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You're about to go out, but you need a boost...

Darryl Harrison Never Been Any Reason, Radar Love, Rocky Mountain Way! My Trifecta of songs that get me going! Mostly listen to Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, and Springsteen so a little change never hurt!
Marco Di Rosso London calling by the Clash, Start me up by the Stones, Bohemian like you by the dandy Warhols, Let's dance or China Girl by David Bowie, Hells Bells by Ac/Dc, Roxane by Police, I love rock n'roll by Joan Jett and the blackhearts...and many dépends on the party theme...;-))) fight for your right to party : Beastie boys !!! ;-)))
Christian Barfoed Ooh it changes - at the moment The Crickets version of "Calfiornia Sun", "Life in the fast Lane" The Eagles, Millie Jacksons version of "Kiss you all over" and "Rhythm of the street" Patti Austin
Richard Roberts Anything acdc. Not my favourite band. But never fails to get me going.
Daniel Jacob The sound of a knackered fridge being continuously opened and shut for 3 solid hours while my blind wife pretends to be a tawny owl. Dean Hayton.
Camilo Espinoza Holguin Girls, girls, girls and kickstart my heart by Motley crue. Turn of the radio by Autograph.
Alex Choi Nothin but a good time- poison
Philip Qvist Let there be rock - AC/DC Dont stop me now - Queen You Gotta Fight for your right to Party - Beastie Boys Smokin' - Boston
Gary Uzzell Hmm..... I Feel Love - Donna Summer Never Been To Texas - Power Of Dreams Flirtin' With Disaster - Molly Hatchet Beat It - Micheal Jackson Secret World - PG SOS - ABBA Sultans (live) - Dire Straits
Lisa Forcier Roadhouse blues the doors or most anything ozzy osbourne.
Chris Rush Jack White-I'm Shakin...Terrell-Shoutin' Ground.. R.L. Burnside-It's Bad Y'know... AC⚡DC -Beatin' Around The Bush.... (Guilty pleasure Bruno Mars-Uptown Funk)
Jordan Pickens Can't you hear me knockin' -The Rolling Stones
Greth D Ay Mas tequila or only one way to rock by sammy hagar
Eric Edwards Anything Andrew w k
Kevin Dodd "Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand "Go With The Flow" - Queens Of The Stone Age
George Stuart Donnelly Thin Lizzy - waiting for an alibi
Alistair McIntosh Paranoid by Sabbath as long as no one's talking bout me 😎
Dave Collins Beat Goes On/Switch Into Glide by The Kings and In A Big Country by Big Country
Kevin Wagner Nothin but a good time by Poison Me and my wine by Def Leppard Demon Alcohol by Ozzy Osbourne Passion rules the game by Scorpions Everybody wants some by Van Halen
Orville Conty "Rock & Roll All Nite" - KISS
Kayla Rae Rock of Ages, Def Leppard. Or Let's Get Rocked.
Antonis Antoniou Everything from the Cannibal Corpse catalogue. Some Motley Crue do well too
Arthur Graves Jr Prime Mover, Zodiac MindWarp Ain't Talkin Bout Love. Van Halen
Mark A. Verdin I could think of literally hundreds of songs but the very first one that popped into my mind is the very underrated "Let It Go" by Def Leppard!!!!
Maria Helena Matta After midnight (Clapton e Winwood) e White Limo (Foo Fighters).
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Classic Rock Magazine2 hours ago

TeamRock Radio is on Mixcloud. Follow the link to hear the latest shows from Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines...

Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine3 hours ago

An AC/DC picture book officially approved by Angus Young? Yes please...

Steve Torrens Lots of pictures of Angus with his gob wide open. I'll pass.
Patric Green And if you're Australian, it's free. I heard it down at the pub. On straya day. 😀
Brownie Lawmore If Axl is in.., I'm in 👌🏼😉🤘🏻
Jullian Vuitton Bastien Dv
Simon James Scrivens Anthony LewisJakk ScarlettScott Day
Nathan Anastassiou Greg McGrath
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Classic Rock Magazine4 hours ago

"There is a new track scheduled to be released, although I don’t know when."

