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A heated seat, a cleaning sprinkler and music to cover, er, embarrassing noises. Japan's toilets are taking over the world

Amili Ramlogan Well that’s enough internet for tonight
Anshula Rai High technology country I love japan
Richard Ling North Korea has the best toilets.
Aaron Ilutsik
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US fighter jet pilots train every day over South Korea for a potential conflict with the North. Alexandra Field takes a ride in an F-16 to see how they prepare

Tms Virdi Both countries (US and Korea) should drop their respective presidents to each others countries from an altitude of 200km++ without any parachutes, clothes etc. 😉 This will save us from this messy war! 😀
Luther Johnson Not trying to be a d!ck about it but North Korea’s Air Force is comprised of like MiG-15 and MiG-21 fighters it’s more like a cat fight an American pilot who gets shot down by one of those will probably never hear the end of it.........😬
Mark Sritong Yeah let's promote peace with bombs. American logics at its finest 😂😂😂😂 No wonder we have a clown as the President.
LV Yang Every military personnel doing their job until the president gives the word to strike another nation, we’re all just like any other civilian. We have families, goals, jobs, a life. Ect. But much respect to these f16 guys.
Mark Finan "In a few seconds we're fully vertical" - Trump The conversation Access all Hollywood missed out on, lol
Charlie Mike CNN and their supporters do not care for the United States military. CNN is anti-American. CNN pushing their agenda, trying to confuse their sheep into believing NK are saints and the US is the devil by their propaganda videos.
Evan Fischer Love me some Fighting Falcons, aka lawn darts.
Adnan Mursal Stop bullying USA smh leave supreme leader and his ppl alone.
Aaron Gwazemba "Time isn't measured on the clock. It's measured in casualties". Grand.
Glen Adlin It takes great discipline and patriotism to serve in the airforce. May god bless American airforce
John Mucciolo Liberals will have to clean up after themselves when they "Deplane".
Pamella Taylor There has been peace some 70+ years so quit playing war games and save your fuel!!
Alvin Chinedu Okoro It's about a who strikes first thing... lol
Ron Austin When the sit hits the fan drones will be used you can think Obama for that game plan not moron Trump
Júnior César Congratulations to all US military
Maya Lamkin Don’t be fooled. CNN very FakeNews is the enemy of the American people.
Daniel Frye They prepare by drawing penises in the sky lol
Sérgio Costa fake news
David Morlet Give'm hell!
Sam Houston Best job imo... flying I mean
Anshula Rai Great job
Kim Nguyen Nữ phi công chiến đấu quá tuyệt vời
Eureka Jansen van Rensburg Wow flippen wow! Awesome!
Ruby Copeland CNN=LIARS
Felipe A. Gómez Trejos Moni <3
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Elvia Martinez said the entire family cannot understand why her beloved son, who stayed in touch with her every single day by phone, is dead

Jeffrey Leonard Looking at all the people blaming undocumented immigrants crossing the border for this man's death..... now we know the people who don't read the actual article.
Charlie Mike He died by the hands of “Illegals”, “Illegals” that the leftist love, admire and support. Leftist love their criminals and condone this behavior. They believe the United States should just have open borders and let the whole world in. Nothing but simpletons.
Tim Nguyen These patrol agents should have cameras attached to their body since they seem to be working in isolated areas.
Janet Schleusner May God Bless Mr. Martinez. I am so sorry for his death! May God Bless Elvia Martinez and all of the Martinez Family. In Jesus' Name, AMEN!
Richie Bell Jr Trump has committed this crime and there's no other words that would describe this as an unfortunate incident. "Lock Him Up!!!"
Will Petto Maybe they would have had the answers if the government didn't have to cover them up because they disagree with the official tweets...
Ohoma Daugherty Your son is dead because our government has put illegals and criminals above law enforcement. Border guards have to try to police the border with their hands tied behind their backs.
Becca Cara Martinez We need to protect our Border Patrol agents who protect us. Building a wall, and not just a regular one but one that is technologically advanced, can help save our agents too. Majority of the BP agents around the U.S.-Mexico border are Hispanics, and they're dying to protect our freedom from criminals and cartel owners.
Carmen Robles-Sanchez The liberal media took advantage of the second agents' memory loss and turned the story around. Haha!
Michael Healey Let’s hope that the investigation leads to accurate questions, and tells us exactly how he died, and if legal action is needed that we get the right person.
John Hatcher yeah, they are struggling.......i'm sure most family members would be too. ofcourse, cnn wants us all to get angry at the republican party about this agents death, nevermind about who is really responsable for the death of this agent.
AL Jimenez When you have the President and the Senator saying attack and build the wall people believe them, it's a shame they can't ...
Ann Fleming Wall or no wall still be same still have gobshit ruling the usa and thinking he owns russia they have somethin major on him cant wait to see
Victor Delgado The wall ain't going to salve. Anything!! I gues the man that shot and killed people in my home town las vegas was a immigrant two
Mary Nell Wylie Green So sad !! Can’t even imagine how I️ would deal with it !! So sorry for his family !!! May he Rest In Peace!!
