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Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine1 hour ago

The albums, singles and tracks have shaped goth over the past 40 years...

Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine4 hours ago

When Cristina Ramos interrupted a classical aria with her version of AC/DC's Highway To Hell..

Celeste Del Real Barrón Her voice is amazing. Great Bel Canto technique , she reaches the highest pitch, so potent. But to sing Rock is not only about how good you can sing but about the essence , the wild and free melancholic spirit , the depth of its expression . My humble point of view . Listen to Janis for example..
Bill Kawakami This is old news. Whatever has become of her? Did she get a recording contract?
Nick Martinez What became of her?she would kick ass in the rock world,I've got a few songs that would fit her voice perfectly,she really belts it out
Kate Simpson She's amazing. Saw the clip a few months ago but don't know what happened to her. Hopefully big things.
Shashi Kadapa Excellent. The transition from Classical to Rocker was superb!
Claro Cornelio *long live Rock* Cristina Ramos. u really rockin'!!!
Neil Dodsworth Oh yeah
Sean Rajnert Girls got rhythm, am I right?
Youri Too
Timothy Moran Ho Lee Chit!
Mike Adams Woah!
James Edwards Wow 😳 rockin!! Baby!!!!😍😍🦂🦂☠️
Martin Bøgelund Arvidsen 🤘🏾
Susanne Hammer Majdecki
Pietro Sangiorgi questo video più lo vedo e più mi emoziona
Paul Armes The Spanish go mad for AC/DC.
Dayton Gutierrez Cuadra Woooooow
Andrew Maccagnini 🤘🤘🤘 that's what I'm talking about
Mark A Boliek Jr. Wow she is awesome
Javier Francis Bien chriss saludos desde la mitad del mundo Ecuador
Michael R Bell WHY ??? 😭😢
Gary Donnelly Meh.
Gerard Benoit Wouah!!! Quel talent c'est du macif.
Nabin Dong Her voice is damn rocking love u 😚😘😙😍
Jodie Buddle John Tyrrell
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine7 hours ago

This day in 1986, Van Halen's 5150 was released. Back in Classic Rock 194 we told the full, dramatic story.

Will Roth The day Van Halen turned into a soft pop band with no loud guitar. Not my Van Halen
David Johnston Peers The relationships we form with records are heavily weighed by the time we formed themed in. 5150 came out when I turned 21. A glorious spring and summer. Maybe my favorite VH record, Inside notwithstanding.
Patrick O'Heaney Polarizing album isn't it? I loved this album...but I'm a sucker for melody. It doesn't "rock out" quite like the early VH albums but as far as songwriting goes, it's one of their best. "Summer Nights" always takes me back to a great time in my life. Not everyone's cup of tea... but there's an ass for every seat, and this one fits me fine. 🤘😎🤘
Neil Wilson Like many - long term bands, people change and their sound also changes with it! I love the DLR era of Van Halen, most of the albums with him were good, especially the first 4 and the recent return - they are hard rock albums by a hard rock band! Van Hagar - on the other hand, 5150 was the best CD they did and while having some cool tunes were an AOR band with Sammy, who is a better singer but did we need another Foreigner - I think not!
William Anderson Whatever EVH worked on was the best. DLR was an awesome front man and singer. SH did a great fill-in. Drugs, all types, did them in. Core music for all. Definitely need a huge VH selection in any music collection. 😆
Richard Vincelette Studio wise VH with Roth were amazing. Live? Roth sucks balls!!! VH with Sammy sounded great in the studio and onstage. Just my opinion
Jason McClellan This album ruined my childhood. VH were my favorite band. Then they bring in this poodleheaded cheeseball. Eddie cuts his hair into a mullet. Starts wearing pastel colors. The brown sound is gone. The sound is all smoothed out and compressed. The lyrics have no bite or swagger. Every chorus is about love or following your dreams in a very ABC after school special kind of way. All of a sudden the nerds and yuppies and people that never liked metal or disliked metal heads are buying VH records. An entire paradigm shift 180 degrees the other way. I hate this album and the entire era more than Ismael hated the whale. Proved to me that magic doesn't last.
Jamie Laszlo I always used to say I hated this album. But over the last few years I've come around to it. Now...OU812 is a different story. Awful.
Randy Schacht The 1st four VH records were epic, after that they were dead to me. People can rag on dlr all they want but he made that band just as much as Eddie
Joe Cogan I'd rather shove knitting needles through my eardrums than listen to Hagar's screech. Diamond Dave all the way for me.
Frank Manning David Lee Roth can't sing and is just plain weird... I luv the ring around his head where the hair plugs failed!!!🤣🤣🤣
Pete Dougherty 5150 is Van Halen's best all around album. It doesn't have the best songs by the band but overall it's the best
Dawn Kippes And the divide began. Sorry but I'm a David Lee Roth Van Halen fan.
Brian Hurley 5150 is the LAPD code for mentally disturbed person on the loose...Diamond Dave?
Troy Thelen Went to Joe Louis arena senior year and I have never forgotten a minute of that show.
Bruce Crichton Van Hagar sound exactly like being punched by Evander Holyfield. Any Van Hagar fans reading this are welcome to learn this from personal experience.
Roly Walker Dlr can't sing sammy can.. It was a no brainer
Chadwick Van Oostendorp 5150 > 1984
Daniel Bierstetel 5150 is special to a few of us from class of 86! Had to live it to know why!
Andy Abbott Laurelle MacDonald. Still remember the DLR concert we went to. 👍
Dean Bloomfield This is where VH sold out and went pop!! Some of the yuppiest music in VH's cannon on this album. 😂😂😂
Antti Sarkava Hagar is like Gene Simmons: a bullshitter. Both think they are a gift to mankind and everything they have ever done is a work of genius.
Tom Tranter This was the beginning of a whole new era. I remember very well.
Mark Mork Great album!
Roger Smith 5150, a great classic album.
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine9 hours ago

