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If anyone can unbox beer, Bruce can.

Is it just me or does anyone else think Bruce doesn't look too good ?
I would rather see Bruce uncan a bluray from last years tour!
Te conozco bruce
Chris Currier
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Our Tracks Of The Week are here to save Planet Earth before it descends into a state of hellish musical mediocrity. They include The Hives, The Treatment, ROYAL REPUBLIC, Crobot, Stray Cats, The Black Keys, Crash Kelly and Pearl Handled Revolver. Don't forget to click...

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“I don’t have an answer and the song doesn’t either. The hope is to simply raise awareness of distressing signals that some may display.” - Duff McKagan

Where were you when GnR were recording Rocket Queen? Oh. Right now you are sober. Just button it up. You are a mediocre bass player.
Well that's a fucking headline isn't it.....
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Thanks, but no thanks.
I didn't care for the original...but this is painful !
I honestly don't like it either... But imagine you're out with friends in some edm party (it happens, especially if you want to hang out with younger kids) and you start recognizing this song. It'll feel nice, I bet. But again, I wouldn't buy or listen to this in other circumstances.
Diamond urges 💰?
Why??Just why?
This is horrible
Connaissant Van Buuren, je m'attendais à quelque chose de plus énorme... Dommage, ce morceau méritait mieux 😁
I might as well jump off a building after hearing that.
They successfully took all of the heart and feeling out of that song and left it a shell of minimalist boredom
Some things- like perfection- should always be left alone.
Just barfed 🤮
No thanks
I laugh at the nimrods who bkame Dave. It's a REMIX🤣
I thought it was the theme tune for Countdown then I decided it was far far worse and just an utter pile of dogshit.
Absolute garbage. I didn't think they could make Van Halen's worst song any worse, but I was wrong.
That just great you make the one VH song I already can’t stand worse.
It's garbage. It's a great song so it took some doing to make it that bad.
about two months late and its garbage
Why, Diamond Dave, why?????
Beyond dreadful
Nah....think i'd rather listen to it in all its original glory.
I kinda hate this 😏
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The story of an album that may have inspired Darth Vader.

I was playing some of this album yesterday, I said ALEXA play the music of wishbone Ash and the King will Come was the 1st song played
It reminds me some of the roxy music's albums
Piotr Kowalewski
Great album from a great band
Completely underappreciated band.
The king will come.
Darth Vader...the idea was taken from the German SS...
Darth Vader was inspired by the samurai from George Lucas’ obsession with Kurosawa films.
My favourite album ever! This is an old article, a lot more water gone under the bridge since it was written.
Classic album
Vadar, the only reason to watch Star Wars. Everyone one else pales in his presence, the ultimate baddy,
Great band still going
Inspired alot of twin guitar bands maiden,lizzy etc
The most suberb album of all time, I have not heard guitar as good as that before or since, Martin Turner top bloke.😁❤️✌️
No doubt the greatest album ever simply the best.
Mega! Andy Powell/Martin Turner🎸🔥🎸
my fav record of em all...
A masterpiece 🎶
Its average...a bit dull...at least side one...didn't grab me enough to listen to side 2.
Stunning record
Ehab Selim
Totally agree with Lou. I first heard it and was blown away. Such an epic and of its time very emotional if the full LP / CD is absorbed. A landmark in Rock , for me.
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Put Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in a room with a bunch of Moroccan musicians and what do you get?

Saw this concert at Reunion Arena in Dallas in 1995. Awesome concert! Love the album. I especially love the slowed down version of "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and the added instruments in "Kashmir."
Great tour this seen it twice
The Plant/Page tours were more "Zeppelin" than the TV special, which was kind of like watching Rick Steves on PBS. 😄
You get bad music.
I loved the UNLEDDED MTV episode. A great way to break back in.
One of my favourite ever albums!
A bunch of Morans?
It sort of was. We saw two nights in a row. There was lots of Zep. Includung the Song Remains the Same whitch feartured Porl Thomson on lead parts. If course there was a Jimmy Page instrumantal jam as well
Flippin' great music!
Amazing album
Saw this at the Cornwall Colosseum many years ago. One of my favourite ever gigs.
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Gabrielle Crahan, youngest daughter of Slipknot's Shawn 'Clown' Crahan, has died

