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Right now, almost all regulated animals used in government lab testing are killed afterward, according to information obtained by Congress from federal agencies

SAVE THE BABIES FIRST! How long will it take my liberal friends to digest the fact that an unborn baby is still a human being and Abortion is just a cute name for barbaric murder?. Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓 Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good. Love our women. Stop them from going to hell.
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Can we please use Congress for this type of testing I wont have no objection when it's time to go
There are plenty of pedophiles and mass shooters behind bars to test chemicals on.
So let me get this straight--- Killing animals used in government testing--bad Killing babies--good
Why are birds on this thumbnail? Birds are government spies. They are in no danger.
Must be some world-ending experiments the government is doing with them.
CNN................the leader in fake news since 1980.
We should use congress for lab testing..
Reduce?! How about stop just STOP!
Back the Beagle Freedom Project
Studies have shown that over 87% of trump supporters hold racist views or are bigoted and sexist in some way. So it's safe to say that not all... Trump supporters are racist but undoubtedly all racist are Trump supporters this fact cannot be disputed. The sexual Predator Donald J Trump will NEVER succeed in 2020. WE the People will make aure of that. #BlueTsunami2020 🌊🇺🇸 #AOC2024 🇺🇸💚
Save animals yet continue to kill refugee children??
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"For an American President to pardon soldiers credibly accused of war crimes sends an unmistakable signal that the behavior is acceptable," says John Avlon on reports Trump has requested paperwork to pardon accused US war criminals. #RealityCheck

I like war criminals. Not prisoners of war. Donald Trump's thinking.
How would he understand war or war crimes, he had bone spurs.
Trump is getting elected again so now STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!
You mean like not prosecuting someone who mishandled Classified Information
The military members who are upstanding and have not disgraced the uniform will not be pleased about this. Every court-martial and convicted soldier has been tried and found guilty by their peers.
He just enjoys having the power to pardon. He doesn't put much thought into it like everything else that he does. He does things because he can. Period.
Well since CNN says so it must be true .. 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
But, yet it was ok for Obama to parden Bradley?
It is simple....he is a criminal!
Thank you Mr. Trump for giving soldiers a pardon for just doing their job. Liberals are psychotic.
Today’s narrative from laughingstock fake news
This is the Trump agenda, destroy the Democratic normality of governments!
Lets get to the truth of the collusion and obstruction of justice. I say we should waterboard trump
He only pardons the lowest form of life.
The trolls are out tonight. And I mean it's night in Russia
As ex-JAG, let me explain this to any armchair Rambos who will undoubtedly comment here. These murders violate the Geneva Conventions, Law of War, the UCMJ, and local legal orders. Now, anytime an enemy kills one of our personnel in custody, they have legal cover. They not only committed murder as a war crime, but they committed serious breaches of military discipline. Military personnel cannot choose what they want to do. We obey all legal commands. Part of the reason why we adhere to the honorable but tragic path of the soldier/sailor/airman/marine at war (I blame those in political power for their failure that sends us to war) is that we want these personnel to be able to go home and live with themselves afterwards. Staying within the laws protects our service personal from spiritual and emotional injury that they may cause themselves. Trump is spitting in the face of every honorable soldier. We adhered to the laws. We were not war criminals. We did not disobey the treaties and laws that provide military discipline. These men are NOT honorable. They were judged by their fellow service personnel as dishonorable. It is disgusting for Trump to laugh at our judgments and our military justice
that's what happens when you put a criminal in office he's going to associate with criminals he's going to do things for criminals and most importantly he's going to mainly act like a criminal himself remember the fake president never went to Vietnam and experienced the atrocities that American soldiers did there have a nice day
Can CNN International focus on the next US president Joe Biden's rallies for the next one year to build him the same way they built the current president to win.
Looks like Putin has really upped it on his troll factory, considering this comment section! Sad that you have to employ people/make bots in order to create the illusion that your side is the majority opinion, rather than acknowledge the truth - that you are fringe and that the “fake news” is, unfortunately for this country, revealing the truth about your loser President
This is not right he was found guilty of war crimes 😭
These soldiers were NOT credibly accused of war crimes! Why don’t you try to get the facts first before you post an episode. Oh wait, it’s CNN. That explains the false narrative.
Seriously I never thought everything Obama did was bad and I hated him. Folks if you seriously find negative 100% on Trump you need help. He wasnt my first choice but I voted for him. 90% of news coverage is negative on Trump. 70% of news casters or journalists are hard core Dems and Libs and 20% are Independents. Do you seriously believe they dont spin the news. Wake the hell up!
Has anyone considered what this would mean for captured AMERICANS?
Note that commuting or reducing a sentance may have been appropriate, but a PARDON clearly sends the wrong message.
He is learning off Netanyahu no doubt
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Whole Foods is ramping up its war on disposable plastic

