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Democratic Al Franken criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions, accusing him and the Department of Justice of wasting "no time in systematically undermining attempts to safeguard LGBT people."

Sandy Richards Sessions has perjured himself multiple times in front of the senate. He should be on trial for committing this crime!
Gregory Dale Holland Trump is a disgrace and a corrupt treasonous sob. Trump is destroying America. Russia is in total control of the White House because trump owes so much money to Russia. Putin owns trump.
Lauren Ward I love Al Franken. Before politics and during.
JC Accardi Donald Trump revealed himself to be Nasty, Racist, Misogynist, Incestuous and a Smug and that's what Conservatives love about him. #facts
Darla Sharp BREAKING: Senator Grasly sent the FBI informant's attorney a letter wanting the FBI informant to share information before congress. This has to do with the Russia corruption case/Uranium 1 deal. This is awesome breaking news! Informant wanted to expose everything on Uranium 1 deal and Loretta Lynch said he would lose his freedom if he shared anything because he signed an NDA "None Disclosure Act" With Grasly calling them in, this will lift the NDA....also NDA's usually do not come with a prison sentence as Lynch was threaenting this informant with! IT IS ABOUT READY TO HIT THE FAN! HOORAH! HOORAH! HOORAH!
Randall Harrison Franken maxes more sense when he was wearing a diaper and bib on Saturday Night Live.
James McNally Trump is a big orange pussy..used the "bonespurs" excuse to get out of putting his life on the line for his country..just another son of a millionaire. But he got all the trailer trash fired up over black NFL players peacefully kneeling in protest...but white supremacists marching with tiki torches while singing tunes from 1933 Germany, no problem with him and his racist loser followers.
Jo Jones You know, all the other athletes from various sports from other countries and around the world, all stand and honor their country's national anthem when it's played. Why would our country be any different?
Gen Damien Darhk We're glad the croocked witch Hillary lost the election. And we shall continue to advocate for her imprisonment even when the Liberal controlled establishment keep on exonerating her. We need to have a special counsel to reinvestigate Hillary Clinton with her fellow corruption masters. This corruption Queen need to be in jail. Americans Hillary Clinton need to be in jail. I know of a couple of soldiers who have been jailed for less crimes of handling classified information but what about Hillary Clinton? What makes her so special? I know people fear the Clintons for known reasons but we can't allow these political mafias to keep doing evil and then get away with it.
Adam Hawkins I <3 Al Franken!
Mark Rubello Al Franken should stick to making bad jokes on SNL 🙄
Jose Robles
Ronnie Wright Thanks Al! We love you man!
Mike Reynolds I'd like to grill Sessions on a BBQ.
关宇坤 Hooray for it
Prince George Good night dear
Ojai Ventura View 7/20/10: Al Franken May Have Won His Senate Seat Through Voter Fraud ->
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This Gold Star widow who says she never received a call from President Donald J. Trump after being told to expect one, says his reported comments to another Gold Star widow were "insensitive"

Jennifer Row McCaughey Bear in mind that Trump started this with his grandiose lies about how he is the only President who ever calls the families of the fallen. Since he was lying, he could have just left it alone, but here we are.
Sue Marie Krattiger Im very sorry for your loss, You're husband is a hero.... But CNN is using you for their agenda and hatred for the president... sad
Jairo Jair Ramirez Republicans, I hope when we write our history books, you take full credit for all his mistakes.
Lindy Maxwell How is it "fake news" when it's the actual widow of a fallen soldier talking about her feelings and thoughts? Don't you support your troops 45 supporters?
Lee Walker Donald Trump is the greatest President in American history!! We finally have a true American President, a fighter that stands tall for his people and country.
Gregory Dale Holland Trump is a disgrace and a corrupt treasonous sob. Trump is destroying America. Russia is in total control of the White House because trump owes so much money to Russia. Putin owns trump.
Jim Tones "So what if he died; he knew what he was signing up for." ...or... "He was a hero in every sense. He knew what he was signing up for, and didn't hesitate one bit." Context is important.
Terri Seiter Azie I missed the beginning. Did she say if she got a letter? This is the third family to come forward today (that I've seen) to say they never got a phone call from the pres. when he made a point of saying he calls AND writes to everyone.
Kathy Graham Herbert Hey all you service men and women just remember if you get killed in the line of duty you knew it in advance so we won’t feel sorry for you or your family. Thank you for your service! President Trump
Andy Schwarz This is yet another needless embarrassment for Trump and America. If he would just stop his egomaniacal bragging, people wouldn't have to call him on the carpet about it. Something about stones and glass houses comes to mind.
Nolan Schenburn Oh please Trump is going to tweet something controversial tomorrow and the media will be all over that and forget about this. The media doesn’t go far enough on Trump.
Zach Ashoka We all know why this story has come to existence. Democrat politics 101: when your top political operative of the left wing media Harvey Weinstein is in flames and the NFL is losing its argument on kneeling, go all out and make up another story about what Trump said. What happened the last time the democrat media complex made up a story about Trump?.....oh yeah he won the election by an electoral landslide.
Keta Helen 💔 Condolences to all families that have lost members of their families while serving in our Armed Forces. Sending prayers of comfort,strength & peace. We thank them and you for the ultimate sacrifice. 🙏🏽
Anthony Ray Collins I don't want a President to be sensitive, I want him to be honest and forthright about the mission. I'm sure veterans want the same thing. This is such #FakeNews
David Roges Is this really news these days? Jesus. God rest their soul and prayers to their family but let's move on to more important stuff than what a buffoon said. For f$&ks sake! Our society has continually gone downhill in the last 10-15 years. Whatever happened to love, peace, and happiness and not caring about the little things yet focusing on the more important items. We all know he has the mouth of a 5 yr old, get over it, and live life!
Stephanie Richardson Trumpet is simply in a position that he’s not qualified for. Reality show , Yes. But President, Absolutely NOT! He will continue to embarrass this nation.
James Raymond CNN is definitely made up of a bunch of scums. To push the subject line like this and knowing it was a lie originally you are definitely just trash. You're not selling news anymore
Joy Elizabeth Fincannon See folks it stuff like this on CNN is why Trump is president today. CNN will never learn to stop going on and on and on with their 24/7 Trump bashing...I hope they keep it up. God bless President Trump! ♡ ♡ ♡
Mary Evelyn Forte We the American people thank and support you and your late husband for the ultimate sacrifice one could give for our country. Praying for you and your family. I’m so sorry you weren’t formally thanked and your husband formally honored. God bless you.
Jaison Tyler I like how a day after the Huge story of the real " Russia collusion" Between Hillary and podesta who got paid millions and sold 20% of our uranium to Russia,They come out and run this story.. Shame on the left for politicizing this.
Dyan Coleman Suitt Please stop with the negativity. Your channel is not even being watched anymore by most because of this. We are all tired of it.
Terry Watters Maybe he will send HER $25,000, like he finally did today, to the father of another fallen soldier...
Mahesh Kollipara She is a little girl, so young n cute, she don't even know exactly what is right n what is wrong, Why r u asking such questions to her. I feel now to quit FB n won't come back again.
John Makropoulos I can't believe the lies from this network. Why are they ignoring the Obama /Clinton Russia Uranium scandal that landed 145 million into the Clinton Foundation
Wendy Dickel wow i hope this person didn't write this comment while under the influence. As a canadian and watching what is happening across the border, I am actually ashamed for the many americans who feel he is the greatest.,... he lies, he is delusional, doesn't remember what he says, doesn't know any history or geography of the united states(saying that he spoke to the president of the US virigin Islands when he is the president),,,,, and he won't ease up on past presidents... I seriously hope that people realize the mistake they made in electing him as president
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Former Attorney General Eric Holder said he is a member of the resistance explaining that it's difficult to see Attorney General Jeff Sessions take apart policies that "made the nation better, more fair"

