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That's a loss potentially amounting to 50 million songs

MySpace?? MySpace?? Why does it sound so familiar??
All 27 remaining MySpace users are extremely upset by the loss.
I felt a great disturbance, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, but then were suddenly silenced.
Wow, I'll need to close my MySpace account using my 56 Kbps dial up AOL connection that I got on CD in the mail and downloaded to my Commodore 64 computer.
I want MySpace to apologize for not letting me access my account anymore so I can’t get my photos off there 🤬😂 Gabriela Pappalardo
Bring back Classic MySpace - you SOBs! Was way better than Facebook!
How can Myspace apologize? I thought they were dead?
I couldn't even find my old Myspace account last time I looked and that was actually probably a blessing in disguise.
I Hope my pictures are still there.. I haven't been on it in about 10 years, but I still care about them😁
People affected found out via their AOL account.
Kids these days dont know about this! 😂😂😂
There go all of Dashboard's demo tapes
Why MySpace, we forgot you were there. You may go now.
They are trying to make a comeback. Don't believe the hype
Honestly MySpace has a better home screen or news feed than Facebook.
They were all stolen, when people were buying the music from limewire .
I didn’t realize this was still a thing. I guess ole Pirro ain’t the only old dinosaur having a bad week.
44 million post grunge songs about unrequited love .. the world is better off that this happened ..
I thought myspace was gone like8 years ago lol I should log in 😂
Ppl still remember their passwords to MySpace!?
Sorry, I was busy rearranging my top 8 friends... what happened?
I wasn’t aware MySpace even existed anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️
Wait a second. Myspace is still around?
I logged into my old account about 2 years ago. Now I get a bunch notification emails of people adding and following me. I know they are all bots. lol
Tom says forget everybody for abandoning him.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.27 ago

"The President uses racism as political currency," says Bakari Sellers. "That means he allows [white nationalists] to continue to breathe, philosophically, and vote for him."

You do realize most of Trumps closest friends are Jewish? Every single accusation against Trump (Russia, racism, etc) has been proven false. The race card doesn’t work in 2019. You can’t keep playing it.
Trump is influencing more hate today than 40s Germany
And another post by CNN that spreads hatred against a certain people. They wanna say Trump's words cause hate ...HA!! CNN are the Masters at it. The globalist favorite propaganda spreading tool.
Trump should be removed from the Presidency for the same reason that Steve King has been censured (and will be removed from) Congress. His white nationalism is more dangerous than his mental instability, and that’s BAD.
Show me one actual bigoted quote from the President.
CNN, the enemy of the American people.
Keep Trump off the 2020 ballot, regardless if he shows his taxes or not he's highly unqualified always has been and proved that through the term
Trump is supporting more hate today
Oh please... Everything is racist in swollen liberal heads. Thousands of Muslim terrorists murder millions in the name of Allah, so now what? Are you going to see a “connection” there? Just sayin’ #fakenews
Once again CNN missing a point.. did you mention the Christians being slaughtered in Africa.. pick a hate stuff again!
CNN - the billion dollar in-kind contribution to the democrat party. Giving a platform for smears, and mind-readers.
YES Donald Trump is a racist in every way !
Why on earth would CNN host Rick Santorum? He is not a good source for any legit journalist. Doesn't Anderson Cooper aspire to be a legit journalist?
Cnn uses racism as political currency
Rick Santorum is also a racist.
Trump so racist, the former presidents had no issue with him donating did they!
Trump upset about SNL,but not killings in New Zealand...🤔🤔🤔
White people who love America has liberals scared. And they try to label it as racism to distract attention from their own racist ideas and actions.
Bakari Sellers is elegantly thoughtful.
Hahahaha CNN's goal is bash TRUMP every day damm its getting old
Why is this has been always on tv spouting his nonsense?
It's crazy that the only thing that comes to mind is 🎶trump is doo doo doo doo doo doo. trump is doo doo doo doo doo doo. trump is doo doo doo doo doo doo. trump is doo🎶 🤷🏾‍♀️
What ever.... you were doing too much stuttering to be convincing...
Go away Rick Santorum. You’re another deplorable republican😡
Its like a lawyer backing up his client - don't agree but has to represent.
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The weight of the terror attacks on two mosques in New Zealand and the thought of what could happen if the gun fell into the wrong hands inspired John Hart to turn in his firearm. "To my mind, the tradeoff of having the convenience of...