Pop quiz: what's this stretch of road's rock'n'roll connection?

Tony Turner Is it a corner in Winslow Arizona ? Looks like the flatbed ford has just passed by .
Costas Lukaris It's the famous crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. I saw it on Ozzy and Jack's World Detour. Or perhaps Michael Portillo's Railway Journeys.
Marco Di Rosso The place in New Mexico where Jim Morrison had a vision of an indian chaman at the âge of 5 while passing through a car crash ?
Don R. Meador I think it is the actual site of the "crossroads". There is one with a big sign but it is not really the actual site. This looks more like it but it has been many years since I saw it.
Gregor Smith There's a warning sign on the road ahead... There's a lot of people sayin we'd be better off dead.....
Richie Yao It could be a location where Rock N Roll originated from such as Memphis, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and Buffalo...
Brandon Keith Blakeney It must not be here in Mississippi because I see more than 10sq feet without a Dollar General.
Gordon King 22 Acacia Avenue?
Steve Journey The road where Duane Allman was killed in Macon Ga?
John Clark "Sprung from cages out on Highway 9" Born to Run.
Wes Browder Abe asked where do you want this killing done? God said out on Highway 61
Bob Hall Route 66 in Albuquerque. About 2 or 3 miles from Tacoria and Dog House!
Randy Petree Copperhead road?
Jackson Legg The last restaurant where Ozzy smeared faeces in the men's room?
Suze Q. Puskiewicz Crossroads
Mike Rassmusen Get your kicks
Linda Louise Hughes Route 66?!!! Lol 😂
Mitch Lafon It's the Highway To Hell
Evan Read Copperhead road? Country Road? Tobacco Road? Electric Avenue?
Eric Reis Where Emerson Lake and Palmer meet?
Kristian Cooper E street NJ?
Lin Rogers Duanne Allman Boulevard?
Bruce Cole Crossroad of Hwys 61 and 49 in Clarksdale?
Leo Polanco Where the street have no name ?? 🤔🤔
Chris Tempest Robert johnson sold his soul to the devil there
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine11 hours ago

"Things are getting more crazy every other day. After all these years Crazy World is still a good motto for our upcoming world tour" - Scorpions' Rudolf Schenker

Michael Holmes yes no tour in the uk for years def think forgot about this market maybe when the farewell tour actually ends they might play more than the odd festival but the poster for the tour with megadeath does say world tour or is that just a tease ?
Gary Watson I read somewhere years ago that they didn't want to tour the UK for tax reasons... don't know how true this was.... but they ain't been here much since... pull ya fingers out guys!..
Oona Loontjens Wacken 2012: final Scorpions concert. 5 years later: still touring! Gold diggers!
Andrew de Almeida Not possible: Scorpions had their final tour a few years ago
Colin McMahon I saw the Scorpions during the spring of 88 best show ever, and I saw the best of the 80's.
Stewart Smith Think they have forgotten the UK. 1 gig in years, went to Glasgow but can't remember when it was.
Chris Taco Howse I saw that yesterday and forgot to tell you. You interested?
Jay Thurstans Blackout tour at the Birmingham Odeon was a great gig. Toned down sadly as the fire regs didn't allow the full show.
Arijit Basu Yeah I really wanna hear Rock you like a hurricane badly.
Paul Handley Needs more Canadian dates! :D
Christopher Dees Sure, but how many original members?
Lino Alvarez Ya tienen más de 4 años con su gira del retiro 😠 esos escorpiones.
Jeff Blotsky What happened to James Kottak-drums
Brice A. Rakestraw Here we are...Rock you with some Megadeth!
Constantinos Michalis
Mikael Martila Awesome!
Robert Inger Yeah I hope that means Canada as well
Russell Perring And what's wrong with the uk 🇬🇧??????
Teya Hineman Ward J Hineman fun for the whole family 😉😂
Dave Gottwald @soec
Steve Rivers Jason Hemauer keep sept 22 free!!
Roger Smith Big City Nights.
Teresa Easton Awesome
Bruce Walley Chris Cooper maybe Australia too?
Dean Schiada Chicago
Classic Rock Magazine
Classic Rock Magazine13 hours ago

Iron Maiden will release 12 of their albums including No Prayer For The Dying, Fear Of The Dark and The Final Frontier on 180g vinyl from May...

