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A campaign worth getting behind.

An opportunity to have one of the most unlikeable styles of metal represent metal in front of already ignorant pop fans? Sounds great
Aaron Jarvis dose just look like you now, his thinking like you lol
No, it isn’t.
Jim Mileham
Jay Silcox lets get behind this 😊
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“After it got published, I started getting letters from all over the world asking what it meant."

Stand on one leg ,,,
it;s just a buckle on his coat ,
I’ve still got my original LP.
Eric Davisson
Harold Bradley
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The end of the road beckons for Peter Frampton (from Guitar Player Magazine)

Hopefully I'll get to see him when he comes here. Never saw Peter but Ive seen Jason twice & he was awesome.
How come?
Why ?
Stormie Chames
Let's see you in forty years joselito
I saw him yesterday..he's Old..😀
Saw him last July. It was awesome.
Saw him last summer - awesome. 😃
Remember The Who’s final tour in the early 80s...
I saw him last summer. He still sounds amazing
I'm on the same road out. Peace, man.
UK 🇬🇧 dates?
Michael Laidler light at the end of the tunnel! Thank god!
Ian Sedgwick
John Haddon
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“Not before in our video history have we presented something so artistically-seedy."

Jason Bittner is a fucking beast.
Well done! Hamilton Twp. REPRESENT!
Berlin mart? No Bonnies Roxx.....
Urge Overkill ?
Stupid name for a band
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“If there is one thing I know, it's that music is a healing force. It's something we really need more of right now." - David Crosby

A man of many livers.
A month ago this effing liberal loving fossil was sniveling about dying.
Still tickin and kickin. He realizes he’s on borrowed time and won’t stop. More power to him
Saw him a few months ago-his voice is still stunning..
Reece Delaney what world we will leave to this man ozzy and keef 😱
Why didnt we figure this out earlier....a walrus with a guitar will fix EVERYTHING!!
Didn’t he die?!.. Fuck me, it’s a Mandela moment ...
Still on the road...
Saw him and Steven and Graham in '94. Worst concert I have ever seen. Staying home.
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30 years ago today the world went mad.

Crest of a Knave was the better album, Tull are the better band, simple really.
But on reflection Tull’s album was better
Tull is categorized as a hard rock/progressive rock band. The category was hard rock/metal. What’s the big deal? Tull’s music is light years ahead of Metallica.
Crest Of A Knave was a fantastic album with some amazing hard rock songs. I like Metallica but this was well deserved for Jethro Tull, a no-brainer, really.
Well deserved. More power to Ian
Jethro Tull or Metalica? Wow! Now this is a "no brainer". Jethro Tull by a landslide.
Its been awhile JT have proven to not only be a better live band but to have a better overall back catalogue
The full category name was Hard Rock/Metal...not just metal. And I can see how someone would call Tull a hard rock band.
The only thing metal about Jethro Tull is the material of the flute.
At the time it was insane. Now, I agree.
What's better than winning a Grammy? Not winning one! Longest running joke in music that organisation
To be fair, Crest of a Knave was a great Tull album. It just wasn't, by any definition, metal.
Tull won, Metallica didn’t. Nobody cares any more.
Tull are a great band, Metallica are a great band, so where is the madness? To disrespect Tull with the strapline is a bit pathetic, they have been consistently innovative whereas Metallica have been patchy.
Wayyyyyyy too funny!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Ulrich swallowing shit rather than his usual spouting shit!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I can’t wait to read yet another article on this story.
Really You need to go there????
It proved how completely out of touch the Grammy’s were that night. What an embarrassment!
Why is this story repeated every 2 weeks?
Grammys tried to keep a metal band down
Well I am sure Tull knew well that The Green Manalishi was a Fleetwood Mac song unlike Metallica that thought it was a Judas Priest one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiMj38i5UP0
This for me was the last of award shows,, Oscars Grammy etc It's a bloody joke , The only part of the Grammy awards ive watched is the Police when they opened the 2007 show
1 that was 30 years ago and 2 its the Grammys so who cares
The Grammys is a joke, period!!!
As much of a joke as it was in 1988 as it is still now. After 30 bloody years🤬🤬🤢🤢🤮🤮
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*Insert heart eyes here*