Dennis M Cooke It happened 3 days ago. Her son was "found", meaning there were no witnesses. Three days is nowhere near enough time for them to have answers. Unless the perp left their names, addresses, pictures of their faces and DNA, it's going to take a little time.
Tim Kazee I can’t imagine what would happen if we had a wall to help this!! My prayers to the family of this man.
Alfred Osornia Confused? Didn't Trump call them to let them know he knew what he signed up for???
Quentin Gabriel Haima Build that wall! This wouldn't of happened if the dirty democrats weren't dragging their feet!
Wade Willis When American citizens are being killed in their own country by illegal border jumpers from a neighboring country it might be time to install a military presence on the border 🤔
Simon Teixeira You have the wrong name and the wrong color for this administration to care about you Mrs.Martinez
Jim Rustle Liberal policies have killed her son. In addition to the wall we need a DMZ similar to that in Korea and fill it with landmines
Gregory T. LaForest maybe that idiot trump shouldnt be escalating the situation like he seems to be so good at
Debra Dahlsten They need to find out what happened to them. Trump needs to stay out of it and let the FBI do their job.
Tom Ball Many people are saying that trump had him killed to promote his wall! I hope it’s not true
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Watch balloons towering up to 60 feet high come to life for the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (via CNNVR)

Levi Brazell Hey cnn why don't you do a story on the FCC and net neutrality? Oh cause your parent corp will benefit 😉 more reasons why no one likes you
Lynn Roberge Today I am thankful that Hillary Clinton is not President!
Jerry E Ramsey I wonder if Trump Chicken will be in the parade? Lol
Edward Sanchez Gonzalez What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be this year in America, knowing that old hag crooked Hillary Clinton is not President of United States. Happy Thanksgiving America.🦃🇺🇲️ liberal losers.
Angela Christen i dont like parades but i will be thankful when trump is impeached 🙂
Dereck Anthony I hear the ISIS balloon will be the bomb. 💣
Carla Sal Moira Duya-can i crash with you?
Hollis Howard A quick look into the mind of a Hillary and Obama supporter.
Alan Emigdio
Aaron Ilutsik
Aaron Ilutsik
Jason Ewing Can’t wait to see the #UraniumOne float
Jerry E Ramsey
Robin Brown BANANA
Eden Figueroa Markus more fake news! 😆😆😆
Jerry E Ramsey
Jerry E Ramsey
Jerry E Ramsey
Sara Edwards Wow lovely
Megan Lopez Rena Rivera ❤❤❤❤❤
Lori Brooks Jae Elle Gee Get ready!!!
Kendra Roggasch Joy-Kay
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Three-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas has become the third member of the "Fierce Five" US Olympic gymnasts to say she was abused by former team doctor Larry Nassar. Nassar pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and admitted in a Michigan...

Sarah Ajao The creep admitted to it, literally plead guilty to all counts and has over 100 ONE HUNDRED accusers claiming the same thing and you losers are still going “it isn’t true” and people still ask “why do victims not come forward?”. Because they know no one is listening. Because you’ll call them liars anyways and cast doubt on an already humiliating, unsatisfactory and difficult process.
Shirley Velarde This has been happening for a long time. People don’t want to believe their husbands,father or any member of their family would do this but you better believe it has happened to millions of kids ,women and men. Thank God it is being brought out.
Frank Allen It's hard to believe if they were seriously sexually abused by the doctor why didn't they say anything years ago nobody was forcing them to not say anything nobody had a gun to their head just seems like a publicity stunt to make some money. Hillary Clinton touched me one time when I saw in Colorado I think I need to take out a claim against her!
Dale Ransom I absolutely hate reading WOMEN question the validity and motive of other women’s abusive experiences. Just cause your ugly tail never went thru that doesn’t mean these ladies didn’t....
Irene Shaw I’m glad these young ladies are getting justice unlike Trump and Moore victims.
Ezha Berhanu Parents of young athletes...stop living through your kids worrying about winning so much, and talk to your athlete. Let them know what is inappropriate, and that they can always come to you no matter what. The pressure these kids face is unreal, and you are their safe place. This happens too many times. These people are predators looking for opportunities to be with kids.
Noel Vactor Wilkerson Ever since I started getting pap smears (early 70's), there always was someone else in the room..even with the female doctors. Why wasn't this done when examining these kids?
Alysa Lessor Joyce USA Gymnastics knew about this long before the headlines came. Their interests were not with the girls they were responsible for.
Kelly King Steinwachs This is awful any way you look at it, but what I would like to know is What the heck kind of organization allows their underage child athletes to be alone with an adult physician or frankly any other adult not related to them? I understand a lot of these athletes leave home and live near trainers with host families if their parents can't relocate or accompany them, but in the absence of a parent, another adult, the child's sponsor, (or at least a female adult for any female child) should have been present for any treatment or examination. School systems have policies that address this, hospitals and other healthcare facilities do as well and have for years. How in the world (and why) was that allowed?!!
