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A four-story building has collapsed in Mumbai, India, trapping up to 50 people inside.

So incredibly sad. Prayers!!
Build better buildings
Praying 🙏
Very Sad
Prayers 🙏 I hope they all get out safely
Thoughts and prayers
They're all doctors so....
Prayers 🙏 going up
Sending thoughts and prayers
Praying it wasn’t the Card Member Services building. My friends Ann and Rachel work there.
My prayers for the victims 🙏. That was Trump's fault you guys..
Pray for speedy recovey
God please save them
Wakima Byrd
That's terrible.
How horrible🙏🙏🙏
Is it that we don't have professional engineers again? Here in Nigeria is getting worse
Oh-uh substandard...
Why so many people in one building, why didn't they take safety measurements seriously, since this is a frequent disaster in mostly asian countries.
Overloading tragedy
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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says his decision to delay the introduction of a planned $20 note featuring the portrait of Harriet Tubman was not politically motivated -- and is part of efforts to stop counterfeiting.

As a black Man I will really appreciate if we have a new currency for Tubman instead of replacing Jackson. We can have Tubman on $25 or $200 bill.
I've done a lot of research on Andrew Jackson and he really should be taken off the $20.
I believe that Tubman should be honored but her likeness should not displace the likeness of anyone else. There must be another prominent place to honor her.
I absolutely believe this administration 100% of the time. They would never ever lie to me ever.
For once I believe that bag of hammers. He stated earlier that the United States is running out of money. This administration burned through our funds faster than a fire spreads in dry brush. 😂👌🏦📉
Hurry up, I'm ready to start spending them!!!!! 🙂
Why do they have to put such an awful portrait of that woman on the bill?? Can't they use a different photo? Perhaps one with her smiling?
Make her the new 25 dollar bill or 3o that way I can pay my 1/8 in style,gonna be like give me a Tubman.
why taken out the portrait of late president Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill?his a soldiers,statesman,served in both houses of congress before being elected to the presidency.his a patriot and served his country well throughout his lifetime.his image at the dollars bills should stay.
It needs to be delayed for another thousand years. Keep Jackson.
Tubman could make it in the 50s and 100s all arranged.anything less than that,keep the change.
That will be history to remember not only in America but in Africa too....I'll have to get one of such notes and I keep them for my grand generation to remember that America once a time cherished a black human
I wouldn't mind a wad of 20 notes with ol Harriet's portrait on it. I would teach the value of money and the value of fighting hard for your money, just like Harriet fought hard
Just leave the $20 bill alone. That’s a scary looking bill. Just create a new denomination. Maybe a $3 dollar bill.
No, it's political. He said it was encryption. The encryption can go on anytime. The faces can go on anytime. he just decided to put them both on at the same time. . .Later.
Yeah...okay. And the census ‘citizenship’ question was for the sake of enforcing the voting rights act. These people would be no different ideologically if they came right out and said, ‘We’re enacting policy based on the fact that we don’t much like black people or Latinos’, rather than these obvious, awkward attempts to provide alternate motives.
Considering they were trying to change the census AS The forms were being printed? Yea sure.. unless they're putting in holograms now.. papers the same, new detectable stripes are the same. What's new?
American money is some of the easiest to counterfeit. If he really cared, he'd propose changes to make it more like Canadian currency. Europeans and Canadians seem to be able to switch who is on their banknotes with regularity. Will someone explain to me why we are so inept.
Venezuela has completely rebilled their currency 3 times in the past few years. The fact that it takes us 10 years to change out a single denomination tells me something shady is going on.
‘The country that put a man on the moon is not able to figure out how the printing press works’ Either: A ) The US is dumber than Antigua Or B ) The Secretary of Treasury is lying so as not to upset the ‘Go back to your own country’ crowd. Answer: oddly enough, likely A and B.
So there is a counterfeit risk for the black woman but not the white man...... Got it
I call BS! She is a Woman of color and is therefore marginalized.... gee that just doesn't happen in this Society!
Yep, it's technical. Technically, the government's out of 20s
Score everone gets all in a huff, under obama the original plan was to release it in 2024. Hes still following thay timeline. Its entirely technical and not because of trump, why this is even a headline is beyond me.
I be like I need some Tubman instead of Benjamin 😜
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More than two years after its debut, a graphic suicide scene has been cut from the first season of "13 Reasons Why," Netflix has announced.

