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A married same-sex couple living in London is suing the State Department over the determination that just one of their two sons is recognized as a US citizen.

Russell Fricia A same-sex couple cannot have a "son." Only one of them can.
Laura Sullivan Jalbert All they have to do is have the US parent adopt the child
Cindy Natter Hargroves Makes no sense. Rules should make sense, and this one clearly does not. The child is not born out of wedlock since the parents are married.
Adam Al Homophobes commencing throwing tantrums in 3, 2, 1...
Stephanie Dow We have to have laws people! You have to draw the line somewhere! Guess what my son couldn't start kindergarten in the fall the year he was five, had to wait as his birthday fell two days after the cut off date!
Jack Bahjat How did they have kids?
Jason Wolinsky How does adoption play into this? What about couples that adopt children from other nations...are those children not given citizenship?
Steven Bigness Here we go give them a 3inch they take a mile
Kevin Moore And let the Trump comments!
Tim Hart Why do they care anyway. Seems they don’t live in the us and haven’t for awhile.
Thomas Anderson Was one born in a country other than the US?
Mary Beneke Thank God we are not all that bat s--t crazy. You sick people just don't care what you do. Who can even begin to figure out all your sins and which one we should try make believe are not a sin anymore.
Paul Warner Hmmmm, another kerfuffle. Kinda tough for the kid to be biologically related to both parents if it's a same sex marriage now isn't it?! The law is the law.
Constance Jennings Completely absurd--their children are their children ! Are they going to start genetic testing of paternity just to make sure for heterosexual couples also ?
Zachary A Jacoby i had this dream some nights ago... i don't know what it means... but it was a man talking in the city and it was an ominous kind of antagonistic voice... and it was referring to taking revenge in October. i'm going to do it in October.... what do think it's about? it wasn't islamic...
Freida Treece America is just going downhill sad
Laura Allen Smith Why in God’s name would this even be an issue? Totally ridiculous.
Kevin Seward And this is a wrong decision why? It meets the intent and letter of the law. Let her apply for immigration status as a dependent then apply for citizenship once she meets criteria.
James Ritts The son born to the Italian is not a citizen in any way. Not biological. Goes the same for straight people.
Ellen Maxwell Winters This is ridiculous! Same sex marriage is a thing, like it or not.
Chris Young Can't wait to see how they lose this one
Derrick Shepard A wall will stop nothing!!! Today U.S. special forces were unable to get over a few of the prototype walls in san Diego 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joel Creasy The DUMB is rampant on this thread. Careful folks, it might be contagious.
Bruce Hynes C'mon you idiots. If they have a son it must have been another virgin birth.
Joey Gaulin Sorry Obama is gone and is never coming back and Hillary lost so you are screwed lol Trump don't play games!!!!!
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Princess Eugenie, eighth in line to the throne, is getting married this fall after Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle

Neda Omidi McDonald I'm just here to see what douchbag is going to say "who cares" or "that's not news" News flash: it's a great big world out there & the sun does not revolve around America... this is much more important news than 45's petulant tweets that are nothing but a mockery of anyone who dares to be against him
Carlos Martinez Send Trump to that wedding ! Obama to Prince Harry wedding!😉😂
Amy Hussar Shoot, I remember when she was born! Guess I'm getting old ...
Robert Villar Eww. Can we as americans stop the adoration of royal families finally? Thatd be nice
Bob Thacker Haven't seen anything on here about the four page surveillance memos. I wonder why? Never mind, I know why.
Fiona Derrick Congratulations ...hope they are happy together 💜
Pat Mayo She's the Royal. I don't follow them, but lot's of people do.
Doug Goodwin So, in between wedding planning, he’s conspiring hits on the 7 in front of him? That’s the only reason he matters to anyone outside his family. Slow news day...
Michael Buzo No one cares they were born and die like all of us. What’s makes them bette...royalty??- that’s just a man made construct. You think an asteroid will care if you made over 1 billion dollars In your life. No it will do the same destruction to our planet. That’s what it needs to come to at this point. There is no getting out of this deep rooted corruption. People in India making 10 cents a day to provide your nikes at a low cost.
Ali Mo If seven of her "royal" family members in line for the throne were to instantly die,she will be Queen. She is just a "regular" person.The Queen will be around till she's like 125,let alone the others.
Jason Steele I am having a hard time controlling my excitement.
Cedric Ladouceur 8th in line to the throne. Doesn't that make her a regular person. Number 8 doesnt count.
Charlie Salcedo Such relevant news... This stuff should go in Cosmo
BayBay Stewart So what, because they were born into money?
Edward Asu Now if you ask me, I'd say I still think she should have picked me. 😌
Tom Martin Another "who cares" moment on social media.
Alayna Hubble Kellie Smith two in one year?! tea parties for dayzzz via FaceTime!
Thomas Williams And Trump is not invited to that wedding either.
Paul A. Mackey I don't follow a lot of news about the British Royal family. Who is this guy and what does he do?
Ray Coyle hey we have our own douche bags-please let the English have theirs!
Steve Scarlett Miss your afternoon tea , you seem upset ?!
Jack Wabbit Nope, don't care about that one either.
Ray Coyle Go away with this royalist clap trap.
Crofton Coleman Very close to Eugene, too close if you ask me.
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"The Dreamers' lives are hanging by a thread, and no one is doing anything about it," says CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, adding he feels they could eventually be deported. "This is going to be a human tragedy that is a hell of a lot...