Shirley Velarde Can you see the difference in the statements on this post between the men and women. I guarantee you that some of the women reading this has been abused and never told.
Jeremy Caldwell Taji Silverrose everyday something new comes out about something. Sad that this keeps happening to so man women. Glad it’s coming to the light.
Tetsu Tora ☝️To all loving parents out there, please watch your kids like a hawk! Teach them at an early age how to deal with these scumbags! Teach them to be strong and speak out right away so no one else will suffer from sexual abuse or sexual harassment...
Janet Justice My heart goes out to you girls! I understand why you didn't come forward sooner. I'm a survivor too. Sending love your way.
Hurtado Leydi So many doctors are just nasty. I broke one of my finger of my hand and the therapist for some reason needed to check something by touching me down there "to heal faster". Also, when I got my American visa in Colombia, the American doctor in the embassy also touched me down there to confirm I was a woman...that was his explanation.
Bernadette Nancy Lemaire People are afraid to come out and say when this happens just for what I saw Frank say. Why did it take so long there ya go. Just because you smile no one knows what’s in your heart.
Ciro Soto Justice ? I think it was more lack of communication between them and their parents ! Yes I see the crime ! But where’s the confidence between parents and daughters or sons ? I think their parents share faults on this one !
Shirley Velarde Men ask your mothers, wife’s and daughters if they have every been molested and watch their reactions. If you know them you we see the truth.
Barbara Martin I was a USA gymnast in the 1980's. This was expected behavior, an open secret. We all knew what was going on but at 14, with a powerful man, parental pressure to be an Olympian etc... there is nothing you can do about it. Just try to say no. Just try to report it. You'd be laughed out of the gym. At 14, against an established man... Good luck.
Shaun Kern People involved with big money all around them and paid to them are sexual assaulting Girls and Women ! Hollywood the word is out finally its been known for years ! You wonder why former child stars become Cory Haim for example who was molested wile his fame was skyrocketing then drugs took over ! Sports also ! It can be stopped now do it !
Natasha Fasiu Some things people do to others can ruin their lives. No one should have this much power. Especially those who have been molested and threatened if you tell. Tell. Or the perpetrator will own your life. Get all the help you can to snatch your power back. And you can. Ppl shouldn't judge them !
Dema Chenzom Why only this man going behind bars? I wish the law put all men those who grabbed and forced themselves onto women and girls no matter their power and wealth.....
Laurie McConnell Matko I think it is a little bit too late after her response last week....jumping on the money bandwagon.....who can prove it? But her comments last week are inappropriate.
Barbara Martin I was a gymnast in the 1980's. I never made it to the level of these women, thought, it was an open secret that coaches and doctors would do inappropriate things to you. At 14 years old, you are powerless to do anything, say anything. Your parents are pushing you to be an Olympian, you'll do anything to get there. These men will inspect you, they'll touch you... At 14, you have no idea that this is inappropriate.. It becomes normal... I let it happen to me. My parents wanted nothing more than me to be an Olympian. I was not going to let anything stand in the way. They paid a lot of money for my training.... It was all normalized. Pedophiles are everywhere. They're training your children, they're coaches... They're everywhere. I never spoke out. I wish I did, but in the 1980's I didn't have a voice. I was a kid... Don't blame me... I didn't have a choice...
Lilla Roz These poor girls their Parents Just Focused on their "gold medal" drive INSTEAD of really Focusing on their Daughters-- Money has a tendency to cause Greedy people to lose their FOCUS!!!!!!
Daniel Butler Yet, if he denied the allegations it would be okay for Trump and his blind followers to say he did nothing wrong
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Venezuela's money is nearly worthless, and its cash crisis is only getting worse

Jon Carney If socialism has taught us anything, it would be that it's wonderful until you run out of other peoples' money to spend....or it hyperinflates...
Rick McConaghy All you millennials screaming for socialism, take heed. This is what it looks like, and it’s never in place without a dictator.
Russell Vincent Hold on Venezuela, bernie's on his way to save you all. Turns out you weren't doing socialism right..... I mean left
Edward Moyer When people don’t know the difference between socialism and a dictatorship draining the country coffers. Like Chavez did before him. Nice job repeating those misinformed opinions over reality.
Taha Alam Look on the bright side... Venezuela has achieved wealth and income equality... almost everyone is now dirt poor. (except for the government officials, ofcourse) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Geordan Gundelfinger People are so quick to point out where Socialism fails while ignoring where it works quite well. Switzerland, Sweden Iceland and Canada are great examples. But hey let's focus on the one failed example. Venezuela, a country with no money in the first place. Where any economic platform will fail.
Ralph Hostutler People please get educated this has nothing to do with socialism they based their economies on oil and still have a corrupt government and the us needs them to fail
Dwayne Pierce Obama saved the United States after Bush crashed it and laid waste to the land... ohhh you seem to have forgotten about that huh?!...ppl losing their homes.. cars... savings... easily you forget!!!!! Naive silly kids playing on the internet!!!! Go get a job!!!!!!
