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There have been at least 288 school shootings in the US since January 1, 2009. That's 57 times as many shootings as the other six G7 countries combined.

I guess we have more....what? Crazy kids? Bullies? or could it be.....GUNS?
The GOP loves it! Everytime a child is murdered they get paid! P'sOS!
Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with widespread ease of access to weapons, would it?
A country with a problem like this wouldn't be defending gun laws, parenting issues, liberal issues, conservative issues - it would just come at it with a blanket solution that requires change from every side. I'm amazed at how long this has been going on, and yet the dialog remains the same...
Somehow I doubt that number is accurate.
They don't care. They shout: "There haven't been that many! Not really. There's ONLY been...." as though there's an acceptable number.
And yet they don't care about all the innocent babies that are gruesomely aborted... We just don't value human life anymore 😥😥😥
God, guns, and glory, welcome to Trumps America 😊
Maryland police officer ran down. Where is your coverage?
Funny because when I lived in Israel school shootings were unheard of. Must have something to do with the fact most, if not all, teachers are armed in the classroom. Not with simple handguns either. No when I picked up my little niece and nephew the female teacher came out with a full-on true select fire M4 Assault rifle the same kind our military uses. Coincidence? I think not
#StopThisMadness how many more have to die before something changes. Children should NOT be a statistic when they go to school.
What’s the population of the US compared to the other six G7 countries combined?
Who cares nothing is gonna be done about it anyway. Just keep your guns on the continent and out of Hawaii please. Mahalo
In taunton mass, they found a note at a middle school and they had to cancel the high school, middle school and the head start location for safety tomorrow 😞
Not a gun control issue tho and we all know that
Read the article. Most of these numbers have nothing to do with active school shootings. If someone gets held up outside of a school after hours they try to count it. Total BS. I would like to know how many of these so called school shootings occurred in Democrat controlled communities?
Cue NRA shills: "But it's definitely NOT due to having too many guns gotten way too easily by any idiot that wants one." (sarcasm)
But it has nothing to do with guns. The rest of the world has God in schools and are better parents. Yeah, right
Last time I checked, murder is illegal. So, y'all just go ahead and make more laws that don't work. I'm down.
Nothing like being in first place, right?
It's because we have too many . . . entrances and picky selective girls, according to gun nuts 🤦‍♀️, oh, and Ritalin, which ironically is harder to get than a gun, is also to blame.
Well sure, because doors don't exist in other countries. 😕
And conservatives just don't care.
You know they can't there will be more people with guns there will be more school shooting, they won't even stop the madness
I’m sure it’s because we have 57 times more exits at schools!!
CNN was live — in Hawaiian Islands.1 hour ago

We're watching a fountain of lava gush from Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island)

