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CBGB was the breeding ground for the universally influential 1970's New York City rock scene. Here's 10 shows that made its reputation...

My husband played there in 1981 The James Allen Band. 🙂
A New York institution!!!
It wasn't supposed to be what it became. It was supposed to be a Country Bluegrass Blues club.
I believe Alan Jackson performed there
The Tough Darts
Syd straw.😀
Awesome !
Amit Dev Handa
Jess MK
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French band The Wackids play rock classics on children's instruments. And their version of the Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name has just blown our tiny minds...

Rage against the Machine is a rock classic? It was Dog shit then and it’s even worse now. Easily one of the most over hyped bands ever
They did this like 3 years ago
Mike Lukas
Sally Western
Amanda-Jane Behan😂💜
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Has a band's music ever terrified you?

All of today’s music scares me how bad it is!
Techno music. How can something that repetitive and mind numbing be popular?
A part of "Echoes" by Pink Floyd, and the bow section in Dazed and Confused from Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same is scary A.F.
Modern popular music because of the fact that so many people think its great. And artists like Ed Shehan whatever his name are so popular when even his best so called song cant even compare to most classic artists of the past is beyond me. And I am not just talking about him.
rave music, hip hop, rap... if thats considered music even with no instruments then we should be giving music awards to ppl who play spoons too
Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime. Play the whole album non stop,, and really pay attention to the lyrics. Especially the background voices!
The first time I listened to King Diamond I was terrified. It was “them” but it could have been any of his albums. I was 14, and totally unprepared. Loved it to bits ever since! 🙂
Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka. Extremely weird, unsettling music from Morocco. I haven't been able to listen to it all the way through in several attempts.
Today's pop, country and rap music frightens me tremendously. As far as frightening songs go, AC/DC's Night Prowler is pretty creepy. Awesome song, though.
In a very altered state, at a Grateful Dead show, drums/space section scared the shit out of me! Felt like the floor was going to open up and all 20,000 of us were going right hell. Just in the nick of time someone hit on something, everyone fell in...ole Garcia just brought us right back into the heavens. Was a beautiful thing...
1- Echoes ( Pink Floyd) 2- One of these days( Pink Floyd) 3- Fear of the dark ( Iron Maiden) 4-Nostradamus( Judas Priest) 5- 7th son of the 7th son( Iron Maiden) 6- Charlie’s Morgue( WASP) 7- Welcome to my nightmare( Alice Cooper) 8- One( Metallica) 9- Death Metal genre!
Swedish dansband, its terrible. A kind of genremix of 50’s rock n roll and German schlager and nearby every Swede loves it
Music doesn’t really scare me now. X files theme used to freak me out when I was a child. But the one thing that did scare me was being about 12 and getting Iowa, listening to it the first time with headphones on and 5:15 opening the album had me scared then People=shit kicks in and it’s just pure brilliance
The first time I heard The crazy world of Authur Brown Fire dressed in the devil red outfit was a little scary for the 60s
The pos that wrote and rapped Cop Killer ,undoubtedly leading to exactly that many times -has played a COPon TV for 20 years now ...what kind of society raises no question to this ? That is beyond scary to me.
ALL RAP AND HIP HOP ...because it scares me how angry it makes me.
I used to stick Pink Floyd’s ‘Relics’ on when I was 9. Bedtime in the dark, it was the first album I bought. I’d sometimes have to get up and turn it off because it was freaking me out. Before that, my dad used to put Sabbath’s first album on. Everything about that album assured me they were into some dark shit, and I didn’t want to look at the lady on the front. The cover of Zappa’s ‘Hot Rats’ had a similar effect around that time.
No music scares me now, but when I was a little kid Light my Fire by The Doors used to make me think of people being thrown onto a giant barbecue and lit on fire and when my parents played the Abraxas album by Santana when I was trying to sleep, it gave me nightmares.
I agree with what somebody said about One by Metallica being haunting. I get chills whenever I watch the music video with the movie quotes and clips alongside the song. Aside from that, not too sure if "scare" is the right word, but if any it would be Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath, or possibly Right Where It Belongs by NIN. Also, odd selection, but Randy Newman's "In Germany Before the War" is about a paedophile and one of the most haunting songs I think I've heard.
Hey You always kinda creeped me out as you hear the desperation in his voice growing while the song progresses. For Whom the Bell Tolls is the perfect song for a zombie movie, as later evidenced by Zombieland. It actually manages to feel like a scene from a horror movie
Not terrified but Heartwork by Carcass completely opened my eyes to the fact super-frigging heavy music can still be ridiculously catchy and melodic. And that riff from No Love Lost?! Holy shit... 😎😍😱🤘🤘👊👊
Rap and Hip hop!!! But if I had to pick a band I'd say Behemoth! They put some dark shit down on record..too.fzzking dark for my taste.
Trap music. Don't really like it that much. It sucks. It actually pisses me off. Today's music sucks. Rock helps it scare off. I'm not scared of anything rock. The scariest rock/metal bands there are are Venom and Slayer.
Rockabilly. The original rockabilly artists didn’t have the freedom of today’s musicians. They walked the edge between the sin of Saturday night and the repentance of Sunday morning. They drove to the edge of the cliff, paused to glance over the edge, and then headed back towards civility.
Mine has to be One by Metallica. It doesn’t scare me but I find it very haunting. I have to turn the radio or tv over if I hear the first few bars. Only ever seen the video once and that was once too many times
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Unmasked, out of control and losing band members by the day, Kiss overcame a multitude of hurdles in the 80s. We get the full story from the people at the heart of it all...