I'm a Liberal, a Democrat, and as a responsible gun owner, I would NEVER hand over the firearm I use for protection. Get the millions of illegal firearms off the street first, and then we'll talk about it.
I wish there was a hundred thousand like button that I could use to honor this gentlemen.
CNN is beating a dead horse with this New Zealand attack
People are full of fear, so they hold on to their guns. Their faith is in their weapons. Scared of what MIGHT happen. Sad way to live... guns don't bring peace. They are not the peacemakers of the world.
Too bad this will never happen in the US. As a nation with more guns than people, and who has kids doing active shooter drills, we clearly value guns and the profits of the gun lobby to saving lives. Anyone saying more guns makes us safer obviously hasn't seen any data or research on the subject.
I can go to New Zealand and Rob this guy now LOL
It is not a gun problem. By the way, every weapon fires semi automatic.
He will get his 15 minutes of fame..... congrats!!!! When guns grow legs and walk out of my house, only then will I get rid of them !!
I wish the gun-owners in our country cared more about innocent lives than their firearms.
You know who’s not gonna voluntarily give up their fire arms? Criminals!
If you outlaw guns? Then only outlaws will have guns!!!!
That is fine. If a person feels that way about his own property it is his own right to do it. As for me, I have my guns in a safe and I am armed even when at home. It would be unlikely my guns would be used for the purposes such as what happened in Nee Zealand.
Most people have an opinion one way or the other. Nobody here is an expert including me. We won’t know if it’s a gun problem or a people problem until we experience a semi-auto free US. When I was a kid, nobody had AKs or ARs and I delivered the newspaper and don’t ever remember a mass shooting much less 1 or 2 a month.
The bad guys already have one less good guy does...
Check your spelling before posting. First word... "aThe." Fire your social media manager.
Rip Brothers and sisters , we are not of the same religion but i feel like we are connected one way or another much love.
I put a like on this but then I thought what if it was misused on him by the same government he handed it in to?
It's sad that a professional journalist doesnt proofread their article. Hey CNN I can give trump bashing opinions too. Hire me!
These mass shootings sure have me thinking about giving up my right to defend my life and family😂
He gave up his weapons because he can't trust himself not to murder poeple.
Doesn't want the wrong person getting it, so he gives it away...
The difference is making that choice your and not government thrusting its will on you.
this generation takes your guns.. the next one will take those who disagree with them. for color or lack of, for religion or the wrong one, or having an original opinion. it is the Nazi way.
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
Yes! That is why it is best to ban guns so they will not fall in wrong hands, that is what I tried tell them! But they are blind and deaf! Ban gun lovers from having guns!
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“An immigration system that is administered so that it is not able to tell the difference between a criminal, a terrorist and a 12-year-old little girl is an immigration system that not only is not keeping us safer, it does not reflect our values," Sen....