Democrats are the party of fake news. And this time, it’s finally coming back to haunt them. This top congressional Democrat is going to have to resign after this Obama deep state scandal blew his career apart. Democrats spent years believing absurd conspiracy theories about President Trump. A majority of Democrats even believe that the Russians changed vote tallies in swing states in order to deliver Trump a victory over Hillary Clinton – something which has been proven to be completely bogus. And after finally getting over the shock that Trump had defeated their coronated successor to Barack Obama, Democrats instead began to focus on constructing an elaborate conspiracy regarding just how Trump could have won. To that end, the Trump-Russian conspiracy theory was born, which alleged that the President’s campaign had colluded with the Russian government in order to steal the election away from Clinton. Plenty of Democrats latched onto the conspiracy, but none more than Adam Schiff were truer believers. Schiff had spent two years hopping from TV outlet to TV outlet proclaiming that the collusion between Donald Trump and the Kremlin was in fact truth. Schiff staked his entire career on it, and everything came crashing down when Robert Mueller’s investigation ultimately exonerated Trump of any coordination or collusion with the Russian government. And now, Schiff may have to resign after betting everything on Mueller’s investigation and losing it all. Politico reports, “The House Intelligence Committee devolved into bitter infighting Thursday, as all nine Republicans demanded Chairman Adam Schiff resign his post and the California Democrat responded with a blistering account of “evidence of collusion” between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.” “We have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties,” said Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas). That lack of faith is well-founded. Schiff was so fixated on his hatred of President Trump that he was unwilling or unable to see the holes in his own conspiracy theory. Now, President Trump is also weighing in on the calls for Schiff to step aside. “Congressman Adam Schiff, who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking, should be forced to resign from Congress!” the President tweeted on Thursday. Not only does Trump think Schiff should lose his committee chairmanship, but he should leave Congress altogether. And it isn’t hard to believe why. Schiff spent years personally attacking Trump and calling him a traitor to this country. And for two years, Schiff claimed that Trump was illegally elected to the office of President, and that he should even be impeached from office. And it was all built upon a lie. Schiff bet it all on uncovering proof that Trump would be indicted or otherwise taken down by Mueller. And he couldn’t have been more wrong. The calls for his resignation are only growing as more and more realize how much of a fraud he really is. It may be only a matter of time until those calls become reality. We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.
CNN is agenda driven fake news.
SAVE THE BABIES FIRST!. Compassion is a good thing. Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓 Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good. They say: women, but facts shout: BABY. (human beings with pending human rights.)
Smaller bags aren't going change anything just use more bags. How is that helpful? I can use one large bag to fit my few tomatoes and onions instead of two small one for each. And unless they are giving away silicone or stainless steal straws I fail to see how paper straws are helpful either. They fall apart faster so you'll need a few to take with you. In their attempt to be eco friendly they really just created more waste. You can't even recycle plastic bags. I mean other than using them to line the bin.
How will we drink out of our giant plastic cups without a small plastic straw.
Since USA contributes 0% of ocean plastic it would make sense for idiot liberals to ban straws here. Another bold step would be to ban the paper wrappers on the straws. Both will have the same effect on ocean garbage
Plastic isn't the problem. Overpopulation of useless eaters is. It's time for Depopulation. The Georgia Guidestones said maintain population at 500 million, under 100 million sounds better. 🐐 #LuciferIsLight 🐐 #OneWorldOrder #Agenda33
But yet i can buy straws and plastic bags on Amazon. Hmmmm
We are less than 1% of the oceans plastics. It's good to want to be proactive but until something is done about China and India were pissing in the wind and inconveniencing ourselves for literally no planetary gain.
Paper straws suck. Used one at a concert recently. It kept closing up and stuff.
Whole Foods will ban plastic straws & Liberals...
CNN and dumercraps are FAKE
...and I’ll go somewhere that I can get a real straw
I remember when everyone was like save the trees dont use paper use plastic instead, save the trees
I bring my own container for coffees etc. Why not have paper bags for produce?
And the photo shows a big old plastic cup.
Keep up the good work, one step at a time.
Good single use plastic doesnt make sense
Where are the hemp cups? Hemp plates?
A local bakery just returned to all paper boxes and biodegradable containers. I like that!
Remember, plastic straws create thousands of jobs for people in the factories that make them.
World free from platics is mission impossible. Anyway, appreciate their initiative.
After we go back to plastic there will be campaigns to save the trees ( where do you think paper comes from) . too many rain forest trees cut down to make paper bags. Than some bright person will say let's. Start using plastic bags and save the trees. How many understand that the whole reason for plastic was to save trees,
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"The second that horse jumped out the way he did, I knew I was in trouble," says jockey John Velazquez who was thrown from his horse at Preakness.