Tammy Keeny Bishop Stop calling them dreamers. They are statistically NOT what you keep saying they are. Higher percent of the alleged 800,000 are criminal convicts than have ever joined the military. Chain migration that you love so much makes 800,000 into 3 million, overnight. Stop, just stop. Concentrate on the needs of Americans and stop trying to get more Soros donations.
Jennifer Caszatt The Dreamers pay a lot of $ in taxes. They help support our military, etc. NOT eligible for welfare, so all of you hillbilly takers from red states can stop worrying that they'll cut into your welfare checks.
Vaughn Bourgeois The losers are the ones who never got in line to be legal...PERIOD. They've had ample time. And now all of a sudden, it's poor me....sorry.
Danielle Hooge Baskerville I know who’s hanging by a thread ,the senior citizens that are Americans and worked thier whole life to get crappy dental and health insurance!Thats who I care about !
Michael Haskins Thats because democrats are holding illegal immigrants at a higher value than Americans that have contributed their whole lives, for generations.
Rick Talley Put this into the perspective as if it were your family. This isn’t an us vs. them issue. These are families, just like yours and mine. Since you’re human, you have compassion, use it. There’s no reason to be rabid or hostile about it. We’re adults. We can solve this issue with respect, dignity and understanding. We’re adults.
Bryan Sirota Se what happens when people stay home and don’t vote! A maniac gets elected and every week is utter chaos!!
Eddie Schatzle If a parent sneaks a child into Disney world and an hour later you all get kicked... Is it Disney's fault for kicking them out or the parents for sneaking them in ? Serious question ^^
Linda Witwer Turner The ILLEGAL DREAMERS didn't care enough for 10-20-30 years to apply for citizenship so why should the LEGAL AMERICANS care now
Nwaokoma Nwakanma Thank God am now a Citizen let’s see how republicans will survive November election we are 10 in numbers in my family including cousins we all are registered and we are casting our vote for Democrats,since republicans don’t like immigrants cool then my family vote goes to democrats cause they care for everybody be you white or black democrats cares for u but republicans wants America to be for white alone republicans are really in a big mess comes November this year
Niki Niki Nichole This is by design... the alt right and Trump supporters fear becoming a minority in this country... that's was all of the deportations and travel bans are about... hell that's what they were yelling about at those tiki torch marches
Jim Schanck A real human tragedy is all of the homeless vets across this country that CNN and this douche bag could give two shits about. Take care of your own first...
Harry Stetser They aren't dreamers, they are societal leeches that want a free pass to the front of the line without any skin in the game
Shirley Roser If these Dreamers have been living here FREE for all these years we want to know why they have not applied to become LEGAL. I'm sure there was a lot more benefits not becoming LEGAL since everything was free but if they be came a Citizen of USA they would have fees to pay and certainly not as many benefits. If the Democrats are and were so interested in helping them WHY did not not tell them they need to become citizens if they want to remain in this country. Nobody lives free.
Marie Walden Westmoreland No the Dreamers haven't done anything about since living here for a long time. You don't come from another country and think our laws don't apply to you. The Dreamers have abused their time here by not coming over here the right way. Citizenship!!!!!! If you're okay with this, then you are a problem. You need to go back to their country and help them come over the right way. I'm for anyone from anywhere coming over and becoming a citizen and joining in with our laws. We have Dreamers who want to be here when the people who are citizens are living on the streets and hungry. Our military getting paid crappy so you and I can sit here and bash. Take care of theses first before bringing in more. These Dreamers haven't contributed by paying taxes, healthcare.
Ed Kappus Dem shutdown has failed since they realized public opinion would have turned on them more badly than before. Illegal aliens or American citizens’ interests? Hmmmm...
Terry Dopp The dreamers had plenty of time to wake up and do things to become citizens. Now that we are 3 weeks away I’m supposed to feel sorry for them not even attempting to become legal? I guess I would suggest if any one of them has already started the process then they will get an extension to finish ..... if not.....
Justin Jc Gariano These are human beings. Brought here as children y no doing if their own. The American thing to do would be to help them and make them citizens... cuz for all intents and purposes they are.
Justin Loblaw Don't break the laws. If I were to sneak into a country and live there for years and then get is a bit crazy to think that I should be allowed to live there because I merely broke the law long enough to "know no place else". follow our laws or get out.
Marc Breslin Blackmail and coercion by holding millions of federal employees, their families and benefits is an act of treason that no government or military should allow to happen.
Monica Moncada Tefel It was a very bad deal they got from the get go. They don’t deserve a bandaid. I support dreamers. Both sides have not helped. Hope they get a happy medium. Give them a residency with option for citizenship but they can’t ask for their parents. It’s tough but it’s something.
Susan Wilson Really sad.... we are talking about human beings here, being batted around as a Political tool . This is NOT what America stands for !!! It is beyond disturbing
Jennifer Zahn Oh my God! These are people who have lived all their lives as Americans. I've never seen or heard such heartless comments., they have been working and paying taxes. Cruel. Some day, you will get paid back for your cruelty.
Jerry Niles The 14th amendment and our immigration laws deal with this matter. This is not the President being mean, just making congress do want they should have done years ago. Our nation has laws defining lawful and fair immigration. Lets follow those guidelines.
Paula Morris Esterline On Friday I had a 29 year old guy come out to install my direct tv service. He had a accent so I asked where he was from.He is a Dreamer he was brought to this country when he was just 8 years old. His parents are from the Ukraine as is his younger sister. At 8 years old he had no choice!! This is his country now!! He works hard and pays taxes which is more than I can say for some born in the US that don’t want to work and want a government handout!! He is not an illegal immigrant!! He deserves to live here!! They need to fix the system not deport them!!!!! The USA is the land of opportunity for ALL!!!
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Most solar panels imported by the US come from China