soo..did she just admit that we do need a stronger system in place? Sounds like she did to me!
Since when do democrats have any values
Warren didn't suggest any SOLUTIONS to the immigration problems.
our values are LEGAL immigration... ask not what this country can do for you.. but what can YOU do for this country
Never never answered the question
Yes, immigration is America's strength. What about Born Alive American kids?
Typical politician, danced around the question letting everyone know how ‘moral’ she is and didn’t even answer it 🙄
She brought all kinds of much needed common sense to Ms.
What do our values have to do with the wall?!?! It should only have a purpose, and that is to protect us from ANY KIND of ILLEGAL activity!!🤷🏻‍♂️
I would like to see her interviewed by a network that is not in her back pocket
You really have to be a big pusdy if you're scared of terrified mothers and children coming to the land of opportunity escaping oppression.
Did she drink another beer?
Loved everything she had to say tonight. She is truly one for all the people and not just the one percent at top.
Bahaha what a waste of time, Lizzie isn't even going to make it to the convention...
Well that's strange because since 1950 the US has taken in anywhere between 500 thousand and 1 million migrants per year? Legally. Then of all things. Around 15 Million Illegal Immigrants have crossed over costing American taxpayers around 200 billion dollars a year. Since 1950 and Dwight D. Eisenhower every president has followed thier fellow predecessors and have all deported illegal immigrants from unlawfully crossing our border. And President Obama deported the most illegal immigrants in the history of this country. Our values are the laws of the land. Thank's Mrs Warren for clarifying that. And our laws state that you must cross "LEGALLY". Between 1890-1950 over 10 million migrants crossed through our ports of entry at Ellis Island LEGALLY setting the tone for our modern immigration laws used today. 2019 is no different other then a democratic party who has lost their frigg'n minds.
Actually there is a difference however the Democratic party has decided to blur the lines and now you can be whatever you want.
And still not answering the questions as usual
No Pocohantas DNA question??? CNN softballed it screened questions!!!
So true. Thank you Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren and all the Democratic politicians will soon come to an end
Well, so do your job and pass the laws that make sense!
It was certainly a pleasure listening to her. It’s nice not to have a common sense politician like her, and not a racist liar con artist like Trump spreading garbage and destroying the nation. Congratulations JSU for hosting her.
Legal immigration is just that. Age, sex, ethnic background, whatever else you want to say has no bias. Legal immigration is coming through the right way and becoming a law abiding, tax paying citizen. Nobody debates this. We are being taken advantage of and the fact we want to be taken advantage of is simply disturbing.
Absurd analysis! And, this one was the Massachusetts AG???
Maybe Picture ID’s would help ..
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, called for abolishing the Electoral College and moving to a national popular vote as she spoke during a CNN town hall. “Every vote matters,” she said.

So this is how desperate the Democrats have become.
If it was done by popular vote and a Republican won, the Democrats would want it changed back to electoral votes.
That would mean that California and New York would determine every presidential election . Exactly why the Electoral College was established. CNN is supporting a revolution by supporting Warren's incendiary rhetoric .
REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE 2020 Bring on the RED WAVE 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 2020 ✅ 2024 ✅ 2028 ✅
2016 PROVED: Dems don’t have clue one as to how the electoral college works, and has worked, for the past 240 years!
Then two states would mostly control every election. The founding leaders protected the country from that happening. EVERY STATE MATTERS.
For the clueless, we are seeing example after example of how the LEFT hates our Constitution. They hate anything that they feel will inhibit their grasp on power. For those who vote for such people, it shows either their ignorance or animosity towards our founding principles as well.
I wrote a paper on why we should repeal the electoral college over a decade ago. As a high school student, I understood that the electoral college was created bc politicians and the ruling class didn’t trust the average American to make good decisions. If you’re into that 🤷🏻‍♀️
Amazing, let’s have four states choose our future Presidents.....said no one ever unless they are clueless 🤦‍♀️
This is NOT the same America that that was brought into being by the Founding Fathers. The Electoral College WAS the best way to measure the vote. Now, THE BEST WAY is based on POPULAR VOTE!! That is obvious by our current situation.
The electoral college has ignored the will of the voters and given us 2 of the worst presidents in history, George W. Bush and Trump. Time for it to go.
your vote should not count more or less depending on where you live (geographically)
The 10 largest states would be able to control the election, to the possible detriment of the other 40. Taxation without representation ring a bell?
YES!!! Totally useless throwback from the Revolutionary War days. Today we have technology to accurately count and verify each and every vote, why the hell do we need representatives to vote for us?? Let each voters' votes count!
But only if it works in their favor, right?
The Electoral college works for federal state. A move to a popular vote would increase the powers of the large cities. I’m not American but, if were, I wouldn’t be voting for anyone who proposed this.
A very good Q&A tonight with Elizabeth Warren A refreshing change from Trump who has obstructed and overturned every decent policy that the US had before he hijacked the country.
My cousin is in need of urgent operation. We humbly ask for your help to extend her life. We also ask for prayers for this difficult time for oir family. Please help us. We may not be bale to repay you but we will always include everyone in our prayers. Thank you in advance.
If the four most populous states suddenly became staunch red states everybody arguing about this issue would immediately switch sides.
Remember how the Constitution of the United States established the Electoral College and how it takes 2/3 of the states to amend the constitution. The last time an amendment was passed was in 1992, 27 years ago. In our 243 year history only 27 amendments have been passed. If Elizabeth Warren thinks the Electoral College will be abolished she should consider what it would take to abolish it.
No we just need to fix gerrymandering. Electoral college is important so 1 or 2 states don't determine the entire election
No thanks. Don’t need New York and California electing our president alone.
Electoral college was originally designed to give the slave states an equal say in the election. Outdated process that would avoided bush with his farcical war and a russian orange cheeto.
I don't want California and New York deciding who is President. Look at the red map
Sure let's let California and NY elect our Presidents. Stoopid idea.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.2 hours ago

