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Meet the next little ol’ band from Texas, Blacktop Mojo.

Can't wait for the Colorado Springs show!!!
Ah man zakk wylde cut his beard and got a tattoo I guess
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Stryper are back!

I heard “To Hell with the Devil” a few weeks back on Hair Nation on Sirius and almost drove off the side of the road at how laughably bad it was!! Totally cheesy over the top vocals, the most mundane horrible sounding drumming, goofy lyrics,, how in gods name (no pun intended) did we listen to this shit back in the day?!!! 😱💩
This is the best album of the year. They are the only 80s band that gets better and better as they age. Just like fine wine. Love God damn evil.
Definitely one of the most polarizing metal bands of the 80s. Obviously singing about god and the popularity of their ballads made them not exactly "cool" to a lot of metal fans but they are a massively talented bunch. The guitar work and vocals and harmonies have always been superb and they are a killer live band. I'm glad the original members are all still plugging away and playing great and aren't all washed up like a lot of metal bands from that era that have like 1 or two original members. Were they a bit cheesy? Yep...so was almost everything else in the 80s 😂 Do yo thang Stryper! 🤘😎🤘
Adam Lidgus new Stryper bro
This band actually get better the older they get. New albums great.
Sweet still has the voice 30 years on, and still kicking it
Valley of the damned !!!! King diamond rules !!!!
Really? They were back with the 'Reborn' album - where were you guys?
Get thee behind me!
Worst band ever!!!!
Randi Scott
CarlosandKaren Torres
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One of the best new live bands we've seen in recent years, The Record Company, are back with their second album...

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ICYMI: And in case you're getting up very early tomorrow for Record Store Day 2018...

Five Day Week Straw People is a very good album I think it's a UK only release but I could be wrong.
Devilformetalrecords Well, i opened up my store a bit too late to join in this time around. Maybe next year! 😃
Tull, Bowies, Heep, Zep and Leppard.
Stryper God damn evil.
I'm there for the Motörhead picture disc this year.
Karin Nelson
Yeah! Def Leppard at number 20!
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50 years ago today, Deep Purple made their live debut at the Vestpoppen Parkskolen Club in Taastrup, Denmark. The played under the name 'Roundabout'.

I may be wrong but I think Chris Curtis ex Searchers man was the founder and drummer
Whatever happened to them?
The best hard rock band
Chris Curtis came up with the idea but left before it got off the ground Lord and Blackmore basically started the band
Didn't The Band " Yes " Write A Song About Them ??
Ritchie Blackmore- always my favorite!
As they said: Listen, Learn, Read On...
Roundabout was not Deep Purple. Check it out
Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin - The best ever!!!
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Today's Big Question comes from Janet Patterson, who says, "what's the best outdoor live show you've ever seen from a single band or artist? Mine is Stevie Ray Vaughan the Reading Festival in 1983" Thanks Janet!