Garrett Peyton Schumer and his Dems lose again. The reality is that the salty liberals are still in tears over their queen Hillary's loss. Trump is a true Christian leader that emulates the life and actions of our Lord and Savior. We are lucky to have him leading our great Christian nation for the next 8 years. God bless President Trump!
Michael Fuchs People miss the point. He doesn’t want people to be able to purchase cheap solar panels because it hurts the businesses of his friends and donors. Cheap solar panels mean more people buy them, which means more people use less fossil fuels, coal etc. open your eyes people! He’s just helping himself and the lobbyists!
Blaine Leavitt LOL!! There goes the prices !! Even the manufactured machines made in USA have 85% of the parts are made in Mexico and Asia. It's a World Market. Enjoy your little tax cut from Drump Supporters. He is going to kill the solar and wind energy.
Thomas Tucker Exactly. Instead of investing in 21st century energy technology, we have a leader promoting 19th century energy technology.
Christopher Paetsch Sure with all the products brought into the United States from China, solar panels are the item we have to stop. Can have people getting cheap solar panels imported from China. They may lose their dependence on coal and oil produced by the current power structure
Becky Neu Washing machines? down to the river we go!! I've already got my rock picked out. How about the rest of you?
Dianne Muller Oh good, thanks for those huge tax cuts that can now go to purchasing solar panels. Why no tariffs on Trump products made in China?
Shannon Huggins Higdon Not surprised at all he would go after solar panels. Since they are a big part of the current green energy initiative they go against everything he stands for; can't continue to destroy the environment with too many of those pesky things around.
Denise Couture So they will pass the cost onto consumers so the tariff is really being paid by anyone buying a solar panel or washing machine not the company purchasing the solar panel or washing machine from China or any other country.
John Kerry So, Trump stop solar panel coming into USA from China. China supplies the most of what percent of jobs lost on this. if no panel come in...none to install....none to go on new buildings new many more jobs lost in USA.........China doesn't care...they will sell them to whomever.....they still have jobs Maybe USA can use the "hush" fund the Republicans use to pay off the woman they assault in the senate. They have millions and millions of tax payer money to spend....
Maa Adwoa I want Trump to slap himself with more tarriffs on his goods imported from Bangladesh and China. Only after that, will I applaud him.
Pat Ramsey Good luck to American companies attempting to export goods...American companies better hope they have enough consumer demand within the US since tariffs will also be slapped by other countries on their products. And that tax break you just got? Well...Wait till next time you need a washing machine....
Daniel Merriam Manufacturer here....then we don't need to depend goods coming from elsewhere. We have resources and able people in America. No need to have goods or natural resources (oil and so on) from anywhere else. Keep our money in America
Leonard Kruwel Whaat would GOP have done if Obama had tried this to protect Solyndra? No matter, China will just increase subsidies to compensate. Trump's real motive is likely to damage the Solar Industry to keep medieval industries alive, rather than a natural moveent to renewable energies.
Justin Hicks I fear that he is doing this to restore the already dying coal industry, while simultaneously hurting the solar industry. Newsflash: natural gas is killing the coal industry, not renewables. Solar energy prices are decreasing rapidly and rival those of coal and natural gas (and are much cheaper in the long run). A cleaner environment is something that no one should disagree with...this leads to fewer premature deaths, lower healthcare costs, and a strengthened economy (the number of jobs in renewable energy is increasing quicker than any other field)
Scott Berrian "The solar panel tariff is a blow to China, the primary country from which the U.S. imports solar panels. But it also could put some U.S. jobs at risk. Most of the American jobs related to solar panels involve installation, not manufacturing."
Noah Nordengren I support US made solar panels, and a clean electric grid. Wish Trump didn't feel the need to expand oil and coal when we have so much abundant energy from the sun and wind.
R.j. Giles The same people on here crying are the same ones marching for higher wages while China pays there workers half of what is paid over here lmao
Paula Mason If he actually had an idea about business, he would see that the coal industry is dying whether he likes it or not, and he would give incentives to those areas to grow alternatives like solar, which would in turn fuel (pun intended) proper competition. This would negate any need for this type of isolationist move, which I'm sure won't go down well with the Chinese. In short, Trump is a twat.
Michael Posey What not a tariff on gaudy ties and suits made overseas instead of putting a 30% tariff on an essential appliance that isn’t manufactured in this country? This only impacts the wallets of Americans. China doesn’t see any added expense. It’s not like ‘Jim Bob’s Make It White Again Washing Machine Company’ is going to appear out of nowhere to compete with the Chinese and Mexican manufacturers.
Rick Abrams Yes, this is a great idea. US's population is 320 Million. China's population is 1.4 BILLION. Gee, I wonder who will win this trade war.
Dan Haring Now if we could just get him to slap the additional sanctions on Russia that he should have months ago!
Glenn Boyce You’d think this retarded f@ck some people call “President”, who is allegedly a businessman, would understand that tariffs are counterproductive from an economic standpoint. But if his anti-science “spiritual advisors” tell Dumpster to jump, he will naturally ask “how high?”
Gustavo Camacho Solar panels make us more likely to be energy independent in the future. This move will help perpetuate a US presence in the Middle East for even longer. This isn’t pro troops, isn’t pro innovation, and most definitely isn’t pro middle class.
Kittie Dawson Welp looks like I'll have to bring the old washboard out of retirement. I was planning on saving it for when I join a junk band but this seems urgent. Need to keep them britches clean .
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JUST IN: The House has passed a bill to reopen the government, following the Senate's vote. The measure now heads to President Donald J. Trump's desk for approval.