As long as they didn’t cut the whole scene. Kate Walsh bursting into the bathroom and reacting to what happened was so powerful.
Wow! It took that long! Why are you even airing this series. I will not watch this and neither will my daughter. How sad that Netflix can't make uplifting shows for youth and adults alike.
It was a beautiful well thought out series. I'm sad it's being censored. Some topics aren't pretty but they need to be talked about and shown. It wasn't as gruesome as most action films.
Censorship. Great. 🤦 A scene that was raw and honest. A very poignant moment in the series. It made you think. I look forward to watching the show with my boys as they become older and can learn from it. Learn not to bully or understand that being bullied doesn't mean taking their lives.
I'm torn. On one hand - it's almost necessary to show the truth of suicide. In the other hand - it's so real that the suicidal part of me really felt how freeing suicide is and for a short moment wished I could be that free.
My daughter and I saw it and we talked about it for a while. I wanted her to see how suicide was not admired nor soft. It hurts and there’s so many other options. If you feel like you’re alone, let someone know. They’ll help you, or will find someone to help you.
Yes. I feel the entire show should be taken down but this is better than nothing. This entire series glorifies suicide, especially in teens. An appropriate show would have highlighted a teen struggling with suicide ideation and receiving help and seeing the realities of the ups and downs of life and the significance of a life worth living, even if it is hard. This show does the complete opposite and glorifies the attention and love that so many adolescents feel a suicide will bring. It is asinine and irresponsible. I’ve seen every episode and my immediate thought was “wow, an adolescent is going to perceive this show in a very different light than an adult would” and that is exactly what happened. A beautiful girl that everyone mourned and chased down facts; this is the “ideal suicide” for so many teens. You can be seen and significant in life. This show fails to highlight that.
I hated 13 reasons why. It was so sad. I understand what they were trying to get kids to talk about their problems but the show influences kids to commit suicide it's a horrible show and should be cancelled.
As someone who has attempted suicide before multiple times in the past... i say put that scene back. Show what really goes on. Life isnt all butterflies and cupcakes. Some people go through some of the worst sh*t in their life and cant handle it so they attempt (or do) take their own lives as a means to escape. Life can be so cruel especially today's day in age. But showing this scene was graphic and very disturbing. But it shows the truth of how horrifyingly real it all makes you think. Whatever your thoughts are... dont back down from life. Keep going. I am alive because of my kids. I wanna see them grow up and take care of em. If you are ever feeling like there is no way out... there is.. you just gotta figure out what it is. Therapists, music, meditating, family, friends, or even the suicide hotline... its all there.
I didn’t find that scene to be glorifying at all. It was actually really hard to watch because you’re imagining not only her own pain, but the pain of those left behind. That was the hardest scene to stomach for me and not because it was pro-anything.. I’d imagine it would be the opposite. It was for me at least.
We've seen it now. And really and truly its controversial but it's a show that deals with suicide in a raw way. The scene is needed.
Seems a bit strange. Wasn't that scene supposed to deflate romantic notions of taking your own life? Because the rest of the series does nothing to deromanticize it. The opposite, if anything.
Suicide isn't pretty. That's the whole point. Now it'll go back to being an "aesthetic" thing on tumblr.
The entire show is a joke, the entire thing should be cut. All it does is glorify suicide.
There has been an insurgence of dark shows all over different networks and apps...Not just Netflix. I definitely am aware of what my family watches.
You might as well just drop it from the platform. If you aren't going to show the iconic, controversial scenes that are most of the point of the show..
They should cut the entire show. Suicide is pretty twisted premise for a show targeting young teens. A lot of young teens are already suicidal, this show could just encourage them to go through with it.
Ridiculous! pretty soon we won’t be able to watch anything !!!
Quite ironic that they “cut” the scene
Why?! The show is about the younger generation, what they have to face and the consequences of it. Having known people who committed suicide I think it’s important for young viewers to watch... whether they be the bullies or the victim.
Why?.....THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT!...the point is suppose to graphic and uncomfortable to show that it isn't some romanticized act.
Great marketing for the new season due anytime soon... ooh censorship...must watch... 🙄😂
Art and story telling should never be limited !!!!!
The show is, like, legally retarded, but this is why streaming sucks: they can cut, and cut, and cut away at your favorite shows and movies, make them lesser and lesser, till there may one day be nothing left of what you loved about them in the first place.
I know how she ended her life with hands covered my eyes over it:)) 🤣
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About 800,000 gallons of an oil-water mixture has spilled in the last two months at a California oil field.