Patrick Nicholson Mr. Fast and Furious himself. He has room to talk the treasonous bastad. How many border patrol agents were killed under his watch?
Miguel A Granda Fast and Furious, held in contempt of Congress, covered up Hillary Clintons crimes. Yea. Im really worried about what holder has to say...
Brian Paul Well, it was difficult watching you Sir, an ideological hack, make a mockery out of the Justice Department under your tenure. Such is life.
Jon Anderson Maybe the Mexican drug lords can join his resistance. They really appreciated the guns he sold to them!
Manuel Veyna III Why didn’t you ask why he colluded with Russia? CNN is FAKE NEWS!
Clay Carr Eric holder has so many things wrong with him that I don’t know where to start... Obstruction of justice? He said he wants to brainwash the American people... He politicized the department of justice. Covered for crimes of Democrats By stymieing congressional investigations. Now that he is part of “the resistance,” it further illuminates his radicalism. And, he participated in an armed take over of college ROTC office when he was in school.
Marc Breslin This is the guy who made it legal for Obama to assassinate American ctizens, said it as legal to imprison American citizens without due process or knowledge of their whereabouts to their families indefinitly, was help in contempt of court for impedeing a congressional investigation becomeing the only cabinet member in history to be in contempt. The list goes on.
Maureen Gavaghan Cadzow Eric Holder who made it more difficult to go after the drug companies and their distributors and Chicago is a war zone 😡😡😡😡.
C.J. Bartholomew Says the former Attorney General who was held in contempt for withholding docs about a government gun running operation to Mexican cartels. Yeah his opinion is so valid.
Paula J Drummond Read the Book ‘The Big Lie’ by D’SOUZA. Will explain in simple terms what the left is really doing in America
Marc Breslin President Obama and the Justice Department declined to prosecute Eric Holder on the contempt charge citing executive privilege.
David Whalen Eric holder was part of the obama-clinton cover up of uranium sold to russia and millions paid to the clinton foundation by russia. Try to get more reliable sorces cnn. Fake news.
Donna Williams Holder did not bring charges against ANY of the criminals who sank the economy and profited from it. He has no credibility.
Patrick B. O'Malley Better, more fair in the eyes of Democrats means nothing. Look at California. Better, more fair has ruined the state.
Rick Wallace And the trump cronies all yell "fake news," LOL! Time to wake up and accept the fact that the only real lies being told are from your wanna be king!
Christopher Combs Eric Holder is totally corrupt. Remember his first issue with illegal gun smuggling Fast and Furious?
Marc Breslin Under Holder, the Justice Department has legally argued that journalists have no legal protection to maintain the confidentiality of their sources, and can be compelled by the government to reveal them, or potentially face criminal contempt charges
Charles Hughes Dear Brother Holder - There is a bigger picture than what these fools are doing. They are unwittingly dismantling the institutions of America. At the end of the day the people are going to go FREE!!!!
Fiyah Linx Ofcourse he's part of the resistance. When you're part of a completely failed, corrupt, and racist administration its not as easy to swallow the way he swallowed Obama’s dick
Andre Mcknight I’m glad Eric Holder has class. He is not moved one bit by the derogatory comments about him especially from this utter disgraceful administration. I can go along with a Republican or Democrat if I support the stance on issues such as Bush, Reagan even Romney. You want to listen to their platform. There are great ideas in both sides. This horrendous garbage in the White House now absolutely no way. President Obama may not have done everything right, but President Trump I just don’t have words that go as low as he is. He is pathetic! John McCain is a great man. John Coryn is a great man. John Kaisch is a great governor. Donald Trump is the pits.
Craig Christensen Obama/ Mr transparency in government helped his buddy sell automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels and covered it up. Was in Paris during the attack on the press, yet could not waste time to stand with the world leaders against terrorist. Maybe another customer not to piss off?
Kerry E Mcgovern Joseph You are a traitor and should be behind bars, tell us about the good things you did while accepting bribes and helping to divide our nation and make us less safe .. I can't wait till all this dirt comes out. How much did you get from the Russian deal?
Andrew Christopher Yes, wonderful things like Fast and Furious, being held in contempt, playing identity politics, which is the worst, most divisive politics, with the law and actions at the DoJ.... I’m sure we all miss those incredible things.
John Kirby A self admitted traitor to his country and the people he once served! How far will the left fall from the founders of this country?
Corey Hardin Made racists upset that you tried to make the justice system more fair, they felt like their privilege was slipping away. Fear and hatred got a complete moron elected because he wanted to build a wall.
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White House chief of staff John Kelly never thought President Donald J. Trump would use that information publicly, sources said

