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Venezuela boasts the largest oil reserves in the world, but gold is increasingly its lifeblood. In the capital of Caracas, it allows embattled president Nicolas Maduro to allegedly buy the military's loyalty to his embattled government.

This is the liberal utopia we hear so much about... This is what Bernie, Liz, AOC and most democrats promote....
thanks socialism!
Venezuela is backed by Putin. That’s his gold. Maduro is his little puppet.
Thanks Trump.
Scary when you realize we are just one presidential election away from becoming a socialist country with open borders and no way to ever go back to the way it was ever again. We must ALL show up to the polls in 2020. Our country depends on it!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
I smell America freedom machine coming.🤯🤭🤫👽
And all the Conservatives failing to see that oil and gold are the reasons why the US is destabilizing Venezuela, not its own system of government.
Not long and Venezuela will be a US protectorate.
A trail of blood leads to and from all Socialist countries.
Socialism at its finest on display.
Wow, and you're only discovering this now.
Socialism rocks
Socialism and communism always lead to this.
Trump 2020 just say no to socialism
Well, there's a lot of "blood" items that lead back to ours. Report that!
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled: Isaiah 5:13‭-‬15
Facebook Announces Removal Of 2020 Trump Campaign Ads
También hay factores externos muchos arabes han infiltrado el gobierno de Venezuela y su odio a EU lo dispersaron a través del socialismo.
The Biggest Ivanka Trump Screw Up Of All Time
Exactly what Bernie Sanders wants for our government, buy loyalty from few and throw peanut shells at the rest.
So when's CNN going to fire April Ryan for ordering her bodyguard to beat up a reporter?? First Cuomo, then Don April Ryan. Does CNN have any decent standards for their hosts and reporters? Or do you tell them like the rest of the Democrat Politicians, that they can go attack innocent people any time they want to??
I see the propoganda machine is out in full force
The Biggest Ivanka Trump Screw Up Of All Time
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“Just having golf at Howard University -- I think that will be huge just in terms of the opportunities it can create for... specifically black golfers,” says Otis Ferguson, a Howard University student who inspired NBA star Steph Curry to sponsor golf teams for the...

Outstanding, Steph have always been a strong brother who loves the Lord and has kept his black consciousness. He’s been a mentor to so many, God is using him in so many ways. Thanks again
big money in golf nothing wrong in playing golf just like TIGER WOODS
Tiger Woods seems to have done well from it....though having a Green Beret dad who starts you playing at age 2 might help.
So does that mean that white students can't golf there?
Good thing Steph didn't just stick to dribbling the ball.
Is this White Privilege that everyone is talking about?
Going to fire Chris and Don and now April???
WOW!! You go Steph Curry!! Your one hell of a good man!! May God bless you for being such a sweet and caring man!!
I’m not watching a cnn video but is this a way around Title IX?
Steph Curry is a class act. Except for the mouth guard chewing part, lol.
Thanks Steph. So kind and generous of you.
Steph Curry is AMAZING!🤩
Steph Curry is the man!!!!
Good for Curry--he is such a nice, caring guy!!
That is such a Great Idea!!!! Hope to see it happen soon!!!
Trump would never get it through the windmill.
I didnt know colleges were still segregated
Another sport they'll dominate LOL
OMG he could get biggly cancer from the wi dmill
Can't stand this insane chick reporter.
Finally good news from CNN! I think this is awesome.
Rather watch paint dry
I’m a top fan.
"Black golfers"
Too bad you are not successful and Rich - negative emotions
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The medal honors service members who participate in a "military operation that is deemed to be a significant activity" and "encounter no foreign armed opposition or imminent threat of hostile action."

