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“I’ve been playing in bands and touring the world for 40 years – I have no immediate tour plans unless something or somebody really inspirational comes along.”

Dave Law I have no immediate tour plans unless something or somebody really inspirational comes along.” - i wouldn't hold your breath then Nikki, can't see anyone who can be decribed as that wanting to work with you!
Wade Jorgenson The Motley Crue "Going out of business" sale continues....
Archie Gamble Wow, what a bunch of negativity I've stumbled upon...
David Macků Is he still leaving the toilets without washing his hands?😷
Jamie Lee Ironside Maybe stop dying your hair buy some slippers and and flat cap and maybe take up fishing or go work in a charity shop.
Ricky Turner I retired from music in 2004, I still don't think anyone cares! Lol
Alistair Taylor "Unofficially" means he doesn't actually mean it but Sixx A.M ticket sales are slow.
Dan West who gives a fuck Frank....
Mitch Mann good
Jeff Helvick Don't care
Roberto Durantini e mo' come famo?
Todd Bushie Every one needs there own time.
Patrick Haling Beau Burnett hopefully the rest will follow lol
Steve Golder 40 years? he's wearing well then...
Kerry Slayton No need for him to retire as an individual.
Adrian Lee Whatever buddy....12 step away.
Arthur Tuio Trigo És tú Pavlo Broche?
Aaron Somerville Wayne Dellas
Cin Hewitt Billy Potts
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Tone Deaf
Yet some folks still call metalheads 'unsociable'.
Anthony Hopgood Vikki Jones this was like when I voted the other week. A lad was walking out and grinned when he clocked my relapse records work t shirt as I was walking in.
PL Chan
Ксенија Дукић If you want to see a metal video with a bunch of people being happy and smelling the flowers, watch "Holy smoke" 😉
Ton Lammers Hilarisch, Hans Barkel en Gé Barkel...! 😂 Als wij elkaar zagen sloegen we de bloemetjes en de dansjes over maar fantastisch was het wel!
Nguyễn Vân Ánh Ngọc One day a friend pick up me and he made me surprise by the metal music list in his car. Before I don't know he listen metal ===))))
Susan Foy OMG ! It's 3am ! I'm sitting watching two metalheads holding hands and skipping !?! It's so hard to laugh and hold your breath at the same time !
David Macků It´s a beginning of a long last friendship... 😀 😀
Stefan Spencer I like rock and roll but not that much John Glasper and Jeff Lee !!! 😜👍😎
Akanksha Sharma Sriranjan Thirumalai lol. I also want to put flowers in your beard someday XD
Wibo Hofsink Henrie Nieuwenhuis.....moet je wel jouw iced earth shirt aan hebben 🙄
Jason Parker Dav & Kade Why didn't you tell me you made a video?
Shivani Singh Abhi Dude! Have a look at this.
Nicky Pearce Gary Pardoe.... you and Paul ha ha
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson
Sandrine Bunyk Clement Oceane Océane 😂😜
Sarah Donnelly McDonald Cool!
Anwar Safadi Doesn't remind you Tarek of somethin but in different theme...😂😂
Fabiana Rosa This is hilarious! 😂🤘🏽😂🤘🏽
Dan Di Maggio The same with Ramones' fans... 🙂
Diane Stevens Jane this is so funny!!
Lenka Šilerová aneb ... manicko, ahooooj! Peter 😊
Ricardo Antunes COPY ABAKATH ????
Sally Sabin Brilliant!! 🎸
Михаил Морозов We are few
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He went from world domination in Guns N' Roses to world domination in Velvet Revolver, but how up to speed is your Slash trivia?

Mark Roberts I stopped when I had to choose "Saul Husdon" as his real name.
Ashish Prakash From his Hat to his toe..... I know everything about #Slash... There is no need of any quiz. ..
Ron Stoner
Luis Henrique
Steve Smith Great bingo wings
Zach Aria
Luc Goyette the best guitarist
Guns N' Roses 1985 - 1993 (Y) <3 🎩🔫🎸
Danielle Pearce Dave David
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Often dismissed as a disappointing follow-up to its predecessor, David Lee Roth’s Skyscraper is a scorching album from one of rock’s greatest, albeit short-lived, partnerships...