Sam McManus This man is the biggest disgrace to the presidency that I have ever seen or known of. He talks of honoring our troops.. and their sacrifice.. and he has the gall to summarize the deaths of these hero’s to a “signed contract” You are my president.. unfortunately. And you are the biggest coward POS, draft dodging, entitled bum to have ever held the office. You are only there because you planted the seeds of hate and doubt into the troubled middle American dirt that thought that they were somehow forgotten. You are only a placeholder for a real leader. But, I am no longer angry at Donald J Trump. I am disgusted with Donald J Trump voters.. the forgotten “dirt” from the bottom of the swamp.
Jonathan Stanley Thank you for your previous service, but Kelly is doing this country a disservice for working under this buffoon. He can’t control him, as he was hired to do. Trump is a vindictive, little-hand man.
Tea Mallion Really. He was married. The call went to his wife...and Kelly was invited to a Breakfast for Gold Star families. He is so jealous of Obama!
Rona Bon Durant It appears that respect for grieving families and for their requests for privacy don't carry any weight with 45. Everything is exploitation-worthy.
Pat Stinson Brooks President Obama called Kelly's wife and also hosted a Gold Star breakfast in his honor. Trump is a slime ball.
Pat Presnell He will use anything, use anyone, and hurt anyone on his path to stroking his ego. He must find a scapegoat for everything cuz it could not possibly be him. And no one in his inner circle will tell him so. He surrounds himself with yes-men and driveling drooling supporters. He hears nothing but adulation. But the emperor has no clothes no one around him will tell him so but the news and the world sees the Naked Truth
Janice MacMillan he wouldn't have called Kelly, he would have called his daughter in law. Also, the Kelly's were guests of honour at the gold family reception and sat the at the Obama's table. That's a pretty thin slice and dice of facts...
Marsha Bentley Actually Kelly never confirmed that story from everything I have seen. Oh and then there was the Gold Star Family Recognition that Kelly and his wife were invited to personally.
Jeffrey Litvak Wasn't Kelly"s son married? Protocol would indicate that if a phone call were made , it would be to his wife..first, or only. She would then notify the rest of the family. This seems to be a red herring.
Quinn Donovan Michelle Obama had both Lieutenant General Kelly and his wife at her table during a Gold Star Family event to honor them in 2011. I think that's a bigger thing to do than just a phone call, don't you? Kind of Trumps it, wouldn't you think?
Amber Huff So, because trump stated truth he is still being criticized? Why do people continue to defend Obama's so-called legacy?
Alan Mercurio Is that the same source that told CNN Kelly was invited to a Gold Star Family dinner and that he sat with Michelle Obama they exchanged words. Then today CNN said they can’t confirm Kelly accepted that invitation. You can literally watch CNN trip over their own words and inaccurate reporting on a daily basis. And yet you have the audacity to call yourselves “The Most Trusted News”
Evelyn Goldman Sherman Was John Kelly's daughter-in-law contacted by the then President? He was married and thus his wife would have been the next of kin, not Kelly.
Blanca Salinas Fernandez The media “politicized” these deaths? Excuse me? Are you buffoons not paying attention? Trump was asked a question regarding his silence on these four men who had died two weeks ago. He made it an issue by trying to deflect the question by changing the subject to himself, and that’s when the lying began and the political finger pointing began.
Dale Ransom How did Kelly NOT know??....surely he knows Trump turns any attained information into an opportunity to belittle and berate others at the expense of his ego!
Janet Wade Luty President and Mrs. Obama seated Kelly and his wife at their table at an event honoring the fallen right after Kelly's son died in Iraq. A phone call was not necessary.
Katherine Klavsout Aww, CNN -- what a stretch! So it's cool that Obama didn't call ❤️❤️❤️❤️Obama ah Ehm, Because John Kelly wanted to 'keep it private' ... ... Hah?! This isn't about Fake News. It's about you a'holes Suck At Balance, Justice, and Equity!
Jim Borges Honoring the fallen should be a priority for our government. Having a president that dodged the draft is bad enough. We need to see that the families for our soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice are taken care of. Donny Two Scoops needs to apologize for his statements. We all know that that will never happen. The man is scum.
Ernie Lamoureux This isn’t about weather or not Obama called Kelly, it’s about Trump saying “he knew what he signed up for” about the fallen soldier to the soldier’s wife. He could have been Presidential instead of moronic. Oh wait.....
Ron Langley Kelly is dumber than I thought in that case. Of course the orange moron would do the wrong thing if given a choice.
Darilynn Williams REALLY a man who agenda as President is to destroy and erase Obama from history you REALLY didn't think he would make that info public 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 it wasn't him or his family HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT ANYONE black,white,brown,yellow or green.
Jimmy Cooper Really Kelly? You're mad how the deaths were politicized?! You you must have ready to go ballistic on how the GOP handled Benghazi then 😐
Gale Banks I'm quickly getting to the point where I'm starting to lose respect for Gen Kelly...Donald Trump has dishonored him and his son in my opinion! Is he going to lay down and take it???
Cherise Cabral Nunes Why would Obama call him?? His son was married so he would call his widow! Dotard tried to use this to deflect to Obama and away from him for not contacting the family of the 4 soldiers and it backfired on him!! 😂😂 This guy needs to keep his mouth shut and only read from scripts prepared by people who know what the truth is!
Luther Thompson Jr Ask yourself whether you can imagine, either former President Barack Obama or even former President George W. Bush (or any other former U.S. President) openly feuding about whether he told a grieving Gold Star widow, of an American soldier, killed in action that "he knew what he signed up for." It is, quite literally, unimaginable.
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We’re in Washington, where Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are about to debate efforts to overhaul the tax code. What would that do? Jake Tapper and Dana Bash are here to answer your questions.