Hey grandpa, what did you get that medal for? Oh that was the great border patrol of 2017. It was brutal, we had to go to Texas.
The tiny hands and bone spur participation award!
This is a great reward for such an important service to our country that these service people provided.
Wow, I'm sure all these military members are just clamoring for their "I helped support the lock-up and maltreatment of brown people" - (aka racism and human rights violations) participation award. Not.
This kind of breaks my heart, because to me, all honors or Medals should be reserved for those, who actually had, and served in some form of dangerous mission or actual Ear zone...
Goes next to the "I ate in the mess hall for 60 days straight achievement medal" and just before the MOPO Commendation Ribbon" for sleeping in the front seat of any vehicle for one consecutive year during motor stables without being caught by the 1SG.
Miss Congeniality Award?
Salute to our brothers in arms for a job well done protecting our borders and making us feel safe in a time where the left has lost their goddamn mind. #openbordersmyass ✋️🙌
Of chocolate bravery . Chocolate bring a Mexican invention and bravery a Mexican attribute. SERVICE MEMBERS RENDERED TO THE LEVEL OF ARMED BUFFOONS and forever tainted , disgraced with the world’s laughter and lack of respect
So now our "military" are receiving their very own bowling participation awards.
Cool, taxpayer funded participation medals. I'm assuming I get one for cleaning up my cats hairballs today, right? I basically protected our freedom just as much as these guys.
At this time, I believe to preserve honour, we should have a medal of dishonour... I know who I would nominate in the unUnited States..
I though Military could not be used on US soil. National guard ok but still it is something to pass down to your children and grandchildren. If that is Lady Liberty's torch on the medal ( I believe it is) How Ironic and somehow fitting in these dark times.
About time we have our military protect our borders
I think it's called a "merit badge".
As a Veteran I’d never wear this meaningless medal.
How many service members will be proud of it? He might as well issue himself a medal for surviving bone spurs.
Do you all realize HOW MUCH this cheapens those medals that truly WERE earned? So sad.....
So in other words it's a "participation" award.
Don’t we already have the NDSM. That said, I love the “action” for eligibility...The medal honors service members who participate in and DON’T encounter any foreign armed opposition or imminent threat of hostile action. 😂
Any bets on Trumps awarding himself one, to go with all the other wonderful awards he has received.
What an abominable action. This devalues true service by honoring political showmanship. What an insult to our troops. May Trump and the members of his despicable administration all roast in hell.
I don't have the words Trump from a veterans wife, now everybody is laughing at our great military. Just because you're going down in a flaming laughter don't send our military with you.
I remember when we use to get medals for serving in combat.
A marker for those in the service of the country used as slaves to reinforce a border wall that stops nothing, changes nothing but takes troopers away from their families on deployment. Sorry if your going to deploy troops, if your taking them from their home bases, away from their families at least let it be for something more then a private contractor could have accomplished.
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The girl was in an alley when the three pit bulls attacked her, according to a Detroit Police spokeswoman

Like I once said and was hated for it ... dogs are mirroring their owners behavior RIP little 👼
Don’t matter what kind of dog it is. I’ve met more aggressive labs than any other breed. The owner should be held accountable. R.I.P. to the girl and R.I.P. to the dogs that I guarantee were raised aggressive cause they’ll definitely be put down
I pray for the family! Such a precious girl! In cases like this it is the owners responsibility to secure their dogs! I lost a friend that was mauled by 2 canine corso dogs & he died. It's absolutely 💔💔💔 Rest in peace little sweet girl!
Pit bull is such a terrible and dangerous breed of dog. My prayers for her loved ones
My pitbull is the sweetest and the biggest baby you would ever see. So no. The dogs reflect how the owners treat them. Yes it is horrible that this happened to her, but if the owners would have trained the dogs properly then they wouldn’t have been that way
This is not the first or last time this has happened, they are extremely dangerous and unpredictable! I hope they put that pit bull down! This should of never happened to that poor little girl! 😢
This little angel. I hope she is somewhere cuddling with something soft and loving. how tragic, how sad.
Owner needs to be held responsible. How horrifying for the family. Poor baby such a brutal way to go 😠
Such a terrible thing to happen, May She be in the heavens, away from the trauma she was in. Prayers for all her loved ones.
I love dogs but pit bulls are bred to be aggressive and attack and have been for decades.
Find the owners and jail them for neglect of the animals.
I'm very sorry this happened to this beautiful little girl....but CNN needs to report accurately!! The title says 'pit bull' type dogs....but there is NOTHING in the article that says they were any 'type' of dog! Please change this! Pits are given too much negative attention when breed has NOTHING to do with the dogs behaviour....its the owners who are the problem and not the type of dog!!
I don’t care what you guys think. Pit bulls are untamable. They are natural killer dogs. I suggest pit bull owners should always buy insurance policy to cover the unpredictable damages they are likely to cause. Rip Angel 👼.
The dogs are only violent if the owners train them to be. Find the owners and charge them to the fullest. Sincere condolences to all involved with this senceless tragidy.
Yes they do ...if u treat them aggressive they will be that way with people ...I had a pit bull loved him to death and he protected me and my sons from my abusive ex. And then someone stole him condolences to the family.
Who ever owned the dogs need to be held accountable! If you chose to own this breed, you should be responsible and charged with a crime if they attack humans or other animals. Sick and tired of this happening to people and pets.
What a horrifying thing to happen. The owners need to be held accountable.
It is not the dogs, its the people. My dog is the sweetie
Waiting for all the animal activists to run to the defense of the pitbulls
Pittbulls are usually very loving dogs but if the owners have them & train them for fighting , they can be killers...some people have Pitbulls to guard thier drug stash too ! Poor little girl...I agree that there are no bad dogs , only bad owners !!!!
My 7 year old REAL Service dog, the calmest and friendliest dog you will ever meet, is a blue nose pit....
Unfortunate the writers are mindless and just had to list the breed when they could have just as easily written, "dogs". Hold the owners responsible. Sad the little girl had to go through this.
who trained the dogs to act this way?????
You people are fuqed up. A dog is a dog is a dog is a dog. Only fuqued part about a pit bull that attacks,,,,is their owners. Put the owners in jail for murder.
As far as I know Pit bulls are forbidden in some countries worldwide. And this is the reason why! So yeah you keep blame the owners!
CNN plans to premiere a video.2 hours ago

