as they chose. And that includes not donating if they don’t want to. I hope her comments were made in just grief.
Sign up to be a donor when you get your license renewed next time, or before. If you’re dead you don’t need anything salvageable in your body. Let your children know of your wishes, so it won’t be a tough decision should the time come.
This has always been the state of the United States healthcare system. Only with the last eight years of Obamacare, have we seen a light at the end of the tunnel. #singlepayer#medicareforall.
I'd consider donating a kidney or marrow if it wasn't against the law to be compensated. The donor is taking a risk of infection or possibly needing that organ in the future and should be compensated.
If they could ensure organ donation was just that I would be okay with it, but using parts of your femur for collagen injections, brain tissue to research facilities. These are the things organ donors are not told. Until it can be ensured that the organs are the only part being used some will be wary of donating
No organ donation shouldnt be automatic when you is a choice...people have the freedom to choose. .this is,America...enough with the goverment...trying to run your life and choose for you ..geez people..move to a communist country if you want soneone to dictate to you.
I’m confused.. there was an available liver when he didn’t need one, but by the time he did need one, it had gotten so bad that he was too sick to receive it.. so clearly the issue wasn’t a lack of available donors but merely just took too long between doctor visits to catch it before it was too late...
How devastating for the family, especially the surviving twin. And for those of you posting nasty and irrelevant comments, have a good long look in the mirror, reread your comments, then ask yourself if this is who you really want to be.
He wasn't able to be put on the list cuz he wasn't sick enough. Then once he was eligible they found him a liver in Feb but he was too sick. This doesn't have to do with lack of donors. He should've gotten on that list sooner and not have to wait until his condition worsened. What a tragedy
As messed up as this is, if it were legal to sell your non-vital organs, this wouldn’t be a problem in our society...
I cannot believe some of the terrible comments! Im an er nurse over 40 yrs and have had to sit with folks to help make those decisions. My son was a combat nurse in Iraq and was helping to remove casualties in the field. When they were attacked he covered 3 people to try to protect patients and another nurse. He was later flown to Viesbaden and had a leg amputated and suffered burns over 26 per cent of his body. There were 9 folks who donated skin to him and 11 who donated platelets to him. He returned home 5 months later and did rehab. Our family was so very thankful for all who helped my son. I have donated a kidney as part of chain donation for 5 people trying to get off dialysis. I was a bone marrow twice to help 2 little people. Both were successful, which was very awesome. It has quietly encouraged others.
I am a donor. I will be dead and giving life after is paying it forward the ultimate way. It's a selection on your license and a living donor can live a long life with half a liver. Poor child. God bless his family.
Sad thing is there isn’t a national policy for people to be able to take off work to recover from organ donation.🙁
As a Donor Mom this was the Greatest Gift my Daughter could give, Life to someone else think about that act of Kindness💚💙💚💙
I’m a donor and so is my 16 year-old son. We figure, we are healthy and if we die unexpectedly then our organs would be our last gift to someone in this world.
If my child needed a liver transplant I would check if I could donate part of mine since that’s always a possibility. Usually family has a good chance of being compatible when it comes to organ transplants. She should look within at the people who love her sons before she complains about all of the strangers who don’t donate organs.
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He was awarded $1 million by the state.

He should be given a million bucks for every year.
We must trust our president no matter what. He will fix all of our problems like he helped this poor black fellow. #MAGA
That’s roughly 32k a year he’s been in there. Not enough. His potential earning capability for those years could’ve been more.
It's ridiculous that $1 million is the arbitrary limit for damages that the state can be held liable for. This man lost 31 years of his life, and while that can never be fully compensated for, he deserves far more than he's getting. This is an absolute miscarriage of justice.
I think it's still weird we have jury of random folks choosing lives. Shouldn't the jury take a test to at least show competency. I don't want billy bob with one tooth with a third grade vocab gambling with my life
Wow... Convict a wrong man, put him behind the bars and then after 31 years say sorry to him and pay him 1 million dollars. Can these 1 million dollar buy his 31 years ? Nope.
That’s the amount our politicians should receive as salary. ($75.)
No money in the world can make up for 31 years of your life behind bars, to pay someone1 million and call it good is a slap in the face !
Would you trade $1 million for 31 years of your life? Nope 😡
The state should pay his legal fees since he was wrongfully convicted. They should give him his whole million!
He needs to sue those who convicted him because more than likely, someone hid evidence to convict him. Go after all of them in civil court.
He should receive $31 Million for a wrongful conviction PLUS another $10+ Millions for pain and suffering. Smh!!!
$28k a year. Should be $100k for the utter distress and humiliation. It’s not his mistake!
Shame on the Board for giving him 75 bucks😡 EVERYBODY Take 10 seconds and think how it would feel to be in prison for 31 years for a crime he didn’t commit. I’m glad the governor made the right choice. I hope he has a long and peaceful rest of his life.
But his lawyers are gonna pick all the money from him for legal fees. Imagined 31 years in jail for a crime you never did ? Finally he will be left with $75 when his lawyers started receiving payment. How many US Presidents come and go living him in jail for 31 years. Trump is Thumb Up!
He should get anything he wants for free, for the rest of his life
$1m hardly seems equivalent to 31 years of your life taken from you. His award should have been upwards of $5-7m, and that’s being conservative, he should be getting way more than that
He deserves WAY MORE then that!!! He can’t get back the time he lost, the loved ones who died and all the regular life experiences that he missed from being WRONGLY put in jail!! This man lost 31 years of life! He deserves more then 1 million dollars!😡😡😡😡
Thats not justice!!! He lost 31 years of his life! After taxes he will be broke! He deserves a million for every year he spent in prison!!!!!!!!
$75! What an insult. 31 years taken from him, a million hardly seems like enough.
Hahaha!! Justice? After that million is taxed, he’s literally getting like 600k probably a bit less. That’s not justice after being locked up for that long, that’s a slap in the face.
$75 dollars to start off a new life. I spend that much on a tank of gas. To make matters worst he was wrongly convicted for 31 years I am glad he got a million dollars.
WOW!!! Is that all. One millon in today's economy is nothing and then his attorney fees are taking most of it. I believe the State should pay his attorney fees. 100% of it.
So there's actually a law on the book in Tennessee that dictates the max amount of money someone can be awarded if they are falsely imprisoned? Is it that common of a thing they felt a need to write a law about that? Staying the hell away from that state...
Jay I hope you are not serious when you say that the President helped this man. Trump wasn’t in office when this guy was released from prison. If it was left up to Trump he would still be in prison serving on the 115 years he was given and I agree the amount he was given should be far greater than what it is. When he was first released they only gave him 75 dollars to start his life over again. Read the article.
CNN4 hours ago

