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There's a waving kitty army outside of Tokyo. Welcome to the Gotokuji Temple, home of the maneki-neko.

CNN Travel
Take a look inside the Tokyo temple where the 'waving cat' was born
Like if you think 2Pac will come back to change the rap game!!!🖖
Ha Pham đi du lịch r mua một em 😃
I cant wait til Mrs. Doubtfire gets impeached!!! It will be Americas proudest day!
Russians did 911
Praise the nekos!
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For the second month in a row, TIME magazine has put a provocative photo illustration of President Donald J. Trump on its cover — this time, morphing him into Russian President Vladimir

Can not figure out if it is sad, frightening or both that you Trump supporters find NOTHING wrong with this. Russia is not our friend. Never has been never will be yet you continue to defend this man. Putin will do whatever it takes to become the worlds most powerful country. If it means manipulating Trump, which he obviously has, he will continue to interfere with America and get a free pass from the most incompetent person to ever be elected.
Just when you think he couldn't possibly get any creepier.
The democrats almost destroyed America , they still dont get it Trump is making America great again and the dems are loosing their grip !!😀
Liberals preach acceptance yet hate having allies. Hypocrisy is the liberal way. If it were Hillary as president, liberals would be beside themselves with joy!
Payback time. The pain united states have caused the world will hunt them back.
the perfect photo to celebrate their bromance...
Perfect. Still the Republicans will defend this man even if he shot someone on 5th Ave. Donald Trump must be removed from office.
But whatever Vladmir Putin has on Donald J. Trump is working... And it can't be nudes; Trump won't mind his nudes being released! It must be a sextape with Trump lasting less than 3 seconds!
Liberals are trying to imply Russians affected the election. They did not. Normal Americans need to keep repeating that point. They are purposefully trying to create confusion and doubt which ironically is EXACTLY what Russians want.
It’s not a morphing, it’s a real picture
Trump may have his shortcomings but this ridiculous... Borders on Delusion.
"Saying that you accept the findings of the intelligence community but that 'other people' might have been involved is like saying you accept that the world is round but you also worry about sailing off the edge of Earth," Philip Bump writes.
The day will come when America and Russia will become one. A TrumpTin is the perfect union into Amerisia. Thank you democRats and dishonest msm for making it possible! Then world domination is final with 90% nuclear power in their hands.
So this is what the antichrist looks like.
To have that much money you get it from the people who print it, and that makes you one of them. Daniel Sheehan, Rulers of the Realm, YouTube.
Because like with CNN, we know where Time Magazine stands on the political spectrum? It’s not rocker science. 🙄
Have we all realized that most of the people who comment on these stories are bots or just complete trolls?
Next up, morphing Putin's face on the US Capitol.
Their lovechild is less weird looking than either of the fathers.
For some reason this reminds me of Stewart Little!
The Liberal Left suffering TDS lol
This is only empowering his fan base and marginalising swing voters you people are so dumb not to see this
The Liberals just keep falling deeper and deeper 😂😂😂
Putin must view this cover as an insult.
...for anyone wondering what their baby what look like.
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What sets this list slightly apart from other similar "places to go" lists is its lack of uniformity. Large metropolises are included, yes, but so are national parks, small towns and islands.

Wouldn't go back to the US if you paid me. Clean up your act and maybe we can respect you again.
Clean up your mess in your country and after this you can ask people whether they would visit your country again. I bet you lost a lot of visitors and that's what the USA deserves under this terrible administration!
The more CNN makes trump fights the more we like it. We voted for Trump because he fights and we like seeing him fight.. I'll definitely be voting for him again I have always like Trump he brought class to the white house.. by the way my pittbull cushed a Democrats leg that tried to protest me.. that was so funny.. Democrat lost his leg. Democrats don't need to approach me. You might lose a leg.. bwahahaha
Weren’t liberals supposed to leave the country if Trump won ? Why are you still here ? They should make our nation stronger and better and just leave . Bye un-American patriots , don’t forget to denounce your citizenship’s when you leave !
Maxine Waters is getting Democrats hurt.. lol
Travel advisory: You may be shot dead any time at any place in USA please be cautious! You are likely to be harrased if you are a black or brown person traveling there!!!!.
Stockton should be number 1
see them while you can before this administration either turns them into a Trump Golf Course or levels and mines'll need to be part of the elite with cash to play golf there of course
#VoteBlue 🌊🌊🌊🌊
Go Trump kkk
I have been to 19 of them .
Tristan ☺️☺️☺️
You want adventure? Make your own lists.
The American people are tired of you reporting on the so called non existence Russian collusion of then 2016 election. Clinton and dems lost! Get it! Move on!
Savanah over Charleston? Really?
Where is comrade obama's media on this important issue:
People in the states are nothing like the customer service you get in europe.
A non political post and look at the response Trumpsuckers in panic mode
This is good .. but I see some places that are very boring 😒
Dean Sanders...I’ve only been to 7 of these in my adult life. Man, we have some work to do!!! 😘😘😘
Trump 2020
Genc, we have some more to check off our list.
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Big Sur
As a Brit, I don't to go places where there are large populations of American libtards. You never know when you might offend someone
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Goldman Sachs names David Solomon as next CEO. Fun fact: he also moonlights as a DJ