needs a human sacrifice..someone throw a orange comb over buffoon in it
Aloha from the Big Island! Oh by the way, most of Hawaii is still safe to visit. This is only on the “Big Island” Hawaii Island NOT the whole state of Hawaii. So, don’t cancel your travel plans to the Big Island.
thoughts & prayers will not stop a volcano
I would like for all my family members in Hilo Hawaii Oahu Honolulu please be safe take cover and be safe
Wow..stay safe. Makes you wonder what is going on under the crest of our earth. This going on with gysers errupting at an abnormal rate too.
Porque no le echan agua fría o algún químico que la apage en cantidad desde un avión. Algo deben hacer para apagarlo. Porque no han creado nada de tecnología para apagar los volcanes en erupción.
CNN has lied to us for so long I don't even believe this is live from Hawaii. It's probably stock footage played on a loop.
You know the island is doing what it does. Its just hoing to build a larger island. Who's smart idea is to build a state here?
What’s the gage in heat that’s coming out? I can’t imagine. Watching from Vegas. Very scary to see this but yet it is beautiful.
Praying for those on the island. Losing your home under any condition is sad. But lives are more important.
For all of you saying why are they this close, please use common sense...IT'S CALLED A ZOOM LENS!
Someone said I hope everyone gets off the island lmao it’s only affecting a small part of a big island. Media is making this look like it’s eating the whole island!
Y’all do know that Hawaii is an volcanic island ! Right? No one should be living there in the first place .
We were there in 1989 after the visitors center was destroyed. Ground was still warm and lava flowing in cracks below where we were walking. This is scary!
With all the fissures in a straight line, its a wonder if that part of the island doesn't slip into the ocean...oh myyy !!!!
I don't think I'd ever want to live on an island that was originally formed on top of petrified lava...OMG! God help the people,of Hawaii.
Still not the correct location, CNN! It's the correct island at least but it's Puna and Pahoa, not Kaulia Kona!
If only a fissure would open up under Congress.
With week two of May 2018 now in the books, we find that CNN’s ratings have collapsed even more than last week, close to -30 percent in total viewers and an astonishing -35 percent in demo viewers.
I hope that people don't avoid the state of Hawaii without realizing that Volcano is on the Big Island of Hawaii and a small area of it at that , I lived there for years and know many people rely on tourism ..
Headed there in July for a conference. Our conference is still being held there and getting regular updates. Scary
I would worry of the tsunami that could happen to California coastline or the Hawaiian island coastlines along with the lava/ fire.
Imagine this happening on a global scale as our planet formed. This is fascinating!
Please stay safe. We have been watching this in horror. Prayers for everyone and for the nature that has been destroyed by this.
We watch as a state created by lava is barraged by it. I'm not surprised, but I'm intrigued. I feel for the people who live there.
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Complete with a red satin cape and tights, this 4-year-old delivers meals to the hungry and homeless. His catchphrase is #ShowLove and he says it means, "you care about someone no matter what they look like."

The people who don't understand why this is important are people who need to take this kid's note on kindness. #ShowLove
He could teach many adults a thing or two
Leave it to a bunch of adults on the comment section to diminish the good deeds of an innocent child. Just because you can't see good doesn't mean you have drag everyone else down with you. Good job kid!
Well done to the parents of this beautiful little soul who encouraged and supported his compassion and empathy. ...long life and happiness to them xx
The kid is so decent he must be a Democrat
Aww my goodness how cute 😍GOD BLESS YOU AUSTIN and your family! You are an awesome 😎 kid and THANK YOU 😊 for your hard work
What a great kid! Kudos to the dad too 🙂 we should all aspire to teach our kids to #showlove
Even the kids know there is no colors that make us different humans are humans we can all love each other.
Let’s see....he gives away food to the homeless, he’s showing unconditional love, so I I’m pretty sure I just thought of about 38 people who would hate this kid.
You are amazing, Austin!! Thank you for being a light in this world. You are what makes America great! ❤️❤️❤️
People have to understand how important is it to help others no matter how they look like, this kid could really teach many adults some lessons! Great job
If this World is going to survive, we need to start understanding who we are and start treating each other that way. (root of jessie + peace through understanding)
Thank you Austin. Thank you Austin’s dad. You both are amazing. Knowing you are out there doing what you do simply makes me feel better about everything. Austin - you have only begun to make an impact on the world. With your dad by your side, you two will move mountains. Thank you!
God bless you little man, and he will ! Your helping change the world one sandwich at a time. Thank You for spreading the LOVE ..........
What if we all had a heart like this little boy. Great job young man, I will try harder to make a difference in a life.
A beautiful thing to see! Love, compassion and humility just what our world needs more of. God bless you little guy.
Wonderful role model! If more adults would follow his example of compassion our country would be in a much better place.
I just love this precious lol Angel Boy, Blessings, Love, and Light to him always,for he is an Earth Angel!
This shouldn't be news, it's the right thing to do. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Love this!! Little body with a big heart.
He's so cute!! This is what our children need to be taught!!
Is there a gofundme for this young man so we can help with his mission to feed the homeless? He's an awesome young man ❤❤❤
A pioneer for other kids. Sweet and awesome.
Great job young man RESPECT
We need a child to show us how to treat each other. trump needs to follow in his steps.
CNN shared CNNMoney's post.2 hours ago

Netflix just announced a multi-year production deal with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, with content appearing as early as 2019.

