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Opinion: Why the repeal of the net neutrality laws could be bad for rock artists AND fans...

Andrew Benson Net neutrality stifles Innovation and occurred during the Obama Administration you can thank him for this klusterfuk
David Schadle i really can't think of a better thing than to have the government controlling the internet
Tim Carter Poor trash article with nothing but Trump bashing. I'd rather read about facts not laced with partisan politics.
James Brown
Roylee Garrett How did they live before 2015.
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Our comrades at TeamRock once again go where others fear to tread...

Ciarian Miles-Austen Thought that was William Fichtner for a second
Doreen Klose Classic Rock rules. I re-subscribed.
Mark Statham theres a great unofficial video to Sail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaAWdljhD5o
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Join us for a journey into the underbelly of the beast...

Bryan Sullivan "Dream of Mirrors", the best song since Bruce and Adrian rejoined. "Out of the Silent Planet" also applies. Good call on "The Longest Day". That is a killer song.
Mark Kelly Twilight zone , everyone in the music business seems to hate it but when the 45 came out my gang of mates all loved it , we saw Dianno fronting Maiden countless times and loved them , saw Bruce's debut at the Rainbow too but thought they'd become a bit more generic without Dianno
Mark Skelton I would wack a couple of blaze era tunes in there....the edge of darkness and two worlds collide for me
Simon Taylor I wouldn’t pick Invasion, far from great. Rest of the list pretty good. Only the good die young is a stunner, I’d also pick The Prophecy.
Ray González Canelón Too many great songs left behind. Charlotte, Genghis Khan, Prisoner, To Tame a Land, Flash of, Alexander, Prophecy, Mother Russia, Childhood's, X Factor, the whole album, Lightning Strikes, Thin Line, Face in The Sand, The Man that would be King, etc
Mathew Chapman Imo - Gangland fits perfectly into the number of the beast album & is far from a dud song!! It’s way better than total eclipse imho!! Each to their own though 🤘🤘
Charles Gass The Red and the Black from the Book of Souls. If it had come out in 85 they would still be playing it in concert. Amazing song.
EL Fig Good list....agree with most of it...except book of souls...can't seem to sink my teeth into that album yet...would've replaced that with the brilliant Brighter than a thousand suns...
Jom Agustin Wasted years..7th son..afraid to shoot strangers..flight of icarus..be quick or be dead..can i play w/ madness..#of d beast
Martin Clayton I wish that Iron Maiden would bring out a cd of all thier B-sides, as they did some brilliant covers! I loved thier version of Cross Eyed Mary, and they could put Women in Uniform on there aswell!
Darek Jembrzycki C'mon. Where is "Alexander the Great", "Caught Somewhere In Time", "De Ja Vu" ? Why Somewhere In Time album is so underrated?
Perrin Wolfson Where Eagles Dare; The Prisoner; 22 Acacia Avenue; Out of the Silent Planet; The Evil that Men Do; Remember Tomorrow; Infinite Dreams; Coming Home; Different World; Deja Vu.
Jamie Laszlo Afraid to Shoot Strangers Out of the Silent Planet For the Greater Good of God Mother Russia The Prophecy Prodigal Son
Steve Torrens Total Eclipse is fantastic. Great song. Remember Tomorrow, The Prisoner, 22 Acacia Avenue, Innocent Exile, Twilight Zone, Flash Of The Blade, Where Eagles Dare, Drifter, Transylvania.
Odin Noer Johansen What about Women in Uniform? One of my favourite songs from the Maiden 80s.
Michael Houston I've always thought Judas be my Guide was a great song on an album that was pretty hit-and-miss.
Lawrence Werrett I think you made a mistake and forgot to put “Infinite Dreams” at no.1
Alberto Bareggi I have always loved "brighter than a thousand suns".
Oliver Harvey no prayer for the dying?!
Michal Vojtek What about The Legacy? That song is a masterpiece! Or Talisman
Marcin TP Łuczyński And again, as usual, no "Sea of Madness" here.
Glenn Schryver Thank God it wasn't overrated songs. We'd be here all night!
Michael Koch Great List, but what about Alexander the Great, or These Colours don‘t run?
Mozzes Maiden 'Alexander The Great' way underated. One of my favs by Maiden.
Sezhian Vescara Most of the songs listed are my favorite ones nonetheless.
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How Red Hot Chili Peppers made Mother's Milk...