Goldman Sachs' next CEO also moonlights as an electronic dance DJ. His stage name is DJ D-Sol.
I envy the cocaine stash he almost undoubtedly has.
Thumbs up man. Anyone with V-modas has to be serious about their music
That is so cool
อีก 24 ชั่วโมง ถ้าเงินไม่เข้าบัญชีธนาคารเดี้ยวกูกลับมากูจะทิ้งเลขบัญชีไว้ให้
Ishmael Mboma, I see you in a few years...corporate leader following your passion!
คนสหรัฐอเมริกาหนักแผ่นดินมึงเอาคนสหรัฐอเมริกาออกไปจากแผ่นดินไทย หนักแผ่นดินกู
อย่ามาซื้อของประเทศไทยไปกินไอพวกสะเนียดจัญไล และ อย่าเอาอะไรมาขายในประเทศไทย พวกมึงจำไว้ด้วยไอสาระเลว คนสหรัฐอเมริกา หนักแผ่นดิน
มึงเอาคนสหรัฐอเมริกาออกไปจากประเทศไทย มึงตามตัวเอากลับประเทศไปเลย อย่ามาซื้อสินค้าจากประเทศไทย เพราะพวกมึงขี้หี
CNN มึงมาใช้สื่อสารสนเทศของ กู ผู้สร้างกับอาจารย์ มึงมันลืมบุญคุณ ถ้ากูให้ มาร์ค CEO facebook มาตอบพวกมึงอาย
กูไม่กลัวพวกมึงหรอ ถ้ากูไม่ดีจริงกูคงไม่ได้อยู่มาจนถึงทุกวันนี้หรอก มึงคิดกันเอาเองเถิด
CNN สื่ออัปยศ เงินของกูละไอพวกสหรัฐอเมริกา ขึ้หี ไอลูกกระหรี่
ปิด CNN เดี้ยวนี้สื่ออัปยศ พวกมึงลืมบุญคุณกู กูให้โอกาสพวกมึงทำมาหาแดก บน Facebook และ iphone ยังคงกระด่างกระเดื่องด้วยสิ่งที่หน้าด้าน
ไปตามบริษัท Apple เอาเงินมาใช้กูเลยจำนวน 200 ล้าน ถ้าไม่ได้ให้พวกมึง ปิด เฟชบุ๊ก CNN ไปเลย
Live your life baby!!!
Fake news
Andi Afezolli Better start spinning those decks again! 😛
Jerome G-n There's still room for you on that express bus!
ธนาคารกรุงเทพ 2044386304 นาย กิตติพงษ์ จันทร์ผล
ประเทศไทย ผู้ออกแบบ Facebook และ iPhone กูได้รับอะไรจากพวกมึง
กูบอกว่าคนสหรัฐอเมริกาหนักแผ่นดินไทย เอาออกไปให้หมดหนักแผ่นดินกู
มึงจะเอายังไง ไอลูกกระหรี่ทั้งหลาย เงินของกูนะโว้ย
กูไม่จบจนกว่ากูจะได้รับเงิน ที่พวกมึงชดใช้
CNN2 hours ago

A couple filmed a firenado that turned into a giant water spout over the weekend in Blythe, California