MaryEllen Wanchick Meagher You Fox fake news people are as obsessed with the Clintons as your illiterate leader is with Obama. You're all envious of their success which you trolls have none
Bridget Kelley Stop saying cnn is fake news when u watch fox news and rhey have had to retract several stories they lieed about 45 is the fake not cnn
Jose Bustamante Let's see how Lying Ted delivers the lies of this administration and how they give the rich more tax breaks.
Susan Wilson Really Ted Cruz?..... that's who the Repuke's are offering up as their sacrificial lamb tonight? lolol
Diana Sparkles I am reclaiming my time. What a waste of everyone’s time. It is all for the wealthy to line their pockets!
Rosanne Colace Clouse So if you really think CNN is fake news than go back to Fox and the garbage they feed
Lisa Murry Let the bllionaires pay they're share. Get off the backs of under and middle class. We pay your salary. And you take take take.
Amy Blackwood Don't let them cut my husbands social security disability! He just got it and has multiple sclerosis
Mary Riker Thank you for having Bernie. He is much smarter and more willing to represent us then the usual establishment capitalists.
Bella Mia Save us from the nut job Bernie!!!!!!
Sarah Sexton Because "our president" is a disgrace.
Laura Rodriguez Bernie will clean the floor with Cruz
Marie Phillips Fight for us Bernie!!! You have my support.
Daniel Junior Bouazizi Duodeh Bernie Sanders should be the president
Sarah Sexton I can't wait to watch Bernie slay Cruz
Amy Blackwood The tax plan cuts medicare, medicaid and future social security disability payments. Say no to this tax plan
Nicole Mott This country is too divided. Just listen to their points. Stop hating everything and everyone before you even hear what’s said.
Larry Sturdevant We just did this in Kansas, an overwhelming majority Republican state and government..the results are already failure.
Regan Wall Hobbs I’d love to pay less taxes, but let’s face it. Trickle down has never worked. Idk. I don’t see this plan that is currently being talked, passing senate. Don’t see how it’s possible.
Sydnie Evans No tax reform until #45 shows tax returns for 2016
Matthew Smith This administration puts so much food on the plate you can't focus enough to eat. They will never get a single thing done.
Dan Pat Prettyman I want them to put money that they took out of our social security... Heck we have people in their eighties still working just to survive.
Lisa Michelle Hayes Bernie please continue to protect our most vulnerable! I'm with you!
Joe Ebbitt .."Block grants" are a Trojan Horse... Red States misdirect money block granted to their racist, every case. Block Grants fund "Pray away the Gay..
Joe Ebbitt Please let Cruz know that even though the Tea party feels War and Opioid Addiction is a Jobs Bill...It is Not.
CNN2 hours ago

"Be ready to protect your rights... Let them know that black power matters," the group, known as Black Fist, wrote on its website promoting the events

Gabe Russell The saddest part about all of this, is how it highlights the gullibility of Americans. And the craziest thing? People will continue to dismiss that, as they argue about whether or not their party is the best party. Like, the country is falling apart, but it's not cause of us, so I don't care. Man. The US is just a punchline at this point.
Barry Cardiss America's own press and media are already doing a fine job of stirring hatred and division without any outside help... this story is a prime example...
Niko Romac Don't let this distract you from the solid fact that Red Lobsters Ultimate Feast price went up $4 and the portions got noticeably smaller and you only get 4 biscuits instead of 5 for a table of 2!!! Not fooling me!!
Amber Nichole Russia is just sitting back laughing at the US as Donald Duck divides and ruins this country! Cant wait til his a** is impeached! Impeach the Orange Duck!!!
Atyria Clark So it's a problem for Black people to learn self-defense? This is something the US should have been paying for but the Russians are trolls because they provided a necessity being that Black people here are being attacked in large numbers on a regular basis. Ok.
Arthur Sidowsky So the Russians aided BLM which the Democrats support and the Democrats then claim the Russians helped Trump by aiding a Democrat allied group???
Mike Canada It says a lot about the state of America when African Americans taking self defense classes is something that's supposed to make people afraid.
Jerome Butler Self defense my butt just learn to shoot a gun and taser it’s all you need . It makes a big man and a little man equal .The Russia stuff reminds me of the 1960s , it’s all propaganda .
Courtney Marquette McDaniel It quite easy to do so when the people in merica already treat you like an outcast. It was said by Abraham Lincoln America won’t fall because of the hands of s foreign entity but from within
Jim Borges This should bring to light the extent that Russia's attack against us was huge. If anyone in 45's team contributed to this attack, they need to be made accountable. We need to learn from this attack and prevent it from happening again. Donny Two Scoops is just fulfilling his contract with the Russians so he loans are canceled. tick tock
Brandon Euille FBI needs to be digging deep into this! What purpose would Russia have on trying to locate BLM members? Sounds like this has American links!
Vincent Linger Iam no F------ troll. And Mueller covers up Russian bribery and 145 Millon dollars to the Clinton Foundation, now lead investigator into Russian Collusion. Hypocrites.The NFL is entertainment, we used entertainment to escape from the b******* outside. When this kind of crap happens we have no interest in it. Cut it out stop it and get back entertaining us or we will find your entertainment somewhere else. remember players are paid to do what they are told on the field off the field they can do whatever the hell they want. I feel that there is more black Supremacy than white supremacy out there and until THAT stops will not be peace. having a black a culture fine having a white cultures taboo. Don't get me started on BETV and BLM. There's just as much if not more black racist out there than whites It was the Democrats and started this racial divide for political gain there's no denying that.
Ronda Simmons What the hell is wrong with cnn . Every crackpot in the us is ready to say or do something stupod for attention, cause cnn will surley accomadate the bs.
Claudette Thompson Well they missed me but if they're reading this how about a concealed carry class and then pick up the permit and gun cost too. I mean why stop at chop to the throat 🙄
Laura Kratzer Just when you think the ClintonNewsNetwork couldn't stoop any lower, you do. The hag lost because she sucks and we hate her. We didn't need anyones help in 2008 to defeat Satans grandmother and we didn't need any help this time either. #LockHerUP #HangForTreason
Vella Hillery Kung Fu doesn't work against a person claiming they feel threatened or they feared for their life, and using a gun to allay that fear.
Kad Munda Kanu This is what we are talking about but some republicans are thinking it just politics. Russia is going to divide this nation into section because the people of this great nation. The greatest nation on earth are not paying any attention to what is going on.
Jeff Beaudette Super sad that the left was so gullable and fell for this. The entire right said the left was just race baiting and this is even more truth
James Simpson Wow. Now let me get this ; this the same Russia who hacked into our election. Same Russia that Our President seem to have nothing but respect for. The same Russia who leader is the wealthiest man in the world. This same Russia that .........
Brandon Smith Looks like the russians were trying to help democrats if you ask me. Or better yet, they just want America in chaos.
Shema Drofgnal What does it matter if I'm black, white, pink, purple or red. Our blood are the same color. Stop the racist crap.#SickOfIt #pleaseSTOP
Vivian Anejukwo Enough! Do you know what I think? That the Russians were working with democrats to influence the election
Benoît Guillette You are wasting your time. Identity politics (gender and race) is only a lure by which capitalists hide and win class struggle.
Michael Middleton Russia is trying to destroy America without firing a shot. They have figured out how to use trolls and the internet to influence politics and promote racial and political strife, hoping America will tear itself apart. People need to wise up to this or we are doomed.
Tonya Echols-Willis The world knows what separates America and some are willing to use it against us. We are a mess...and the world knows it.
CNN2 hours ago