Money making doll franchise
Kiss were, are and will always be shit.
Creatures Of The Night and Lick It Up (to a lesser extent) aside, the 80’s KISS were pretty poor.
Cant get over all the kiss hate here...what 80s bands were you listening to...poison!? Lol...
The 80’s are the most musical Kiss era ever...
Kiss are a great band. I played the Destroyer album just last night and it still sounds fantastic after all these years
"Kiss had exited the 70s on a high"... Not really.
Creatures & Lick 👅 It Up - not too shabby
The greatest story ever told. ❤
There’s someone else ? Prove it
Pish really
The 80s was kiss best years
I like 80’s KISS just as much as 70’s KISS myself
Allan Gibson Phil Tomlinson
Overrated shit!!!!
Christopher David Smith
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This is not a rickroll. Rick Astley picks the 10 rock songs that he's never going to give up.

Great list! Wouldn't have expected Rick Astley to like Slipknot!
next week: Justin Bieber‘s top 10 rock songs.
Rick Astley Last Year In Thetford Forest.....Enjoy https://youtu.be/a3b_TWLZO-k
Who'd have thought Rick was a secret rock fan, and of these groups nonetheless.
The guy has good taste in music. Bonus points for having AC/DC at number one.
Touch Too Much #1! Nice choice, Rick! You might be a campy pop artist, but you know your rock music!
If you click on 1 rock song on YouTube most of these are the first songs that pop up under recommended.
Didn't expect Biffy on there. Fun surprise
Which tv news hack did you get to write that horrible pun? Great list though.
Wow...he likes Slipknot? Who knew?
Claire Woof! I had no idea! I expected him to like yacht rock or something girly from the 80s! Woof
Rick has good taste judging by his No1👹👹👹👹
It seems he discovered rock in 1995
Nice playlist I have most of these
Mabra Soto boooom!!!!
Good number one ricko
Menno 😆
Sharon Pendlebury
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The Who released the soundtrack to The Kids Are Alright on this day in 1979. And it made you want to…

I was waiting to see The Who and Keith Moon passed my heart was broken...I went the following year and I blew out my ears lol ....never stopped following them..what an intro is right!
Greatest rock band ever with aggression, drive and energy, in fact the first true punk band before that term had ever been dreamt of!
See them live. I was 17 at the time. And then joining the Army prevented me until 2007. I was finally able to see them and meet Pete and Roger after the show. I told Roger i had tried to see my favorite band for the last 24 years. Roger looked up after he signed my concert ticket and said “Well, I’m bloody glad you came. I’m not getting any younger you know!”❤️🤘🏻
run out and buy the soundtrack on cassette. I was eleven, and it was my first real exposure to them. I'm a much bigger fan now.
It made me want to see The Who, which I did when they played at Madison Square Garden just a few months later.
the moment i became a fan of the The Who
Follow them for the rest of my life!
Made me want to go see the movie at the Cinerama dome in Hollywood!
The quintessential rock song...
Made me want to be in a band and play live!
Drive to SF to see opening night premiere at the Orpheum! Stevan Allen
I won a copy of it in a Smash Hits competition
Fuckin Moon. Dayum! What an intro.
be keith moon!!!!
simply awesome
Break shit!
Keith moon .. amazing drummer...
Shake my little tushy
Awesome 😌😌😌😌
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R.I.P. Vinnie Paul 1964-2018