So very sad. Way too young! Love & prayers to all family and friends. RIP beautiful angel 💔
RIP sweet girl. Prayers and positive vibes to all family and loved ones
So young best wishes go to all family and friends xx
OMG Far too young. So Sorry for your loss Shawn Crahan & Family, & also Slipknot... Much Love to you all. 💚🧡💜💙🌹
Condolences to shaun and family. R.I.P Gabrielle. Rock on in the great beyond.🤘
As a parent i cant even imagine...my respects and condolences going out to you and your family. Rest in Peace Gabrielle
Deepest condolences Shawn and family. May your daughter rest in peace
God bless Shawn crahan and family
I lost my son this past December. He was also 22. There are no words to ease this kind of pain. Prayers to you and yours.
No parent should have to lose their child. Condolences.
I hope this dude never has to experience the loss of a child.
Thinking of the family and slipknot family as well I’m so sorry for your loss prayers are with y’all
I’m very sorry to hear this. My prayers got out to Shawn and his family. May she RIP. 😥
22 years old wow so young what did she die of ?
Oh no. All of the prayers to their family in this unimaginable time.
Edmann Murray what’s with the laughing face ?
My thoughts are with you, your family, and the SlipknoT family at this time. I can't even begin to imagine what your grief is like.
Prayer to him and his Family
No parent should have to bury their child, those who think this is funny.......I have no words
This comment section is exactly what we should have from the metal community. You guys are amazing. Tomorrow unfortunately, it’s going to be back to how much this band, or that band sucks. My heart goes out to the Crahan family 🖤
"No parent should have to bury their child." - King Theoden, LOTR: The Two Towers Seriously though, 😥
Damn that’s terrible news. Rest in peace. My condolences to the family 😞
This is something no parent should endure. I pray Shaun and the rest of the family can find peace somehow
Dang. What a week for metal Fathers. First Terry Butlers daughter now Shawn's. Sleep in peace to both of them and may their souls roam the universe eternally in peace.
I can not even fathom the feelings/emotions of losing a child. My deepest condolences go out to the Crahan family ❤️ 😢
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Gojira guitarist finishes show after getting face burned by pyro

The reason i love Gojira. There passion is unmatchable 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Wow!! He loves what he does!!! He loves his fans!!! Props to him!!❤️🤘🏻
First the Notre Dame, now this ?
Love Gojira!
He was looking for whales in the flames.... Hope he's alright eh
Hope he heals well. I would have understood if he left to be treated had I been in the audience
Just caught their show at Sonic Temple glad he’s doing well. They played a great set!
“james hetfield left the chat”
The man is as hard as nails and the band are legends love Gojira seen them twice great band
They just got off the stage here in Chicago Open Air a day later & rocked it!!! #dedication 🤘
Take that James Hetfield🤣
I’m just here for the James Hetfield jokes
I love, Gojira!!! So glad it wasn't worse and Christian is okay!!
Metallica fans: Wait, what?
That's the most metal thing one can ever do.. 🙏🏼
Next time hire Rammstein's pyro specialists 😉
Don't like Gojira but that's impressive and very metal \m/
First of all, I truly hope he gets better soon. Second, you Loudwire do know his name right? God, Chritian is so underrated
Morrissey has a headache and won't be making it to the show tonight.
Are you sure they wheren't playing "Fade to Black"?
It was badass.. was up there gor it
So, to be more clear here, his face didn't get burned by direct flame on skin contact. He was close enough to get burned by the radiant heat, which is much different. It's like getting a sudden sunburn in an instant. He was not on fire or touched by fire at any time.
That's about the 'most metal' headline as one could possibly get
He was only off stage for like 2 minutes before he came back out and played. Total trooper
He was off stage for a few minutes. Looked like the rest of the band didn't even know at first. Came right back after only a few minutes.
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WATCH: Slipknot give live debut to two songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Loved the song, not sure about corey's mask but still, it's awesome they're releasing their single on live tv, that's major these days, Rock and metal bands barely perform on live tv anymore and the purpose of the radio friendly single is exactly to be able to do that. If they had released their heaviest song as a first single, it would have been released on youtube, debuted on their tour and that's about it. Stoked for them!
Not sure about Corey’s new mask but love the new song can’t wait to see them live in October 🤘
Corey’s last two mask are whatever but I don’t mind the new songs. First two albums are still their best work but so far I like the songs from this album more than the last one.
Same shit different album
10 years ago Their performance was so much better
I wonder who the new percussionist is? 🤔
Corey's vocals sound way better so far. I can remember when knot dropped .5 in 2014 and during their first tour (prepare for hell tour I think), Corey's vocals were shot, he couldnt get the right notes when he was singing (killpop especially) and it was like that for awhile. Fast forward 2018, their first performance was killer and Corey's vocals were great
Unsainted is my new favorite slipknot song
Sounding good looking forward to the album
When I watched it I laughed because I never thought I’d see Slipknot on Jimmy Kimmel which was cool
That wasnt Clown.. that guy up there was thin... I'll bet that was his son
Was it you corey?
Why does his new mask remind me of mrs doubtfire?!? Wth!
Awesome performance, Corey sounded great.
Corey's mask looks rediculous
Lmao so much for first and second album level
When was the last time you saw any band blow your mind playing on a talk show? It’s a totally stripped down version of their usual live setup. The audio you get at home is not what the live audience hears, that’s how tv performances work. Judging them from this live tv performance really doesn’t make any sense.
Corey's new mask looks like he's wearing an old Marilyn Manson mask from 96
All Out Life was so much better live.
“All Out Life” doesn’t impress me and as far as “Unsainted” I like the verses but the chorus with the whole woooaaaaa is beyond cringeworthy, and they said the album would be Iowa levels of heavy 😂
The new fella looks and moves a lot like Chris Fehn..... odd.
LOVE their new track!!!
Corey kinda looks like Heath Ledger's joker but chubbier 🤔
More I listen to it the more it grows on me. Corey’s vocals are great here. But his new mask is still rubbish.
love this band however I just felt the performance felt very hollow
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WATCH: Who was the greatest grunge frontman ever?

