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This week on the Album Of The Week Club we've been listening to Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms... and it's fair to say that opinion has been divided.

Great album!
What a great album to test your sound system
I'm not divided, first cd I ever heard and bought. Great cd !!!
Love it as much today as when it was released.
Got this CD 💜
Chris Hills... Remember listening to this in your dad's car? 😁
Ooh I like!
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Hard to believe it's been just over a year...

Alice In Chains nailed it with their newer singer. He's absolutely awesome.
Zachary Fruzza
Doron Kaplinsky Ezer Lifshitz
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"We want to have the freedom to live with some of these ideas for a while and then maybe record them in a different way.”

Which means "we have some ideas but not enough for an album."
Yesssssss! Do it do it do it! Then come to Australia to promote it!
Harry Anderson yeah dude:)
@ Juan
Pauline Downie
Kevin Myers David Laidler
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Bob Seger is coming off the injured list.

UK please.
Great to see him feeling better.
This man has more talent in his left pinky than any of today's "pop" music hacks....
Hi Bob I hope you come to old London and Dublin towns and play that great Thin Lizzy song Rosalie, I have a feeling you know this rocking song very well
I'll be there again!!!
Kimberly Barnes Ferguson. We didn’t jinx him after all.
Matthew Kelly?
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Today's Big Question comes from Roger Shumate, who asks, "What’s your favorite rock song with bagpipes? Start with AC/DC's It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)". We think the question might end there too, but thanks Roger!

It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wana Rock 'n' Roll) by AC/DC. Is there another bagpipes rock song???
Never run with bagpipes... ya' might get kilt.
Shoots and Ladders - Korn. The way nursery rhymes should be told! 🤘
Wings--Mull Of Kintyre. I think it is still the biggest single in Great Britain. Never made the charts in the US though.
It's a Long Way to The Top by AC/DC.. shouldn't even be a question. The back story on that is very interesting and pretty funny. Bon actually didn't play the pipes on that track. The band wanted to incorporate bagpipes so they asked Bon to do it because he was in a pipe band when he was a child. So they sent him to the music store to buy the pipes and when he got back to the studio they asked him to play and he replied "I don't how to play the pipes" they asked "you said you were in a pipe band" Bon told them; "I was.. I was a drummer".
Gary Moore - "Over the Hills and Far Away"
Anthem-The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
Greatest is definitely ACDC, but other bands have used bagpipes. Best I can think of is Runrig. On their "Recovery" album, there is an instrumental called "Breaking the Chains" which has got some serious bagpipery on it in a rock context. Also did a slow instrumental called "Solus na Madainn" (Morning Light) from a compilation album. Their guitarist Malcolm Jones plays the pipes - a superbly talented musician who can rock with the best of them.
Aside from the obvious AC/DC, Steve Earl had quite a rocking tune with bagpipes in Copperhead Road
I know these aren't rock songs per se, but these two songs stand out for me: "Mull of Kintyre" by Paul McCartney and Wings "Tattoo" by Mike Oldfield (from Tubular Bells II) The bagpipes on those two songs sound gorgeous.
Neil Anderson of Rathkeltar is known as the bagpipe monster. They are a Celtic Rock Band. Another Celtic Rock Band with a great bagpiper is 7 Nations.
Queens Gimme The Prize...Brian May went a long way to making the guitar sound like bagpipes complete with drone in background. Banging highland solo. May said Freddie and Deacy hated the song
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll - AC-DC .... Love the video of the band on the back of a flatbed semi truck playing this song being pulled through new York !
Does it have to be Scottish style bagpipes? Since Troy Donockley joined Nightwish, his use of Uilleann pipes has made for MANY great songs.
Not really a ligitimate question,considering tge bagpipe. It's like asking what's the greatest rock song with a kazoo or mouth harp...
Ok, fairly obscure: Holy Ground by Traffic. They use Uilleann pipes, which is the national bagpipe of Ireland. Amazing song! Give it a listen if you don't know it and if you're a fan of Traffic/Winwood.
Bon Scott jumping around with bagpipes on top of a trailer will alwayz be evergreen... Nothin can beat that.... But lately I've been listening to Clanadonia.... Never realized that neo-folk would be this addictive....
Duh everyone knows I dunno what all these other answers are but the question was "the greatest" song with bagpipes. If it's not AC/DC Your too Young no pun intended
Bon scott played bag pipes but chellos should be in rock n roll its got a deep bass feel and a screachy feel
The AC⚡DC one. It's a long way to the top. I'm not the first one who has written this but here goes.
There was a band by the name of “Brother” from Australia that had twin brothers playing bagpipes. I saw them in NYC in the early 2000s.
The sound of a bagpipe can be easily replicated by Rosie O'Donnell farting after an all day binge of cabbage, coffee and burittos.
Theres a U-tube of a guy playing Thunderstruck. Flames from the pipes - the whole works! Brilliant musician.
I'm gonna throw in something a bit leftfield Roy Wood's "Going Down The Road" and the there's Simple Minds' instrumental "When Spirits Rise"
I saw nazareth in Brno (CZ) in 2004. Dan McCaferty played Hair of the dog sólo on bagpipes. It was great!
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“I find this whole thing so obnoxious. It’s always allegations and it’s just salacious crap."

