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More news from the Crue film The Dirt...

Tiko Tapia Ashton Kutcher would be Perfect
The Law of Attraction - Happy mind happy life Love your Parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they’re also growing old.
William Van Zytveld
John Kwasnicki The dirt is right go take a bath actually use the soap then burn those rags.
Wes Byerly Filming in new orleans
Scott Sharp At least 1000 people will see it!
Ashley Pennino David Pennino Jr.
Jon Geyer Julie Yutzy
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The debut album by Spirit came out 50 years ago today. It signalled the start of an incredible journey...

James Hazley Underrated band. Excellent musicians
David Logie Didn’t they Stairway to Heaven ???
Tony Ragsdale Great band i got a line on you nature's way man all the good bands in the 60s did I got a line on you
Andrew Cutts I first heard Spirit on the Rock Machine Turns You On sampler. I finally got to see them at The Rainbow Theatre in London. A rather special group.
Kathy Creek first concert i ever saw...excellent band and yes underrated
Paula Davis Truly an unrated band. Love Nature’s Way!!
Charley Nelms My first big time concert. The Nazz opened the show .... mercy, 50 years
Brett David Tomich Their first 4 albums were top notch. It’s a shame they never received the recognition they deserved.
John E Wroughton very underrated...still have some vinyl
Barbara Lindsey Clear is still my favorite.
Vance Cochran Another one that slipped by Dam!
Max Bennie Josh Latimer
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Last week's Album Of The Week was Blue Cheer's Vincebus Eruptum. Thanks to you for listening... and here's what we learned!

Rob Sansing Blue Cheer is the LOUDEST band I have ever heard. They were playing in a converted warehouse in Pensacola FL and people literally went out into the parking lot to listen to their show. 😝
Andrew Cutts I had this album. I love the story about them being so loud that a pigeon exploded as it flew past their speaker rig! A great urban myth, ha ha.
Ivan Magallon Awesome album
Enyinnaya Okezie Walter Newell great 1968 debut album!!!!! Happy 50 Vincebus Eruptum!!!!!
Vince Palamara Did anyone ever notice how Blue Cheer borrowed the riff from Jimi Hendrix's Foxey Lady for part of Summertime Blues (example- the ending part)?
Jonathan Taylor Picked up a first pressing in San Francisco last year. Great LP, ahead of its time.
Louis Galella Got the original
Paulos Daniel About time these guys got some recognition!
Adrian Zabukas Top band top album
Walter Newell Enyinnaya Okezie
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“I became very happy, very content. All I do is I play, I write, I record, I take care of my dogs. I have a really private, peaceful life now, and I haven't had that in a long time."

José Manuel Treviño That's Vinnie Vincent??? 😮😮😮😮😮 I thought he was Chrissie Hynde
Brady Chaffin I'd like to introduced you to Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Trunk
Christian Beary What the hell has happened to Joan Jett?
Mark Skelton Good for her,couldn't of been easy coming out public after twenty years knowing the sort of vitriol comments that would be spewed for example on here. Shows strength and character in my book and it should be applauded.
David Gratton Oh yeah
Michael Berglund Obviusly he is transgender, but who cares. He looks happy and thankful for the response. He wrote one of the best , slow, rock songs - Back on the streets - and he was a killer guitar player at one point.
Antonio Cruz Echevarria I thought it was Ann Wilson 😅
Tor Hilmen Behave, idiots 😡
Greg Sheppard You guys ripping on Vinnie..lol. Maybe he does look femenine a bit. Hes still awesome.
Francisco Xavier Vinnie Vincent, eh? She’s looking great for her age! 👍🏼
Gary Hedger Fantastic guitarist!...got one of his cds in the car at the moment. Good to see him back. 😊🎸
Tony Warrington Best guitarist Kiss ever had....His first Invasion album was a shred fest
Scott Hallo Oh. That’s Vinnie on the left? Thought that was the Mrs!
Robert Croft He was the best guitarist that Kiss had. The VV Invasion put out a couple of good albums too. Definitely speeded up the guitar track though! 😂
Richard Cardenas Even though I saw him with Kiss, I remember him more from his solo career with VV Invasion.
Chris Wigmore Is that him with his wife? He’s lost a bit of hair
Frank Cayton Saw him and the Invasion playing backup to Alice Cooper. Was great. Could smoke a guitar. Went out and bought 1st album and it was awesome. Still listen to it to this day I can't imagine Kiss allowing anyone, who can think and speak for themself, to stay in the band.
Steven Watkins Luke Millar Samantha Cameron let herself go since leaving number 10
Roy Naylor That first VVI album was never off my turntable back in the day. That closing guitar solo on 'Animal' is unbelievable!
Maxwell Martello I don’t Think he’s a she. Don’t see no breast surgery.
Jimmy Clifford He looks like an older version of what he did in 1983 or 1986. He doesn't look too different. Rock stars are supposed to look unusual as they get older, good on him! 🤘🤘🤘
Bryan Sheehan I almost thought that was Chrissie Hynde on the left.
Dave Coen Hold on now, is Vinnie Vincent a girl? Can’t be bothered watching it all but it looks weird....
William Tingay now wait...not a kiss fan but as i read the comments people are saying this Vinnie person is the person on the left in this pic??? is this true pls be honest if you answer...
Scott MacGregor One of my very favorites. I’d love him to release something
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Today's Big Question comes from Dewey Engstrom, who asks, "who played the best slide guitar solo?" Thanks, Dewey! And please feel free to post YouTube links to your choices...