"We've got to recognize the threat posed by white nationalism. White supremacists pose a threat to the United States just like any other terrorist group — like ISIS, like al Qaeda. And leadership starts at the top, and that means you’ve got to call it...

From a woman who lied about being a person of color....
– For the first time in 30 years, we finally have a president that's actually doing something about our traitorous trade and immigration policies – And the corrupt manipulative media, establishment puppet politicians and their globalist masters are blatantly fighting President Trump and the American People tooth and nail every step of the way.
Washington is working great for her. It’s definitely working great for all those career politicians!!!! Term limits!!!!
Love her and her focus on the REAL ISSUES that matter !!!
Lol, her hair shakes when she talks 😂. It really stresses me out to watch it.
Sorry Sir: Even though you kept nodding your head yes, she never answered your question. You can stop nodding now. 😂🤣
Al queda and ISIS? Yes, "white nationalists" are about to hijack 3 planes and kill 3,000 people, or start a war and kill 400,000 people and displace 2 million more. Give me a break.
trump is putin's stooge. trump's goal is to make america hated and divided. it's going well.
Love this lady, and she would make a good President. I just think it would be awfully tough for a woman to win right now with so much division.
I watched senator elizabeth Warren's town hall meeting with Jake Tapper. It was quite interesting but what really impressed me was how beautiful and articulate the black wonen, asking the questions, were/are. Senator Warren was quite good also. The women stole the show--sorry Jake. If Dirty Donald was listening to this he would have learned a lot about public speaking. There was no repetitive, rambling, insulting, vulgar, inarticulate, poor use of language, and irritating hand-gesture, nonsense---which is dirty Donald's style ( well not style really; he doesn't have any. I mean the way he speaks and behaves).
Its fools like Elizabeth Warren and the hate filled CNN lies that make us appreciate our current President! President Trump is putting Americans first. Thank you President Trump. #trump2020
My cousin is in need of urgent operation. We humbly ask for your help to extend her life. We also ask for prayers for this difficult time for oir family. Please help us. We may not be bale to repay you but we will always include everyone in our prayers. Thank you in advance.
I don't believe it for a second any of these people asking questions aren't paid by cnn...
So she wants white nationalists called out but refuses to accept when Muslims are called out
She did well tonight. I don't think she is strong enough to beat Trump and that is what we need now above all else. Biden is the only one that I can see.
Russ Bischoff You are so ignorant !!! Trump doesn't even come close to even being and American !! He is so corrupt it sickening !!!
Only Biden can beat Trump
But, really. What does Pocahontus think of Chelsea Clinton?
The only problem is you can sit there and say your in it for the poor man, but in reality your in it for the people who support your campaign. Your in it for the lobbyists and the 1 percent that have the money to get you the 45000 a day you'll need to successfully run for president. Your pathetic to use the poor as a platform when you just like every president since teddy roosevelt will use the poor to get elected and reelected. Stand up people and learn that we don't need a democrat or a Republican president we need an American President one that will be for the people voted in by the people.
As much as we condemn any terrorist group, radical White nationalist are no different— they spread hate and terrorize people.
White supremacy? Intersectionality? What's up with these new terms. Just seems like talk to get more votes
She seems to hate wealthy people and everything that produces jobs and keeps the nation wealthy. I the meantime she is a millionaire that got rich investing in those companies she hates.
She would be my 3rd choice. Bernie, Tulsi then Warren. She will have a powerful position in Bernie's admin or Bernie in her admin.
Where did this white supremacists garbage come from?
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.2 hours ago

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, called for abolishing the Electoral College and moving to a national popular vote as she spoke during a CNN town hall. “Every vote matters,” she said.