John E Anderson BAAAHAHAHAHA.... Is it just me, but does it look like everyone on CNN lost a loved one and is about to cry. Trying to spin that Trump didn't do any negotiation. Trump told them what he wanted on Friday, and, the Democrats caved. Americans won.
Omar Wills Thanks Dems for shutting down the government for 3 days.. for nothing. I guess you stopped caring about your DACA dreamer babies? So you managed to anger both your liberal fan base and the uptight right. Good job. This ones on you.
Josey Schroeder The Demoncrat way needs to go extinct
Alex Silvestri The only contribution Trump made to this passing is that someone kept his mouth shut for the last three days. If the Democrats dont get anything passed on DACA by Feb. 8 the government will be shut down again. The master of the deal is running this country pay check to paycheck with no option to file bankruptcy this time. This whole incompetence marathon is going to blow up in his face pretty soon.
Hank Onion People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens. Illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. Legally ~Chuck Schumer...2009
Brent Robinson Dems did it all just to keep the news away from Trumps anniversary and our success. All the rallies, costumes, signs, busses, filibustering, hundreds of hours of combined news media coverage? All for nothing. Looks like 2018 elections will be a slaughter. Again!
Matthew Jordan Ashbrook Ask Republicans and they'll say they won because they beat back the Democrats. You ask Democrats and they won because they held off Republicans. All you people talking about “winning" do realize in two weeks we'll be going through all this again, right? They “win," we lose.
Jersey Dock Schumer blinked when Trump stepped away from the table this weekend. Absolutely glorious! #maga
Kaitlyn Michelle Can we not have someone in any position of power that remotely cares about the well being of AMERICANS! Why is it so hard..
Bobby Tek Pouncey he can't or won't read it... probably just sign it blindly, like everything else... doubt he could understand the big words anyway
Robert Shearer Do not forget... DACA: Democrats Against American Citizens. We will be voting them out. RELEASE THE MEMO. And no, I am not a troll. I am a very real 66 year old Montanan who took a pic of a wild old turkey in my driveway. I am sick to death of the liberal bias of the MSM. It is time to put a stop to it.
Greg Mundy I guess the DEM never heard the old saying.... Never bring a knife to a gun fight. There's a new Sheriff in town.
Scott N Teresa Groit Now that this Democrat distraction is over for now, it's time to get back to the growing economy and make America even greater.
Jennifer Roberts Christensen While it hurts, this was a reasonable decision. The negative impact of the shutdown was going to worsen. The backlash against Democrats would have grown. We need them to win in 2018 to do all kinds of good. At this point, the GOP will look heartless if it does not find a positive solution for DACA. We need to rally to fight for it.
Breesie McCrudden So I guess we will find out who really stands in the way. If he doesn’t like it and didn’t get his way he won’t pass it.
Eric Steele This looks to be a possible win/ long as Democrats don't try to take any funding legislation hostage again with the DACA, and Republicans don't push unpassable extremes. Republicans can focus on a funding legislation not bogged down with such unrelated issues, and Democrats can get the focus on Immigration and DACA they desire.
Aaron Mundt This is so awesome so many Republicans on CNN keep up the good work show those snowflakes who the winners are. But whatever you do do not watch CNN
Richard Wiltzius So the Republicans have won? Really? They managed to keep the government open for 3 weeks. Wow. SMH. That's not a victory.
Thomas Tucker If the government keeps running out of money, what is being done to solve this issue? Both parties suck.
Eric Paquette ... so the can has been kicked for another couple of weeks, just like it has been since September. We need a solution, not more short-term appeasements.
Kendo Lee The Joey Percoco corruption trial started today featuring several democratic members of The Andrew M. Cuomo Administration. Actual charges filed, a jury selected, opening statements by the lawyers - and not a word reported by The Establishment Media Manipulators. Crickets for New York corruption.
Ray Suarez Jesus Christ We all are immigrants and it doesn't matter how much time you have in the United States, the true Americans are the Native Americans! 🔥😎👍
Dave Cole Well cnn has moved on to their latest crazy!Now there promoting that If Stormy Daniels agreed not to say she had an affair with Trump that’s an illegal campaign donation and they want mauler to investigate.Really well half of Washington is Guilty too.
Dariel Meeks "I donald Trump is the only savior of the US Government. Good job. Dems Sad" his tweet in the next several hours
Dave Cole Becomes Clear it wasn’t Shummer pulling the strings in the Senate,It’s CNN and the far left media and CNN is taking as expected,not well!
CNN2 hours ago