Mick Hawthorn Bullfrog Blues by RORY GALLAGHER and Last if the Independents by RORY GALLAGHER and a whole lot more by the Guitar Maistro
Gary Dupuis I'm wavering between Duane Allman's solo on Layla and the solo in Running On Empty by Jackson Brown
Mariana Couto High Hopes - Pink Floyd Gives me chills every time I listen to it...
Brian Jones The Doors' Robby Krieger on Moonlight Drive.
Rob Craven Duane Allman or Derek Trucks, the rest just take a back seat!
Vinny Healey Slow Ride - Foghat! The late great Rod Price!!!!
Mark Richardson Probably not a popular choice,but I think the slide playing on gear jammer by George thorogood is outstanding + a shout out to Warren Haynes on Les claypools,buzzards of greenhill,another stunner.
Tushar Chaudhary The guitar coda on Layla. Duane Allman nails it.
Franck Loeber The Rolling Stones - Love In Vain with Mick Taylor
Gary Selmes Anything where Duane Allman plays one.
Aaron Eastaff ‘Layla’ or anything that Duane Allman has played on! ☺️🎸💪🏻
Jukka Saarinen Must be something that Ritchie Blackmore plays. I would say Stargazer. But after all it is just an opinion.
José Manuel Treviño Pink Floyd "One of These Days"
Justin Edward Griffin Statesboro Blues from Duane, as well as the live version of Don't Keep Me Wonderin. Also Mick Taylor's solo in All Down the Line
Jax Miller Don't think I have a favourite but I see most of those I like listed below...... but where is Sonny Landreth?
Michael Jannise He may not be rock but Ralph mooney he played the slide guitar for buck Owens and waylon Jennings his style of playing the slide guitar influenced many in rock
Micheal Everroad One way out ,lord I just can't go out that door coz there's a man out there might be your man I don't know, allman bro's
Brandon Thurman Every solo by Johnny Winter. The greatest slide player of all time!
Rik Lawhorne All things Duane Allman! My favorite is Statesboro Blues from Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East 1971
Jerry Botkin I'm glad to see Mick Taylor getting so many mentions here. I'll just cast another vote for him. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'll take "All Down the Line".
Philip Qvist Chris Rea has some great ones in his catalogue, but my choice would be Duane Allman on Statesboro Blues. Yes, it is a cover of a cover but what guitar playing - he set that bar very high. Gary Rossington's slide on Freebird also deserves a mention.
Stephen Blake Batchelor David Gilmour—-One Of These Days
Niels Kristensen It’ a tricky one.... I saw Rainbow In CPH In 1977. RB played a slide solo with a bottle of champagne during Do You Close Your Eyes. Not The best, but funny 🎸🍾
Tony Ghiglieri There are so many. David Gilmour's solo on "One of These Days", several solos by Duane Allman (One way out, Statesboro Blues,Whipping Post, or Dreams) Several by Warren Haynes (Mule immediately comes to mind) Derek Trucks does some amazing slide work on "Live at the Beacon"
Benny van der Ven That one slide solo at the end of High Hopes by Pink Floyd is definitely one the BEST. How david put so much emotion in that one solo (Combined with Richards amazing synth) is...*no words. - On the other side of the spectrum. If we talk raw energy, attitude and pure rock 'n roll. I'd say the solo from Tie your mother down (Queen) is also a strong contender I wonder if he did it in one take. Brian May certainly had a good day..that day.
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As RavenEye continue their UK headline tour, frontman Oli Brown chooses his Five Essential Guitar Albums...