I thought it was All the Trump supporters burning their Maga Hats and T shirts because they finally found out they are made in Mexico and China
How can people be so crazy and drive there with a boat
I wonder what the wind speed was with that spout???
.......... الناس غافلون سيطر عليهم الاعلام والحكام الدجالون والهوهم بالحياة الدنيا وزخرفها ورغيف الخبز وضيقو عليهم ... ولن يؤمنو حتى يرو العزاب الاليم مثل قوم فرعون وقوم نوح ولا يلدون الا فاجرا كفارا ... فلبنتظرو ان يعمهم العقاب .... لقد كثر الخبث ... فالعقاب سوف يكون عام ومدمر ومزلزل ......الشيخ في السجن .... زمن الدجال .... يصدق الكازب ويخون الامين ....ويكذب الصادق وياتمن الخائن ..... ويتكلم بامر العامة اتفه الناس والخون والعملاء والجهلة والبلطجية ...(((.الرويبضة.)))...... اما اهل العقد والربط والعلم والحكمة ...يحجر عليهم يسجنو او يشردو او يقتلو .... ماهو سر المذنب ( النجم الطارق ) وما علاقته بما يحدث على الارض هل هو سبب الزلازل والبراكين ام له علاقة بمحورالارض ام له علاقة بشروق الشمس من. مغربها ام هو يحمل حجارة لرجم الشيطان ( ياجوج وماجوج ) وهم من كل حدب ينسلون . ومتى سيضرب الارض او يمر بمحاذاتها فقط وهل تاثيره كهرومغناطيسي ام له تاثير ميكانيكي ..وهل سيظهر هو اولا ام ياجوج وماجوج ام الاعور الدجال ... ؟؟؟؟ ينتظر العالم امور مروعة ...زلازل ...تغير المناخ ... حرب عالمية الملحمة الكبرى ،، هرمجدون ....... موت احمر وموت اصفر ...ظهور الدجال .... اجتياح ياجوج وماجوج الارض والسماء وهم من كل حدي ينسلون ..الفضائيون وسكان جوف الأرض ..... نزول عيسى وظهور المهدي ... عودة الخلافة الاسلامية .... قيام الساعة .... احداث النهاية ... قربت ... ان وعد الله حق ........ «««««« اليهود شعب مغضوب عليهم ذليل جبان ..لا تقوم لهم قائمة لولا بريطانيا التي ملكتهم فلسطين وامريكا التي تحميهم ... واتفاقية سايكس بيكو التي الغت الخلافة الاسلامية ومزقت العرب والمسلمين الى اكثر من اربعين دولة وحكومة وامرت عليهم شرارهم وملكت اموالهم واستحوذت على خيراتهم .... وحمتهم بجيوش وأجهزة امنية عميلة لليهود والنصارى ...لا يهمهم سوى قصورهم وفللهم وعروشهم وكراسييهم ...موظفون لدى اليهود والنصارى منافقون يتسمون باسماء المسلمين ويحاربون الاسلام والمسلمين ..... وقد آن أوان زوال دولهم وزوال دولة اسرائيل الماسونية اليهودية العنصرية والقضاء عليهم .... انتظرو المهدي ونزول عيسى وعودة الخلافة الاسلامية على منهاج النبوة ننشر العدل بعد ان ملئت الأرض ظلما وجورا ودعارة وخمور ومخدرات وتجار سلاح وقتل ورعب وارهاب ودمار وجواسيس وسحرة عباد جن وشياطين لا يؤمنون بالله ولا باليوم الآخر ... انه آخر الزمان ... وقد ظهرت كل علامات واشراط الساعة ... واقترب للناس حسابهم .. واقترب الوعد الحق ...ان وعد الله حق ....»»»»»»