Trump's reversal of agreements with Iran sending fuel prices upward as planned and now this destruction on the environment. Americans love their oil though
‘Proud to be an American’, I always here them say. What’s to be proud of?
Geez, California let Nestle take all their water, Big Oil take their resources and destroy the habitat. I know Oregon has it's own issues but man...
l truly feel sorry for our future generations. Im sorry our leaders chose to ignore the global crisis that is our effects on our global ecosystem.
😡 Ban oil!!!
There's no evidence the leak has harmed wildlife, the article says.
oh come on USA .. what the hell is this crap? Why are you happy for this on our earth?
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This makes me sick!
Shouldn't they have been taking all measures to prevent spills in the first place? Then this wouldn't have happened. 🙄
So glad the Trump administration has eliminated all those corporate regulations because we all know corporations are so good at monitoring themselves. Profit before people.
One night I was home alone and I was so horny, I knew that no one was going to be home for a few hours. 20 minutes into fighting the urge I heard a noise in my basement I go downstairs to investigate and finally it was my boyfriend climbing through the window he thought my family was home and that I was in my basement bedroom. We got it on, all three of us. 👻
Good thing our EPA chief is on the lo....wait, he's a Chevron executive. That's a nice swamp you got going there, Trump.
That's how badly the US is addicted to petroleum consumption. We remember.
And there'll be more to come, Trump and the Reps have rolled back and in some cases removed regulations that control companies like this. US waterways are once again becoming polluted to the point where people can't drink it. Contaminants that Obama forced companies to either clean before releasing or barrel and store, are once again being dumped straight into streams and rivers. And it is going to get worse, way worse before Trump is gone and a sane Pres enters the Oval Office.
But this current admin is not talking about this disaster.... of course not
They did the same thing at the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador
Oil water mixture? Looks like 99.99% oil to me!
I see this on CNN need to fact check it first. Hopefully before they're the Closed News Network
Global warming strikes again
That's what happens when you have deregulations Maga
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A Tennessee police department is warning residents to stop flushing drugs down their toilet and sinks out of fear they could create "meth gators."

I would pay to see a Gator 🐊 asking for money in the lights!!! 😂😂😂
Well, I'm sure that all the Meth Heads out there would be willing to comply with this request from the nice police officers! I'm sure that Meth Heads are concerned about the environment and would love to contribute to the betterment of their communities! Such civic minded people, those Meth Heads are! 🙂
The marvelous achievements of the think tank that is the south.
Hospice and nursing homes flush the deceased people’s meds so I would say those gators have a serious drug problem already..
Nothing made me laugh so hard than “police urge any residents to come to the station to safely dispose drugs” 😂😂😂😂
Loretto Police urge residents to bring in any drugs, including prescription medication, into their offices for proper disposal instead of flushing.
Can't wait for the Sci Fi Channel to make "Meth Gator". Lou diamond Philips and Gary Busey's son are both looking for work.
Sooo.... the user is currently on METH... the police are banging at the door, but they expect them to THINK OF THE GATORS and save the meth they just paid for to bring to the station later to “dispose of”? (And are expected to believe that if they do this, they won’t be arrested when they show up with it?) 😂🙄😮😂
I laughed till I cried when I read this part ""Now our sewer guys take great pride in releasing water that is cleaner than what is in the creek, but they are not really prepared for meth," according to a Loretto Police Department social media post. "Ducks, Geese, and other fowl frequent our treatment ponds and we shudder to think what one all hyped up on meth would do."
I live near Shoal Creek. Now my idiot neighbors actually believe this! I love the South but why, why, why do we keep making national headlines for this ridiculous kind of thing???
Waiting for someone to put, "It's time to drain the swamp!"
So I didnt think the American alligators range was even in Tennessee. Yep, just googled it... definitely not in Tennessee. I say Tennessee police officers need to lay off the meth they're finding and saying was flushed upon entry.
“ Sorry teach, the meth-gator ate my homework. “
This story sounds more “Florida” than Tennessee. What is more Florida than a meth-gator?
I legitimately thought this was in Florida because, duh. But Tennessee?? I mean, I guess I'd have to take drugs too if I lived in Tennessee... 🤷‍♀️
So you basically take the drugs to a police station for safe disposal. Well tried TPD.
So, without the drugs, you are tieeing me that gators swim in our &$*#&#^??? 😂🤣😂😂 After tRump's poop, they need all the drugs that they can get. I'm sure there is a orange gator swimming around DC right now.
As far as I know there shouldn’t be any alligators in Tennessee.
This was a crazy headline to wake up to
They survived the asteroid, now a different rock has them in peril
Imagine living through the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs, only to have your life destroyed by another kinda rock 😳
[Insert picture of Florida Gators here] 😂😉
Um... Pretty sure it does not work that way... But the south and education haven't been close lately. So.
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These Japanese seniors can travel from the canals of Venice to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge -- without even leaving their seats.

