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"I don’t think it’s crazy, no” Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

The greatest live recording ever ever
Epic. Still played by Steve, his band and the underrated, by many Genesis 'fans', Ray Wilson.
Was fortunate enough to them play it live. Still play it frequently.
Once this song gets in your head it never leaves.
Not just "a song".
Via newspapers.
My favourite Genesis song.
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The path of true love never runs smoothly, and a rock'n'roll wedding is almost certain to hit the odd bump along the way...

Sundried tomatoes
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It’s difficult not to wonder how significant Swan Song would have become had Led Zeppelin actually finished it...

Sounded good on the Firm album
Over rated...
I believe the Swan song demo will make it onto The Firm reissue which I'm sures not to far behind the rereleases. If you haven't heard 10 ribs and all/ Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) from the Presence reissue, you should Def check it out. It had way more promise than swan song I believe
Like jacking off and not finishing...
That's right, Andrew!!
Bartek Lewandowski
Aman Sharma
Mike Walmsleyy
Crash Course CH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZSboo4LgeI
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"Over the span of my career, I was focused on guitar for a very short, concentrated period of time. Then I became much more interested in singers and songwriter” - Richie Kotzen

Realmente a influência R&B vem de longe....
Erik Schiavo
Thiago Oliveira
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The great Johnny Winter was born today in 1944. Here, Charles Shaar-Murray sifts for gold amongst the blues...

...and live,...Captured live, 2 of the greatest live albums of all time.
Saw him @ Ann Arbor Blues Festival...it was great...threw joints out to audience...& everyone was passing around bottles of wine...wow...those were the good ole days ☮️❤️🎶🇺🇸🎼
Saw him three times as an opening act for different bands, blew each and everyone of them offf the stage. Grreat
What a great player, saw him a number of times over the years both at his beginning and towards the end, always great.....
I was fortunate to see Johnny Winter and his brother Edgar Winter perform. One of the sets that they did Tobacco Road still stays with me till this day and gives me goosebumps!
Where is Johnny Winter And/Live? I would also add Saints and Sinners, Captured Live and Live at the Fillmore East.
Got to see him about 6 years ago.in Ft.Lau. great show. Rock on !!
"Nothin' but the Blues"
Shortly before he died
Jason Morris
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Slayer: The early years...

Say what you want about Slayer these days but come on, look at their history. They are a legendary band who influence countless people. Classic albums, the best riffs and they remained consistent and never changed. Respect.
They had a great run of classic albums. Especially with the original lineup. And were a monster live band. But it’s time to hang it up.
Spirit In Black is their best song EVER! Prove me wrong....😬
The Masters of Thrash Metal.
Crash Course CH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjRmFavMhvY
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It's been 4316 days...

We're not even halfway, guys
All you silly people waiting on new Tool should be seeking out other awesome bands in the meantime. If you want something that sounds quite similar to Tool, then try out the band Source! https://youtu.be/M_l6iPgycWg
Just 5684 days to go.
Tool sucks!
2033 and well have a new album
Cachi, Daniel
aaaand counting.
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Awwwwwwfully brutal

Linda Zegers 😂
Catriona Sheppard
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Guess the lyric: 🏠✏️⛰️🔝☀️🙌

At home Drawing pictures Of mountain tops With him on top Lemon yellow sun Arms raised in a V -pearl jam
I've been to the muthafuckin' mountain top, heard muthafuckahs talk, seen 'em drop. 😄
I cum blood
HAPPY RUSEV DAY!!! Is the lyric, I say
At home, drawing pictures of mountain tops, with him on top. Lemon yellow sun, arms raised in a "v"
Every memory of walking out the front door I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for It's hard to say it, time to say it Goodbye, goodbye.
House pencil mountain top sun two hands
The dead lay in pools of maroon blood
I'm getting Pearl Jam's Jeremy. How's everyone getting House of the Rising Sun?
Not really sure what he was doing with her, but those hands tell me he ended up getting the clap.
I'm on the top of the world looking.. 🎶 ..brings back my childhood..
On top of old Smokey, all covered with cheese.
I'm all about that bass, that bass, no treble.
I got my penis stuck in the pencil sharpener at home.
There is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll!
Ain't nothing, but a G thang, baybehhh! Two locked out niggaz going crayzehhh!
The dead lay in pools of maroon below
A house drawing the tops of mountains on the sun with 2 hands
"Drawing a house on the top of a mountain while my hands are burnt by the sun"
House pencil mountain top sun palms?
Hey, heyyyyyyyyyy, I wanna be a rockstar.
"Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy"😂😂
Toot toot, chugga chugga, big red car......
The Animals-House of the rising sun ☀️
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This is a 👩🍆✉️