The crowd at a Monsters of Rock show in Memphis (When was it? 1988 or 1989?). Hot as blazes down on that Astroturf. We went through it together. Everybody passed around little cups of Gatorade without hogging any. We were sprayed down with a garden hose and then put off an incredible stench that rose from the steam off of our bodies. And then we had a giant paper cup fight in the bowl of the football stadium. And then I remember the two sides of the stadium having a great taste, less filling shouting match back-and-forth. The bands were good, but it was the audience that left me with the best memories.
Pink Floyd at the KC Chiefs Arrowhead stadium. Probably the only outdoor show I didn't yell LOUDER at. Also my favorite show of all time.
Paying no particular attention to any band I've seen there, but hands down the best place to experience an outdoor show in the US is Red Rocks in Colorado! Never seen a bad show there and it's stunningly beautiful!
Yes at Riverbend in Cincinnati on their 30th anniversary tour. Only about 5000 people there and they played everything I wanted to hear; Close to the Edge, Yours is no Disgrace, And You and I, etc. Fantastic show.
Mine will always be Monsters of Rock at Donington 91. My first ever concert I'd been to back when I was a teenager . Black crows Queensrych, Motley crue, Metallica & AC/DC headlining. Amazing day and AC/DC released the show on dvd and I still have it 🙂 One of my fave days ever!
Saw Radiohead touring the Bends album at a festival in Galway. Think they played a few snippets of OK Computer as well. Supported by the Bluetones who were not that great.
Monsters of rock Donnington 1988 megadeth helloween kiss dave Lee Roth guns and roses iron maiden 🤘🤘🤘
Stevie Ray Vaughan @ New Orleans Jazz Festival not long before he died. Amazing show! Honorable mention: Crosby, Stills, and Nash @ Oak Mountain Amphitheater in Birmingham, AL and The Eagles & Jimmy Buffett @ Florida Field in Gainesville, FL.
Haven’t been to many outdoor shows, but seeing the Stones at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Independence Day isn’t something I expect to beat
Ironically, '68, '69 at Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta. All of us "weekend hippies" would head down there, toss frisbies, smoke mother nature and watch The Allman Brothers set up and play for free while they were honing their skills... Great times.. 🙂
Bruce Springsteen at Hampden, Glasgow 2016. It was a very long hot sunny day, 3 and a half hours, right down at the barrier. A local wee girl got pulled up on the stage to sing the first song with Bruce. The encore was pure bliss.
Lollapalooza 96. Metallica, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, The Ramones and Rancid all in a row in 95 degree South Florida Summer heat. By the time Metallica came on I literally thought I was going to die from dehydration. It was worth it.
Monsters of Rock. Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas mid-80's. Kingdom Come, Metallidudes(pre-Master with Cliff) Dokken, Scorpions and Van Hagar. Honorable mention goes to The Eagles. Also at Rice Stadium (the original Eagles... Incredible band live. Wow.)
Well that's easy, I've only been to one outdoor gig.. U2 and BB King, Lancaster Park, Christchurch New Zealand. I think it was 1989...
If we're talking a single act show, I guess that would be the Grateful Dead at Sears Point Raceway in the late 80's. They always put on a great show, wherever they were. They'd play for a couple of hours. Going to a Dead show is a total experience. The Deadheads who followed them around the country looked like they were plucked straight out of Woodstock. They kind of smelled like it, too. The Deadheads would have a little village set up outside the venue, in the parking lot or somewhere similar, where they'd sell crafts (and drugs) to get by.
Alvin Lee and ten years after with British lions and Mott the hoople at Scarborough Downs outside Portland Maine 1977 . could have been 78 or 79.
The Beach Boys at the 1983 Kern County Fair in Bakersfield, CA. I didn't think they'd be that good, but they tore the place up!!! 😀
Rush and Tom Petty are tied. And they were both at the Polaris in Columbus, Ohio. Seperate shows. The Stones at Riverfront Stadium on the Steele Wheels tour was amazing too.
Def Leppard, Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, 1993 (I think). You can't beat an outdoor stadium gig in a band's hometown with the sun shining down, even if my +1 was my Mum! (Who I'm taking to see Def Leppard for the 4th time this December in Liverpool despite her being 70 now. Elaine Wilde, you rock 🤘)
Queen Milton Keynes ‘82 Still the best concert I’ve seen Slade monsters of rock ‘81 AC/DC headlined but all I can remember is slade slaughtering them
Rage Against The Machine headlining Download 2010. Not just the greatest outdoor concert I have ever been to but the best concert I have EVER experienced.
Bruce Springsteen, Hard Rock, Hyde park them year later at Olympic Park. Nearly 4 hours of perpetual music. One song after another, very limited chatter between songs.
Nine Inch Nails, Reading 2007. Smashing Pumpkins headlining may as well not bothered, they were never going to top NIN on this occasion.
Green Day at AT&T in 2005 for my niece's first concert; close enough to feel heat from the flares but outside of the mosh pit! Also a whole bunch of Days on the Green in Oakland, way back when. Austin City Limits was pretty great too.
Bon Jovi at Milton Keynes bowl late 80s, sun shone all day andSteve and Joe from Aerosmith came on for the encore and did Walk This Way
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Ronnie was wrong about OJ???

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Here's your step-by-step Slayer playlist

Can’t believe I’m going to say this but this list is right on the money
Killin' me..... can't go to their last tour!!!!
Black Magic Title track Raining Blood Title track Title track Dittohead Desire Threshold Jihad Title track Take Control
Black Magic Hell Awaits Angel of Death South of Heaven Seasons in the Abyss Dittohead-213 GEMINI Perversions of Pain Disciple-New Faith-Payback CATATONIC Psycopathy Red Take Control
Tormentor Captor of Sin Kill Again Epidemic Ghosts of War War Ensemble Serenity in Murder Bitter Piece Gemini Disciple Fleshstorm Unit 731 Take Control
tom didn't write "AoD" lyrics, nor did he design the topical structure of 'christ illusion', though he did deliver it in his own inimitable style. so, regardless of the above points, it's tom i'll miss from the stage.
Spiritual Law and Bitter Peace are right on. Ill take Disciple and Payback over Bloodline
They all sound the same
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Post your rock and metal tattoos! 👇

Demon hunter
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This one is obvious

Of course he should. The Rock & Roll hall of fame doesn’t honour the deserving. Show me one single interview with a musician where they say that Bon Jovi was a huge influence on them, inspired them. They wouldn’t be where they are today without Living on a prayer. Probably doesn’t exist, but they were inducted.
And Lemmy/Dio
Tragic he’s not. But Madonna is. That’s even more alarming
Definitely!!!!!!!! Should've a long time ago! Better late than never though.
There shouldn’t even be a discussion about it. It should have been done a long time ago.
Yeah no shit.........problem is the worthless ,perspective less brain dead idiots in control of that very decision !! The rock n roll hall fame sucks and has for many of decade 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤙🏼✌🏼
He will never be in the hall of fame because he will never meet there stupid criteria to get in. He's too good to be in there anyways.
A long time ago it should have happened.
He’s not? Next What a stupid hall of fame indeed
Green Day is in for the massive contribution to music. Of course Randy Rhoads influence and accomplishments are not required
Does any take that seriously or gives AF about it these days ?
Duh. It should be named after him.
They inducted Madonna... is still "Hall of Shame" a thing?
Ya think.
Duh. Yeah
Carli Holland
Yes them dumbass
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Embrace the ultra-violence

Moloko Mesto by Sepultura
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Sativa in the morning, indica in the evening