Whoever was holding the stick was the only senator allowed to talk

Garrett Peyton The reality is that the salty dems and liberals are still in tears over their queen Hillary's loss. Trump is a true Christian leader that emulates the life and actions of our Lord and Savior. We are lucky to have him leading our great Christian nation for the next 8 years. God bless President Trump!
Kevin Riordan 3 grade Government with a 2 year old POTUS... Welcome to America #BiglyWinning 🙄🤡🤡
Atifah Mohammad One thing for SURE! Whenever I see tRumps base comment on post blaming liberals for his behavior I say "It doesn't matter if it's now, 2020, or 2024 tRump will leave office and you 33% will be able to crawl back under your "shithole" rocks!
Stephen Wilks Imagine. Adults elected to serve in the legislative branch of the world's most powerful country needing to use a system of communication normally deployed by first grade teachers. Hell, I'm an educator and my students don't need that kind of instructional guidance to communicate with each other.
Danny Orozco “Lord of the Flies” people. You can only speak if you have the conch! Part of keeping it orderly. #MAGA
Richard Murphy I’m so thankful that I’m not a republican or a Democrat. This grandstanding by these two parties is getting us nowhere fast. And Trump just makes these divides even more difficult to overcome. It’s scary to think that we have at least 3 more years of this.
Don Pendleton We've now regressed to the 'Lord of the Flies' segment of America's demise. Can't wait until Piggy gets his glasses stolen.
Ashley Kirk Drumpf is the talking stick and Putin is the puppeteer.
John R. Morris Jesus, is this proof enough that we don’t need government? At least one as large as this? We’ve devevolved into kindergarten antics. These people can’t even debate, let alone rule. It’s time for term limits. #termlimitsnow
Annie Marie Lanier-Brown Schumer and the Democrats have made the worse decision of their careers. Schumer allowed the Dreamers to be used.
Bill MacNeil Aren't they supposed to grab it by the base and spin it around their head? That's how we did it when we were in GRADE 3!!!!!
Howard Don Reda The talking stick means only the person holding it is allowed to speak. No interruptions tolerated. I want one for the next time I speak to a DT supporter.
Antoine Flowers Sr. Says no one is understanding in want to be polite the other side I would really love to have a conversation I love being interesting intellectual conversation with the other side I voted for Hillary Clinton I don’t care who you are what you say how you feel I just really want to know your opinion that way I could be better informed and yes I am an American a black American that makes over six figures a year and so does my wife and I live in Frisco Texas
Caitlin Chapman-Rambo Well, it worked for my girl scout troop when I was five. Sounds about right. 🙄
Gail Thorsen Anderson Cooper 360 needs one of these to keep his guests in order! Too often they interrput & talk over each other. Especially the rude Trumpers.
Tara Haynes So our senators have to be treated like kindergarteners?? No wonder our country is in such a mess. I hope they had snack time and naps also....
David Allard These people act like children. The stick idea was good but they couldn't even agree on a simple method of discussion. How on earth are they ever going to come to a decision. Congress is a joke. They have had years to deal with these issues. Time to do their job!
Tanya Johansen How fitting, an elementary school tactic for an infantile WH ... attitude and behavior totally has reflected leadership. It’s like that teacher who has no classroom control...chaos exists and learning is minimal to none.
Bryan Brune Well, if members of Congress want to act like petulant children then we should start treating them as such
Tony Carver Well, they all act like a bunch of five years olds,so why not use kindergarten teaching methods to try to get them all to work well with others.
Chip Leach I think they should be using that talking stick on any interview that involves more than one law maker as well. I don’t know when they stopped teaching courtesy in group speaking but it’s embarrassing to watch everyone speaking over one another.
Jesse Kershaw The white house is like a day care as well. You can call them unqualified, rude, etc. But they're very childish. The constant attacks like a school yard bully. The shutdown recording blaming Democrats. The over the top ads. The flip flopping messages from one sentence to the next. They act like children.
Denise Couture We did this at summer camp when I was 8 years old. My goodness, they all need to look at themselves in the mirror if they need to employ childish tactics like a talking stick to have a bipartisan discussion.
Mary Carmen Sounds about right. They behaved like little kids this past few months. Both parties are equally guilty. And the worst is 45, he is supposed to be the leader.
Joseph T Allen ......Republicans look bad, but Democrats look weak! This isn't good for either of them, but really not good for Democrats. Not hating on any of them, but stick to your principles.
CNN3 hours ago