John Robert Ross I'm gonna buy all of them could never afford fear of the dark on vinyl its £100 on eBay can't argue the price for 180g no prayer and fear for £30
Steve McClements Robbing bastards. Mind,I suppose I have the choice go buy them or not.
Kristian Pettersen X - Factor and Virtual Xi on LP 👍 The orginal is not easy to get hold of. This is great news 😱👍🌞
Alan James Finally, black releases of most of them for the first time.
Ross Mckissock Squeeze that cow lads....
Samantha Caroline Must be great to be able to afford to buy them :-(
Glenn Cunningham Have all the original vinyl.
Bojan Horvat I waited for this... =)
Emiel Schuurman Soooo, where is Live at Donington?
Steve Hobbs That's a grip of dough!
Thomas Fredericks Yes please!
Harry Sermons I wonder how much they're? (Expensive)
Mario Lizano Quesada Where's A Real Live Dead One and Live at Donington???
Chad Mobbs About time!
Paul Hudson How did that ABBA song go now? Ah. Money money money!!
Teresa Easton Awesome
Live98.FM Radio we are a fan and hope you become one as well. thanks!
Visar Bilali No prayer for the dying
Dimitris Kalogiannis Tassos αδειασε το πορτοφολι
Andru Pettit Paul K. Straker
Matt Hyles Jon Hayes
Darren O'Connell David 'George' Roper
Carlos Arturo Renova Ricardo Alvarez Santana
David Bullard Alexander Bullard-James
Ross Cornett Sophie R Cornett 😮
Loudwire15 ago

In our minds, these bands are already Rock and Roll Hall of Famers:

Loudwire2 hours ago

Who wants to fight? OK, here's some music to get you in the mood:

Matt Coy It's 2:30 in the morning for me. I wanna kick this son of a bitches ass they call Sleep. I can't seem to find him, but when I do, he's getting his ass kicked.
Luis Huerta Where's 5 Minutes Alone? That song will put you in a fighting mood any day.
Tom Sekerak Where's the Beastie Boys???
David Bilsborrow Where's Justin Bieber or the sugababes. Fight fight fight
Jhoanathan Guedes Jesús Betancur some songs for you mister mma ;)
Dano Linda Fight Song Overkill
MarynMike RichardsonMcgilvry Everybody was kung fu fighting
Tom Vaughn I'm just gonna assume 'Bodies' is on there.
Michael Leägø Break stuff~ Limp Bizkit ahh yeah
Dennis Adams Mikey Bair
Loudwire3 hours ago

Who's your favorite hard rock / metal bassist?

Dillon Thaxton Mike Dean getting no love as usual
Louis E Nelson Geddy Lee🤘🏻
Dean Crichton-Clarke Paul gray. RIP
Loudwire5 hours ago

Hey, System of a Down fans, what's your ranking? See ours here:

Jim Finch That easy I love them, but each album since 1 st release was the best and started to slighly decline its edge as time went on
David Corey I dont like, i think its called steal this, and hypnotize of memorize, the one with out byob,
Kurt Brennan Toxicity 1, by far. Then the debut.
Wayne Fisher Debut album. Sugarrrrrrrrrr!
Lucas Tomas Moreno Roman to me mezmerize its 54278905423578290578490 more times better than toxicity
Loudwire6 hours ago

Three straight weeks at the top for The Pretty Reckless and some new entrants in the Top 10, but it starts again! Vote now!

Loudwire7 hours ago

ICYMI, Jason Newsted weighed in on current Metallica member Robert Trujillo's bass playing. So, what does the former 'Tallica bass player think of his successor? Find out here:

Matthew Treeberd Benson Tbh both bassists are brilliant I respect them both but jason nit picking dude come on you left the band get over it rob came into metallica's rehearsal hungover and still killed it but no one can replace cliff my opinion right there 🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻
IsaiahandErica Pena Rob is better even in his younger years with ST. is why metallica drowned out jason in the justice cd
Skip Simons Pick vs No pick? That was his complaint? Yeah, typical Jason. He nitpicks everything. Most crass person I've ever met.
Jason Thomas Round Nobody can replace Cliff, NOBODY! \m/
Noah Martin It's not like Jason was the bass player for Metallica for 17 years
J.r. Reed Jason was bad-ass with Metallica!
Helder Rvd Santos They are both great bass players.
Charles Stinson Jr. Rob is way better
Dennis Cronin Not surprised by this one bit.. Jason is 100% spot on here
Austin Bilbro Who cares what he thinks
Pete Chant Its getting sad now Newstead stop your bitching
Matt Yarnall
Justin Ardito I'll take Jason over rob
Edu Ramone Después de Cliff el mejor fue Jason!
Raffae Nauman Rayyan Mir
Jeff Curry Darren Steve
Youness El Bahi Djalil Daya
Austen Bowker Yami Masefoot