- 48 confirmed deaths
- 81% of the island is still without electricity
- 1/3rd of the population is without clean water
- 3.3 million US citizens

Kari Warner Saw where pallets of food where thrown away because they were left out in the rain, heat. Food was moldy and full of rodents. So is that Trumps fault?
Steel Walker Is it necessary to always say US citizens? You think we're so ignorant we don't know? Really? Or are you just continuing to fan the flames?
Ian Ortiz Breaking news! CNN doesn't give 2 shits about anything but themselves! What is that? That's not breaking news but old as hell?? My bad folks!
Susan Puntereri Glendenning This is what we need to acknowledge and what we need to rectify. Send more help, more money and more supplies. These are American citizens who need our help!
Luis Cortes Not fake news. I live in PR. Its been 4 weeks without electric power and running water. Long lines at the gas stations, supermarkets and ATMs. Im actually one of the lucky ones. I have a power generator. It costs me $12-$13 daily to make it work for 10-12 hours. I have a water reserve tank that costs $60 to refill every week. Its ruining my finances. But I am lucky, I have food and a roof over my head. Thousands of our people can't say the same. Thousands have lost their whole houses, and all they owned, they got nothing now. Many live in places that our now unreacheable, because roads and bridges have been destroyed. Still many more are losing their jobs because the economy is at a stand still. Many businesses have been damaged as well. So fake news is that we are doing all right. We are definitely not, and it will take much more time.
Ann Johnson This upsets me so much to think that our fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS are suffering like this in PR. When I think of the US rushing aid to foreign countries, when they are in dire need, yet it seems as if PR, an American Territory, is NOT being treated with the same level of urgency.
Sperg Ferguson It won't end. It started ten years ago, when they had a chance to get their finances in order and chose to implement the sanders agenda instead.
Lopez Q. Margie I was in Hurricane Harvey. I had help. Water and food given to me. Provided by Red cross. Still providing. HELP PUERTO RICO.!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Graham CNN acts like some switch can be flicked and all of a sudden PR will be fixed. We are talking about an entire island being in ruins. On top of that FEMA continuous clean up efforts for the other two costly hurricanes that happened before Maria.
Michael Corenzwit Please continue to speak out and tell the truth like you always do. I hope you inspire many other people to do the same. Trump must be shown for the dangerous man he is.
Rod Borlase Lucky that Iwo Jima was a continent & not an island like Puerto Rico or our Marines might have never gotten ashore ... at least if Puerto Rico is any indication. What the hell is wrong with this administration?
Matthew Hays Hope they get things straight and help people there and do whats been needing to be done for a very long time .now ..with island .some messed up things going on there for way too long Puerto Rico .for many years .need to be more recognized as Americans there even made a state instead of commonwealth ..
Arnita Long God bless them. Bless them with the tenacity to face this tragedy head on. Bless them with people who can build and help them obtain clean water. Bless them with a new total solar infrastructure. Bless them with being a new INDEPENDENT country.
Joseph Gonzalez Look storm has passed. Have given my respects. Next door neighbor's parents are there. She told me its not what press says. But come on its an island for Pete sake. Why aren't the guys out there working 24 hers a day clearing streets getting in supplies. Running electric? To think there are supplies in harbor just sitting there?? To think they can't run wire? Do they need more men? Not being insensitive just be honest. Got A LOT of work to do and most pictures no one is?
Vella Hillery Surely this can't be true. When Puerto Rico had Trump's attention, he told us all what a fantastically great job the US is doing to assist the island. The government was given an A+ for effort, even while San Juan's mayor was begging for help.
Brenda Liz Carrión Rojas Is so hard to believe but that's the real story! Only the ones living out here in the island can know and feel how hard it is to be without electricity and water!
David Molstad They're killing themselves down there. There is plenty of food and other resources. The uber socialistic potentates there will do anything to discredit and block any efforts to help those people just to paint POTUS in a bad light. The costs to their own people is staggering, but like true socialists, only the message is important, not the people.
William Santos Actually the death toll is a lot higher if you count all the people that past away because they were in hospitals when the power went off. Ventilator and dialysis etc. stop working. most of the island still without power. The people who got running water is not drinkable. And whoever has the nerve to say that these are fake news I will give you my family's phone number so you could talk to them and hear the struggle and see how could you help.
Billy Burden It's a paradise thing. They no it's a island. And if you live thier you got to deal with it. I would still move thier if I could. Guess your third in line Texas then Florida then thier.
Denise Hernandez Ignorance is bliss for you delusional trolls. I bet you wish you were there thinking it is so easy, if you were maybe you would wise up, or more likely not, you would try to steal whatever little food and supplies there are for your clueless entitled selves if you would even last a day.
Evelyn Sanabria The government is helping little by little let's go slow motion people don't have electricity imagine you been in the dark for a month sad I know they could better than that.
Gregory Littrell All the water in the ship's in San Juan harbor are meant for grocery stores and not for relief! Same with some of the food and the people who own them are refusing to release them!
Kish Pat They are only US citizen by congressional bill. Their citizenship is not guaranteed by the constitution and can be (and should be since they do not pay personal federal income tax) revoked by simply repealing the Jones-Shafroth act
Walter Gifford What are the politicians of PR doing to fix any of these problems certainly they have employees to do some of the recovery task.
Jay Stewart This is why Puerto Rico needs to become a state. Until they have a say in Washington, they'll be treated like second class citizens.
CNN3 hours ago

- Sgt. La David Johnson married his childhood sweetheart and was expecting his third child
- Staff Sgt. Bryan Black learned Hausa because he wanted to communicate directly with Nigeriens
- Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson earned more than a dozen military commendations

