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“I had in my head that these holiday songs could be done with a slight blues tinge."

Can't wait.... Said no one ever.. 😔
Who the heck is clapton more like clap out
Well, at least I can finally replace the Bing Crosby and Dean Martin albums with someone more my contemporary!!! LOL
After his last walk out during a show in Glasgow.....not even mid way through.....he can stick it up his arse
Clapton does Christmas, Jeff Beck does Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I'm looking forward to Jimmy Page doing the Disney classics! 😂
I have a few questions here... A) Why? B) October? C) designed the cover? Designed?? Really???
I always tell my wife when their careers are over they hit you with the Greatest hits Christmas album two step then milk that money and it’s a wrap!
If I never hear another Christmas album it will be too soon.
Denise Cantrell I think I found my new Christmas album for this year!
Bonamassa will do one next year lol
If you’re a Clapton fan, just enjoy the new music. Be happy about it. Folks look at “legacies” waaaaayyyy too hard. I cringed a bit when Setzer released one and I couldn’t be happier about it now.
I’m looking forward to it. With pipe and slippers.
let eric alone .if you think of all the great times we had at concerts and listening to him giving us so much pleasure .give the man a break .when he sang some where over the rainbow it was a lovely calming experience at the end of concert .it calmed us all down and it was beautiful and such a surprise.you dont know yet what it will be like but if youre atrue fan of eric you will play and enjoy .hes not dead yet you know or near it .0
I find a lot of artists do the album/tour, album/tour treadmill. Followed by a live DVD. Back to the treadmill then a live album. The treadmill then a best of. Band splits. Reform. Anthology. Comeback album. Live CD and DVD. Then a reworkings album. A remix album. Acoustic album. And finally pipe and slippers.
What is it with respectable musicians doing Xmas songs. It’s a sign they’ve run out of ideas and are drying out. Honestly who the fuck wants more Xmas covers?
Guess its easier that writing songs. Eric knows theres millions of 60-70 somethings wanting to buy this stuff.
OFFS! really? for someone i absolutely detested since the '60's...that's like a wet kipper to the face...lol
I have Jethro Tull's Christmas album, and Jimi's too. (Little drummer boy is good). Chicago has a great one. Why not Eric?
His hands are shot, His ears have a permanent ring.. Yet He wants to be the back drop to Our Holiday season coming, Awesome.. I'll take it.
Yes,I’ve always thought Christmas,the blues,the blues,Christmas.Mostly because Christmas is such a bluesey time of year.Santa miss anyone else’s gaff?
A blues Christmas album. "So original" said the twenty other artists who've done the same thing already.
Now this is an album I will probably buy, it should be great, and different from all of the other Christmas album that are out there, last year we had a great SIA album that I like.
Why not, Billy Idol did one and it’s pretty good.
“I had in my head that these holiday songs could be done with a slight blues tinge." Bloody hell, what a genius idea that's never been done before... ...
the EC record you don‘t need to own...
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Manson falls ill during Texas show...

