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We've dug deep into the New Music Mine and mined the very best new music. Today's gleaming haul features nuggets from The Hollywood Vampires, BANG BANG ROMEO, RIVAL SONS, The Vintage Caravan, Black Tree Vultures, The Silver Echo, Joyous Wolf and Jacob Reese Thornton. Enjoy,...

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Listen to the listen to the new Duff McKagan single Don’t Look Behind You.

Ciranno Marcon
Em Spanners Weaving 😍 those arms...
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Duff McKagan will play dates in support of new solo album Tenderness.

Shuki Weiss
Go Duff! 🤘🏼🎸
I hope it’s better than his first one.
Marieke Harms 😎
Ugh, Irish show is Electric Picnic. Aids
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Rammstein crank up the hype!

Julie Eli Drop 😎🤘🖤
Anna Rothgang
Al 🤘
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It was meant to be the follow-up to Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon... but Pink Floyd's lost album Household Objects never saw the light of day.

Βλάσης Αλεξούδης Γιάννης Λάμπρος
Mark Stansbery
Jason Garita
Only 2 to 3 tracks were done. 2 were released. I have to get the book and scan it for details!!!
Well, Roger, if it is as you say “a good idea and still is” then get off your a*se and release something. Please.
So put something together and release it. 🙂
Diletta Genga
Welease Wodger !!! ... 😃
But instead we got wish not bad was it 😂🤣
The article has two embedded "Wine Glasses" videos, it seems like the latter should have been "The Hard Way" instead: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tpNtj0CiLw
Great tunes of Rick at Wine Glasses ..
Charlles D. Smith did u know about this. I just watched a video about this
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"To me, the album really shows that we still love what we do" - John Petrucci (from Guitar World)

'Back to basics' for Dream Theater means playing in a 15/8 time signature for only half of the album
Quality album..
This album is stunning, it just sounds so fresh.. One amazing band... Still👌💜🎸
It is good. Soooooo much better than The Astonishingly Average.
Got mixed feelings when I heard it but still it is grandiose.
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Warning - this list contains content that may not be suited for all readers:

Jamison Robert
Sandra Kaufmann
Natalie Gaye
Gotta love them 😜❤️
“which you just don’t get at a Coldplay concert”. Gold.
Andrew Snyder Zach Mintzer
Jacob Bloor
Rodrigue Batilliot Tu veux un coffret collector gros cochon ? 😂😂
Xavier Gonzalez Bernard ils sont malade j’adore
Florent estimes toi heureux que j'ai vu ce coffret trop tard xD
Kris Sirk
Zoe Clarke
That's why I love rammstein
Laura Gibbs
When the special edition Liebe Ist Für Alle Da boxset came out, someone bought me it for my birthday. It's still proudly displayed on my shelf 🤣
Aleks Shields
Brian Williams
Christopher Ball
Everything is designed to shock the new video ‘deutschland’ is graphic but brilliant!
If you don't get the strong Sarcasm in Pussy and Mein Land, then I don't know what to tell you.
Now that’s a rock video!!!
Are those for rammstein personal use or just for the picture.....im confuse
Ky James
Ky James
Chris Jeffrey 😂😂😂
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LISTEN: BABYMETAL announce first U.S. arena headline show + tease new song

Nickelback has more metal cred, than this.
Saw them in Japan opening for GNR. They are actually an amazing band to see live. They have so much energy and connect with the crowd well
Aaah, love these guys so much!
Sure they have the anime vibe but too cute for me. I like my metal hard and fast. Might be fun to see
Love this band but there are a lit of bands from Japan i like. I like Japanese metal more than western metal
I saw them a couple of years ago in Philadelphia and I was impressed and enjoyed the show. Completely changed my way of thinking.
Anyone bashing these girls need a steel toe kick to the teeth. They love what they do and the 2 youngest are learning instruments an the oldest has actually been writing the band's songs. They have been recognized by dozens of metal legends and other artist and earned their respect touring with several of them.
Arena? Ha. Besides pedos and anime fans no one listens to this trash. ....
An embarrassment to the genre
First of all, this is NOT Metal, reminds of the mini pops.
Lmao, not even a big fan of ‘em, but to all the whining pussies bitching about Babymetal, does that make the metal god Rob Halford a big poser for liking them & performing onstage with them? Clueless idiots.
If this is metal, then I’m the next Queen of England.
Babymetal makes some Metalhead turn into Justin Bieber fans
And this is where music fell off the wagon....
I'm neither defending nor dissing babymetal but seriously...all you guys screaming this isn't metal. Please tell me the guidelines for what determines music to be, or not to be metal...and I dont want a list of metal bands. Tell me exactly what the requirements are to be labeled metal...or rock for any case
There is so much awesome Japanese Metal that’s getting overlooked for this crap
Uh oh, a post about Babymetal!! Here comes all of the "elitists" doing this radical thing called " expressing their opinion" followed by the giddy lil fanboys defending them. Pop some popcorn.
Went from lip synching to pretending to play guitar? 😂
I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much butthurt in a Loudwire comment section. You’d think Muddfest had been cancelled or something.
the only way i'd see them is if they were in a brazzers video.
They rock, get over it, haters lol
Garbage noise
Saw them opening for RHCP in Manchester. They actually rocked. Certainly don't deserve the level of vitriol they get.
Hey guys, which ones more metal? BMTH or Babymetal?
Loudwire20 hours ago
James Yeahfield the master of Yeah!
Yyyyeeeeaaahhhhhh! You created a rift within me!
Id go with a Layne Staley Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This joke is old af, but it makes me laugh every time. What a stupid life 😂
I am the table!
Death magnetic
Thank you, Jim Breuer 😝
Met 💁🏼‍♀️😂
Marcus Klaedtke Kirk Seins wäre „wah“ 😂🙈
Raphaël Sincerny Kiou Roy ca me donne envie dme tuer
Nicolas Robin MMDRRR
Mathieu David. Désolé.
Dustin Liam Max
Alex, Nigel
Samiré Hamoen Stefan Kaagman Ezra Simmons
Jesper de Gier Jens de Gier Bryan van der Linden Rik van Wouw
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REPORT: Sepultura Lebanon show canceled, banned for "Devil worship"