Neo McDoom If Obama had said something like that to the mother of a dead soldier, conservatives would have literally had heart attacks.
Crystal Everting So so sad! I thank all 4 of you for serving a country who doesn't serve you, and on behalf of us caring civil Americans, we apologize for the disrespect & disregard towards you and your families coming from the creature-in-chief we call a president. May your souls Rest In Peace &a I pray your families find healing, comfort, & joy knowing that all 4 of you were great men!!
Susan Welch Olevson May they all Rest In Peace. They paid the ultimate price in their duty to this country! My sincere condolences to their families ❤️❤️
Tracy Hines FAKE NEWS ALERT. Full quote: President Trump to the widow of Sgt. Johnson:........" they know the risk, they know what they sign up for but they still volunteer to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid"
Kathryn Finster Thank you to the families of these fine young men. Thank you gentlemen for your service. Rest in peace knowing you made a difference in our lives. God speed.
Monty Johnson Isn’t it interesting how CNN couldn’t care less about us soldiers. Until they fabricated a lie concerning the President. Yet again. How many times are your lies exposed. How many times will the President be proved correct before you will stop lying? Pathetic!
Vic Anthoni It is troubling that the black soldier who was a Green Beret was left behind and found dead 48 hours later in the Niger dessert. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Gina Abdow Why hasn’t the media done these profiles until now? Where were they last week? Oh that’s right...they were too busy covering Harvey W and the NFL
Amanda Allison I'm so sorry and will be praying your families find peace during this horrible time. And thank you for your service and your families sacrifice.
Mario Cesar Trejo Stop bashing POTUS when the ones kneeling for the flag insulting heroes are some NFL cowards. It would be an honor for any of us to die defending this country under the leadership of our president. This job is not for the cowards or the ones with the fragile feelings. We all know what we signed up for.
Allan Largent Funny how instead of honoring these servicemen you have to run your mouths about something to do with Trump. I myself will say these men gave their lives for this country and will be honored for it!
Trevon Lee From one soldier to another, I wish these men peace and serenity. We must all honor their heroism and courage to fight for you freedoms. No ignorance, no color, no hate, no division. May the families of these fallen soldiers find peace. You will not be forgotten.
Jennifer Pritchett Avoiding breaking news of Clinton collusion with Russia back in 2010 that the FBI and Comey and Mueller and Holder were a part of the coverup....
Cathie MacIntosh I believe hearings need too be held to find out how dumpsters administration could allow this to happen and then too have no backup for these soldiers is despicable. An administration of mass confusion on a daily basis has failed these four soldiers, especially La David Johnson, who was left for dead for 48 hours.
Charlene O'Neal Boddie CNN, Please let those familys know that we, the American public, understand their sacrifice and extend our condolences and please let them know our pride for our fallen heros.
Kathy Gantz My heart aches for all of their families! My thanks to each of them for their love of country and many sacrifices made. May God continue to watch over each one 🙏💔
John Evans FFS....once again Propaganda CNN just cannot restrain itself from attempting to stir up the masses with its "Racial" propaganda...for shame and below contempt....Now just waiting to see that Propaganda CNN "YES" man Don Lemon run wild with this story and put his own racist spin on it....!
Eva Maetinez May God bless all their families and receive these heroes in His Loving Arms😞😞 thank you for their service and sacrifice. Bravo valiant warriors Rest In Peace
Brent McDaniels where was Fake news/cnn when obam was helping his terrorist brothers Murder thousands of our troops?
Eliza Naughton This is what we should be talking about. The brave men who fought for this country. Instead president dump wants to talk more about the NFL. I'm over it. Condolences to their family.
David Graham What's amazing is people still defend Trump when he lied about calling the widow. It wasn't politicized until Trump did it himself.
Mi E Aziz I guarantee you every person killed by US army over the last 70 years had a heart touching story as well.
Marc Breslin Since when did CNN get so up close and patriotic about soilders who have died in the line of duty? Unfortunately its all a political farce and divisive angle by the liberal media and it s*cks.
David Proctor The details about the lost soldiers are coming along very late. I think that the media should explain why. They aren't just numbers. They are American heroes.
Ann Beth Wright Thank each of you brave men for serving & protecting a sometimes ungrateful country. May God grant your families peace. May they find comfort in their memories. You all sign up for duties many have dodged and still dodge; yet they find fault in everything. #HEROES
CNN3 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump sent the personal check the same day that The Washington Post reported that he had promised the soldier's father a personal donation during a June condolence call, but never followed through

Brandon Johnson We already know trump doesn't like his Heroes captured, so any soldier that was killed in combat must really turn his stomach, i.e they knew what they signed up for.
Beth Lenhart Same thing happened when he raised money for veterans and only gave it months later when reporters shamed him into it. What a great human being he is.
Angel Santiago Is he going to pay the family of every dead service member? If so he has a few more checks to write. Not a bad idea though. Maybe he’ll think twice before sending our boys somewhere to fight because someone tweeted something mean about him.
Ganesh K. Nathan Well the Donald has never followed through on his numerous empty promises both in his political & personal life unless someone exposes his lies, sad!
William Brasky What a joke of a man. Utterly classless. No wonder the New York and Hollywood elites all exclude him from their fun and games. I wouldn't want that douchecanoe around me either. Sad!
Myriam Lopez This is not the first time he promises a donation and then doesn't send it until someone reports on it. And yes, I am not a Trump supporter so I really enjoy news articles that report on the emperor wearing no clothes.
John P. Goede Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching or overseeing. Integrity is being compliant with the facts, in compliance with the truth(s). Integrity is being honest and not lying. Donald J. Trump does not have integrity.
Randy AH FakeNews at it again. It has to go through the proper channels and it's been going through the process and it's been en route since day one
Stan Piznarski President Donald Trump will be in the White House for the next seven years. He's doing an outstanding job.I will definitely vote for him again.America is winning again Trump 2024.🇺🇸 Follow my page
Terri W. Ezell I assume the ONLY thing you people report on anymore is something negative about the president? Would you like to watch him wipe his a*s so you can tell everyone he does that wrong too? #GettingOld
Helen Flood Thank you to the press for keeping him honest!! This is why he lashes out at them all the time! I shudder to think where we’d be without our hardworking and professional press.
Uchenna Oguekwe Didn't he do this last year? He promised to give 5 million dollars to veteran charities and didn't follow through until a story came out about it. He started sending the checks when he was called out on it.
Liz Peña You CANNOT buy, decency, compassion and empathy!!! Amongst other basic human characteristics!! 45, lacks ALL of the above and then some!!!!! 😡
Mike Britt Second time this has happened because of a Washington Post article.Trump is a habitual liar.Maybe karma is paying him back with the loss of $600 million in net worth this past year.
Catherine Parker Maybe he should do that for the widow he called and had absolutely 0 decorum! Don't be fooled folks, this is THE ONLY reason he did it!
Ruthie Fernandez So if Washington Post hadn't reported about the funds Trump wouldn't have sent the funds promised. It's shame but that's his This man is Trump never pays his debts or partial pays and companies end up Losing thousands of dollars or even more. It's sad. Trump has no values selfish SOB
Arno Illig Yeah, the President is kinda busy, running the country. What do you expect, responding to every individual the same day? At least, he kept his promises.
Donna Murphy-Buckley What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Americans deserve a better, more qualified, more intelligent, more honest,more sympathetic, and more empathetic person in the Oval Office. And it is not Donald Trump. If the man had a shred of decency he'd resign.
Temi Agboola Seriously you guyz are angry that he gave a gold star family money? Really that’s what you are criticizing. He didn’t have to do it yet he chose to and you guyz are still complaining. You just can’t help yourself can you. This is sad.
Randy Maifeld Terri W. Ezell when there is so much negative to report and nothing good at all, how can they report anything else? You people really just want to see the country fall apart, don't you? What actual good has Donald Trump done in his time in office? Dismantling everything that Obama accomplished isn't something to brag about since it's only hurting the country, and is his only real agenda.
Carmen Quesada Geeez...IF you ever get $$ from the government (not being owed to you) be grateful!!!!!! Specially from a President..don't complain...unbelievable!!! 🙂
Yolanda Price Only sent it because it was reported that he had not... Trumps underlings probably sent it in his name
Helen Ramsey It's like everything, complicated. He promised a donation to Harvey victims, what ever happened with that? What surprises me is that he actually got something.
Nick Riddle I'll commend him whenever I see a positive. But this was cool. Good for him. Doesn't mean I'll start wearing a red hat though.
Denise Hill He has no filter. He simply runs his mouth. Every rambling and incoherent thought passes through his head and out his mouth like diarrhea. And then he forgets everything he said seconds later. He is incapable of following through on his own. I imagine his staff never knows when to act on his impulses or dismiss them as a passing brain burp.
CNN3 hours ago

