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Today's Big Question comes from Zarina Tokhtaeva, who asks, "What non rock performer would make a great rock star?" Zarina suggests Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus... and she might well be right.

Martin Graham Lady Gaga. Apparently, she used to be in a Zeppelin tribute band, recently sang with Metallica and names David Bowie and Iron Maiden as big influences.
Scott Norman This is very retro, but I always though Tom Jones had a rockin voice and could have ventured a little further into rock. He was kind of on the edge of it with some songs.
Kristian Cooper Gene Simmons. Imagine if he didn't sing pop songs, he has the look!
Joel B. Gomito Pink, and that janie’s got a gun tribute to aerosmith was awesome
Jorge Ferreira Rodríguez Shakira. In her beginnings as a singer in Spanish, she was more alternative, ala Alanis Morissette. Her songs were actually rather good. Then she turned more into pop as she started to sing in English. Now getting into reggaeton. Going up in income and profit, but has talent to do much much more.
Bob Reidy Taylor Swift. She played with Def Leppard and sang some of their songs and did a great job. I would love to hear her do some rockers. She has some Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, and Stevie Nicks inside of her.
Dave Snook George michael. Queen should have grabbed him. Better range than freddie and would have been brilliant.
David Howse None from today's 'pop' singers. I think to truly be a great rock singer, you have to live and breathe rock or you're just a pretender. Rock has to be in your soul to do it justice.
David Bickerdike Robbie Williams ... saw his first solo tour with Guy Chambers from Lemon Trees, and Craig Sharrock, The Icicle Works powerhouse drummer (Up there with Bonham, Mick Tucker and Roger Taylor .... check him out!) ..... love or hate, a a front man, he got the crowd going like nobody I had seen since prime David Lee Roth/VH .... 8|
Stuart Hopkins I know Kelly Clarkson, Mel C and Pink have dabbled with a harder, rock sound but I reckon they all have very strong voices that could front a Paramore/Pretty Reckless type band.
Gordon Langley Nicole Scherzinger. She did an awesome job when she performed with Slash and Alice Cooper for Slash' self titled album.
Reid Brooks Gretchen Wilson did a great job on Barracuda w/ Alice in Chains. Gaga showed she's got the goods with Metallica.
Ricky Allen Vanilla Ice, Yes I know Hard To Swallow is a rock album. His metal version of Ice Ice Baby is good. I also think Toby Keith and Mark Wahlberg would make badass rockers.
Alex Saville Mr Blobby. That high pitched voice would have been perfect for Led Zeppelin, Rush and early Heart covers.
Terry Newman Tom Jones. I have heard him do “Gimme Shelter” with New Model Army and he is fantastic, what a voice.
Robert Arenz Even though she's an actress, and she had fronted a punk rock band....Pauley Purrette (NCIS) would still make a great rock star
Oather Sampson Fergie,,,she rocked out with Slash on his cd back in 2010 the song was Beautiful Dangerous.
Odin Noer Johansen There is a reason for non rockers to be non rockers. The people who's not involved with metal or rock should go past walls of music that's unknown to their type of genre.
Zachary Kipp Hansen Taylor Swift. I've always thought her talent was wasted on pop country and would better serve the world if she was in a band similar to Paramore or Halestorm.
Tommy Gallagher See Pink getting a mention she is already a Rock Star anyone who thinks she is pop should listen again!
Richard Hatch I would say pink she would make a great rock singer
Tony Mrmttx Nina Simone hands down...with her huge presence and personality...i bet she would break the piano with rage
Crinoline Will Rock It's been humorously said that rock stars wish they were athletes, athletes wish they were actors, and actors which they were rock stars. I've found no actor make a credible rock start. Posers, all of them. - Sayne
Alex White Nicole Scherzinger and Fergie were great as guests on Slash's solo album
Mark Conlon Dennis Hopper would have made a great rocker, but his lifestyle would probably have caught up to him on the road
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The Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magic: released 26 years ago today...

