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For every huge hit there's an unsung classic. And here are the very best of them…

Heart of a lion, Eat me alive, Leather rebel, The rage, You dont have to be old to be wise, Hard as iron, Dead meat, Bullet train, I'm a rocker, One shot at glory...
Diamond and rust
Desert Plains has always been a favorite of mine... Love that tune. Definitely some great tracks listed.
Mmmmm...opinions are like....some good song choices there but there's plenty of others that could be nominated!
Desert Plains and Riding on the Wind are two of my favorite Priest songs.
Riding on the wind,touch of evil,eat me alive,metal meltdown,all guns blazing,love bites,grinder,wheels of fire,deal with the devil,devils child.
I say lochness
I would add Solar Angels, Fever, and Diamonds and Rust.
The sentinel definitely belongs on this list.
I'd have put Bloodstone in there. Always one of my favourites. I marked out when they played it at Bloodstock.
Good collection of songs. But I nominate 10 songs from the Ripper era instead.
Almost every Priest song is underrated aside from their 4 or 5 hits that get play on classic rock stations.
Raw Deal is probably one of the most roots hard rock songs ever written. Should be on the list, although most of these deserve to be here. I thought The Sentinel had enough popularity already though. 🤷‍♂️
One On One from the Ripper era!
"Starbreaker" is a underrated song i think.
Saints are in hell \m/
Riding on the wind is not unsung.
Heroes end should be on there!!
A lot of their 70’s stuff are awesome
No Heart of a Lion?
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We talk to the photographers who shoot rock's biggest stars.

Who gives a shit about horrible Metallica?
Ken Settle They should have talked to You!! You're a Legend when it comes to Concert Photographers!!! <3
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Whack on Dick Dale’s Misirlou. Everything you need to know about what makes surf so cool is right there in those grooves.

""" Link Wray , cool guitarist .......
Surf rock was just a fad that was effectively over by '65. It only lasted a few years. There's only so many songs you can write about surfing, hot-rods and girls
Pulp Fiction wouldn't have been the same without Misirlou opening the movie.
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Absolute madness (from Guitar World)

Wagu. Ari kayakuwe tah suka genah maen piano atawa kibor oh. Nyiksa dewek ♪
Lets face it it's a harp nothing cool about a harp he can have it lol
Love this guy's Youtube channel, highly recommended for music-related laughs 😂
Love this guy. His humour is, shall we say - an acquired taste, but he is one hell of a guitarist!
Like to see him do a bar chord..
Gagoooo! sinong ululin nito..ihampas ko sau yan nakita mu
Djared : I have 18 string guitar!! Stevie : I have 20 string guitar!! Rob : .............. i have berimbau, harp, sitar, ukulele
It’s a guitar with 14 strings of the brown note, hence the color
It reminds me of that giant piano in the movie ‘Big’. He should just lay it on the floor and tap dance on it.
I got carpal tunnel from looking at this picture.
Not sure even Steve Vai could get his hand around that neck!
Sounds awful.....six have been enough for years.....
I’ve seen these at Berklee and they look so worthless
That’s not a guitar, maybe an harp.
So many strings and short of fingers.
John Petrucci be like : *heavy breathing*
So many ads on page video kept freezing up. Not worth it
This reminded me of Cheap Trick.
Can't imagine Janick Gers flipping that around his body 😉
He's great, but the only Djent king I need is daddy dines.
20 strings and STILL needs a capo! 😂
That thing is ridiculous..
Your website is cancer on mobile. That is all.
Fucking Djent. At this point though, isn't it a Zither?
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Today's Big Question is from Troy Downey, who asks, "We all know the standard best lyricist in rock list: Lennon and McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, etc. etc. So, who is the best lyricist in hard rock/heavy metal? My money is on Neil Fallon of...

