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HMV are having a summer tech sale and these are the best headphones deals you can get...

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Marillion man to reveal Mariliion secrets.

By far one of my favourite albums true masterpiece
Holding a stones album..EMOTIONAL RESCUE
Paul Hood x
Joe Gamble
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Free your mind...

The 1st three albums were by the quintessential line-up of Santana!
Those first few albums were incredible. I love how Batuka charges out of the gate on III and the addition of the s3cond guitar on that album was brilliant. I think Incident at Neshabur might be my favourite track though.
Incident at Neshabur & Taboo from III. 👍
The first 5 albums are the bests.
You forgot Oneness, a materpiece in an era of spiritual changin'
Great art work album cover from Santana 3 with 3 great tracks: Batuka, No one to depend on & Everybody’s everything🎸
Besr Santana album......ever.
Great stuff - what a band!
Rip Alhuzzred
Mafer Pereira
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We challenge anyone to last more than a few minutes of this (it's eight hours long).

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Kiss - Uh! All Night (extended "all night" tribute remix)
We all know the 1985 Kiss song inside out, but let's take mr Stanley a bit more literal on what he's singing, meaning an average 8 hour night of, well ... no...
8 seconds of Kiss is too long.
Why? Just why?
I was out after 35 seconds, and I am a big fan of KISS.
I lasted the whole 90 minutes of a KISS gig! Don't make fun of me, was at a festival.
Plasmatics bassist Jean Beauvoir co-wrote this song with Stanley. Let's get his opinion on this "mix" lol.
They didn't even edit it on beat.
Challenge accepted, I quite enjoy the original song. Update: three minutes! Ha! *oh I'm so sad*
Is it just me or does it sound like the record is skipping?
6 hours later....
KISS didn’t mesh well with the second half of the 80s
I'm a fan of kiss but there's no way I'm attempting this
Denny - You're up....... LOL
Hold my beer...
Luz Stella Escobar Moreno
Scott Keogh Trish Keogh
Tiger Scottt
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Happy Birthday, Chris Cornell. You are missed.

I recently interviewed Steve Fossen of Heart. We talked about Chris Cornell inducting them into the rock and roll hall of fame. We had no idea the lighting in the room cast a shadow on the wall in a ❤️ and when Chris’s name was mentioned, it glowed! Here’s the video from Backstage Pass with Meredith Marx
When I listen to him anymore, my stomach flips at the thought of never hearing his voice again live or on a new album. Grateful for the old stuff, but so darn sad his voice is silenced.
I've got cancer of the brain I been fighting it for 10 years and suicide crosses my mind every single minute of the day why did you have to keep it suicide why you are such a wonderful performer I beg for you to return
One of the best voices ever!!!
listening to Audioslave now. great voice but wont condone suicide. his choice and will never understand why. his family probably wont either.
Why wish dead people a ‘happy birthday ‘??? Particularly when it’s someone who’s committed suicide?!!
He didn't solve his problems with suicide he just transferred them to his loved ones!
Best day ever
Oh yeah, happy birthday and thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!!
Greatest rock singer ever not named Freddie. RIP
I listen to him as much as I can. Now, more than ever, you can hear him tell about his struggle.
Nothing compares to you.
I know you're in his house, where you longed to be.
still havent gotten over him leaving the rock world
This guy was awesome. I saw him live a few times. RIP
miss this guy got to meet him once .love his music
Kelvin Thein surely another recorded cover
Miss him and his incredible talent so much.
Real talent
Happy Birthday in Heaven ⚘
Such a shame. Awesome talent.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday bro😔🤘🏼😔
Happy birthday
Deeply missed.
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One of our favourite projects of recent years – Tony Reed's wonderful labour of love 'Lost Chronicles of Heavy Rock, Vol.1' – gets a proper release (at last!)

