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On their 30th anniversary as a band, Ginger and CJ from The Wildhearts look back (from MusicRadar)

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Led Zeppelin bargain klaxon.

I downloaded this collection for free from Spotify.
Laura Dq
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Control your music with your voice: it's like being in the future, but it's here already.

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Our friends at Guitar World have out this together for Prime Day, and it'll save you $$$.


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Attention Beatles fans! Prime Day is NOT ignoring you.

Kimberly Rodriguez
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Devin Townsend says next year will see him “touring everything” from his back catalogue - including material from his Strapping Young Lad days.

Michael Rowe
This makes me so happy. Deadhead is pretty much my favorite track of all time ... Blokes a genius 🤘😎🤘
Adam Graham FUCKIN SYL
PLEASE!!!! I Love SYL!
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I miss this amazing band. Hellyeah is a mediocre band
Miss those guys...
One of the best! ❤️
Loved Mudvayne, Hellyeah! are awful.
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the translation
😂😂 I love the internet!
Mudvayne were always way cooler than Slipknot. Better musicians too. One of the few decent bands of that era. Static-X being the other.
Had the demo tape of that song , was even better
That was kinda cool. But still the original is the way to go
Zachary Wade
Awesome album Eddie Ensor introduced me to it in social studies 4th form favourite track is Prod track 13
That scream is amazing
I wish i enjoyed everything as much as that horned, devil-like looking bassist enjoys playing his guitar haha
How the video should have been made.
Go fb translation
Now...what if we slowed down sleep by 1% 🤔
It starts to sound really creepy after about 1 min
In all of the recent internet memes about brbr deng guy, its seems like no one cares who he actually is behind the makeup... Meet Ryan Martinie, AKA brbr DENG, skilled slap bass master, and all around nice guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is5Y17wa1I8
Literally what plays in my head when im spacing out
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Record store dispatches weird guy to flip through same stack of records you are (via The Hard Times)

Sweet! Overkill!!! 😝😳 #observe
My favorite Shelter album
Your music shop is so cool 💿📀💽
DEATHWISH!! Saw em open for DRI last December at Scout bar. Great show!
I buy CDs so I don't have this issue. Vinyl is a novelty.
Michael Lo or in my case there is some weird dude under the table wanting to talk about Warhammer.
"Bro that new 5FDP...Fire bro, fire."
Happened to me on record store day ,I stopped flipping and gave a manson stare
Lmao I love these articles.
Anytime! 😂
I should get paid to do this. I am that weird guy.
why do you repost HardTimes stuff? I already follow HardTimes
That’s Vinyl Conflict Record Store in Richmond va! Nice
Good where's the billie eilish albums at?
And of course, he wears Patchouli Oil
Why tools Ep is not in apple music
Every damn time
Chris Spann
Ha! That's hilarious
Paul LeDuc
I would walk out immediately. Rude af.
Dammit Mookie 🤣🤣
Vinyl Conflict Record Store, is that you?
Travis Hicks Jonathan Maniel haha
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Tobias Forge: Alice Cooper is the reason Ghost exists

I listened to a few ghost songs and they actually good don't know WTF is wrong with people?
Thanks a lot, Alice.
Thanks, Alice... 😒
What I love just as much as this... is he praises Accept, Faith No More, and King Diamond as well, among others. You can hear in his music how his own work is a melting pot of many great classic things and a fan-oriented history of rock and metal converging to create Ghost.
Alice Cooper is 1 of Bob Dylan's favorite song writers.
I was lucky to see him perform last Thursday.One of the greats!
I think Ghost is great. I also think Alice is great.
Ghost needs to open for Alice Cooper some day that would be a night to remember!
I just listened to this band the other day and they sound fine. I'm not exactly sure what the hate is coming from...?
Alive cooper is the reason ghost, Manson, Zombie and anything remotely macabre can exist. The godfather of shock rock to be sure.
Alice Cooper is the reason a lot of bands exist.
Definitely appropriate in my opinion. Wouldn't mind hearing a collaboration between the two
Alice Paved the way for make up theatical bands.
How many of you actually read his quote and not just the headline? He’s talking about how Alice Cooper pioneering shock rock helped paved the way for bands like Ghost.
Alice Cooper is underrated man. Y'all should really look into some more stuff
Every time I see a Ghost article I see laughing emojis
Alice inspired many bands not just ghost.
I’d say more is due to meatloaf. Badass looking covers then when you listen to them the music does not match.
Well at least I know who to blame for Ghost existing.
Damnit Alice, you go down a tad on the coolness scale for that.
thanks Alice 🤬 Why could they not have just liked the Backstreet Boys
The best part of ghost is when their set is done and they finally get off the damn stage.
Ghost rules. Tobias writes all the songs himself and I’m pretty sure records all the instruments himself as well. Haters will hate, but the dude is talented way beyond what any a hole talking smack is
Absolutely.. without Alice Cooper no KISS, Manson, Kind Diamond, White Zombie... he’s the archetype🤟
Ummm Alice Cooper's influence is recognized In many a Rock act
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Watch the horrific new trailer for Rob Zombie's "3 From Hell":