I actually don’t agree with this. At all. With a popular vote, you’re basically guaranteeing that New York, Houston and LA get to pick the President in every election. The electoral college is meant to give rural areas an equal say.
So California gets to appoint the President? I don't think so Pocahontas...
The electoral college just shows how our democracy is a fraud. You win an election by 3 million votes, yet you lose. In what bizzaro universe does that make sense?
Can someone who is against getting rid of the electoral college please explain to me why you think your vote is worth more because you chose to live in a certain state? I’m waiting.
She has the energy of a dead 9 volt battery. she would make my smoke detector beep.
Sure let's let 4-6 major metro areas decide the elections. Ha ha. We're not a democracy.
I live in a red district. My blue vote doesn’t count. My district is in a blue state. My district’s red votes don’t count. How does this make any sense? I’m no fan of warren’s. But every vote must count.
Living in a less populated state, I oppose the elimination of the electoral college. If I wanted to live with California politics I would move there. P. S. You could not pay me enough to live in California.
Get rid of the electoral college. It was a bad compromise between the senate and male white land owners to elect the president. It is outdated and has stuck us with 2 of the worst presidents in our modern history. It is not fair to the people who vote and think their vote counts. When a candidate gets 3 million more votes but the other wins, the system is broken.
As a compromise to people who don’t want to use the popular vote, I think it would be fair to make the EC percentage based. For example, if candidate A wins 60% of a state worth 10 EV, they win 6 of the 10. This will better represent minority parties in each state.
Electoral college is there for this exact reason. It works perfectly fine so why fix it? Popular vote would be trump anyway so she would be guaranteeing his re-election lol
Anyone will be better than the Anti-Christ who is there now!
Warren has some good least She can get up there and speak with intelligence..and answer the questions and I notice she doesn't make fun of others whom are running for office.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ou founding fathers did not want mob rule. they set up a rebublic where each state has representation. There is a reason for the electoral college to prevent large states with concentrated populations from overshadowing smaller states. The bigger issue is trying to change the rules because you lost.
Why should a person's vote in NY or Cali matter less than a person voting in Montana? Montana will still have their local and state elections. But a presidential election is a national election. All votes should be equal.
Amending the constitution to abolish the electoral college will not happen anytime soon. She should instead encourage states to pass laws that would give their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote.. many states have done so already. That’s more realistic.
I was impressed! She was very forthright and clear in her answers.
Then New York and LA would decide who’s president.
That only insures that city votes are all that will count since those small areas of mass population usually vote democrat. Of course democrats want cities to rule. So they love the idea.
One person one vote, city, country or village. Giving more votes to lessor populated regions is akin to giving people in more populated regions only half a vote, that in effect is less voting power which is against the constitution.
She did really well and I’m not even a fan of hers.
🤣 Ahh No thanks..the founding fathers weren’t fools! I’d rather California and NewYork Liberals not dictating the entire country
Doesn’t matter who runs for the Dems...TRUMP 2020
I'm voting for whoever pushes single payer.
California and new York will not decide my president ever!
CNN2 hours ago

The Texas Democrat's fundraising haul is the best of any candidate announced so far | Analysis by Harry Enten