"He sent me much higher than the saddle so I was up in the...

Fascinating... I am reading a story about the Preakness... there are 5 comments, and mine is the only one that has anything to do with the race... Trolls must be bored this mornining....
I am sure a great many of us found ourselves suddenly rooting for Bodexpress to win. But ... glad that no one, horse or rider, was injured.
Ok so the horse knew what to do. I wanna see jockeyless horse racing😂
Classy, John Velasquez. Safe riding to you, sir!
All that matters is that you and the horse are ok.
I was hoping that horse would win!! lol (I know he would have been taken down but what fun lol)
horses are herd animals, so consequently follow the herd, even w/o the rider aboard.
that horse definitely didn't need a rider
"Dude, I got this - I can go a LOT faster without carrying you on my back! Just let me run this one by myself!"
Was rooting for Bodeexpres
Why are NON HORSE PEOPLE saying anything about this. Horse owners know that any accident can happen at any time even with a school master horse. Accidents happen in ALL walks of life. The point of TRAINING is to lessen the impact of an accident. A riderless horse will usually follow the field. I have done endurance riding. When on training rides you can ride a horse and lead one at the sa.w time I order to condition 2 horses. We used to turn one loose on the trails with us. She always stayed with us.
good! hope they didn't kill the horse, but they probably did.
stop horse racing
Save a horse ride a cowboy
More and more accidents and mishaps happening in Horse Racing... many leading to death of the animals. Why is this? All sports is about anymore is making bets and gambling... but in this sport, the athletes don’t have a choice and the losers end up at the Kill Lots.
Keep in mind he was running with 126 lbs less than all the other horses... He also potentially presented a real danger... a loose horse is every jockey's nightmare. I expect he will be doing a fair bit of gate schooling in the near future before he races again...
Stop forcing horses to race for your enjoyment, I would have kicked you off too
He was not thrown he fell off.
Woulda bin hilarious if horse one the race lol
Glad both are okay.
Horse playing around
Hope the horse is okay
I like the jokes but I also have to say that this situation is no joke and is dangerous. It was dangerous for the jockey and it was dangerous for the horse as the horse is panicked and doesn’t know what to do as its used to having a rider on its back. That was also dangerous for other riders in the race. It’s good nothing happened and we can make jokes but luckily nothing worse happened so we can make jokes
Thankful that there were no injuries. Such a dangerous situation. Bodexpress was behaving badly and seemed like it was an over-excited buck out of the hate that threw Velasquez.
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Maisie Williams wasn't out of work for very long

Unborn babies get murdered every single day, where is their article?, where is our respect for their human life? And where is our compassion for them? Save the babies first. (Naturally). How long will it take my liberal friends to digest the fact that an unborn baby is still a human being and Abortion is just a cute name for barbaric murder?. Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓 Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good. Love our women. Stop them from going to hell.
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Cool. Now we know what's west of Westeros. A fabulous rainbow!
Who is this?
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I hope she’s not going to be a one hit wonder and remembered as Arya for the rest of her life, but it’s very hard to top that character and she’d played real well, very talented young lady 👏🏼
Can I watch the uk edition in the us at all?
Arya stark sailed west. Jon snow rode north, drogon flew east and the season finale went south.
She looks the part
Why they hell when I read this I was thinking Real Drag Racing.
Why do I have the sudden urge to join this drag queen contest just because she’s in it?!? #highlyunqualifiedButgoingforit #iwishiwereBritish #dragqueenwannabe 🤣🤣🤣
We all know Jon should have won the Throne lets just agree to disagree.
KB!!!! 😱
BBC huh?.... lol
Is Maisie a dude?
Samael Bredow Fabiano Milano Fritzen OMG, que crossover maravilhoso heheheheh
Valery 🙄
But it’s not NHRA sanctioned, so big deal. she still out of work...
Icaro Icaros
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"He took a year off from his job, that's what he told me, to just focus on and perfect this... This is a fun experience. And when it comes to dealing with him it was not."