There have now been 19 US government shutdowns the past four decades

Ben Black Congratulations, Donald the Shithole. You truly history -First president to preside over a government shutdown while his party controls the House, the Senate, and the White House -First president to preside over a shutdown on the first anniversary of his inauguration (oh, but the crowd was SO BIG) and ...drumroll, please... -The earliest shutdown ever in a presidency Bravo! Your incompetence will be remembered for centuries. #ShitholeShutdown #TrumpShutdown
Jean Jorgensen Dear Democrats, please, please, pretty please.... Keep voting to shut down the government. This is the most awesome demonstration of your loyalties we could possibly ask for. You prioritize illegal aliens over active duty military. This is awesome. Please keep digging that hole deeper, and never see a Democrat elected again.
Scott Canterbury . HERE'S MY 2 CENTS WORTH...Sorry Democrats AND LIBERAL'S I voted for Trump !! I really thought he was the best candidate. I can't believe all the things he has done. That being said I wont vote for him again till 2020 maga
Jonathan Stanley All due to Benghazi and Hillary’s emails, I’m sure. 🙄
Andi Countryman Another failure by the Democratic Party. The winning goes on and on!
Harnis MJ This won't be the first shutdown under trump! More are very likely to come!
Humberto Sanlorenzo El presidente SIR Donald J. Trump,Tiene toda la Razón y esta Defendiendo al buen Ciudadano y sus buenas costumbres Y lo bueno y sa no,lo correcto y los Norte Americanos deben defender El bien y lo bueno y no el mal,ni lo malo y desistan de hacer y exteder el mal
Brandon Francisco Ruano It need to do something to prevent like this kind of shrewd up by Congress and president in the future. No government job should be held up like a hostage. Donald trumq needs to APOLOGIZE AND STEP DOWN AND SAID THAT HE REALIZE THAT HIMSELF IS A NO GOOD INDIVIDUAL ! NEEDTOIMPEACH.COM
Johanna Scheffer Notaro Never mind what happened in the past. Tis was the SCHUMER-SHUTDOWN. He put ILLEGALS over our Children and our Military.
Fermin Manuel Ferro when's CNN shutting down? Got the bubbly ready
Nicole Larson Jean, uninformed Trumper as usual. Senator McCaskill proposed troop funding during the shitdown, McConnell would not bring it to the floor for a vote. That's on Republicans.
Dave Hanna Points made by both parties, no one misses a paycheck, 22 Senators form a bi partisan committee to craft a suction for DACA. Looks good to me. McConnell agrees to put forward the bill and if they can't come up with one to allow full debate and a floor vote. Can you say pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients? I can.
Leo Hernandez Three weeks people, it seems to be a good ol' chess move , Dems baiting Republicans to take away a big piece, if there's a second shutdown it will be a bad omen for the next elections.
Julius Bona After all this budgetary hostage-taking, the Dems would be reasonable to allow law take its course... They are aware the public is now aware on the real issues on DACA. The Dems have seen the public sentiment, in terms of individual rights, the legitimates have expressed they have their rights too, and to be prioritized, and not being made economic and political milking cows by the liberals for their political selfishness!.. We have seen the resilience of public resolve that no amount of sophisticated biased opinionated news were able to demolish! That is a clarion call!... Ignoring this legitimate public sentiment, in the next bout, the democrats will be wiped out!... Take it or leave it, no matter their vexation to Trump, it just so happened he's categorically on the right side, the side of the law!... And of America's intetest!... Those dems who won lately were fortunate by those times the public awareness on true politics were just rising! Now under the light of the day!... The reality is different...
Steve Bancroft Hmm the Democrats are still blaming the Republicans and trump... But once DACA was taken out it passes the same day... Hmmmmm mmmm weird.
Jersey Dock It's no longer an effective tool of violence for the left. Trump took it away along with your power and dignity. 🙂
Marilyn Ostrowski Robinson There is no reason for the United States 🇺🇸 to have a government shutdown!!! You just turned your back on our Military/Familys to protect Dreamers. Give them the packets to fill out so they can stay here, if they can’t do that SEND THEM HOME...
Frank Nanney You guys shouldn't be angry that the Schumer shutdown is about to end. The Democrats tying DACA to the budget has made a lot of people lose sympathy for the Dreamers though. I guess that's what happens when Schumer tries to negotiate with a bowl of Jell-O 🙂
Maureen Hannigan Enderle If we have have a true democracy our government should never shut down. Congress represents all the people, supposedly, and congress needs to learn how to compromise for all the people. I don't care who's in control
Brian Click They only care for Illegals Michael Giletto because they can get their vote..Dems choose giving them a free ride over paying our soldier's salary.
Stephen Snider Only 19? Couldn’t push one more for a rounded 20? We have failed. I’m sorry we couldn’t get higher but we tried. We really did.
Dale Roach Here's my two cents, it doesn't matter who you vote for, they care less about the ideals and thoughts of the Citizens.
Mike Covington You wait until now to show the Carter shutdown when he had 59 democrats in the senate. Make sure you show he had the house,the senate,and the whitehouse. Ben Black didn't get the memo
Lewis Rutland can't wait for Pres to tell the nation how great the economy is and where it is headed... MSM will not tell you!
Daimion Jackeem Khedhashayne Gordon So basically all shutdowns were as a result of Republicans?
CNN3 hours ago

JUST IN: Senate has passed a resolution that would fund the government for 3 weeks, clearing the way to end the 3-day shutdown. The bill now goes to the House, then to President Donald J. Trump.