This is a girl eggplant envelope? Catchy! I like it! Seriously though I'd say there is a few misses on this list but absolutely nailed nygstdf for the top song
This is a mother brinjal invitation?
My Top Ten 🤘 -Set To Fail -Laid To Rest -Now You've Got Something To Die For -11th Hour -The Passing -Straight For The Sun -Hourglass -Black Label -Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard -Redneck
This is a Mother Eggplant Invitation!
My top ten 1. 512 2. Laid to Rest 3. Black Label 4. Ruin 5. Walk With Me In Hell 6. Omerta 7. Hourglass 8. Engage The Fear Machine 9. Ghost Walking 10. Now You've Got Something To Die For
1. Blacken the Cursed Sun 2. In Your Words 3. 512 4. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For 5. Omerta 6. Descending 7. Laid to Rest 8. Ruin 9. The Faded Line 10. More Time to Kill
1-walk with me in hell 2-embers 3-descending 4-blacken the cursed sun 5 - ghost walking 6-dead seeds 7-ruin 8-512 9-redneck 10- omerta
My top 10 log song: - walk with me in hell -laid to Rest -now u ve got sth to die for - desolation -said to fail -Grace -Black label -Hourglass -Redneck -11hrs
Oh my top ten is basically from Sturm Und Drang only: 1: Embers 2: 512 3: Overlord 4: Omerta 5: Torches 6: Still Echoes 7: Beating on Death's Door 8: Erase This 9: More Time to kill 10: Straight for the sun / King me
Women aubergine letter is my favourite Lamb of God song. When they play it live the wall of death is epic.
So a girl is upset because my penis is stationary? Buh? Half-Life 3 confirmed?
Insurrection better be on this list.
this is like a blow job in the mail?
My top ten in no particular order: 11th Hour Ruin For Your Malice Descending The Faded Line Black Label Redneck Now You’ve Got Something To Die For Laid To Rest Walk With Me In Hell Omerta
Completely subjective list, but not mentioning anything from the last album is sinful.
Hourglass and Remorse is for the Dead.
In your words
Great songs but defiantly not my top 10 from LOG
But all of them are
No hourglass ? Should've been #1 imo
What I've Become \m/
king me
Puti puerca?
Wwmih too low fam
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Who knew?

These guys are so underrated in my opinion.
Legitimately shocked at how few people are shitting on him in the thread. Maybe there is hope for metal dudes.
Really like this dude. I hated Sevendust for years, could never get into them. Then I saw them by chance at a local rock fest, and seriously got goosebumps from the energy. He's a badass.
Before I read the post I thought, "what the hell is coolio doing in Loudwire?" 😂😂
Great live band
Awesome performer and great band
He likes to ride bicycle before some shows.Met him on his bike years ago on the streets of Fargo,ND.Very nice guy.Love him and his vocals!SEVENDUST RULES!
Who knew he was actually related to Reese Witherspoon
I met him once. Really nice guy. Got his autograph, but I have no idea where it is. It was cool, too, because I met him randomly in Buckhead in Atlanta. It wasn’t like a signing or anything.
Great live performer!
Nothing really surprising about this list except maybe Adam Lambert, but to each his own. I love this guy and his band.
Has a house in Overland Park. KS. cool dude, humble too
Met him a couple times, the whole band were great. Took my kids, sevendust hung out with my kids like they long time friends.
What a stupid overly obvious article, duh.
Wait.... he's black? Never knew that
There's only like 2 things I do know about him
Need to tour UK it has been ages and I mean ages!!!!!
Here's the 11th thing you didn't know.....He's got a thing for strawberry blondes. Kym Gandy Jinks
Who cares?
Jerry Sandbothe, glad we got to see this guy and his band
Shane maybe you know all this but wth
James M. Gillespie Jr.
Ashley Notgrass
Oh. That he was a black dude. What?! Had no idea.