'Jeopardy!' contestants reveal how they...

Buzz in before he does, and answer the question correctly.
Ahh. A little bitterness from the brunette. He studied.... he’s playing great.... they lost, he won. Fair and square no matter what the strategy. Contestants go on this show for bragging rights and to hopefully win tons of money.
I've enjoyed watching him. Looking forward to seeing how far he can go.
Wow. Sore losers. Glad they lost.
Sore losers!! The guy is a genius. I hope he keeps on winning for a long time...
sour grapes from Philadelphia woman
I have nothing against Holzhauer. He seems like a very nice man, and he's obviously smart and skilled. However, I can no longer watch Jeopardy. His constant wins make it completely boring and uninteresting You know no one else has the slightest chance, ever. I'll wait till he's gone and then once again pick up what was my favorite program.
He's winning because he's giving the correct answers. He can beat them on the buzzer, get the daily doubles, but he still has to answer with the correct question.
Can't wait for James to return He's terrific !
So nice to have him back tonight. He's been missed.
This guy is so quick and secure in his answers, so even though without the daily doubles he would get far...he's human, so he can fail, but you have to be better, quicker and wiser than him... Love to see Jeopardy, and love to see him playing his game
Whahhh Robin Falaco, he so mean whahhhh. He hurt my feelings..whahhhh he is so rude to me whaaahhhhhhh
I watched him one night. Extremely boring episode. He is like a robot. Quick hands and no personality. Like watching a machine. I won't watch again until he is gone. Jeopardy needs to change the format. 10 wins and you retire. 10 day winners can return for the tournaments.
Oooh that one lady is a really poor sport!
The goal is to win. This culture of lets have fun... And participation is captured in this video.. If you are not trying to win... Dont compete
His “run” has been a joy to behold. Our M-F early evenings are special. Any criticism is absurd
Oh boo hoo...he had to answer tough questions to win...he's smarter, get over it. 🙄
Has he lost yet? We haven't watched in weeks, just tired of the James show...
Sore losers except for the man.
So wait. The one person is somewhat bad mouthing him for overly preparing himself for the game? If he did take a year off to prepare and gamble on himself, I’d say that was one heck of a great wager. Preparation or not, he still has to answer the questions before his other contestants. Answer more correctly before him, you win. It’s not exactly rocket science. Prime time game shows sort of have a pretty simple concept behind them. Jeopardy is no different.
Sounds like poor losers (ladies)!
Robin came off as a sore loser before her episode even ended. (Respectfully) James has been so much fun to watch. I admire his strategy as well as his memory. Good for him for doing so well and good for the person who finally beats him. Epic game show television.
He is awesome, love watching and obviously so do a lot more people since ratings are great since he has been on.
Robin Falco sounds like a sore loser.
I think he has an ear bud planted in his ear and someone is feeding him the answers. I do not believe he is on the up and up. No one person can know every answer. 🤔
CNN2 hours ago

When the strange buzzing noise got so bad they couldn't sleep at night, they decided to take action

Slow news day again CNN? Your ratings are in the tank. Do you think this will help?
SAVE THE BABIES FIRST!. Compassion is a good thing. Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓 Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings. 💔 God bless you ❤️ God is good. They say: women, but facts shout: BABY. (human beings with pending human rights.)
How do they know there were 80k??
Bee exterminators remove 20-room mansion from local hive
Couple removes beehive only to discover that all the buzzing was coming from their toys in the sock draw.
Ooooo pure honey 😜
Just here to do a trumpanzee head count for CNN!
Nevin Patel ummm absolutely not
Hey honey we need to get rid of the honey. Yes honey we can’t sleep because of the honey.
😮Thank god the beehive in the basement wasn’t that big! Janet Bree
We had thousands in a closet wall removed 30 years ago and they’ve consistently tried to get back in. That wall is fine now, but 3 years ago a different closet wall became a home for bats. Took 2 years to block all their entrances. Neither is fun to run into in your bedroom.
is it bad that I'd be kinda ok with the bees being there lol
80’000 fat big yellow booty bees found in couples house??? THATS UNBEELIEVABLE!!!!! 😱😱😱😱
Would’ve been just like sleeping with a fan on
Took ‘em that long, eh?
I hope the bees were moved and not killed
Wu Tang Clan is back!
The equivalent of 1-2 normal full hives (approx 60,000 per)
The bees are hiding from Roundup and all the other lethal pesticides!!!
I'm kinda interested to know if they took even a little bit of honey. 😀
i just hope they didn't kill them. we need bees
What, Trump supporters are some sick ignorant people. The article is about bees.
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"Long-term, it's my goal to go to law school and study civil rights law and pay it forward by representing people who are underrepresented in the courtroom and advocating on their behalf," says Morehouse graduate Cameron Edge on having his debt paid off.

