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"There were all these teenage girls up front who had no idea what we were really about, they just knew Paranoid" - Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi

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From our friends at MusicRadar: Derek Trucks reflects on the menace of unreliable tour buses and how he’s always on the hunt for good bourbon...

Jacob McIntosh I saw the Tedeshi Trucks band last month. It blew my mind. Such a great band. If you haven't checked them out you should.
Steven Hefter Cool interview. Different, easy going questions. Nice job.
Ben Dare Brilliant guitarist, such a distinctive style
Layla Morrison Great guitarist!
Karin Bakås My favourit guitarist
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Are you a gamer? Vote for your favourite games here... then claim a free gaming eBook worth up to £15.99.

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Gord Downie: 1964-2017.

Jim Barker Ladies and Gentlemen whom have never heard of the Hip or Gord Downie should do a YouTube check and see poetry in motion... not only a Musician / Poet, but a True Humanitarian... Amen, jb.
Chris Webb For anyone reading this article outside of Canada, it is difficult to convey what Gord meant to us as a nation. He wasn't Canada's answer to Lennon or Dylan or Springsteen. He was Gord Downie, he chronicled so much of Canadian history and culture, and then transcended that and made history and became ingrained in our culture . He was our bard and our poet laureate. His songs had an eloquence and a cinematic sweep. Do yourself a favour and search the man out if you haven't already. RIP, Gordie.
Thomas Taylor Another creative light extinguished. "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long." You fought the good fight, now you can rest in peace.
Gimmi Sferra Canada is crying. Did not know their music very well but I hear that his stage presence was second to none with the likes of Jagger and Freddy Mercury
Robin Stanton Saw The Hip a few times in concert. Gord was an incredible performer. A true loss to music and the world.
Angus Smith Very Sad. The Hip should have been much bigger outside of Canada, I don't think I've ever heard them on UK Radio.
Will Hill This man embodied Canadian values. He will definitely be missed.
Matthew Greene This man and the Hip were amazing! What a special entertainer. His rants were the best!
Jeremy Rice Another legend gone too soon...😭
Alex McGhie One of my favourites gone too soon. The Hip were amazing. R.I.P Gord x
Bernie MacDonald It's a very sad day in Canada. The Stories he could tell in 4 minutes are without peer.
Finn Cross Late breaking story on the CBC, a nation whispers, "We always knew that he'd go free"
Meluna Sea A legend , beautiful soul, a sad day for my country.... Bye bye Gord we love you....
Ryan Batten Rest In Peace! It’s too bad Americans will never understand what the hip and Gord meant to Canada.
László Magyar "baby eat this chicken slow, it's full of of dem little bones"
Shawn Fisher Don't know a lot about this band but I always thought they had such a cool name.
Christopher Martin Jones Such a giant loss.
Jeff Atkinson Brain Cancer
Steven Thomas Too GD young.
Ricardo Velasquez Zabala
Arlene Rosamond RIP
Kenny McKay Sarah.
Chris Everson Chris Hodge Kevin Knox
James Wood Tracie Wright
Wesley Koestler Julie Everett Koestler
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Today's Big Question comes from Charlie A. McMahon, who says, "What was the first song you remember hearing as a young child on the radio?" Thanks Charlie!