Alan Jay Socialism really works! If you don’t mind empty supermarkets, hungry people, hospitals without proper medicine and supplies, rationed water and daily revolving black outs. Oh yeah, then there’s the money thing....I guess it can double as toilet paper...
Aaron Gwazemba I know how this feels. Witnessed the worst financial crisis in history. Zimbabwe, 2008. And the worst thing is that there's always one hot head in charge of government who does not want to simply own up that they have failed.
Steve Crooks Wow, look at this thread, a whole lineup of trolls with the exact same script. Talk about a gotcha for identifying troll activity.
Edward Sanchez Gonzalez How sad! Meanwhile back to the greatest country in the world🇺🇲️. Over a year since President Trump won the election and the economy has boomed ever since." and liberal losers still crying about it....4.1% unemployment to the lowest level in 17 years.
David Jones money isn't really worth anything anyway. but if you have some you should invest in the best weapons you can get that's what life is all about being able to kill everyone on the planet so they leave you alone.
Turrie Borgen Pretty ignorant statments about "socialism" lots of countries including ours employ many programs that would be considered socialistic in nature. Stop with your brain dead talking points.
Rick Hess Mr Gonzalez the economy was doing great before the moron got in. And why was it that during the election Trump claimed unemployment was really 15 to 25 % and didn't believe it was what the labor department was saying?
Karlen Mkrtchyan Socialist utopias develope completely brutal societies. Bernie and alike love centralization of all powers. They call it for the "common good". They know better what people need. It's opposition to freedom and property rights.
Jessy Bonilla Take notes, this can be the USA if y’all give obsolete power to a president just like trump wants!!!! Even a great country like the USA can collapse like Venezuela
Hunter Jeffers They must use paper from pine trees. You gotta use paper from oak you idiots! And throw in some cotton or something, maybe a different brand ink. Then your money will for some reason be worth a lot more!
Garrett Paquette So why can't there be an -ism that combines the positive aspects from them all without a dictator... It's not like the American economy success is a result of the two party system. Clearly the powers that exist don't know how to operate a good ism.
Stanley C Kelechi The audience sees a 'Joker' as a joker; But the 'Joker' sees himself as a performer. No matter what others perceive about you, it is your life. So live it with confidence.
Barry Stuber Bernie Sanders supporters take note. Then Soros goes in and corrupts their currency. What’s left. Thank god Clinton , and CNN rigged the primaries. Lmfso
Jon Goldust And the US has nothing to do with it. We are only the innocent bystanders! We are not interested in their oil.
Gabriel Reuben You will kill,you will prosecutes and you will judge, they are suffering because of your sanctions, learn to stop interfering in different countries internal affairs.
Todd Dennis End result of socialism, starts with the best intentions then corruption destroys it, with devastating effects for the common people.
Jason Wilson Yea and look at our system in America, the rich are getting Billions of dollars in tax cuts every year while we don't have free healthcare for all citizens. Unless you make 250k a year don't try to defend the rich.
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"What does Trump have in store for tomorrow? Who knows!" CNN's Chris Cillizza takes a look at Donald J. Trump's Thanksgiving tweets over the years.

Lilly Chow This Trump Obsession you have Chris Cillizza is becoming more and more unhinged. It can't be healthy to have Trump in your mind 24/7. You need therapy and long overdue meds asap.
Buck Bones You media people should realize that you reporting on his every move is exactly whats fueling the fire right now. On both sides
Monte Hanson Maybe tomorrow Cillizza will take a day off of his continual Pres Trump bashing. Enjoy the day with your family and just be thankful that Hillary didn't win. I am.
James Smith Wow! Real journalism at its best. Scoops of ice cream, a picture of a dogs ear and the first ladys shoes. Nice job CNN. Way to keep everyone informed of the important world issues.
Paul Stuart Probably several rounds of golf. Unlike our last president that went to a food bank and fed Americans.
Jerome Zelle Never know if all the stories are true or part true, when it was proven that CNN lies for ratings I lost any faith I had for “news” Too much constant commentating has ruined it. What would Walter Cronkite do ?
Joeneil Taguan Amazing CNN of Hate... US Government should audit and rebuke the license of these neews media establishment promoting propaganda and spreading hatred & conflict.
Hisham Ayyash The Turkey think itself the new president, but he does not realize he will in the belly of the president and his great family. Happy Thanksgiving!
William Woodall I thought tomorrow was Thanksgiving, a day where give thanks for the people in life. Surly Trumpday can wait till later. I rather focus on my family tomorrow instead of Trump.
Brian Oliver I bet you can't wait to find out what he has in store for tomorrow CNN so you guys can sit there and Bash Him come up with some type of false accusations to accuse him of!
Jon Bevans The best part of him winning is seeing you snowflakes melt daily. He is now in your head in the future. This is constant entertainment seeing your jimmies rustled hourly
Louie Kneitz Chris Sleazy needs to take his meds. While on CNN's shows he bounces around like someone having an epileptic attack . but not to offend them lets say he drinks too much caffeine
John Nelson The best thing Trump could do for America that would allow us all to give thanks - would be to turn off his phone for at least one day.