Doug Botero Hot, Hotter, Hottest band of the 80's....ok, if only for one album and one tour. Eat 'em and Smile was insane! Sure wish they'd do a reunion tour. Roth, Vai, Sheehan and Bissonette were a fuckin' Rock n' Roll Swat Team!
Mark Schott Tesla opened up for the eat'em and smile tour , one of my favorite shows. I remember hearing the beginning of modern day cowboy and became a fan instantly. But you can't beat Sheehan and Via , they tore it up
Daniel Ferguson-Maltzman Billy Sheehan, who was disappointed in the Skyscraper album, has stated that the demos for the album were much better--rawer, more in the style of EAAS--would love to hear those along with the lost album DLR recorded with John 5 a few years ago. As it is, I like Skyscraper. There are some real duds, like "Stand Up," but it's still a fun album with some great moments, like "Hina," the title track and "Just Like Paradise." The album is about as good as what VH was doing at the time with Sammy Hagar. There is an excellent bootleg of the Skyscraper tour called "In Search of Paradise Lost" that is worth checking out.
Jimmy R. Skelly Used to eat lunch with steve vai's brother in law every day at my old job a few years back. Got to hear alot about his family life. Take a listen to my long island band.
Paul Fix Talk about a line up, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan on Bass and Ray Luzier on drums. You know Ray, he's the current drummer for Korn 😉 That band was Tight!
Alistair Taylor IIRC, Eat Em And Smile was recorded like a Van Halen album with the band in the same studio but Skyscraper was recorded in bits, with Vai doing the guitar work on his own in his own studio which explains why it's all a bit over the top and lacking energy.
Matthew Pennington Scorching? Really? I like some songs on it. Eat'm & smile is scorching not skyscraper.
Phillip Doherty I've loved Skycraper since it came out. I was delighted it wasn't a Eat em and Smile clone. Such a shame the line up changed after this album.
Jayce Stevens Great chemistry, ego aside They brought out the best in each other. Dave was his flashy colourful self and Steve had free creative range, creatively but accommodated dave Perfect combo
Lorraine Maimone Lormel The combination of Steve Vai & Billy Sheehan was fucking magic!!!
Will Roth Best live show I ever saw. Mecca in Milwaukee 1987. Eat Em And Smile
Robert Jones Bizarre. Literally listening to it as I read this. Revisited Roth and VH a lot again recently. Always do when the sun is out. Genuine affection for this record. Pre- Grunge. Post Prog and Punk. Zero cynicism. Just makes you smile. Most of the best instrumentation is one the first side. The title track has such great chords. Love Vai's work. Hina is just so unique. I will never tire of this album. Always makes me feel 15 again, playing Tennis 8 hours a day and out partying at night. Eternal sunshine. Just like fucking PARADISE! ❤✌XXX
Dave Stremel Still my favorite of the 2 Roth/ Vai albums. Hot dog and a shake, two fools born a minute, bottom line. Great from start to finish
Bryn Peter Collins I saw this tour, it is still one of the best live concerts I have ever seen to this day !!!
Michael Bacarella Absolute scorcher 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Skyscraper is in my Top 20 Albums Joseph ✅ 🎸 #Knucklebones
Bryan Fitzpatrick Skyscraper was meh. But Eat 'em and Smile? Damn that album was hot!
Neil Wilson Both albums with Vai were great, those first 2 albums, Eat Em & Smile and Skyscraper are perfect for Diamond Dave!
Chris Branco I think Coverdale & Sykes might have been a better partnership...not taking anything away from Dave and Vai.
Matthew North Never much of a fan if cheesy 80s rock, but I did like Skyscraper very much.
Darren Hogan Just like paradise is one of my favourite songs ever - loved the video too 😎
Jamie Mills Loved this album (still do!) DLR on this tour was my first gig too - Brisbane, October 1988! Killer show 🤘😎🤘
Micky Jones If Randy Rhoads wouldn't have died it would have been him and Ozzy.
Brian Durbin Thanks for a great article! I love Skyscraper and it's great to read more about it.
Michael Dayne What a load of s***. They only did two albums together which didn't exactly sell like hot cakes. Not exactly a great partnership is it?
Dan Dionne Only in dave's mind . He has LSD...lead singers disease
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Read this and thousands of other features from the Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog archives by signing up to TeamRock+. Start your FREE trial today...