But according to Wikipedia it doesn’t exist it’s hard rock or heavy metal lol
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Linkin Park remember Chester Bennington on one year anniversary of his death

FULL STORY: https://bit.ly/2O44ofu

It's sad with the loss of Chester and Chris but the fact that this subject is being kept in the open by their families and friends, well I think it is a beautiful way to honour their struggles, address the issue with their fans and still respect the artist.
It doesn't seem like a year has passed yet. Its crazy.
Her lipstick makes her look like the Joker.
Loudwire12 hours ago
Sad world we live in where people disrespect the dead.
Who cares if one more light goes out? We all do.
He wasn't that great. I feel for his family more than him or his fans.
Another chicken shit who couldn't face life
I don’t know why everyone people are going around saying if he or his music was great or not. Like wtf that has nothing to do with a man’s death.
I raise my glass to you Chester
As I scroll past this on my feed, this came on shuffle
Linkin park wasn't even that great and the guy killed himself... So what? Lot's of better musicians that made way greater of an impact
Sad that we live in a world where people have no respect for those who struggled or struggles in life. Sad that people feel the need to call those who couldn't shake depression weak for committing suicide. I truely am horrified by how horrible and disrespectful humans can be.
Some of you people are some serious ignorant heartless assholes. A life is a life. Regardless if you were a fan or liked the band or not. Thats your opinion. He still deserves respect. RIP
The reason most people on here are fighting is because you have fans of the band and Chester, and then you have these bandwagon jumpers who just want to be a part of things.
God some of these people are the reason I believe humans need to be extinct. I find a lot of comfort in your songs Chester. Rip
We should mourn no more but rejoice his music, just saying, I kept seeing sad reacts,that is the true way of honoring them musicians, if we kept on mourning and being sad, we are hurting ourselves, Chester didn't want that for you, he wants all of you smile and be strong, so pull out your LP records and listen to the music, full blast.
Ppl never believe In mental health problems, Don't diss unless uve been through it
Lemmy went on TIL the end. You’re probably a coward pretending to be Autistic whereas Tony Iommi a suspected aspie is thank the devil still with us.
RIP Chester and memory of Chris Cornell's birthday
Rest in Peace Chester....its been a Linkin Park filled day of music for me🤘🤘got this 4 years ago!!
Both Chester and Chris Cornell shared birthdays with me 💔
I just did my first guitar cover of One Step Closer in honor of Chester
An amazing group, with a legendary singer.... RIP.
The Voice will Live Forever....
Yeah so true as ur voice will never b competed with, rip chester
All i see in this pic is a glowing illuminati sign
So many lost. I'm still trying to accept Vinnie Paul's passing
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JUST IN: Avenged Sevenfold cancel summer tour just days before it starts:

This is the best news of the summer
On the bright side, won't have to sit through a profits of rage set👍
Is this because Marilyn Manson made a fan take off his avenged sevenfold t-shirt?
It is weird, last year I was going to LP for my BD and it was cancelled due to losing Chez on July 20. This year was going to see A7X for my BD and it cancels same day. Get better Matt...what really stinks is I was taking my teenager first time to some good shows...well maybe 5FDP this year is in the cards
Just use more backing tracks, not like you dont anyways 😀
Well shit... I had tickets for Aug 3rd 😢
I blame the Beast. And possibly the Harlot. Shady duo..
Hopefully they will be replaced by a good band at LTL
Get well boss!! We need you and your voice back!!!
I just looked at their page and I don’t see anywhere to get refunds in fact its still letting you buy tickets
Really blows I was going for prophets of rage why can’t prophets and three days grace still play the shows?
Get well soon M
Ugh... the cancerous haters are here of course. Rejoicing, cancerous haters aside, I hope he gets all the rest he needs. We rather miss a concert than lose your music forever.
That dude and his band are workaholics.. take the time off.. REST!.. come back better than ever.. I saw them twice in the first half of this year on opposing sides of Wisconsin.. WISCONSIN... not NY, CA, TX, FL.. Wisconsin.. that shit rarely happens and only by bands that bust their asses.. take the time off, looking forward to next year
On the plus side, nobody has to endure those other two bands.
Looks like there will be an influx of Clearasil and poptarts sales once the refunds start rolling out.
Get better not worth risking permanently damaging your voice 🤟🏻
To be fair he needs it, he was in such bad shape for hellfest but he powered through, did an amazing show and I respect him for that. Shit happens and I bet they’re as gutted as their fans. Hope he has a good recovery
Get well soon man health is important and comes first not a big fan but always respected you don’t feel bad ignore the haters and youl come back stronger than ever
That sucks, luckily I've seen them 4 times in the last 10 years, still one of my favorite bands of all time!
Great news, this Saturday in Bangor Maine will be so much better without avenged sevenfold and prophets of rage lol.
Never a great band... They worked so.much to become bigger and they lost pieces on the road. Some say they are workaholic. Now they can rest a year, be back and see they cannot be the biggest. This can be relieving in the end
this is because their voice of M. Shadoows.
Yea I saw it in my email today. First thing I woke up to so pretty much ruined my day tbh. Was really looking forward to jt
I was really looking forward to seeing them again, but I’m at ease knowing he is taking good care of himself and not going forward and damage his voice anymore! Mad respect and love for this guy, hope he gets well soon 💕
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BREAKING: 'Metalocalypse' director Jon Schnepp dead at 51:

It's a shame you can fill the world with your art, become well known and celebrated, but still need a GoFundMe for your medical expenses. RIP
Sad, I just talked to him 3 wks ago at Las Vegas Comic Con.
It's hamburger time 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I’m always hoping there will be another.
Great guy, watched him on Collider movie talk. The world is a little less rich without him. So long and thanks for all the fishes🖖
Thank you for the great show
It was just yesterday that I read about his hospitalisation... I had hope... Rest in peace brother. Brutal to the end.
Use to watch him on the amc movie talk show. Super funny guy. RIP
Hamburger Time 😔
Samuel Machin time for a Tempus Hamburger tribute
Brutal.... 😖
Eric Svensson its a sad day. I wish they would bring the show back.
Taliea Ibarra lol remember i hated this show
I love Dethklok i have couple of songs 10 to be exact on my phone really like there music style..RiP🤘😭
Kiarra J Patterson I haven’t watched this show in forever and I’m still upset
RIP !!! Metalocalypse is the greatest cartoon ever!
Well, damn. I got my Slayer comic book signed by him last year.
Every time you hear someone is on life support, that's it... Damn..
Craig Winter that's what he gets for not releasing something after Doomstar: Requiem
Mitchell Mark He shlips into the darkness!!
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Here are the highest paid hard rock + metal bands of the last year:

Who were #1 & #2?
....money for nuthin' and your chicks for free.
I'm surprised GNR and Metallica band profits were that low. Their convert tours were grossing millions per show - lots of millions. Guess all the crew, promotors, venues, etc take a really big cut.
Fires up the saved us all a click(or 50) bat signal!! Where are you, brave knight?!
GnR are the overall winner tho. the reunion tour has grossed nearly 500mil
Zakk SummerBryan PhillipsWilson Bembry
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A statue of Chris Cornell is going up in Seattle:

We have this in Asheville!!
Can we get a statue for Layne too!!!
Statues of Chris, Layne, Kurt would be in order IMO.
How about the rock & roll hall of fame !!!!!!
Jamming with Dime and Vinnie!!!
Hard to believe he is gone😪
Wouldn't it be easier to just hang a picture? Roger Michael
What? A hypodermic needle...
What about Layne..
Oooo this is going to be awesome.
I disagree with this decision.
Melanie Merrell Harkey Even more the reason to go to Seattle
This makes my heart so happy. RIP and Happy Birthday, Chris.
He was such a beautiful man, inside and out.
LaNae Tucker we need to go back!!
Dan Schinzing maybe i do have a reason to go to Seattle
Lane Harwood what do you think !!
Sorry, love SG but a statue, really?
Neil A. Lim Sang this is happening while I am there. We have to go!
Gone too soon
Courtney Green take a picture of this when it goes up for me. Pretty please lol