I love a new Rob Zombie flick, looking intense with Lionsgate and Saben! Can’t wait to see it this year...I envision a large popkoRn!
I like to avoid trailers from directors that I like. I find that it takes away from the experience of actually seeing the movie for the first time. Stoked
Ryan Wilkinson
Sterling Archer
Ryan Clarke
Megan Anderson
Matthew Dabicich
Lesli Shelton Winchester
Scott Wood
Man this will be awesome
Brent Allen Roobyn Bryant
Jim Bone
Mark Orman
Natalie Erynne
Shay Birchller , chegando aos cinemas ainda este ano
I hope they don't kill off Sid so early, but I'm guessing he's going to die since there is no footage of him running with the other two once they break out.
Tina Johnston 👍
Looks actually pretty fun
Yannick Boucher
Can I just watch any other of his films instead? I mean, they're all the same film, right?
Gabriel Dante Belmont
Nope....not gonna watch ANY trailers. I want to see this knowing NOTHING about it. 🤘
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Unless it’s court ordered, no true Slayer fan has ever gone to a therapist.
That therapist needs firing. Retraining at the least 🤷🏻‍♂️
Where did he get his therapist licence or who allowed him to work as a therapist? That person is healthy as hell.
Even the therapist knows Slayer is garbage.
Immediately read it in the announcer’s voice for Halo matchmaking
Look for another therapist, you don't need this negativity in your life
Adam R Patrick this describes Matthew Beard on his weekly therapy session to overcome the monotony of fixing EPR's and wondering how airman fall asleep with their hot pocket in the microwave for 25 minutes.
Thought the rapist said "no means yes.."?
This comment is here to serve as a top fan in training.
This therapist is correct...They should be yelling METALLICA!!! 🤘🤘🦄
All i can say is that terapist has good taste in music.
Finally one of these I can relate to
You need a new therapist
Michael Lo guess the correct response is motherfucking SLAAAAYYYYEEERRRRR
Slaaayyyeeeerrrrr isssss terrrrriiibbbllleeee
Yes, yes it is
Oh yes we do!!
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WATCH: 12 up-and-coming rock bands you need to hear in 2019

These girls should be on the list https://youtu.be/Pt-jNW1c1T0 they are damn good 🤘🏻
I have never heard about these bands before, neither about Yungblud. I was curious, i gave them a chance and i listened to them, i wanted to try something new. And now i am asking you Loudwire: seariously, are you sure that thing counts as a rock band???
Love Badflower and Joyous Wolf 😃
Polyphia is perfection renaissance is best album
Yungblud was actually some of the worst "music" I've ever had the displeasure if listening to.
Why use Yungblud as the thumbnail? They aren't even rock... On the other hand, Badflower, Torso, Puppy, Twin Temple, Joyous Wolf and Polyphia were quite good. Will give them a listen when I have time.
Y'all should check out a band called 'the pleading' on YouTube spotify iTunes etc. They're kind of grungy with heartfelt lyrics and a truly unique vocalist.
It's a decent list, surprised and thankful to see Polyphia on the list, but y'all forgot Pup, Thank You Scientist, The Dirty Nil, dubé, and The Interrupters.
Yungblud is the most painful listening experience I have ever been through.
Some of these bands seem interesting, have to check them out. Already know Boston Manor and they are pretty good.
Check out Liliac - New Full Length Album by Liliac on @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/liliacrockband/liliac-new-full-length-album?ref=project_tweet
Brian O'Boyle ... was it you that said there’s no new rock anymore? A few awesome bands on this list.
Rammstein! That's THE only band that matters atm! Rammstein self titled = BEST album in the last 10 years!
Some of these bands been around a long time!How are they up and coming?👎🏻
Shane Alderson
Didn't include Dream State... Bad list. That band is killing it right now.
Is he wearing a hello kitty purse? No thanks
You need to check out #OneWithMachine
Heard enough, not rock for me.
New music n new bold cuts fresh off the assembly line.
Badflower is definitely the best band on that list !!!
I like Yungblood.... But i definitely wouldn't consider them rock...