Farmers are often painted as an enemy in the climate change war but thanks to new technology, they are uniquely positioned to become allies for conservation and sustainable food production. We traveled to Iowa to meet farmers who are standing up to try to save...

OMG YES finally we might once and for all Save the Planet. I've wanted to Save the Planet since the 1960s when "The Whole Earth Catalog" opened my awareness to all things earth and cosmic bound. Now the farmers of Iowa are leading the charge. Maybe we won't all die in twelve years (or was it in six?). Go Iowa Hawkeyes. 👍🏻😜
I hope to make great strides in the future with my contributions in soil production where it all starts.
Democrats are the only hope for this planet.
Good. I applaud the sensible farmers who are willing to step outside their comfort zone to make things right. Green technologies will create millions of jobs in the heartland and global trade opportunities. You have our support.
I thought farmers were the new “welfare queens” thanks to the orange dumpster fire 🔥. Good to see some are trying to do the right thing.
Farmers have been providing America with cleaner fuels with soy biodiesel and ethanol for a long time but don’t get the national recognition.
I hope people aren’t painting them as an enemy as they are getting ready to eat dinner.
Except the ones spraying roundup and poisoning us all for profit... leave it to USA 🇺🇸 to be one the last places to stop using this foul chemical ... hopefully most are waking up after seeing so many of there fellow farmers dying like flies from cancer
I have never once painted a farmer as the enemy. I paint them as the provider.
I think government should have never paid farmers to not grow produce. What where they thinking?
"Farmers are often painted as an enemy in the climate change war" Since when?!
Farmers are never painting as the enemy. Just hard working men and women. Check your sources.
Mindboggling; Farmers have always been mindful of good practices and do the best they can and CNN saying they have been painted as enemies of climate change is nonsense;
Enemy? They kinda grow the stuff we eat. I’d say they’re our most important ally.😃😃
I am preparing for death in 12 years.
Oh the farmers are the enemy,and I thought it was the big oil and gas companies who pull all that carbon out of the ground
We should just ban farming so we all starve..
CNN, you should check out and what's going to be discussed regarding the future of food growth.
Glad you are starting to realize farmers are not the bad guy.
I bet most of these farmers are no til
CNN, another leader in the conversation of food growth conservation is the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute in Nebraska.
Climate Change is a liberal and media produced Hoax.....Period!
Climate change is not the problem, the problem is the democratic party and fake news, maybe of they both go away the planet will reduce it's own emissions instability 😁🤪😁🤪
When I want an unbiased “research “ piece, I always think of CNN first!
Nah if anything it's the tree cutting in the Amazon and European rain forest
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Supermodel Ashley Graham is "calling nonsense on the stretchmark-less prenatal belly" in an up-close and personal photo that "calls out pregnancy for what it is for so many: large and layered and pretty uncomfortable," writes Peggy Drexler for CNN Opinion