I want to know where that money came from that he raised in 24hrs... any super PACs? Oil and gas maybe? Coordinated donations by executives? Who is doing the digging because he is a faux progressive and the establishment would rather back him than a true progressive
Ill still admit, yes im biased as a Bernie supporter but receiving $5.9 million in 24 hours with an average of $27 contributions is still a hell of a lot more impressive. 🤷🏻‍♀️
CNN, youre going to lose a lot of left base if you keep trying to ice Bernie out. BERNIE got donations from people, Beto got a refund from Texas dems from his left over contributions from the Senate race he lost. From what ive heard. Well know at the end of the quarter*
So uh... Can anyone tell me what Beto actually stands for? Besides vague coolness. Because he has no platform to speak of and won't even release how many donors he has propping him up. Sorry, I vote for people who take stances on issues. Not dudes who spent a year looking good standing next to Ted Cruz.
Oh,CNN! You’re spinning awfully early. Your desperation to land a centrist in the WH is laughably obvious. Selling a Biden or a Beto this time around will result in disaster - again! I enjoyed the Trump bashing f but now that you’re back to ‘16 mode, you’ve been removed from my fav channel list. You and your cousin MSNBC. Later.
Beto joining the race may have all but sealed the nomination for Bernie. Biden will still be the early favorite but Beto's going to siphon a lot of potential Biden voters away from him, allowing Bernie a clearer path.
I like how Bernie supporters assume any good news about another candidate is all lies or conspiracy. Is it really that difficult to imagine that people just don’t like him as much as you do?
FALSE. BERNIE SANDERS LAUNCH WAS. Give him proper coverage in media. This is ridiculous!!! Bernie sanders raised 10 million in less than a week, from donations averaging $27!!! Beto is the 2nd largest recipient of the oil and gas industry!
Trump Cult is Afraid of Beto as they have nothing negative on him. Beto is a good Human being with No alleged Sex offenses. No Lies. No Fraud and stealing. Beto is for the People and Democrats are going to Win back America. No more Hate and Fear
they won’t release details about the donors tho 🤷🏽‍♂️
If white privilege exist then why is he trying to pass himself off as a Mexican-American. Seems like he’s a drunk that just tries to fit in where he can.
Dude said nothing about his political stances. Bernie’s has been the best. At least he outlines his platform and doesn’t compromise, whether you agree with it or not
Love #Beto - Many many #fakeprofiles out to harm his reputation. Do your research.
Love Beto O' rouke great man and I hope he gets the change to run for president if not him Joe Biden.
I wonder why he is not disclosing the average donation amount
Why do Democrats always bandwagon behind the candidate with the longest rap sheet and shaddiest history
i don't know about you but i would need to know how many individual donors he had to make that assessment.
CNN doesn’t feel like saying that about 4.6 million came from the state Democratic Party of funds he raised during his failed senate run eh?
The establishment running behind beto not evening questioning why he chose to not release data on the average donations or donors. Power play by the establishment. #manufacturingconsent
Didn't win the playoffs but jumping to the Superbowl 🤨
I hearing Andrew Yang has more individual contributors than Vanilla Obama whose has all the media attention with no actual announced platform.
All lies! Read on.
Impressive. Doesn't necessarily mean the poll numbers will follow, but it is never a bad thing to be good at raising money.
Let me correct that, Bernie Sanders has the best launch yet. He didn’t get 4.5 million back from the Texas Democratic Party. Hmmm. Beto is not progressive.
“Beto did not raise $6.1 Million. He gave the leftover $4.5+ Million from his Senate campaign to the State Party, and they gave it back. “
CNN3 hours ago

The list of plans that could be impacted by President Donald J. Trump's decision to declare a national emergency and repurpose military construction funds to pay for his border wall with Mexico includes a pool of projects valued at $12.9 billion that are "unobligated," meaning...