What year is it? 1984? Thought the whole ‘Satanic Panic’ was old news lol
My Imaginary friend is better than yours
It's not the real Sepultura.
Sepultura died when max left.
Its not sepultura anyways
Yes but the other religions are so peaceful. Holiday in Sri Lanka anyone?
Just play in Tel Aviv instead 🇮🇱
Plus no one likes Derrick Green era "Sepultura"
Also. No offense but what kind of death wish do you have to play in Lebanon at this time?
This version should just be banned in general for false advertising 🤣
Whatever man any real fan knowing what this bands sings and plays about, knows that they speak out against crimes against humanity and other real world problems like they HAVE FOR YEARS, and probably got banned for that. Because Lebanon. You know. People who commit those crimes. Shock and awe shock and awe. Move on, people. Just another distraction.
I dont believe they even sing about the devil . Omg people
Feel bad for fans from lebanon
They probably dont like there song War for territory
behemoth sent ♥ to lebanon.
Troops of Dooooooooom!
I don't remember Sepultura insulting Christianity. If they did such a thing then I want to know when they did it.
Devil worship these days is so passe
Imagine if it were the old Sepultura performing "Morbid Visions" or "Bestial Devastation." They would have said they were the devil themselves!
Oh ! I am the queen of England so !
Early Sepultura is Anti-Christ Concept...But How Now..? LeBANNon...
Lol. Banning bands because they 'worship' a made up being from a made up group. Lol, so childish. If they were neo nazis or believed ISIS are good/have terrorist ideologies then I'd understand the ban. But no, just some childish reason. Not that I care much for the band, I just think the reasoning is stupid. Sure, some people in certain bands take worshiping satan seriously, but is that really endangering the country or the people of the country. No.
Hezbullshit strikes again!
Why would any band perceive this as a band thing? it's Lebanon
You're welcome .... https://youtu.be/pH5chbvhUpI
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Corey Taylor offers a peek at new Slipknot mask (again):

man Corey Taylor I have to see u live. Louder Than Life 2019 Louisville Ky'I/ think ots there?' anyway rock on my friend
Spirit Halloween is anxiously waiting...
What does Corey Taylor think of Corey Taylor's sneak peek of Corey Taylor's new mask?
Hoping it's the original masks. Maybe they can go back to the first album and actually grow in a good direction from it
Does it have a long nose? No? So this album will have one third of the band gone. Will the next only have three original members?
Gee, I don’t think I can handle how spooky it’s gonna be
I'm hoping it's similar to the "All Hope is Gone" era mask but different enough so its not just a copy
I’m guessing it’s going to look like a ghost or a mummy
its a close up of a fish, corey taylor is a fish! "Seman"
You call that a peek?
Not much to look at. Let's not forget Taylor is wearing an Annoyed Robert Downey meme shirt.
New music video? Hmm
But did he tell us what he thinks of his mask?
Zero fucks given
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HAPPY 4/20 🔥🌿💨: 20 most metal marijuana strains

Loudwire These actually exist! Which one do you want?
Aaron Letford
Rebecca Clutterbuck Horsley
Smoked an Ace of Spades doobie while Motorhead played the song. Great show.
I love KFC. Does anyone care?
Tristan Stevens
Amanda Pauline Smith
weed legal now so it cant be metal.im really sure it ever was anyway lol
Veronica Deed Ron Scott
John Mendoza-Cruz
Levi Murray
Brandon Campeau
Edison Morgan-Johnson
Sheri Knutson
Jeremy Gordon
Daniel Hales Mick Dainty
Trace Gares
Am I the only straightedge Metalhead? 😂
Are we just gonna pretend this guy didn’t just say crazy train was a ozzy solo song?
Grow up and do coke like an adult
Happy 4/20
Gage Powell Logan Granger Kevin Gagnon
Pot. The miracle drug that didn’t save Dio or Lemmy.
Amon Amarth removes Fillmore silver spring show For no reason !!!