Stan Piznarski President Trump's first year has seen a great economic growth, the soaring stock market, the destruction of ISIS, a constitutional judges, and a revival of American leadership around the world. Electing him was great choice,Trump2020🇺🇸♦️🇺🇸
Lynn Denham McGinn And how much did we save not sending his fat a** to Florida for the weekend with the secret service? Instead the “very stable genius” had to stay in the “dump.”
Bill Tsafa The Schumer Shutdown has become the Schumer Surrender!!!! Let the liberal tears flow!!!
John West So President Trump was right! The Democrats shut the government down just to spite him on the one-year anniversary of his inauguration! Those sneaky Dems! 🙄
Ryan Hartsuck Democrats finally decided they looked bad enough already and surrendered into not getting what they wanted after the tantrum they threw over daca!! Trump wins again!!
Brandon Pittman I remember when Trump was elected he spoke about how we would win so much that we would get tired of winning. It’s been a year of winning and I’m still not tired of it
Lorenzo Valencia-Ecker So on Feb 8 its up to the Rotten Republicans to include DACA or the government will shut down again. Kicking the can....Republicans have shown they have no leadership nor are they capable of coming up with long term bills. This has been going on since Sept of last year. Just like ACA they brought to the table a bill that was chopped up and failed. I see another epic failure on their part in 3 weeks. #VoteThemOut #2018Midterms #VoteBlue
Jamique S Williams Trump has no idea what he is doing. He should be running a Hot dog stand
Ryan Williams You mean send the country careening backwards? How can we “develop” this way. Donald’s Policies are nothing but negative for anybody but the rich. Wake up. You mean all the protections he took away to protect workers, consumers and the enviroment. Yeah, we will see the impact, but the rich, the financial world and big business are the ones who benefit. Let's get antibiotics back on the shelves for animals. Oh wait, that was the USA that did that.
Jonathan Buttall Kick the can down the road. Nothing accomplished except a reminder that we have a worthless Congress and President.
Michael Corenzwit When will the democrats learn not to always give in? I am a life long progressive and I am sick and tired of caving in to the right wing extremists. We need the courage of our convictions!
Chloe Marks The terms are clearly set: Democrats have agreed to reopen the government on the condition there is movement on an immigration bill to include DACA. This deal only funds the government until 2/8. If the GOP reneges, they will be responsible for another shutdown, and it will be entirely their fault, and they wont be able to play the blame game.
Justin Sheeks See you all again in 3 weeks to go through the exact same thing. Hopefully Congress and the President can do something for a change and reform chips and DACA like they promised so the next government shutdown negotiations is much simpler.
Theresa Schrum The government is only funded until February 8, CHIP is funded for 6 years, and McConnell made a very public commitment to come to an agreement on DACA. If he or Trump reneges, we'll be back at square one February 9 and the GOP will have even more egg on its face.
Gloria Ferrara "A shutdown falls on the President's lack of leadership. He can't even control his party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the President is weak" — Donald Trump 2013
Nathan Negosa I actually applaud that Dems finally came back to their senses and decided not to continue keeping the military and America hostage on this unnecessary Shutdown that has nothing to do with DACA.
Arron Jeavons The Schumer Shutdown . I love how the GOP controlled the messge. Now credit Schumer.... After the public backlash and blame the Dems knew they had to capitulate.
Michelle Abrajano really 3 weeks why bother. STay and get the job done properly or go the hell home and put your head in a whole til we the voters replace your sorry butt.
Kim Vanhoye Democrats care about the people being hurt by the shutdown and had the heart to compromise,but will continue to fight for the people of this country.God Bless America.
Cathy Everett BIG whoop and in 3 weeks they will be right back to another shut down. because they were lied to to get it reopened . watch and see
David Allard The bill funds the government for the next three weeks through Feb. 8. It includes a six-year re-authorization of the Children's Health Insurance Program and delays Obamacare taxes. Pretty simple right? Let's see if trump signs it....
Sean Spacek On the Senate floor on Sept. 30, 2013, Sanders said:“What they are saying to the American people tonight is: ‘Well, maybe we lost the presidential election. Maybe we lost seats in the Senate, lost seats in the House. It doesn’t matter. We can now bring the government to a shutdown, throw some 800,000 hard-working Americans out on the street. And we are gonna get our way no matter what.'”
Jac Goud The government shut down and nobody noticed. Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it,” Trump said in 2016
Kelly Fox Whooopy! 😕 They work for us! We're supposed to be relieved that they're working? It should have never gotten to this! All a bunch of selfish people protecting their own comfy jobs - they don't give a crap about any of us.
Jay Macleod Everybody is saying this is a win for the president. That is so wrong. Should the wins not be focused on the people of america and the issue they want. Now if they are the same then all is good. But everyone has said we have to make the deal so the President likes it or so it is a win for the president. I only heard a few , very few talk about the people. Makes me sad. There should not be different side goals but America goals. Sadly some dems or republicans might not be voting how they like cause it go agains our side. Might be better for America but not my team.
CNN3 hours ago

Top executives for USA Gymnastics are stepping down after more than 140 girls and young women accused the group's former doctor of sexual abuse

Walt Sims Jr How does a doctor in this position accumulate 140 cases without at least some degree of exposure? Just like Penn State, they were aware and their silence is complicit. Stepping down is the first step. Criminal charges need be next on the itinerary.
Bernadette Conley These girls are making it easy for this to happen to other girls by not reporting when it happen. I told my girls if he / she tell you i will harm your family, its a way to scare you, and you better tell me anyway we also had a password only we knew,
Jodi Reddington Marshall An investigation should be conducted to determine who knew, who paid off families with non disclosure agreements... and they should all face criminal charges as accessories and the endangerment of children.
Ben Hubbard Why in the hell is a male doctor allowed to do exams on 10 & 12 year old girls? Kaiser always has male doctors for male kids & female doctors for female kids. Did this guy stick his unit inside of them and said “shhh 🤫, don’t tell mommy & daddy”? Sick sob
Wesley Cadaret Why is he still walking? If it was my daughter, he would be renamed Johnny Noodlelegs. Thanks to my big barrel easton.
Cozetta Landry What I don’t understand is as a male physician in with a female, where was another female to assure no inappropriate actions were taking place. As a nurse when a male doctor examined a female there had to be another female nurse or assistant present. Just wondering.
Elizabeth Garner Elliott They should be held accountable for their actions or lack there of. We are the wee ones only advocates. We MUST speak up for them!
Aida Montoya Legally charge all members Of the Olympic committee. There were complains and did not do anything to help those girls. Put all of them in jail for live.
Linda Hutchison If I had a daughter she would not be seeing a male doctor, I guarantee. USA Gymnastics, MSU, Olympic committee, they all failed these girls and should be held accountable.
Irene Valdez It’s amazing to me that everyone stands with these poor girls without “video “ or “proof” but mention the presidents long list of accusers and everyone doesn’t believe anything any woman says. I wish it would work for all women who come forward.
Brian Merrifield Another piece of crap that society is going to pay for while he spends the rest of his life in prison.
William Foley He was a man who had the power to get them removed from a possible Olympic team spot. I hope he goes to a,real prison. He had fear on his side.
Heidi Bauer Since this occurred over an extended period of time, this would have been the normal climate. I don't know which woman came forward first, but I sure do applaud her.
Gina Ciccarelli Thornton Athletes should not be going to doctors offices without having another person in the exam room, especially if the doctor is a different gender.
Alicia Bryan USAG failed miserably to protect these girls, our children, from this despicable monster for decades..decades! Completely disgusted with the organization I once felt honored to represent. Shame on you USAG!
Margaux McGlasson 140 girls & young woman?! My God, this man is beyond sick. A predator.... plain and simple. If anyone knew this was going on and let him continue....they should be in jail with him.
Vincent Gutierrez They should change their uniforms if they dont want men looking i have a weak will and very low standards there should be laws protecting people like me
Ann Roth Kay It should be looked into to determine if these top executives should be arrested for being guilty of omission or commission.
Jack Webb It's going to get a lot deeper before it gets better, but I'm glad these girls stepped up to prevent future victims👍
Kathryn Townsley This doesn't happen in a vacuum other people had to be aware of what he was doing. What are their consequences? I mean real consequences!
Kelly Homan Dukerschein Why didn't anyone believe 140 girls. Why didn't anyone ask 140 girls. Why did everyone believe one man. Why did the authorities and the coaches condone the abuse, ignore the abuse. Why did the committee protect the abusers. These young women represent our country by their talent, perseverance, and grit. Shame on us.
Moonya London Hoston Good riddance! The organization has been harboring predators and silencing victims for years. They done messed with the wrong group of women!
Jeremy Howe Like so many things here in our wonderful country, this program needs to be gutted and rebuilt from top to bottom
Janet Tournour They are just as accountable as he is. Should not be allowed to just step down without any punishment. They refused to believe these girls & remove this Dr.(?).
Patti Fries Charges need to be brought against the enablers that turned a blind eye for years. If no criminal charges apply, the should be barred from working in any field that interracts with children.
CNN4 hours ago