Love him or hate him Axl Rose is a damn good song writer.
Steve Harris - and Bruce Dickinson
Neil Peart, if you count prog rock as hard rock. Personally, I would say Neil Peart, period, across all genres.
There's plenty but Geezer Butler is one of the best
Bon Scott could tell a good tale
Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. Whenever in Thin Lizzy with the music being incredible, or if it needed to be worked on a little, such as some of the songs on Renegade, I have yet to ever hear a bad lyric written by him. Even the lyrics he wrote for the first 3 T.L albums are very strong.
Perhaps not exactly hard rock but Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull is quite simply one of the best lyricists of all genres of music. Fantastic storytelling, a bit of a message and a subtle sense of humour. Brilliant!
James Hetfield of Metallica, no doubt about it!
Chris Cornell Jerry Cantrell
Phil Mogg in his prime
Neil Peart Robert Plant Steve Harris Jerry Cantrell
Hands Down Myles Kennedy.
Hard rock? Pete Townshend, and it isn't even close.
I'm not even a big Iron Maidan fan but Bruce Dickinson is amazing
Not David Coverdale. Every Whitesnake song is about women.
Phil lynott of thin Lizzy.
Bon Scott and The Young Brothers.
Phil anselmo when he was in pantera in the early days, cemetery gates is a beautiful song
Tool's Maynard James Keenan
Neil Fallon is absolutely tremendous, I mean who the hell else could write a hit Rock song which is actually a recipe for Crab Cakes!? Brilliant!
Martin Walkyier of Skyclad/Sabbat. Great lyrics!
Steve Harris, geezer butler, Lemmy wrote some good songs aswell
Ronnie James Dio. Not only for his own work with Sabbath, Rainbow, and Dio but he was hugely influential to others as well. If it's got wizards, queens, or - of course - rainbows, thank Dio.
Brent Smith from Shinedown
I’d have to say either Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy or the massively underrated Wishbone Ash. Some great lyrics on Argus.
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The Status Quo frontman reflects on his relationship with Rick Parfitt.

A reader from Brazil here... is "had became" grammatically correct?
That band has been a caricature of itself for the last 40 years, he's got no room to talk. They should have hung it up long ago.
Sometimes you're better saying nothing Rossi. Apart from abit of media exposure what are you hoping to achieve?
Am I the only one who actually read the article? The headline is misleading. Not the best choice of words from Rossi for sure, but the overall quote is one of caring for his late bandmate.
As someone who listened to Quo every day in my teens, and who viewed them as some of my boyhood heroes, this is very sad to read. Why not say it when he was alive so he could defend himself? Apparently Francis Rossi is rumoured to be a nasty piece of work, and this does nothing to disprove that view...
Quo were a great band but it all turned to shit with Rocking All Over The World and onwards. I'll stick to listening to my Quo Live album.
As a yank showing up late to the phenomenon known as Status Quo, I have to believe that regardless of what has or hasn't happened or what's been said or hasn't been said, that Rossi misses Rick more than he's given credit for. Some people just don't have that emotion gene and some people couldn't show it even if they do. Not waving the flag for anyone, one way or the other, just saying that after 50 years, he's dealing with the loss along with everyone else :-/
I think these remarks were totally taken out of context and Francis would not have been putting Rick down in any way.
Does this guy have a nice thing to say about ANYBODY?
Ginger Baker Uh oh he’s turned into Ginger
In the 1970's, Status Quo were a genuinely great band. Now, Francis Rossi is just a bitter old man and it's just tiresome to listen to.
I don't like the way Francis is comming out with this stuff now( I m sure they loved each other best to keep quiet Francis at least until you finish with music / Rick seemed to be liked by everyone in the business) Francis has gone down in my estimation
Take a look at Rick,s lick library DVD, a pleasant down to earth guy at the top of his game, showing you how to play quo,s songs. Whatever you want now Rossi looks like its gone pear shaped for you. RIP Rick simply the best guitarist.
Parfitt always seemed the better cooler person. Rossi bragged he hadn't cried when he past....why he still drags the Quo around now, show some respect, leave it be.
Alot of mixed feelings about Rossi after Rick Parfitts death. Though I've heard his new book properly addresses things and is a brilliant read. Also going to his 'Evening with..' tour in May, so will be interesting to see what he says then. Will always be a Quo fan. The band that made me pick up the guitar 🎸🤘🏼
Seems brutally honest and bitter at the same time, not sure about the timing of it either. I think Rossi is a vastly underrated guitarist who has lost his fire as well as a 'best' friend.
What a vile thing to say. Despicable!
Read his autobiography at the weekend. I think he provides a candid view of the complexities of his relationships with the original Quo members. It's not quite all bitterness and put-downs.
I could never tell the difference between Rick Parfitt and David St Hubbins
I feared the worst, but if you read the piece it is actually not that bad. A bit of context is needed.
Well that makes him look cheap and nasty
In their early days they were a bit experimental. Pictures Of Matchstick Men is a trip!
The Quo was Parfitt and Rossi..Why he is still carrying on? I would have respected him more if he had wound the band up..
I've re-sent it back to you..... just to annoy you...... 😂
Rick Parfitt will always be a icon! So sad when he passed, lost a real rock star
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Thankfully, Slayer have abandoned the full-spandex outfits.