J Thomas Gaffney How does he feel about Rainbow being associated with the LGBT movement?
Peter Haisley Ronnie dio was the best singer from rainbow to be honest all the singers was good rainbow never had a bad vocalist but its always been Ritchie blackmore's rainbow and always will be cant wait to hear the new track and possibly a new album 🤘
David Joe Cool now it's time for Ritchie to fire everyone in the band and start over again
Gertjan Moerkerk Please stop calling this "Rainbow"......after Ronnie there was and never will be Rainbow
Eddie Rossi I want Joe Lynn Turner back!!
Eren Santana Uluer Rainbow? Like Ritchie and Dio Rainbow?
Juanca Ravelo Si es tan buena como la versión de I surrender... mejor déjalo
Al Plant That boy good
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Classic Rock Magazine5 hours ago

“We try to have as much fun as possible and sometimes that connects and sometimes it probably doesn’t."

Jay Rusovich These guys are true professionals: They're always exploring new material. They show up on time. They ALWAYS perform well. They are active on social media. And they really care about their fans.
Humberto Valenzuela Lopez METALLICA IS DEAD, SINCE 1986.
Steve Golder Metallica - up for an award as 'ugliest band ever'? lol
Joe Flores Great tour this summer
Carl Lush Used to be a huge fan, not anymore!
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Classic Rock Magazine6 hours ago

The third Ramblin' Man Fair kicks off in Maidstone this Friday, and we'll be down the front. Care to join us?

Rik Clark Not 'arf, I'll be there 😀
Pete Runcieman Nah.... Off to Wales for Steelhouse instead
James Taylor how about getting Scorpions back next year
Amanda Hough Excited!
Mohammed Esam Kolak We are a poor family and ask the good people to help us
Loudwire25 ago

Album No. 3 from OTHERWISE coming up:

Ted Spence WOAH WHO CARES?!?
Andrea Mootz Reinhofer Rich Reinhofer
Loudwire55 ago

You better take out a life insurance policy before hitting this Cannibal Corpse tour.

Steven Matheny Seen power Trip open up for Anthrax and LOG, and gotta say, they are edgy
Andrew Sinclair For the love of god I thought it said "Cannibal Corpse teams up with Papa Roach"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Loudwire1 hour ago

Take a look at these Motionless In White tour dates and let us know which show you're going to.

Catherine Elizabeth Can you call it a North American tour when all the dates are in the US?
Greg Sickels That's a pretty strong show going on, MIW, Amity Affliction and Miss May I! Damn, I'd love to go see that.
Frank Napolitano Not really ready to Headline yet.
Ken O'Hanna I saw them live, pretty damn good
Chad Teeter Nah
Adam Luffman Where are the Canadian dates???? Not really a North American tour is it now
Erin Toles Saw them as an opening act and wasn't very impressed. I will pass.
Scott Clevenger
Chris Rangel
Sal Maldinado Cough Queer Cough Cough ....
Joseph Thomas So like not 1 Canadian date eh bummer
Beau Von Arx Now I know where to avoid 😂
Scott Clevenger
Doug Shaffer Russ Sedam wtf is it with these bands skipping Indy??
Grant Lewis VAGAINAFEST 2017!!!!! -explosion-
Marcos Zavala Jr.
Marcos Zavala Jr. Gaaaaayy????
Joe Ski who ???
Ken Farmer 🖕 no San Diego date
Mickey Callens Ill be at the 0ctober 32nd show
Jillian Tyre Hoping to make it to Orlando! 🎤 ✌
Trenton Hammond None they suck. How about this loudwire, promote better bands tours
Connie Bell San Antonio
Jesse Chatman 🖤🖤🖤Michigan VIP🖤🖤🖤
Keith Costine Non of them, what is this garbage.
Loudwire2 hours ago

Throughout their career, Official Motörhead dished out plenty of covers. It's all being assembled into one awesome package including a never-before-head David Bowie cover!