The Pope sparked controversy when he defended a Chilean bishop who is accused of covering up sex abuse.

Nathan McKenney How are there still Catholics?? If I followed a religion with this much perversion, I would have distanced myself a long time ago.
William David Daugan God bless they Pope he prayed for me the last time I visited him and God answered my prayers l was promoted and I went to war with my team we all came back alive without any loss of lives, praise the Lord Jesus Christ Amen
An American in Canada Meh..I'll wait until he apologizes for trying to trick people into thinking god is real. 😀 BTW. I am glad he apologized for this too.
Stanley Sonny Adamczyk Now apologize for decades of covering up and allowing the abuse.
Jason Wolinsky Needs proof...but heads a group of people who actively oppose evidence based ideas, policies and practices.....
Gary Glass Money is the only thing that influences the church. Money, nothing else, NOTHING!!!! People have a voice when they speak with cash!!!
Michael Olague Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers.
Taylor Ramsey And he and the previous Pope had Cardinal Law, who was moved from Boston to Rome, on the payroll up to his death. Sorry? Really?
Dominick Fulmer An educated man like the pope has no excuse for the words he used ! It just goes to show that abuse victims are the last concern for the Catholic Church and to them a cover up is more important! And sentenced to a life of prayer and repentance? Is this a joke ?
Swallo Manimbo Empty words. Look at his actions. He routinely harbours both accused and convicted pedophiles. It's sick.
Nathan McKenney If you want to stand by an organization that has been practicing pedophilia for not just years, not just decades, but for centuries, since before you or your parents or your grandparents and great prandparents have been alive, go ahead. Just don't get your shorts in a bunch when the rest of us don't take you seriously.
Philip Morden "Religion was invented the day after the first con man appeared on earth."( Mark Twain) Why do you think trump is always referring to god. It's the oldest con game on earth.
Brad Taylor Too late. Pope. You showed the true colors of the church you represent with your comment. The church has always been into money and power, and has encouraged violence and hypocrisy in order to maintain its wealth. They have never cared about the people who actually believe in the church and they never will.
Maureen Kathleen Gallant Never okay to accuse people of slander for coming forward to protest, not unless they too have been tried and found guilty of slander! Instead? Listen.
GeorGene Nelson Not sorry, this has been going on for decades. Sorry means you work to clean up the mess, not allow it to go on. Jail the predators!
Stan Smith Not surprising for someone who violates one of the ten commandments of not bowing or worshipping an idol before god, as he bows to the statue of Mary... oops.
Laurel Davar I would really respect this Pope if he would come up to the present and allow contraception (help solve overpopulation and abortion), talk more about respect for the earth and impending climate change caused by Man and the need to address our part in the fate of the planet, and generally address basic issues like domestic violence. I've really been disappointed by his tepid response to problems he could really help solve. The Catholic church is becoming more and more obsolete through its inaction and failure to respond to real problems. This comment goes for all organized religions.
Philip Morden I wonder how many meals the cost of your outfit & jewelry would have provided for the homeless. Or how many of your buildings worldwide house the homeless. Your ruining the biggest con of all time. Al Capone and the mafia pale next to your game.
Martha Elliott Just wait someday can I find out all a dirty little secrets at the Vatican dirty little secrets have a way of coming out eventually
Noah Nordengren The Vatican has been apologizing a great deal, and making steps for years to prevent this in the future.
Lijuan ChenSung Asirehc Reklaw As the Bible clearly states in due time 'The man of sin must be revealed before the falling away '
Jerry De Vita Stop apologizing and put words into action. What is your action plan to stop these atrocities which I've been going on for years and years? Draining the church's swamp , would be a good start. Do a critical assessment of each cardinal. They are the princes of the church and should set the high bar for practicing the Christian virtues. I live in relative comfort with lots of Pomp and Circumstance. They should be ON the front lines doing the work of Christ. I will stop, but I could go on and on.
Miguel Rodríguez Even the Pope is a sinner just like you and me, but I guess he’s got bigger guns to fight it (Papacy) or cover it 🙂
Victor Akachi Nwachukwu Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
Shar Lee Well there is not very much the pope can do but forgiveness . Which is hard to do for alot of people who have been abused in their life time. Just Saying