How do you explain President Donald J. Trump's total flip flop -- and then flip again -- on the subsidies?

Simple: He had no real idea what was in Alexander's legislation, writes Chris Cillizza

Josh Smith This man has shown his true colors in these last 10 months, how disastrous of a President he is, and even more of a despicable human being.. no more "giving him a chance". Anybody who still supports this man clearly hates America and everything we stand for. If you have any Trump supporter friends, the time has come to give the Eminem ultimatum. You're either with him or with me (and the American people.) It's time to make a decision.
Tom Thurlow Trump doesn't care about how many people will lose their health care coverage, or if premiums go up. He has no interest about what is in the bill. He just wants to repeal and replace Obamacare. That way he can say he fulfilled his campaign promise...
Diana Clare Davis Trump is cruising in this Presidency. He has no idea about what entails as leader of a huge Nation. He thought it was going to be a piece of chocolate cake where he can sit in front of a TV all day tweeting and channel surfing. All through his campaign he promised the American people a great America and he has achieved absolutely nothing. His only achievement is to undermine everything that Obama put in place as his goal is to wipe Obama's legacy away. What a catastrophic error America made in making this buffoon it's commander in chief. 😧😬😕😠
Jim Barbour Trump has no clue period about healthcare. He couldn't even explain the basics of how healthcare in America is delivered and paid for. He has never had to comparison shop for medical insurance, never read a policy and never had to make a choice of paying for a prescription or going without it. I seriously doubt that he has spent one hour in his life giving critical thought to any aspect of healthcare. He would sign any bill placed on his desk, even if it meant millions would lose healthcare, just to say he repealed Obamacare.
Fernando Anzoategui Quick they are getting to close to the Clinton scandal with Russia....... quick distract, distract and keep the American people suppressed on what Clinton did............. we are on to you...... you disgraceful CNN
Tracy Richards-Pelle Congress needs to demand that Donald Trump undergo a formal Psychiatric Evaluation in order to remain in office, with the threat of impeachment still on the table. Otherwise, he needs to be removed from office immediately. He is dangerously erratic, unhinged, unprofessional, out-of-touch...every day it's a new low. Get him out of that office!
Kimerica Black I guess he realized that his rash decision would have enormous consequences. But if he would just communicate with those that understand the process, maybe he could save himself some embarrassment. Every day he appears less and less competent. He’s very impulsive in both word and action.
Vanessa Lynn Did anyone else notice how he held his little on-camera meeting this morning right in the middle of Jeff Sessions meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee? Distract much?
Chalyn Coleman Lack of education on the subject ( or any subject for that matter). Saying what he thinks his base will give him the most cheers for at the next rally. Both very likely factors
Vik Avi He didn't flip on the subsidies. This bill won't even get through the House!! Trump is tired of insurance companies getting over 6 billion dollars from the people and counting! I thought Democrats were against corporate welfare, guess not!!
Wayne Thompson 45 has worn FlipFlops all his life. They are made by the Chaos Sneaker company. For slip sliding around any issue using Lies & Deception! One thing you can count on for sure, don't count on 45
Janet Skirtun Griffin Aren't we all getting blinded by his aura ....he can't even broker a deal of his own because he expects everyone to do his job and he never, never will. I think Jimmy Carter has a better track record and that Trump belongs in a dumpster
Richard Proctor It's mainly because he doesn't know what to do because he doesn't understand healthcare. All he cares about is landing on the "right" side of this or any other issue. Blessed be the day his supporters wake up and see the light!
Robert Amaro Honestly Trumpty doesn't know anything about policy that is why he never talks in detail about anything he is totally clueless...
Diana Warder Anderson And from day to day, he can't remember what he's said or done, or what he's been briefed on, so of course he contradicts himself. #senileidiotinchief
Amber Nichole It says n the article they cant have another fail to healthcare but all Trump is is a failure! He has done absolutely nothing since he got n office! All he wants to do is undo wat obama did but he has no idea how to! Hes to big of an idiot!!!! Lies lies lies! Trump and his administration r gonna burn n hell! Impeach this orange faced idiot already!!!!
Dwayne Wong Just a flipping moron whose head goes and comes, who is willing to say anything at anytime depending on who he thinks is listening
Jan Nachtsheim wait an hour and he will change his mind again. this guy can not get anything done and his party has control of the house and senate. WTF!!!
Tony Russell He is Bipolar. I dont say this as joke or to insult. His behavior, high ,low, paroanoia, lying. People with Biploar can live a normal life if treated, but he thinks is behavoir is normal.
Lorraine Hodgson Trump will agree with anyone, without paying any attention to details, as long as he gets a 'win'. If someone else objects to a detail he thinks nothing of changing his mind because details don't matter. If the other party won't agree, he'll just change his mind again.
Pamela McKay Trumps attention span is zero. That's why all the flip-flops. He agrees with who is in is face, forgets and agrees with the next person. Then attacks the first people he agreed with. He's incompetent, unfocused, and overall likes to be on tv shocking the news media. The media should not report on hm more than once a day. They should catalog his actions and make one big report full of contradictions, save time save space save the poor people who read the news
Matthew Marcella He flip flops because he doesn't know what party he wants to belong to. Deep down I think he's more liberal than he lets on, but he appealed to the conservatives to get him elected president
Roland Manny Trump will be the best President ever elected and watch all these liberal media melt.