Canceling my subscription immediately
Netflix can start drafting their bankruptcy. Who in their right mind signs a production deal with a Kenyan born FRAUD who is under massive federal investigation for stealing billions from taxpayers!
already cancelled my Netflix account hello Hulu
So people will cancel Netflix because of one show? People will give up their shows because of a new show. My grandma would say that's cutting off your nose to spite your face.
I had to go straight to the comments for this one. And as I expected the trumpanzees are in full swing...LOL
We might not have a real President now, but thanks to Netflix, at least we’ll be able to watch one again! #hopeagain
I just hope Netflix loses so many viewers!!!
The two brilliant minds with class to spare...I can’t wait the content quality of the productions. We need this!
Oh a lot of snowflakes are now going to say they’re going to boycott Netflix. But we all know they won’t really do that now, would they? 🤣 and even if they do, good riddance! 😊😊😊
I love how many people are stating “I’m gonna cancel” or Netflix is going to go bankrupt for this....well the stock price jumped over $7.00 today. Gotta appreciate the little things in life, suck on it Trumplethinskin fans. You don’t like the show, don’t watch it.’s that simple.
For every cancellation, I'll resub for them. This is gloriously satisfying.
Just another agenda to instigate unrest in America.
Cannot wait! I'm sure it will be excellent & it will kill Trumpty if it's a huuuuuge hit! Hahahahaha!!!
Least will be able to recall a presidential family with class and dignity. Can't wait!
Probably educational. How not to have 23 indictments and get impeached while president.
Congratulations Barack and Michelle Obama and family! We need you back in our lives! Trump is everywhere and we need to have happiness back in our homes!
Cue the, "how dare they? I'm so offended" chorus on the right.
We need something to offset the buffoonery that is currently embarrassing the country and office of the presidency. No one cares if any or all of you bigots cancel Netflix either.
Fantastic! Can’t wait. Another reason to love Netflix. Bonus that tRump is probably choking on his business, another area he failed in where Obama’s succeed.
The Hate towards the Obamas is Alive and Well in 2018. If you are going to cancel your Netflix membership over this, then you are the wrong kind of customer, stick with Fox News 😜
Trump Tomorrow: I’m gonna start my own movie steaming service , it’s gonna be soooooooooo much better than Netflix !!? The numbers are gonna be yuuuuuge !!? Believe me !!
Fantastic! And when the fairness doctrine is reinstated and fox and SINclair are gone the t(rump)suckers can be re-educated by Netflix.
So, now, trump will have to find some way to go after Netflix because of Obama, ... just like he tried to do with Amazon because of Jeff Bezos
With week two of May 2018 now in the books, we find that CNN’s ratings have collapsed even more than last week, close to -30 percent in total viewers and an astonishing -35 percent in demo viewers.
I for one am not going to boycott Netflix. I prefer to be bigger that, unlike those who want to boycott everything. Free speech! Free business! Isn't a capitalistic, constitutionally protected Democracy great?
CNN2 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump called NASCAR a sport for "patriotic Americans," noting that fans of the race stand for the national anthem.