When she survived the Sandy Hook massacre, Lauren Milgram was too young to speak out. Now, still only 12, she’s ready to join Parkland’s fight.

Listen to these kids. They are the ones who had the AR-15s in their faces and they are the ones who have to hid in closets and keep quiet through active shooter drills. This country is whacked when ppl love their guns more than their children. Move along trolls
Enough of what? The fact that society is breaking down thanks to the leftist ideology that none are responsible for their own actions?
These kids are scared as hell!! Scared of being shot , scared of being killed , they are standing up for something that they believe in and have experienced! I don’t think you can judge them until you have been shot at and seen your friends killed right in front of you . They are trying to end this school violence the only way they know how .
This young woman is more articulate than 45. If you will listen, these young people have a lot to say. They’re in the trenches of gun violence. No one wants to take your guns . That is just ignorance. #enough
funny how the kids are much clearer thinking and logical than most of the adults and all of Congress
These students are brave, resilient, powerful, and most of all, inspiring. I'm proud of the student’s protesting inaction of gun control. They have the guts to stand up to the NRA, Unlike those so-called politicians in Congress that have refused to take action. #ParklandDiaries
This is where gun control should’ve took a turn at Sandyhook were elementary school kids were killed. But nope we had more shootings As long as the NRA Have a lobbyist paying off senators and congressmen will never see reform to gun law
Cigarette's kill thousands every year, Alcoholism and drunk driving accidents kill thousands every year, Veteran's kill themselves at record numbers every year. Why isn't there massive walk out and protests for Chevrolet, Marlboro, or Jack Daniel's or the VA? Because there's no political agenda and no KIDS to exploit. The political rule of thumb, never miss a crisis to exploit for political gain! Politicians have stooped to an all time low exploiting these young kids who haven't figured out their being used as pawns. SMH!!!!
The future of the country is great. If climate change/war doesn't destroy this planet, we will eventually get to where we need to be. People our age and these kids are done with this GOP bulls***, and we don't adhere to the regressive backwards way of thinking. This party will die sooner or later, both literally and figuratively. Good riddance. Maybe then we can finally fix what Reagan destroyed and make America TRULY great again.
And this young lady will be able to vote when she’s 18. I have no doubt that she will carefully examine the politicians history, before she votes anyone into public office. Beginning with local elections.
None us would want to have gone thru what this brave young lady went thru. We owe it to them to fix it.
And all of the people that watch Fox News will say they are all crisis actors. At what point do we limit free speech? How anyone could spread such insensitive lies that are so toxic and abusive to these human beings that have already been through hell is beyond me. What do we call that? What is it to brainwash millions of people against victims of murder? Shut Alex Jones down.
Shout it out Lauren, let this country understand what you went through. Wake those worthless congress men annd that sleeping senate. My prayers are with all you brave soles. Teach the gov't you are for real, you have millions in your corner.
Told you guys! Been saying these kids were just 1st graders when it happened but for all of you who claim they are too young to speak or understand, there's your proof! They understand.
Enough is an understatement. One mass shooting is too much. One murder is too much. The death penalty needs to be used far more often where it is still on the books and reinstated where it has been abolished. Society needs to make a point to people who are thinking about murder that murder is not tolerated.
Power to the children because when the effing adults didn't fix it after Sandy Hook we lost our credibility for keeping children safe! Go kids!
Good for you sweetie. I am so sorry this happened to you, but so glad you can turn a horrific experience into something positive. All the best
Here is how to stop all school shootings... remind that shooter that he’s in violation of the “Gun Free Zones Act” of 1990 which carries a penalty of not more than 5 year prison sentence in addition to costly fines. After that, the shooter will realize that he’s breaking the law then walk away. See, problem solved!
Oh, but Sandy Hook never happened right nut jobs? She is obviously an actress. I saw her on an episode of Dexter playing with his kids and again on Kids Say The Darnest Things!
Sandy Hook was a staged "HOAX" - Nobody died- because the gunman Adam Lanza never even exiisted in real life - and that hoax like so many others was just full of known and identiified Crisis actors- like like Orlando pulse and Parkland and so many others- so this chick is lying through her bloody
Hooray we need more of these kids to demand action! I am soon 62 can't wait to see the kids turnout tomorrow!!
These are the future of the USA and they will not forget-they have been scarred and they will always remember the friends they lost!! So proud of them!
Imagine organising a massive March to stop school shootings only to find out about 2-3 days later there's been another school shootings hahaha only america
This bright young woman seems much older than 12. It’s inspiring that she will be the voice of change in America, but the lack of political will in addressing the circumstances that led to the Sandy Hook continue to haunt America
After Sandy Hook, nothing happened because kindergartners couldnt vote, so who cared? No matter how many school shootings happen, the politicians wont do anything because kids cant vote yet. If nursing home shootings were to be a trend, these politicians would be scared for their seats if they dont act. The seniors could vote and many have the time to be invested in politics 🙄.
CNN4 hours ago

