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The very best of the Man In Black.

Great skills on the guitar, awful skills on the behavior. On his own, the score is relatively low.
I have all of Deep Purple and Rainbow albums all are great including DP Come taste the band which didn’t feature Blackmore was a great album. Blackmore is by far my favorite guitarist along with Bonamassa and Frehley .
I love all aspects of Rainbow. Straight Between the Eyes is a great album. Love the sound of Ritchie guitar on this one
You missed Rainbow Live In Munich The best live album by Rainbow and one of the best live albums ever On Stage is mediocre
Perfect Strangers is one of my favorites. Not a bad song on there.
The only good thing he did outside of DP was Rainbow, and that was only for the first three albums.
Awesome seeing him live in 72 with release of Machine Head in Atlanta @ the Municiple Auditorium. What a showman! My ears are still ringing! 😆🎸
Rising, Long live rock n roll, Down to Earth, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and Difficult to Cure would be my top five... off now to see what this write up says...
Love him
Rising by far No.1
Early rainbow was great, later not quite as good and Blackmore's night are absolutely horrendous. It's not just the ridiculous costumes, they are absolutely terrible and have totally wrecked his credibility.
Sorry, but I don’t accept Down To Earth being ranked as superior to 3 Dio fronted albums. I’m including Live On Stage.
Would of been good to hear bonnet on another album at least
As long as it has Ronnie James Dio, it's great.
What about Straight Between The Eyes? I thought it was better than Difficult to Cure!
Rainbow rising
He hasn't been involved with a bad album...
Rainbow was his better band!!
Oh and the Man in Black is Johnny Cash.
Rainbow is his personal band, his vision. In Purple, he tried to be a leader but Purple's philosophy until today is there is no leader.
Really good pic of Mr Cash
"HAHA guides are hilarious."
Man in Black? You don't know or understand the history! Johnny Cash is the man in black. Probably influenced by him.
That's not Johnny Cash 😉
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One for you metalhead dad's this Father's Day...

What a great dad.
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Our friends at Louder are compiling an almighty feature and would appreciate your input. Thank you.

Knockers by The Darkness
Growing on me by The Darkness
The Czar by Mastodon
Blackbird by Alter Bridge.
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The Sheepdogs: coming to a UK venue near you this week.

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"Because we’d survived Peter we thought we could probably get through” - Mick Fleetwood

No Mick/No Mac! 🤣
I preferred them then..they were a great blues band..Black magic woman..jigsaw puzzle blues..need your love so bad..Pious bird of good omen is a fantastic album.
Peter Green era was amazing.
Wasn't this story shared a few days ago?
They need a biopic of this band
They started off as a blues band with Peter Green.
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Van Halen borrowed songs from every era and every style, yet always added their special VH sauce...

The guitar work on make it last was superb.
Otter Rock I think you just made a case for Van Halen as Rocks greatest cover band.
Love Van Halen. Covers or not.
You forgot.... https://youtu.be/WRmsuowiVsw
With all the cover song s they did over the years they d probably have a couple albums worth of material.
Worked better with Diamond Dave on vocals, as demonstrated on his solo albums.
A good covers band then!
Tom Mantz
Jon Huston
All were good ....bit none beat the originals ...none
Every album
Must have grown up digging 60s groups like the Kinks and Linda Ronstadt
Darren Walsh
One of the best at it too!!
Hated all the covers. Inferior to all the originals which, to a one, I disliked as well.
Ironically just listened to Pretty Woman in its entirety today. TBH I usually skip through it - Eddie does some incredible work on that track
Sorry, I can’t stand VH’s Dancin in the Street.
Every Band that lasted more than 45 years did that
Where have all the good times gone is top 3
Mike's harmonies on You're No Good still slay me to this very day.
Sorry, I can’t stand VH’s Dancin in the Street.
Shite sauce
I never think of the Sammy era when someone mentions Van Halen... BUT, their rendition of Zep rock n roll in live without a net, trumps anything of that period mentioned here.
Anna Jardine sauce 😎
They did a great cover of KISS’s All the Way in the early days.
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Top 50 rockers who’ve been in multiple successful bands:

Really??? They say Max Cavallera, but in the photo is Andreas Kisser! 🤷‍♂️
A pics of Andreas Kisser instead of Max Cavalera...
Why isn’t Aaron Lewis on this list?
Matt Sorum been in Motorhead too ( even for a short time ), Clapton in Blind Faith, Josh Homme in Kyuss, and there is a pic of Andreas Kisser instead of Max Cavalera. Nice job Loudwire
Jimmy Page was also in The Firm and Page and Plant. Both were very very good.
Eric Clapton is the only one to be inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame, three times
Troy Sanders (Mastodon , Gone is Gone) . Again zero respect for Mastodon
Some of these definitely do seem like side-projects. I was a little surprised that S.O.D. wasn’t listed with Scott Ian
You guys put Andreas Kiser photo under Cavalera name. That should make them both happy 😀
The photo for Max Cavalera is Andreas Kisser. And Josh Homme was also in Kyuss.
Pretty sure Josh Homme was also in Kyuss
The fact they didn’t mention Montrose on Sammy Hagar was enough for me to stop reading this.
Scott Ian and Stormtroopers of Death? Can’t forget them
Vinnie Paul was in Pantera....Damageplan and Hellyeah
What about Robert Trujillo? Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Groove, Ozzy, Black Label Society, and Metallica.
Ginger Wildheart, was in Quireboys originally.
Ian Paice - Deep Purple, Gary Moore, Whitesnake
So many side projects listed on here that wouldn't have been successful without the original. Big difference between being in multiple successful bands.
J M Bluebreakers, Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & the Dominos..yep I 'm talking the God himseft..Clapton
Well, so DISAPPOINTED (obviously) Where do you leave: GENE HOGLAN - Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad, Testament DAVE LOMBARDO - Slayer, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies TERRY BUTLER - Obituary, Six Feet Under, Death JASON NEWSTED (God damn!) - Flotsam and Jetsam, Metallica, Voivod and his solo band
No mentions of David Draiman- disturbed and device
I didn’t see Mike Patton, he wins the award for playing in most bands.
If a musician joins an established successful band, that shouldn’t be included... only start up bands that have done well
Dave Grohl, Layne Staley and Chris Cornell Bow down
Sammy Hagar was also in Montrose.
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30 YEARS AGO: Nirvana release their debut album “Bleach”

Yeah, I'll take "Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains are Lightyears Better" for $2000, Alex.
Also 30 years ago, The Offspring release their debut album "The Offspring".
I never understand why Nirvana gets shit on so much. Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero are all great albums.
Loudwire Fan: Nirvana and grunge is garbage. Trying listen to something cool like Disturbed.
I have an impression that if Nirvana wasn't more popular than other grunge bands, people wouldn't hate on them so much.
The most overrated band of the '90s
Overrated, both the band and the album
Couldn't stand this grunge garbage.
The beginning of the poser band. Total garbage. Shortly after, people started wearing Nirvana shirts for fashion not because they listened to them.
And their best album 👌
check this out
With a real drummer even! All hail Dale!!!!
Got this on a transparent yellow vinyl
Thankfully 8 painful years later grunge finally died due to the return of the almighty heavy metal!!🤘👹🤘
Awesome album and it kicks arse,love it.
It's my most played Nirvana album (and one of my most played albums in general)!
I like how raw the album is compared to the later two. Negative Creep still gets regular play time on my playlist.
Very underrated album, great riffs on it. Definitely has a metal vibe to it. First Nirvana album I got into and still love it to this day.
Love this album!!
This album bangs, and Kurt is an amazing songwriter!
Hard to believe it's a classic now. Makes me feel old. One of the best albums for sure
Oh I didn’t know that but I happened to be listening to the vinyl this morning
It sucked. And so did everything else they did. Just my opinion.
The BEST Nirvana album
School is still my fave Nirvana song. I was so psyched I got to see them play it live before Kurt passed
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“Anyone who remains static is not only being unimaginative, but is being safe," - Marilyn Manson