I love seeing all this black excellence getting mainstream news time .
What kind of nut job do you have to be to be mad at this?? All these negative comments from miserable people. Geeez. Get off of Facebook and go to the library or something.
Why are people so angry? I am sure if someone offered to give you a fresh start you wouldn’t turn it down. These graduates will pay it forward and raise children that pay it forward. It is a win win in my book. 💙
Why are people so mad about this?
Trump would have given them all hamburgers
Pro life means supporting a child all along the way........not only in the getting here. Mr. Smith has given these graduates an amazing gift that will not only benefit them but will benefit their children for generations to come! Their children will be better off when they come to this world. That, is pro life.
This is awesome for Mr. Smith to give these HBCU Morehouse grads a leg up by paying off their college debts. It is also awesome that he ask them to pay-it-forward. What a wonderful way to get people to see the obligation of reaching down to help others. 😊
And what about those who worked to pay tuition, and those whose families sacrificed to put them through school without debt.
College is a racket, just like the drug companies. And the liberals are deeply entrenched in it. True story.
Alhumdullallah. You are our future. I am proud of your goals. Short and long term
I love his goal and share his goal and passion!
God bless him with good health and a beautiful life!
I hope they all "pay it Forward".
Thank you for helping our leaders move forward without a ball and chain on their necks. May god bless u
Trump helped students out with Trump University, oh wait I forgot he tried to screw those students when the fake University went bankrupt.
The amount of power these brothers have graduating debt free makes my heart smile!! Remember his name Robert F. Smith!! I salute you Sir!!
My daughter is under water with loan debt as a lot of her friends are It’s such an unfair system They charge them such high interest and high payments, it affects their credit etc... Vicious cycle they can’t find a way out of. It’s a sad situation that needs fixed!
This is AWESOME!! My kids are STILL paying their student loans off!
What a terrific story! Paying it forward!
God Bless him for AWESOME Financial Blessing to this 2019 Morehouse Graduating Class. Pay It Forward Graduates!!
Those who’ve gone to college, studied hard, and graduated truly understand and appreciate the value of this gift. The sour grape eaters are just bitter because they’ve been left behind and they hate seeing young, educated black men benefit from the kindness and generosity of a black billionaire who made his fortune without bouncing or throwing a ball.
I think man is a saint!!!!!! God bless him helping out kids that have worked hard and deserve a financial break!!!!
Good for him. Proff that not all rich people are greedy. God will provide more for him for his good deed by helping take a burden off these students.
Amazing..congrats to everyone who will benefit from this generous gift. Pay it forward should be a life motto!
How wonderful for the students. I couldn’t be happier for them if it was me.
CNN2 hours ago

Environmental campaigners are raising the alarm after a sperm whale was found dead on an Italian beach with plastic in its stomach