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In 2017, Tom Araya told us it was almost time to get off the road

Jeff Decker That sucks man. Been on a CPAP machine for a few years now and it made a world of difference for me. Hope the best for him.
Dougie Wright It's a shame Slayer's over, but I don't think any of us would want Tom having to endure asphyxiation while sleeping on the tour bus. Gary Holt is a ridiculously good guitarist, but Slayer's core crumbled when Jeff died, plus Gary won't exactly be out of a job seeing as he has Exodus.
Aaron Wyatt C'mon now. People want 1 more big 4 show... Did one in LA... Did one in NY... Do one in the middle.... St. Louis or Chicago, we all die happy.
Todd Minner A final album of whatever you play in your tour line up.. Will be greatly missed, but understand completely. I also hope Pittsburgh is on the venue.
Michael Warchal Slayers been with me for a loooooong ride. These are sad days. FUCKIN SLAAAAAAYER!!!!
Don Creighton Old age sucks. I hate getting older. I'm aging faster then anyone I know lol I hope to make it to this last show. Seen them 5 times now
Tommy Becker The ol boy needs a rest
Lucas Zacardi Guilherme Cipriano, acho que isso explica
Vincent States Kyle Main
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RIP to former Judas Priest drummer, Dave Holland.

Read the full story 👉 http://bit.ly/2DzSuIL

Kevin H. Bellido Lost a drummer Slayer breaking up Black Sabbath farewell Yeah metal is going more than just six feet underground
Jon Pike Very generic drummer. Brought nothing to the table. Hard to believe he was in the band as long as he was.
Gillian Axl Edge Abayon R.I.P a very underrated drummer
Trevor O. Bilbrey Scott Travis is the best drummer in JP
Kieran-Evan Fraser Hard to feel saddened by a guy who is a convicted child molester.
Aric Villarreal Also drummed for Trapeze in the early 70's. If you're not familiar with Trapeze, you may recognize their singer: Glenn Hughes.
Duane Tomiak He’s in his special place in hell now.
Mike Ryan Great Drummer 😥
Marc Romero Yeah...Forget this dude!
Dale Moore RIP Dave Holland! You was the driving force of Judas Priest and a metal icon!
Justin David Larsen I originally was going to say RIP (rock in paradise). Having not “followed” him closely, his disturbing accusations and the sentence he served for them has me saying RIH (rot in hell).
Jared Stanley That wood paneling is the real story.
Dave Smithson Shit band anyway who cares
Eric Takman RIP Brother
Mike William RIP
Bonavena Indrasakti Rest In Peace..Amen.
Ryan McDaniel
Igor Vasko Rip
Bradley Hopper Probably had sex with Halford.
Brian Hyde here we go again...
Dan Pike Pervert.
Cody Machado Like Christopher painkiller
Andrew Panu R.I.P
Travis Berg Is it true
Alex Jett Jennifer Halverson seriously this needs to stop
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Plus news on Megadeth, Audioslave, William Patrick Corgan and more.

Mauricio Steven Taborda I’ll save you the link. It was Dave Mustaine the stage crasher and he wanted everybody to see that he was in metallica and that he got kicked out unfairly and that metallica stole his songs and that.....
Matthew P Dillon I didn't read the article because the headline isn't in English!
Henry Ballins
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Which Sepultura album is better? Use the love emoji to vote for 'Chaos A.D.' or the wow emoji to vote for 'Arise' 💪