Graeme Carruthers Their last good album, downhill from there.
Paul Wilkinson Their best album...Probably
Steve Torrens
Charles Thomas Velten Yawn !
Brian Michael https://www.villagevoice.com/2017/12/12/the-flaming-habaneros/
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"The inebriation factor was endorsed by the hot tub, the bedroom with the chains, the S&M suite. But Keith was serious about the project.”

Andy Aris Good job you put The Who's Keith Moon, otherwise we wouldn't know which Keith Moon you were talking about
Bob Tatro Doesn’t matter. His maniacal brilliance overshadows it. There isn’t a rock musician from his era that doesn’t have a fantastic story about him.
Barry Terrell I actually enjoy this album, entertaining and funny, especially the expanded special edition, with 30 performances on it.
David Joe I have not heard it but I can't believe that one of the greatest players in the history of rock made the worst solo album ever
Ryan J. Lippert Maybe not "worst in history" but it's definitely up there. I think anything with Ace Frehley singing is in the running too.
Neil Wilson So it's worse than Gene Simmon's Asshole?
Anthony Latz As a drummer Cozy made some descent ones. Over the TOP stands out
Tony Jaworsky Maybe he was just having a very expensive laugh
Paolo Ettore Della Bianca "Spirit in this record": is it supposed to be a pun?
Chuck Strayer Crazy like a fox was good .. cover of the kids are alright was ok also.
Thomas Luke Perrett Saw him in sri lanka. Ozzy wouldnt go on stage that night Gav Longmate Anna Perrett Niki Storey
Frank Nemeth Set the standard for alcoholic murderers .
Simon Moxon Sadly that's what drink a d drugs will do for you kids.
Lindsay Macarthur I have it on double CD. It is a terrible album
Nicholas Waddle The Who sucks. And Pete Townshend is a fucking child molester. They deserve nothing.
Richard Cardenas Sorry, that honor goes to Dee Dee Ramone.
Nicholas John Payne Isn't that space reserved for Bruce Dickinson?
Pete Hankin Massive moon fan but lol the album is site. Typical moon joke.
Paul Varhegyi Nothing wrong with it. Only thing is, he only drummed on one song from memory.
Rock Harrelson i dont think he gave a ratts Ass about that album, best at what he did by a country mile!!!
John James Cotter The Guests are worth the price alone.
Rob Seddon Gene Simmons solo albums would argue.
Nathan Ward Oh fuck I have to hear it now. Has to be better than Chinese Democracy.
Amadeo Buccinioni I don't think it's so bad, actually I prefer it to some The Who albums, but it's just my opinion
Teresa Inez Shepherd-Kirchner Nah, there are worse.
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The legendary Carmine Appice: 71 years old today!