...اعتقد ان روسيا وحلف الناتو متفقين ...على امر ما .. وانه يوجد سر يخبؤنه ... انهم متفقون على حرق الشرق الاوسط. وحماية امن اسرائيل ... انهم متفقون على هدم المسجد الاقصى وبناء هيكل سليمان ...انهم يخفون حقيقة الاعور الدجال والفضائيون وسكان تحت الارض ... انهم يخفون حقيقة دمار امريكا واوروبا نتيجة تغير المناخ ... انهم مختلفون على تقسيم غاز ونفط العرب وأرض العرب بينهم .... ..... يا مسلمي العالم اتحدوووو ..لا تقبلو انفاقية العار والذل ...اتفاقية سايكس بيكو التي مزقت العرب والمسلمين الى دويلات وأنشأت دولة صهيون بوعد بلفور .انها حرب صهيو صليبية لهدم المسجد الاقصى وبناء هيكل سليمان ...
4 elements in 1 place. this could be the only work of...... continue
That would be in Arizona
At some point you have to say..... you had your chance
มึงเอาคนสหรัฐอเมริกา ออกไปจากแผ่นดินไทย ให้หมด ถ้ายังมีเหลืออยู่พวกมึงปิดสำนักข่าวไปเลยพวก
ถ้าไม่มีกูสหรัฐอเมริกาไม่มีปัญญาทำ iphone ได้ วันนี้พวกมึงคนสหรัฐอเมริกา เอาสิ่งที่กูหามาได้ด้วยความคิด แต่พวกมึงก็แย้งเอาไปกูได้รับอะไรจากพวกมึง
กูให้ไปตามพวกมันมาที่ทำโทรศัพท์ iPhone ของกู ไม่ใช่ของสหรัฐอเมริกา กูเป็นคนออกแบบด้วยกระดาษ ทำให้พวกสหรัฐอเมริกา ได้มีแดกเพราะสิ่งที่กูหามา
กูชอบโดนลงแขก แต่ถึงกระนั่นก็ต้องมีเงินให้ผู้หญิงได้กินได้รับความสุข กินอิ่มหลายคนก็ต้องลงแขกปล่อยร่างกายให้ผู้หญิงมันลงแขกด้วยเพศสัมพันธ์หลายคนที่สวยงาม
มึงเคยมีเงินไหมแล้วฟักเงินออกมา ผู้หญิงต้องขอเรียกระดอ กูชอบแบบนี้ ซื้อผู้หญิงหัวขนทองมานอนดูดกระดอ พวกมึงต้องคิดซิ เพราะเงินมันเป็นแบบนั้น
What is Wrong with you People and these Comments?! DOES IT MATTER ANYMORE?
สหรัฐอเมริกาคนขี้หีอยากได้ของของคนอื่น หน้าด้านลูกกระหรี่พระนคร
มึงไปตาม Apple มาคุยซิมันจะเอายังไงมันหนี้กูไป ไม่ยอมใช้เงินกู พวกมึงไปตามมาซิ
เงินคือพระเจ้า เงินสามารถซื้อผู้หญิงหลายคนมาลงแขกฉัน มันคือ เงินเท่านั้นที่จะทำให้กูถูกลงแขก ด้วยสิ่งที่กูเงี้ยน กูมีเงินนะฟักกระดอออกมาหญิงต้องขอเรีย
พวกมึงจะเอายังไง กูแค่ต้องการแค่เงิน กูมีความรู้แค่นี้เงินคือพระเจ้า ซื้อได้ทุกอย่าง ซื้อหมดโลกใบนี้ก็ได้
CEO CNN อยู่ไหนมึงออกอากาศทวงเงินมาให้กูเลย ความคิดของกู เงินคือพระเจ้า เงินทำให้กูสุขสบาย
พวกมึงไปทวงเอาเงินมาให้กู 2000000000 US ที่บริษัท Apple ถ้ามึงไม่ได้ มึงปิดเพจCNNไปเลย
CNN ถ้ามึงทำให้กูได้รับเงิน 200 ล้าน US ไม่ได้มึงเปิดเพจไปเลย
Facebook ผู้ที่เขียนรูปแบบคืออาจารย์เป็นคไทย กูได้รับมรดก 99 % กูมอบให้เด็กกำพร้า เพราะกูต้องการเช่นนั้น
เงินของกู 2000000000 US บริษัท Apple ไม่ยอมมาจ่ายชดใช้หนี่สินที่เอาจากกูไป
Strange things happen on this planet
Still a better idea than Sharknado 😂
Did u see the boat? That’s to closr
CNN3 hours ago