ቺቸሮ አስመራ Kelvin Junior At this point, if you’re still a supporter of Donald Trump, here’s what you really are: You’re someone who’s cemented your place in history as an individual who we’re all going to look back upon with disgust and shame because you were ignorant enough to support the most corrupt, dishonest, vile, and incompetent “president” in United States history. This is a man who has: *Mocked a man with disabilities. *Attacked the parents of a fallen American hero. *Belittled POWs and the war record of Sen. John McCain. *Lied about how much money he raised for veterans. *Called a former Miss Universe “disgusting” and fat, telling his Twitter followers to find her non-existent sex tape. *Accused an American-born federal judge of being unfit to do his job because of his Mexican heritage. *Likely avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. *Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, even though that’s not remotely factual. *Lied about seeing “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11. *Lied about getting a letter from the NFL complaining about the debate schedule. *Tried to exploit the death of an African American woman in Chicago to say that’s why black voters will support him. *Found the “bright side” to tragedies because his poll numbers tend to go up. *Settled with the Department of Justice after his company was found guilty of racially discriminating against minorities. *Was discovered on video admitting that he not only tried to cheat on his current wife, but he attempted to do so with another married woman. *Had his first wife publicly say that he did nothing when it came to raising their children until they were old enough to talk business. *Tweeted that women should have expected to be sexually assaulted when they mixed males and females together in the military. *Said he wants to target the families of terrorists. *Stated that he wants to ban an entire religion. *Praised a Russian president who obviously hates the U.S. and Americans. *Encouraged the Russian government to commit espionage against Americans. *Insinuated that another Republican’s wife was ugly. *Tried to implicate another Republican’s father in JFK’s assassination. *Sought out the help of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes after he was fired following multiple allegations that he had sexually harassed women for years. *Made Breitbart’s Steve Bannon one of his top campaign people. *Had a former campaign manager abruptly resign after a report came out linking him to pro-Russian groups that were directly trying to undermine U.S. policy in eastern Europe. *Called Carly Fiorina ugly. *Has said climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese — then denied saying it. *Was a leading conspiracy theorist when it came to the racist-driven birther conspiracies against President Obama. *Dismissed nearly eight years of accusing the president of not being an American with a less than 30 second statement where he didn’t apologize for any of it. *Tried to blame Hillary Clinton for his racism. *Re-tweeted anti-African American propaganda created by a white supremacy group. *Played dumb about knowing who former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke was. Skipped a presidential debate because he was scared of a moderator. *Has, on several occasions, suggested he finds his daughter attractive. *Called a husband doing things like changing diapers and helping with the children, a man “trying to be the wife.” *Has said he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons. *Said he can’t release his tax returns because they’re currently being audited — even though the IRS said that’s a lie. *Feels he has the right to sexually assault women. *Lied, in the face of indisputable photographic evidence, about the size of his inauguration crowd. *Continues to push the unfounded conspiracy that “millions of people voted illegally” because his ego can’t handle the fact Clinton received 3 million more votes than he did. *Disgraced the CIA’s monument to fallen agents by talking about his electoral college victory. *After frequently criticizing President Obama for playing golf, has spent nearly half his weekends since being sworn into office playing golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. *On pace to cost taxpayers more on “extracurricular” expenses during his first 365 days in office than we spent on Obama during his 2,921 days as president. *Settled a $25 million lawsuit accusing him of purposely creating a fake university to scam people out of money. *Has already broken most of his biggest campaign promises. *Fired the head of the FBI for apparently not “swearing loyalty” and doing what he wanted in regards to the on-going investigations looking into his campaign’s ties to Russians. Then threatened the former head of the FBI just after firing him in an attempt to intimidate him from speaking out publicly. *Pushed an unfounded conspiracy against Barack Obama, accusing him of ordering unconstitutional wiretaps placed in Trump Tower — without providing a shred of evidence to back it up. *Seems to have been working with the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, to undermine congressional investigations into his possible Russian connections. *Had said, despite promising to do so, he doesn’t plan to ever release his tax returns. *Said he didn’t know being “president” would be so hard. *Apparently needed the president of China to explain to him why dealing with North Korea is complicated. *Signed two travel bans against Muslims that were overturned as unconstitutional. *Allowed state-run Russian media to bring electronic and photographic equipment into the Oval Office — while denying entry to any U.S. press — at the request of Vladimir Putin. *Said his surrogates shouldn’t be held accountable for the dishonest or contradictory things they say. *Admitted Australia, which has universal health care, has better health care than we do, then doubled-down on those comments, yet still supports a bill that’s almost the complete opposite of their system. *Months after the election, continues to bring it up the electoral college, even hanging a large printout of it on a wall in the White House. *Didn’t mention the Jewish people once during his speech on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. *Blamed Democrats for the initial failure of the House of Representatives being able to pass Trumpcare — even though Republicans have a 44-seat majority. *Is now bragging about the very same jobs reports he called “fake” and “phony” prior to taking office. *Continues to call the talk about the investigations into his connections to Russia “FAKE NEWS!” even though the FBI has publicly admitted these investigations are, in fact, real. *Has the lowest approval rating for a president this early into their presidency — in history. *Admitted he lied when he publicly threatened that he might have recorded his conversations with the former head of the FBI he had just fired — in a clear attempt to intimidate James Comey into not speaking out about what the two men had discussed. *Apparently doesn’t understand what “collusion” or “obstruction” actually mean. *Called the very same health care plan he publicly celebrated and said he supports “mean.” *Launched a disgusting attack against “low I.Q” MSNBC’s Mika Brzeninski, accusing her of “bleeding badly from a face-lift” when he saw her back in January, while calling her co-host Joe Scarborough, and former U.S. congressman, “psycho.” -Allen Clifton I know I missed A LOT, more to come
Tina Trevino This is not the Great America it was before Trump , people weren't hateful and out-loud racist . Becuase we all respected that we all our the beautiful racist God made each of us. .....People a president can not make America great ! Only we can .