A sport of drunk rednecks who still wave the confederate flag... “real Americans”
Watching cars drive in a circle is the "most" dumbest thing I've ever heard of and it's called a sport... and I'm sure the combined IQ of the entire crowd is 12 ... Btw I'm Canadian kids lol we dont have Nascar so watching all you defend it is pretty awesome dance my puppets dance lol
Real strange for a man who did everything he could to keep from serving his country. Real patriotic , don't you think?
He should wear his sponsors on his suit, too.
Going to NASCAR over going to the Texas school where children were shot to death. How was someone with zero empathy elected? How do those parents and students feel right now? I have no words.
I'm starting to think "patriotic americans" Is now code for something. I've worked quite a few NASCAR event and are only overwhelmingly attended by a certain demographic of *cough* "patriotic americans".
No sport has ever came Close to Doing for our Armed Forces what the NFL has done!
Isn’t he the fool who has disrespected thousands of patriotic Americans who served their country & didn’t dodge the draft??
I'm sorry but the first amendment is clear, so if someone chooses tokneal for the national anthem in protest of something, they are just as American as someone who is standing for it! For someone who so viciously protects the second amendment, you can't downgrade the others without repercussions, it's their right and choice to practice it.
Fans at all games stand for the national anthem. Just wtf is he suggesting? I am not a NASCAR fan I enjoy Football, Basketball and Baseball and I am pretty sure I am a better patriot then Trump I never colluded with Russia.
Here we go to your friend Roseanne Barr about her respect for our anthem 😂
Good grief he really needs to uphold the oath he swore to protect/defend the Constitution, inclusive of the First. Until then he is simply gaslighting and pandering to be divisive.
Can he just give a freaking normal speech?! Such a joke!!
Every American stands for the National Anthem at any event that it is played. Not just Nascar. .. What world is he living in that he does not understand this
That's another BS statement targeting (and hoping for support from) a supposed "base". A base which, at this point, if it can't figure out that this guy is a total con man and liar who does not have their best interest in mind deserves everything they voted for....
& there goes what little fans they do have left. I'm done!! A white mans sport. I was done when they backed him
Now he's dividing us by sport and pastimes. This man has zero redeeming qualities. You are not "patriotic" by virtue of watching a particular sport nor are you "patriotic" just by standing for the anthem.
10 people died at a school and you couldn’t postpone this? Makes him look like he has already moved on, how insensitive to the families of this senseless killing......
Lets just be him they are patriotic Americans because it’s mostly white drivers and white fans.
What Trump does not understand that in a free and democratic government you have the liberty of choice to stand or not to stand for the national anthem. In an autocratic government you do not have that liberty of choice.
So transparently phoney and fake, like a bad, used-car salesman. Always playing to the lowest common denominator.
Yet another obvious play to his base and their "nationalistic pride" - "us" versus "the other." Textbook tribalism. Expect such antics to not only continue but intensify in the coming months.
I see they found the escaped baboon
yes NASCAR is more important that a school shooting. He can stay at the Whitehouse. To lazy to fly out maybe he is saving money for a golf trip again and again. Oh no he doesn't understand save.
Just pandering for votes that’s all. Has to slam someone to make his weak points. Most likely never has attended a race in his prior life and knows absolutely nothing about the sport nor its history. He once again manages to insult all of the other “ patriotic” Americans of this country! Also he has no clue as why the national anthem even got started at events!
CNN was live — in Hawaiian Islands.2 hours ago

We're watching a fountain of lava gush from Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii (also known as the Big Island)

I think we need to sacrifice the president to appease the volcano gods! Just a thought!!!
This is God's earth he can do what he wishes!
This is an island being born not destroyed
This is exactly how all the Hawaiian islands were created! Big island is just getting bigger. Stay safe everyone, God Bless!!
Ms Mother Nature doesn’t do angry or happy, she just does! We are mere specs in her progress and she will shrugs us off like the dinosaurs. Her power to overwhelm our meagerness is unquestionable🌎🌍🌏
It demands a sacrifice! Someone important. Someone who *thinks* he's important... Our current leader should suffice...
For goodness sake! Let the pizza roll cool before biting into it. See what happens if you don't wait.
That’s how it looks like after I eat Mexican food
God keep all safe who is in danger,,people and animals. Mother Nature , I hear the sweet song of birds as this volcano Explodes. Have to love mother nature and have to respect her ,, NJ 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Why is everybody on that island get the hell off of their
SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE! Please don’t send news reporters out here. The gases are toxic and that lava will melt your skin off. PLEASE!!!
Lenard Allen, when’s it going to stop. Beautiful to look at, but so dangerous. I wouldn’t be anywhere near it. Never know when a BIG glop will land on you.
get out of the camera lens lol
Maybe a Hurricane like Iniki, which hit around Sept. 11, 1992, reached Category 4 strength with winds of 145 mph. It was the strongest and costliest hurricane to ever strike Hawaii will stop the volcano
Who can stop the works of God? this is mother nature work in full man can stop that.....take warning folks
Does this count as fake news? I'm asking for a friend....
They normally don't make new Real Estate, except in Hawaii. Supply and Demand will bring land values down.
The island is having a period lol
do they have any ideas when this might stop?
We had plans on vacationing there in July. I have tried to get our money back Travel Guard refused. The place we were staying is uninhabitable. They informed us it was not our primary residence. Do Not buy TRAVEL GUARD waste of money.
Me after no nut november
Wow not good get out be safe from San Antonio TX
looks like someones apendix has epruted
When is this going to stop!
Todd Allen since we were talking about this today
CNN2 hours ago