I am grateful to everyone. We need a lot of support.
Very good innovation for the aged those who are living alone and feeling lonely during the time when all of their near and dear detached from them for the sake of today's machanized era.
Great innovation,they're about to create a plane ✈ which goes direct to heaven ☰
Travelling includes knowing people. That's not travelling. It's sight-seeing.
Very helpful.
Well isn't that a hoot...of course when I was a kid I got to visit all kinds of places w my View Master for Adults is kind of what it...😊😉🤔
It kind of helps everyone travel the world. Just saying
I would much rather see it in person!
Of course! Save the planet! Traveling should be very expensive!!! No $49 flights from NYC to Europe!!! Make travelling EXPERIENCE! Stop world pollution and Corporate profits!
Media just now discovering VR. Suddenly technology and games aren’t so bad.
Trần Lộc xem nè ba béo
Better to see it in person.
Everything to promise the world and made a buck. Whacking off will make you pop a nut but u won't catch VD from it. lol
Sugoi! Kampai!
Not a good news for airline companies. Lol
Travel before you retire cuz after you retire you may not be able to get around easily
Can you have pole dancing shows for the old geezers rather?
... as they’re processed into soylent green.
Ready player 1
What !!
Are they watching the whales being slaughtered!!!!?
Matrix 2.0
CNN4 hours ago

Bianca Devins, 17, was found dead Sunday, and police said the suspect shared photos of her body on the gaming chat app Discord

She is so beautiful, prayers going out to her family and friends. 😢
I saw the pics and I’m sickened, as I imagine anyone would be. She was just a teen. She had a whole life ahead of her to live and explore and figure out. She didn’t deserve this. I pray these images are eventually gone off the internet. She deserves better. My heart love and prayers are with anyone who genuinely loved her. 😞🙏🏼❤️
She is so beautiful! God bless her soul and show mercy for her loved ones!
Oh dear god how do these tragic things happen. Condolences to the family. RIP
May she Rest In Peace . Prayers to her family and friends.
such a beautiful girl 🙁 May you rest in peace.
Lord have mercy on us. May God rest her soul in peace.
When you reject God, you tend to do harmful and evil things. God is the only way to righteousness, nobility, goodness and purity. May God rest her soul.
Poor girl. Condolences to the family.
Too much access with no guidance. I pray for the younger generation
I hope she rests in peace, and then they are not a couple at all. It is the man who killed the girl after pursuing she failure.
Lost generation....... I fear for this my generation. The youths are so disrespectful n lack single empathy for human lives or feelings. Sorry to say, but i think our Father's generation has failed us and the society at large. With d laws in place now, it is very hard to discipline children when they are little. Now they are grown ups, they become a thorn to d society!!!!
Saw the pictures. Good Lord, nobody deserves that.
Not his girlfriend. They were friends. Meeting her mom does not make it an intimate relationship.
People have lost all love for each other.
@CNN You need to fix this headline. People in her life have specifically stated that she was not in a relationship with him, that she had turned down romantic and sexual advances from him, and that his behavior towards her was obsessive. I sincerely hope that the headline is a result of inaccurate information and not an attempt to further sensationalize this horrific tragedy.
Seen video and photos ladtnight. People were sharing in a group im in....sad situation what he did to her.
CNN please listen to the commenters! She was NOT his girlfriend! I know some people don’t understand what the significance of that is, but as a woman it is huge! She rejected him and he murdered her for it. You have people on here commenting she didn’t treat him right! Wrong! That just goes to show how women are continuously blamed when they become victims of abuse or sexual assault. It goes to show women are expected to be nice all the time even to men who won’t leave us alone. We as women are allowed to say no, and we should be allowed to set boundaries without having to deal with being harassed and stalked or fear for our lives. Change your headline! She was not his girlfriend, she was his sick obsession and he couldn’t handle being rejected.
What a horrible thing! No parents should have to experience this😥. Parents should do more to know deeply who their kids call friends. What a loss!😥
New Living Translation For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.
When they put the needles in his arms. Hopefully they will share those photos.
NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND. He was a jealous stalker that she doesn't want to have anything to do with!!! BEING CALLED HER BOYFRIEND IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED PEOPLE TO DO. If you respect the deceased, please do not say that they're a couple.
Not sure what is more sickening, the fact that he killed her or the commentators who try to justify his actions.
That's so sad. Women shouldn't put up with psycho men. There are red flags sometimes. But at times they are good actors till they get caught. Look what happened to the Chris Watts case. He killed his pregnant wife and 2 daughters under the age of 3.
That was not his girlfriend he was a close friend of the family.
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If you're worried about ICE raids, advocates say it's key to know your rights, plan ahead, and stay connected to family and rights groups that can help if you're detained.