Shahan Rostamian Arise is the top 5 metal albums ever
Tyler Duncan If you want thrash, Arise. If you want groove and some experimental, Chaos A.D. But picking which one I like better? That'd be like asking me if I like Mexican food or Italian food better - I can't decide! 😂
Kevin Natalie Ricketts Tough man. Both are solid in their own ways. Arise got me hooked on sepultura but chaos was a solid follow up. Both are classics
Kenneth Garza I choose Chaos AD. That was the album that got me into Sepultura.
Frank Sanchez Wow, I am jamming to A-Lex right now.
Michael Demchuck Easy for me but only by a hair. Chaos AD, the classic with amazing songs and riffs. Beginning to end, flawless.
Jay Ess Pea Arise by far for just the sheer heavyness Even tho it may have sounded one dimensional.it was it's purpose.to bring on full speed and heavy thrash...Chaos seems like they tried to sound like other bands instead of a full on freight train from hell crushing and destroying...
James Woodard the first time i ever smoked weed I listened to Chaos AD and I'm pretty sure that night changed the trajectory of my life forever
William Dasilva Chaos AD just has those memorable songs, territory, refuse resist, propaganda, slave new world, biotech is godzilla.
Michael Somers Arise, no doubt...., I value beneath the remains a little less as good as Arise...but Chaos A.D. is not that good although it's still a very decent album
Kren KG Arise and Beneath The Remains are their two best albums in my opinion! Refuse/Resist off of Chaos was the first song I ever heard from Sepultura but those other two albums are better!
Stefan Krns N the 2 brillant,an age 1993 just sepultura can make album like that
Brian Sorensen Both but I think I have to lean towards Chaos AD. After seeing Pantera and Sepultura touring Chaos AD and far beyond driven together it's just stuck in my brain... lol. Cheers to all.
Jason DeBlois Arise is prob the better album. But I like Chaos AD more.
Brad Brown Under a pale grey sky We shall ARISE!!!!!! GROUNDBREAKING
Joshua Fitzgerald Arise is by far better. Not saying Chaos AD isn't good either, but Arose was sways my personal favorite besides Beneath The Remains.
Jason Hamilton Arise, because it was a good mix of their Death / Thrash / Groove and early Nu-metal sound
Justin Potter Arise for sure! Chaos was the first step in a Nu direction for Sepultura!
Martin Alther Love them both, but I’m giving the nod to Chaos AD for its heaviness and originality (plus “Biotech Is Godzilla”!)
Mick Kee These are the best 2. The one that introduced them to a world wide audience and the one that showed us they could bring something of their own to the table. Hard choice but gotta go with Chaos AD. Back in the day there wasn't anything heavier than this album.
Brett Schacht My favorite song is "Territory" (that solo!), but Arise is by far the better album.
Andrew Bishop 2 equals of greatness. I wish sepultura was still around.
Scott Smith Chaos got me into Sepultura but Arise a true masterpiece
Brock Adams I have to say I have always been a fan of Chaos A.D. Such a strong albums & a slight premonition into Roots which is my favorite album!
Polo Baquerizo Hidalgo Better than arise is beneath that remains, arise sounds almost the same , chaos ad is best in the evolution of thrash and metal as original and pioneer
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Damn, so close!

Audioeclectica If it's not going to be D'arcy then bring back Melissa Auf Der Maur.
Jason Richardson well not really much of a reunion then. shame i was hoping for the original lineup to take the stage together.
Mark Walmsley just replace her with Sean Yseult. It's just a bass player nobody will know the difference.
Corey Atnip That member is in a much better band
Danté Di Lorenzo Jimmy is the key piece to the puzzle. Understand this, and you will understand the Pumpkins.
Pedro Ortega Morales D'arcy is cleaning and cooking
Mauricio Steven Taborda Bring Lemmy. He’s the perfect fit and I’ve heard he’s not too busy lately...
Jay D'Angelo No one cares
Tyler Kraeuter Move Jeff Schroder to bass then, he's been in the Pumpkins for 11 years
Bryan Martin Paz from the Pixies can fill in
Criss Rogers Oh no! Not D'arcy! She was such a key component to their sound.
Chris Richards Like that really matters. He likes to go back and delete everyone's parts to do them for himself
Adam O'Sullivan One of my favorite bands. 🎃🎸 Who is with me?
Matt Harris All of them hopefully lol
Adam Deprati So the one who can't play her instrument isn't coming back? Dang....
Richard Patrick All you need is Billy and Jimmy to get the original sound of the band. James and Darcy did no writing or recording.
Steve Thomas Too bad. D'Arcy was always really popular with the fans back in the day.
Joe Henry Jay, no one cares, but you comment? The world is a vampire 😉
Paul Smas Get Jennievee of eagles of death metal,, she kicks ass and looks a little like D'arcy
David Richards I'd still go see em regardless if D'Arcy isn't joining them.
Richard Garfield Just get a look a like.. Its not like you would tell the difference in both looks and musically talented.
Dale Bernaquer NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d'arcy.... RECONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!
Chad Hall Shitty but I’d still go
Thurston Gore Sam Scarpelli three out of four ain't bad 😉
Ben Mursa Jack "please be billy, please be billy, please be bil...aw."
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We’re here at the Loudwire office talking about the end of Slayer. ⚰️