Satoshi Kono My alltime/lifetime favorite album. frea's funky bass illustrate the guitar sound of John. Needless to say, I understand the funkness listen to this album.
Stewart Balmer Good album but the most dissapointing group iv seen live not because they weren t good but they were on for an hour and a half out of the anthony was on for about an hour ten.
George Pansy the last good album & then it's Right into the Sh*TTer 🚽at Warp Speed
Paul Brake Amazing album. Everything that came after was pants.
Steve Torrens Unfortunately it wasn't.
Carlos Silva Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The last great RHCP album.
Colin Coonie Fantastic record. Never beaten by them.
Josh Cortez With this album they became mega superstars man!...
Stefano Lombardi-Pessina Full of great songs/ the temple of crossover!
Vanessa Quirós Best album ever
Sav McKelvie A load of shite.
Marel Williams Spencer Wow.. Time went hey
Ross Mckissock Wish it had of been..
Marco Pantani Best album ever!!!
Bob Reidy Your right. That's often forgotten.
Doreen Klose In my top 5 albums of all time.
Scot Dvorak Far and away their best release.
Aaron Causey Should have been.
Urs Lehmann Those were the days 😝
Stefke Noninckx Wow ook al 26 jaar Goethals Marijke !!! Damn
Lesly Suarez One of my favorites albums!! 😃
Martin Peychev Minna Ann memories
Bob Reidy Dustin
Stuart Welsh Chris Hardcastle
Bob Reidy Steffanie
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Today in 1990, AC/DC released The Razor Edge. Last month, Classic Rock Magazine paid the album another visit...

Bernie Frawley They began that tour in Binghamton N.Y. Had the arena booked for three weeks beforehand to fine tune the sound system for smaller venues. They played for three hours and ten minutes because it was the first show of the tour! I still have the Angus dollar bills they dropped from the ceiling. Great concert that night, one to remember!
Victor Moreno That was the last semi great album that ac/dc put out, almost literally. The first side, great! The others? Meh. Nowadays, I hang my money on the bon era, now that's some killer stuff! I did go see them for the razor's edge tour, and that was AWESOME!
Reid Brooks Don't know why everyone dumps on Mistress, lame words but great jam. Don't know why everyone dumps on Flick and Fly. Great jams. Don't know why everyone loves Razors Edge.
Rapidfire Rock Not a bad album. Starts off great but dips in quality after the first half. Shot Of Love is the only track that is worthy of a mention in the latter half. Goodbye And Good Riddance and Mistress For Christmas are howlers. Milly 😎
Angus Ellis I must be mad. I often find myself singing goodbye and good riddance to bad luck, only that line tho. Must re-investigate that record. ....mmmm been a while
Chris Lovett a great comeback album for AC/DC after FLY ON THE WALL their sound got muddled and the music wasnt that great but this album got them back on track
Michael Andes ACDC was dead at this point. The disappointing Albums since FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK we're nearly killing the Band. And man, when I first listened to the Riff of Thunderstruck i knew they were back. And I witnessed one of the best Monsters of Rock Festival in '91 with ACDC headlining Bands like Metallica, Motley Crüe, Queensryche and The Black Crowes... All of them at their peak. I was 21, and I had the time of my life.... What a time....
Alan Price Not their best music, but I like it. They released "Money Talks" as the single but they should have released "Got You By The Balls"
Mark Langner Ok album but Fly on the Wall best Jonno album for me They were good on tour though some super fast versions of songs
Barry Kearney We were only a couple of weeks into our first year in Finians and god did we have this on repeat and repeat for at least a couple of years ha 👍 Ao Harney Kenneth McLoughlin Neil Loughrey
Nathan Smith The last album that was any good was flick of the switch don't get me wrong some good tracks after but not good albums .. But live there will never be a better band ever!
Tobias Krantz The song Razors Edge still one of the best AC/DC songs ever recorded
Marko Markovina First of all thunderstruck riff is alternate picking not hammers and pullofs...just had to say...
Rachel Schwartz-Smith Like the music, but the screaky voice is unbearable!
Armen Haczmerian A couple of good tracks there, otherwise forgettable album.
Philip Qvist Good album - but not a great one. That said the great songs far outweigh the filler material.
Graham Barr It's grown on me but thought it was a bit cheesy at the time.
Joe Flores I saw them twice on tour for it,great record
Benjamin Scott I've seen a shaving kit that bares bon engraved into it.... 😉 you might also call it a razor. ...
Kevin Price This was an alright album.Not one of thier best..Earlier stuff was much better.
Michael Ludditt There are a few weak songs on it, but overall I love it. 😈
Mike Beange Meh, too many forgettable songs
Rune Knapstad Love the title track, a bit unusual and more sinister sounding than your average DC track
Ollie Fletcher My favourite ac/dc album by a long mile
Corey Price Great album.
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Andrey Arefiev Гроб с музыкой.
Bon Scott Nathan Bailleux c'est trop mignon ! ^^
Darran George Christine Nichols-george. Looks like Bullit
Anita Brunner Klaudia Meingast
Samirah Syed Ali Sabah Shahid
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As Suzi Quatro's Legend set hits the stores, we look back at the career of the original Queen Of Noise...