We pray hard here in Texas, we must have taken out Satan.
He was awful at download festival this year. He’s clearly a complete mess and needs to stop touring. Part of me can see his name popping up in news headlines within the next few years because he’s died of some sort of substance abuse.
Canceled show due to shidding and farding.
The man needs to get off the road immediately and admitted to an inpatient facility.
He's a drama queen
I saw him in Atlanta. He played 6 songs and two of those were short. What's a full set from this hack? 40 minutes?
He wouldn't collapse onstage if he was 100% clean, right?
Did they find blood in his drug stream ?
“Falls ill”.. I used to “fall ill” a lot too.. But then I got my head out of my ass and stopped abusing drugs. Maybe he should think about going to rehab before he kills himself.
The flu, food poison, pulling stage props over on himself. Does this guy ever finish a set?
Im not a manson fan, i do however like a few of his songs. Hope he gets better soon.
When you keep rotating excuses between the flu and food poisoning, most people can figure it out. Some people seem to think it’s innocent and maybe he rotated between eating gas station sushi and ordering the poo-poo platter at the local Chinese buffet. 🙄 Hopefully he gets healthy.
We're all stars now in the Dope Show.
Hope he gets the help he needs. Put the tour on hold. Not many of our 90s Stars left. I would like to hold on to the ones left.
Must be all the Chili’s he is eating!!!
Dude is like 50 years old now. He can still rock if he wants to. Just take off the teenage angsty makeup and do your burpees.
Perhaps he needs to seek some help.. .... Before it's too late...
I'm hoping he gets the help he needs. Times have been difficult for him lately.
He doesn't like the drugs, but the drugs like him.
Pulled out of a show in Toronto at the last minute about a month ago to. Moving closer the the next star casualty it seems.☹️
Look at the guy, He never looks healthy
he passes out and they keep playing.no onr saw him fall?
Your brain on drugs?
Last time he was in Austin opening for Slipknot he was garbage as well.
"We hate love, we love hate" Karma??? Call it what you want.
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“I would like to go on for another couple of months. It’s gone so fast." Bruce Dickinson.

Aberdeen was incredible. Thanks to Maiden for keeping the dream alive!! Up the Irons! 🤘🏼 😈 🤘🏼 #IMFC #IronMaiden
Stop playing the same songs....time for epic song concert beginning with Alexander the great....and so on.
Play some Stadiums so that more people can see you......or is Smallwood too tight to pay the hiring costs Surely the "biggest metal band on the planet" could fill Cardiff Millenium, Wembley, Etihad for example
Hopefully Glasgow will have a venue available next time
Brilliant tour! Hope we get a live DVD! 👍❤️🤘
Great setlist 👌 Clansman, Sign of the cross Where Eagles dare and for the greater good of god as my personal highlights. Intro – Churchill's Speech "Aces High" "Where Eagles Dare" "2 Minutes to Midnight" "The Clansman" "The Trooper" "Revelations "For the Greater Good of God" "The Wicker Man" "Sign of the Cross" "Flight of Icarus" "Fear of the Dark" "The Number of the Beast" "Iron Maiden" Encore "The Evil That Men Do" "Hallowed Be Thy Name" "Run to the Hills"
Gutted that none of the UK dates worked for me. They either clashed with other gigs or vacations. Next time...
Saw them in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and they blew the roof off 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Saw them at London 02 on the Friday night ... epic!
2019 tour 2@Wembley stadium 2@london stadium 2@milenium stadium 2@eithad stadium 2@hampden Park 2@milton Keynes bowl (remember that?) the and finally Donnington sounds like a good tour UTI
They were amazing as usual and great to hear the old classics again. Do it again soon! Up the Irons!
Waiting and hoping for the 2019 Australian tour announcement. Setlist looks epic.
My first time seeing them last Saturday at the 02. Brilliant show, will definitely see them again next time round. Up the Irons!🤘
They been promising to play a larger venue in Wales for years.
Fantastic had a fantastic night at Genting Arena Birmingham.. Brilliant... .
I hope you have a U.S.tour really soon!
You could play in Cardiff, you have done many times before
Book australian shows download 2019 !!
Maybe continue on in North America?!? 👍👍
My 4th show I've seen Maiden live in Helsinki and by far it was the greatest one! Up The Irons!
Would be great to see this production in a huge venue like Twickenham
Best show I’ve seen! O2 last Friday....bloody amazing night.
So glad to see all smiles in this pose.
See u again nemt time..up the irons🤘
Lord-Zac they all look like proper rockers, then there's Bruce the Dad looking one
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Samson had critically acclaimed albums under their belt and a future superstar out front, but fate conspired against them. Dave Ling remembers the man who leant the band his name, Paul Samson