"Make me rethink" how? Why would I give a shit what they sounded like when they started, Everyone starts somewhere it's not always great
Nirvana was NOT a thrash band
Christi Lewis
Halestorm has some sick demos from before they signed to Atlantic. Many are available on Youtube! My favs are Pieces and Rose In December ⛈
Slayer was amazing back then, and now
Thankfully? Nah, bring it back.
Simon Proulx Christian Allard
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UPDATE: Slipknot's Corey Taylor breaks silence on Chris Fehn

What does the singer of Stone Sour think about this?
He Broke a 1 day silent period?
Sucks and Fehn was awesome but one thing is for sure....Corey cannot handle doing all the screams live anymore (which is understandable) and Fehn has always been a great back up screamer/energy source. They will have to address that issue. Don’t know what really happened but Fehn’s presence will be missed.
When you realize 1,2 and 3 are gone from Slipknot... ill say this, if paul was still alive today Joey and chris would still be in the band. That goes to show the influence paul gray had not as a bandmate but as a person in these guys lives. Paul wouldve figured something out and talked things out. Cause he pretty much seemed like he was the peacemaker in the band.
"breaks silence"
But what does Corey Taylor think about what Corey Taylor thinks about what Corey Taylor thinks?
Who gives a shit, Slipknot have not put out anything good since Iowa
Did anyone else read Corey's tweets in his voice?
this band is nothing but garbage ,corey taylor is nothing but garbage !!!
How about he tell us why Joey Jordison was fired.....
I was going to stay quiet, but if Anders does come back he better wear something else besides tape.
Chris is replaceable and I guarantee he just got greedy. Corey and Shawn have other ways of making money, and Chris barely contributed anything to Slipknot at all. Just bring back Anders and put him on percussion
I was beginning to wonder what Corey Taylor was thinking 🙄
Corey Taylor and "Breaks silence" should never be used in the same sentence . Corey ALWAYS has an opinion on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE....
Well if I wasnt being equally paid I'd be pissed off too
Man this was just not handled well. Fehn shoyld have known better and just talked to the guys instead of go public. Idk if they'll make amends, i mean band members fight i get that, i just hope this wasn't bad enough that they won't be able to work together.
Fehn is replaceable. End of story. Most likely will have someone playing back stage like they had when Paul passed for the upcoming tour.
Are Corey and Clown gonna change their story over and over till Chris finally says something?
But what does Chris Fehn think?
Corey and Shawn both Branched off and made money by other means which of course made them more wealthy when you think about who contributes what Chris really didn’t do much
finally some news related to corey taylor!!!!
Strange how Corey was both the first to break the issue as well as the one to “break the silence” in the same statement.
Corey Taylor is not one to make himself look foolish. If he is gonna make these statements, I'm gonna figure he knows what hes talking about
Was about to ask what he thought about the situation...
So, am I the only one who reads Corey Taylor’s tweets in his voice?
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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: Why "Peace Sells" not on Greatest Hits:

Because who's gonna buy it?
Idk I think he makes a point I always skip over peace sells and symphony because I've heard them so many times. Megadeth is my favorite band I think Dave is doing something smart here. He is weeding out real fans from the ones who have just heard holy wars,peace sells,and symphony. Megadeth has an extensive catalogue and I think there are so many songs in it that are way better than the 3 previously mentioned songs.
Peace Sells should be on it that'd be like leaving Master of Puppets off Metallica's greatest hits.
Love this band but this guy is whacky thinking someone is evil by making a guitar sound a different way lmao
Can't hear that song without hearing: "MTV News. You hear it First."
Yeah, its a great hit. Wtf? If I wanted to hear the newer different stuff I wouldn't buy a greatest hits album.
Peace sells is easily they’re best album
You will never make everybody happy at once. We all have different favorites, so, maybe they should either, make the greatest hits with the top grossing songs in order from lowest to highest in the allotted size for a CD, or, just let them pick their own favorite songs they think are the greatest. Could just go all out with a 2 disc set, and most people will be pleased.
Just buy the capital punishment comp from before Dave went all born again. It's on there and all the classics
Check capital punishment or any of the other greatest hit albums...
Of course we have ALL heard Peace Sells. That’s why it would be in a greatest hits album. 🤦‍♂️ Mustaine has been hanging out with Alex Jones too much. 😂
Just listen to the discography... most of their songs are awesome aside from most of risk and supercollider
Greatest hits albums are trash.
It’s the second worst song on that amazing album
That’s a sin, that’s one of their best songs.
I also put my thumb over the neck to play the bass note, Which i was told is wrong. So cool to hear that dave does this too! 😎🤘
Not really a greatest hits then isit....
I never buy greatest hits album unless it's by a band I don't like their full albums.
Personally, I'd take Good Mourning/Black Friday over it, but to each their own. The song, In My Darkest Hour, and Holy Wars are their calling cards to many of their truest fans, but many Megadeth purists would look at it like Slayer doing a greatest hits & leaving out Seasons in the Abyss or Pantera leaving out This Love but they've also had 15 albums and 114ish songs, so it's a BIT to pick from. It's a biggie song in their careers though, so i can see it from both ends. To me it's their Enter Sandman and I've heard it 10,000 times, plus it's also much shorter with slow verses so I've heard it enough and the riffs aren't memorable, so I'd prefer tracks with better riffs than a song with 12 lines which were the political version of Twisted Sister's, 'We're Not Gonna Take It', but again, to each their own. That album had some excellent songs though, excellent guitar-work too, hence why I'd have picked GM/BF. (Though if given a choice, I'd rather heart PS...BWB over Wanderlust)
just by the actually album greatest hits cds are normally not that good
But public enemy no1 is in it.....
Megadeth puts out greatest hits cd... omits it’s greatest hit 😂
Personally I look at the warheads on foreheads as just an updated version of set the world afire. And thusly a waste of money. If you’re just getting into megadeth then it might be worth buying because it adds tracks from like United abominations to now but if you already where a fan then you probably already owned their previous albums OR if you where just getting into the band then you probably already own set the word a flame and the albums released after so...why buy?
I hate greatest hits albums for real
It’s not!?!??? Oh wait, I’ve had all their golden era albums for decades so I don’t care
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Unlike Maroon 5 and the Imagine Dragons, Nickelback do have some songs that really rock. Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons are bland pop garbage, nothing rocks about either of those 2 groups.
Here's an updated one
Edit:holy mother of God that's a lot of likes and reactions
I am unashamed to say that I like quite a bit of Nicklebacks catalogue of music... Silver Side Up all the way through Dark Horse had some rocking tunes on them...
Most of nickelback's songs are harder than stone sour tho...
Loudwires meme game is weak AF.
Wonder what corey taylor thinks of this meme?
God even hates Nickleback!
Nickelback is amazing. They really rock and they do an amazing LIVE show like few bands do today. Feed The Machine, their last album? Was really good and going back to their roots.
Corey's so punchable and such a shit musician. Nickelback are far better. Dgaf what people think of my opinion.
Corey Taylor should drink a nice cold glass of bleach.
Is it still Corey Taylor after he got the shit slapped out of him and taken down though?
Pft. 😛 Nickelback & Maroon 5 are damn good.
This is about as weak as the tank playing tennis
surprised Loudwire wasnt highly offended by this meme given their pop behavior
Sometimes i wonder if in the comment section of *insert name of pop/rap music fb page* people bash artists of those genres.
But what does Fraser Anning think?
You need to add Chris Fehn too XD
So loudwire can meme fr
Corey Taylor did do so well
Maroon 5, Nickelback, & Imagine Dragons are nothing but bands. Slipknot is one of the nu metal bands in 00s.
Well I Do actually like Imagine Dragons, but Maroon 5 and Nickelback I’ll pass...😅
What will Corey Taylor say?
Okay loudwire, we get it you guys love Corey Taylor
He's an Australian senator, and slapped the taste out of that kid's mouth, following this photo. Is that the point you're making about those bands toward Corey Taylor..?
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RIP: Former Ozzy Osbourne Guitarist Bernie Torme Dead at 66