The deal cuts or eliminates tariffs on nearly all goods, and covers 600 million people

Hope people are prepared to be isolated, and are prepared to lose jobs, lives, security, everything we hold dear. We aren't in this agreement, thanks to the person occupying the White House.
The USA is missing out on a strategic business opportunity thanks to the stable genius.
Our current "leadership" is such a frikkin' joke. "Tariffs" is just another word for missed business opportunity. The US is going to see its economy tank and Chump et al will blame Obama, Hillary, Benghazi, emails, servers, and/or the Democrats. What a circus of incompetence, ignorance and misinformation.
Trump started a needless trade war. Now he is leaving the United States isolated. I guess his next move is to join forces with Russia just as Putin planned.
Sounds like people working together. Called cooperation.. not making threats. Hmmm. Imagine that. Cooperative people... no bullying
And cult 45 will think it's great.
The world is now a Global Marketplace. What the US has shown other countries is the need to diversify their trade base and not be over reliant on any one country. They are busily making deals with each other which benefit all signatories. TPP signed by many except US. Now US expressed interest in joining if changes are made to benefit US - not gonna happen. Trump's bullying style (which might have worked well in Real Estate) isn't going over so well with what were their Trading partners. The US can moan all it wants about how they were supposedly taken advantage of but the US used their size to get the better deal at the expense of smaller economies. Trashing allies, sucking up to global enemies, threatening and issuing sanctions isn't going to make things better. The US Leadership position in all areas has disappeared and it's no one's fault but the instigator, Trump.
...and we’re out of it! Thanks, trump!
Wake up UK. You don’t have the leverage you think you do.
Hahaha just when we’re about to leave the eu ! Nice one Brexit ! Or is it now hopefully Nexit?!
Today the 15th of July is the second day of which the Iraqi’s Government continues to shut down the internet service in the whole country because of the righteous demonstrations of the Iraqis citizens demanding their basic rights of water, electricity and public services. And meanwhile the Iraqi government is arresting and killing the protesters among the silence of the international media! Iraq without Internet and exposed to blackout media؛ fear of the world's reaction to the methods of violence and repression العراق يتعرض لحملة تعتيم إعلامية على المضاهرات #السلميه عن طريق قطع خدمة الانترنيت خوفا من ردة فعل العالم تجاه أساليب العنف و القمع . ساعدونا بطلب المساعدة لحماية المتظاهرين #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث يجب على المنظمات الإنسانية في العالم معرفة ما يحدث في العراق لتتدخل لحماية المتظاهرين #save_Iraq #human_rights #Save_the_Iraqi_people
Something just happened to me right now, I caught my man cheating on me with my best friend, What can I do about that?
See Trump is great at making deals. He repulses people so much they would rather deal with anyone else than him 🙂
The United States is getting left out of these new trade deals because of this idiot in the oval office.
Thank god we have real American leadership with someone who knows what they’re doing! Oh, wait 🤨
Not good. So if you import cheaper/ no limit, no tariff on products that means job lost for the people/high unemployment in the importing country.
This is not good for us our economy will suffer, like the pussy Grabber and Chief would say we will lose bigly.
Apparently, this is the new Sean Hannity angle. When I see someone write a post and focus on the ‘blind hatred of trump’, it gives me a pretty good clue about where they are probably getting their news from. There are some really good reasons why there is such an angry outcry against the things trump is saying and doing.
That’s what happens when pride and prejudice is voted in the political arena to represent the world we get left out in the cold . Via misinformation
I read an article regarding potus bargaining "style" which is simply based on winners and losers. His trade war has made the US the loser.
We could do this also, but trump would rather lob insults and accusations than sit down and negotiate in good faith.
These forces banding together, what's NEXT " Dropping the DOLLAR"?
Who on earth believes less than 4% of the worlds population could damage America in trade?? Sounds like a very bad belief. Where else in the history of the Earth has that been accomplished? Hard truth. America is less than 4% of the world’s population. Good luck with that.
Thank goodness the UK, which would have had $9 billion wrapped up in that deal, voted to get none of it... Oh wait a minute
Heard one of our swedish politicians say this is thx to the US trade war. Building walls around you isolates you. Thats not good for anyone.
CNN3 hours ago

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in modern history with a net worth of more than $150 billion, according to Forbes. He's richer than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Google co-founder Larry Page combined.