Everytime I saw video or photo for her I felt love ..this woman is the best model XL ever 😌
The women in my life don't look to "super models" for permission.
Stunning while also being insanely brave
She always stands in her truth. Love it
I was so worried!
So beautiful
Took me a superstar to believe this thank you
More relate to her with this than any Kardashian and their photoshopped pics.
She’s beautiful and just cuz you got a little more weight that doesn’t mean your less attractive it’s just more to love.You miss out on amazing women by judging on weight.
She's never afraid to voice her truth.
I haven't seen every pregnant woman's belly so I really don't know if there are mothers who don't have any stretch marks. But if they actually exist, they aren't "nonsense"! If they don't exist, then I guess it is nonsense lol
Could you tell us why Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric went to Epstein's prison release party
Why are those cells making her belly so big. The left says it’s just cells. Something doesn’t make sense.
Ashley Graham yoohooo!!! You go girlfriend!! You are a beautiful mum!
Omg..What a hero!! She's so brave...SMH.. It's natural and people that see them know exactly where they came from and some know exactly what you went thru for 9 months..Point is nobody cares ladies and it's all created in your head..Guess what when you get pregnant you're gonna put on weight also!!
. ♫♪ Good ol' girls by the dozen, Good ol' girls you just love 'um There wouldn't be one single good ol' boy If it wasn't for the good ol' girls. ♪♫
I really think it depends on your skin type. My sisters with red hair didn’t get them the brunette did.
I saw the pic. Pretty gross
Shes real, that's why people like her. And this is a real issue. Hollywood makes women feel they have to be perfect and stretch Mark's are to be hidden...when in reality they are natural. Tiger stripes baby 🐯
Ummm I dont have any. You would think I would at 5ft and 115 lbs But nope.
I would hate to have such an opinionated wife or mom.
Lol....future single mom on a dating app, wondering "where are all the good men's".
Well. At least she is having the baby.
I didn’t know who Ashley Graham was until CNN told me she was a supermodel and that she has stretch marks.
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Now a high-tech camera could solve the age-old question: is there — or has there ever been — life on Mars?

To be frank I'm not an expert. But analyzing this post from the beginning to the end I still feel I have nothing to comment because I have not understood. Remember I earlier said I'm not an expert
That looks like the vanity light at Home Depot I've had my eye on.
There are aliens but it’s impossible for them to get here as the resources on every planet makes it impossible to reach extremely distant planets that are light years away. Only through spiritual practice can an alien visit earth. Only through spiritual practice can humans go to other planets to meet aliens.
To think earth out of billions and bilions of planets is the only planet that has intelligent life on it is ridiculous. We will one day discover that we are not alone as our technology gets more advanced
A truly great leader and role model. President Trump has delivered on his promises to the American people. The wall is getting built, the people are united and the racial hate, that Obama was spreading, has come to an end. Jobs and fair trade policies have made the US a powerhouse of democracy and freedom again. Keeping illegals out of the US is an election pledge being honored. Future generations will be inspired by President Trump’s leadership. It’s America first for the next 5 years!
In the off chance that one of these satellites missions do discover life on Mars or any other planet do you really think they will let it be known to the general public, the impact on religions alone will be catastrophic. Well, except for scientology.
So aliens are a microscopic type of thing now? I thought you already have some picturs of that Sandy bold planet.. You could see there is nothing but dust from here 😉
Wow this is nice but I feel the would still not tell us the truth even do the find one
Did anyone else think this was Harold Ramis at first? Paging Dr. Egon Spengler! 🤣🤣🤣
For the planets to get as big as they have some sort of life grew
Cant even find a missing plane in our own planet, but they are looking for alien in outer space.
There are laser beams capable of scanning the whole exoplanets in our galaxy and so what's the use of sending this alien selfie camera?
Could you tell us why Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric went to Epstein's prison release party
Even if they did find life on Mars, would they actually tell the general public?? LOL
Why waste money and time looking for life in our solar system...Efforts should be placed on tech to get out into other areas of the galaxy that could harbor life.
Donald Trump has been in politics for three years and will be running on what he has accomplished. Joe Biden has been in politics for over 40 years and will be running on what he wants to accomplish. This is the difference between a career politician and a successful businessman.
Timetravel is impossible = no one has visited us troughout history , yes ? Maybe they have but kept a low profile or maybe future regimes have banned the use of the innovation ? A bit of topic but still related 🙏🏻
Meanwhile, the wildlife in Madagascar continues to go extinct. Priorities .. where are they ?
I just remembered the movie "Mars Attack" I can't stop laughing!!
I got one too. Off the back of a MAD magazine.
But if we go to Mars and find life, aren't we the aliens???
Wouldn't that be better served at the southern border of the United States !!!
I literally dont even know how I'm a top fan. This is my first time commenting on a video
Thank you Europe, for wasting your money so we don't waste ours. The only life on Mars will be the life we put on it.
why not use the money for something better. There are millions of jobless people and poor families
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NASA's website clearly says, "No known asteroid poses a significant risk of impact with Earth over the next 100 years."