R.I.P. Bernie, Ozzy's gonna outlive them all
I don’t believe anyone from my generation has ever mentioned his name including myself. It’s always Randy Roads and Zack Wild That take most of the credit when it comes to Ozzy
Why is he always referred to as Ozzy's former guitarist, there was much more to this guy than that brief ten day stint with Osbourne, he will be sadly missed.
He did two shows for Ozzy! Try to remember that he was the guitarist for Gillan!
Quit with the Ozzy guitarist bullshit. 2 weeks doesn't cut it in my book
Former Ozzy guitarist? Really? It was for 10 days.
Rip to a great guitarist he’s with randy now
Didn't even know the guy until now... his name deserves to be mentioned alongside Randy Rhoads & Zakk Wylde 😔🙏
Black Sabbath has 74 former band members
Legend, filled in under very difficult circumstances.
I saw Bernie with Ozzy after Randy died. Just read an article on him,so sad.RIP..
Sam Nutt this is the guy we thought was RR when we watched that one live video a while back
I saw Jake e Lee in concert 2weeks ago. The audience was mostly fifties and sixties age
RIP, Bernie. Died one day before his birthday.
Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family rest in peace
He dies a day before Randy Rhoads died. Guy will never get the credit and thanks he deserves for stepping into a very difficult situation for a very short time.
he played like 5 gigs with him, i don't think that qualifies as 'Former Ozzy Guitarist' RIP
This is becoming an all too common event. It seems like we are losing the great rockers on a daily basis.
The heavens are taking all the greats. Soon nothing but rap rocks. Can only imagine the songs created above. Rip
I was scared you were telling us OZZY died!
Sad died day before his birthday....happy birthday in heaven
We had the same birthday. Let your soul fly
RIP PEACE BERNIE, you are with Good company up there
March 18th. Randy died on this date too.
Ironic he died one day before Randy's last show 🙁
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JUST IN: Myspace accidentally delete 50 million songs

Maybe it happened ten years ago, and someone just logged on and found out?!
Myspace still exists?
Oh no! I'm sure all 4 people who still use it will be devastated! 🙄
I loved myspace. A lot less stressful and political.
JUST IN: No one is using MySpace to push their music
I thought MySpace itself had been deleted...
Is it 2006 again? 🤔
I still use MySpace and those were my 50 million songs 😢
I'm sure the two people on MySpace are really disappointed...
I miss Myspace, was better than this shit.
Who cares nobody uses myspace. I miss myspace though. Hardest part is to pick your top8 featured friends 😂
DAMMIT TOM! I thought you were our friend!
So why Metallica on the cover?
I remember MySpace... it replaced the rotary phone
"Gotta get relevant somehow..good or bad, PR is PR!" - Myspace 😂
Didnt even know MySpace was still a thing!?
Myspace? 😂 Tom I thought we was cool bro?
There was actually a lot of obscure stuff on MySpace so whatever wasn't archived is possibly lost forever
This is the funniest shit I’ve read all year!
I couldn't even get the MySpace music player to play the songs last time I was on a MySpace music page. I have gone back to listen to old underground bands or to hear my old band's stuff all over again but that's about it.
MySpace was the only social media I ever gave a shit about and now its lost everything that was great about it.
Does Myspace realize that Myspace still exists?
Why does this matter as I don't know anyone using myspace?? LOL
People still use MySpace?
Man.. I remember my profile.. I miss MySpace tbh