Extraordinary mind boggling wealth for the person at the top, while the workers are penalised if they take too long to go the toilet. Who would have thought that technological advances, that these "cool" companies like Amazon, like Uber, would see not a better society, but essentially a return to feudalism.
That's because Gates is trying to donate money as fast as he gets it. He recognizes that his money can actually help people and doesn't need to be on the top. He already has more then he'll be able to spend in his lifetime. Why not make sure the rest is put to good use?
Dear Jeff Bezos, you have wealth of more than $150billion to your name. If you could be so fine and kind hearted, I would like to ask for your donation of $100,000 ONLY I would like to build a school for the unfortunate children in my hometown and give them free education. Best regards, Gokna Marpaung
The richest person in the world and his workers need food stamps. He is a bad person, and our country and our entire planet is being destroyed by this kind of greed.
On one hand, his personal wealth was the result of the peasants working for him that should be paid more. On the other hand, he pisses off Trump and gets under his skin so 🤷‍♀️
He should make sure and pay all of his employees a wage that they can survive and thrive on instead of just get by and that goes for every single one of the businesses in America
This guy could do so much for others, starting with his own workers. He appears to be one of those people with small hearts.
Well that's pretty disgusting. He won't even pay his employees a livable wage. I live alone and could not survive much less thrive on that salary. He should be ashamed of himself.
It wouldn’t hurt if he shares a few dollars to his employees, particularly the ones working in the amazon warehouses.. give them raise & good benefits.. don’t put everything in your pocket, you can’t take your wealth in afterlife anyway..
There are poor people all over the world. What good am I to mother Earth to be recognised as the richest man when people around me are dying of hunger. God bless Jeff Bezos as he donates to the poor. Let's make a difference!
This guy is a slave owner.He caused the demise of shopping malls and will be responsible for the next dark age along with facebook and google.
If he only had $50 Billion, he'd never spend enough to notice the difference. Give that extra $100 Billion to his employees, and watch the economy grow. With so many in poverty, hording this kind of wealth should be criminal. We've entered into pitchfork levels of inequity.
What is Putin worth? Many estimates are generally in the billions — in 2015, Bill Browder, a former fund manager in Russia and major critic of Putin, estimated the president's net worth at $200 billion, a figure that would likely make him the richest person on Earth.Feb 7, 2018
You wanna take it to your grave? I would use 100 billion towards world poverty! That would leave you 50 billion. ???? What do you do with 50 billion? cars, homes, yatcht, vacation, that leave you with 49 billion, how much can one have? Give it away, someone blessed like him needs to bless others.
Today the 15th of July is the second day of which the Iraqi’s Government continues to shut down the internet service in the whole country because of the righteous demonstrations of the Iraqis citizens demanding their basic rights of water, electricity and public services. And meanwhile the Iraqi government is arresting and killing the protesters among the silence of the international media! Iraq without Internet and exposed to blackout media؛ fear of the world's reaction to the methods of violence and repression العراق يتعرض لحملة تعتيم إعلامية على المضاهرات #السلميه عن طريق قطع خدمة الانترنيت خوفا من ردة فعل العالم تجاه أساليب العنف و القمع . ساعدونا بطلب المساعدة لحماية المتظاهرين #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث يجب على المنظمات الإنسانية في العالم معرفة ما يحدث في العراق لتتدخل لحماية المتظاهرين #save_Iraq #human_rights #Save_the_Iraqi_people
Tell him to look me up, don't need to much to help me out and my family. Thankyou very much and may God bless you all.
Not that it’s an expectation or even a requirement, but I’m wondering how he might (or is currently) contribute to the betterment of humanity given his resources? Success, for me anyway, isn’t as meaningful unless you can find a means of lifting others up, even on a small scale.
Ask his employees how they are being treated, Ask him if he would contribute to remove homelessness with this money? Or if he would build support to help children in poverty to grow in a safe and caring environment. .
Its not what you have, it's what do you do with it. Is he generous or selfish, do his employees benefit? That's the difference between a wise man or a greedy man! Which one is he....
Should be a limited amount u can earn and have before you are made to choose charities of choice 👍 trade u places for a day 👎
The story is very inspiring it goes to show the future it's just an idea way opportunity to grow past old traditional ways and mine sets to gain Unlimited wealth so that we can live life making better choices on where,who, and how wealth is spent. Because everybody has a choice
I am happy for him if he is getting out of life what he wants. For me having that much money comes with a lot of complications, I would much rather just be ok and live a simple peaceful life.
The ultimate welfare queen: a billionaire CEO of a company whose employees require federal assistance to eat/pay rent/live.
Maybe he should spread the wealth and give all his employees bonuses. Lol who needs that much money it must feel fake at that level.
The only reason he is that rich is due to his business is on a world stage and not just outsourced jobs to the cheapest bidder. Now if you can figure that out and not this "only our country first" rhetoric (doesn't matter the country) you might just understand modern economics some. Yes he still lowballs all his employees and it should be agrued how much he contributes to help the poor but he made his fortune on a world stage not a MAGA or Brexit platform.
CNN4 hours ago

Will President Trump’s environmental policies destroy one of America’s last wild landscapes? Join Bill Weir in Alaska for Trump vs. The Wild, a special three part series in Erin Burnett OutFront. Starts Monday 7p ET on CNN.