Cornell best singer but Cobain had the perfect voice for grunge IMO, so Cobain for me
It's all apples and oranges. Personally I love Layne and aic the most. But Scott weiland was so diverse. Kurt was great artistically. Cornell's voice, Vedder's sound....... so I can't say who's the best grunge frontman.
Chris Cornell had the greatest voice but Layne was hands down the best ever in grunge
Best front man was Kurt because he did it all but he’s not nearly the best singer layne was by far
Cornell is the greatest singer of all time in my opinion having been a lead singer in several bands myself since 94 but Kurt was the best front man out of those mentioned nd Scott Weiland closely followed and I know they dont class The Pumpkins as grunge but Corgan was right there as good as Kurt and Scott
Cornell had the best voice in grunge, layne was the best showman/performer
Chris was the best singer, Layne the best frontman
Wow this is a really hard one for me. I love Nirvana and they where the ones that actually brought grunge to life and made it noticed but I have to say for me it's a toss up between Layne and Cornell
Layne best voice. Cornell best frontman.
Cornell had the best voice but my favorite was Staley
Before Staley , Cobain, Cornell, Vedder there was Andrew Wood, the names I mentioned all give credit to Wood as the best. Not only bringing grunge to life, but he set that bar for the rest to follow....
Chris Cornell was the best grunge AND metal singer (other than Ronnie James Dio). They were/are all amazing front men....and all amazing singers period.
That’s a difficult question to answer for me. Because they are all great bands that I love. Layne sang with so much emotion and pain in his voice but I would consider them as the least grunge band out of all 4 bands. Let’s just say all are/were awesome !
Chris and Layne were the best.
Layne is the best voice but eddie is the best frontman.
Tough one... Love Chris, love Kurt, but Layne has a hold of my heart 💗
That’s a hard one. All have so many amazing aspects, and they’re all so loveable. And I like all their music. Kurt inspired me to start guitar, so I guess I’d go with him? Honestly I can’t decide they’re all amazing.
Think of all the singers that try to sound like Layne Staley...He's the man. Cornell was a helluva singer but I just liked Staley's unique voice
for me chris cornell had a great voice and i love layne staley and scott weiland
Young Eddie for front man, Cornell for the best voice, Cobain for changing Rock, Lane for the coolest.
What is grunge, anyway? It was more of a time period and a location (Seattle) than it was a "sound". Pearl Jam sound nothing like Nirvana, who sounded nothing like Nirvana, who sounded nothing like Soundgarden, who sounded nothing like AIC who sounded nothing like STP.
Layne Staley hands down!! Kurt second! I love Scott Weiland but don't consider them grunge
Man, alice in chains by all metrics is lapping the field in 3rd gear. Layne pre heroine was the most talented and influential
- Frontman: Scott Weiland - Vocalist: Layne/Chris Cornell
Voice - Chris Stage performance - Eddie Songwriting - Kurt Meanwhile Layne has an amazing balance of the other three categories
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TUNE IN: Slipknot confirm set list for Jimmy Kimmel Live performance:

Saved u a clik, their playing only "Unsainted" & "All Out Life"
I love the new song, and video!!!! 🤘
Love the new video song
The new masks were pretty disappointing.....Not much thought put into them....
Love what Jay brings to the band now!
Corey aka Heath ledger ripoff needs to stop and get a new look..only missing the red smile ..
Them: slipknot this, slipknot that... Me: *laughs in rammstein*
I wish theyd saved the mask reveal for the kimmel performance tbh
Wow some how every generation of mask has been worse than the last since vol. 3
I miss the original mask now that was the best
Glad I don't hwatch Kimmel, dude hwasn't even funny on the man show.
Love the dollar tree mask Corey lmfao
Only reason to ever watch kimmel....
Can't wait to get a better look at Taylor's mask
Slipnot going Pop soon.
Can’t wait to utube it no cable here!!
Taylor’s new mask makes him look like Mort from the Bazooka Joe comics.
Spoiler alert, it ain’t good
Sid willson is best
Corey has come out hibernation, and it it Loudwire’s time to shine again
They won’t put all out life on the album cuz Chris fehn plays on the track... lol
Swear I hope they play more than 2 songs!
Hell yeah the I got my DVR set, can't wait to hear the new songs live
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LISTEN: Rammstein's self-titled album is out now:

I love it. Herzeleid and Mutter are my favorites. Rammstein only put out the best. They are masters of their craft and have evolved. They aren't going to sound like they did 25 years ago, but their songs are still intense and power packed. Most bands gradually decline over the years but Rammstein still deliver top caliber music!
It’s a great album. But it’s definitely a grower, took me a couple of times to really like it. Now I can’t stop listening to it 😔
I need a good a couple of months and hundreds of listens before deciding how good the album is
Seriously dude😉 I’ve already translated the entire album. On my 21st listen. Woke up at 3 this morning to take a piss. Listened to whole album. Woke up two hours later. Did it again. Masterpiece 🤩. Puppe is maybe my favorite song EVER!
Honestly? I’m onr of Rammstein’s biggest fans, but I’m slightly disappointed. It’s good, but I was hoping for more kinda “punch in the face” riffs & sound, but mostly, this isn’t it. Hallomann for example, brilliant HEAVY riff but it’s only there for 20 seconds (besides the opening bass line) underneath the solo. Why wasn’t it featured more? I don’t know. There’s heavy stuff in here, Sex is a great sleaze feeling riff, but it’s degintely more on the softer/mellower/melodic spectrum than anything.
Love their new album, but I can’t judge it already, maybe after 1 month I Can
I thought it was pretty good! Deutschland, Radio, Ausländer, and Tattoo are going to be on my playlist for a decent amount of time.🤘🏼
I was excited hearing Deutschland and radio thinking the whole album is gonna be just like those songs which is why I pre ordered it. After listening to it once it released im rather disappointed. Hopefully it will grow on me the more i listen to it but was expecting more heavy songs
It's good, but man... after the third track its so ok, meh, meh, ok, ok, good, ok...
I’ve been playing the new album all day! Welcome back Rammstein!!! 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 🇺🇸 🇩🇪
Ausländer for sure
SEX & PUPPE. Another solid album by this guys.
Band confirmed on their website that the album is untitled, not self titled. Online outlets need an album title, so they just put Rammstein. It's a great album.
Puppe is probably my favorite. I'm a haunt actor, and it's the perfect pump up song. The way the song is reminds me of Doomhead from 31 doing the intro monologue
Wait 10 years for this?.... c’mon guys, Rammstein can do better than this, can’t they ?
Self titled is for the 1st album 🤨
It's a bit softer than I was hoping for, but it's still great.
Just cause it's not tuned to drop G# doesn't mean it's not heavy nerds
Sex, Radio, Auslander, Tattoo and Diamant are pure golden!
Puppe is my favourite
Thought it wasn't coming out till August.
Rammstein members in multiple interviews said they were trying something a little different with this album. It may be slower but definitely darker in some songs. Amazing album in my opinion.
After the first two singles I thought the album would be a lot heavier.
Deutschland holds the album up, I can't even lie and I love Rammstein. With that said it seems like one of those albums that grow on you, it's not bad by any means of the word though.
Everyone is a critic, what is next fans petition for rammstein to remake this album?