Steve Torrens Motörhead don't do good covers, to be honest. Enter Sandman was abysmal.
Joao Filipe Dos Santos AT LAST !!!! We're going to hear the Rockaway Beach cover that Wars shamefully unreleased on the Rob Zombie Ramones tribute ...
Joe Ski keeping the motorhead ca$h cow alive
Ryan O'Kane Didnt they do a cover of shoot em down by twisted sister? Lol.
Simo Dacanay Never-before-WHAT?
Christian Payne-Boucher Loudwire Never before HEAD?
John Pelfrey Cool
Anthony Russler Jamie Kay Russler! I need!
Michael Belyan Jason Richard Jackson 🙌
Arjen van der Velde Matthys van der Velde
Lewis Noble James Van-Gowler
Loudwire2 hours ago

A rare case of "Get ON my lawn!" Would you stop to listen to some FREE METAL?

Theresa Klonaski Surely I would stop. It will be the 1st live concert I would see in my 32yrs. I wish I had neighbors like him!! Amazing!!
Caleb Tucker Alek Eivins Eolia wants free metal
Isabella Chiarelli I'd bring my lawn chair and a 12 pack for him and I. Play away, dude.
Thomas Timmer No.. If i wanted to listen to it i would listen to the album. How does playin someone elses music make them a hero??.. Take your meds and go inside and play your cover song.. Incomming clueless fanboy replys.
John T Proffitt No. i would go grab my equipment and start jammin' with the dude
Michael Waddell Hell yeah I'd stop to listen! Dustin Mortimer Anthony Aye-bird what about y'all?
Peter Titus Seek and destroy is gonna turn into cease and desist as soon as the band finds out.
Francisco Silva Luis Santana a falar de seek and destroy e hoje aparece isto xD
Rob Maycroft Reminds me of Justin Longs character from the movie, The Sasquatch Gang.
Logan Vowell Not all heros wear a cape....but this hero does!
Jakob Bramm Jensen Christian det kunne være man skulle få det lært og så stille sig op i haven 🤘🏻
Indalecio Javier Flores Arocha Needs more cowbell.
Tony Fresia I would totally. Get a drum set out and go jam with him.
Gerardo Daniel Martinez Cruz I'd probably gather a bunch of people and start a mosh pit
Cory Larson This is awesome. Until the cops or Lars stops him.
Thomas Petzold Nils Klement ^^ einfach herrlich dieser Typ ^^
Hilbert Zijlstra I'm sure this story began with an angry mom. GTFO!!!
Sara Horseman Ben Harrison you need to do this! Dave Meek
Joe Ski what's the amp plugged into ??
Jeremie Biery Hell yeah!
Barry Or better than Linkin Park
Derek C Mendez Not all heros where shirts!! \,,/ >___< \,,/
Rogelio Sandoval Saavedra Respect!
Emilee Kennedy Rowan Maclean 🤣
Brian Barksdale Better than f'n country.
Loudwire3 hours ago

Periphery honor the late Linkin Park singer:

James Allen Spencer has the voice of an angel
Jordan Galdeano Lilian Galdeano ils auraient mieux fait de s'abstenir, la belle belle grosse daube 😆
Ann Swantek
Tina Dalton
Jon Saperstein Beautiful cover.
Tia Wright Saw them way back in the day 🙂
Hayley Kozlowski Adam Adelman
Jenny Garcia Gerardo D Espinoza
Macoy Manglapus Wom Wom
Dale Kershaw Ben Anthony Firth DUDE
Kyle Lino Nick Carico Annalynn White
Matt Garner Julie
Robin Dreier Nils Teckentrup
George Neller Crystal Lima
Tommy J Dapron Joe Maassen
Jonathan Maltman Ben Fillingham
Jessica Whitfield Alex Capper
Joshua Holt Amanda Savell
Ashley Godzala Abraham Rendon
Jenna Guerrero Abraham Guerrero
Max Speil Joe Miller Leo Grandinetti III
Quinton Armstrong Kevin Wallace
Kelly Beiersdorfer-Rojas Sean Beiersdorfer
Pedro Zanatta Vasquinho Bruno Sayão
Lori Pepper Janelle Pepper