Am i the only one who thinks that he is destroying the whole earth?
His policies will destroy this Nation period. He’s trying to turn it into both a energy business resource and Big Game Hunters private reserve.
You won't find oil, you'll be digging into your own pollution and melt it down with your drills and your fires in the top heavy oil rigs
What is he thing he doing, we are talk about an area not much bigger than S. Carolina to live there takes special people (approx 20 as of now), do we really need the oil of whatever little resources for profit. Something are best left as is in it natural beauty.
He didn't know a thing about it until one of his rich old oil cronies called him up. How much you want to bet that rich ole oil cronie went out and bought up more oil stocks. The corruption is incredible.
“I don’t know”. What an answer. Yes, what an achievement wrecking our last nature reserve for something that will cause more pollution. *golf clap*
Expect two things from a dumb person. First that He opens his mouth without knowing the problem, and two is asking what is that or an "I don't know". What were the voters thinking when they voted for a wall to wall big mouthed dumbbell.
Trumpzilla--- flattening , mangling, squashing, and destroying everything in his wake !!!! stompstompstomp on America he does.. Vote Trumpzilla ( and his handlers) out....??? you're not alone and yes, he is slowing destroying life as we know it on many levels.........revenge for not loving him most likely and also to show power over everyone....
Not going to be surprised in the end if they only dig through probably 80 years worth of pollution, besides rock and mud....That's probably more than the rock and mud half the time. Happens everywhere you dumped and every where you forgot you dumped like oceans, abandoned deserts, etc
He would kill all his kids for money even his daughter then you know not a animal he don't even have a dog
Dear God please throw a super strong bolt of lightning on DJT .the man is hell bent on destroying your creatures great and small.
Hay muchas formas de sacarle provecho a los ecosistemas sin necesidad de provocar la extinción de los animales y la flora, obviamente deben tener asesores y consultar con experto en la materia.
Ojalá no sea el caso, ya que la fauna, flora y ecosistemas merecen que se mantengan también para las generaciones presentes y futuras.
Trump is an old man, he has got nothing left to lose so he thinks he is free do whatever he wants. He does not care about the future of America, the World or the environment. He does not care about people in general nor children, so why should he care about the future of his own children or grandchildren like every normal person, parent or grandparent would. With Trump the whole world is doomed ... 🙁
The previous post on my fb feed was president Obama speaking at a Nelson Mandela commemoration ...what a speaker. How is this chump even able to walk upright. He hardly has the ability to dress himself,and he's leading the USA !. Wake up people.
Dear Americans, when will you finally wake up?
This guy is a wrecking ball on the United States.
He will destroy everything 😡 karma dude Karma
Hes raping the landscape.Money is no object to these criminals
Thanks President Trump for saving our country from the unhinged lunatic Leftists!
CNN is truly the enemy within America pushing their hoax upon us
Dont' you even know clearly this is traitor trumps first step to get his lover putin in for his Alaskan tillerman oil deal.
When asked by an oil-drilling ‘friend’ what was in the bill he said ‘I don’t know, who cares, what is that?’. Regardless of what the topic of the bill was, the President of the USA did not know the content of the bill or care to know until he saw a bragging opportunity for himself.
Brain dead, bet he craps in his bed!
CNN shared CNN International's post.4 hours ago

This company tried a four-day work week -- and it was such a "resounding success" that they want to make it permanent.

Yes why do you think Americans are so angry and unhappy? They don't have time to live and just enjoy their lives. 40 hour work weeks are draining the life out of us as a country. But Americans are taught not to think that way because they have been indoctrinated to think of themselves as worker bees
Let me get this straight, they worked 32 hours and got paid for 40 hours?? Where can I sign up!? Count me in!
Today the 15th of July is the second day of which the Iraqi’s Government continues to shut down the internet service in the whole country because of the righteous demonstrations of the Iraqis citizens demanding their basic rights of water, electricity and public services. And meanwhile the Iraqi government is arresting and killing the protesters among the silence of the international media! Iraq without Internet and exposed to blackout media؛ fear of the world's reaction to the methods of violence and repression العراق يتعرض لحملة تعتيم إعلامية على المضاهرات #السلميه عن طريق قطع خدمة الانترنيت خوفا من ردة فعل العالم تجاه أساليب العنف و القمع . ساعدونا بطلب المساعدة لحماية المتظاهرين #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث يجب على المنظمات الإنسانية في العالم معرفة ما يحدث في العراق لتتدخل لحماية المتظاهرين #save_Iraq #human_rights #Save_the_Iraqi_people
Obama 2020!
I work 12 hour shifts so I only work 4 days one week and 3 the next. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. I only work 14 out of 28 days.
Yes!! My previous employer did 4 10 hour days and it was the BEST!!!
I just introduced this with my Sydney team with all team members, equitably and regardless of role. Rest assured the work will still get done and people will be happier .
Work thirty-two hours and get paid for forty.....No thanks. I don’t want anything I didn’t earn. I like my seven days on and seven days off schedule. Twelve hour days.
The rest of the world are working hard to manufacture more and consume less. While America is working less to produce less and consume more. Isn't that the recipe for trade deficit?
Where I'm at right now, I'd gladly work 4 ten hour days and have three days off. My wife is a paraprofessional at an elementary school, she always has weekends off, what I would give to spend those days with her. I wish I was in a position to do so, and I'm trying to do just that. Working a third shift job so she can work during the day, driving a 90s Mercury that's on the verge of giving out. I appreciate all that we have and that's all we'll get. So yeah I wish that I only had to work 4 days a week.
If it was up to wealthy republicans we’d have a 7 day work week, and kids could work at age 10.
i wish Japan would try this as well ..
I work 9 hrs a day and get every other fri off... LOVE IT!
Yes! I work 4 10s it’s awesome!
Depends on the company
yes, love it
Dorothy Rah perhaps our hope can come true
Senor Trump Numero Uno!
Si Herman más leche gloria para mi bb matelll jaaas
Ai call video nc ko
Good idea .
Jeffrey Ross Burzacott
Victoria Baldoyan Majdalani
CNN4 hours ago