The monkey was cornered in the baggage handling area of Terminal B, an airport spokesman says

I thought he was in the White House!
Cries of mr. President mr. President could be heard throughout the airport!
When are they going to catch the one in the White House? (I know, soon!)
What was Trump doing there.
Listen...calling a trumpster running loose in the airport a baboon isnt cool
Rumor (CNN) says he was part of the Russian collusion
Oh no...Ted Cruz got loose again.
Probably the least dangerous animal there.
Was he riding in a cart with golf bags?
I'd run too that animal shouldn't be caged.
I didn’t realize that Trump was in San Antonio
Just here for the comments lol so far living up to what I expected 😂
I’m here for the all the Donnie comments, made my day better. 😂😭😩✌🏽
Never should have been in a cage to begin with!! The wild was calling him home!😥
I only read “Baboon escapes cage and runs loose” ... and I filled in the rest “in the White House.” 🤣
Serena Jones-White did you see this? We were in terminal B I believe. It wasn't very big either! (the terminal that is, I am sure the baboon seemed HUGE)!
This is definitely a metaphor for the trump administration.
Poor thing is terrified. 😢😢😢 why was he there and not in the wild. 😠
Hmmm, I thought Dump was heading to NY.
Leave the poor guy alone he was just monkeying around lol
Someone call ICE! Illegal animal close to border.
I love all these comments you guys are awesome made my day. Trampish Baboon, didn’t escape he’s still in the White House, the one that use to be the Right House, no more a Baboon Chump, lives there now!
Interesting. I did not know they employ Baboons at airports?AH OKAY. Its because they closed the border that is why they can't find anyone to work at this place.I hope Mr.Baboon gets benefits under this government of the rich for the rich by the rich.
CNN3 hours ago

"If you have the power to make someone happy, do it," he wrote. "The world needs more of that."

I applaud this young man, his caring and giving heart. What if, imagine our childish leader giving even $1 to anyone other than himself. Thank you JJ for leading the way
my kind of guy and well respect what he's done for everything he has, now that's how the man do the job right, hey Orange president, have you learn anything yet?
A generous and philanthropic deed from someone who makes about $60,000 per day, every day of the year for his skills and abilities as a football player. Thank you!
Good guy. But let's start using nra tactics and pay off politicians ....
I doubt he means that across the board, or this would have never happened.
A wonderful example for all of us.
He is a really good guy. Someone who understands how he has been blessed and wants to share that with others. Much respect.
He gets it. He understands how lucky he is to be paid like a prince to play a game for a living. WATT 2020
Great Guy, Great Player! Some politicians should learn a thing or two from this man, man of the people! Thank You JJ
JJ is leading a great example for his NFL peers.
thank God there are some people with love and compassion in their hearts God BLESS you sir
Great guy. Sure would be nice if politicians would follow suit
He is a true American, and a person with big heart! May God bless him!
Nice jester. Just think he’d have more influence putting his celebrity behind gun legislation.
A native Houstonian, I have never watched a Texans game. But this guy is one of my greatest heroes.
Love him for this! A nice man for sure. We need so many more of him. Thank you J.J.
Graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison!
Its a beautiful message! The world need more Love and good actions! Congratulations to him !
Make this world a better place for you & for me
He is such a sweet young man.
You are one heck of a great wonderful man huge respect huge❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I wish this guy would run for president.
This is a man of true good will.
What a awesome guy you are, I am now a Texan fan 2nd to Saints of course
CNN3 hours ago

This tiny superhero delivers meals to the homeless. Four-year-old Austin Perine's catchphrase is #ShowLove and he says, "Show love means, you care about someone no matter what they look like."