Iron Maiden rules!!
His name was Sanson, he changed his name to suit the band, not gave his name to the band. Facts or nothing.
I’m proud to say the knew him. A really nice genuine guy. One of the better guys I met on the road touring the UK.
Ended up living not far from me and would often play gig's in the local pub. A band that I still listen to and very much like Praying Mantis should have been bigger than they were
RIP Paul. His Samson album "Before the Storm" with Nicky Moore was my favorite. Classic metal. Great songs
Just bought Live at Reading 81’. What a great guitar player he was and much missed.
Great guy we did loads of shows with him with our band fastlayne always had a great laugh happy days
My favorite records of theirs are “Before THE Storm” and “Don’t Get Mad Get Even”. By then they had turned into a cross between Farrar-era Molly Hatchet (vocally), early Whitesnake and heavy metal. Fairly unique in that time and place that was the early 80’s in the UK. I still wonder how any image conscious 80’s record executive allowed Samson to swap a youthful and exuberant mustached Bruce Bruce for an incredibly overweight and slightly mulleted Nick Moore! I’m glad they did, but man it was odd!
Good band. Loved their music.
First proper gig I ever saw, Samson at Canterbury University, with Bruce Bruce on vox. Think the band outnumbered the audience? Great gig, though!
Head On gave me my first exposure to Brucey. RIP Paul.
Shock tactics was a monster of an album, Paul deserved so much more in life, tragic he is gone. Met him a few times and he was always a good guy to talk to .
Should have been massive.
Good band
What a loss great live group
Barry Graham Purkis
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A rare archive interview from legendary bluesman BB King

Loudwire2 hours ago

Here are a bunch of unlikely rockstars hanging out backstage:

Tom Petty was so cool though, he’d probably hang out with anyone.
Loudwire2 hours ago

The Led Zeppelin singer turns 70 today!

Its times like these I think to myself " I bet Robert Plant listens to ghost. Maybe he's buddies with good ol toby." post your hate below!
I can't believe Sammy Hagar is older than Robert Plant!
Is that the greta van fleet dude lol
I thought plants only lasted a few years.
Denis this reminds me of my face in parties...
Happy Birthday Robert Plant u still the man.
Drew Hills Happy birthday dude from Greta
Can we say that is His *Celebration Day* ?
the greatest rock singer... ever
Dude stole from Willie Dixon his whole career 🙄
TOTAL ICON the whole band
Love him to bitz!!!
Happy birthday
Congrat Rob...
Reid Jepson your favorite
Elizabeth Nikki Carter
Tim Charlie Gray
Kris Macias
Lol. Still got it! Wait a minute... https://youtu.be/HxbT5jSxGJ0
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Ghost's Tobias Forge says rock music has a "lack of ingenuity":