Loudwire Subscribe/listen to our Vinnie Paul tribute playlist: https://spoti.fi/2Ip42vT
Love the piece however, I wish she hadn’t kept referring to him as “Paul” as if that were his last name. Rock the heavens, reunited once again with Dime, Vinnie! ❤️🤘🏻
I’m broken, strength beyond strength, you got to belong to it, the art of shredding, to you, Regular people, always be, proud to be loud, clash with reality, as you are, Becoming, by Demond’s be driving, to a new level , of domination, we’ll drag the waters, medicine man, as the,psycho holiday come, the message in blood, revolution is my name, on ward we rock, shedding skin, filling Hollow, slaughtered, the sleep, this love, the great southern trendkill, cowboys from Hell, I am the night, hot and heavy,right on the edge, planet caravan, walk, through the, cemetery gates, I’ll cast a shadow, & we’ll meet again, the primal concrete sledge, uplift, rise, hard lines sunken cheeks, power metal, sandblasted skin, shattered, we’ll grind that aXe for a long time, brother dime. Alcoholin Ass, for one hell of a time, over and out.
Dear God, We said take Phil not Dime and Vinny
So sad your gone Vinnie R.I.P. and god bless.
How hard for Mr Abbott to know his sons are gone !
Anyone know what the cause was?
Rest in peace... thanks for the influential muscis
Melissa Parks I thought of you when I saw he died 😪😪
Very nice peice loudwire! Vinnie would have liked it.
I’m not trying to be a dick but I’m getting sick of the high level of coverage about this and want to start seeing the normal content.
RIP vinnie!! www.DoubleAK.com
You will be missed 🤘🤘
Sad news
We love you Vinnie!!! rest in power brother.
Kye Linke-Nagel 😭
Dylan Affeldt
Chris Sharp 😪
Ron Acuna-Reid
Loudwire4 hours ago

REPORT: Vinnie Paul died from "major heart attack"

Thank God it wasnt suicide.
Years of hard alcohol will do that.
Doesn’t matter how he died We are only fans and not family His personal life should be personal
Years and years of hard whiskey drinking will do that to ya. This goes to show that although alcohol is legal and socially acceptable, it can have severe effects on your body if you over do it just like any other drug.
I called it, said it was because he was overweight, too much BBQ and beer.
Loudwire reached out to management about the TMZ report, who responded with the following statement: We have no knowledge of who spoke with TMZ. Whoever spoke to them did so on their own and not based on any factual information or authorization from Vinnie’s family or Pantera management. Our official statement remains: Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul passed away on Friday, June 22. Paul is best known for his work as the drummer in the bands Pantera and Hellyeah. No further details are currently available. When they are, an updated official statement will be released. The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time. Thank you for your query. Read More: Report: Vinnie Paul Died From 'Major Heart Attack' | http://loudwire.com/report-vinnie-paul-died-massive-heart-attack/?trackback=tsmclip
40+ peeps, for your fam/ friends, get your BP checked... hypertension is no joke. RIP VP
The man lived a good life. Life is too short to blame alcohol or anything else, the important thing is he got to do what he loved best. One of the bad ass motherfxxxn drummer of all time, hands down.
U see your brother get murdered in front of u . You tend to look at life a bit different Vinnie lived like tomorrow wasn't guaranteed was always in the moment enjoying life and the people around him , bless his soul .
As long as it was quick no pain,,,Prayers for the family,,,🙏🏽
The man with the biggest heart... He loved his family and treated fans and other bands like they were family.
same way my dad went...the best way to go in your sleep.....no suffering, he deserved that a beautiful brother now at peace with his...getcha pull <3 and btw my dad never drank...
I’m just glad he didn’t go like Dime did. But now Dime has his brother back and the two will rock out forever in heaven
Insane drummers are hard to find. He,and Dave Grohl, are legends.
Nick Menza also died from a massive heart attack you would think constant drumming would be good cardio but probably hereditary heart disease. Rest in peace smh
Not sure anymore whats next after life ....I just hope its better than here and i'm sure you will be there man cant wait to hear the new shit ..........\m/ RIP \m/
It’s still sad, but he’d still be with us if he took better care of himself. Nothing stopping a Pantera reunion now though
Lisa Tabet I figured as much. He was a big guy. No report of toxicology, but I have a feeling he was just a big man with bad habits that caught up with him.
It's so sad, for all of us but the man touched more lives in his 54 years than anyone could count... And he left us some kickass music.
I actually think that is the most likely explanation for his death, but was this official from the examiner? It just says sources who knew him not the official report.
Probably laid down drunk, started sobering up and his heart couldn’t pump the thickening blood. RIP Vinnie
I’m broken, strength beyond strength, you got to belong to it, the art of shredding, to you, Regular people, always be, proud to be loud, clash with reality, as you are, Becoming, by Demond’s be driving, to a new level , of domination, we’ll drag the waters, medicine man, as the,psycho holiday come, the message in blood, revolution is my name, on ward we rock, shedding skin, filling Hollow, slaughtered, the sleep, this love, the great southern trendkill, cowboys from Hell, I am the night, hot and heavy,right on the edge, planet caravan, walk, through the, cemetery gates, I’ll cast a shadow, & we’ll meet again, the primal concrete sledge, uplift, rise, hard lines sunken cheeks, power metal, sandblasted skin, shattered, we’ll grind that aXe for a long time, brother dime. Alcoholin Ass, for one hell of a time, over and out.
Blast pantera loud so he can hear us!!
I've been saying all along that I had a feeling that's what it was. He was a heavy drinker so I figured that it was due to his health.
“From sources who knew” yea great journalism
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Vinnie Paul's longtime girlfriend is feeling the love from the fans.