Esteban Perez I've never seen in my entire life a group of liberals and a group of media outlets obsessing so much about a man. Uggh
Connie Hazen dinner with the Russian oligarch friend who docked his yacht a couple miles away a couple of days ago. Duh
Jeff Cabreras Posts like this is why CNN's ratings are in the gutter
Amin Mosharaf Every single day of this clown’s presidency has been absolute chaos and disaster. He is an insecure and dishonest moron, a sexual predator and an un-American Putin loving puppet, a racist, and a traitor full of lies, sexism, disgrace, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, treason, greed, and cowardliness. This morally bankrupt neo-fascist, conman, snake oil sales man, and far-right gangster is a failure and an embarrassment to sane Americans and humanity. He has turned the presidency into a cheap reality show, and the Whitehouse into an adult daycare. His accomplishments have been undoing obama’s legacy at the cost of America’s security, environment, and healthcare. He claims to put America first but has weaken and degraded the US image and influence in the world.
Mj Pryor What about the Johnson family who can’t heal and enjoy their holiday bc of leaked news that’s now not being reported‼️
Venko Penev Back to the first/ vegan / diet. Save a countless number of turkeys. God’s designed diet: “Then God said, “I give you/Adam and Eve/ every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”A plant-based diet. God’s word is still valid.
Kwado Classic Ugwuja Trump's America is now a third world country compared to every other developed countries of the world. The only develop country that refused to sign Paris agreement on climate change. The only developed country that believes that climate change is a haox. What a shame?
Randy Rovert Wow Cillizza you're obsessed aren't you?
TK Strauss Q)What does trump have in store for tomorrow? (and every day after that)asks CNN...take your pick A)More insults B)Childish behavior C)Repeal some cool stuff D) All of the above
Tony Miller Donald Trump is a pathetic fool.
Perry James President Trump owns CNN and Cilliza. He owns their every thought.
Sasha E. Madallah Chronicles of the moronic emperor with no clothes.
CNN3 hours ago

He didn't have the experience to deal with the level of scrutiny brought on by the national press, a senior campaign adviser says, and the campaign had to make a change.

Carrie Ferrell Jennings What are 10 things that many of Trump's most loyal supporters believe?1. They think the economy has improved because of him: Despite the fact he hasn’t signed a single piece of major economic legislation, and the current economic data we’re seeing is clearly a continuation of the success we saw for the vast majority of Obama’s time in office, the Republican view on the economy has doubled since he took office. The exact same economy only 31 percent of Republicans felt positive about at the end of Obama’s presidency, is now viewed as heading in the right direction by 61 percent of Republicans.2. The same people who think Obama is a Muslim also believe Trump’s a devout follower of Christ: This one pretty much speaks for itself as it relates to the hypocrisy, ignorance, and, in many instances, the racism of “Christian” Trump supporters.3. The majority believe “millions voted illegally” without a single shred of actual proof: A poll from a few weeks ago found that 55 percent of Trump supporters believe his idiotic conspiracy that the only reason he lost the popular vote is because “millions voted illegally” for Clinton.4. They think illegal immigration is out of control and they’re mostly criminals: There’s a reason why Trump made vilifying illegal immigrants a big part of his campaign — the lies he told about them are what people who ultimately ended up supporting him want to believe. Problem is, net migration from Mexico is practically zero and stats show that illegal immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than actual citizens.5. Majority believe he should have the power to overturn judicial rulings: Let the ignorance of this one sink in for a moment. Around 51 percent of Trump supporters are so clueless as to how our Constitution works that they feel as if the Executive Branch should have the power to overrule the Judicial Branch. Not only does that belief completely nullify our entire system of “checks and balances” but it would effectively make every president a dictator.6. They actually believe Trumpcare will make health care better: During Trump’s campaign he promised his health care plan would be cheaper, better, cover more people, and protect people with pre-existing conditions — the bill he supports does absolutely none of that. If the bill the House passed becomes law:Around 24 million people will lose insurance — many of whom will be people who voted for him.Premiums, especially for Americans 50 and older, will increase dramatically.States can opt-out of protecting people with pre-existing conditions.Coverage will get worse.Medicaid will get gutted.The only thing Trumpcare accomplishes, besides everything awful I just listed, is it provides huge tax cuts for the richest among us.7. Large majority don’t believe Barack Obama was born in the United States: While this survey was done in 2016, there’s no reason to think the numbers on this issue have changed much since then. In that PPP survey, 59 percent of Trump supporters didn’t think Obama was born in the United States — only 23 percent said he was. Meaning 77 percent of Trump supporters either don’t believe, or aren’t sure, our 44th president was legitimate.8. They truly believe there’s a “war” against gun rights: Before Obama even took office, the GOP, fueled by the NRA, began pushing the idea that he was some anti-gun radical who was, at any moment, going to confiscate everyone’s guns. This paranoia led to one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever written about, the Jade Helm conspiracy. More than just a few conservatives all across