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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons on Texas, Southern rock and pretty girls...

Clynn Howard Lee ZZ Top and chicken farms still rule'
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What happened when Queen went to Budapest...

Richard Polden Cliff toured Russia in 1976. He also toured Sth Africa during the Apartheid era, under the proviso that ANYONE could attend. I think that is also a story worth revisiting. I am sure Freddie and Brian would agree.....you're welcome...I'll show myself out..
Bradey Saraceni awesome article
Edson Pacheco Everyone had an eargasm. Nuff said.
Larry Phelps So did the scorpions
Tim Morin Behind the Iron Curtin
Tim Morin So did Iron Maiden
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We asked Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament to walk us through some of the key albums in his career, and he was kind enough to oblige…

Paul Durham Everything after 'Ten'... Meh
Todd Bushie Green River
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“We lived for a few days on a ranch, where Mick and I wrote Country Honk sitting on a veranda like cowboys, thinking ourselves in Texas" - The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards.

Efriam A. Garza Great damn song!
Brandon Kirk I really like the Let It Bleed version.
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"I had never heard metal before, but I recall thinking when it came on, 'What is this? How come nobody told me about metal before? I love it!'. - Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss

Maxwell Martello See, she belongs to a latter iteration of shredders, so she is unashamed to list deliberately shredful albums! I appreciate this. The first iteration of metal shredders always list the same records. Some Hendrixian stuff (either the original, Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Uli Roth or all of the above), some Blackmorian stuff (as in prime movers in melting Bach and metal such as Blackmore himself, Michael Schenker or, again, Uli Roth) and some hard blues stuff such as Clapton when he was in Cream. Oh, and of course they never forget to put the first Van Halen in the lot. It's good to read something different.
Manuel Alejandro Batista Gutiérrez I love Nita. She's such an underrated modern guitarist. I believe her status as a touring guitarist is such a waste! With Alice, the Star Breakers and The Iron Maidens, she's playing somebody else's stuff. Masterfully, yes, but not her own. She needs exposure either in a band who write their own songs or as a solo artist. Right now she is in a supergroup called Westartwars, but they've only released one single so far, performed only a handful of shows and now the are on hold till Nita's schedule is clear. As much as I love Alice Cooper and I find the Iron Maidens admirable in their task of revitalizing overlooked Iron Maiden gems, I think guitarists like Nita and Courtney Cox need to shine with their own material. Nikki Stringfield is great as well. We got a whole new generation of female guitar players, and that needs to be encouraged. Women have long been stereotyped as either singers or bassists, and lately drummers.
Greg Petty Nita Strauss saw Saturday playing lead for Alice Cooper. Seen no better
John French Thank goodness for a fresh, diverse list. I was starting to think they just attached a new pic to the same old list.....
Niura Elisabeth Schwartz My Son and I saw Alice Cooper in concert, She is really good!
Eric Pigg "The great Marry Friedman". Never heard of her.
Stuart Gass Ortho was a great Cooper axe lady too!
David Cuthbertson Really nice list.
Marc Lykins
Constantinos Michalis Believe me....I really don`t believe you.
Jack Warszawski
Lynn Tabler-Rakowski She can shred ! Loved her in concert
Rick Mcgehee She is a great guitarist
Billy Pickett Listening to Alice and Miss Stauss at the moment.
Jeff Steffy She can shred that guitar!
William Erp I've heard her play kinda underrated if you ask me
Vince Marin Lame
Marcelo Mendes www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX6UuDmHGTo
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Today's Big Question comes from Joseph Iannuzzo, who wants to know about the most underrated song in your collection. What's that one song you think everyone should know about?