Loved it and loved everything before and after this Album 🤘🤘🤘
Amazing album
Mechanical Animals is an amazing album
Absolutely his best album.
spotted: Varennes Love this album!
MA was his best album
Phenomenal album
I saw him tour at Big Day Out late 90s whey this album came out. Was awesome.
This is where I checked out on Manson. Loved the first two full length albums and the EP. by the time Mechanical Animals came out, I was burnt out on Manson.
It was his best all around album. Cover to cover good. The Dope Show was dope!!
I'm glad Mechanical Animals is getting recognition latley . I remember so many people hating it when it came out. It might be blasphemy but I might like it overall more than superstar
Lost me 10 seconds in with your attack on gun owners
Cracking 1st side... holly wood was my fave
One of his best albums along with portrait of American family I mean Antichrist is a given
This and holwood were his best albums creatively
The best rock album ever 😈. EVER!........ .. ever. 👻
A masterpiece. It followed another one so I get how it was overlooked, but it holds up better than Antichrist IMO.
But but, Antichrist Superstar was hundreds of times better.
What made him public enemy was antichrist. Ppl were fed up when mechanical animals came out. I personally love this album
He’s never disappointed me with any of his albums obviously some are better than others but I enjoy all of them
Coma White is a fuckin awesome song. That's all.
Guns are scary
Def his best album.
I haven't listened to Manson regularly since I was 14. I'll listen to a song or two of his if they pop up on the radio or whatever but I won't seek it out anymore.
I love that album - it sounds like the late 90's smelled.........
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Don’t try to confine me...I love ALL types of music 😁 But, Zeppelin RULES!! 🤟🏻😁🤟🏻
You forgot Metal!!!! 👿 I love all types of rock, so it’s nearly impossible to pick a specific genre. I was raised on The Dead, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin. I’m an 80’s baby though, so I also loved Hair Rock, and fell in a continuous love for Journey, Scorpion, White Snake, Skid Row. Then I was a teen in the 90’s, and relished in Tool, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and so on, so my love for Grunge is very strong. It didn’t stop there though, because I have found great artists in the 2000’s like Mudvayne, The Used, Disturbed, and so on.. I’ve also got my favorite metal groups, like In Flames, Lamb of God, All That Remains, Telve Foot Ninja... Throughout all Rock Years, I’ve found so much great music to suffice my inner self.
Hard and modern, but appreciate the others
I am so versatile, that I can give you one favourite in every possible genre (I do think) - So , but my absolute numer one is RUSH 🙂 They've done it all and more 😉
Hard and grunge with a mix of the others.
I love a lot of stuff here Hard wins due to GNR and those other two Love Floyd, CCR, The Clash, Soundgarden and AIC though
All of them. But if I really had to pick one, I'm a hard rock fan.
If the correct answer isn't "all of them" then you're no true rocker. Even though thrash > all others
Mostly Hard and Progressive...but Alice in Chains is great too. Southern rock got old.
Grunge out of these choices (thrasher at heart)
Love all Good Music!.....but as the gentleman said earlier, Led Zeppelin rule!!! 💖
Mostly grunge with a little bit of southern rock in there
Definitely mostly hard and punk but definitely love the rest too
Hard rock. Def Leppard and GNR And Zeppelin got me into rock when I was little before I started listening to Heavy metal bands like Sabbath and Iron Maiden.
I love all of them but Hard Rock is my Absolute favorite rock genre
Hard Progressive Grunge. Sounds like a genre that needs inventing.
Hard and modern I guess? Love me some Shinedown 👌
Modern rock mostly. Grunge and hard are good too
Zeppelin, gone, Floyd, skynyrd, ccr , aic Nirvana, soundgarden, Godsmack. I love all music
I'm a mix of all good rock. These are all pretty good!....... Minus a few
A bit of all of the above and then some.
Two of the three examples of "modern" rock you have here are AT LEAST a decade past relevance. Which really speaks to the relevance of Loudwire these days more than anything
Hard and prog, with respect for the Deep South and a foot into some grunge... 🤘🤘
Everything°°°°°°°° I love almost all of those bands!!!!!!!
I love every possible sub genre that there is in Rock and Metal. Mainly I’m a Punk and Grunge guy, but I also really love Glam, Thrash, Death, Psychedelic, etc.
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Dude at Guitar Center going to keep playing pavement song until someone recognizes it (via The Hard Times)