The move comes two days after the Senate approved of bipartisan legislation called the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act

RIP Craigslist personal ads. I said it earlier today, & I am going to say it again. If you are are not gravely concerned about the horrifying censorship that is happening right now, you should be. This the the most frightening thing I've ever seen in terms of the Internet 🙄🙄
How’s Donald going to meet his ladies now???
total insanity. grown adults cannot go about their biz. gov taking over!! if you are over 18 you should be able to do what you want when it comes to dating.
They say Tallahassee Florida just college town has the highest rate in the state for STD's and AIDS I'm glad that they have shut it down when you actually took a look at it and he started eliminating all the fake postings it was all men and then you had the same man posting to have sex with women a lot of these guys have AIDS and STDs and half of them are married
Could make sex work legal, tax it, have workers get checked up at the universal healthcare doctor, and make the buildings have cams and security with social services check ups from time to time. Boom just fixed the economy and peoples lives.
Well there goes my love life
This will do NOTHING to stop sex trafficking.
On the bright side.... there's always Christian Mingle.
All this does is bring it back underground, and make it harder for law enforcement to gain access to the victims...
RIP missed connections. I’ll forever miss your entertainment.
In other words, Craigslist knew it was used for rampant trafficking but only did something about it when they could get in trouble. Disgusting.
Respect. If you have to find love on Craigslist then you're already in need of therapy.
I think this is a travesty. I have met some decent normal people from the personals section of craigslist. There are normal people out there that use this as another form of meeting people.
It's hilarious, disgusting, and a bit sad that SO many people are upset with this move.. Unless of course they were using that service themselves? 🤔
I don't think this will do anything to stop sex trafficking. If anything it will put it further underground and harder to detect. Craigs is a shady place but what adults choose to do is between adults.
Bad, but people will soon get used to meeting their love partners in public places like they used to do many years ago again, haha.
Once upon a time that was actually a legit way to meet people (I’m old lol). Got very seedy and’s about time.
Nooooo. No more, You were 5'11 blond and beautiful, standing next to me at Target and you passed gas, it smelled like Tulips and Cocoa Butter. I think i want to marry you. Lets do lunch. Missed Connections was Awesome..
the first step to legalizing, and controlling, prostitution-you know, the "victimless" "crime"? closer to "regulating" EXACTLY how many "partners" you have, either for pleasure OR business? the only "victim" in this is the "GOVT." is NOT getting a piece of the action right now.
I can only imagine the quality, wholesome, completely sane relationships that will never be now that the Craigslist personals section is gone. Hear that? Somewhere out there, it's the sound of a dick pic never being sent.
The traffickers will find another way but this is a great start .most Republithugs will have to look elsewhere for there prostitution fix
You simpletons that like this just don't really read huh? This is outright censoring the internet and free speech. Because of one site, now it has a wide effect through out the internet. This could potentially open a floodgate for anyone to argue that any dating site, any online group can be used to facilitate sex trafficking and shut it down. Even worse, user-content sites are now forced to police their users out of fear of legal ramification. Just because something sounds good, doesn't mean it is good. This is the kind of censorship that happens in China and crazy theocracies.
Why do we still care so much about each other's sex lives nowadays? The law is half the reason prostitution is so dangerous. If they're two (or more) consenting adults, leave them be.
In all truth craigslist was about business and needs to adhere to that in every legal way possible. But on the flip side they sure are talking alot more about sex than guns these days on the hill. This Act came a bit too late for how many though.
Did they choose to or was it actually required by law? Craigslist been disabling a number of services.