I wonder if aliens fly by Earth and lock their doors
Was the cause of the death due to plastic? Could be some other health issues or natural selection. Anything is possible.
They found plastic at one of the deepest point in the ocean what you’d expect? Most of us aren’t doing crap besides ranting on FB! After this post most of us will resume using single use plastic.
I do understand that millions of people all over the world use plastic. What I DON'T understand is how TONS of it gets into our oceans????
Is that why it died? can't tell with fake news scumbags.
But keep demanding those straws, and laughing at those who think its a bad idea
Trump probably killed the dinosaurs!
No one forced it to eat plastic tho
TDS is strong with this group 🤡🌎 HONK HONK HONK
This is sad that we are destroying the planet and wildlife. You can recycle plastic bags and wrappers are grocery stores.
When all the Forrest, Clean Water & Animals are gone, they will know YOU CANT EAT MONEY
Yep and they keep making plastic dont they. Big wigs dont care how we leave this world for our children and grandbabies. Sad sad world
This will be just another story we will scroll through. Most people do not care enough to make changes that could possibly prevent or minimize such things. Let's also then accept that we are what we eat. The rise of toxicity in our food crops also means a rise in decline in health and more diseases. People are also actually ok with that part also, until the diagnosis comes in.
This never occurred 80 years ago. It is the proliferation of plastics ( petroleum based substances) AND the laziness of people who do not dispose of plastics RESPONSIBLY.
Plastic also contains petrol chemicals, even the wrapping on your food. The Economist published a great article many years ago entitled "The Oil You Eat."
Every one should pitch in and help our planet and animals before it's all gone. VOTE OUT ALL THE CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS aka REPUBLICANS
The only solution is an immediate worldwide ban on plastic products
Who cares? Everyone's too busy signing petitions about game of thrones.
European plastic and North American plastics. Own it and fix it.
I wouldn't call this news we already knew what the hell was going to happen when we were dumping in the ocean we knew it wasn't going to disappear
Anthony Jezelnik joke: that’s awesome they got that whale to recycle all that plastic before he died
This killing me. Humans have destroyed this world, and we know it, yet we still continue to do it. This is just so sad.
They’re eating plastic thinking it’s food. So why don’t we make....edible plastic
Cruise ships and ocean liners leave a billion gallons of sewage in the ocean every year....and a staggering 14 billion pounds of trash-most of it plastic -is dumped in the world's oceans every year. While we stop making straws....who's restricting the littering from these ships??????
Ever think cruise ships are dumping tons in ocean.
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As more states pass laws restricting abortion rights John King looks at the role it will play in the 2020 race.

