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Stranger Things is back on Netflix... and the soundtrack continues to stun.

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There's heavy, as in metal, and heavy... man!

Lila Thomas These songs are all the bomb! BUT vid of Gilmore's Pink without Waters is NOT IT! I saw the Animals tour AND The Wall. Even shook Roger Waters hand a few years ago. This band is the BEST.
Groby Auwe 🤘 "Sorrow" 🤘 ... yesss!!! Besides the dark atmosphere, great Guitar-Solos and Effects...- alone the lyrics of the first verses 😳 couldn't be more "heavy"!!!... 😁⭐️⭐️⭐️ ...and it was summer/autumn 1987!!!... Live-Version from DSOT even better!! Imho 🌸
Natasha Kuypers lol listen to their early song paintbox...but yeah before I was a metalhead I was very much into Pink Floyd.
Mark Weber I would have chosen Dogs over Sheep. Also, Run Like Hell deserves a spot, more for its vocals as it actually had a disco beat.
Natasha Kuypers Also what about 'see Emily play'
Michelle Thomas David Gilmour looks like Mick Jagger in this photo.
Karl Breuer Where is Welcome to the machine? Fearless? Shine on?
Abdullah Kalaji Not now John has to be their heaviest song
Steve Roche Can't believe Careful With That Axe Eugene" isn't on the list. Ha ha
Glenn Cunningham The Nile Song was definitely Heavy Metal.
Scott Sharp One of these days is on of their top 5 live tunes!
Derek Maud Hands down , one of these days
Gimmy Mg Run Like Hell..!!
Douglas E McStephens Meddle One of these days ,top of the list, Nile Song #2.
Bridgett Nelson Sheffield Arnold Layne
Jory Misek Nile song, izabiza bar, corporal clegg
Cameron Ford The Nile Song
Sheila Dass See Emily Play ...
Douglas E McStephens In the flesh Part 1. The drum then the Stuka...
Scott Sharp Grantchester Meadows.
Alejandro Davalos Very good
Asim Rai Sheep
Eva Harr
Erika Evans Maureen Zulu O'Reilly
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What do The Offspring think of their own albums?

Steve McClements The best of the American punk bands. The last couple of albums haven't been their best but it's about time we had a new one.
Volley Moon You either get 'em or ya don't...and if ya don't, I feel for ya.
Todd Charles Ruzicka They had good albums?
JoNathan Ng yawn
Draco Ignis Come again?
Nathaniel Gordon Alice Dewalt
Jerry Meister Smash and Americana
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Eagles detail initial run of 2018 tour dates.

Chris Kibler Don Henley the only original member, hmmm....still a tour with awesome musicians. The music will sound the same , but is it ?
Jesse Ruth I have no problem with this. I saw them in 2008 and Joe Walsh stole the show, so, as long as he's involved, I'm interested. That said, with Frey gone, I feel this would be more legitimate if they brought back Don Felder. I like the addition of Vince Gill though........imagine a triple guitar line up of Walsh, Gill and Felder!
Mari Quimby Just saw them with Deacon & Vince and they’re still awesome. It’s different without Glenn but still really really good.
Ray Guarino Come on, I've had a rough night and I hate the fuckin Eagles, man.
Chris Holmes Just not the same without glenn
Michael Glover The only line up Don Henley cares about are dead presidents. Hes a greedy asshole who shit on every other band member of the Eagles.
Jeff Pearson Life wouldn't be the same without the eagles music.....
Rick Dunford Nose bleeds IN A STADIUM $100 plus fees. Fuck that
Tony Buhagiar Fucking cash grab. Disappointing. Glen frey's body is barely cold.
Brian Pryes Don't look like the eagles to me?
Christopher Lee Canada But, that isn't the Eagles.
Luis Adolfo Corró Fernández No Don Felder, No Bernie Leadon ....? Its not.the Eagles...
Jeffrey Everhart The Eagles wouldn't be the Eagles without Joe Walsh. Are they worth watching for 100 bucks?
Tony Guerrieri Henley should re name the band THE VULTURES
Mel Hardee Wish Don Felder was part of it. Guess there's still some bad blood between folks.
Erika Redling Some of these guys were in Poco!
James Morris 1 original member? I like Joe Walsh’s solo stuff more than the music he did with The Eagles.
Thomas Paisley Only in it for the money grab
Steve Dunch It's like a car payment to see them isn't it? Don is trippin'.....
Jeremy Heintz Sometimes you gotta hang up your spurs.
Avery Brugh Cash grab
Reg Terrebonne just stop
Victor Ray
Drew Blight Welcome back eagles
Bryan P Croxen
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The story of a song that was at number 1 for a thousand weeks.