Andy Worthington You’re kidding aren’t you? I’m 53 I can’t remember what day yesterday was, ok I do know it had a Y in it
Tony Vocile January 1964, missed the school bus. Grandpa drove me...as we were arriving the announcers played a new song by a English band, "I Want To Hold Your Hand." A few weeks later, Ed Sullivan. Game changed forever.
Mike Sammarco no idea which song was actually first but i do remember which one that first left an impression, my brother had just bought a new VW, they were like airtight or something and he put a great stereo in it, so were going for ride in the bug and he says to me i want you to hear this song, thier using this thing called a synthesizer.....FRANKENSTIEN !!!
Colin Colville The one that stands out for me was Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing back in the late 70's as it kick started my love for the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar and learning how to play it!? 😉
Steve LeVine I was around 11 or 12 but Band on the Run is the first song I really remember taking notice of. Before that it was a lot of pop songs because we only had AM radio in our cars when I was a kid.
Nicki Sweeney Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - I was 2 years old. Scarred me for life. No one should be singing about parental abandonment on the radio!
Mick Higgins The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky" in 8 track tape ..my parents were young hippies ..I knew Beatles and Stones songs before Nursery Rhymes ...Three Dog Night "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" was another I was only 3 or 4 ..but i,always remembered those songs they played
Jennifer James Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy, even though it came out the year I was born. I guess it was still on heavy rotation on the radio station my dad listened to years later.
Flemming Grøn She Loves You by The Beatles...we sang it in kindergarden and being from Denmark had no clue what the words meant, but we looooved the ‘juuuuh’!
Gimmi Sferra In my youth like when I was 19, AM radio was the king and it pop radio, Monkees, Motown, early Beatles so it was a She Loves You probably. But the song that kicked me in the balls was when I heard about FM radio and it was Satifaction by the Stones
Scott Pierson Not really sure, but a lot of candidates. Band On The Run, Cats In The Cradle, Joy To The World, Bad Leroy Brown. All really were part of my childhood.
Philip Qvist Well it wasn't a rock song - it wouldn't surprise me if it was an ABBA song - or some local SA song lost in the mist of times. Come to think about it I do remember a song in 1975 that had lyrics like "Mama Mia do you do the Fandago" or something like that being played all over the radio. Hmmm, I wonder what happened to the band and song??? 😁😁
Jay Flugum "After The Gold Rush" by Neil Young. I was very young. When I was 4, I remember coming home one evening & my dad put a record he just bought on the turntable. It was that song. The house we lived in before that had just burned down. He rarely got emotional, and probably listened to that song so he wouldn't feel so alone. Powerful song and memory.
Taiten Daly Rhodes I'm sure there was ones before this but the one I recall is Bohemian Rhapsody... I remember asking the family friend I was in the car with "what is this song and who is this band" 😂😂 now, Queen is my all time favorite band and I'm proud to be a teen still listening to the greatest time of music 🙂
Lee Heyes Remember listening to Africa by Toto as a small child on the radio and for some reason it scared the life out of me but its got to be band aid..feed the world at Xmas ..along with my mum telling me "there are starving kids in Africa " when I wouldnt eat my corned beef hash
Mark Conlon First song I can remember was Downtown by (Petula Clark ?). I liked it as a kid but wouldnt get into music until a decade later when I was in my late teens
Barrett Shepherd Wings' 'Band on the Run' and Daddy Cool's 'Eagle Rock.' I remember hearing them on a brilliantly sunny summer holiday morning. To this day those two songs provoke nostalgic memories of sun, sand, and surf.
Gary Horn The first song that resonated with me was, get ready for this one, "At The Hop" by Danny & the Juniors in 1957. Just a tot at 7 years old but it really hit me. It is actually mentioned in a song I wrote and recorded called "Prisoner of Rock and Roll".
Meg Beyers "Magic Touch" by Aerosmith. But if you want to go further back, my father told me when they brought me home from the hospital, "Momma I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy played on the radio
Nick Rossiter 'Hey Jude', by the Beatles. I don't know how old I was, but it was my earliest memory ever. I was lying on a blanket in a park, it was a bright summer day, there was a radio playing in the area with this song.
Nicole Wallace Can't exactly remember but I think it was Joe Cockers version of 'She Came in Through the Bathroom Window'...Dad then put on the Beatles version and that was the first time I ever heard of or listened to the Beatles 😂
John Wright Wow, I'm probably not accurate , but all I can remember right now is Top of the world, I think that was the Carpenters or Billy don't be a hero, don't recall who did that one.
Ian Mears I could try and be real cool and say something like Led Zep, Jimi or The Beatles, but as most of my early radio listening was probably in the car and my parents had control of the music, it was probably something like The Carpenters! (Who given my wide spectrum of music tastes, I still secretly love!)
Harold Shaw In my household it was probably either something Big Band era or Elvis...yeah, my parents were polar opposites with music.
RC Kruppa I'm just 31 years... and I'm not from radio generation, but I remember a cassette that my father gave me when I was a kid, around 6, was a compilation with songs like "Brother Louie", "Winchester Cathedral", "We Got to Live Together"... I fell in love with that kind of music, sixties music... that was the beginning and now I'm a sixties lover!!
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“Everything in the deluxe edition is a sum of all the amazingly talented people who came into our world as a result of the initial release.”

Michael Dayne To each his own, but it's very bluesy, which is why I stopped listening to Cinderella after the 2nd album. I wanted rock, not slow blues tunes.
Neil Wilson While it has it's moments - I'd much rather a new Cinderella album to rival Still Climbing or Night Songs!
Martin Weckwerth Hm instead of releasing a new album he is repacking his old solo album and milking his fans again. Not nice. Get Cinderella together and go on tour
Patrick O'Heaney Heart on backup vocals!
Classic Rock Guitar Important Info !
Marcin Wilczynski Arek Lajer?
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ICYMI: Here's how you can play as Iron Maiden mascot Eddie the Head in Angry Birds!