Join the discussion in the comments, and get all of the details here 👉 http://bit.ly/2n0Cog4

Loudwire RIP Jeff
Davey Jones Don't know what's worse... end of Slayer or the disrespectful comments the metal community is posting about this monumental group. They made extreme metal! \m/ \m/
Andreas Thoresen A world with no megadeth, slayer, anthrax, metallica, iron maiden, judas priest and so on. Not a world i want to live in
Evan Michael Saw them 10 times with 3 different drummers from 95 until the tour with Megadeth & Testament. It's all about the live performances with Slayer. Dave is the Blueprint. He deserves to be there
Jorge Elias Thomaz The great question to be answered is: Wiich band will be next big metal band? Once one band is no longer playing who is be replacing actually?
Jesse Morgan Reign in Blood is the best album in Metal History. It proves that less is more because listening all 29 minutes leaves you concussed and bleeding in a corner L
Callum Marshall I wonder if Araya will do any solo stuff?? Just cause slayers split up doesnt mean the members will retire fully
Andreas Thoresen Slayer atelast calls it quits on top. Repentless was great and they still give it all on stage. 2 of the big four still kick it like the old days, those being Slayer and Anthrax.
Noah Spaugy I was never a huge fan of Slayer but they are one of the greatest bands ever. I really hate to see them end just like everyone hated seeing Crue end. It's sad.
Andreas Thoresen Also what sucks is that Slayer is the only band of that era that NEVER changed. Slayer has been Slayer since day 1 so we are loosing the most pure thrash band there ever was.
Kyle Watts Last time I saw was the best and tightest they’ve ever sounded which I didn’t think was possible after the loss of the mighty Hanneman and Lombardo.
Chris Hedding Jeff, dime, Nick menza, and cliff Burton rockin rocking out upstairs!!
Matthew McGee My introduction to slayer was War ensemble, and it was a mind blowing event when I saw the speed and aggression
Rob Galimba Their heavy music will stil live on after they’ll call it quits. That’s the magic of music.. it’s in our metalhead! They can’t take that away! 🤘🏼
Ben Kelly Solomon Gary was decent live but as far as writing goes it's not Slayer without Henneman. (not to mention Lombardo)
Jesse Morgan I spent a week listening o Slayer revling in the Music and fighting the greif. Even Lemmy was more of a celabration Jeff's death was a gut punch
Jesse Morgan First heard Slayer as a Kid play Guitar here and the riff of Raining Blood awoke a something in me that made me see the Angel of Death.
Kyle Watts Saw em multiple times with Jeff, and honestly was blown away by how tight they are with Gary and they are just tighter and more locked in with Paul!
Charlie Miller The music industry has imploded ...between file sharing and spotify and crap executives pulling the strings with record companies for years the writing was on the wall
Andrew Warren If Slayer wants to go out. At least do a big 4 tour in the U.S. they did it in Yankee Stadium but do more big 4 shows in U.S.
Brack Barrett first time I any slayer was south of heaven sitting in my room. Summer of my freshman year. Instantly fell in love
Pontus Wallberg Wanted a Slayer album that Gary would co-write on. Sad it's never gona happen. See your on the last tour guys ❤🤘🤘
Scott Walsh First time I ever heard Slayer 9th grade 1984 I heard the opening riff for haunting the chapel. After that it was game over!
Tammy Chiavarini-Coffin Well, damn they have been going for so long now.. I don’t blame them... ❤️ to Slayer. Always one of my favorite bands.
Francisco Fuentes LET THE OLD MEN BE. Newer and as good bands are somewhere out there, and they all deserve a chance. Let them leave in peace.