Great name! Wouldn’t worry about this particular one, but a big rock will hit Earth eventually & we currently have no defense. … but Elon said exactly what NASA said...
..... after the damage we've done to our beautiful planet, we deserve to be wiped out.!
I am pro science. And support NASA for sure. But the amount of sky that is looked at to ensure the safety of earth is like 1%?... Some is budget, other is the amount if actual "space" to look at. So to sat safe for sure for 100 yrs is a bit off...
Emphasis on the word known. New ones are being discovered every day. Checkout for a list of upcoming asteroid encounters and notice how many names include this year as their year of discovery
So just saying 100 years is really not that long. For human life span it is but in relativity that’s nothing to the planet. That’s my great great grand kids.
Oh, so I'll be dead before then. At least i can laugh and die happy knowing everyone, and everything else, will soon follow.
I'd rather trust Elon though. Corporations are known to deceive the masses, especially if they're government-aligned.
I mean he's not wrong, he said eventually, not "in the next x years". Also just because we haven't tracked any one that might hit us, the Chelyabinsk meteor was completely unknown to us until it hit
People are misunderstanding NASA's website. There are tons of asteroids out there crossing Earth's path all the time and we don't have their trajectories mapped out, yet.
It means we have 10 years to enjoy life,not bad
I don't think people realize the severity of the situation. In 2029 this asteroid is predicted to pass between the ground and high orbit satellites. Meaning definitely between us and the moon. Thier estimates are just that estimates, in 10 years from now when it returns, the number of variables which could affect a change in course is too high for them to know whether it will miss or hit. Sure today def miss, but in 2026ish could be a diff story. This thing could take out satellites, hit the moon, have gravitational effects, or worse hit the earth. Keep aware..
If they can make it happen in say -my lifetime, that would be greeeat.
There’s so many movies (yes fiction) that’s told us the government would never reveal any asteroid or threat so not to start mass panic.
I think Elon watches too much sci-fi on TV. What was that show called from last year? SALVATION. It was about that very thing.
Wow nasa is pretty darn smart! 100 years really???
I’m just surprised/happy that there is a Planetary Defense Office department of NASA.
It states no known object will hit for at least the next 100 years. It’s key to note “known”.
How can they say that when we monitor less than 10% of the sky? In 2013, we didnt see that meteor that hit Russia coming. NASA's website, though, clearly says, "No 👉****KNOWN**** asteroid poses a significant risk of impact with Earth over the next 100 years." "Known" is the keyword.
These are the same people that didn't know an asteroid was even close to us until it was right on us? They should just be honest about it and tell people the truth, they don't know for sure. And neither does Elon Musk. It's not that they aren't trying, but as we all know, Sh!t happens.
Since we're destroying the planet everyday.. the planet decided to pull one out of the sky. Its pulling the asteroid towards us so it can kill us before we kill mother earth.
Thing is, they discover giant rocks capable of devastating the planet all the time. And more get bumped around in the asteroid belt all the time. Chances are if a big one hit us, we wouldn't even know it was out there until it was too late.
So let’s be honest for a second here guys... Let’s say that such asteroid is coming and will wipe us out. Will the government really tell us something like that? Hell no!!!! Do you know how much Chaos will come about???????
The key wording is “No Known Asteroid” is a risk but only a small part of the potentially inbound asteroids are known at this time
The same NASA that didnt find a earth ending asteroid until 2 days before it passed between the earth and the moon, hmm
Our earth will be so ravaged by climate change in 100 years that an asteroid hits just going to finish us off.
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While a silent curtain call might disappoint actors, the dogs' spellbound stillness is a great sign for their future handlers