and I suppose Pete Townsend was completely innocent in his "research" a few years ago too.....
What an utter nonsensical comment to make. Sexual harassment happens in every single business on a daily basis.
If anything it's reversed sexual harassment, women go crazy over rock stars they grab, claw and grope them.
I don’t doubt there are hundreds/thousands of women who’s lives were made more complete and had no issues having a night of passion with their favourite pop or rock star and that many a rock or pop star has never had to force a woman to spend the night with them. BUT, to say that it has never happened is very very shortsighted a stupid statement to make, not least because such a sweeping statement by such a high-profile star might influence a victim who has actually been abused not to come forward and might influence police, judges and juries into not believing people for whom it did happen!
If Pete wouid have done any wrongdoing he wouid have gone to prison
Not your finest moment! Speaking from experience as a steward at music events I’ve seen your fellow musicians harassing female stewards, it happens, not everyone is swayed with the rock star status
Thoroughly entitled to his opinion, based on his personal (non-universal) experience in said industry. Better a conversation with the opinions of all considered, rather than shutting people down with bile because you don’t agree with them (based on a rather click-bait headline designed to rile the Internet pitchfork parade! One conversation - “oh I hate Roger now”. Pathetic, get a grip!!
Cliff Richard has been hounded-there is a frikkin obsession with kids these days-get over yourselves, snowflakes
this pisses me off, music industry isn't only the musician (for one) but also record companies etc. not every female enthusiast for an artist means she'd throw herself at artists feet, but yes I assume there will be many and probably as a result of it there will be artists treating the females as pleasant commodities but not have the slightest idea how to properly treat a woman/lady. as for the recording industry I've experienced some nasty stuff, unwanted for sure. As a music fan I've never had any dream or wish to throw myself at a singer, guitarist or whatever artist, so this insults me.
Straight-up deceiving headline -- Roger never said these words. Big up to him, however, for having the guts to say it as it is. Allegations without proof and sentence remain just that, allegations.
It would do a lot of you good to actually read the article instead of commenting on a purposefully misleading clickbait headline.
Well Harvey isn't in prison so he must not be guilty
Please be quiet Roger, keep your dignity.
Its funny that no one in rock has been accused besides Gary Glitter
Sheryl Crow tells a different story about a famous manager
I'm pretty Shure it's in every industry sadly
Sorry Roger..it happens all the time everywhere..welcome to the real world..
Sorry mr daltrey but we wont get fooled again
yeah, I wonder what you were up to in those hotel rooms while Keith Moon was destroying them...
Don't be so idiot Roger!!... Please,we're grown up
Welp. I know WHOse records I won’t need to buy any more. I guess that would matter if they actually made any.
I don't know if he's right or wrong. Maybe he's partially right. Many times it's takes two hands to clap.
Right or wrong, you've got to admire his balls giving his honest opinion in this environment.
It does happen in the music industry just as often as in any other branch. There are everywhere people who just don't know the limits.
Isn't Waters well known to be obnoxious himself ?
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Who is the best left-handed guitarist?
Here's the catch: you can't pick Tony Iommi
Go! 💥