You're ordered by a judge to leave...there is no more "day in court" and all your rights and protections that were so graciuosly given to you by the most generous country in the world are null and void
I was watching this post and then my neighbor came and we watched it together. He said this post really changed his life and it touched my heart. My village people are so grateful. Am proud to say cool post wow thanks for sharing
Meanwhile we have a First Lady that worked illegally in the United States... until she found a " sugar daddy " and made her legal
If you are ordered by a Judge a deportation order then you don't have any rights to stay.. These law makers and other officials that took the oath to up hold the Constitution of The United States of America are braking the oath and the law .. They took a pledge to The United States of America and they must take their pledge seriously for our nation to have any order in our nation, this isn't a game that they play it is our country that people have fought and died for, so get to work and do it for The United States and the American citizens ..
Scratch all that. I suggest you seek out the path to legal citizenship. Once you are on your way to becoming a legal citizen you don't have to worry about ICE. Take me for example if I'm stopped by ICE I'll give em my social security number and they will be on their way. Once you are a legal citizen you can do the same thing.
Fear mongering. They are going after a small percentage of illegal immigrants who have gone through all the process and lost their cases. The judges have told them they have to leave but have refused. What is the point of going through the courts when we never enforce their rulings? If an American citizen did not follow a court order, they would be arrested and no one object. Maybe CNN should be advocating respect for our laws.
So when Trump tries to frustrate the efforts of federal law enforcement it is collusion and obstruction, but when liberals do it is virtuous and commendable?
Time to go home amigos. That Sly, Slick and Wicked sh-t you been doing is coming to a end. Back to square one you go.
Why would I be afraid of ICE? I'm an American citizen. See how easy that is!
..... ask ICE for a ride to the closest democrat home!
Not worried, but committed no crime, and bad mistakes I’ve made a few ..🎶
So even though there's a lawful order saying they're illegally in the country and will be deported, these "advocates" are essentially helping illegals (which is what they are) continue to break the law by avoiding arrest... Typical Democrats... anything for votes.
It blows my mind how officials elected by the citizens of this country would stand with undocumented illegal immigrants that have already been through the court system and have been given their walking papers.
The people ice is going after our people who've had their day in court and the judge has ordered them to be deported. The only right you need to know is that you have a right to get out of this country. No surprise the anti-American socialist Democrats and CNN would choose illegals over Americans.
This article is kind of treasonous.
Any advice for people that have heroin in their house when law enforcement shows up?
This has been fascinating to watch. The Right keeps yelling, "Well, it's fine if they come here as long as they do it legally!" Then when it's done legally they say, "But they're doing it illegally!!!!" even though seeking asylum is perfectly legal. So now they want to make it actually illegal because they're already making that claim. In short...they hate brown people.
... if you're "worried about ICE raids," then you have ignored a federal judge who issued an order.....................
It’s the American Gestapo. The next step towards a dictatorship and true fascism. Good luck with that America.
Know your rights. You have zero as an illegal.
If you're in a bind, come to Canada! We'll take you with open arms!
If you disobeyed the order to deport you have a warrant for your arrest. Anyone who tries to hide you can be arrested too. Do the right thing and turn yourself in! 🤬🤬
Rule of law only worth safeguarding when it suits your narrative... we are not talking about putting kids in cages now.... here we already have court orders for removal... what more do they need to do?
So CNN is advising people on how to thwart a legal order signed by a judge after a hearing in a court of law? You do know the definition of a criminal conspiracy right?
Liberals... more worried about illegal immigrants than the country, our own homeless problem, or the Constitution.
CNN5 hours ago