Muhammad Rezha Sudiar Rock Bottom by UFO. It has good composition, great dynamic, and also has the best guitar solo I've ever heard but no one talk about it.
Simon Wightman Anything by Thunder. Such an unappreciated band by the masses. Let's choose "Low life in high places".
Megan Beyers The entire Slang album by Def Leppard. Criminally underrated album.
Matthew Williams Caught in the Middle by Dio - most consider it to be the worst song on the Holy Diver album, but it's actually my favourite song of ALL TIME.
Christopher Pizzaia Anything by the Black Crowes. For me one of the most underrated bands in Rock.
Cory McCrindle So, so many songs by so, so many artists, BUT...the first one that sprang to mind was I Don't Need No Doctor (the live version from Rockin' the Fillmore) by Humble Pie. Such a great song that really kicks ass especially when the guitar comes back in after the slower section in the middle. Awesomeness!
Frank David King Ripples - from Genesis' Trick of the Tail CD. Gentle, supremely melodic.
Manuel Alejandro Batista Gutiérrez Night Prowler by AC/DC. The most soulful track on highway to hell and it's magnum opus, yet also a track that's never been performed live and was forever tarnished by the Richard Ramírez trials.
Damien McArdle Take me Away (Together as One) from Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album, it just builds and builds and Carmine Appice's drumming is phenomenal.
Jason Marques The entire soft parade album by the Doors. The band considered this album to be their worst, since Jim wasn't too interested in singing anymore. But it's a unique album in that all the Krieger written songs are jazzy in nature 😊😀
Dave Weitz KISS' universally panned "Music From The Elder" album. Paul Stanley said...it's a really good album, just not a good KISS album. I think it's loaded with great orchestration, solid songs, and strong musicianship
Stuart Hopkins That's very tricky; 4 'un-lauded' songs that immediately come to mind are Jigsaw by Marillion, Softer Ride or Backwater by Status Quo or Epitaph by Judas Priest.
Brendan Cummings Taking on the world/ Something worthwhile - Gun. Cult of personality - Living Colour. Blackout - Scorpions. All fired up - Pat Benatar. Stand my ground - Within Temptation. I hate myself for loving you - Joan Jett. Kiss me deadly - Lita Ford. Tears/Losing it - Rush. Fragile dreams - Anathema. Etc 🙂
Behzad Hashemi Entire Slaves and Master songs by Deep Purple. True master piece with magical voice of Joe Lynn Turner but totally underrated.
Logan Murdock The Live Version of "Seven Bridges Road" by the Eagles. One of their best, and not one I usually hear talked about when the band is brought up.
Paul Gibbinson Pretty much anything that Warrior Soul did on their first five albums ... how more people don't know their work is still a mystery to me ...
Jeff Jackson 25 or 6 to 4....one of the best guitar solos EVER!!!!
Steve Journey On The Hunt. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Why that was not a single, opr hit, or classic rock tune is beyond me.Just as good or better than their hit songs. It could easily be a Free classic. Sounds just like them.
Lee Kinder Every single song by Drivin n Cryin. Especially "let me down" and every song from the "Mystery Road" album.
Sonny Soprano WASP - The Crimson Idol. It came around the time when grunge music was on the up.
Chris Marchetti Surf's Up by Brian Wilson. Made at the peak of his brilliance, complex, and not just ahead of its time but outside of time entirely. Yet no one talks about it much and it isn't well remembered.
Noel Langford Hell Hole - Spinal Tap
Martin Bakner Rock Six Times - Starz (along with a few other tracks from the 'Violation' album)
Michael Morse "The Ballad of Crafty Jack" from Lone Star's Firing on all Six album from the late 70's. Both albums get played regularly.
Sharon Shoemaker Fletcher Gudermuth Too many to name all. Anything by Streets! Anything by/featuring Steve Walsh!!
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See how we ranked Limp Bizkit's albums from weakest to strongest:

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Get news on a Bruce Dickinson solo vinyl box set, casting in the Queen biopic, an Angels and Airwaves acoustic EP, Quicksand's next album and more in Wire-to-Wire:

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We remember Layne Staley on what would have been his 50th birthday with our picks for the 10 Best Alice in Chains Songs:

Jeff Mobley These are all radio songs and 2 AIC with no Layne. Where's A Little Bitter, We Die Young, What the Hell Have I, Sea of Sorrow, Angry Chair? This list sucks!!
Sheila Esmaili-Doki Nutshell, Dirt, Rain When I Die, Love, Hate, Love, Hate to Feel, Grind, Rotten Apple, Sludge Factory, Shame In You, Phantom Limb, Don't Follow, Choke, Private Hell, just a few of my favorites by the best band. Also, Cantrell's solo albums are phenomenal and incredibly underrated.
Ricky Shelton I don't hate the stuff after Layne, but none of the new shit should make it without "Bleed The Freak" being listed. This is a list of best songs to make radio play. "God Am" And "Bleed The Freak" are better than most songs on this list
Drew Sturge I Stay Away. Best AIC song. No Excuses a close second. Just my favorites though. They were a great band.
Samantha Henderson Given it's what would have been Layne Staley's 50th, I was expecting all Layne-era songs and think it would have been more respectful if it were. Having said that, I don't disagree with the Layne-era choices although if I could, I'd pick every single one of them.
Damien Freeman " Bleed The Freak".." Sea of Sorrow"..In fact every tune off of Facelift...What about "Over Now"? A late master piece but a masterpiece none the less..You could do this list 100 times and come up with a different result.
Dolf Marche Disagree with some of the top picks but nonetheless a great band. Hard to believe that Lane could be 50 this year. This is a reminder of how many lead singers and musicians we have lost from the "Grunge Age." Still so sad.
Tracy Bishop You can tell the person who made this list is just a casual AIC fan. None of those songs are in my top 10 list. Still love all those tunes though.
Aaron Phillips Down in a hole, sick man, bleed the freak, hate to feel, man in a box, rotten apple, love hate love, them bones, rooster, and I stay away (not in any particular order).
Paul Kinnard Down in a hole unplugged...the pain in his voice, so much emotion. Really that whole performance was so raw. But Dirt as a whole was my favorite.
Matt Mccuskey RIP brother
Shane Carner Man in the Box, Would, Rotten Apple, Nutshell, Shame In You, Rain When I Die, Rooster, Heaven Beside You, Grind, And My Oddball pick....Lesson Learned.
Maxime Bühler Antoine Wtf. No "rain when I die". And them bones and down in a hole are too low.
Kaylib Riggs Root God Am should've been on that list. Or Sludge Factory.
Jayson Mahaguay No excuses Nutshell Angry chair Them bones Man in the box
Jerred Wayne Boshears Love hate love, bleed the freak, sea of sorrow, down in a hole stand out the most for me but wow. To pick the top 10 is a task
Michael Fox Words can't describe how great AIC was. There whole catalog is gold.
Robert Zappa Am I Inside, and the 2nd version of the band shouldn't be on here at all.
Max Townson Wait a minute let me guess, they put Man in the Box at #1 right? 😂😂
Dave Wilson I jam them all day at work still... one of the best rock bands of all time
Abbigail Ann McCracken Bryan McCracken I love them so and so do you...I love them because you played them constantly throughout my childhood lol
Stephen Eckroth What do u mean the last time u saw k Layne was a week ago at a party at his house and u left your ounce of coke with him ?
George Longshaw Would by far the best song they ever did closely followed by phantom limb
Branden Carlisle Wow didnt think him and dimebag had close birthdays or was that close in age
Bigs Becnel Dam That River,Grind and Rain When I Die are just a few more that could've easily made this list...
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UPDATE: Looks like it was a skateboard accident that injured Mike Patton, but he's stitched up and making up the show tonight:

Adrien Schamus All hail mike Patton a god
Robert T McWhiney The f**k was he doing skateboarding? lol
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Which Black Sabbath album do you like better? Use the love emoji to vote for 'Master of Reality' and the wow emoji to vote for 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath':

Dave Thomas I love all Sabbath really, but Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was recorded kind'a "tinny" sounding, and Master Of Reality is awesome in all ways.
Lisa Trinco Raehm Tough call...love them both! 🤘🏻🎶 What about u Dave Sica?
Keith Patrick Wore out my cassette copy of "Master of Reality" while we smoked pot and played hackey sack under the willow tree! Good times, good times!
Tim Carden Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was the first Sabbath album I ever bought. I found the cassette in a supermarket bargain bin for like $2 or $3 back in 1989. I was 13 and that album was like magic to my teenage ears. My vote goes to SBS on this one.
Marcin Bera For me it's actually an easy contest as i think SBS is the most underestimated album and Master of Reality - of course I love but definitely not as much as most Sabbath fans.
Jason Brennan Another close race, but Master of Reality. My religion nut dad couldn't say anything bad about Sabbath after I gave him the lyrics to After Forever.
Phil Wright Both are great albums,Master Of Reality blew me away when it came out,I was young..so I might give it an edge,but when SBS came out.I was more music savy and the songs and musicianship on SBS are Stellar..the emoji thing doesn't work
Ken Johnson Though Master of Reality was my first album ever...Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is my most favorite album. But I do love all the original Sabbath albums.
Ivan Wwatts MoR is a heavier album, and SBS was more adventurous. So best songs Sweet Leaf or SBS ? SBS is one of my all time fav Sabs songs. so SBS gets my vote
Colin Attwood Sabbath Bloody Sabbath has some of the best vocals Ozzy has ever done
Byron Tsakalidis Anything Black Sabbath has done from 1970 to 1979 is great(plus heaven and hell).
Shaun Pierce SBS better songs and album. Spiral Architect shows how far they came, incredible tune
Sean Crist Tough call. Both are great albums, but Spiral Architect is my all time favorite Sabbath song....
Jimi Austin Not a weak track on either album. I'd go with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath though just because it has a cooler cover.
Lauren Toth Sweet Leaf is my favorite Sabbath track, so definitely Master Of Reality ❤
Glenn Cunningham Master Of Reality was their best album.Sabotage would be next.
Ed Terry This week I'll say SBS. I'm sure next week it'll be MOR. Love them both.
Homero Olvera Brandie Gomez
Kieran-Evan Fraser Both lol they're honest two of my all-time favorites by Sabbath
Christian McGuire It's like choosing children but, as much as I love SBS, I can't help but choose Master of Reality.
Kurt Brennan Love em both(first six must haves). But MoR gets the nod.
Joel Wesson Both great albums but if I had to pick I would pick Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Greg Dietrich Master of Reality gets my vote . For anyone interested in checking out a very cool cover of a classic Sab tune, I recommend listening to Who Are You by Goatsnake - I actually like their version better
Steven Davies This is the first one you have done that I have been indecisive
Philip Riola Are you serious,SBS by far! A National Acrobat Killing Yourself To Live SBS Who Are You..
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Of course you wanna know what Corey Taylor thinks of Kid Rock's apparent Senate run. See his answer, and get the latest on the upcoming Slipknot album and more in Corey's interview with Larry King:

Kevin Trudeau I actually feel sorry for rock/metal fans that are Trump supporters. They're running out of artists they can like because they fail to realize that the majority cannot stand him So instead they have Kid Rock/Ted Nugent
Zac Urban How does Corey feel when people like myself don't give a shit how he feels about Trump... These days I think I would rather see Trump live in concert...
Chris Jackson Taylor needs to worry about making good albums. The last Stone sour album SUCKS!!
Robert Farmer Jr. Yeah Obama had experience right lol a jr senator from Chicago we see what that got us and trump has been running business word wide before berry was born the United States government as we all know is one big ceo company as far as kid rock he cant do no worse than the democrats that done killed Detroit and their manufacturing jobs and created desolate cities Detroit had to be bailed out for the point of bankruptcy thank you democrats for bankrupting Detroit and their manufacturing jobs and cost them thousands upon thousands upon thousands of jobs in the past 30 years
Glenn Foster But what does he think about Larry king interviewing him and then thinking about what we think of him to which people will reply to this comment about what they think of how overused this kind of comment is.
Steven Stanley Starns Did Corey Taylor suck loud wires dick or something God damn
Jerry Combs Everyone has a opinion... he's entitled to his... yet if it wasn't for trump we would be in the same mess as Europe... and our last Prez didn't have any experience and man it shows
Nat Gonzalez
Kevin Grissom Why are y'all obsessed with Corey Taylor...? Not bashing his musicianship by any means, but there are a thousand other metal artists worth covering. And frankly, how educated is he when it comes to economics, national security, or any other things crucial to running a country?
Josef Manofsteel Jewell All Corey Taylor has become is another side walk political commentator hack that slings his monkey shit at Trump so ppl won't pay attention to his shitty music....its called Colin Kaperniking.....when your shitty or getting shitty at what you're doing and you start using politics to keep your sinking career afloat
Michael R Clark UH,,,actually no we don't...everyone has an opinion...he can voice his but i'm not waiting on the edge of my chair for him to speak...lol.
Ian LovesPickles Freeman I love how Blabber mouth and Loudwire are now totally aware of the Corey Taylor meme.
Dwight Cohen Holden Spence Corey Taylor haters can suck Chad kroegers big toe off of his foot face 😂
Frankie Dial No problem. I'll just continue to download haters' music for free, if i like it
Dre Navarro I love corey taylor, Donald trump can choke on his own peepee
Wade Wilson How old is Larry King?
Marukić Faris Well yeah I decide what to do next in my life based on Corey's opinion.🤗😏😂
Sam Hartman Lol remember the article they shared not too long ago about him answering the question about his opinion on shit. But here he is always thinking he has to give it!!
Michael Molenda I could care less about Corey or any of his music including his opinions on anything. These types of stories/headlines are getting old.
Johannes Fredriksson David Alesö vältalad jävel han den där....
Brian Hunt Corey Taylor commenting on anyone's ego is hilarious!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Dave Smith
Zena Ajjan I can die in peace now that I know what he thinks. 😂
Michael Stevens Why would Corey Taylor wanna talk to this old hack?
Mirta N Charles Solis Cory stick to making great music with Slipknot