Isn't that cute, CNN catering to childish delusions of grandeur. Awww.... Will CNN pick up the pieces when life teaches him that he's not a superhero with semi magical powers and that he has to do the actual work in order to get the credit for it?
Where can we donate to help this Hero feed more people?
I work 60-70hrs a week and still find time to volunteer locally at least two days a’s good to see a child of this age who finds the importance of helping those less fortunate then himself... Now If only we could get the majority adults of this world to look beyond themselves and do the same... Imagine if everyone helped just one person less fortunate then themselves just once a week for a couple of them a meal and talk to them...imagine living in that world...
Now, this boy is way cooler than Black Panther.
Now this is my type of hero!
Bravo little hero and G-d bless.
'Murica Where the children display genuine empathy & selflessness towards the same people the adults spit on.
His superheroe identity is The President of the United States. He's got my vote!
Being raised right! Showing love and compassion is a very honorable trait. <3
I have a problem with parent exploiting their kids he s 4 for god sake what does he know? Do something good for people don't use your children to get praises. That only mean you are not doing it out of the goodness of your heart and God will not repay you for it.
Has more sense and compassion than self serving Washington
Children are born smart and more sensitive towards people. They have no fear and show love.
Beautiful. With love there's no racism, no superiority, super man or woman. One cares with love. Love cut across all human barriers. Love the little girl. Worth emulating.
We need heroes like that here in Boston Massachusetts please thanks kid
GREAT parenting mom and dad!!!!!!! Bless him
Love his boy! Saw him on Sunday Morning Show.
Great example to all of us Must have fine parents as his guides thank you
Doris Diaz - just made my day😊 no prayers just actions!
What a fabulous young man he is! Well done dad! #showlove
Bless him a real example of what's missing in this world love
What a hero. Keep up the good work Austin.
This kid is a bright light in a dark room.
We all need to follow his lead of love and compassion! This young man has more empathy and love than people 5 times his age
Michelle Ellis, #YOUAwardsInternational candidate.
El prisionero persistente Domina mi caso, Pierce mi pus, Embarazada con dolor, O me quedo muerto detrás de tus barras. No miras a ningún hombre, Tampoco le temes a tu creador; Vengame mi adversario, Puedo molestarlo, mi juez, Hasta que usted gobierne mi viejo caso. Domina mi caso primero, Antes de mirar al otro lado En el puño cerrado de mi adversario, Y cuelgue el martillo inclinable Como siempre haces si ves dólares. Puedo no dormirte, Ni en ningún momento para tomar su té Eso que compré para ti, Puedo agotarte como los zapatos de los buscadores de trabajo, Hasta que tus manos injustas gobiernen mi caso. Soy un criminal inocente, Un sospechoso culpable Hasta que se pruebe inocente, Bajo la custodia del demonio del diablo, Pasando por los días nocturnos. Las manos de hierro de tus discípulos Me terminará Antes de mi día de ejecución Cuando espero multitudes De espectadores para verme ir.
CNN4 hours ago

1. Violent video games
2. Abortion
3. Irresponsible gun owners
4. Not enough armed teachers
5. Too many school entrances
6. Decline of religion in schools
(Analysis by Chris Cillizza)