Brandon Dubois Daniel Ledo whut
Angie LaPorte Jesse lol
Heather Edmondson Tommi Lee
Alan T. Dizon Allan Dizon
Olga Jevdic Michael Nolan
Hugo Perez Drea Cont
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School may be out for the day, but you can still learn a lesson:

Jeff Axman Runners up:System,Dream theatre, Pantera,A7X and "Mothafuckin FALCO n shit"😂😂
Oscar Cantrell Buenrostro Ramones! Learn to listen, listen to learn!😂
Jordan Duffin Wong No Serenity?
Frankie J. Lasco Iron Maiden
Jamie Witherite System of a down
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Watch The Dillinger Escape Plan's 'Limerent Death' live video, plus see a new Tom Keifer (Official), get a glimpse of Rami Malek in the new Queen biopic + more in Wire-to-Wire:

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"I've been to the future, the new Tool album is amazing!" - Doc Brown ('Back to the Future')

Samantha Henderson You know, I love people who get worked up over not seeing a new Tool album. Who seriously gives a shit?! They will release it when they are done and it will done with the biggest 'fuck you' attitude since they released 'Hooker With A Penis' twenty years ago. I would not honestly be surprised if it is 75 minutes' worth of white noise in slightly varying frequencies to give all the 'tools' something in which they can try to derive meaning from which there is none intended. Anything to make pretentious Tool fans who consider themselves to be the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard (metaphorically speaking, even pretentious Tool fans would not be followers of the Co$) froth at the mouth of learning when it is nothing more than a giant pisstake from which Maynard James Keenan is having the last glorious laugh. end rant
Elvis Krasimirov Serafimov Wait... a new Tool album exists? 0_o
Frankie Christine Ibarra Micah
James McDermott E.j. Nagel
Aiden Tyler Rhys Lawlor Jacek Leja
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"Can I stream the Loudwire Music Awards live?" YES! Here's how:

Joseph M Siebold I will Make sure to change channel when the last band goes on
Nicholas Hunter Stepp Ryan Lee Stepp Kiersten Poore
Redza Iskandar Azhar AmieZs Nur Shamisha Nisha 😉
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We're not joking...

Devon Kelley I think tom was murdered years ago and this guy was put in place of him as a double so no one would suspect anything sounds ridiculous but at least im not crowd funding a spaceship lol
Lawrence Schneider
Cleatus Van Damme Given the millions upon millions of stars in the universe there is bound to be some intelligent life out there. But they are not going to talk to Tom DeLonge.
Tila Lira Hope aliens teach him how to write good songs
Danny Thomas Dude, there's easier ways to get an anal probe.
Zack Dimona I'm getting real sick and tired of not seeing Corey Taylor's opinion.
Dee Marie Jamie Jazz Barratt these haters are gonna be soooo pissed when he finds a motha fuckin alien! 😂
Bryan Polaris Ironside Loudwire do your research first before putting up utter shite He's not trying to build a spaceship
Kevin Christensen It's not going to anything remotely space related. It's to get his company out of a $400,000+ debt.
Gary Martin I can't get to LW from Facebook anymore...wonder if it's because I don't like Slipknot...
Ivo Branko I thought Tom being an alien fiend was a joke that got out of hand
Jennifer Martin Time to ease up on the crack, doucheface XD
Chuck Mosher Anything to stay relevant,, This guy is off his rocker
Xavier Morency Vincent Morency Keith Daragon love how people speak without researching lmao
Elise Mary Kellie Forde this is something I would do 😁👽
Kenn Toomey It's always that one guy who has to ruin things for everyone else--
Kent Maurstad Unfollowed for being wankers for the last time
Austin Page Got your spaceship tom 1969 pieces all there
Patric Keenan If he can afford not to be in Blink 182, he can fund the thing himself.
Gerard O' Doherty What's the point! He's already wired to the moon
Ryan McDougall He should start a campaign to find his marbles!
Blake Kuhn *Eats acid one time*
Eric Loft Someone did a really good in depth look at his holdings and patents. He's basically using money from made from this venture to funnel money and bail out other companies he and his wife own; that this venture is now the parent company of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO-hAm4g47o
Johnny Quirose "Hey mom theres somthing in the back room"
Tanner Chase Dudes got a net worth of around 30 million he can buy it himself