Paradise, California, issued its first Certificate of Occupancy for a rebuilt home eight months after the Camp Fire devastated the community

Wow...that's quick..I wish that happened around here...
Wishing them all good things!
Best Wishes
God Is Good 🙏🏼
Great 👍!!
Made of wood again..good choice
What kind of fireproof materials did they use? Concrete and steel can be quite expensive.
Certificate of occupancy ? How much does it cost taxpayers to hire someone to issue certificates of occupancy ?
I'm sorry liberals and Democrats. I voted for trump and after all the things he has done I won't vote for him again till 2020
In a time of so much political bitterness, it's nice to see feel-good stories like this where everyone can come together to help fellow Americans.
A good start😊
I think I would be worried about another fire in the area.
Good for them. 👏
Is it fire proof stop making other people insurance so expensive
They ruined the exterior by attaching a flag.
That won't stop the next set of fires though, will it???
Jay Earl the neighbors are moving back! You guys will be back home soon!
2400 people now live here
What about the homelessness and rampant illegals? Its Crazytown
CNN5 hours ago

One of the men is a former political candidate for an extreme-right party

I love our President. A great man and a great patriot 🤘
SOme of them are nice guys, I hear.
History is a wonderful tool if used properly. It is shameful that things like Nazism and Fascism is made possible by those calling people such things. When our freedoms and liberties can disappear for the notion of progress, false equality when one means Egalitarianism. If you are willing to compromise the law, breaker the law, your the ones laying down the foundation for extremists. It is better to end the Union than be something evil. I think every state should vote rather or not to remain in the Union. If New York and California alone can invalidate Laws as it sees fit via the Courts. Then States should have the right to leave. Because the worst of Europe’s history is possible now. When Texas becomes a Nation, we will hang anyone with a Nazi Flag, just the same anyone who believes freedom or liberty can be conceded for the notion of progress.
Those are some neat history pieces...moving.
Did Trump invite them over, fall in love with them and decide they’re nice guys?
So, this article is basically about a French made missile and not about some old WWII relics. Gotcha.
All sorts of great economic news in America and you write about this?
Hitler’s legacy, sadly, lives on. It will take a lot of time and effort to do away with his ideology... if we can at all.
An article about nazis = Lots of praise for Trump. I wonder why they are making that connection.... lol
I think that’s your buddy Merkle!!!! We know now!!!!! Watch out
I'm sure if it was helmets and bats and bottles and face scarf and gas mask would that be considered a Far Left raid??
Seems these guys had something in mind!
Must be buddies of Omar.
Italy was part of the axis powers. Cant be a shock that some people still hold or collect such stuff. But please tell me how 1 guy in Italy owning it for whatever reason has a single solitary thing to do with me and my far right views? Cause from where I'm sitting at today a far left terrorist tried to murder people today and yall called him a martyr. Something is very wrong here.
Could you please actually cover news stories and not bash our president just because democrats lost the election?
President Trump is awesome! It excites me every day knowing you Democrats will be haters and miserable until Mr. Trump's second term has finished! Quit hating and jump on board with us winner's, you won't lose no more!
I’m sure Trump has the same exact collection of Nazi paraphernalia.
Weird how that antifa guy who tried to firebomb a holding Center isn’t getting much coverage. I bet if it was someone who was more right wing it would be everywhere.
Nazi is national socialism, where you get far right from is that at the time the other party were communists. CNN is an embarrassment. You will lead your loser followers to defeat..
Reading some comments here shows that the level of ignorance and illiteracy in USA can not be compared to that of undeveloped countries. What seizing of weapons from Nazis get to do with praising of Trump does that means the Americans have totally lost their cerebrum?
that's why dems are for open borders. Justice Watch sued State of CA to remove 1.5 million inactive voters.
Thank you Democrats for ensuring a solid TRUMP2020 win!😉
Here we go with CNN's favorite story of the day.
Anything coming from CNN is tainted and twisted. In my opinion.
Extreme"right". Yet Nazis were actually extremely liberal