Andrew Stephen Brotherton Did a couple of decent songs, don't understand how she has supposed to have sold so many records?
Jerry Morphis Saw Suzi open for Alice Cooper. Good opener. The lp's were disappointing. Couple of ok tunes
Stoney Evett 48 crash, had it back when i was in high school
Frank Michalesko Leather Tuscadero!!
James Edwards Suzi Quatro , true rock, chick!!!!😍🦂🇬🇧☠️
VC Sin At her concert in Hong Kong @ Lee Theatre in 70 's
Snezana Panic Suzi Quatro💗💗💗
Adam Taylor She didn't write the songs. Fake legend.
Daryl Chidester Great story!
Grant Hilder Belle Hilder
Vlad Dascalescu Lavinia Brăiță
Karsten Thiemann Kia Brieden Sehrys
Line Christin Andersen Bjørn Hasselquist
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40 years ago today, Jimi Hendrix boarded a plane to London, a trip that would change his life and the face of music...

James Bradshaw Up To Date News on James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix the very great man himself. I have hear it from a very reliable source that Jimi along with Philip Parris "Phil" Lynott, Robert William Gary Moore, William Rory Gallagher and John Henry Bonham are playing gigs 7 nights a week in the Kingdom hall and are packing the place out with Jesus up the front most nights having a great time rocking out. God had to remind the boys about the 7th day that it should be a day of rest.
Trevor Mason Hmmm was he with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper cos I think he was already dead 40 years ago.
Jeff Kleinbaum Should be 51 years. He first went to England September 1966 http://jasobrecht.com/jimi-hendrix-in-london/
Bill Gregorio Definitely not 40 years ago considering he died in 1970.
Luis Floyd You mean 50 years ago! And definitely that trip changed his life and the music scene
Doreen Klose I'll never get over losing Jimi Hendrix.
Tommy Belt He was dead by 7 years but could still play best!
Gary Brereton Have a word with your person that does your social media posts if I were you.
Joe Flores So he lived long enough to see Star Wars in 1977?
Steve Peach I think that should be 50 years, as he died in 70!
Rick Greenlee Hey Jimi, You, Mitch & Noel were GREAT at the Miami Pop Festival. Thanks for the memory...
Bejot Cat loved Jimi and always wished I could have met him...
Marel Williams Spencer And he made it ti be rated the guitarist of the century. In 2000
James Webb Whoops CR it's 50, try and keep up.
Marc Rodman Davis Damn that was a great time in ROCK HISTORY!
Lasmono Hadiatmadji Its a TWA B707 on the background, RIP Jimi
Brian Lockyear Maybe it was his 2nd coming ! 50 years ago I think.....
Sean Kay 40 years ago today, Jimi would have been dead for 7 years
Tim McHugh 40 years ago??? add another decade lol
Pasi Helin More like 51 years ago...
Helder Rvd Santos u mean 50 years ago
Darko Sagmeister 40, 50, 60... never mind.
Belákovics Zoltán ,, 50"years ago....
Walter Junior Hey Jimi..where are u...
Bruce Crichton 50, you mean.
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Which BEHEMOTH! album do you like better? Use the love emoji to vote for 'The Satanist' and the wow emoji to vote for 'Demigod.'

Mohammad Maki The satanist is a masterpiece! Demigod was more brutal but that doesn’t mean it’s better than The Satanist
Anthony Schir Why is everybody calling satanist a masterpeice? It’s just some satan worshiper bitching about Bible idols.
Kieran-Evan Fraser The Satanist. Hands down a master piece. Second favorite by them behind Apotasy
Kameron Cope Anyone know if there are instrumental versions of all their tracks?
Forest L Swope I'm not much of a fan of their modern albums I love their earlier stuff !
Hyrum Schick The Satanist
Łukasz Horn The Satanist
Alexander Dinesen Evangelion.
Edward Humber Impossible!!
Steven Smithberger Demigod
Eric Haugen this is super tough
Matthew P. Mach Demigod for sure.
Stephen James Bogan Demigod
Tomek Spelina Demigod
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26 Years Ago: Red Hot Chili Peppers released their biggest album at that point in their career with 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik.' Read more here:

Amaurynho Hernandez Rivera 2 legandary albums came out the same day
Steve Torrens Crap of the highest order
Lee Halsall My god I bought it the day it came out!!
Brent Ravesloot Great album, but today is the day of "Nevermind."
Matt Cowan Still my favourite of all the RHCP releases
Eric Fleming Mother's Milk had a better cover tho... just sayin.
Amy Urey By far their best albm
Juan Manuel Ferreyra The Best RHCP Album.
Janmeyjay Shukla
Mark Neumeister Still my favorite album.
Derek Ross Under the Bridge
Michael Lewis Brilliant album
Rutger Jansen Best album by anyone ever
Ricardo Arechiga Breaking the girl
Cheryl Dailing Love them!
Line Cossette 1 of my fav of allllllll times ! 🤗😎
Matthew Fidalgo
Paul Gureghian magic not magik
Paul Gureghian magic
Paul Gureghian typo
Jamie Shields So olddd
Brad Reynolds Logan Baize
Amanda Cambre Mason Clark
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Korn's Brian Head Welch offers his thanks to Linkin Park for their forgiveness and understanding over his reaction to Chester Bennington's death. See what he said here:

Marianne Jacobsen Everyone says stuff in the heat of moment and hes burned out his frontal lobe with all the meth. Tweaker Hallpass
Heather English Suicide is a hard thing to deal with. Of course he had those emotions. Its a hard thing for someone to process. My friend committed suicide 20 yrs ago and it still affects me to this day. People are so quick to judge him for saying how he felt about his friend taking his own life. I bet you all would have the same range of emotions he did if you were in his place! RIP Chester Bennington <3
Kathy Dermody-Russell Grief is a heartwrenching emotion. Sometimes our hurt and "human selfishness" takes over our mouths. Love heals the pain, forgiveness heals the heart
Danny Thomas If the other guys in LP are forgiving and understanding that Head meant no harm and just worded his shit wrong, that's good enough for me. I especially think with Chester gone now, Mike is the most outspoken of the remaining 5. And if Head was being fake, Mike would have called him out on it. Just my 2 cents.
Alex Liston Well, he was right. Chester and a lot of people like him had a lot of influence on a lot of other people and teaching them just to kill themselves isn't good. It's horrible. Especially since he left 6 kids, a wife, and millions of fans behind.
Tim Snyder Wow everyone makes mistakes and says things that should be said praise GOD that brian is able dead up to his wrongs Thumbs up to u brian.
Beth Seawell Lantz Suicide brings many emotions including ANGER...Welch is really a nice guy. I met him and he is a very kind and sincere man.
Angela Radic He was so quick to judge.. doesn't deserve an apology in my opinion.
Brendon Loring Hey I was sad, mad, and frustrated. Everyone deals with death differently.
Cheri Ann Painter Love Head, but an ex tweaker shouldn't judge anyone
Dylan Metts I mean Head wasn’t wrong...just saying
Michael William Stormwolf Christian turd.
Michelle Louise Gonzaleslawrence 😞 Chester RIP
Sean Johannson foad jesus freak
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27 Years Ago: Megadeth broke ground with their iconic tech thrash album 'Rust in Peace':

Mariano Buchieri "Tornado of souls" My favourite Megadeth's song, I love the "Friedman's" solo, Menza's solo a 2.08 min... Everything is extraordinary in this song ImI
Peter Haeggström I never get tired of that album. Friedmans melodic soloing over Mustaines punky riffing with the solid groove of Menza/Ellefson was deadly!Classic.
Rusty Fryman Holy tornado five is my favorite track on that album! Great jam!!!! Lmao! Love all of his stuff. Its phd level music composition and writing. Delicious stuff!
Josh Swope Michael Wilson, would you look at that. The greatest thrash metal record of all time was released.
Brent Stariha Hands-down the greatest thrash metal album ever made!
Robert Sackrider Just seen them live the other night. Opened with Hangar 18 & the place exploded. Band sounded tight and loud. Still can shred like nobody's business
Luis E. Vasquez Some of the best, fastest, most furious, and monstrous riffs and solos I've heard are on this album!
Kieran-Evan Fraser Def one of the top Megadeth albums
Andrew Blethen Great album but I like Peace Sells the most.
Steven Broughton Still my favorite Megadeth Album! Tornado of Souls kicks ass!!
Alan Smithee I feel old...great album...drums..guitar...attitude.
Tiberiu Minyo Best thrash metal album ever.
Jonathan Mendoza This is my no.1 Favorite metal album of all time.. Master of Puppets 2nd and 3rd Slayers Season in the abbyss
Habibullah Bashar This the greatest Thrash Album.
Gethin Davies Great album, great band,BLOODY AWFUL LIVE!!! 🙁
Gary Pratt Then, they "remastered" and completely ruined it.
David Western Best album they made best metal album ever made !!!!!!!!
Andrew Williams They were bloody brilliant at Bloodstock!
Evan Adams Donison I bought my copy when it came out at a&b sound on Kingsway In Burnaby. The good old days. 🙂
Brian Mattert Still one of the best albums ever
Florin Manu
Benjamin Morales Jr. Best Megadeth Album!
Jean Cano HOLY WARS!
Mauricio Botero Jaramillo El mejor de Megadeth!
Donald Teare
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Who has your vote for Metal Artist of the Year in the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards? ⚡️ You can comment all you want, but it only truly matters if you go and vote right here: https://trib.al/ICJStFA