Steven Neilan He was tight with Bohnam.Actually influenced him and got him into double kick drums.Page asked him to stop using them because he couldn't hear himself self play. He did a lot of Studio work too played on a lot of hit songs.Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Patrick O'Heaney As a teen I took just a couple drum lessons and learned how to read percussion and bought his book Realistic Rock and never took another drum lesson, well until years later...but that book taught me how to play. He's such a fantastic drummer and an even better teacher.
Robert Gilbert My band opened for king krobra when I was just 18 .I remember being upset at him for hogging all the sound check time. .leaving little for my band lol
Robby Dodero Joe Fraulob one of the best Rock and Roll Drummers EVER ! this guy taught Tommy Lee how to TWIRL HIS DRUMSTICKS. HI JOE !!! happy holidays guitar man !!! 🙂
Doreen Klose Happy birthday Carmine. Thanks for teaching me how to play the drums. 🥁
Michael Soltero Love his drums on You Keep Me Hanging On Vinilla Fudge
Sean Haggerty Rod Stewart said never trust a drummer with his name on the bass drum
Robby Dodero Brian Kelly this guy taught Tommy Lee how to TWIRL HIS DRUMSTICKS.
Dave Donati Happy Birthday Carmine. One of the best rock drummers of all time!
Darren Johansen Happy birthday to one of my mentors and one of the drumming God's of our time
Nancy Mardin Wow! Met him in Minneapolis with Ted Nugent, very nice guy.
Lloyd Boudrie There wouldn’t be a Da ya think I’m Sexy without him
Martin Lond Happy Birthday never met you but I heard you.
Amo Green His Best Work Was With Jeff Beck On " Beck Bogert & Appice " ....
Steve F Kayden His aunt's in Livingston New Jersey cuts my hair crazy little world
Chris Doane Bonzo Lite.
Scott Churilla Absolute legend.
Joe Fraulob No doubt he's awesome
Kyle Clancy Happy Birthday.
Hani Dio Hamza A Legendary Drummer
Braulio Pereira Filho One of the best ever, no doubt! 🤘
Veen Oui Looks like Phil lynot
Robert Esensee John Moncada this guy taught Tommy Lee how to TWIRL HIS DRUMSTICKS
Robby Dodero Joel Slusser this guy taught Tommy Lee how to TWIRL HIS DRUMSTICKS.
Robby Dodero David Gonzales this guy taught Tommy Lee how to TWIRL HIS DRUMSTICKS.
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Kudos to the Papa Roach singer for being open about his own struggles.

Travis Jenkins Thought that was Chris Jericho for a second lol
Bud Ogden How can anyone tell?... It's a nu-metal trend to write those depressing style lyrics... Korn started it and then a bunch followed suit...
Mark Furlong Well, "Last Resort" made that patently clear...
Shad Baisden Why does ANYONE give this guy any attention??
Sabrina Delaney So he picks now to liken himself to Chester? Maybe his career needs a boost.
Kumar Dushyant He cut his life into pieces, it was his last resort.
Bradley Thomas Kincaid-Moore Barry Or oh mr miyagi please part your endless wisdom upon us
Sal Ed He did before, most likely he overcame them.
Dwayne Eanes Jacoby found Jesus. Not sure why he didn't mention that.
Barry Or this guy is a clown, Malcom Young is a real musician
Dane Overmyer
Chris Mcmeeken Yup lots of people do...
Kristian Emil Helsby Patrick Erik Hede
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If that new Tool album doesn't come next year, the amount of memes will double.

Joseph LaPuglia Maybe they really want 10,000 Days between album releases lol. Can’t wait to hear this album! It better be tremendous.
Jake Klossing Should've used this picture instead
Collin Kinsella Honestly this album is way overhyped
Stefan-Emil Skovbjerg Pedersen Amanda og Mathias I bliver seriøst nød til at se de her memes 😂
Δημήτρης Τσούπρος If it doesn't people should stop caring.
William Hampton Things we’re waiting for a very long time. Half-Life 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, and the next Tool album.
Joshua Jordan He sure put a ton of pressure upon himself waiting so long, has to be great or it’s a bust
Victor Ray Burp...That's what Maynard says.
Raamiz Naeem Well, the SOAD guys aren't much better...
Duane Massey
Panes Yap Igall Loudwire Memes
Joshua Henry
Pe'er Ben-David
Shad Baisden Nyree Zimmer im dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dave Pereyra Tora
Janel Ferreris Mathew
Alex F. Hagbarth Tal Rozenman
Kate Maree Morgan Cox Pat Monaghan
Shaun Smouse Matthew Jelley Keaton Marin
Luís Felipe Normandia Lourenço Gabriel Guerra
Borice-Bourassa Sellers Dorian Godefroid
Jurian Schippers Sam Walet
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From Slash to Lil Wayne to some guy from 'Australian Idol'...