Oh how cute I love it I'll take the Labradors!
We took our big Chessie to an outdoor musical, the Wizard of Oz. She loved all of it except whenever the witch came on she would growl and stand in front of our kids.
Third row of dogs, the Golden on the left is my dog Wilson! ❤️❤️❤️. We had a great day!!
It is not amazing, not adorable, not fabulous. They dont have watching musicals in their natures. I call this turture and cruelty.
So cute! I wonder what the musical was!
Aww. look at the goldie on the right, second row, from the back with his head on the chair, like a little kid!! So adorable! Great enrichment & training activity.
While this shows immense discipline and training, do you think the dogs are happy? Don’t tell me a puppy chooses this path. Us as humans get to determine our fate and future. We decide to join the military or go to college etc. these dogs are forced into showing little to no emotion for a large portion of their life. What happens when they retire?
My friend had a St Bernard. He layed down in the basement, because it was cooler. Honda had a commercial that played music and at one point a dog ran across the tv screen. The minute the St Bernard heard the music he would charge up the stairs and sit right in front of the TV waiting for the dog to run across the screen. The minute it did he would get back up and go back down to the basement. It was pretty funny.
I was in New York seeing South Pacific and a Service Dog was being trained and sat quietly in the aisle!
Our Golden Retriever used to sit by my dad and watch cowboy movies. Spellbound. 💛🐶
My dog would love to see a musical! She loves to sit and watch tv with us.
Was the musical, Cats?
Who knew? Amazing service dogs- so smart, so compassionate. We could learn a thing or two!!!
i had a friend who attended the performance for special needs kids and she said the cast talked to the kids about what was going to happen, and that the dogs were wonderful with the kids and were quiet throughout.
I finally got a picture of all 4 of my dogs sitting still for 15 second while I held a handful of treats above my phone. And to think I thought I accomplished something.
And then, after the show, they banged their paws together
I notice the poodle and 2 others are watching the show...the other pups look bored
Please tell me it wasn't CATS.... They are all so darn cute!
We have a chocolate lab. He is the dumbest dog on the planet but dearly loved.😂😂 He was a rescue. His name is Hershey but we call him Goober. He could never be a service dog! He failed four doggy classes. His vet says she is glad we rescued him because most people would have sent him back.(He's also naughty🙄) But he has an awesome life.
I really hope it was not Hamilton - I would be pretty jealous.
Musical version of "Lady And the Tramp"?
The Labradors liked but the Rottweilers thought it was pretty "meh"
If people were this well behaved I'd still be going to the theater 🙂
I heard they gave it two paws up and a round of apPAWs..
A true test is you took them to see “Cats”
CNN4 hours ago

Yes, that plague, the Black Death, the one that killed an estimated 60% of the medieval European population and, centuries later, millions more

Glad to they're treating for fleas rather than killing the prairie dogs.
I heard Phish and Styx are planning on touring next year. It will be known as "The Phish-Styx Tour."
It’s a good thing that President Spermwaffle cut all that wasteful spending so that we could have tax cuts for billionaires instead of funding for the CDC.
We had a professor get bubonic plague a long time ago over the summer when she was in Arizona; it's treatable now with antibiotics. The irony was that she taught in the Medieval Studies department. 😉
Well if anyone deserves the plague it’s Phish fans. Hehe.
Dying a horrible plague-infected death could only be made worse by having to hear Phish's idea of "music" as one slips away.
Sure, blame the prairie dogs and not the dirty hippies at the Phish show.
I wanted to use my 1% remaining battery, to express my humble opinion about this. Although the
How did the black death end up in Colorado?
Black Plague has nothing on a full Blown case of the WookFlu! 💯
Plague is a regular problem in Prairie dog colonies , this is not something new , probably a good idea to leave them alone and not infest their field with people .
It’s a bit extreme, but the prairie dogs are definitely telling us how much they dislike Phish. Me too, prairie dogs, me too.
All I see are jokes. The plague is not a joke. They did it to protect people. Realize that.
The plague? Oh my lord that's funny. Your drinking water is toxic, you're heading for a disastrous recession and now you have the plague, you're going to be labelled a 3rd world country Yanks.
If you could keep the hipsters from porking the prairie dogs then we could have nice things like Phish concerts.
Can one still glamp instead? Asking for a friend.
Actually, Bubonic isn't a big deal today. Easily treated. Easier than lots of stuff.
Sensational headline. Plague can be treated with antibiotics. If left untreated it can turn to pneumonic plague which is also treatable but very difficult to over come. Obviously, closures are necessary so as not to spread this flea borne illness but for god sake stop calling it the “Black Death.” No ones going to die unless left untreated. 🤦🏻‍♀️
If anyone is going to spread fleas, it’s the Wookiee’s at Phish shows.
We have them all over in SW Idaho. Every year. This isn’t new. Calm down. Leave them alone and don’t let your dogs eat them 🤷🏻‍♀️
The Plague?? Remind me again, what century is this? Scary..
Where did I wake up this morning??? The twilight zone??
Is that what we’re calling the Wooks these days?
My husband's great-grandparents are buried in an unmaintained cemetery in Boulder. When we go to put flowers on the graves on Memorial Day, some years the gate is locked because the prairie dogs are tunneling through the graves and they have plague. We usually crawl under the fence and tend the grave anyway. Danged prairie dogs.
Sounds like the plot of a bad horror movie.