Mikye Sjoqvist He wrote ' heaven ' and people were slow dancing to that before this I assure you lol
Robert McQueen The best thing about him is when he moved to England !!
Tony Lavagnino The song that launched a thousand post prom pregnancies.
Michael Price Articles on CRM are unreadable. Either your bandwidth sucks, or your site is eaten up with ads to the point of it not being worth it
Ted Cantu It was for a robin hood movie I think
Janis Brown A very underrated Musician. He is GREAT.
Maureen Alexandra Sullivan My wedding song in Sept '92
Andres Marin kevin costner robin hood
Jill Brasier No it didn't hurt him. He still rocks!
Jessica Lauren Dunn Shanta Melissa Dunn
Marykay Carota Laura Stringer
Kevin Cotton Carlos Sanchez
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King Crimson are coming back to Europe in 2018!

Bob Kennedy Work it out with Adrian Belew already while you're all still alive.
Gustavo Rios Autran Hahaha I enjoy this kind of "UK and Europe" titles.
Михаил Юрьевич Субботин И к нам приедет.
Antonio Fidalgo Grande banda.
Ffion Catrin Evans Olwen Elias Evans show dad!
Steve Lacey Ian Stephenson
Laura Perissinotti Marco Da Rin
Carlos Fdez Garrido 7 dates in Italy, 0 in Spain...
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Light a fire and discuss the album rankings of AFI:

Jacob Parker Love them. Just seen them with Circa Survive a few months ago 🙂
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Guitar great Gus G shares why you shouldn't take pills from Ozzy Osbourne in this edition of Epic Rock Tales:

Ann Taylor-Minch 😂😂😂😂 It was probably 30mg Zyprexa! LOL!!!
David Johnson Don't take pills period.
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It's not their biggest album, but here's 10 Reasons Why Judas Priest's 'Turbo' is better than you remember:

Tommy Anderson I always remember it being good, one of my favorites along with Defenders of the faith and Screaming for vengeance
Al Curtis I'm a huge, huge Priest fan. But just...no. Just no. Revisionist history. This album is garbagio.
Tom Levickis I love the remix of turbo lover
Ron Gerdowsky I love that album. Always have, always will
Brandon Watson Second favorite behind Defenders and one of my favorite albums period
Manuel Cantu Gayest album by the gayest band with the gayest fans!
Mickey Miller
Rich Wilkinson I love Turbo
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Metalheads, check out some classical music that should fit right in your wheelhouse:

Matthew Salerno Explosia - gojira. Wait that’s not classical ?
Lorena Arikamedoshika Woodfine All classical music is for metallers - they stem from the same place - just with different instruments. It's why there are so many successful crossovers (and who doesn't love Cliff Burton?). My first love was classical. Then I heard metal 😀 I may identify as a metaller but the two are equally important to who I am and I couldn't live happily if I didn't have both. <3
Treaghy Frantz They forgot: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EJC-_j3SnXk
Francisco López Mengíbar Félix Contreras F
Matt Stanger https://youtu.be/8bVzu_R7ztc
RocksNRules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycSHuv8xF_g
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Track the trajectory of death metal as we revisit the best death metal album by year since 1985:

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Who has more bands than fingers?:

Nate Brown I love that they gave Josh Freese the recognition he deserves!
Ed Leedskalnin what is your favorite pasta?
Sebastian Ruiz Will Hunt?
Oscar Taylor Camilo Parra jajajajaja