"Men have been getting on my nerves lately": Former President Barack Obama called for the empowerment of women across Africa, while hosting a town hall in Johannesburg, South Africa

PRESIDENT OBAMA will always be a man of the utmost character
I love our last president. Much respect, sir!
It’s refreshing to hear someone who speaks more intelligently than 45. I wish we still had him as the president.
Women in Woodlawn (Chicago) need empowering too. I’m happy you helping over there and please return home, here in Chicago where you are building your Library and afford us the same spirit of practical support. Especially could use real practical agreement with these developers and also our public safety. Thank you —A Chicago Woodlawn Mom
Today the 15th of July is the second day of which the Iraqi’s Government continues to shut down the internet service in the whole country because of the righteous demonstrations of the Iraqis citizens demanding their basic rights of water, electricity and public services. And meanwhile the Iraqi government is arresting and killing the protesters among the silence of the international media! Iraq without Internet and exposed to blackout media؛ fear of the world's reaction to the methods of violence and repression العراق يتعرض لحملة تعتيم إعلامية على المضاهرات #السلميه عن طريق قطع خدمة الانترنيت خوفا من ردة فعل العالم تجاه أساليب العنف و القمع . ساعدونا بطلب المساعدة لحماية المتظاهرين #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث #العراق_يستغيث يجب على المنظمات الإنسانية في العالم معرفة ما يحدث في العراق لتتدخل لحماية المتظاهرين #save_Iraq #human_rights #Save_the_Iraqi_people
During his time, women fared no better in leadership-Dilma Rouseff in Brazil, Cristina in Argentina, Yingluck in Thailand, Banda in Malawi, etc.
Eso depende de algunos países africanos el que no sigan viendo a las mujeres como objetos o cosas, y que tengan acceso a la educación y graduarse en las universidades, como lo hace la mayoría de la gente en todo el mundo.
Look at pathetic shitbag trolls that are nothing but fake Bots that are a part of CNN... how embarrassing!
Have long believed that there would be no wars if women were on charge—they simply wouldn’t have time—would have to get home to get dinner and do the laundry. Think about it ...
Thank God he’s gone. He destroyed America enough in 8 years - it’ll take decades to repair the damage Obama did.
the wishy washy president liberal love. time to wake to reality liberals, not everyone smoke weeds. most of us are sober and life not full of rainbow.
You can always accurately measure the integrity of a person by observing how they talk about others. On that note, bring on the comments.
He was not so interested to engage with black people in the USA when he was President. But that's probably because he did not got paid for it?
He's a master at telling you what you want hear. This one has you all listening America, he's your puppeteer. Dance little piggys!
Did he have any practical strategies on how they could achieve that? Because politicians are great with flattering words.
Best President of modern history. Never a special counsel, no drama, Obama always had dignity and honor. Unreal we had such a great leader now we have a traitor to the country, a liar and cheat.
Yo desearía ver a Obama en la Pricion por traidores vendidos igualmente Qlinto que lo que an echo DESTRUIR este país y despretijar el mismo
Mueller who is a decorated Marine and brought down the Gambino crime syndicate, has consistently done ONE THING FOR THIS NATION and ONE THING ONLY... He puts BAD GUYS in jail
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I bet Michael isn't too happy about that comment 😀
does not look like obama... is he ill? He should get checked out by the doctors, he appears to be slurring words and struggling with dictation... early signs of dimentia
At least Barack never call Stuttering John
Something looks different about him.
Obama was a big disappointment! He talked the talk but ended his 8 years by doing nothing
A great leader..A man with principles, integrity and goodness...ATTRIBUTES WING NUTS CANNOT STAND..