tosin abasi in front of a mirror
Adam Jones.......... *waits for people to do a google search*
Paul McCartney, yes it's bass, still a guitarist
Eric Giles...check him out...was suppose to be the next jimi hendrix but drugs got to him
Not sure about the best. But my favorite is Zacky Vengeance
Hendrix...not only because he was lefty
Cobain ha
Jimi Hendrix what stupid a question
No Iommi gotta be Hendrix then .
Jimi Hendrix was better than Iommi anyways. And I love Tony
I don't believe in God. But if I did, he'd be a black, left-handed guitarist...
Mark Knopfler, he is lefty but plays right handed
Best left handed guitarist IS Iommi
Zach Vengeance (whatever) and Tim Armstrong
Tom araya is left-handed, it counts?😂
I guess you'll have to go with Hendrix!
Hendrix, even used an upside down right hander!
If I can’t pick Tony, gotta go with Jimi
Look at this photograph Every time I do it makes me laugh
Jimi Hendrix, or Kurt Cobain.
Elliot Easton - (The Cars )
Hendrix, Albert King...
I actually think Cobain was brilliant in his own way.
Hendrix get a life
Kurt Cobain
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Any fans of the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath out there?

I've liked all eras of Black Sabbath. I agree with #1-#9. As to the rest, I might have put Headless Cross and Eternal Idol a bit higher. I definitely liked Born Again more than Dehumanizer. (Forbidden is pretty much the worst one, I agreed with you there.) I wish Sabotage could've been put higher--it's such a great album! BTW---you didn't mention the song that might, arguably, be the best Tony Martin moment of them all: "When Death Calls" off of Headless Cross...
Heaven and Hell is no lower then #2. IMO
No Sabbath without ozzy
All are in number one
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Plus news on a new Bill Ward book, new Fit For A King tour dates and more in Wire-to-Wire.

Dave Grohl is an overrated douche.
Lennon McGuirk
25-minute instrumental eat some bbq & spin some plates https://youtu.be/ZRtlyhHXkTU
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Cinderella dropped their second album 30 years ago ⚡️

Despite the cheesy band name and those poofy hairdo's they wore on the first record, Long Cold Winter is great rock record. I'd go so far as to say it could conceivably be the pre-cursor to The Black Crowe's Shake Your Moneymaker, bluesy hard rock.
A great album by a great band
Still better than most crap today, even after 30 years
And I bought that cassette tape brand new, then proceeded to wear it out!!!
Love every Cinderella album good hair metal band from back in the day
In my opinion this was better than their first!
Tom Kiefer can still bring it!
Did they pick it up again? Coz... well that’s just littering otherwise
Seen them on this tour opening for ac/dc
You know who also avoided the sophomore slump? Lynyrd Skynyrd
I saw thwm open for Judas Priest on the Ram It Down tour. My first concert. Toronto Canada
Criminally underrated band.
That's a good one
First cd I ever bought
Monica Wood
Tracy Saxon
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What two bands could swap guitarists and still sound awesome? 🎸

Metallica and Megadeth :p
Iron Maiden and Judas Priest
Nickleback and The Teletubbies
Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society
At The Drive In and The Mars Volta Guns N Roses and Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Alter Bridge, Creed and Tremonti
Opeth and Arch Enemy :p
Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine
Slipknot and stone sour (also works with singers)
Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot (Syn and James)
Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave
Audioslave and rage against the machine
Opeth and Porcupine Tree
Stryper and King Diamond
Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. Dave Navarro was awesome in the Chili Peppers and John Frusciante in Jane’s Addiction would be very interesting as well
Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold
Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle
steel panther and motley crue
For bass: Motorhead and Green Day. Green Day is punk and I know that Lemmy loved punk rock more. Fast Eddie Clarke can go to Bowling for Soup because I also love Bowling for Soup. I would let James Hetfield and Pete Townshend trade for each other. Dave Mustaine can be the frontman for Metallica again and take lead vocals. The Davies Brothers can be together again by joining Megadeth.
Texas Hippie Coalition, Black Label Society.
Any deathcore band or metalcore band
Nirvana and Foo Fighters wait
Thy Art Is Murder and Lorna Shore #fightme
Mastodon and Legends of the Seagullmen. Sleep and High on Fire. Kyuss and qotsa. No wait, my bad.
Nick Jonas and Lil Wayne Now seriously xD Maybe Stratovarius (actual guitarist, not Timo Tolkki) and Cain´s Offering.
Exodus, Slayer, Heathen and Metallica
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Here's some insight into The Sword's newest album