Ghost has lack of talent
Maybe if so many people in the hard rock/metal community would stop with the constant bashing of bands and stop having the "it's cool to hate bands" attitude we wouldn't have this issue. He is right, there aren't many bands out there that people agree will become big acts because everybody is always having to bash groups when they start to become bigger. I get it, everybody definitely has their own taste in types of rock/metal, but just because you don't like certain bands, it doesn't mean you have to bash on them or bash other people for liking them. If elitist could just get rid of this negative attitude to so many different bands, maybe more people would see that there still is a huge variety of rock/metal bands that are truly talented.
Tobias Forge is becoming Corey Taylor ... can we be 100% certain they arent the same person? Spooky mask, check. Band that had a strong fan following with first 2 records that won a Grammy with the 3rd, check. Strange amount of articles from metal websites asking his opinion on everything, check. Hmmmmmm. Call the illuminati, something is amiss
Ghost is the best rock band of all time.... Change my mind because I know some of y'all will try lol. Post your hate below
Ghost is taking over the world and I'm loving it!
who listens to this trash , seriously ? Or cares what this jackass has to say
Elitists, musical geniuses and critics inbound...
What does Corey Taylor think about all these posts on Ghost?
Says the man that sings like Rihanna and pretends to be a Rockstar...
People like what they like and good them.
Having Ghost talk about rock "lacking ingenuity" is one of the most ironic things I'll hear all day.
To the haters, do you know the last time a band charted well? A real rock band hasn’t charged well in at least ten years. And Ghost has charted well. So quit your complaining.
He's right it doesn't take much ingenuity to put on a Halloween costume and dance around on stage like the 50 bands who did it before them. Ironic.
Ghost rocks because Forge is doing his thing with a nod to covering new ground while also showing respect to the great bands of the past within it. It is also a return to FUN in rock... 80s style. GOOD! They might lead a wave of rebirth in fun melodic rock being in again.
I disagree with this when you think about all the bands that are out there that you can choose from I listen to all Types from Hard Rock to Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal I just love how many different types of genres of Metal I can choose from. (just my opinion)
Ehhhhh not a fan. Their okay, not my favorite but everyone's entitled to their opinions. Saw them in concert twice, opening a festival in Arizona and opening for Iron Maiden. I just can't stand his voice in concert lol. Not sure if that's just me or what? Lol
gimmicks make up the hard core of the music industry , just ask ghost's vocalist he's obviously an expert on the subject of gimmicks,in corey taylors opinion i might add.
Says the guy wearing endless masks....
Dress up doesn’t compensate for musical talent. Learn an instrument. #tool
Bahahaas lousy hwire back to promoting it's middle school soft rock, don't forget to drink your milk to grow big an strong, hwe believe in you, kinda.
Good thing we don't have to take anything this clown says seriously.
That’s cause music peaked with Queen and it’s been all downhill since
Alex Arroyo coming from the guy that makes scooby doo music
Dont care for his music, but i like his imagery. Hes not wrong in his opinion.
I mean ghost is alright, if this statement came from bands like Megadeth or another legendary band then I would bite for it.
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WATCH: Christian monks play an Iron Maiden song:

I expected 'The number of the beast'
Thought you might get a kick out of this. It's pretty awesome! \m/ Bella Taylor
Serbian monks,i 'm really proud
If they play it backwards then they'll hear a message from the devil...
Alexander Horobiowski Jacob Brickner Interesting..
Great tune!
Charles Rogers
Loudwire5 hours ago

Ex-Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile has shared an update on his hospitalization:

Every time I see his face in the headline, I get so nervous😅
What does Torey Caylor think about this?
Who? Get better dude..
Damn dude is a fighter
Mady Boydstun
Cera Frederick
Oh the blood oh the blood oh the Mexicans!!!!.. Wasn't Graham from loudwire in Attack Attack too??? In his double chin days?
Loudwire5 hours ago
Pantera anthrax coal chamber! My first moshpit i ever did was when pantera took the stage. It was an honor being part of something truly epic as moshing with the music of pantera!
Nice. I just listened through the Great Southern Trendkill and Far Beyond Driven before seeing it was his birthday.
In this river all shall fade to black, RIP legend 😞
Yes, a legend was born today. FRED DURST! 😎
Pantera was overrated and overplayed
Its also Robert Plants 70th b-day .
he already entered the cemetery gates.. RIP
Yes, Phil Lynott was born on this day.
Best concert ever-Pantera, Soulfly, Morbid Angel, Nothingface
If you never got to see them live, I'm sorry, because you missed out on awesomeness
He was awesome wish he was still around a legend.
He was famous for us guitar skills and he was famous for kicking everyone's ass at drinking
Murdered on December 8th by a deranged fan, just like John Lennon.
One of the all time greats.
Happy Birthday Dimebag! You are still missed every single day!
Matt 'Bish' Blackman ...so Dimebag would've been 52 years old today
Changed the face of metal for ever sniff sniff
2 actually, Robert Plant and Phil Lynott
This guy is the reason why I love metal.and guitars !! RIP LEGEND
An honor to be share bdays with one of my all time fav musicians. Getcha pull brother 🤘
Legend for who?