Can we abort trump supporters?
Republicans are against women.
Trumpsters- “Abortion is evil!” Also Trumpsters- “Children do not need healthy lunches, safe schools, or healthcare!”
It doesn't matter your personal views on abortion. It does how ever matter that a woman has full control over her body and what medical procedures she has. End of story, period. Your ideals and convictions are your own, you do not however have the right to force them on others.
Who the HELL are the GOP even allowed to SPEAK about "morals" ?????? I BEEN SAYING. Adultery, prostitution, fraud, theft, homosexuality, child molestation, taxpayer funded abortions, mistresses, sexual abuse- ALL BAD - UNLESS YOU'RE REPUBLICAN !!!! Florida Governor Rick Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA (which he founded) about ten years ago when they were BUSTED for pulling off the largest Medicare Fraud in American HISTORY, having to pay 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS in fines ! Arizona Republican David Stringer, who resigned abruptly March 2019, busted for paying teenage boys for sex. One of them was disabled and he did this at least ten times. Trump's Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta broke Federal Law when signing a plea deal agreement with former Hedge Fund manager Jeffery Epstein when he was convicted of soliciting underage girls for sex. After winning 93% of North Dakota's vote, GOP secretary Will Gardner is officially dropping out of the race after it was discovered he was convicted of being a peeping TOM !!! Dennis Hof, owns a brothel, wins Nevada GOP primary. Betsy DeVos tried to gut funding for Special Olympics. Out of EIGHT White nationalists/White Supremacists running in primaries across America in 2018, FOUR won their districts. This year, Former Kentucky judge and head of the Trump campaign in Campbell County Timothy Nolan has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to human trafficking. Mark Sanford, R, North Carolina who just lost his seat, went MIA in 2009 and was discovered to have travelled to Argentina to be with his mistress. Rudy Giuliani cheated on his wife with a married New Hampshire hospital administrator and now she's divorcing him. Rudy's first wife was also his cousin because that's how Trumplodytes ROLL. Most Trump supporters' family tree is a pole. Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid off adult film actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 11 days before the 2016 Presidential elections. Remember when Obama's lawyer needed a lawyer ? HELL, remember when Obama needed a lawyer ?? Yeah, neither did I. (Let's not mention all the other values Trump is famous for - five kids from three different marriages, Melania's "genius visa" and lying about her degree; the fact that Trump cheated on wife #1 with wife #2 and bragged about it; "grab her by the p#ssy" ; cheated on current wife #3 with Stormy Daniels; the fact that he wants to bang his own daughter.............that would take up several paragraphs) Former Playboy Playmate Barbara Moore told the Daily Mail how President Trump “cheated on his pregnant fiancée Marla Maples – who later became his second wife – during a steamy six-month affair.” Yet ANOTHER Former Playboy model Karen McDougal has proof of her alleged affair with Donald Trump, and is prepared to sue the president if he calls her a liar, McDougal's lawyer said. . Michael Cohen also arranged a $1.6 million settlement with a former Playboy model that Elliott Broidy, A top GOP fundraiser and prominent backer of President Trump. He stepped down from his Republican National Committee post Friday after revelations emerged that Elliot got her pregnant and forced her to have an abortion, even though the affair was "consensual". Steve Wynn was forced to resign from the RNC after accusations of sexual misconduct that he accepted responsibility for. Sean Hannity was disclosed as the secret third client of Michael Cohen. Tim Murphy, Pennsylvania Republican had engaged in an extramarital affair, after it came out in his mistress's divorce records. He also forced HIS mistress to have an abortion. A Republican state senator from Oklahoma, Ralph Shortey, is facing prostitution charges after he was caught in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy to whom he offered to pay for sex with.. Ohio Republican Wes Goodman, state legislator who consistently touts his faith and his anti-LGBT stances resigned in 2017 after being caught having sex with a man in his office. Texas GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold resigned earlier this year roughly four months after news broke that he had settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with taxpayer money. Missouri governor Eric Greitens resigned after being accused of sexually abusing a woman he had an affair with. The governor allegedly tried to blackmail the woman with nude photos of her to prevent word of the affair spreading. Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks resigned last December 2017 over his own sex scandal and allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment . Republican Steve Montenegro was supposed to fill his seat, But a bombshell report of nude photos and text messages exchanged between the candidate, former state Sen. Steve Montenegro, and a legislative staffer — published just a week before the election — has left GOP operatives worried that "it could be Alabama all over again," Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix resigned from office in March hours after the publication of a video and photographs showing him kissing a female lobbyist in a Des Moines tavern. Pat Meehan, Republican from Pa, resigns after using taxpayer money to pay off a Sexual harassment settlement, stemming from incidents with a former aide. Back in 2015, Republican Tennessee congressman Scott DesJarlais supported his ex-wife's decision to have two abortions,yet voted for a bill that would ban late-term abortions.
Trump supporters must be on drugs. I can't understand how they believe Trump's BS
America must have the stupidest people ever. This nation is failing fast. I pity all of you.
Trump is getting re-elected so just STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!
How many abortions did 45 pay for that's the question .... He says pro-life ... I say he's full of b*******
Republicans are setting women's rights way back. What are they going to do next? Make sure women don't vote? Unable to get a job and just stay home and take care of the kids? Women are not a machine to just get pregnant and birth babies. I love my kids but if I had gotten pregnant at 16 or even raped and these laws are on the books then I would be still living with my mom and not have the successful career that I love with the man that I love.
Donald only cares about Donald and he's taking advantage of the situations to maintain his presidency. He took advantage of your hate for foreigners for living in America and against businesses for exporting work you won't do to foreign companies.
The Democrat Party is a complete abortion. Change my mind
If men could get pregnant, abortions would be available at Jiffy Lube.
It is now time to fight back. Stop being polite about it ladies. It not okay when men mansplain bodily functions that they know nothing about and then make laws based on their ignorance. It's not okay for anyone, man or woman, to tell any woman that she is required to give birth for any reason. It's not okay to make contraceptives illegal. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pissed off and I'm not going to stay quiet about it.
American women are even more fired up to vote against the GOP in 2020 than they were last November when Democrats took over the House thanks to the women's votes.
This is the answer to democrats pushing too far, with late term abortion and infanticide.
Only accomplishments are a tax cut for the rich and free pass for the toxic.
Just wait til crime goes up. You're guaranteeing that will happen. Good work.
Time to fight back . All people have the right to decide for themselves. We are talking about abortions done in the first trimester preferably in the first 10 weeks when the embryo is about the size of a grain of rice.
Let's abort Trump supporters. Then America will truly be great again.
Odd that Donald Trump wasn't against abortions until he ran for president!! All this is for his base!
No man or woman should decide what is right for someone else body. One should have safe decisions available. Should be up to the person in the situation. My body, my right!!!!!
More Evidence That 37% Of Republicans Don't Believe In The US Constitution, Or Constitutional Rights. 😉