#1 not to hear it
We want Joey back.
for it not to come out. lol relax ya fucks!!!
#1....that it sounds like slipknot and not Corey Taylor’s stone sour
Vermillion part 3
What does Corey think about this
A song about Chad Kroeger and the entire band wearing Chad Kroeger masks for their next tour
Katie, you’re welcome.
More songs like Spit it Out.
I want Craig to talk!
How about better music! Love their first two albums but didn’t care for the last one. Not a hater by any means. Seen them live four times but self titled and Iowa are timeless classics!
Like the old stuff
Fire your social media person. They can't even emoji
More riffs like Snuff
*pushes fingers into them*
Hail satan 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻
Another album.
#1 That it doesn’t suck
Guitar solos
Self titled 2.0
Yep do that!
Loudwire was live.15 hours ago

WATCH: The Doors' Robby Krieger Plays His Favorite Riffs

One of the most underrated guitarists ever
From a guy who grew up on Metallica Megadeth Pantera etc, Robby Krueger of The Doors & Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath are probably two of the most influential guitarists with their own style both formed from Blues Rock. Jim Morrison & OZZY that would have been some team if those bands ever teamed up.
Where are all the "that's not metal" warriors?
One of the most influential bands of all-time.
Matthew Howard
Sjard Seliger
Cindy Van Esser
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LISTEN: Korn + Alice in Chains members guest with Myles Kennedy on new Mark Morton song

Loudwire What do you think of the track?
Glazi Staley PQP
Putting Myles Kennedy on a track is like putting ketchup on a steak
I dig it. Being a fan of Myles from the beginning, I haven’t heard anything from him I didn’t like.
Myles Kennedy featuring Slash, Head, Jerry Cantrell, Mark Morton, and the Conspirators
I can’t stand his voice
well it sounds like LAMB OF ALICE BRIDGE😂
well it sound exactly like an alter brigre song
Sampson Bush Kimberly Bush Part Korn, AIC and log? I think yes
Jimothy Krm this one’s sweet too!
Nick Zerger
Awesome ! The Track with #Chester is,great ! Rip !
Sounds good. Should be a good full album with lots of varying musicians
Rogério Talarico se liga nos comentários 😦
Already pre-ordered the album, really digging it so far
So far this album is delicious.
🤦‍♂️ Give me new Lamb of God PLEASE
Gil se liga
Freddy Prophitius
despite spread of musicians roots ... music is groovy and catchy , but i don't like vocal . too Iron Maidenish for me ...
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LISTEN: Motley Crue release new song featuring Machine Gun Kelly:

Next week Poison's new song with Eminem...
So this is where MGK went when he ranaway in Bird Box
I thought eminem killed mgk
Meh I wanna see the move but I can go without hearing this song again
I’ll stick to the classic Crüe thanks
Sorry but they retired, I do not recognize their existence, muhuhahaha!!!!
Have to love the boneheads on here who say how terrible it is while they are listening to their mumble rap.
Actually mint 🤘 MGK's part works really well
I love you guys you made my teenage times great with youre sound , but how you want to transport this stuff you do now into the present, future 🙈 whatever
Desperate attempt to become relevant again it seems....
There was not one part of that song I enjoyed.
Metallica releases new song with Taylor Swift 😁
This was a lot better than I expected it to be, loved it 🖤
Is it about a stripper or a motorcycle?
Lost me at machine gun kelly. Really?!
Was expecting to hate it thinking, great Machine Gun Kelly this will suck, but it's pretty good
Not a bad little ditty. The rapping part blended in surprisingly well.
and MASE...everything features MASE
This sounded... tame. It never really picked up and didn't go "BOOM" in your face at any point 🤔 Don't know anything at all about Machine gun kelly except he had a row with eminem... found his part kinda boring.
I thought the band sounded good. The auto tune on those vocals though 😳
I love The Crue but this tune is weak.
That song was bad from start to finish.
Not crazy about the song but MGK’s part was the highlight, I actually expected him to ruin it
So some has beens and a wannabe
Big fan of various different genres of music. This ain't half bad.
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An Ozzy Osbourne biopic is definitely long overdue.