Anyone else get a damp eye thinking of Vinny walking across the other side,seeing Dime again,embracing for a while then Dime saying "You ready to jam again brother?" Cowboys raising hell in heaven 🤘🤘
One of the first times that a rock star has passed away that every single account of the man has been positive and heart warming. He will be sorely missed by so many.
Lemmy is forming a mighty band up there
The first thing Dime says upon seeing Vinnie Paul again is "Drink it or wear it brother "💪🍻
Chelsey is such a sweet woman. 💜 My heart breaks for her and all of Vinnie's close loved ones. 😰 R.I.P. Vinnie. You gave so much Love and warmth to so many. 💜 I hope you're flying with the angels and rocking out with Darrell. 🤘
Well the good news y'all.. She's single now! God daym!
As a drummer vinnie was one of my favorites. I meet vinnie one time in Bakersfield with Hellyeah band in 2010 got a signed poster. RIP vinnie
This one hurt... I never met him but he was an amazing drummer loved his music... glad we have it to remember him by!!! RIP Vinnie... say hi to Dime for us!!! Heaven just got a little louder
"Those closest to him have taken sometime to respond" Jeez, give them chance to gather their thoughts and emotions! Awful comment from Loudwire..
Just watching interviews with him, like his ones on That Metal Show, you could just tell what a genuinely good dude he was. Sucks that he's gone too soon 😢
I can’t imagine what she is going through. My heart breaks for her.
A huge loss to the metal community! Rip vinnie😢
Gonna miss u, Vinnie..... U were and always will be 😑
No idea at all who this chick is .. any who ... Rip Vinnie 🙁
This death is hitting me hard. Such a legend and such a great guy.
Shared 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
"... and this is Vinnie, watching it all." ❤️
He seems like a big teddy bear. ❤️
He had a girlfriend O.o
Zander Peckham Zachary Peckham
Heart attack
Loudwire7 hours ago

The Pantera singer has posted a tribute to his late bandmate, Vinnie Paul.

I can't imagine how he feels but he tried his best to reconcile with Vinnie. 😞
No more road blocks phil restarts pantera 2019
I wish the two had made peace. Vinnie was such a pig headed c**t it was never gonna happen. In some ways his death is the ultimate f**k you to Phil. It's sad
Phil will be out in front soon trying to fire up the $$$ train. Pantera is and has been gone and Phil destroyed a good thing. Talk sh@t about people and there are ramifications. You earned this Phil.
Phil has a legit Instagram account. FYI for all those saying he isn’t on social media.
Phil doesn’t believe in social media at all. He has said in the past he has no social media accounts.
What was the reason for Vinnie's hate towards Paul ?
I like how this says but what of his Pantera mates but has no mention of Rex.
See this sucks. I don't mean to speak ill if the deceased but I believe thats all Phil could've done. Vinnie( again no disrespect) pounded Phil(metaphorically) into the ground by not communicating. My fav Pantera members in order are Dine,Rex,Phil,Vin. Vinnie is last only cause the falling out with Phil.
Vinnie hated you Phil.
Where is Rex’s input?
I honestly feel bad for Phil right now because now he will never get the reconcile that he's been pleading for. Now he has to live with not being able to talk to Vinnie one last time
Respect.... quiet is the best thing for Phil.... Respect!
I always hoped they’d do a one off with Zak Wilde. He’s not the same as Dimebag but they were best mates and would have done him justice. That’s gone now! RIP Vinnie and Dimebag!! xx
I know its wrong of me to say. But when Phil posts a pic of a candle cant help but think he's killing two birds with one stone nice twitter post for vinnie and cooking his dope at the same time
And of all people...you would think Phil would be 6 foot under with all the drugs and drinking he’s done! Props to Phil 🤘🏼
Glad that for once,he listened to that little voice that says less is more... Because there really isn't anything to say that hasn't been said.
Respect bro -peace for Vinnie Paul
This is heartbreaking
We shared the same birthday day RIP VINNIE PAUL 🤘
Good on ya Phil. I thought it was good of him to pay his respects to someone who hated him
I was wondering when that was going to happen.
Regardless he lost another brother
Respect!! xx
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Watch Volbeat salute Vinnie Paul with "Goodbye Forever" performance:

2002 WV Pantera tour.
And it was off the scale bloody awesome 😁
Class act! Love these guys. One of my fave songs from them, although a little different from their norm. Thanks for the music, Vinn!
That was the first time that i cried on a metal show😢
Now he's partying and rockin out with dime bag again!
Volbeat rules, Vinnie was awesome
Michael Poulson is such a class act.
Volbeat? Is that you? Vol- volbeat, hey volbeat! VOLBEAT. HEY VOLBEAT
Nikki Rodriguez Ernest Gonzales
Jimmy Boyle
Amy Smith Walters Brian Marshall
Jeremiah Johnson
Jon Sheehan
Jack Williams
Jason Eggleston
Paul Faust
Jimmy Ruckus
Tina Kuei Yuk Ho
Patrick Sullivan
Rip vinnie 🤘🏿
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The Anthrax drummer speaks on Vinnie Paul:

Pantera was by far better than Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. Metallica is legendary but Pantera belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Heavy Metal
Pantera blows all the "big 4" bands away easily.
Pantera revived metal during a time when it was fading out . Pantera stands alone
Pantera was better than all of Big 4 but shhh...........
Pantera had the balls to have this concert shirt in a time where this was a borderline crime. They were no Big 4’s baby.
Pantera was better than all of them!
That's even selling Pantera short. Pantera was its own thing. Not necessarily above or below the Big 4, but it was so distinct and unique from the others, especially with "Cowboys From Hell," "Vulgar Display of Power", and "Far Beyond Driven".
In the 80s PanterA loved Metallica. In the 90s PanterA CRUSHED Metallica.
Charlie wishes he could hold a candle to Pantera
When Pantera came out with proper music with CFH, The Big Four already did huge job in populazing thrash metal. Pantera than grooved in and brought thrash metal to another level.
??? Pantera blew Megadeth and anthrax away for starters.
So,I guess their '80s big hair stint was a premature birth.
They should’ve made it the big 5. I mean, they pioneered a sound like no other. But, Phil reluctantly didn’t want to get the project back together.
Pantera was way better than any of the Big 4 bands. They had a groove like no other and was the tightest band ever. And tightness is something that the Big 4 bands struggled with. There will never be another Pantera.
Everyone knows Pantera was a Vulgar Display of Power!! No other band to date has been or will be🤘🏻
Thrash was all but dying until Pantera came and revived it. Even Metallica was still stuck in their grunge phase. I don’t think you can easily overestimate the band’s importance or their impact on metal music
The last great heavy metal band on earth
Charlie means it, in the best way possible. I love Pantera way more than Anthrax but I see what he is trying to say.
Phil Anselmo had a much much bigger vocal range than anyone from the big four. And Dime was a unique monster. Dave Lombardo and Vinnie Paul were probably on the same level, same with Rex and Cliff Burton. Metallica definitely achieved more but none of the big four are as unique as Pantera.
Gee theres Lots of freaking wankers commenting here on a very delicate musical subject with the very recent & way too soon death of this bands founding member. Shameful infantile behaviour but i am glad they exposed themselves.
No one has or ever will be like pantera there in a different class to the rest they showed an openness to there lives and there music like no other band such a loss rip brothers
I think it was supposed to be a compliment there, but hey - by all means - don't let that stop you from arbitrarily trashing the dude.
Metallica, Pantera then the rest........
Pantera were real dudes, like Soundgarden, AIC, PJ or Nirvana. Just dudes that were happy playing music. There was nothing phony or contrived. “Heavy Metal” wasn’t a bad word, being phony was.