Listen you jerks in the pentagon, we just found out you spent over $20M on lobster last year, no way should you be able to use our money for anything. You’re no better than the trump family of thieves and liars. Trump for prisoner 2020!,
If the pentagon can find money to build a wall that is not needed, then make sure you cut their budget by 25 billion this year. Evidently, they have been allocated way too much money and did not need it in the first place if they can then decide to use that money on something other than what congress thought would be used on building up the military.
First the estimate to build the ego wall was 5 billion, then 7.5 billion then 8.25 billion and now it’s in the 12.5 billion range...? Is this wall going to be covered in his tanning lotion or fake liquid gold? Why does it keep getting more expensive!?
Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Trump told us that. He doesn't lie. He walks on water. He is the greatest war hero in the history of the United States. He is so religious that he is equal to the pope.
Can't even solve the gun violence committed by your own people and you still want to waste money on building that wall 🤣🤣🤣
Thanks Dems for doing everything we sent you to Congress for! Keep exposing the Dotard & bring on impeachment! We will definitely vote for you again in 2020! #NeverRedCampaign🇺🇸
Where's the proof after 2 plus years. Oh, that's right, there isn't any.
I thought Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall. I recall he would ask "and who's going to pay for it?" at his campaign rallies and the crowd would yell "Mexico!!!" You mean he lied? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell ya.
NO WALL! Pay our other obligations, FIRST!
Fun fact... President Trump always wins at the end of the day and the Democrats always loses just like the 2016 election
Well, best to put the money to good use. Build the wall! Make it beautiful.
how about the Secret service guarding him. Considering all the nuts with guns voted for him, he doesn't need protection.
Pretending to care about National Security and stealing money from the military which protects us from real threats to put up an unneed3d wall. Meanwhile, our Strategic Air Command base in Nebraska is flooded and cut off by roads which are underwater. What if Putin sends his NEW SUPERDUPER missile? How can our jets scramble if the base had to be evacuated due to Climate Change flooding so bad they can see it from space?
If the Pentagon can cut that kind of money from their budget, then that money should be pulled back to the general fund and reallocated for projects like helping the Vets!!! It proves that the pentagon is getting too much allocated for their need!!!
Golf trips, tanning sessions and hookers would save lots of money!
I wonder what fake emergency Trump will declare when he doesn't get more useless wall money in the next budget
So you mean if we declare a national emergency, the money just doesn't magically appear? Military projects will be hurt? Whatever will we do?
Let him mess up the military and leave Medicare ALONE!
Sure, but those projects were so important when the funds were earmarked! Meanwhile, we have children and elderly starving, and way more homeless than any developed country should be able to claim, and don't even get me started on healthcare.
If these projests were important enough to warrent being approved in the first place, why are they now not important enough to do today??
It’s a shame they don’t work that hard to find funds for project that would really help people
Fox Studio presents-The wall that was never built 😁
Back an armored truck up, load it with all the largest bills we produce from our treasury, and give Mr. T the keys...IT STILL WON'T BE ENOUGH, BECAUSE IT'S NEVER ENOUGH WITH HIM. When does America wake up! We are going bankrupt while he tweets, golfs, and laughs at us...
That's $12.9 billion that will not be included in the budget since "they don't need it"
CNN3 hours ago

December's fireball was the second-most powerful to enter Earth's atmosphere in 30 years. You may recall the first -- it was that huge, blinding fireball that rocked parts of Russia in 2013.

Too bad it didn't land on One CNN Plaza Atlanta Ga
It was the time travelers returning
The planet is not “fragile” and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
I was wondering why my Velociraptor kept howling and ducking under the living room table.
I like how we could have died and nobody said nothing lol
The aliens 👽 are firing their photon annihilator cannon at us. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is..
Could it be possible that Trump was right? We really do need a Space Force!!!😂🤣😅😄??
This is the type of news CNN should stick with
So when an asteroid hits earth CNN will report it three (3) months later.
10 times the force of the Hiroshima bomb, then goes to say it was 4.5 kilotons. The Hiroshima bomb yielded about 15 kilotons. Last I knew 15 > 4.5.
CNN : C -kuntz that N -nag about N -nonsense
So why are we hearing about this now. Seriously mix it up a little, some of us are suffering from Political fatigue.
This was clearly caused by President Donald Trump. He must be impeached.
The one over tunguska Russia was larger. And when happens over land can be extremely damaging.
Hooray. Non political. This is cool! I want to know more!
Nobody noticed it when it happened and no photos exist from the surface since it exploded over the Bering Sea which nobody lives around.
"sir, should we run this big important story that has negative effects on our sponsors?" "No, rewrite this old meteor story no one cares about and act like we just found out instead"
Well it's too late to inform us people now is it?
Another flux capacitor going out on someones vehicle.
This picture is incredible...... never seen anything like this.
Then at a deadly pace it came from.....Outer Space!
So screw climate change we all are going soon by meteor.
Did Trump cut the budget for tracking near earth objects? 😜
God protect us. The systems is unbreakable
Fascinating but also somewhat scary what is out there