Loudwire What band do YOU want to see a biopic done on?
Just here to see why Momoa’s head ended up in this pic
Not just Ozzy but SPECIFICALLY the Blizzard of Ozz and the incredibly tragic Randy Rhoads story. Randy is the definition of a Greek Tragedy.
When the hell did aquaman join slayer
I'm looking forward to seeing Chris Hemsworth play James Hetfield.
A Ramones biopic is WAY overdue
Pantera would be a good one...triumphant, funny, and tragic at once. LONG LIVE THE KINGS OF METAL!
Not into bio pics but I’d really like to see “Behind the Music” make a come back and see episodes on Testament, Death Angel, Bolt Thrower, Death, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax
I'd be keen to see a biopic about GG Allin
Black Sabbath of course. Being overdue is an understatement, they were here before all of these groups!
Where the hell is Guns n Roses?
where's guns n roses on the list? I'd see that over any of these
Do we get a montage sequence of ozzy yelling SHARON!!! during the course of the Osbournes?
Ozzy maiden Kiss van halen Metallica Aerosmith Ac/dc floyd Guns zep
Replace Blink 182 with Green Day. I do like Blink 182 but I love Green Day.
An Ozzy biopic could be interesting. Marilyn Manson and Metallica sound like great picks too. Although I think it’s way too early for a Panic! At the Disco or Ghost biopic, as they’re still pretty modern.
When did Aquaman join Slayer??? Lol
When I saw Weezer as the first band listed, I already knew this article was gonna be a shit-post.
Yeah sorry Tom, you are not Jason Momoa. 😂😂
Who photoshopped Aquaman’s head on Toms body
Not at all the list I was expecting, but some part of me feels I shouldn't be surprised. One for Dio is a must as well as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.
Where do u come up with this shit?
I only want to see two on this list
I love rock stars and good movies, but Lord, I wish I lived in the rock'n'roll generation, because I'm living in the band movie generation, which isn't bad itself, but I like bands way more.
Ryan Hanson as Brett Michaels
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JUST IN: All That Remains' vocalist breaks silence on Oli Herbert's death, calls widow an "absolute garbage human"

I'm not saying it was Courtney Love...but it was Courtney Love
It was obvious she murdered him, I mean she said it was “excellent news” when his toxicology report came back, like what?
Wow , he must be pissed . I would be . Clearly there is more to Oli's murder and her character then we know . I just wish the truth will come out and he can rest in peace without controversy .
She fucking murdered Oli! 😭
Phil Labonte is garbage, too 🤷🏽‍♀️
Her and Tim sound like a match made in heaven .
Execute her ass!!!
It will only be a matter of time before she is arrested.
This event has been fishy from the moment it started.
Phil is just as bad. Me and another won meet and greet with him and Oli at local radio station last yr and neither of them acknowledged us and Phil actually went out of his way to whisper to the host "keep the fans away" like what a joke, guys haven't been relevant since like 06.
It really doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out
Damn, Phil insinuating a lot of things here. What we all also suspected.
I thought it said Oli Sykes at first and I stopped breathing for a sec.
The garbage calling the garbage garbage...🤔 #jfo
It’s good to have friends like him
Spell check your first paragraph. His name was Oli.. not Oil. 🤷🏻‍♀️
This is some good ol ‘fashioned drama here’
Usually three sides to the story,,.Side A..Side B ...and the Truth
That was obvious from the start!
This is some pretty serious shit right here
Is it confirmed that she did it? Or still speculation ?
Plot twist: a little piece of heaven in real life. 🤔
I saw All That Remains get boo'd by an entire audience when they were on tour with Dethklok and Machine Head.
dont 'listen to them Elizabeth , we believe in your innocence - the OJ Simpson Jury
We know she is. Thanks, Phil. Still missing Oli.