the country believed a military exercise was actually a secret ploy by Obama to declare martial law and seize guns. A large theme throughout Trump’s campaign was that Clinton wanted to “abolish the Second Amendment.”Even now, despite the fact that Obama did practically nothing during his eight years in office to go after anyone’s guns, Trump continues to act as if his administration will end some non-existent war on the Second Amendment.9. They believe the stock market went down and the unemployment rate went up during the Obama administration: Even though it is absolutely indisputable that the unemployment rate drastically fell during the Obama administration, while stocks set numerous records, that’s not what many Trump supporters believe. According to PPP, 67 percent of Trump supporters believe the unemployment rate went up during the Obama administration, while 39 percent believe the stock market went down.This is another perfect example of easy-to-verify facts of reality that many Trump supporters simply don’t believe are real.10. Not only is it foolish to believe practically anything Trump says, in most instances, his supporters believe him over, well — anything. You can present piles of evidence disproving something he’s claimed isn’t factual, while he doesn’t provide a shred of evidence to support what he said, and they’re still going to believe him. A guy with a well-documented history of claiming things are “rigged” whenever he loses, pushing ridiculous conspiracies without any proof, and denying he’s said things that he’s on audio or video saying is the person most of his supporters believe is “honest and trustworthy.”It’s easy to see why Trump did so well. When you’re a pathological liar who’s willing to tell people who don’t believe in reality what they want to hear — no matter how dishonest it is — that’s a dangerous combination. And it’s exactly what Donald Trump did on his path to the White House.--Unkown author
Ross Cooper No problem for Moore..All those " Good Christian " folks in Alabama are going to show the nation and the world what " Good Christian Values " look like. Spoiler alert..It won't be pretty.
Scott Kelley Don't get too down, former communications director. Few in your field are well-versed in the art of defending pedophiles, and the toll it can take on your soul isn't worth it.
Lynn Rowe Or, if he had any moral integrity whatsoever, decided he didn't want to be forever associated with a child molester. The way Donald trump and the Republic Party will be.
Dave Vachon I don't want to live in a world where a communications director can't defend a letch with tastes in 13-year-old girls. (Fact checked: 15-year-old girls).
Melanie Yvonne Probably has to do with the fact that Moore and his allies are making a very, very poor case in defending his penchant for children.
Ed Leonardi It doesn't matter, evangelicals are OK with child sexual abuse, so I guess he will win in Alabama...just saying!
Tawakalit Okanlawon Remember, Trump was supporting Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican Senate runoff!! Once Luther lost he jumped on the Pedo-Platform of Roy Moore! Pedo's stand united.
Jane Chew-Bentley TRUMP BACKS ROY MOORE - "To paraphrase Trump’s daughter, there's a special place in hell for those who back a child abuser for the United States Senate. There's absolutely no worse place we can go from here." Rep. Mike Quigley reacts to President Donald J. Trump's comments about Roy Moore.
Gerardo Rojas Sitting on a park bench Eyeing young girls with bad intent Snots running down his nose Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes, hey, Aqualung Drying in the cold sun Watching as the frilly panties run, hey, Aqualung Feeling like a dead duck Spitting out pieces of his broken luck, oh, Aqualung. Aqualung my friend don’t you start away unease
John Macdonell If Alabama has any conscience, morals, values or just plain common sense, they won't vote him into office. Now is the time for Alabama to show the rest of the country, that we don't stand for immorality!! It's up to THEM!! Do the RIGHT thing Alabama!!
Constance Dedam 99% of the time, the accused of wrong doings deny it, and you have to charge them and bring it to court. Not too often you'll see someone say yes I did it, it doesn't matter what the charge is, they will deny it over and over again. First thing they say is I didn't do it, I didn't do it, they are lying. Veneagance belongs to God, he'll deal with this when it's time.
Lori Milczarski People coming forward isn't the fault of the national press! It is finally a time when people that have suffered abuse, experienced inappropriate behavior of another are able to come forward! May the true facts come forward with undisputable evidence!
Mike Moore Now hiring soon-to-be high school graduates! Fantastic first job to get your foot (or whatever else) in the door! Benefits offered (But don't tell anyone what they are)!
Madonna Tucker You don’t need to sugar coat it , he left most likely because he couldn’t keep up a phoney defence for the creep! Good fo him, a man with integrity!
Marjorie Teunis Rand But of course.... why should someone step down because of his own principles and not being able to work for someone you don't believe in anymore. Nooooo...... kick him and say that he was not qualified. Shameless!
Wendy Caldwell Mrs. Moore has to be pretty dense.. "it's all political". Uh, yes, dearie. Your hubby is running for office. Candidates are investigated by reputable journalists. And someone who got removed twice from the Ala. Supreme court for failing to follow his oath of office/ the Constitution isn't what most people think as "qualified" to be a US Senator.
David Lind "Communication with minor for immoral purposes—Penalties. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, a person who communicates with a minor for immoral purposes, or a person who communicates with someone the person believes to be a minor for immoral purposes, is guilty of a gross misdemeanor."