Luciele Almeida
Want to hear the shittiest musicians on Earth? Go hang out at a guitar center haha
Rory Masterson
Make Loudwire Great Again. Stop shitposting from The Hard Times!
He'll be there forever. Unless a member of Pavement comes in.
If it depends on me, he will die in a few weeks. I won't look up for the song. 😈
Okay yes we get it, the hard times exists.
That's not that far from me. I'll go join in with off-key dissonance
It's me. I'm dude at Guitar Center
he's really in it for the long haul
Jacob Brickner
Putting everyone to sleep I bet
Hey he was able to get the attention of the employees, for once 😁🤘🖕
Someone get him something to eat, please
Damn, they really pushing all this shit from the hard times, aren't they? 😂
Ariana De Vincenzi
Jason Sinkler terrible spot I hate it in there
He might be there for awhile 😂
Travis, Marcus
Rob Patsy Frank
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WATCH: How grunge killed hair metal

One of the very few things grunge actually accomplished.
Nirvana was a great band. Would have loved to hear what Kurt would have added to his musical anthology....He inspired many kids to pick up a guitar who were intimidated by the virtuoso guitarists of the day. Grunge blew it up and reminded us what rock and roll should be... a few chords and an Attitude!
My son (18) gave me the best analogy I've ever heard about this subject. It WAS time for a change in the music world. Bands were a carbon copy of themselves. As he put it..."Grunge was the wrong music at the right time." Grunge bands to me, just got lucky they came around when they did.
Ehhhh. I love Alice in Chains. But all the rest is kinda boring. 80s glam was epic
Thankfully due to natural selection we will never have to endure any of those grunge reunion or anniversary tours.
I used to hate grunge but it's grown on me. My favorites are Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Nirvana, and I also really love the fine line between glam and grunge bands such as Saigon Kick and Mother Love Bone. But I came to a conclusion that that band didn't kill hair metal, but rather it was the record companies
Thank god for grunge. Hair metal makes me embarrassed to tell people I listen to rock/metal
Or glam rock and grunge are both great? Plenty room for all types of rock? Both still better than Ariana Grande? Take your pick 🙂
Grunge had some good stuff, but 80’s hair metal still persists even today. It’s timeless!
Never thought Id see the day Id have to thank grunge for anything :v
The thing is kids who bought Poison and Warrant albums in '91 started buying Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera albums in '92 more so than Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Yes grunge was big, but Metallica and GNR were still the 2 biggest bands during that era. At least that's how I remember it.
Grunge didn't last long thank God it didn't. I couldn't get into it to save my life. I still listen to hair metal bands to this day. Anything grunge gets turned off or switched.
Grunge didnt kill hair metal.....hair metal killed hair metal
The eras were defined by the drugs most commonly consumed. Psychedelics = late '60s and '70s (hippies...hippies everywhere) Cocaine = '80s (hair metal and synth era) Heroin = '90s (grunge era) Ritalin / ADHD Drugs = 2000s (nu-metal era) Xanax / Autism = 2010s (mumble rap, vaporwave era)
Watch it???Shit, I lived it. And it was 100% necessary. If you have to quote Twisted Sister, Van-Hagar and Warrant... Freak’n Warrant!?? Yah, that says IT ALL, right there. Not to mention Poison’s “Unskinny Bop”. Give it a listen. You can’t be musically serious?? That’s more Kill Me Now!, than Grunge ever was. Still Alive...
There was already some strong Metal still going at the time. Hair bands were for the girls & sissies. Slayer, Megadeth, Suicidal, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Metallica, Motorhead. These are the bands real metalheads were listening to. I can keep going
Hair metal killed itself. The bands all started to look and sound the same.
Grunge was for all the kids that liked EVERYTHING. They liked Metal ... Hard rock, hardcore and punk. And they weren't afraid of glam, or hip hop or electronica. Hair metal lost it's way, the more it evolved from Glam. In a few years you'll see Glam show up ,with all the elements mentioned above . No genre of music dies ... they only evolve
Grunge is dead after five years of existence haie metal is still alive
Preferred grunge over hair metal anyway. Was in high school in the 80’s, not a hair metal fan. Maybe a few good songs. But, everyone has their preferences. To each their own.
Cocaine created and killed hair metal.
Grunge didn’t kill hair metal. Record labels and hair metal killed hair metal. It all got to be pretty generic with the exact same look and all the bands sounding alike and the exact same formula.
Hair metal never dies...no genre of metal does. Like tenacious d said you cant kill the metal...grunge tried to kill the metal...THEY FAILED!!!! HAHAHAHA
And grunge thankfully died quickly and metal came back
And how did that Grunge Movement work out? It hardly lasted a decade and it ushered in the era of a revolving door of one hit wonder alt-rock bands. #FuckGrunge