Casey Hurcomb 'Well yeah, you guys are pretty much the shit' Hahaha awesome
Ramiro Reyes If Led Zepplin would reunite and with Myles at the helm what a band
Jeff Apelian I read they played the rain song at one of these jam sessions
Jeff Atkinson Kevin Bacon !
Egan Peter Thor..the God of Thun-derrr
Kevin Bradshaw Myles can belt it out! 🎶🎤
Jeremy Johnson I wish I could read the entire article... 3:/
Alan McLarty Great voice.
Steven Maxwell Kevin Bacon.....still trying to 'rock'.......
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German prog legends Eloy release a studio video showing how work is progressing on their upcoming album The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre...

Constantinos Michalis This band is a bad german copy of "Wish you were here" of Pink Floyd.... nothing more.
Gustavo Camarillo Rangel link fail 😛
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We examine 30-plus years of gut-check breakdowns, heaving riffs, clinical leads & bowel-emptying bellows with the Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985:

Fabrice Lagrue Individual thought patterns by DEATH is the best (y)
Loudwire2 hours ago

Robots and animals are taking over the world of music:

Ruben Bennett Mdfmk
Loudwire4 hours ago

We've rounded up some of the most memorable, classic and viral onstage tirades ever caught on film:

Glenn Cunningham I witnessed Paul Stanley go off on someone saying Tommy Thayer sucks,at his NYC solo show in 2006.
Glenn Cunningham And Edward Van Halen throwing an amp offstage in 2007.
Loudwire5 hours ago

These bands persevered with no original members:

Loudwire7 hours ago

We've rounded up 13 Embarrassing Guitar Fails that’ll make you laugh while you cringe:

Sam Mitchell Just the sight of lil wayne holding a guitar makes me wanna barf
Derek Ross Even some band members are not as good playing guitar!
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What's your favorite Slipknot disc? See how we ranked the band's albums here:

Kenneth Garza Their Self-titled album is the best. I remember listening to it in 1999. That album got me through a dark period in my life. I still listen to it about once a month.
Oliver John Funny i was listening to iowa today. Iowa is intense, personal and visceral. It cant be recreated. It caught mainstream by its ball and never let go.
Connie Sanderson Loool. Not gonna lie. I've heard joey isn't in slipknot anymore. But I honestly can't stand them. Main reason is because of joey. So if joey was never in slipknot I may or liked them. That being said I love murderdolls and joey was in that band. But I try not to think of that
Lorcan Turner Volume 3. The subliminal versus is my pick. Its very powerful you can just feel the full album. Same with Iowa but i just prefer Vol3
Noah Wainwright Iowa is my personal favorite. It's such a dark, and painful album. From the vocals to the instrumentation. The record is pure unadulterated darkness
Brian Tierney My grandpa slipknotted a disc once. Couldn't walk upright for a month.
Kurt Brennan What makes this a tough call for me is how different each disc is. I lean towards self titled debut and Vol3.
Joshua Prieto They're all pretty evenly weighted with me. Perhaps Iowa as a full length album.
Dillon Wheaton Iowa is my favorite, but All Hope is Gone is criminally underrated. My second favorite Knot record
Justin Potter Self titled, MFKR, Iowa! After that they're all kinda eh!
Daemion Ross Leyva Self titled always and forever the energy rawness anger madness will never be captured again
Joe Hollingsworth Either self titled, or Iowa. So much raw anger, pain and hate.
Jon James Self titled!! Hands down. It's pure rage. More felt than heard.
Nick Hinterman I honestly like all hope is gone, the heavy tracks only, the light songs kinda suck. Also Iowa
John Mcteggart Cowboys from hell
Preston Singer Volume 3 because that was the first one I ever heard. Brings back a lot of memories.
Chris James Glad they put IOWA at #1. Still my favorite, although their debut is a very, very close second.
Iván Ricardo López Sandoval Iowa, Slipknot, Vol 3, AHIG, .5
Misael Nikkus Tan Mangaluz Iowa Slipknot .5 Vol 3 AHIG
Eric Bousquet 1. Iowa 2. Slipknot ...who cares after that
Aleksandar Zoran Božović There first album by far
Bora Dinçel Debut
Billy Kowalski Nothing compares to their debut album
Antony Ace Iowa, then debut by far
Jason Goodrich 1st album, then Iowa!