Alicia R Kasey Republican Party has no morals 😂😂😂 then tell a democrat abortions are wrong Ummm so molesting a 14 year old girl is??
Lee Dunaway Let's call a jack a jack (won't use the old term spade).. Guy got a brain and a soul and left with some integrity intact...
Gabriel James Dems won't demand resignations from members IN Congress who are PROVEN abusers but wallow in sanctimony and jump to judgment regarding Moore who denies accusations. The one piece of proof any of the accusers have against Moore is a yearbook which the accuser refuses to hand over for analysis to determine the truth. Why would the accuser refuse to hand over evidence to be analyzed by a neutral party?
Vin Rohm It would help to have had your witnesses report their claims to the public instead of having Moore loyalists report that others claimed it. Witnesses who don't witness are about as valuable as a choir of mannequins.
Terry Miller Berger No, Moore's former communications director knew what so many other's now know and couldn't continue the BIG lie.
Mike Pablo this Country is upside down, this child molester will win because Trump had assault accusation and won. People do not care until it happens to their own daughters.
Anne Allen Schmidt I didn't much about Alabama before all this came out, but I sure do now. #AlabamaIsJustPlainWeird
CNN3 hours ago

She recalled one instance where Conyers had called her to his office when he was in his underwear.

Michael Taylor Can't wait to see all the explanations of why what he's accused of is different than what Roy Moore and Al Franken are accused of.
Eddie Williams Ok this is getting silly, it’s like every male politician has harassed,abused, or sexually assault someone. I’m hoping Bernie Sanders is clean
Kimmie Divine If you read the article, she says she was not sexually harassed. She went into his office & he simply was not dressed which means he may not be modest, but isn't a perv.
Jay Colson He needs to go. Congress needs to swept out. The culture, the "good ol' boys" culture, needs to be crushed. They wrote the rules to protect themselves. He's 85 yrs old! he should have retired 10-15 yrs ago. Open things up for some new blood. Some YOUNG blood. Some CLEAN blood.
Gary Torgerson Hey CNN do a journalistic investigation into why tax money is being used to clean up this pigs 🐷 mess!
Don Amyot Time for term limits for these bozos. If the president can only serve for 2 terms, why do we allow people to spend 35+ years in Washington???
Pam Brown Can you guy's stop reporting this crap day after day? For those of us who were truly molested as children this is offensive and we are being slapped in the face with it everyday by this tabloid media. These women need to get it to court or shut up. Enough with smear campaigns and women who keep their mouths shut so other's can be victimized for years. These women and men who did and said nothing for years are accomplices and that's how the court will look at it. By the time this is over no man will want to hit on any woman out of fear. Who will pay taxes in the future then? Come on people, grow up and stop being a tabloid. Enough is enough. You are causing trauma to those who are just trying to watch the news. Do I need to get a cease and desist order?
Terver Justines Wever So p ssy grabbing,indecent behavior, inappropriate relationships are a common phenomenon in Capitol hill,Washington,Hollywood California and all over the place.Most men are predators
Tonia M McKay Hes from my area rumored that he was gay even though he was married to his brawling wife shocked that it was women intetesting
Lynn D. Hall He should be gone! I don't care R or D. He is a pig and this should not be tolerated in favor of politics.
Joel Orthmann It’s all good, Conyers is another Democrat, plus he has a slush fund of our tax payer money to pay off Bimbo eruptions like Slick Willie did! Nothing to see here, move on!
Louie Kneitz Conyers is a MEMBER of the Democratic Party since CNN seemed to leave that out. And their own Dylan Byars is a pig as well. Sexually harrassing multiple women. But they only talk about FOX. Guess that is BC Fox is # 1
Ryan Hough Which party is he a member of ? Didn’t see that in the story or headline. Thanks in advance for your help.
Elizabeth Hodges Sad time in America, when our country is faced with the fact, that too many of our politicians are indeed, a disgrace.
Alex Whisk Why is Joe Biden not condemning all these democratic perverts?? Oh, thats right. Nevermind. #creepyjoe2020
Miguel Rodríguez The article doesn't explain what office but, why would anybody be in a (assuming) public service office wearing just underware?
David Kovachi This has been known about him for years and years. Only now that he is as old as the hills do you suddenly care.
Gabriel James 17 million of taxpayer money spent to silence victims and no one in Congress seems to know about the fund. But, hey, they've got the "ethics committee" (joke) looking into it. What secret fund are they using to pay off the 15% that says they approve of Congress.
Gregory Collins I’m not even talking to a woman without a lawyer present
Travis Towns I think MANY of these accusations are political now
Ronnie C Rouse Him and Franken need to resign. Moore needs to drop out of the race. Trump needs to choke on his turkey.
Becca Cara Martinez Conyers is a dirty old man and he should resign. SHAME on this old buzzard. Please keep exposing these lecher men. The war on sexual harassment against women must commence. Let’s destroy the career of every man who has sexually harassed women.
Carol Rockhill Canuso Digging up the graveyard but the Clown 🤡 in charge still supports Chester the Molester!