Kenji Maxilom Almajar Nick Jonas the best guitarist ever existed.
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"I hurt myself today"

Michael McClellan I didn't care for it at first, but Killswitch's Holy Diver cover definitely grew on me. Also, Simple Man by Shinedown is probably my favorite cover.
Achi Allen Mushroomhead - Empty Spaces (pink floyd) Pantera - planet caravan (black Sabbath) Korn - earache in my eye(cheech&chong) Guns n roses - wild horses (rolling stones)
Laurence Cruz Sotelo stone cold crazy - metallica, dissident aggressor - slayer, easy - faith no more, institutionalized - body count...
Rory Dean Most people know 'Hurt' as a Cash song. They have no idea that it's a NIN cover. Everyone I have ever mentioned the song to, they think Johnny Cash did it first. It's pretty sad.
Mickey Callens Cowboy song by Anthrax is ome of my favorite and Vodoo Chile by Stevie Ray Vaughan is better than some of these listed
James Kearney Pantera Heard it on the X ZZ TOP COVER and what about Electric Funeral and Plant Caravan and dont forget about Sepulturas cover of Symtop of a universe
George Longshaw johnny cash, cover of hurt is shit
Jonathan Simpson Sound of Silence by Howie Mendel is shit. But y'all got it right with the #1 pick. I'd pick Rusty Cage by Cash instead of Hurt.
Marc Robertson Whiskey in a jar Metallica, Hurt Johnny Cash......
Josh Gervase My favourite cover ever is Land of confusion by Disturbed
Kieran Hendry The best cover ever is The Green Manalishi - Judas Priest
Leandro Alegreti Warrel Dane - Lucretia My Reflection Nevermore - Love Bites
Theresa Moore No.. sorry but Cash did not impress me with Hurt.
Brine Lausun Cash covered other songs possibly better than Hurt.... 13-Danzig (actually written for Johnny Cash by Danzig & later released on the Lost Tracks album) Rusty Cage-Soundgarden, Personal Jesus-Depeche Mode. Sepultura covered the HELL out of Procreation Of The Wicked-Celtic Frost.... Danzig’s version of Cat People-David Bowie, likely better than the original, in my opinion.
Zack Draper Cash was already dead when he covered Hurt...the track is garbage. ..
Lee Coleman Dark Funeral's cover of “Call From the Grave” Originally by Bathory \,,/
Lydso Ydeny noremorse-cannibalcorpse desperatecry-decrepitbirth tnt-sixfeetunder
Damon Michael Cash's Hurt is ok but his version of Rusty Cage is epic.
Dan Freeman Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel the Noize should be on this list
Bob Falkenhagen Dissident Agressor- Halestorm
Benjamin Lincoln Matt Yoss
Eion Muenzel Jamie Klemencz
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When was the last time you gave Iron Maiden's 'The X Factor' a listen?

Shawn Chamberlain Not only one of my favorite Maiden albums, but one of my favorites period. It was said that the reason the lyrics on the record were so dark was b/c Steve was going through some pretty hard times in his life when writing. Coincidentally, when the album was released, I too, was going thru some very rough times
Don Smutny Sorry, but this album and Virtual XI are mixed so badly that the vocals disappear half the time, along with much of the more nuanced softer guitar parts. The songs might be epic, but you'll never know because you can't make out half of them due to the lousy mix.
Steve Stones well, for me, its a fine album becouse of that darkness in there. i know, a lot of people dont like it, but for me, the worst maiden album is Virtual IX
Chris Thomas Great album and tour saw it at a small club in Detroit was a real treat getting up and close with Steve and Dave Murray.
Robert Griffith It's a damn fine record.
Mark Furlong A couple of weeks ago, as it happens...
Panagiotis Papalexopoulos One my favorite Maiden albums ever.Blaze kicks ass
Bryan Sullivan I think it's the best album they did in the 90s. Better than 'Fear of the Dark' even.
Warren Crewe seen them on the tour must rebuy it not a madien fan now but love it
Todd W Enderby have owned it since day of release (tape) have 4 copies of it,KILLER ALBUM.
Martin Damgaard The only Maiden album I do not own...
Sanzid AL Rahman few days back 😜
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*Invisible orange*

Ahmad Zaki Zaki Destroy erased...still in my head!