Ambrogio Orfeu steel panther
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26 Years Ago: Nirvana changed the music landscape with their breakout album 'Nevermind.' Revisit the disc here:

Paulo Roberto Moura To understand the importance of this record, you need to remember what was going on in the music industry at that time!!! If you don't like the band, ok......but you need to give them some credit. The album changed the music industry forever!!
Charlotte Katie Bartle My least favourite of the Seattle Sound bands. At least the others had the musical/vocal/song writing ability. I never got how Nirvana rose like they did. Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains all the way.
Gareth Pritchard Amazing album. All the haters are just annoyed cause people realised how ridiculous they looked in their big ass hair and pink makeup.
Chris Hughes You mean they destroyed rock n roll with their shitty depressing grunge. So glad that shit is long gone.
Jonathan Aaron Wyatt In utero was my shit,i liked nevermind,but i liked how they where changing their style and not just do what everyone wanted them to do pop songs that sounded clean.Just how they where as a band in those interviews was awesome.Kurts scream was the best,always wondered what would have happened if he stayed alive.
Ionut Bernaz Killed hair metal and gave birth to a genre full of depressed teenagers crying about their inability to adapt to society. Great, because thats what we wanted.....90's sucked
Jayson Mahaguay Love it or hate it ,lets accept the fact that Nirvana's Nevermind had a big impact in the music scene back then
Charles Carpenter II The beautiful thing about music/art is; it's up for interpretation. What you see and what I see in Nirvanas' Nevermind album, will never match, but that's ok. As a musician I seek things to expand my playing. In 1991 I remember buying two albums... Nevermind and Rust in Peace (Megadeth). Cobain's training on guitar with Buzz Melvin was an interesting approach. However I became bored with the band immediately. My opinion. To this day, I am still studying the complexities of the guitar licks laid down by Friedman and Mustaine on Rust in Peace. In the end do what makes you happy. Out of all the great bands and musicians that have surfaced out of Seattle, nirvana is last on my list. I'd mark Mr. Jim Hendrix as my favorite.
Indalecio Javier Flores Arocha I loved 80’s Hair/Glam metal, but by the time bands like Dangerous Toys, Slaughter, Warrant and Mr Big started appearing, I was pretty much sick of them. God bless Nirvana and the Grunge/Alternative scene.
Richie O'Keefe I bought it just when it came out. A month later it was on sale for half the price I paid. And there was a big display set up for it. If had only knew it would be as big as it got.
Zach Blackwell Most overrated record by the most overrated band of all time.
Joe Malofey 26 years ago my mom's basement was getting destroyed because of this album lmao me and my friends would get into some heated hockey games while jamming it
Robert Basile Oh please spare me the bullshit one of the worst bands ever
Ishan Devkota I played this album till I broke the old amp my Dad had. I still remember the ass whooping! 🤣
Rob George Blew away that audio stink known as hair metal/ glam rock. Nirvana was musical Lysol.
Gary Roberts I prefer In Utero but still love this album.
Schonn Macdonaugh Stole most of it from Boston & changed the key,transposed a few notes,octaves,altered the timing,slapped new lyrics on it...Yup, overated.
Joel Craig Badmotorfinger and Dirt were way better.
Jessica Herman I just re bought this last week. Nevermind was a great album though.
Darren Johnson It almost destroyed rock n roll, thankfully it recovered...
Mike Y. Zhang This is THE album that changed my life.
Joe Flores I saw them a couple of months later,one of the best shows I ever went to.
El Demiso Then u get to enjoy their music properly 😄
Nate Varner I was going to say something. But NEVERMIND!
Dawn Steiner I don't need to revisit it; I sill listen to this all the time.