John Haring No matter how casual a Friday, wearing pants is a requirement
Abdi M Odowa She waited all those years...this isn't much different from a preying donkey
CNN4 hours ago

"While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women. Each was consensual."

Gerry Bennsen I'll take "family values hypocrites" for 200, Alex..
Amilcar Alfaro Bible thumping 101. I can’t wait for Mike Pence’s coming out party and learning he starred in Hot Sailors Party
John Waara while separated from his second wife? So not only is this family values Christian Republican sending photos of his tiny little naughty bits he's going through women like yesterday's laundry. The Republican bar for Morality is set very very low.
Joel Matthew Apparently, not everything is bigger in Texas.
Tawakalit Okanlawon Donald J. Trump be like : "Shoplifting is NOT a little thing. It's a really big deal," unlike child molestation, evidently, which isn't a big deal?
Cathy Krawchuk Oh my goodness, these stories keep getting better and better. This one is making me laugh so hard. Dear America, we love your politics. Love the rest of the world
Peter E Mulcahy "I did this because I believe strongly in conservative family values. And, technically, I wasn't completely naked."
Aaron Morton If it was consensual, he was separated, who cares. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.
Ross Cooper I'm all for bringing down anyone ( Republican or Democrat ) who commits any form of sexual assault, or any form of sexual abuse concerning minors. But this is a " bridge too far " as far as I'm concerned. Nothing to see here folks..Move along.
Zach Valentine President Trump is displaying testicular fortitude like no other who has stood before him. With the relentless attacks from everywhere he stays focused with diligence to fulfil his promises and MAGA. Jobs are almost at 2 Million, records each day in stocks, unemployment lowest in decades, consumer confidence highest in decades, MS13 and Isis taken care of. We are safe and strong with Trump in command. Can't wait to see what the next 7 years brings. #MAGA #Godbless 👊💪🇺🇸
John Manley Round of applause that, amongst everything, it was “consensual” and with “mature adult women”. Gold star, I guess. Such is the state of the modern GOP, the “family values” party supported by Christians.
Maureen McKee Why do men like this figure it would be exciting for a woman to get a nude picture of him showing his favourite body part? Or does he think he has the body beautiful? How many men are doing their thinking below their waist up on the Hill there, hmmm? Each day seems to bring a new revelation. 🤔
Clint Bell Wait, while separated from his second wife? Well I'll bet that commie Obama must've had at least seven--oh wait, he's had just the one wife. But there must've been some sort of lurid sex scandal during his presidency--oh wait, there wasn't. Messed up kids? No.
Shajuan Justice You know what dude? Go on in peace. With everything that's going on in our country right now who has the energy to care? If she/he was over 18 and consented I am fine. People on both sides are doing the exact same thing everyday.
Samuel Leonard Find the person who released the images and prosecute them. This is an absolute invasion of his privacy. Im pretty sure i believe anybody who releases other people's nude photos without consent should be prosecuted.
Thomas E. Osborne Bad enough that he sleeps around on his second or third wife! But PLEASE, spare the world of those little pillsbarry dough boy ding dong pictures! That's just plane wrong!
Diana Martinez Flagg Does he mean to say that he had sexual relations with women other than his wife. while he was still married to her? Ohhh for shame. What would Jesus do? Never mind that...what would Old Testament Jehovah do? Sounds like a smiting is coming on.
Vanessa Welch Ok boys...even if you believe you have the most magnificent specimen any man could ever have...skip the dic pics...keep it in your pants. Don’t put your wiener out there unless you’re cool with everyone seeing it...doesn’t really gel with your “family values” image.
Linda Ann Marx Nestor People who might actively seek to view these - what should be private - nude photos should think twice.... What does it say about You if you are out there looking for this kind of stuff? Sex - mutual sex between two adults should be a private, beautiful, sacred blessed thing. Lets just keep it that way and not pry into another persons personal bedroom habits.... let it be. Please Media... let it be!!! Love is Love. <3
Amy Andrick Hissong Unless a public figure's activities involve unwanted gestures, abuse of authority, or minors, it is no one's business. This witch hunt is now shaming men for simply being sexual beings. This man has nothing to apologize for.
Nicholas Vargas What a good Christian man. He only behaved this way while separated and prior to divorce. I guess his big guy in the sky will give him a pass for this.
Gregory Dunn Most awkward statement. Ever. I sure hope having seen a picture of the Member’s member the other adult wasn’t consenting anymore.
John Dough In the age of Trump, Weinstein, Moore, I can honestly say this is tame and almost not newsworthy had the guy not been a congressman. Unless it’s an underaged girl or boy that he was sending pics of his Weiner to. Wonder if his Tinder name is José Hazard.
Rob Lalande A man Separated from his wife and then went out and had consensual sex with other women oh my God CNN that’s never happened before
Derrick Norfolk Lol, You are not safe as a male politician, Franken (dem) touched buts..... This dude (rep) had sexual relations as a single man..... Oh no he's a monster. The world is not laughing at Trump. They are laughing at how coo coo for coco puffs we are