Canada has ■ violent video games ■ violent movies and TV shows (many the same as are shown in the US) ■ religion removed from schools ■ abortions and "broken families" ■ 'too many entrances' to schools ■ unarmed teachers ■ kids on Ritalin ■ kids that are bullied ■ domestic violence There have been 11 deadly school shooting incidents in Canada since 1975 (that's 11 in 43 years). The highest number of deaths per incident was 14 people killed in 1989. Know what Canada has that the USA does not? Common sense gun control laws. People who say guns are not the problem are actually right. The real problem are the people who refuse to regulate the sale, use and storage of guns. Guess they'd fall under the "irresponsible gun owners" category.
Teachers did NOT go to college and get a degree to go to work and be armed. They didn’t go to protect children from harm. They are educators. People and the POTUS needs to quit putting that responsibility on teachers because our government has failed to protect its children.
Why are this many school shootings unique to America? What makes us different from other developed nations? Hint: It isn’t abortion or lack of religion in schools.
After much reading and study, I have noticed a common thread in all the school shootings: in each and every one, a gun was used or involved. Coincidence? I don't think so.
In 1994 there was a ban on assault type guns and deaths by massacre dropped by 47%! In 2004 Republicans allowed this law to laps and the death rate more than doubled! Stricter Gun Law Save Lives! Tell me that we don’t need gun control!
What in the hell does abortion have to do with it? It's a trigger point Republicans use for their base to rile them up into a frenzy! Has nothing to do with school shootings!
Too many schools entrances?? They are call "emergency exits" moron!! In case of a disaster how in the world are kids gonna evacuated efficiency through one door 🤦‍♂️ and can you explain the relation between abortion and school shootings??, religion?? Religion should stay at home, not in public schools where you have children from all ethnicities, it's just not ethical
I'll tell you where the problems are: 1. Social media/ Technology 2. *****Parenting***** 3. Relaxed gun laws 4. Bullying 5. Education 6. Healthcare 7. ***45 administration*** *** = CRUCIAL In no particular order!!
I am catholic, so my views in abortion are against it. But what abortion have to do with someone shooting and killing people? If the person were aborted he wouldn't be out killing. If he is against abortion, he or she wouldn't be killing anyone. You can't despise abortion and be in favor of death penalty or vigilante justice. Therefore abortion opponents shouldn't be killing anyone. Find a different excuse because really that one is pure non sense.
Seems that the left has one solution for school shootings, gun control, and the right has multiple solutions to combat the issue. What side do you think is really trying to solve the issue?🤔🤔🤔
How does abortion factor in? The only relationship that has been statistically significant between abortion and crime is that increased access to abortion is statistically related to a decrease in crime.
Everything except the gun. A common denominator that isn't applied by conservatives. Maybe common core would help.
Okay. Now I know the GOP is totally NUTTY!!! Really??? Abortions cause school shootings!?!? REALLY!?!?!? I thought it was the young people, and older ones, disconnected with the concept of "we are all in this together". Or inner-consecutiveness!
Almost every single mass shooting was committed using a LEGALLY purchased weapon. Purchased either by the shooter or a family member, especially the parents. Yes these parents who clams to be responsible gun owners did not keep their guns locked up in a safe with a trigger lock so they children could get to them. The shooters had easy unhindered assess to the weapons. YET not one of the parents has been charged with at a minimum neglectful homicide for their actions or lack of leading to these shootings.
Abortion? How is abortion responsible for people shooting up a school? Please...🙄. Republicans will use ANYTHING as an excuse to NOT make changes to gun laws.
How come it's NEVER THE PARENT'S FAULT? How can you live with someone, raise that someone for over a decade and not have a clue what that person is like, moreover, how much of an influence YOUR attitudes and behaviors are influencing theirs? If their kid does something horrible, it's the fault of heavy metal music, or rap, or video games, or the kid is mental,BUT it's NEVER the parents' fault. But if the kid turns out to be a winner, these same parents will be there with their hands up trying to take the credit. Parents like these have got to be some of the most full-of-crap people ever.
Or my personal favorite, the same people who have been yelling "suck it up snowflake," "libtard," etc. the past couple years are suddenly concerned about bullying and how someone must have really hurt the shooter's feelings for this to have happened.
The thing is, so many studies have concluded that there is no link between video games and violent behavior. It’s just a tired argument at this point. And how does abortion even factor in?
Technically, religion didn't leave schools. God never abandons you and it was to sad to think people think that as soon as you step into a school that he will abandon you. I went to schools that allowed student led bible studies in the mornings.
This is why it's so important to register and vote, especially younger people. We need to continue to march and speak out and keep this in the conversation. Change will come. Unfortunately until then this will probably not be the last. Broken hearted in Santa Fe.
These must be the happiest people on the planet....I always heard that "ignorance is bliss" and people that believe this garbage must be ecstatic!!!
If we made gun owners(parents) pay a heavy price for their kids taking guns out of the home and using them we could end 80% of this or more. You can never end violence completely no mater what you do. We have seen guns knives and bombs used this year.
If people in government positions spent as much time actually doing something valuable vs sitting in an air conditioned room talking, half the schools would be secure by now. All talk and no action. Finger pointing, blaming does nothing.
Patrick feels that way because its not his child or grand child being carried out in body bags from their schools. Its the children of everyday America that is not protected by an army paid by Americans that do not have that priviledge.
How does abortion have to do with it.... Maybe too many kids and folks don't have time to educate their children properly? and too much bully and harshness examples higher up so folks don't have any good example for spirituality and kindness....